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12:47 AM
@Pavel In my experience, Fedora prerelease builds are usually pretty stable
3:03 AM
Q: Codeium Golfide

Stephen Leppik In this challenge, your task is to take an anion and a cation, and output the chemical formula of the compound. The input follows these rules: Take in 2 strings (in any order) representing the anion and cation, e.g. F, NH_4, or Al. To take in the charge of each ion, you can either have it as ...

3:34 AM
@DJMcMayhem what was that link you showed me to find the semi-shortest way to get a number in Brain-Flak?
ruby for counting letters divided by count of digits?
my python approach is too long
import re
p (s.scan(/[A-z]/).size.to_f/s.scan(/[0-9]/).size).round
4:25 AM
p a
There a shorter way to do this?
read in a, number of lines n (both space-separated ints on same line)
then n lines, each with a number
you flip that bit in a
then print a
@MarcusAndrews Use // instead of round
also apparently I can do a,n=gets.split.map &:to_i without the parens
4:41 AM
re.findall(...)//re.findall(...) instead of round(...)
4:57 AM
> non-mathy version
> uses 3 greek letters
A: Determinant of an Integer Matrix

Leaky NunJelly, 15 bytes LŒ!ðŒcIṠ;ị"Pð€S Try it online! How it works LŒ!ðŒcIṠ;ị"Pð€S input L length Œ! all_permutations ð ð€ for each permutation: Œc take all unordered pairs I calculate the difference between ...

I think // is floor division no
not necessarily round
Oh true
@MDXF formulas and symbols and numbers hardly constitute maths. Mathematics is the abstraction and the generalization and the logic behind the formal manipulations of the symbols. — Leaky Nun 2 days ago
5:49 AM
Can anyone using the gradscript point me to the settings button, I seem to be blind.
@Pavel I think it's still broken from the new topbar downgrade
@Mego I'm trying to enable it in chat and I can't.
@Downgoat halp
6:05 AM
top right corner
> No module named 'datetime.datetime'; 'datetime' is not a package
water u doin python
@Downgoat I don't have an icon there
Like at all
are you on latest versino?
@Downgoat Installed it like 30 minutes ago
Maybe I installed it from the wrong place?
I got it from your GitHub.
hm maybe I haven't updated GH
@Downgoat I'm on version 3.13.1
6:14 AM
aaaand wrong room :|
@Downgoat thanks
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10:09 AM
3 messages moved to PPCG v2
12:17 PM
Finally home, phew
@cairdcoinheringaahing APL, 13 bytes: Try it online! (s only needed on TIO)
f x
@J.Sallé No it isn't! ^
Aaaaaaand @Adám strikes again! Hahahahah I would never have guessed that :p
Also g'morning everyone o/
12:41 PM
@J.Sallé ○/ (←how is that a useful function?)
@Adám that reduces everything ×pi? Hahahahahah
@J.Sallé No, that's monadic . You can't reduce by a monadic function.
@Adám So it applies the circular function to each element? :p
@J.Sallé No, that would be ○¨ (or just , which is indeed pi×)
12:59 PM
can someone explain how this OEIS sequence works
@Adám Reduce by data-independent trig functions?
whoa what hm I think I understand it now but it's strange
@Mego Almost: Reduce by data-dependent trig functions.
Err yeah words are hard
@Adám I'm not very good at trigonometry and stuff, I'd probably not have guessed hahahahah
1:00 PM
I'm trying to turn my brain on with coffee
@Mego good idea
1:12 PM
@HyperNeutrino Ah that is the next one?
(well that is already explained in the example part)
Now what remains is how to calculate the values efficiently.
I guess the trivial method is to get integer partitions and then determine how many unique type combinations exist for each
Looking at the generating function it seems that it is possible to write a knapsack algorithm.
^ Huh it is so easy
CMC: Above.
Also for Enlist feature request: (it seems that you left the room for too long that @ ping does not work): Multiple link support.
Is there any way to generate the list generate by the following Jelly code, in Jelly? 5R [1,2,3]ḷ$ €
@user202729 5R [1,2,3]œḷ$ €
1:24 PM
I'm not asking for Enlist code.
^^^ Ignore my extraneous spaces and []s.
5R [[1,2,3]]ṁ
3RWẋ5 is the shortest I can get
Oh, the can also works like that. Thanks!
So the x works down to the lowest layer, while only works on the first level.
I don't understand x but is just (l, r) => (l is list ? l : [l]) * r
(approximate Proton translation)
1:29 PM
I don't even know that * in Python is list duplication.
^ I can write that message implies that I know? Anyway I don't "officially" know Python.
And x is duplicate each number in the lowest level that many numbers of time.
Python has multiplication of lists like that
2:04 PM
@user202729 Jelly, 19 bytes: Try it online!
(that is for the next OEIS sequence, A000711)
Jelly, 22 bytes (but more effective): Try it online!
@HyperNeutrino You may want to take a look. ^
cool, thanks!
But it is 1-indexing, not 0-indexing.
@NieDzejkob posted already.
yeah, new sequence on OEIS challenge
2:43 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Conor O'BrienMeta: is 4 chars enough? Are there enough challenges? 4-character golfing language language-design Challenge: Design and write an interpreter for a new golfing language. The catch is, all programs must consist of only four significant characters. In order to test how "golfy" your language is,...

