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5:00 PM
there's also a mod flag somewhere out there
did they mail you about age restrictions?
I guess I kind of asked for it though:
Jun 10 at 3:32, by user165474
I'm a member for 1 year 10 months.
@Uriel 9 votes is a fair amount (3 were downvotes though)
Jun 10 at 3:32, by user165474
I turned 13 1 year 11 months ago.
Jun 10 at 3:33, by user165474
Jun 10 at 3:33, by user165474
my SO account is older than my PPCG account...
Jun 10 at 3:34, by MD XF
@HyperNeutrino This is when you stop talking :P
Q: Is this a Hardy-Ramanujan-Number-ish Harshad Number?

ArjunBackground The number 1729 is the Hardy-Ramanujan number. An amazing property of it was discovered by S. Ramanujan (who is widely regarded as the greatest Indian mathematician1), when G.H. Hardy paid a visit to him in a hospital. In Hardy's own words: I remember once going to see him when he...

5:01 PM
Jun 10 at 3:33, by user165474
it's a network wide nuke I think
I suggest a new challenge: given a user ID, calculate how much rep they did they lose today.
@Uriel Can I post that?
@HyperNeutrino sure. though it would come interesting as a CMC..
Darn it well this is going to be tricky. I'm not used to being a low-rep user.
I'm used to being able to edit, downvote, delete vote, protect, etc. on the spot without going through review
So was there an automatic scanner that detected the statement about age?
5:02 PM
@Adám maybe? or someone reported me ಠ_ಠ
@HyperNeutrino I didn't.
@HyperNeutrino I would give you a 500 bounty, but that would be abuse :(
I didn't either
@Adám 👀
Lets not turn this into a witch hunt.
5:03 PM
Precedent for restoring rep from a deleted account here: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12547/58974
@HyperNeutrino But how could they delete the parts of your account that stem from after you crossed the threshold?
3 mins ago, by HyperNeutrino
Jun 10 at 3:33, by user165474
it's a network wide nuke I think
Hyper lost his rep?
@Arjun notice that my rep is about 5800 lower than what it used to be
@Arjun this isn't even the same account anymore
@Adám the problem with low age is that SE must not collect information about underaged people. therefore, the whole account was a problem
5:05 PM
@LeakyNun 105 is a Zeisel number because its prime factors are 3, 5, and 7, which falls into the recurrence pattern (P(n) = a*P(n-1) + b) where a = 1 and b = 2
@Uriel that's why I removed all of my PII earlier, but apparently it was still an issue
@HyperNeutrino Why?
then maybe delete the posts that were made before turning 13
anyway gtg now, class starts
@Uriel But they could delete any info that was collected before, and keep that which came later.
5:05 PM
@Arjun ask these people, they know
At least that's my understanding of it
Ugh, I just lost 70
yes the situation is panicful
@EriktheOutgolfer nah, painful, but no panic, methinks.
@Adám well, the birthdate and email he provided must be kept, and by the same time must not be kept 😕
5:06 PM
@Adám many people lost rep
Wait... was HyperNeutrino removed?
Now if this guy were to be deleted, that would be horrible
@Uriel They could delete the birthday info and replace it with newly culled info (the chat msg which tipped them off), and the same goes for the email (from their comms with him).
> 8,571 votes cast
5:08 PM
@EriktheOutgolfer Why? (sorry if this conversation already happened)
@DJMcMayhem 😂😂😂😂😂
@ETHproductions He was under 13 when his account was created
@ETHproductions age restrictions
Oh... that sucks
@DJMcMayhem That's one interesting <s>user</s> consumer.
5:08 PM
What about this person
he has cast less votes
Only 5 thousand votes. Not too bad
@HyperNeutrino I'm not at liberty to discuss this in public. Please reply to the email you received.
Honestly I'd be more concerned about the rep loss if Conor was to be removed than Dennis :P
I've cast 2400
5:09 PM
Thats what he said
I'm going by that
I've cast 1343
@DJMcMayhem gnat's 8.5k are all upvotes
> 8,571
@Uriel Damn son
yet Conor has cast 9496
5:10 PM
Martin has 10151
@Uriel He doesn't have enough rep to downvote :P
Actually, is it prohibited to lie in TNB?
I've cast 222.... I need to vote more
@ETHproductions 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Adám I don't think so? Not sure how anyone would know
Lie about what?
5:11 PM
@DJMcMayhem please stop creeping the hell of me out
@DJMcMayhem So what if I claimed to be 12 right now?
@Adám COPPA is US Federal low for online child protection which prohibits any online service from knowingly allowing < 13yo to own and operate accounts IIUC
@Adám Probably not a good idea
> Federal low
yes, is there problem
5:12 PM
@Adám I guess you could if you really wanted to, but I highly doubt your account would get deleted cause no one would really believe you
@TuxCopter Yeah, low, like a limit.
Especially since you link to your workplace
also 12yos aren't allow to have jobs
Oh I tought you meant law
@DJMcMayhem actually, this account is hidden. he has 27k rep on SO and soft eng.SE
5:13 PM
@DJMcMayhem Anyone could set up a SE account and use the image from dyalog.com as avatar.
@TuxCopter I don't know whot you're tolking obout >_<
Q: Am I a Zeisel Number?

