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6:00 PM
What is a ".dmg" file and why do mac applications come in them instead of just a zip
Also, why is vim for mac 41 MB
It's the macOS equivalent of ISO.
A disk image.
@wat "disk image", they're essentially-standalone images for applications
@wat how are you installing this vim
there is probably a much better way
@Mego oic
and it should be installed by default
iirc DMGs aren't allowed to have external dependencies, so every dependency must be bundled in the DMG
> This is the official GitHub repository for MacVim, the macOS port of vim.
@MistahFiggins i call hax
Isn't a .app just a folder with the program and its dependencies?
6:02 PM
That's the macOS version of vim-gui
@wat pretty much yes
@Mego Because it's a disk image. That's not something special about disk image, but inherent to all kinds of ... folders.
@KritixiLithos wait wtaf
one does not simply use vim with a gui
@Riker gvim
@Riker Nope. No bots or scripts or anything.
6:03 PM
to both
@Pavel head(-1) should theoretically work but if not try slice(0,-1)
@quartata As far as I can tell there is no flag. It would be -Wno-<type>-pointer-to-int-cast if it did.
@Downgoat Head doesn't work on TIO, I'll try slice.
@MistahFiggins You created a fork and modified it
6:04 PM
@wat There's a room for that
@Downgoat Is the version on TIO up to date? Judging by some of the previouse comments you've made it doesn't appear to be, for example I can use .len when you've told me to use .length.
For TIO stuff it's easier/better to ping Dennis in that room, because it's harder for him to forget about the ping
@mınxomaτ gah
You could possibly explicitly do the downcasting via bit twiddling, but I don't know if that would make the message go away
I doubt it's that smart.
6:07 PM
Why can't you use the int ptr types?
@Downgoat Slice worked, thanks.
@KritixiLithos No. I did it on my phone, I have screenshots.
For reasons too stupid to go into, the only easy method of passing arguments to a test is via integers.
btw I was joking about the fork
This works perfectly fine in GCC and it's a one time thing so I just didn't care enough to do it the hard way which is via a weird template.
6:09 PM
I can't repro the warning for the life of me. Even -Wall -Wextra only warn about the unused variable.
@KritixiLithos :P I'm going to set it as my profile pic, I think
@quartata So why can't you update clang?
@Pavel I dunno I've asked Dennis about updating to the beta branch but not sure what the status is on that
Oh. BTW, I forgot to mention that I'm on a 32bit system.
@mınxomaτ Because installing a PPA is exponentially more thought than I deemed appopriate for this rather mundane task.
6:11 PM
That's why you're not getting an error.
@Downgoat Done!
I presume.
Lemme ssh into my ubuntu craptop.
I'm on a 64-bit system and don't see an error
6:14 PM
What version of Clang?
24 mins ago, by Mego
@mınxomaτ Same-ish, 3.8.1 here
I literally just did a apt-get install of g++ on ubuntu and got version 5.4
And I am on the LTS branch.
$ clang++ blorg.cpp
blorg.cpp:4:10: error: cast from pointer to smaller type 'int' loses information
  return (int) x;
clang version 3.8.0-2ubuntu4 (tags/RELEASE_380/final)
@mınxomaτ Trusty Tahr?
@mınxomaτ The plot thickens!
Lemme try to upgrade clang.
6:21 PM
clang 3.9.1 and g++ 6.3.1 here on arch, gotta live on that bleeding edge :P
Yes. Everything debian is a pain.
Dusty outdated packages are not "stable" just because they are old!
hi @quartata
Is it working now?
I ran the benchmark under GCC. Now I'm trying to get Clang going.
@quartata how do you control the optimization for the code being benchmarked?
could I see how you did it so I can try it too?
The answer is simply: The code is wrong. Fix your code. fpermissive isn't in clang in the first place for the same reason.
6:26 PM
Oops, I forgot benchmark::DoNotOptimize. Now it's more like 15-16 nanoseconds which makes much more sense.
#include <benchmark.h>
#include <benchmark_api.h>

#include <cstdio>
#include <random>

std::random_device seed;
std::mt19937 gen(seed());

float f(float* x, float* y) {
  float p = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i <64; i++) {
    p += x[i] * y[i];
  return p;

void f_benchmark(benchmark::State& state) {
  while (state.KeepRunning()) {
    benchmark::DoNotOptimize(f((float*) state.range(0), (float*) state.range(1)));

