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12:00 AM
yeah how do I allow https traffic to passthrough but redirect http to my local server?
@Bob thanks. Thankfully not met any dropbears yet
Has anyone had experience using nuwen.net/mingw.html (MinGW distro?)
Everything is so... Flat
@JourneymanGeek Huh.
> Ryzen benefits from disabling High Precision Event Timers (HPET). The timer resolution of HPET can cause an observer effect that can subtract performance.
12:02 AM
I'm trying to figure out how to use the boost included with it
@Bob there's all sorts of bizareness with ryzen
So I have 12GB free on all the 3G networks and only of the 2G networks. Also seem to only have 4G on one network, at £1 per gigabyte
@Bob :O
SMT seems to decrease low parallelism tasks too similar to earlier Intel implementations
@TOWMN ...it's $10/GB here if you pay per GB. Or $20 sometimes
£1/GB is cheap
@TOWMN ha. we get flat land and mountains. not so many small hills
@TOWMN which network?
@TOWMN btw. Telstra no logner does 2G. I think Optus and Vodafone still do, but not for long.
@Bob there's a local telco that's doing 6gb for 28 sgd, with a 20 dollar, 20gb topup option
12:10 AM
A: How can a processor be made faster with a "software" update?

bwDracoSeveral bugs in Windows are causing the system to not properly utilize the processor's resources. Updates are expected to correct these bugs. (this answer is a work in progress; stay tuned for more technical details) Apparently, as discovered by AnandTech forum user Agent-47, Windows is schedul...

kinda tempted actually
Err, I meant £10 per gigabyte, fail.
@Bob :g
@TOWMN Oh. Go pick up a local SIM :P
@Bob yeah I saw a few advertised at the airport. Gonna map out the spectrum allocations first to decide which to pick.
Found a Vodafone transmitter...
@TOWMN Telstra generally has the fastest network.General info here: whirlpool.net.au/wiki/mobile_phone_frequencies
12:14 AM
I take back the everything is so flat. Everything is so un-flat...
@Bob oh nice, thanks
In my experience in the UK, the "generally the fastest network" also tends to be the worst where I actually use it
Oh hey im I'm the free public transport zone
@TOWMN Oh yea. Melb has free trams within a certain area.
City centre IIRC
can't remember the name
@TOWMN Ha. Well, it's been consistently faster for me around Sydney, I think
Also the one most likely to have coverage on the train
@Bob yeah, luckily covers the area between the airport bus terminal and my hostel
Optus gets congested but otherwise has a good network
Vodafone... idk, they've done a lot of upgrades recently
@Bob our fastest in the UK (where I get 250-300mbps+) had the worst indoor coverage and basically 0Mbps whereas my other network maintains 5-10Mbps at all times anytime anywhere
Good in cities, relatively small spectrum (also no B28)
12:26 AM
Building out the answer:
A: How can a processor be made faster with a "software" update?

bwDracoSeveral bugs in Windows are causing the system to not properly utilize the processor's resources. Updates are expected to correct these bugs. Apparently, as discovered by AnandTech forum user Agent-47, Windows is scheduling threads incorrectly, treating SMT hardware threads that are part of the ...

