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12:00 AM
In '| " To the beggining of the current line'
Oh, haha missed that
I also wrote precendent last time
@DJMcMayhem 10/10 nice explanation
I'm writing an answer to that TC language interpreter challenge
golfed my program before my answer was done
can you people please join the minecraft server
12:15 AM
Getting an Arduino Uno tomorrow! :)
@Qwerp-Derp I've had a Makey Makey for years and I just recently realized it's Arduino compatible!
@wat recently*
Oh thanks, dont know how I messed up that badly
I wish you could detect chat in Minecraft...
That way you can make custom commands easily
@wat What's the address again
12:21 AM
@WheatWizard Often times when installers say "need 10.7+" I just use Pacifist to extract the contents and install it myself. I did that for Java 7 and it actually works perfectly on 10.6.
@DestructibleWatermelon I already have an interpreter in 22 bytes of Jelly for the language Im' working on; however, the thing delaying me posting my answer is trying to prove the language Turing-complete
it's a really neat puzzle language, too, basically a cross between Incident and Malbolge, and yet somehow much more elegant than either
I just golfed it again lol
but given what its inspirations are, it's unsurprising that I'm having trouble writing the code
hmmm. I almost hope is not TC
so I can enjoy fame of being in first place
of course last time that happened I didn't get much fame :(
50 bytes of code right now BTW
was 65
wait just golfed it some more hah, 47
44! the golfs!
Q: Time to fill drives?

SolakiRJohn bought 7 disk drives and grouped them together into a single logical drive so I could backup all my data from internet. My drive usage can be described as a sustained workload of 200,000 write operations per second with following distribution: 1. 512 bytes: 20% of all operations 2. 1024 byte...

12:35 AM
@NewMetaPosts wtf
That's like the most off-topic post I've ever seen
Off topic on main? Try meta...
Was it on main recently?
No I'm just joking that it's just as off topic on meta. At least I haven't seen it on main.
wait a minute my 44 byte solution doesn't work ;_;
12:54 AM
in the flash they just located a guy based off of a reflection in his eye
wth is going on
magic science
and the flash just flew by spinning his arms so fast he made a jet of air
ok that makes no sense lol
1:12 AM
Why would you need to fly when you can run fast enough to turn back time?
Q: Time to fill drives?

SolakiRJohn bought 7 disk drives and grouped them together into a single logical drive so I could backup all my data from internet. My drive usage can be described as a sustained workload of 200,000 write operations per second with following distribution: 1. 512 bytes: 20% of all operations 2. 1024 byte...

@trichoplax Welp, there it is ^!
I commented on meta to say it would be off topic on main too, then it got reposted on main
1:27 AM
Anyone here feel like answering a Java question?
I can try
A java Applet doesn't need a main method
which is pretty dope
but I realized that I'm launching the applet from eclipse
which has an Applet "Run As" option
Applets are beyond the scope of my Java knowledge.
under the hood that uses appletviewer.exe and likely a templated html file
and a relaxed security manager
how the heck do i score it
I think you score just the Java code you wrote.
1:30 AM
Can you run it from a browser? Will that avoid the extra?
The under-the-hood stuff is just part of the implementation.
Seems reasonable to not count the implementation though either way
Your submission language wouldn't be Java in that case, but Java Applet+Eclipse (or something like that)
This makes lots of sense
1:31 AM
well i can run it from the command line with appletviewer.exe but it gets blocked from running via the security manager
It works if you disable security manager, right?
Then you don't need to count anything other than the code in your score.
it works in eclipse just fine
I got READMEs working in app!
1:40 AM
@Downgoat lol nice readme choice
cc @DJM
I should be able to start TestFlight soon too
@Downgoat It scrolls properly and everything?
Yup :D
I also got stargazers done and will work on code browsing and then offline repos
1:49 AM
@Downgoat :D yay \o/
Does it support those README tags like Build|Passing?
hi guys look I made the first valid answer on the turing complete language interpreter challenge
Good for you!
wait aw man it got closed
1:54 AM
@Downgoat I have a UI idea
@Pavel yea, it is fully compliant w/ GitHub MD
(because it uses GitHub's MD API)
@wat please say :D
A: Turing complete language interpreter code golf

Destructible WatermelonTurtlèd interpreting CT, 49 bytes I might be able to golf this this is one I made a while ago actually (then golfed some now) !-l[*+.r_]' !l[ l]r[ u.(;d' u)d(1[ r].[ l])( r)+] How it works: Turtlèd uses grid cells. When I say "write something on the grid" I mean that a contiguous group of c...