GryphonA Zeisel Number is a square-free integer with prime factors that fall into the pattern: P(n)=a*P(n-1) + b where a and b are integers and n is the index number of each prime factor in the factorization, sorted from lowest to highest. For the purpose of determining Zeisel numbers, p(0)=1. The Ze...

> > a
@NewMainPosts 3 + 1 bytes: flag -r
5:19 PM
Could you guys tell me why are immediate answers to post frowned upon? I just got downvoted for that. codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/127535/…
@ETHproductions I know. I'm asking the OP to include that.
@Arjun Immediate self-answers are frowned upon, so as to give other people a chance to work on their solution without seeing what you had in mind
@Arjun You shouldn't have answered so early though as it discourages other people, but I storngly disagree about the downvote
have an upvote for good golf :)
@Downgoat Someone didn't like that idea. got downvoted again, lol, i don't care.
5:22 PM
:| what is with so many downvote
@Downgoat what does downvote mean
when you click the downarrow on an answer and the score goes down by one
i think the word you're looking for is downgoat?
@Arjun I reccomend deleting your answer and undeleting in a few days
Q: Am I a Colombian Number?

GryphonA Colombian Number is an integer that cannot be written as the sum of any other integer n and the individual digits of n. This property is specific to the base used to represent the integers. Base 10 Colombian Numbers are sequence A003052 in the OEIS Your Task: Write a program or function that...

5:30 PM
"Am i a <blah> number?" no you are a human
Username checks out
@Arjun outgolfed:P :
A: Is this a Hardy-Ramanujan-Number-ish Harshad Number?

DowngoatJavaScript ES6, 59 bytes x=>(q=eval([...x].join`+`)+'')*([...q].reverse().join``)==x Adding explanation one sec.