Is Jay walking illegal in Australia?
Ooh they have 7-11s here
@TOWMN iirc you can get fined. but everyone does it (when safe)
12:46 AM
@Bob hmm. I was just copying the lock
Also @Bob do all ATMs change you to make withdrawals around here or just the rip off tourist trap ones.
@TOWMN they don't charge if it's the same bank
e.g. ANZ gets free withdrawals from ANZ ATMs
Westpac at Westpac
(Also, Bankwest at CBA, because it's owned by them. Similar story with St. George & Westpac)
But, otherwise? Yea, they charge.
Amount varies. Usually around $2 for local.
dunno how currency conversion works
1:04 AM
@Bob ah. Yeh I think it was $2 or $3.
In the UK it either charges nobody or everybody whatever the bank. Usually just the captive tourist trap ones that charge
There's a shocking number of asians here.
1:19 AM
Updated answer. Quad-core configurations on Ryzen: two cores on two CCXs (16 MB L3$) is slower than one fully-enabled CCX (8 MB L3$).
> [...] It is much more exciting to recognize the fact that the CCX data transfers interfere with each other in any case - sometimes more, sometimes less clearly. The advantages of the larger L3 cache (2 + 2 configuration) are nowhere within this measurement series.
1:46 AM
@bwDraco leave your answers in your answers please ;p
I was just wondering what people here think.
the whole point of linking that is to encourage you to make use of your enthusiasm on the ryzen platform somewhere more productive ;)
@JourneymanGeek Please don't in the future (even if it causes more problems here).
I'd rather continue to disrupt this room. Don't redirect it elsewhere. Let it run its course.
er. I think you should reread what you just said
...by Ysmir, what the heck did I just write?
I think it's kick-mute time.
1:51 AM
naw. You need to reread what you wrote. ;p
Nah, just breathe and/or go for a brief walk :)
An important part of social soft skills is to realise the effect or lackthereof your words have
and that's a lovely object lesson.
If that's the case, just tell me directly that Ryzen discussion is not welcome here (e.g. people are no longer interested).
Its not ryzen discussion
...wait. That wouldn't help. In the real world, people won't say directly.
That may actually be counterproductive from a pedagogical standpoint because it's not representative of the real-world social experience.
1:52 AM
I think you're starting to get it. Subtlety isn't totally lost on you.
But good chat has variety. There's a reason I sometimes drop in a link and don't talk about it
If you're going to post a wall of text defending something, more than once, unprompted, it seems fair that I find you an appropriate forum (in the roman sense ;) ) to post that, and maybe benefit
Meta learning is something I tend to take pride in. Understanding why XYZ is not the best way to teach a concept (because e.g. it's not how the real world works) is something I care about.
On that note
I actually do have some input on your answer - you might want to consider rearranging it to put the bits about windows messing up threads first
as as much as it pains me to say this, the graphs feel like they're affecting readability
@JourneymanGeek I was thinking about removing or resizing the graphs...
Its your answer
I mean I love graphics
but it feels cluttered
Resized one of the images. Link to full size remains intact.
2:08 AM
Tip: if you want to avoid uploading another image, you can use the HTML <img> markup, which supports the width and height attributes, though they have to be in a certain order
(Just to clarify, that's not at all a suggestion, just possibly helpful info for the future at your preference)
Starred because it's something useful to note.
The problem here is that I was talking at others. Lack of social experience is a huge minus.
This is why I'm not running for mod.
There are two yachts in the harbour at the moment... Looks like they're about to capsize. o.o
@BenN Tip: don't do that if you actually want to reduce file/download size
@BenN Man... the mast was probably close to 45 degrees.
2:12 AM
@Bob It would be useful for people on high-res displays.
@Bob Oooh!
Makes it less cluttered while preserving resolution as displayed.
And yeah, using HTML image scaling is not appropriate for enormous images filesize-wise, only for ones that take up too much visual space
I really need to put the skills-building plan into action. Tomorrow, I'm probably going to have a full-day trip.
> Nested local functions extend the language to support declaration of functions in a block scope.
haven't even heard of that one
2:16 AM
Woah, I'm installing it now and the setup wizard is... new
What do you mean 'new'?
@BenN does that markup work? 0_0
@BenN Yea, that was the biggest advertised change
I think I'm gonna hold off a bit... I need more space on this drive, might need to uninstall 2013 and 2015 first
Wait.... the biggest advertised change is something you'll only see once?
@JourneymanGeek Yep, I've used it once or twice
2:18 AM
ehhh, just cause it came to mind
@MichaelFrank Modular installation. The final installed size is much smaller, it's much easier to add more parts later, etc..
Q: Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only

m0saThis is a cross post from mSO, but affecting the whole network. 1. is already enabled network wide, 2. and 3. will be enabled shortly on mSE and another SE community (main site + meta) of our choosing for the first round of site-wide HTTPS testing. Read the full master plan! As requested by @pat...