3:32 PM
Q: Largest Deep Sum

RamenChefGiven an n-dimensional array filled with numbers, output which p-dimensional array has the largest sum. Input An n-dimensional array of numbers, or your language's equivalent. n, the number of dimensions in the array. (doesn't need to be called n) p, the number of dimensions in the arrays you ...

4:13 PM
@Adám halp how do I exit the command-line version of dyalog
I tried <C-c> <C-d> exit nothing worked
killall dyalog?
@Pavel )off
@Pavel Funny. One of my earliest memories of using APL on my own (i.e. not on my father's lap) was being tired, and not remembering how to shut it down. I tried )quit and )exit and )stop
Hah. )off is the first function I've seen that starts with ). Are there others?
4:17 PM
@Pavel They are called system commands. You can also use ⎕OFF.
I was pleasantly surprised earlier to learn that Fedora/Cinnamon already had a Dyalog layout. Unlike the Windows IME layout, however, it doesn't contain regular keys, it essentially acts as if the APL key is always depressed.
@Pavel It is supposed to be used as an additional keyboard layer.
@Adám I found a setting to temporarily change layout while a key is pressed.
@Pavel Exactly. Now you can use as your APL key.
user image
@Adám I went with AltGr, I actually use the windows key to access Cinnamon's equivalent of the start menu
4:25 PM
@Pavel I use AltGr too. For US/UK keyboards, that's fine.
4:38 PM
CMC: Given a character, determine whether it is contained in your source code. File reading is forbidden. Example: If my code is print(input()) and was given the char "t", it should return True, but if given "z", it should return False.
øø almost works in V :/
a="input()in a#evlpr";print(eval(a)) is terrible but works.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Python 2, lambda a:a in'abdimnl :\\\''
@Pavel Why the #?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Comment, it's chars that need to be in a but shouldn't be eval'd
It covers the print and eval statement characters.
4:50 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Stephen LeppikMake a Robo-Reviewer: Close Votes code-golf Write a program that reviews posts for the Close Votes queue on Stack Overflow. Since it's near-impossible to write a bot that can accurately review posts in the actual queue, we're instead going to use a grossly oversimplified version of the queue ...

@Pavel Ah yeah. Also, your code has a ;, but the string doesn't :/
Or () for that matter
@cairdcoinheringaahing It doe have the () in input() and I forgot the semicolon
5:04 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Simple extension of the standard Python quine: _='_=%r;a=input();print a in _%%_';a=input();print a in _%_
Takes a quoted string as input
5:25 PM
I did it, my rep graph is kinda like the graph of the square root of x
@ETHproductions Calvin really should have the code golf badge. He is the judge when it comes to good challenges :P
my point was, he's Calvin's again :D
Yeah :-)
but I do agree, it'd be nice if questions could count toward the code-golf badge
5:29 PM
And also glad to see you back ETH, you kinda took a break didn’t you?
ಠ_ಠ Calvin has more gold badges than I have questions
sort of, I'm kind of still taking a break until the end of the semester
just don't have enough time to do everything
@cairdcoinheringaahing So do Dennis and Martin :P
Lynn seems to have moved past me in the rep standings, I'm no longer in the top 10
heh, should've searched the chat transcript :P
Oct 31 at 13:36, by caird coinheringaahing
\o/ Calvin's back!
I find it fascinating to see the top 3 tags of users, and seeing how low you have to get to find a given tag. For instance, this is the highest repped user with in their top 3.
And Joe Z. is the highest user without as their top tag (makes sense though :P)
5:54 PM
Q: Take a byte out of it!