So today I lost... 71 rep
like, how do you lose 1 rep from a user being removed?
Well, I thought of the challenge just a while ago, and wrote an obvious JS solution, since I am not a great golfer. But, I understand that believing me is not a good idea, as who knows, I might be an extraterrestrial super-intelligent Tardigrade :P
@totallyhuman But are you a human?
5:36 PM
@ETHproductions downvotes you've cast?
No, I'd have gained 1 and ended up with -69
I am definitely a super-intelligent extraterrestrial Tardigrade with big finders to type on keyboard.
@HyperNeutrino Can you reach out to the staff directly via the contact us form when you have a chance?
@ETHproductions You downvoted eleven of his posts and he upvoted 6 of yours.
Are you a regular downvoter?
No, I've downvoted about 5 posts in my life
5:38 PM
@ETHproductions Let's assume you'd lose 70 rep from votes you'd received from that user, another 2 from a suggested edit, and then you earned 1 back due a downvote you'd cast on one of their answers.
There you go: -71
@ETHproductions (e.g.) 7 answer upvotes + 1 question upvote + 2 answer downvotes = 71 total
I have only downvoted a single post on entire SE network, just because of losing that -1 rep. I am waiting for the post that I downvoted to be edited, so I can undo my downvote :P
@Shaggy Hmm, I guess that works too, but I'm not sure I've had 2 answer downvotes
@ETHproductions Question downvotes, maybe?
I have cast 74 downvotes on PPCG
5:41 PM
and who would you be
@Downgoat You are definitely a better golfer than me, your rep indicates that :P
@totallyhuman if you are truly djmcmayhem why are you now geoham
@GeoHam ...why GeoHam? :P
@EriktheOutgolfer why delete?
@Arjun everyone get's better over time, this was my first ever PPCG answer:
5:42 PM
because challenge possibly unclear, just posted for the timestamp if I understood correctly
var d={8:'b',6:'g',7:'l',1:'i',0:'o',5:'s',2:'z',4:'h',3:'e'},t=s=>s.substr(0,10).toLowerCase().split('0.').reverse()[0].replace(RegExp('('+Object.keys(d).join('|')+')','g'),(_,w)=>d[w]||'').split('').reverse().join('');
pretty scary
it can actually be golfed as: s=>[for(w of s)'oizehsglb'.search(w)].reverse().join``.replace(/^0/,'0.') though
@Downgoat will you answer it in Cheddar?
what was the question o0
@LeakyNun :O good idea
@Downgoat What the heck is that even?
5:43 PM
@Downgoat ok then
Q: 5318008 - Fun with Calculators

Beta DecayIn schools across the world, children type a number into their LCD calculator, turn it upside down and erupt into laughter after creating the word 'Boobies'. Of course, this is the most popular word, but there are many other words which can be produced. All words must be less than 10 letters lo...

