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12:10 AM
I just gained 2 gold badges in 5 minutes, and I passed ~500K reached on PPCG
@mbomb007 Wow. Which badges?
Fanatic and Copy Editor
99/100 for Fanatic
Anyone know a good IDE for python
and not VIm or
12:12 AM
@ChristopherPeart Pycharm
@ChristopherPeart TIO
> Eric
Installing eric is a pain
I have to install other stuff
And the downloads are huge
Yeah, Eric just won't shut up while you're trying to install him.
Jetbrains IDEs are great
12:14 AM
Oh, I didn't realize Eric was a real thing. I thought you typo'd emacs
Pycharm m8
For a second I thought that @ChristopherPeart was Calvin's Hobbies
due to the avatar, of course
Nah I just really like that comic
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Drew ChristensenWhat in the heck just happened? I want you to write a program that will bleep out the H-word, regardless of where it occurs, whether it is inside of another word or a stand-alone word, whether capitalized or not. Input and Output The inputs and outputs of your program may be any of the followi...

@mbomb007 That's Helka Homba, right?
12:16 AM
So instead of programming today I spent it installing IDE's
AKA eric but it was a pain to install
12:38 AM
Q: Anagram Factors

NeilOn a recent episode of QI, the first 5 multiples of 142857 were described as anagrams of the original number. Of course, anyone with more than a passing knowledge of that number will know that those numbers are actually cyclic, not just anagrams. But that got me thinking. Please write a program ...

1:01 AM
1 year of foxtrot more and will have finished all of them in one day
^^Jelly in a nutshell
What does that have to do with Jelly?
You can screw up in ways you never thought possible
Check that
I can screw up in ways never known to man
1:26 AM
I finished
One day
Every online foxtrot
send help
you already finished it didn't you?
why would you need help?
Idk what to do now
binge read xkcd maybe
play nethack?
1:27 AM
I read all XKCD
also I'm playing a zen run on nethack
gotta go to bed actually
doing better than usual
1:30 AM
"Comics that make you fell drunk when you aren't"
1:41 AM
oh crap. some nymph or something stole a fire wand
Q: Notcalc (Calculate the wrong answer)

Julian LachnietGoal: Given two natural numbers (integers from 0 to infinity), output a number that is not the sum of those numbers, but is the sum of a different combination of natural numbers. Examples (TI-Basic): A+B+1 not(A+B) Non Examples: A+B-1 (for inputs 0,0, it returns ~1, which cannot be a sum ...