FlipTackYour task is to, given an unsigned integer n, find the largest number which can be created by removing a single byte (8 consecutive bits) of data. Example Given the number 7831, we first convert it to binary (removing any leading zeroes): 1111010010111 We then find the consecutive group of...

@ETHproductions He flips back and forth
6:10 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Dyalog APL, 8 bytes: ∊∘'∊∘''' (bonus: can take multiple characters at once)
6:26 PM
Wow, EA is making reddit history.
@mınxomaτ how so?
At the time I posted it, it had more downvotes than #2-12 combined, and more than 5x the downvotes of #2. I have no idea what the stats are like now.
6:29 PM
On it's way to -400k
@Mego Where's the list?
@DJMcMayhem Here is the list of #2 onwards. The EA post hasn't been added yet.
Possibly because the number won't stay still long enough.
I don't really understand why everyone is quite this mad (as I have little context), but this is certainly about the closest anyone could possibly get to making every single reddit user mad
6:33 PM
@ETHproductions It's because the game costs a lot of money (60? 80? dollars), but most of the content is hidden behind more transactions or a very very long grind (150 hours to unlock every hero)
The EA post is actually quite clever. They admit to engineering for maximum profit but try to make it sound like a feature.
@ETHproductions The context is, EA is selling the game for $80 ($60 + $20 for extra heroes), and the most iconic character from Star Wars (Darth Vader) is hidden behind either a $20 microtransaction or a grind that takes 40 hours on average.
And EA basically said "yeah we're doing this on purpose, lol give us more money or waste your time trying to get this thing in a video game that gives no sense of accomplishment"
yep, maybe a good choice for business, but definitely not for keeping their user base
alright, gotta run. Talk to y'all again later
@Mego chatjax fail
6:36 PM
@DJMcMayhem Yeah using $ for chatjax delimiters is not the smartest decision
how about $$?
@Mego How the hell is Gabe Newell not a user of note?
@DJMcMayhem Famous elsewhere != famous on reddit
What does - do in Jelly?
6:46 PM
Most of the users of note are famous elsewhere
@Mr.Xcoder Negative number. Without arguments, defaults to -1
@DJMcMayhem IDK I didn't make the list. I didn't even know about it until today.
@DJMcMayhem How does it work here: BḄ-8ƤṀ
Well I'm guessing that the -8 part means -8...
7:06 PM
It’s an argument to Ƥ
the deep sum challenge is a pain in Jelly
if there's no built-in, it takes like 50 bytes
either it's short or it's long. there's like nothing in between
@Mr.Xcoder That's (monad)(monad)(nilad)(quick)(monad) because -8 is a single niladic token. So that becomes a monad-monad-monad link
darn, why does dyad have to have 4 letters ಠ_ಠ
In J dyad evaluates to 4
7:15 PM
hm interesting
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JordanPrune my tree code-golf ascii-art Given a well-formed ASCII† art tree and the name of a node, print or return a new, well-formed tree with that node and any children removed. †Contains non-ASCII characters. Example Given this input tree: A ├ B ├ C │ └ D └ E ...and the node name E, the f...

0/10 should just make this actual ASCII-art
Dell's business shopping site is one big memory leak. Not sure it isn't actually just mining crypto currency in the background.
7:32 PM
Python style question: Is this bad style?
def foo():
    import bar