@ETHproductions I used an object as a lookup table >_<
and I dynamically constructed a regex to do a lookup
@ETHproductions why not? :P
>.> your first answer was in a question about 5318008
@Downgoat An object with digits as the keys, no less... wow, just wow
@JNat I will do that. Where can I find the form?
5:44 PM
@GeoHam you just plagiarize Geobits or something
@SIGSEGV I kinda know how you felt know :(
._. I am donig something wrong: n->n.rev.chars.map(i->number::i)/(+)
My intro says something about my age too.. :P
3 challenges in a row with "Am I a(n) X number?"
Soon PPCG will become OEIS
5:49 PM
okay we need a goat related number sequence
Goat Numbers
It obviously starts with -1
I don't get the monty hall problem why would you not want a goat
@Downgoat a very good point!
Yeeah... goat numbers
it's also deeply racist
in many cultures goats are very much valued
5:52 PM
especially Hindu
also goat is awesome period
@Lembik Especially in the US
@ETHproductions how could you
I... don't even wanna know where those search terms came from >_<
@Downgoat well, if you get the car, you can then turn that into a large number of goats if you would rather have goats than car
5:52 PM
@ETHproductions ... I am not sure what is correct response to this >_<
@EriktheOutgolfer Not goats, cows.
@ToxicFrog how to turn car into goat
google offers me "being a towel goat simulator"
@Downgoat sell car, trade money for goats
@Arjun I think it's not just cows but animals generally though...
5:53 PM
I am atheist and irreligious, though
@ToxicFrog you have no idea how hard to find a goat in silicon valley
also maybe we should invent Downgoatism
You probably can't buy a car with one goat, though, so the car gives you more flexibility even if what you actually want is one or more goats
hm, true
but in that case in monty hall porblem all door are good door!
Yeah, but the car door is a better door, since it's a car or a lot of goats or a few goats and a stack of cash
5:54 PM
monty hall: win the car, buy all monty hall goats, buy even more goats
Or even a few goats and a slightly less fancy car!
Actually I do want to know, why the heck would I have searched "fantasize about being a goat" on any site? It must have had something to do with Downgoat but I have no idea what
@Consider would you rather have a goat, or would you rather have two goats and a car to drive them around in?
when using bittorrent (to download linux of course), why aren't the peers geographically close?
I get a list from all over the world including qatar, hungary etc.
@Lembik ...why would they be geographically close?
5:56 PM
wouldn't it be more efficient if they were near me?
Not necessarily
@ToxicFrog I was thinking the connection might be faster
The tracker is going to offer you all the peers it knows about, AIUI, and your client is going to find as many others as it can via DHT
@ETHproductions it's okay it's totally understandable I search up all time
@ToxicFrog with nothing about how fast the connections to me are?
5:56 PM
i'm officially a downgoatist.
I seem to recall someone here mentioning colour blindness / colour vision deficiency. Does anyone have a preferred 16 colour palette that won't exclude anyone without full colour vision?
actually fantasize isn't a problem but goat score:-20 is
And then it's going to pick peers based on (a) available bandwidth (which correlates very loosely with ping) and (b) whether they have the chunks you need
@Downgoat Come on, that's... I don't even know how to call it
@EriktheOutgolfer I think I was looking for that extremely downvoted "output this ASCII goat" challenge there
5:58 PM
@ToxicFrog right.. so I find it surprising that the bandwidth selection doesn't prefer peers in the same country
or even on the same ISP
@Lembik so, the tracker doesn't know how fast the connections to you are. The whole point of BT is that connections are peer-to-peer, it can't know that. It gives you everything and it's up to your client to pick optimally.
@Lembik as a trivial @example I'm in Canada. Most residential internet connections have awful upstream capacity.
@ToxicFrog right.. so I am referring to the picking by the client
btw goat dairy is way healthier than cow dairy
@ToxicFrog That's a good point
@ETHproductions have you use react/webpack/express?
5:58 PM
My BT client will do much better by picking people in Silicon Valley or Europe or even Japan.
@ToxicFrog but Qatar!
@Downgoat No, I don't even know what webpack is, sorry
and australia!
Especially since the BT protocol isn't roundtrip-heavy; latency matters much less than sustainable bandwidth.
@ToxicFrog true
I wonder if it wants to avoid fast peers only communicating with each other though
5:59 PM
And it's going to want as many peers as it can get until it saturates your downstream or runs out of peers.
Yeah, there's that too; if it's well-behaved it'll be responding to requests from slower peers for chunks you have and they don't.
@ToxicFrog it is damned clever. I am always amazed by how well it works
(and if they have chunks you don't have it might as well fetch those while it's connected to them)
I think there is all sorts of cleverness
So this may well fall into the category of "if you don't even know where to start, you have no business attempting it", but I'm wondering how hard it would be to create "GolfSQL", a made-up interpreted SQL language variant that "compiles" and runs against normal MS-SQL servers (cause that's what I know and have access to, and there is no way I'm writing my own SQL back-end engine)?
Mostly I'm thinking of just having abbreviated keywords for obvious golfing reasons
@BradC Writing a compiler that takes your new language and outputs a SQL query should be much simpler than writing an engine. It could be as simple as a look up table to start with, and then gradually add complexity over time
6:04 PM
@BradC That shouldn't be too hard I think, if you just have it transpile to normal SQL
@BusinessCat I'm sure even a simple find/replace could go a long way
@trichoplax Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of to start. R-x-7 could be interpreted as REPLICATE('x',7)
and other trivial replacements
d a,b,c1 could resolve to DECLARE @a VARCHAR(255), @b VARCHAR(255), @c INT or something
@BradC If all of your input terms (R, x, 7) are unique and not contained within each other, it's very simple. If you have some that overlap, like RR and R, then there would be ambiguity and you'd need a way of resolving that which makes it more complex
In other words, if you design the language carefully, you can make it so that writing the compiler is trivial
@Downgoat so are you going to do it in Cheddar?
@trichoplax Hmm, maybe I'd be better off using completely unique characters, then, so I'm guaranteed not to overlap with other TSQL content. Like all the funny stuff we see in other golfing languages (NηFθï“뙡}ʠƈ) and stuff
6:18 PM
@JNat Thanks. What would I write? I'm thinking something along the lines of "my account was deleted for being underage, but I'm 14 now, what should I do"
>.< struggling very much with not being able to click "edit"
Haha love the name :D
@HyperNeutrino Just explain the situation. I'm likely gonna be the one on the other side, and this is mostly so we can have this conversation privately rather than out here :)
There were other discussions being attempted that were being drowned out by all the sacrifice, so I've moved it there
@JNat Oh okay. I will do that later when I get some more time because I'll be gone soon. Thanks for the help :)
6:22 PM
@trichoplax that's generally goats not just sacrifice...
@Phoenix 0/10 post it in the spam room
@EriktheOutgolfer Yes a lot of that also got caught up - there wasn't a clear line between the two discussions.
it'd be appropriate to rename the room to just "Goat worshipping" or something
Discuss it over there please.
If anyone wants to be a room owner I can make them one then they can sort it out over there (ask there, not here)
6:26 PM
nm lol
@YvetteColomb Might have been the flagged message earlier. It's all sorted now though
@trichoplax yeh I figured it out soz
6:41 PM
Wow, 3 mods.
CMC: A057946(n): Bad hexadecimal notation for n: write n in hexadecimal notation, replacing digit ten with "10", digit eleven with "11", ... and digit fifteen with "15".
CJam: riGb
CJam is pretty good when the challenge is to be bad at one of the things it's bad at
puts gets.to_i.to_s(16).gsub(/[a-z]/){|i|(i.ord-86).to_s}
05AB1E, 4 bytes: hSHJ
Shorter as a lambda and taking a number as an arg.
Anyone here used redux before?
6:51 PM
JS: (+prompt()).toString(16).replace(/[a-f]/,c=>"1"+"abcdef".indexOf(c))
Might be able to golf
Indeed I was able to: (+prompt()).toString(16).replace(/\D/,c=>"1"+"abcdef".indexOf(c))
What does (+prompt()) mean
I guess it should be a lambda: n=>n.toString(16).replace(/\D/,c=>"1"+"abcdef".indexOf(c))
Unary plus doesn't do anything
@Phoenix prompt() displays a window for the user to input and returns the input as a string. The + is unary positive to cast it to a number
@BusinessCat It might be better to get the ord of the character, and subtract 86, to directly get a number from 11 to 15
6:56 PM
Q: ASCII Greeting Message