Can you also install it on something other than C:\?
Yep. I'm trying to get an image up, but my Internet is currently very slow
Hm. The arithmetic simplification w/ pattern matching in C# looks a lot like Haskell
As in, I'm pretty sure I've implemented the exact same thing as that example while learning about Haskell ADTs
2:23 AM
Oh, I found the keys for my dedi (>_>) so I can look at backups
trying to work out what's the best way to do it remotely.
veem + nfs seems sane, but I need to ensure I have enough backup space
and set up a VM to run the NFS server on, for reasons.
VS Enterprise is $3k/yr
@Bob Used to be even worse.
Oct 5 '16 at 3:25, by bwDraco
$6k for a Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 license (with one-year MSDN), but Microsoft doesn't care who's buying.
I'll see if I can allocate the funds towards this anyway (even if I won't use it).
@bwDraco I'm talking about the annual subscription, though. You lose access after the year if you don't renew.
There's still a $6k option for a perpetual licence.
@bwDraco ...there's really not much point
I'm happily using VS Pro at $539/yr
2:37 AM
Sep 27 '15 at 21:06, by DragonLord
For some reason, I feel like I should spend thousands on software licenses for products such as Visual Studio ($6k for Enterprise 2015 with MSDN subscription), even without a solid reason to do so, just because I feel I might need it.
Most people (incl. you) would be fine with VS Community
Unless you specifically want MSDN software access or work in a business large enough to not be allowed to use Community (at work)
Classic Perry.
2:56 AM
That's interesting...
Remarkably well written.
I just look up at people and tailwag.
Damn it autocucumber.
Annnd nearly got off a stop early. Ooops.
3:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek When I was 5 or 6, I didn't get off at my stop and ended up an hour outside of town. :<
@MichaelFrank oh, that's why chipping is handy....
Oh yeah, humans don't get chipped :p
1 hour later…
4:23 AM
anybody want to see my monstrosity , well you gonna anyway , , , wait for it
to dark to take pictures now :-(
anyways, got a RV thing, in the driveway now, gonna load it up, and get outta town.
just typed rm ImportantDirectory Backup/ instead of cp
I can't describe how glad I am to forget the -rf for once.
This makes up for every fucking single time I ever was annoyed that I have to explicitly tell it to handle directories.
I just wanted anyone who might possibly contribute to open source to know. Don't fix that. Thanks.
@MickLH or you don't add rf reflexively
Some folk apparently have a trash command instead
4:41 AM
OH! hugs @tereΕ‘ko can I stay?
5:01 AM
(/u/justfarmingdownvotes on /r/amd)
5:17 AM
That alt text. OH. THE. HORROR
5:35 AM
5:56 AM
> 850 points in Cinebench 15 at 30W is quite telling. Or not telling, but absolutely massive. Zeppelin can reach absolutely monstrous and unseen levels of efficiency, as long as it operates within its ideal frequency range.
Shor's bones, this is insane performance per watt!
(Core i7-7700T does 805 cb at 35W)
Q: Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only

m0saThis is a cross post from mSO, but affecting the whole network. 1. is already enabled network wide, 2. and 3. will be enabled shortly on mSE and another SE community (main site + meta) of our choosing for the first round of site-wide HTTPS testing. Read the full master plan! As requested by @pat...

and the related one:
Q: HTTPS: It's time

Nick CraverThis is a heads up, and a request for help. HTTPS for our entire network is long overdue, but we've been working hard on it behind the scenes. Expect a pretty big blog post when we turn it on everywhere that details the journey. There are a few lingering questions on HTTPS we're not confident i...

(considering how much I complain that we need better visibility of such things....)
in my defence, you posted at 2:21am my time ;p
@Sathya Your time is UTC?
@Bob UTC+5:30
6:13 AM
@Sathya He posted around 02:20 UTC
Transcript always shows UTC :P
ah my bad
that's how far i've been away from chat -.-
come baaaaaaaaaaaack
I've been HTTPS-Everywhere'ing this already, at work at least
cause they started blocking http://i.stack.imgur.com at some point
I'm UTC + 8
so only 4 or so hours ago
If we do need to fix images, we probably should have something like that one tag cleanup weekend we did
and just hit it
6:44 AM
@allquixotic blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20170303-00/?p=95655 see also, why A/V sucks :P
audio visual?
7:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek antivirus
...when did we get a ukranian.se?
Q: Automatically embed image links

Sir AdelaideIt seems that half of the questions from new users have linked example images (better than no example at all) that we then edit to make the image inline. Could SE automagically alter posts to turn .jpg and .png links into embedded images?