@DJMcMayhem I think that's a syntax error
@DJMcMayhem Imports have to happen outside all classes, functions.
so you'd need to do...
import bar

def foo():
because otherwise it's a syntax error and will actually explode at times
>>> def foo():
...     import math
...     return math.pi
>>> foo()
Sure about that?
@DJMcMayhem it's doable, but you'll get a lot of "WTF are you doing" from a style perspective
7:34 PM
What if I only want to access bar from inside of foo?
@DJMcMayhem how can you do that o_o
@DJMcMayhem import it at the beginning, only use it within foo.
if you want to be style compliant you do all your imports at the beginning of the file
if you don't then it doesn't matter, do what you want as long as you don't error out
but most style checkers will yell at you.
including the one inside PyCharm :p
@EriktheOutgolfer However:
>>> def foo():
...     import math
...     return math.pi
>>> foo()
>>> math.pi
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
NameError: name 'math' is not defined
or flake8 or any other thing.
7:36 PM
@ThomasWard Fair enough
and now to write a new set of libs >.<
wait, why do I remember that being a syntax error
@cairdcoinheringaahing Japt, 2 bytes: øø
@ETHproductions Hahaha:
3 hours ago, by DJMcMayhem
øø almost works in V :/
@ETHproductions it's an almost polyglot with V ;-p
7:45 PM
What's ø in Japt?
Fun fact: øø in V will tell you how many hexadecimal characters are on the current line
8:04 PM
@DJMcMayhem How does that almost work
That sounds nothing like the required task
@Pavel Because ø tells you how many times a certain regex matches on the current line. And the second ø in the regex doesn't match a literal ø, because it's non-ASCII. In V, any non-ASCII in a regex is translated to \<char-with-the-high-bit-turned-off>, which in this case is \x, which is a vim character class for [0-9A-Fa-f]
Is there a shorter way to do this?

A=[input()for k in' '*int(input())]
What is it for?
take in a bunch of strings, join every other even line with every other odd line
(in either ruby or python, whichever is shorter)
8:22 PM
@MarcusAndrews Python 2 is shorter (by 3 bytes):
A=[raw_input()for k in' '*input()]
@DJMcMayhem On a string, it returns true if the string contains the argument to ø, otherwise false
huh, you're right
i.e. AøB returns true if (variable)A contains (variable) B
this works in this case via a combination of implicit input and magic
A bit longer using exec: A=[];exec"A+=[raw_input()];"*input()
@MarcusAndrews You can get the first bit in Ruby with A=(1..gets.to_i).map{gets}
8:24 PM
what about a gets and then $<.read?
puts $<.read
or p, whichever
That just discard the first line of input
I don't know how to do the equivalent of partitioning/slicing in Ruby
But yeah something like that
most of the SO answers I see involve long syntax
so possible that ruby is not shortest but still
@MarcusAndrews you could cheat, A=$<.read.split(?\n)[1,99]. This assumes the tests never have more than 99 lines.
That's not shorter than just sticking a gets in
8:29 PM
So gets;A=$<.read.split(?\n)
is ?\n the same as "\n" ?
What is that syntax, Ruby?
@MarcusAndrews I got ^ using some godawful array slicing.
@Mr.Xcoder Yep
8:36 PM
@Pavel No, I was asking Ruby itself why it has that syntax!
@Mr.Xcoder Originally ?x meant x.ord. The .ord got dropped by the syntax stayed.
puts A.step(2).to_a,A.last(A.length-2).step(2).to_a
Slightly shorter
:o Ruby longer than Python?
@Mr.Xcoder Python has good array slicing
puts A.step(2).to_a,A.last(A.length-1).step(2).to_a
@MarcusAndrews ^ Is as far as I think I can get it with my current approach.
I did see a .partition function but it didn't seem to like certain lengths
1 hour later…
10:00 PM
Is battlefront out or something?
The beta is.
And it was received horribly.
@ATaco I saw top starred message haha.
@ATaco I wish people would ACTUALLY boycott games...
@ATaco Everyone says "oh I'm never getting that"; inb4 50% steam sale when they're not doing good on sales, everyone buys it, they never learn the lesson...
I was tempted to get COD WWII until I saw that it had lootboxes.
@ATaco Really?! Is that the new FPS model now?!
Yep. Welcome to modern gaming.
10:04 PM
@ATaco If you want a fun game that the developers didn't jack up I just got Divinity Original Sin II, they did phenomenal.
@ATaco They had the preorder in Early Access at $20, which you'd get content early (20% of the entire game!!!), and basically beta test mechanics for them. THEN you get the full game FREE when it released (a AAA title worth $59.99).
@ATaco I miss small companies like Larian Studios...
Has anyone done a challenge for ASCII tallies?
@MagicOctopusUrn I put something on Steam and it is a pretty soul-crushing experience
Larian did the original Divine Divinity, right?
@MagicOctopusUrn Already played it, Loved it.
@ATaco My main point was how they handled early access, I LOVED that.
@ATaco I forget which game I bought in early access, went AAA and recharged all the people who were testing it in alpha.
Some games are still great. Like everything Nintendo is doing.
@EricTressler Yeah, they did. Also, what did you put on steam? Did they ream you in the reviews?
If you want to make a killing on steam put anything [VR] out there, even if it's absolute garbage.
10:08 PM
is it free?
@MagicOctopusUrn store.steampowered.com/app/709920/Tametsi - no, there are just not enough reviews, it's dying
@EricTressler Wow, your best review is 46 hours. That's hella flattering.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Magic Octopus UrnNumber to Basic Tallys Given a number n, output tallies grouped into the traditional 5-per-group and 50 per row. Examples 1 | | | | 4 |||| |||| |||| |||| 5 |||/ ||/| |/|| /||| 6 |||/ | ||/| | |/|| | /||| | 50 |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ...