void args(benchmark::internal::Benchmark* b) {
  std::uniform_real_distribution<float> rand(0, 100);
built with g++ -Ofast -Wno-int-to-pointer-cast -fpermissive -std=c++11 test.cpp -Ibenchmark/include/benchmark/ -Lbenchmark/src/ -o test -lbenchmark -lpthread where benchmark/ is the directory I cloned the lib into
@mınxomaτ Better than on Windows.
That isn't even relevant to my point.
sigh it seems like everything has messed up top bars now :(
github and SO both
6:31 PM
(and yes I know I'm leaking memory)
@Riker Which is literally all of the internet, as we know.
@Lembik The DoNotOptimize is to prevent the function call from being optimized out as unused
Oops, I just commented on a 2.5 year old question, critiquing the IO format :/
@quartata Hm... I followed all that but I get /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lbenchmark
6:33 PM
Yeah you need the benchmarking library I used
Build it with cmake . && make
@mınxomaτ Everything except for ppcg, but it'll get its design in 6-8 weeks
Tomorrow is never today
@quartata are you in benchmark/src when you do that?
The make? Just benchmark/
I'm operating under the assumption you're on *nix here by the way
fatal error: benchmark/reporter.h: No such file or directory
on ubuntu
6:46 PM
You ran cmake . first and it didn't error?
Well that's weird.
find . -name reporter.h -print
Yeah it should be including that.
Hmph. I can't find anything about this
@Lembik Maybe edit the makefile and add -I<full path to include/> to everything or something?
I don't know what could be causing this. CMake weirdness?
7:07 PM
I just made it into the top 20 users by rep. :)
how do you get that much rep?
@DJMcMayhem Congrats! I just made the top 100 :D
also we should ask the stack exchangers to remove the rep cap
@WheatWizard noice
@wat by not having a life
@DJMcMayhem D:
7:15 PM
@wat We tried that.
@wizzwizz4 when? what happened?
@wat Remember Unicoins?
They were great.
@wizzwizz4 ...wat
@wat Anyway, last time we tried that, this happened:
Q: Jon Skeet now #2 in Reputation Leagues!

McCannotTitle speaks for itself. An obvious bug. Jokes aside, there's a lot of other users showing up in the list twice at the moment. P.S. If anyone was wondering, this appears to be the case for every site, not just SO. I considered taking a screenshot of the rankings for Meta instead, but Jon Skee...

No, just for PPCG
7:20 PM
A: Jon Skeet now #2 in Reputation Leagues!

David FullertonNice try, Jon. This should be fixed.

@wat Why should we get special treatment?
@wizzwizz4 Because we're cool
7:48 PM
@quartata did you get a comparison of gcc and clang?
and I found the cmake problem
g++ -Ofast -Wno-int-to-pointer-cast -fpermissive -std=c++11 quartata.cpp -Ibenchmark/include/benchmark/ -Lbenchmark/src/ -o quartata -lbenchmark -lpthread
/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/5/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/crt1.o: In function `_start':
(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
a different error at least :)
@quartata does your code have a main?
@wat @Pavel did Cheddar work for you after you removed flags from shebang
@mınxomaτ only 50% there's also TNB and PPCG
ah.. bpaste.net/show/74be90c08543 has no main :)
I'm still very pleased with the results of my Chat Prettyfier
@quartata could you show me your working code again please? The version I copied has no main!
@ATaco Ooh. Pretty.
8:05 PM
user image
This just happened...
@quartata got it.. now I just need to turn off CPU scaling
Whoever marked your work doesn't golf.
@Downgoat I've gotten a couple of those
@Downgoat Don't use a ternary?
@AdmBorkBork an if it completely inappropriate for this case
8:06 PM
Although in professional work, it may be harder to read and thus, not-recommended.
So like .___.
But yeah, a Ternary is much more fitting here.
@Downgoat Unfortunately, you have to learn for the exam, not for actual use.
Though I lost 20% for it
@Downgoat You have to write code instead of typing it?
8:07 PM
The best programmers in the world would probably fail their basic exams.
Here's a new animation! Kind of medieval this time :) #madewithunity #magicavoxel https://t.co/snKu41s4zE
@Downgoat Yes
@KritixiLithos I have to do both
I don't think you pass if you start your program with import jelly
@KritixiLithos yes for all of them
8:09 PM
I'm glad I don't take CS
"Program literally illegible, but for some reason compiles. 3/10"
I don't think it's too bad that our students have to write code
At least people aren't writing Jelly
Whitespace would be worse
they tend to make a lot of stupid syntax mistakes and if we'd have to run them for grading 90% of them would fail
8:15 PM
You're a teacher?
At least I only had to write pseudocode
@DuctrTape Tell them to use Python, then pretend the errors are all just an artefact of typing them in wrong.
@LliwTelracs We have to write a programming language called Pseudocode.
It's not pseudocode, but it's called Pseudocode.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CarcigenicateCalculate the reputation post-actions code-golf Your task is to take an initial reputation, and a set of actions, and calculate what the final reputation is. It can be a full program or function. Input Input will be the initial reputation, and a list of actions. The initial reputation can ...