@Bob quite some time back
@JourneymanGeek Going forward, I'm thinking that it's best to just tell me to stop altogether (and not redirect it elsewhere).
This may mean bottled-up emotions, but I need to learn to control myself.
@bwDraco Its at odds with the way I do things
and that's an important lesson too!
Care to explain?
I'll just have a moratorium on all Ryzen discussion for the next month (even if someone else mentions it; I'll just refuse to participate).
...and this makes no sense at all.
The way I see things is that while redirecting emotions may be necessary under certain conditions, suppressing them altogether is a much stronger display of self-control.
This holds even if the result has less net benefit.
Now that you've mentioned it, though, I'm looking into making some fundamental changes to my core philosophies. The way you think and work is far different, and in several ways, far better, than my approach.
8:20 AM
@bwDraco self control is self control
and you need to be aware of the other folks on the channel
Perhaps the biggest issue on my end is a focus on purism and perfectionism. Sure, technical accuracy matters. However, it shouldn't come at an expense of humor.
Also, I constantly fail to think about everyone else in this room. I'm way too self-centered.
This is how my lack of social experience hurts me.
What are the next steps to take? It's hard for me to move forward without a clear plan.
@JourneymanGeek See, you're naturally a people person. I guess talent is a huge part of this.
I was a shut in for a few years.
I'm a terrible people person
So how did you learn this?
You said you've been moderating chat rooms for many years, but how did you pick up these skills in the first place?
@bwDraco I've moderated/run communities
Where can I get started?
8:24 AM
Beats me
these are tacit skills
Are they teachable in any way?
One learns them
Again, how?
There has to be a path forward.
8:25 AM
I donno, mindfulness?
This is a chicken-and-egg problem.
@bwDraco Watch, learn. Make mistakes, apologize, learn from them, move on. But repeating the same mistakes over and over again is stupid. Overthinking is also not good.
I tend to call it being "self aware" more than "self concious"
Mar 2 at 16:06, by bwDraco
I've long felt that you shouldn't have to suffer to learn major life lessons.
Listen, learn and apply. If only things were so simple...
I tend to subscribe to the theory that anything is teachable.
(and learning to drop it is handy too)
8:29 AM
@bwDraco it is that simple. Idk, you probably need a fresh perspective on life.
Have you tried going to a counselor? They really help, you know
@Rahul2001 he has one
@JourneymanGeek This has gotten better:
Dec 4 '16 at 7:40, by bwDraco
I had (wisely πŸ˜›) pulled out before it got too far.
@JourneymanGeek Perhaps the biggest issue is that I can't readily turn incidents like this into actionable plans to improve.
@bwDraco that you feel you need to is part of the problem
8:33 AM
@JourneymanGeek you are a great people dog though!
@Burgi tailwags
It just doesn't click for me.
...and I kinda think I understand what's going on. The fundamental issue is a failure to think about the human on the other side, their emotions, their motivations.
So, you have a dog on a leash
Empathy is the core problem.
8:37 AM
You have three ways you can go
You can drag the dog along
You can walk the dog
Like virtually anything else, empathy is teachable.
Or you can walk with the dog
Conversation is just like a dog.
Work with, not against others. Understand others' emotions and motivations. Don't force things, just go with the flow. Empathy is priority #1 at this point. There really isn't much more that needs to be addressed.
The path is clear.
See, I wouldn't put it in those terms
I sit here, and I talk to people
you need a job where empathy is required, working in a shop or in a call centre will help
8:40 AM
@Burgi Doesn't have to be on the job. It can be learned on my own time.
How many times have I said this?
join the samaritians then
The most fundamental change needed is my approach to socialization. Instead of just trying to draw attention, focus on engaging and understanding others.
It really is that simple.
@bwDraco You're trying to draw attention.
there is a lot of talk about the problem, not a lot of doing....
Hence, self awareness.
8:42 AM
@Burgi So, why do you believe this can't be done independently?
Just curious.
to learn to socialise you need interactions with other people
this, by definition, cannot be achieved alone
I guess what needs to change is clear by now. I don't see how this has to be done on the job or volunteering. Instead, my plan is to implement this through changes in the way day-to-day interactions are handled.
because there aren't enough interactions in your normal day
in a job you are forced to interact with people who are spikey and irritating
you can't pick and choose the interactions
Well, since the same points have been repeated several times and it is abundantly clear what needs to be done, I'll just start working on it. Self-control isn't the main issue, it's my failure to understand peoples' emotions and motivations.
@Burgi hello
hey @Sathya :D
The path is clear. Don't just talk with others, actively practice empathy!
Well, that's it for today. Good night.
Thank you so much for helping me discover my core issues. I really cannot be thankful enough for your patience. You've stayed with me for so long. I knew all this soul-searching would be fruitful at some point.
9:46 AM
@Burgi yup, this

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