@EricTressler I'd look at it but I'm unable to
@DestructibleLemon no, which is why I haven't really brought it up in chat. I do have a free word game that I made last year and am going to revamp this winter
I'll bring it back up in a month or two, and that's easier to talk about
10:10 PM
@EricTressler I'm buying it and trying it fo-sho haha.
@EricTressler How do you get royalties from steam BTW? I've always been interested in that.
@MagicOctopusUrn thanks. I didn't know this ahead of time, but there's a 10-review minimum before a game shows up on searches, and I see now how things slip through the cracks.
@EricTressler Give it to 9 people for free.
@MagicOctopusUrn it's just a flat high % of all sales. I forget exactly what %, but think like 80-95
@MagicOctopusUrn I gave it to more people than that for free during beta testing, but their reviews don't count (and I'm not unethical enough to do it on the side)
To anyone who hasn't played it yet, I can sign infinite praises to Mario Odyssey
@ATaco I'll wait for the PC port. In 2053
10:13 PM
@ATaco Literally the only game I've ever seen on nintendo recently that almost made me buy a damn console.
@ATaco What was the last one? Galaxy? For WII? Duuuude... I rented a console from BLOCKBUSTER for that lmao.
I wish nintendo would just blanket adopt emulation of their last-gen systems
Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey alone make it worth it in my opinion, but if you're like me and spend 4 hours a day on a train, things like Binding of Isaac, Doom, and soon Skyrim are also great selling points.
@DestructibleLemon I just caught your last comment, there's also griptopgames.com
@EricTressler Won't let me review without the app, guess I'll go play it and figure it out later at home haha.
@MagicOctopusUrn Thanks. I hope you like it, if you do decide to try it. I don't know if it's something I'll try again, as it took an incredible amount of time
I spent 2-3 months designing the puzzles and then 3-4 months dealing with nonsense
I think in the future anything I make will be open source
@ATaco I bought an Xbox 360 + PS2 just to buy the Katamari games
10:21 PM
@EricTressler Unfortunately, the things that make money with a small development team usually either mislead the user, misrepresent how much content there is or are just passion projects like RimWorld which are phenomenal.
@NewSandboxedPosts I don't know Charcoal but I have that feeling that it's gonna be at least two times shorter than SOGL :p
@EricTressler could try itch.io?
@dzaima That challenge hasn't been done before right?
@MagicOctopusUrn Yeah, and I'm not business-minded, it's all horrible to think about for me. I have been waiting for RimWorld to get out of Early Access
I tried DF years ago, but it still has so many apparently broken things... it kept me from wanting to really dig into the nuances
@EricTressler A good mod idea for RimWorld I had was just "caching" save files in a "cloud" (oversimplifying). Requires that you're running unmodded. Then, have the ability to generate a game using all the save files as the scattered colonies.
@EricTressler What's DF?
10:24 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn So treating them a little bit like nethack bones files
@MagicOctopusUrn DF -> Dwarf Fortress, which I am almost certain is the inspiration for RimWorld
@EricTressler I've heard... mixed things lol.
@EricTressler Isn't it dead now?
I don't know, the last update was apparently a year and a half ago
so maybe, but recently dead if so
@EricTressler All I've been playing lately is KSP... I've fallen hard in love for a second time.
@DestructibleLemon I looked into it, but the number of users there is too low, most things on itch fade into obscurity immediately. I thought my chances were better with Steam
@EricTressler Tag your games as survival, even if they're not xD (1000 SALES IMMEDIATELY)
10:27 PM
I have KSP, but it's... hard to get into.