I got swarmed by a bunch of enemies and died
didn't help that the incubus removed my armor...
second best playthrough
Have you played Realm of the Mad God?
I think
it kind of sucked
  2       1548  __-Sam-Hum-Fem-Law was poisoned in The
                Dungeons of Doom on level 5.  Poisoned by a killer
                bee.                                                    -  [66]
apparently I play better when I'm blind
I think I died from bad luck, but I don't know
@DestructibleWatermelon No, it's great. You probably tried to go inland to fast died.
1:55 AM
no, it was just boring
I don't remember dying
2:24 AM
This is totally the wrong room to ask this... but how does one write in "active voice" but without using the pronouns "I" "we" etc.?
What are you trying to rewrite in active voice?
@PhiNotPi "The dog bit the postal carrier."
is in active voice
basically just don't use "by the"
@PhiNotPi write it from third person
This is for a lab report. For an example of why I'm running into issues, consider the two sentences "The sampling rate was set to 20 Hz" vs. "We set the sampling rate to 20 Hz." The first is passive (I think) while the second uses a pronoun.
why do you need active voice?
^ ninja
I was about to say that
2:30 AM
Generally, you're expected to use passive voice in no more than 5% of sentences.
yeah, but it is a pretty dumb rule
Still, a requirement is a requirement.
The main reason is that the instructions tell me to use active voice... but also tell me not to use pronouns.
do you have one of those teachers who gets upset when someone uses a preposition at the end of a sentence?
@PhiNotPi maybe you should ask why they have such a dumb rule
maybe you can write "having set the sampling rate to 20 hertz, etc. etc."
@DestructibleWatermelon I really should.
2:33 AM
if they question you on why it seems unnatural, point out passive voice exists for a reason
Quick, Someone find me an esolang in which a blank program compares two numbers.
Nope, don't know of any.
That's gonna be a stretch.
define compares number
2:35 AM
Return a unique output if they're equal and a different unique output if they're not.
define find?
Is this for a challenge?
if not input(): print(input()==input())
else: print(":)")
for some value of find
That's slightly larger than 0 bytes.
2:37 AM
It's the interpreter
Not the program
Alright, the language needs to be older than the challenge.
Well, if you find one, Claim your victory on This challenge:
why is it that english teachers like making up BS rules anyway?
So that your writing is better.
2:44 AM
no, that would be a rule that makes sense
That rule is a good rule for teaching persuasive writing.
Mignon Fogarty also points out that "passive sentences aren't incorrect",[26] and "If you don't know who is responsible for an action, passive voice can be the best choice."[6][d]
This list comprises widespread modern beliefs about English language usage that are documented by a reliable source to be myths or misconceptions. With no authoritative language academy, guidance on English language usage can come from many sources. This can create problems, as described by Reginald Close: Teachers and textbook writers often invent rules which their students and readers repeat and perpetuate. These rules are usually statements about English usage which the authors imagine to be, as a rule, true. But statements of this kind are extremely difficult to formulate both simply a...
That's also true.
But generally, in persuasive writing, you're know the object responsible, and active is better fitted.
It's not incorrect, but it doesn't make for good writing if used a lot.
But what do I know? I'm a Taco.
2:50 AM
@Pavel well guess what? his teacher didn't say "use passive voice sparingly", did they?
This is a lab report, I thought it goes without saying that any restriction on writing style by a science teacher is pointless?
Teachers are taught to teach using methods of teaching that have been practiced to be the best they can be.
but why are dumb arbitrary rules that have no founding in reality there?
to confuse the student?
doesn't english have enough actual rules?
English doesn't have any actual rules.
Clearly you haven't seen how many 'actual rules' you can cram into other languages.
2:57 AM
@ATaco it actually does
they just don't teach many of them
Yes they do
because they're too busy teaching fake rules I guess
English is quite a nice language in regards to not enforcing anything.
I know stuff about subjunctives
but I didn't get taught them in school
2:57 AM
@ATaco That's awful, never use that.
But it's golfy!
"You all are not" vs "Yaint"
on some other note
"Y'all aren't'' is valid English.
what annoys me is when people use "whom" as if it is just a fancy variant of "who"
@Pavel It is because people use it
@DestructibleWatermelon I agree
2:59 AM
it's pretentious and stupid all crammed into one
If the answer to "Do people understand me when I say x?" is "yes", it's valid
Maybe not formal, but valid
English is the best golf language.
3:00 AM
@ATaco no, that'd be chinese
@MistahFiggins That's not how it works.
except for the fact that ascii is english characters
@Pavel How do you define what constitutes as "valid" English
@DestructibleWatermelon Not necessarily, they need to use 3-4 bytes per character.
3-4 bytes?
that'd be even better
you need to use ~5 bytes per word in english
with more words too
3:01 AM
你們都不是 15 Bytes, Yaint 5 bytes.
@ATaco yaint makes 0 sense though
that'd be like going
I suppose we do ignore StdErr output on this site.
It makes perfect sense.
asdjsadkhgas - some golf language where this is actually valid, foo bytes
%@$ - python, 3 bytes
That's a comment.
3:03 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon contraction of "you aint" which is a contraction of "you are not"
"You all are not" breaks down into "Y'all ain't" which further breaks down into "Y`a'in't"
well, don't they teach you anything at school?
you use apostrophes in contractions!
i think youre wrong, i dont think theyre necessary. :P /s
If you leave out the apostrophe, you'll be understood, but you'll generate more warnings than C.
Also, the English is you all are not which is only 13 bytes, 2 less than the Chinese.
3:06 AM
Have you tried UTF-16?
You can get the Chinese down to 10 bytes.
Vim tied retina. :)
@DJMcMayhem Tied Retina for what?
The notcalc challenge
Well, it's not really a number based challenge, is it? You're just comparing Strings for equality.
No, no need to compare them
3:11 AM
Regex, 7 bytes: (.+) \0
3:47 AM
Jan 27 at 3:03, by Mego
It's one thing to have actual criticisms against Node to use in making jokes. It's another thing entirely to blindly mimic what others say in an attempt to be funny.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardCreate a Simple Dog Program Your challenge is to write a Dog program. A dog program is a program that waits until a cat program is run and interrupts it with a bark causing it to fail. Cat Program A cat program, for the uninitiated, should take input and output it. You may write your own cat...

