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8:04 PM
\o @Art
do you know of anything I can work on? I'm kinda bored right now...
@NobodyNada Do you know Node.js?
@JF Not really...
I don't much enjoy JS programming; sorry
@NobodyNada look through the issues on our various repos
8:14 PM
@ArtOfCode Good idea
What happened to READi?
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on 799fb61: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
@JF oh yeah...I forgot about that :p
@JF O.o I never knew this was a thing
8:18 PM
@ArtOfCode If you go to github.com, the user dropdown lets you pick which dashboard you’re looking at.
that's useful
8:38 PM
I have to go; see you in a few hours most likely!
8:55 PM
SpaceX CRS-11 Dragon resupply mission is T-13:00
Is there a live link? :O
@Henders yep
tech cast here
@ArtOfCode Launching in 13 minutes? :O
Makes me want to play KSP :P
8:15 now
Sometimes I go out and watch the ISS fly overhead. Makes you feel very small :P
9:02 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JoErNanO Blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JoErNanO Blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JoErNanO Blacklisted user.
9:03 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
May 4 at 12:11, by CalvT
Or just use k
I like tpu
Sounds like I'm spitting on the spammers.
@JasonC o/
9:04 PM
@JoErNanO tpu- is an alternative that keeps the letters but mutes the response, then :)
Sorry I had some catching up to do.
@ArtOfCode I like it when smokey responds. It makes me feel desired. :D
OK OK message received, you don't like smokey replies.
@ArtOfCode this is exciting :O 2 minutes
@Henders aye
Should we install probot-stale on our repos?
What's the mission about? Resupplying ISS?
Can I fast forward to the launch?
9:07 PM
@JF discussion pending rocket launch
Is there people in that space needle?
@JoErNanO You should be able to:
3 mins ago, by Henders
@ArtOfCode this is exciting :O 2 minutes
@ArtOfCode That landing... oh my god.
@Henders dead center
they're good, these people
9:17 PM
Also, configurer looks pretty cool.
@JF not sure I like that idea - it puts a bunch of admin settings in the repo
ok. How about the other one?
Yeah, could do
we probably only want to close unlabelled or feedback-wanted issues, rather than any of the others
@ArtOfCode That could be done by excluding all of the labels except feedback-wanted.
9:46 PM
@ArtOfCode If I modify a file on ruby do I have to restart the server or will it change live?
@Henders if you're in dev mode it should reload live, unless it's config stuff
What's dev mode?
ANd it's nothing config-y. It's just code
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Mysql insert into 2 tables by kapil on stackoverflow.com (@quartata)
10:01 PM
@Henders dev environment, sorry - if you're running rails s, you're in dev mode unless you passed the -e switch
@ArtOfCode Nice :) I've nearly done the change I wanted to make I think :D :D
10:13 PM
!!/whois code_admin
@ArtOfCode I am aware of 15 code_admin. Currently in this room: ArtOfCode, Mithrandir, Jan Dvorak, Magisch, Ferrybig, Kyll. Not currently in this room: Thomas Ward, angussidney, tripleee, ProgramFOX, Ashish Ahuja, Gerry, Andy, Undo, Glorfindel.
fp- by DavidPostill
@ArtOfCode It says there's 320 new changes in the repository for MS. Is that right...?
I cloned it mid week-ish
could be
just git pull the lot
Alrighty :)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Are all the holocaust witnesses jews or nazis? by Liu on skeptics.SE
gonna say yes
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Why is mega.nz not working with chrome or firefox? by GuestTVP MLP on superuser.com (@HenryWHHackv2.0)
CI on 4420344 succeeded.
The Smokey repo is now using PullApprove. TL;DR: code admins (even those without git rights) can comment "!!/approve" on a PR to merge it. At least one code admin is required to do this to pass status checks.
Experimental, for now. We'll see how it goes.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in title, bad keyword with email in body, email in body, potentially bad keyword in title: How i got a blank atm card by Eric Gomes on money.SE
tpu- by DavidPostill
10:37 PM
@ArtOfCode Just made my first pull request :O
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on ec37bae: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on ec37bae: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
^ Awww yeah :)
@Henders It seems like github doesn't recognise the commits as yours, are you sure the email used with git is a email that you have connected to your GH account?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body: delete this please delete this please by NopSled on stackoverflow.com (@quartata)
@Ferrybig Hmm, Maybe I was missing my email
But I cloned it from my own forked version
10:46 PM
@ArtOfCode Does it auto-merge, or does someone with git rights have to merge?
@JF further science required on that one
@Ferrybig Ah, I hadn't added my email into the config :( So it just guessed and used my machine name. Thanks for the heads up
@ArtOfCode Do I need to change what you suggested? I'm not sure how to update my pull request if so :P
10:49 PM
@Henders push another commit to your master branch and the PR will auto-update
You got it :)
@Henders As long as the pull request is not merged: 1. Edit the config 2. Update your last commit git commit --amend --reset-author --no-edit 3. Verify the email is changed using git log 4. Force push to your feature branch git push --force-with-lease, that way its replaced
@Ferrybig Right, I'll do that first. Thanks, that's some nice gitting there!
Nice one, thanks. That's got it :)
sd k
10:54 PM
@SmokeDetector k
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on 0935115: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on 0935115: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
@Henders Email addresses seems to be fine now, the commit is properly attributed
@Ferrybig Thanks for the git tips. I would have had no idea how to do that myself!
What is '--force-with-lease'?
I'd never heard of it either
@ArtOfCode Cool
@Henders No problem, --force-with-lease is a more safer version of --force, the latter can override any commits on the server, while the first can only override a commit if you have at least fetched that commit one time (this may sound a bit confusing, but that is because 'm actually tired right now)
11:01 PM
Hmm okay. I need to improve my git ability.
I made those changes, Art :)
's okay, I hadn't heard of it either
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on 0061d25: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
my strategy for force pushes is "NOBODY DO ANYTHING I'M ABOUT TO DO BAD THINGS"
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on 0061d25: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
Why is it reporting that twice? ^
11:02 PM
once for push, once for PR
Ok, I'm going to bed now, goodnight and see you guys tommorrow
Night :)
[ metasmoke ] ci/circleci success on cbc6e65: Your tests passed on CircleCI!
Deployed @Henders
11:07 PM
@Undo Oh that's cool :D
you've got a pluralization bug, @Henders :)
Haha, dammit!
I didn't even think of that..
Might have a timezone issue too...
Well, small steps, eh? :P
Right, I'm off, I'll catch you tomorrow :)
The MS server is UTC zone, so you can generally ignore timezone issues (or pass genuine issues off by saying "it's in UTC")
Yeah, It's a caching issue...
11:19 PM
@NobodyNada I did not
@quartata TL;DR is that FireAlarm is reporting PPCG posts in SEBotics
So far it's caught 1 tp and 1 fp.
I trained it with both the SO and PPCG dumps, so it should be particularly good at catching general programming questions posted to PPCG,
yesterday, by NobodyNada
@quartata @Riker I've spent the afternoon training FireAlarm for PPCG. Here are some stats:
Woohoo! The spam network we discovered last night got nuked! @angussidney @KazWolfe
11:58 PM
Restart: API quota is 11994.
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