they have to use BlueJ facepalm
8:18 PM
@DuctrTape What...
We were all told to get BlueJ, but can actually use any IDE.
The curriculums are (almost) all stupid, but at least the people that come out of them will be able to cope with stupid managers.
Hopefully, though, there will be no more stupid managers in the future.
people get promoted to the level of their incompetence though
luckily it's just the engineers and not really CS, the pure sciences have switched to Python
@LliwTelracs Just demote them once then.
8:20 PM
So does indentation matter for this handwritten python
now I'm imagining students using rulers to get their indentation just right
Remember, 1 tab is 8 spaces. Because python
@ATaco you can change that in your IDE settings
That's not an IDE thing
It's a python interpreter thing
Python 2, that is, Python 3 will give indentation error if you mix tabs and spaces.
Python will let you use 8 spaces and 1 tab interchangeably, but no other multiple
8:23 PM
Though seriously algorithm is 5 lines and would be more complicated without ternary
how do you turn off cpu scaling?
in linux
@ATaco It lets you use other multiples of spaces.
It lets me use 1 and 4, but I haven't tried any others.
but this is same teacher who says indexOf + substring + for loop is better than regex \(.+\)
Hey, I was hoping to get some additional feedback on this question in the sandbox:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardCreate a Simple Dog Program Your challenge is to write a Dog program. A dog program is a program that waits until a cat program is run and barks causing it to fail. Cat Program A cat program, for the uninitiated, should take input and output it. You may write your own cat program or use some...

8:25 PM
Not interchangeably with a tab. By that I mean, within the same block, one tab on one line, and n spaces on another
It received a downvote a while ago and while I don't want to go on a witch hunt a downvote is representative of some problems so I wanted to make sure no one else had any thoughts or criticisms before I posted it
Probably geobits
@WheatWizard I'm turning the Mondriaan challenge into a small research experiment, though I'll probably be a bit late with the result
@DuctrTape I obviously can't extend the bounty but if I find it particularly interesting I might reinstate the bounty. I quite like the challenge and have rep to burn
not particularly doing it for the rep, just thought about an interesting approach to (automatically) solve it
8:30 PM
I tried writing a random self improvement algorithm for the boogie woogie bounty, but it didn't do too well
It never worked out the little squares along the yellow lines
@Downgoat do you want to make a separate NPM package for the developer branch?
8:41 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AdmBorkBorkBest move in Columns code-golf game grid (Related to and inspired by Given a list of Tetris moves, return the number of completed lines) Columns is a match-three style video game first developed in the late 80s, and is similar in theme to games like Tetris. There are six vertical columns and t...