@Downgoat You know how the top bar just has < V in it? You can also fit the repo owner's name in there.
Or something to be able to see at a glance if you're on main, a fork, or which branch you're on.
sorry badly put together in gimp
2:00 AM
Nah man, that kind of quality clearly came out of MS Paint.
I don't even have windows installed
Green Is My Pepper
2:42 AM
@MistahFiggins I have your quine
A: Golf you a quine for great good!

Wheat WizardDel|m|t, 33 bytes O T Y O I I J O J Q K R R ] _ A J Try it online! Explanation Here is an annotated version of my code. I might update it with a more detailed version in the future. O #Make a copy of the top element T #Take the character at that position Y #Output i...

@WheatWizard I don't really understand your explanation, but it appears to read its own source code?
@Pavel Hm I think you are right
I wasn't thinking of it in that way but I guess that is right
How are Quines even supposed to work in a language where the source and memory are stored in the same place if you can't read the source?
they dont?
2:58 AM
What's a good format for explanations for <><?
@Riker It's TC without reading the source, and every TC language has a quine.
At least every TC language capable of outputting arbitrary strings.
The problem is the memory is on the same tape as the source so even if I don't really read the source the stuff I am printing has to be stored somewhere which is unfortunately the source.
I have an idea
negative position values are strictly used for memory
So do they not count when we are talking about reading the source?
Can I read from negative positions in the source without it being considered cheating?
3:02 AM
idk I guess so
Yes (I think).
They are initialized to 0
Might be worth asking about on Meta, what counts as 'reading its own source' if the source and memory is the same.
SMBF has the same issue.
I mean, they use the same command, but Internally at least, they are entirely different data structures
Negative and non-negative indicies
. is your SMBF quine, but since that doesn't count, what does?
oh wow apparently getting rep is a lot easier than I thought (unless you're Martin Ender, because then you need to get 1000 rep before it shows a change on your profile)
3:05 AM
My highest rep change was 2 days ago by +83
I suppose .{>.}NULL is better, but it still reads it's source.
Ok I asked the meta question
hopefully we will have an answer soon
however my Quine is definitely invalid
under the current rules at least
3:09 AM
I'm pretty sure it is still going to be invalid
I think it is possible to change the delimiter to something not in the program halfway through. The command following would be the "push as string" command, so the next token would be the entire code. The code as a token is the put or change delimiter command, so that after the string is read, there would be instances of the delimiter in the program. Then, the program would print the string, plus any characters used for the command
Certainly not optimal, I don't think, but interesting
@MistahFiggins Can you set your delimiter to empty, and if so what what happens then?
I don't really know. It might error, because I use Scanner's useDelimiter() function
But I could fix it so that it just doesn't match anything
So every character is parsed as it's own token
That would be golfier
Ooh, yea
would be interesting to make that the default
It would invalidate preexisting answers though
3:19 AM
I don't think there are very many
And they're probably all written by you
I don't think it should be the default
It de-emphasizes the most interesting part of the language which is the delimiter
I think it does make an interesting option however
You can always set it through arguments
@MistahFiggins I looked it up, it makes hasNext() return false and next() return the empty string.
@WheatWizard Agreed
@Pavel Interpreter's here, in case you didn't already know
3:26 AM
I just use TIO
That's what TIO uses
TY for printGaot
:P The challenge that followed had some characters changed
It's kinda sad
1 or 2 other languages added built ins before they knew about the challenge, but the slight difference disqualified them
3:31 AM
It's not deleted
It's just closed
No, I posted an answer but I deleted it
If you don't have that privilege or it's not your post, then it just links to question
Q: What counts as reading one's own source when source and memory are the same?

Wheat WizardFor Quine programs one is not allowed to read the source of the program, for obvious reasons. However there are some programming languages where most or all of the memory has to be stored in the source of the program itself (see Self Modifying Brainfuck or Del|m|t). What constitutes reading the...