Amurt4lCreate a program to greet someone with the words "Hello Player!" when they run the program. However you cannot use any letters in the alphabet in the displayed message so you must use keys like ( or - to shape out the letters. An example of a letter made of these keys is below: /\ /--\ = w...

@Phoenix You'd think, but not with .charCodeAt(0)
ok, that's bad.
Actually no you're right it is shorter: n=>n.toString(16).replace(/\D/,c=>c.charCodeAt(0)-87)
@LeakyNun APL: (∊⍕¨)16⊥⍣¯1⊢
lol, irony : see NoOneIsHere's comment on my post and make sure you click on the link he provides and see its revisions too ... lol
7:00 PM
You need a space
@Downgoat are you going to do it in Cheddar?
@LeakyNun probably not, cheddar answer was pretty long
@Downgoat alright
I am going to sleep, bye
7:09 PM
in Sacrificial discussion, 52 mins ago, by Dennis
Can we be done with goats and animal sacrifices please?
There's a room for all the goat and sacrifice talk - keep it there please
alternative topic suggestion: why don't we talk about this challlenge:
Q: How do I exit Vim?

MayubeVim is a great text editor for unix systems, but it's notorious for being difficult to exit. Write a full program that will output :q to exit Vim. It should then read a single line of input, as it will then either be given a bash prompt, in which case the exit was successful, or an error, in whi...

real question is whose bash prompt looks like:
E37@vimmachine: /var/override)
It's a problem because there's so much it's drowning out other discussions so we can't ask about more relevant things
CMC: Given an integer N, return the N'th iteration of the following sequence of ASCII arms in the air:
@Downgoat Mayube's visibly looks like this
7:13 PM
1 --> \o/