@EricTressler well if you're making it open source, might as well possibly get a donation or two
The most I've ever donated to an open-source game was $150, b/c I thought it'd make the developer start up again. I was wrong haha.
@DestructibleLemon I'm not making Tametsi open source, at least not for now. Maybe in a couple of years.
Which game?
10 mins ago, by Eric Tressler
I think in the future anything I make will be open source
@DestructibleLemon Yeah, but the game that I have right now was made in the past
10:30 PM
@EricTressler This was in like 2006, I can't even remember... Before steam even existed in the mainstream... It was like a runescape rip-off (not a private server, but same concept as RS: MMO, Open world, 2D, awesome).
@EricTressler i was saying, if you make anything again, use itch.io
@DestructibleLemon I may; thanks for the suggestion
@EricTressler Post your link on reddit.com/r/Minesweeper.
@EricTressler It may be really well recieved.
Thanks. I'll read their rules and consider posting there tonight/tomorrow if it's not a violation
@EricTressler Is that game anything like MS? Cause I used to binge on Minesweeper (badly)
10:33 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn It is very much like that (but much harder, and no guessing required, and I didn't include random puzzles)
@EricTressler (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ - Unicode emoticon for "YESSS! Success!"
I have a random puzzle generator, but the ones in the final game took like 2-24 hours of CPU time each to make/revise
So I can make easy puzzles on the fly, but not hard ones; since the random levels were weaker, I left them out
@EricTressler I've seen random dungeon generators do extremely well.
@EricTressler Like crypt of the necro-dancer.
That's a fun game
I really like Klei
10:36 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn Yeah; it's a little bit of a different situation here. I'd love to talk about the algorithm behind it sometime, but I never had a good reason for doing so. I didn't get stuck on anything enough to ask a question, etc.
@DJMcMayhem I get hung up on the artwork for Klei to be entirely honest, and I have no idea why. I feel way more accomplished completing a mission in KSP than building a working colony in ONI.
I am afraid of Crypt of the Necro-Dancer. It looks like Dungeons of Dredmore + timing
@EricTressler I haven't bought it either, I just know it's entirely too successful to ignore forever haha!
@MagicOctopusUrn Really? Huh. I'd say their art-style is one of the biggest selling points for me
Of course, ONI and KSP are radically different in many ways
I haven't played KSP yet though. I really want to
@DJMcMayhem I know right? I must just be weird, I've NEVER had anyone agree with me.
@DJMcMayhem God... I've bought it 2 times, it's that good.
10:39 PM
@MagicOctopusUrn BTW, just so you know we've got a room just for game-discussion
If you're interested
@DJMcMayhem oh, whoops, I forget that I'm spamming the gen discussion channel sometimes. My bad.
@DJMcMayhem Speaking of KSP though, I kind of want to come up with a space-based physics code-golf challenge. I have no idea what I'd do though...
@DJMcMayhem Why haven't you played it btw?
@MagicOctopusUrn make it a koth?
@DestructibleLemon KotH, 1 part - 1 byte, furthest landing from earth wins? Wait, that's not KotH, what were you thinking for KotH?
just remove the codegolf part
make it some sort of space physics koth i guess
10:56 PM
Hi! Can I ask a linear algebra related question here?
Q: Basic ASCII Tallies

Magic Octopus UrnGiven a number n, output tallies grouped into the traditional 5-per-group and 50 per row. Examples 1 | | | | 4 |||| |||| |||| |||| 5 |||/ ||/| |/|| /||| 6 |||/ | ||/| | |/|| | /||| | 50 |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ |||/ ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/| ||/|...

Also anyone with experience in projective geometry here?
btw hope everyone is doing okay
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