@Downgoat Remove the ==0 and swap the order of the two variables. Also pick shorter names and remove whitespace
And then port to jelly
@DJMcMayhem Java dont have implicit int to bool
o_O that's dumb
Then swap it with >0
@Downgoat Java doesn't have implicit anything to anything
It doesn't even have implicit int to float.
8:48 PM
Or <1 so you don't need to swap
@Downgoat is Cheddar == normal == or JavaScript ==?
@DJMcMayhem it's called a type system, it's useful sometimes :p
@Dada Yeah, like when you're trying to cast a memory reference as an integer
@Downgoat does Cheddar have for-each?
9:09 PM
Hmm. Any mods in the chat?
@AdmBorkBork I'm a mod, but not a PPCG mod, so I probably won't help.
I can't seem to load either my Cops or Robbers page. Presumably it's working for others, as I'm seeing activity on it. Other challenges are working fine for me, and so was the Sandbox. I'm wondering if the gigantic JavaScript entry is wreaking havoc with our content filter/firewall.
@AdmBorkBork I can't help.
The code wasn't very sporting either
cracked it though
it was return argument[0]%2 run through a converter with some !+[]-(!+[]) added to it
The distance of 2 was only possible because it was javascript and not JS****
Does anyone know of any other similarly-gigantic code blocks in answers that I could test accessing that page?
9:17 PM
@AdmBorkBork try accessing the robbers page right now
If it doesn't work I can make it so my answer only has the TIO link for it
No good, in either Chrome or IE.
will change it then
grumble grumble stupid web filter
@LliwTelracs Yep, works just fine, now.
@Pavel for (item in interable) { code }
@Pavel nornal
Is it okay if I edit Advancid's answer so that the code is only accessible through TIO link
9:20 PM
which one
likely not though
Or a pastebin
The 16k character one
That's why I was hoping to get a mod to weigh in on it.
Oh, @MartinEnder just joined chat.
Did someone flag something?
Lots of mods o.o
@BusinessCat not really. I only see wizz wizz
9:32 PM
I see one external mod now
Someone yet again discovered the rick roll command in pyke
@DJMcMayhem Hey RO and one-step-below-a-mod. Can I have you "Flag for moderator attention" Advancid's answer in my Cops thread and point them back to this chat post, please?
Who's the one step below mod?
@AdmBorkBork Wait, so their answer is forcing the page to not load for you?
9:39 PM
I'm guessing it has something to do with the webfilter we use here.
Makes sense, given that it's fishy JavaScript
I'll comment on it, let them know it's causing issues, and ask them to put it on gist or something
Would it be innapropriate to edit a gist link in?
That's where I'm asking for mod input.
@DJMcMayhem I would say it's fine, given it's causing the poster not to be able to see any posts
9:44 PM
I just don't know what's our policy on third-party hosting of code.
Well and the weird thing would be having it on my gist instead of their gist
Just so you know, this answer is causing some issues for the OP of this challenge. Apparently it causes the whole page to be blocked because it looks like sketchy JavaScript. Could you maybe put the code in an external link? (Gist, pastedump, etc) — DJMcMayhem 49 secs ago
Awesome, thanks much.
Yeah, I think I'll edit a link in
9:49 PM
I put it so that only my TIO link remained for the crack
All JavaScript is sketchy
@AdmBorkBork Does it load now?
Yep, no problems.
Cool, glad I could help (although it still feels like a strange/unusual edit to make)
9:54 PM
bork is british confirmed
@Riker Blimey! Now why would yew say somethin' like that? I'm as American as da pie made from apples. Nuff said, yeah?
bork is insane confirmed
Aren't we all?
@Riker I golf in PowerShell for fun. Pretty sure you didn't need me running a sentence through an English-to-Cockney translator to get to the "insane" diagnosis...
> timber timber bois bois
> burger burger
I can confirm "oi oi"
@Lembik The BENCHMARK_MAIN macro puts in the main
I just finished installing Clang 3.8 so I should be able to get a comparison
10:26 PM
Neat, linode upgraded all their plans to min. 1Gbps outbound.
If PPCGs graduation design isn't 1:1 with the Graduation userscript I'm going to be mildly miffed.
why would it be
it's a fairly ugly design as far as other ones go
none of us who made it are graphic designers
except the goat somehow manages to make anything look good but he's a goat not a designer
I'm not saying it's possible.
But I love the userscript.
And goats are perfectly entitled to be Graphic Designers. They've goat to be some of the best.
10:30 PM
What's wrong? Cat goat your tongue?
Please halp me
I am trying to make a good looking check in item page
@Downgoat graphic design help and goat puns abound
I would like you to rate my design
10:36 PM
one sec let me render it to html and send
@ATaco those words you used ... was one of them supposed to be a verb?
'goat' was yes
it was a pun on 'cat got your tongue'
(The Goat there was a play on the word "Got" as in the English idiom Cat got your tongue)
Oh. I didn't know the idiom, thanks.
10:38 PM
why is slim so weird
English is stupid and often refers to cats and or dogs in idioms.
"It's raining cats and dogs". "Yeah, I've stepped on a poodle on the way here."
OK, here
@Downgoat I guess
Source: Felix the cat
10:40 PM
Font-size for the Text Box Headers should be smaller, maybe with a higher weight.
-1 not enough borders
dammit forgot the buttons
That's a bit cleaner.
@ATaco "Catty", "Working like a dog", "Cat nap", etc.
10:43 PM
"Sick as a dog"
But that may be more Australian
"Copycat", "Scaredycat"
"More than one way to skin a cat", but I haven't heard thta in a while
@ATaco @JanDvorak @Downgoat
Can I see that with the larger text size again?
10:49 PM
yeah 1 sec
It's all just h3 vs h4
and I'm pretty sure the top bar is an h2
there @ATaco
With the buttons, I personally think the larger font size works better.
@wat you realize you can link us the site right
I don't
and/or redact the url
@Riker Oops.
Forgot to redact URL.
Please wait 1 sec while I lock down items page
10:52 PM
I'd suggest grayscale buttons
nuuuuuuu I was checking out a potato for 2 weeks
a... potato?
@wat don't judge me
Avocad isn't corrected by google.
Duplicate of that?
Q: Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa

Abel TomMama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa I'm sure all of you have heard of Michael Jackson and some of you have listened to MJ's song "Wanna be starting something". The line "Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Coosa" is repeated throughout the song. Specification In this line, the word "Mama"occurs three times, "Say",...

10:56 PM
OK, the pages have been locked down
@LuisMendo I guess deletion would have been better?
We're not a fan of deleting things here.
@JanDvorak Not sure. It's not a very good challenge, but I don't see why it should be deleted. And I definitely don't see it as a dupe of that one. @Mego?
Now you can access the check in page at dk0.us:8082/transactions/check/in
rate my page @Pavel
@Downgoat yes
10:59 PM
@wat 10/10 design, but I can't really access anything there to test it.
@Pavel what do you mean?
Did you link the correct site?

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