@Mego I'm confident when I say that English's rules are only for Literature, and in common use, the rules fly out the window.
@ATaco They're not even for literature. Plenty of authors make common "errors" in their writing that almost nobody realizes are "errors". I use "errors" in quotes because the only true error in language is failing to communicate what you intend to communicate.
Very well said.
4:14 AM
@Mego I'd say we were having an actual, reasonable discussion about English grammar. I'm not sure why you're complaining.
4:57 AM
I've discovered an error in my answer to the aesthetically pleasing divisor tree challenge that is going to take so long to fix, that it is tempting just to modify the specification, since I'm the only answer using ASCII art so far
The trouble this would be modifying the specification four months later
Aren't there only two answers?
Yes there are. Mine and another with a graphical-output answer
So changing the spec won't break any existing answers.
Which means it's allowed
It still feels like cheating because the part of the spec I need to change is "Any two nodes on the same level of the tree should have a minimum of two spaces between them. At the same time, any two nodes on the same level of the tree should have as few spaces between them as possible."
The "as few spaces between nodes" part is going to murder me
I could say any two branches should have as few spaces between them
... That would probably look nicer actually
It'll be fine.
5:07 AM
Alright, then. Brb editing
5:17 AM
Does while :;if pgrep -x "cat" > /dev/null; echo yip! look like valid Bash? I'm kind of new to it.
5:32 AM
I dont know
But I wouldn't mind trying it
(I have Linux Subsystem for Windows)
@Pavel needs do-done
while condition; do etc; done
Right. I can't actually run bash right now.
Does if need do-done?
It needs then
@flawr omfg r/dndgreentext is amazing
Can't link BC mobile
if foo; then bar; else baz; ^^^
5:38 AM
Oh, I've got Moderator tools now.
while :;do if pgrep -x "cat" > /dev/null; then echo yip!;done
No idea what pgrep -x "cat" does, but loop looks OK to me
Process, Exists cat
if (ErrorLevel){
    Process, Close cat
    MsgBox yip!
Autohotkey Solution
@betseg It gives the pid of every process called cat, that is it checks if cat is running.
Oh, for the dog challenge thing
5:42 AM
@ATaco Fails if the program being cat'd contains just yip!
MsgBox doesn't STDOUT it.
It interupts Uniquely.
Huh, I wonder if that's valid.
I had the brilliant idea of alias cat='echo yip!' but no, doesn't quite work.
It's like #define in C
alias cat="echo yip!>borf.txt"
(Fails if yip! is cat'd and piped to borf.txt)
You aren't allowed to write to files
5:47 AM
@Sherlock9 It would be cheating IMO if you merely changed the rules to accompany your answer. However, since your rule change also has the benefit of making nicer-looking output, and probably will make it easier for other answers as well, I think it's fine.
Why is hackintosh so hard D:
I keep running into the error "Still waiting for root device" and garbled text
Because Apple really really really doesn't want people installing OS X on non-Apple devices
Someone even made a guide for my exact laptop with the exact version I want to install
It's hard on purpose.
but it's still doing this BS thing that I can't explain.
ugh... time to start patching the DSDT. I don't even know what the DSDT is
5:49 AM
You should stop installing Mac
It isn't healthy.
don't worry I'm doing it on a different hard drive
Apple is all about the aesthetics (to the point where their stuff is nearly form over function), so they want to lock down the hardware as much as possible so they don't have as many variables and thus can make aesthetically-pleasing software easier
@wat That is a very very bad idea
@Pavel I think this works: tio.run/nexus/…
Modifying a mobo's firmware is a great way to brick it
5:50 AM
I got a version of OSX working (Yosemite Zone) but I would like to do a legal-ish hackintosh
No, they want to force people to buy they're computers. Simple as that.
@Mego No, that's not the...
Basically you use a bootloader called Clover that injects the correct information, basically fakes out the OS to make it seeApple hardware
Right now I have it set to a MacBookPro6,2 which has almost the same hardware as my laptop
I don't know why I typed hard drive instead of mobo. I guess I was connecting that thought to my recent hard drive issues (which turned out to be a faulty pin on the power connector)