2 --> \o\ \o/ /o/

3 --> \o\ \o\ \o/ /o/ /o/

4 --> \o\ \o\ \o\ \o/ /o/ /o/ /o/
That's 1 indexed, you can also take 0-indexed if you like
@Downgoat how long was your solution?
So thats \o/ with N \o\ and /o/ on the sides?
7:15 PM
@GeoHam Extra separating whitespace ok?
Actually, that's way more trivial than I intended. Oh well
@Adám Sure
@LeakyNun uh: (x,y=x.rev.chars.map(i->number::i)/(+))->y*number::(("%s"%y).rev)==x
so 68 bytes
@GeoHam APL: {'\o\ ',⍵,' /o/'}⍣⎕⊢'\o/' (0-indexed)
@GeoHam cheddar: n->"\o\ "*n+"\o/"+" /o/"*n
wait no i'm an idiot
7:17 PM
OK, way too trivial. Try this pattern instead:
1 --> \o/
2 --> \o\ \o/ /o/
3 --> \\o\\ \o\ \o/ /o/ //o//
4 --> \\\o\\\ \\o\\ \o\ \o/ /o/ //o// ///o///
@GeoHam lambda n:"\\o\\ "*n+r"\o/"+" /o/"*n
fixifyinged: n->((|>n).rev=>"\"*n+"o"+"\"*n).join(" ")+" \o/ "+((|>n).rev=>"/"*n+"o"+"/"*n).join(" ")
> GeoHam
wat why
lambda n:r'\o\ '*n+'\o/'+' /o/'*n
@totallyhuman nah
> Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them
Guys amazon invented the store :O
7:21 PM
@LeakyNun ?
@Downgoat Why not?
@totallyhuman look at the challenge again
i was doing the first one lol
@GeoHam possible duplicate of One more Lul and I'm out
Also why new name
7:23 PM
2 mins ago, by GeoHam
@Downgoat Why not?
Because it's worse
@GeoHam But ham ≠ cat (flesh)
CMC: Shortest brain-flak program that prints it's own byte count
20 bytes: ((((()()){}()){}){})
@GeoHam Why did you change from DJMcMayhem?
7:37 PM
13 mins ago, by GeoHam
2 mins ago, by GeoHam
@Downgoat Why not?
@DJMcMayhem Your back? that was pretty quick.
Now that the noise has quietened down...
2 hours ago, by trichoplax
I seem to recall someone here mentioning colour blindness / colour vision deficiency. Does anyone have a preferred 16 colour palette that won't exclude anyone without full colour vision?
@Phoenix → Nix Hope
@trichoplax Gray tones.
7:45 PM
@Adám I was thinking of taking equally spaced tones and then adding colour, so it would be visible to someone who only sees greyscale, but also more distinguishable with colour vision. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse for partial colour vision though
A: How can I find an optimum set of colors for 10 players?

RobAuWhy reinvent the wheel? There even is a standard for a set of sixteen colors, of which you could pick ten. This is the ANSI set http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code#Colors The ANSI color are equally distributed on the RGB cube, which is, I think, better suited for this problem than the ...

@trichoplax Worse, I think.
@trichoplax You can't reliably get equally spaced tones so that they appear equally spaced independent of degree of color vision, as some colors appear brighter than others.
@trichoplax I'd use a grey scale theme with accent colors (dividing lines, shadows, highlights) that don't really matter.
@DJMcMayhem Interesting - thank you
@Adám If there's no acceptable compromise I guess I'd need to provide multiple palettes for people to choose from
I was asking in the hope of avoiding that, but I suspected I might need to...
@trichoplax That's a good idea. A B/W or grey scheme is good for printing on non-color printers too.
I'm confident enough to anticipate my KotH being viewed by at least one person with partial colour vision. I'm not so confident that I'm expecting anyone to print it out though :)
7:51 PM
@trichoplax Oh. Well, you didn't state the use case.
I know - it just amused me - useful for other applications though - thanks!
The Dyalog IDE allows assigning a hotkey for each syntax coloring/IDE color scheme. Useful to temporarily switch to show or highlight certain aspects of the code, like global variables, optimized expressions, comments, etc.
Sounds handy. I'm colouring squares on a board, so I think I'm stuck with implementing interchangeable palettes
@trichoplax Looking at DJ's doc. A strong blue, strong green, strong yellow scheme seems to be universally recognizable by color seers (but not monochromes of course)
Unfortunately I need 16 easily distinguishable colours (14 plus black and white)
7:58 PM
@trichoplax How about using patters? Like |||| \\\\ //// ≡≡≡≡ #### XXXX etc?
That would be the ideal, but I'm also trying to be flexible around different screen sizes, which means including squares too small to have texture

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