@NewMetaPosts slow af today
3:44 AM
@MistahFiggins what happens when you try to skip a negative number of commands
@WheatWizard Presumably moves back that many or throws ? extends IndexOutOfBoundsException
It doesn't seem to do either as far as I can tell
Does it do nothing?
Can't really tell what that code is doing.
3:50 AM
@WheatWizard It "adds" that number to the number of commands to skip. When that number is greater than 0, it skips the next command and decrements
So it should just cancel out following skip commands
if you're already planning to skip 10 commands
and then you try to skip -8
then you end up skipping 10 + (-8) which is 2
How might I have been planning to skip 10 commands?
@WheatWizard skip -8, followed by skip 10
Ok I see
would anyone like to help me out with making some bots for my koth?
what is the koth?
my maze koth
4:03 AM
I should update the sandbox
this is the base class:
class Player:
    def __init__(self):
        raise NotImplementedError

    def play(self, scores):
        # use the scores so you can know when one team is scoring,
        # so you can figure out where you are vaguely if you have the flag, or vaguely where the flag is
        raise NotImplementedError

    def inform(self, message):
        raise NotImplementedError
also the only class variable your bot should have is a name
and also don't change the name
I think you should figure out what a bot can do (shoot, move, pick up artifact, etc)
Why not allow other class variables?
If you haven't already
4:06 AM
Why do you want to prevent recording data?
> the challenge in question (Add a language to a polyglot) is just about to turn 1 month old, and has pretty much finished.

--@NathanMerrill, who was very wrong about the insane dedication of the people working on that challenge, January Fifth.
4:34 AM
@Pavel because the idea of the bots being independent is a core part of this
@MistahFiggins I already did. I probably should have told you that though el oh el
Private, instance variables?
@DestructibleWatermelon Figured
I could possibly add functions rather than making bots return a string, but ehhh
showerthought: people born in 1988 didn't see a year with all distinct digits until 2013
1989 shared the 9, all the 1990s shared the 9, the 2000s shared the middle two zeros, and then 2011 and 2012 both shared a number
But they did get to see two years with 3 identical digits
4:47 AM
@HelkaHomba hey, following consensus on meta here, I was wondering if you would like to repost this challenge, but start with Java?
@Pavel Er, maybe. Have we agreed that it wouldn't be a dupe? Note that Java answered that eventually
Like, meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/11180/26997 is only 2 votes behind and idk if we need to vote on allowing it or not
How do you decide which answer on meta to use if they're almost tied, and the lower one came several days after the other?
Is there a policy for handling this case, or should we ask a mod?
@HelkaHomba tied now
@Riker showerthought: nobody has seen a year
@DestructibleWatermelon I seeyear stack exchange avatar...
4:56 AM
@Riker If it ends up surpassing the original, who should create the thread? It probably will be used very rarely, no too many posts are eligible or should be reposted. Could we use the sandbox?
It's a melon
Ok, I might try and fix up the sand box post for my koth
@Pavel If you restarted it as in Java, couldn't people just copy from answer 151 onwards?
Answer 151 is a terrifying abomination.
Also, while people could do that, I don't think the will given the availability of so many more languages that were struck out early.
Either way, you have my permission to try restarting EoHW, but no promises it wouldn't be closed by others.
5:02 AM
TY, I think I'll do C# now that I think about it, which wasn't in the original.
Maybe use a different string, just to mix things up
@DJMcMayhem The - sticks to the following number. You need to replace 0 by O. Function O by default produces a zero, but now it's not a literal, so the - is treated separately by the parser
I wonder if I should change the distance
^^ Or use qq instead of 2-
@Pavel Evolution of powers of 2: answer #N must output 2^N
5:05 AM
Ooh, good one.
But still const edit distance (perhaps more than 7)
I was trying to think of an interesting one, but everything I thought of seemed impossible. (Evolution of Quine, etc.)
I might make a "Evolution of powers of 2" if you don't get to it right away ;)
I'm typing it up now.
5:13 AM
@HelkaHomba Hmm, it seems like similar languages would only have to change the number, at least for the first couple
It's still more interesting than a constant string.
I think I'll kill the printable ACII requirement since we have so many languages like Jelly and 05AB1E where that's just not nice.
no one's on the mc server :(
ok I'll join
I had a really good house once but I built it too close to art of codes house
5:33 AM
@Qwerp-Derp too busy with work, and also making a gravel elevator that's completely reusable
Q: Evolution of Powers of Two

PavelThis is a repost of Evolution of “Hello World!”, originally written by user Helka Homba It should not be closed as a duplicated, due to meta consensus here. The original was asked over two years ago and was last active more than six months ago. I have permission from Helka Homba to post this he...