I need to patch the dsdt.aml file that it loads to get it to recognize the USB controller that my flash drive is connected to so that it can load the installer
The guide explains most of this but people are still having issues. I've crawled over SO MANY forum posts
@Pavel their**
At some point you have to ask yourself if it's worth the effort :P
5:55 AM
yeah probably not
Still doing it though
Beats math homework
@wat Sorry, I'm on my phone.
@Pavel ok its fine
The question is why Mac is being installed.
because I want to
also, trying to investigate certificate issues with my website on mac
6:07 AM
@Mego See I was worried about part one. That was very close to my original intent. Everything after was rationalization, and I'm lucky that it does make for nicer output and easier answering in the future
My original intent being "This is going to be a royal pain in the ass. What's the smallest edit I can make so I don't have to do this?"
I just noticed that someone starred the recent NewSandboxedPosts post for the dog program, but didn't upvote the actual post >_>
because it's interesting but not ready yet?
6:27 AM
I've been following a chain of crossed out 4 is still regular 4 ;( links, and I'm wondering where the end is supposed to be.
Oh no found it.
well, I patched the DSDT.
let's see what happens
Did it work?
just testing
a-~b evaluates to a+b+1 in Java. Is this normal or do I not understand bitwise not?
it got past where it was crashing before
6:33 AM
Well, getting to post is half the battle!
Good for you
erasing HDD and installing now! This is awesome!
Incoming bork in 3...2...1...
only the keyboard does not work
let me hook up a USB one
6:35 AM
There it is!
Stop crushing my memes ;-;
Installing now, "about 8 minutes remaining"
I don't really believe it but still
Do you have the correct video drivers and everything?
yeah nvidia is pretty well supported since the MacBookPro6,2 has nvidia drivers
I am not looking forward to configuring kexts
Atleast you can install updates with this method...
also, after this finishes and is confirmed working, I am taking a disk image
6:43 AM
Probably smart
or not, I don't have 160GB space left. Looks like I took too many disk images
How many do you need ..?
that is the size of my HDD in my laptop right now
No, how many disk images do you need.
I mean really, it's not a common thing you generally need to do.
a few
6:46 AM
You could probably kill some old ones.
Wait, didn't you just wipe this drive?
there's my old Windows installation that I wiped (160GB), my flash drive that I wiped to install OSX and will restore soon (64GB), all my VMs, etc.
@Pavel yeah but it was the one that had Yosemite Zone on it (a hackintosh distro)
Distros are illegal and so I did not want to continue using one
You should switch OSs less frequently.
@Pavel I have 3 hard drives that I swap out. Windows, Linux, and now Mac
I don't use the Windows one much because it glitches out my display when it goes to sleep
6:50 AM
Maybe you should clear it?
If you need Windows, try a fresh install.
I did that
That's why I have a disk image of my old Windows install
Also you might feel better to dual boot
@MatthewRoh not enough storage space
oh really
all my laptop hard drives are <500GB
6:51 AM
OSes don't take up 250 GB
If I were you I would get an external hard drive
one is 120GB, one is 160GB, one is 320GB
@Pavel My files do
@MatthewRoh Why?
Cause why not
This laptop only supports up to USB 2.0
also, no $$$$
Sata to USB adapter?
Then you can reuse your existing drives.
6:53 AM
That sounds legit
also I found pcie to usb adapters which looks legit
I have an eSATA port though, so I can just get a SATA to eSATA cable and then get a SATA to eSATA adapter for my desktop.
Also, I can use an express card.
Just no M.2 to usb adapters pls
@MatthewRoh why not?
idk really
an M.2 card with a USB header on it seems really helpful for ex. Mini ITX desktops or for someone who doesn't want to use PCIE slots
6:55 AM
never have found one
@wat Huh, external SATA of any kind is unusual.
But convenient, in this case.
@MatthewRoh huh?
what do you mean?
also why do you keep crossing things out
...you're 13, right?
6:57 AM
i see
I hate those screws which looks like the flag of israel
there is not even a screwdriver which fits in
(no, not even hexagonal ones)
(honestly at 15 i'm not much better)
@MatthewRoh Torx?

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