@HelkaHomba ^
Q: Evolution of Powers of Two

PavelThis is a repost of Evolution of “Hello World!”, originally written by user Helka Homba It should not be closed as a duplicated, due to meta consensus here. The original was asked over two years ago and was last active more than six months ago. I have permission from Helka Homba to post this he...

haha get ninja'd again, stupid bot /s :P
@Pavel your sort by oldest link goes to the old question
5:48 AM
I'll fix it, one sec
Also @Pavel, trailing space(s) allowed?
It says so, no?
It just said newline
I had assumed the answer would be yes, but making sure
might want to change it to "whitespace"
@MistahFiggins Allowing a trailing newline is my usual rule since some print commands do it by default. Trailing spaces idk but it's up to Pavel
5:59 AM
Most if not all befunges print a trailing space after numbers, and Del|m|t does too
maybe others
I see no reason against.
Do you want to try it in De|m|t?
Flags don't count for edit distance, so know yourself out with whatever delimiter you want.
I might want to change that, actually, but I'm not sure how I would do that, except to ban them.
> Deimit
contemplating not answering evolution of powers of two because is slightly boring at the moment
6:02 AM
[WARNING: Not actually the correct answer]
I'm blind
Is negatable a word?
I think so
Adjective: negatable (not comparable)
  1. Capable of being negated.
6:03 AM
Is it underlined red?
@DJMcMayhem uncommon but sure
@wat Oh, perfect
may be mistaken for negotiable :p
whats the antonym of negatable? or is it not negatable?
6:05 AM
Does no one want to do the Evolution challenge in Perl? Or any regular lang?
@DestructibleWatermelon Negateunable
Or perhaps it's Regatable
> Regatable, adj "Capable of being gated another time"
Capable of being made into a ship
A Regatta is a kind of boat race, right?
6:14 AM
Ooh, spelled it right, too.
YAY! Got a music disc!
Ooh, for what?
C418 - Mall
Killed a creeper with a skeleton
That's how you get them
That one's hard.
6:19 AM
...New Jersey?
Nice Job
I see
autological words are fun
spellable, pentasyllabic, word, adjectival, noun, english
"adjectival"? really?
um, what?
Morphology is fun
6:29 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon s/(?<= )e/E
@Pavel say what
The e should be capitalized.
not using the noun form
using it to describe something english
I thought it was capitalized either way...
English (language), english (adjective for something from england or something in English)
6:31 AM
I don''t think so
well, think of it as the difference between Dad and dad
There isn't really a "proper adjective" AFAIK
The word autological is autological
@DestructibleWatermelon as in bad-joke dad-joke
@wat I disagree
It is not autological
Like "The English countryside" I guess
6:32 AM
A: When should the word "English" be capitalized?

VonCIf it is a proper noun, it must be capitalized. If it is an adjective derived from a proper noun, it should retain its capitalization, according to this Wikipedia entry: In English, adjectives derived from proper nouns (except the names of characters in fictional works) usually retain their ...

@HelkaHomba Well, I stand corrected. (I did say AFAIK after all)
well, it's kind of a grey area
CMC: Word that has the most consecutive alphabet characters in it. e.g. define scores 3 for def
well, if I had /usr/dict on my computer I could do that
Similarly, stub
6:36 AM
@HelkaHomba I feel like the best way to do this is either Mathematica or Prolog, and I don't know Prolog and don't have access to Mathematia at the moment.
@DestructibleWatermelon According to TIO that isn't a thing that exists
Any more than 3 gets very restrictive
words is a standard file on all Unix and Unix-like operating systems, and is simply a newline-delimited list of dictionary words. It is used, for instance, by spell-checking programs. The words file is usually stored in /usr/share/dict/words or /usr/dict/words. On Debian and Ubuntu, the words file is provided by the wordlist package, or its provider packages wbritish, wamerican, etc. On Fedora and Arch, the words file is provided by the words package. == References == == External links == Sample words file from Duke CS department...
Understudy 4!
@HelkaHomba Overstuff, and Gymnophobia
6:42 AM
lots of rstu, I think
if it wraps, there is analyzable
I had a really cool answer to that answer chaining challenge ;_;
@DestructibleWatermelon Why don't you post it, then?
an answer got deleted
also did you remove the time constraint?
I did
6:49 AM
I already informed the op of that answer that he should undelete it
@boboquack undelete pls
can I go ahead and post then?
It's back now
lol whoops accidentally posted too quick
No one wants to do normal langs
6:53 AM
define normal
Also, please remember to update the list of used langauges >_>
Anyone want some tea?
Not really, no.

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