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12:06 AM
@ATaco Can you quickly link that and your chatjax script?
I kind of lost them.
ChatJax: https://gist.github.com/TehFlaminTaco/862deef0822ab7576940d960801a4a84
Prettify: https://gist.github.com/TehFlaminTaco/83cf124ce5db8b0e31adf73eba1fedfc
Please add the SO chat to the matches
(Anyone know if I can make a userscript auto-update from a gist..?)
Just add a new revision, increase the version number and wait.
Well, they've both had Stackoverflow added to them.
12:12 AM
A better question would be - how do you install a userscript from a gist?
How do I, or how should one?
How should I
though the former is relevant for the latter
Well I literally just copy and paste the raw into a new userscript.
I'm not sure if there's a better way.
Then it won't auto-update.
You could share it as a regular git file, then the raw link lets one install it in a way that links the script to its origin for updates.
I was trying to write a Right Hand Brace converter in RProgN.
                            public class Permuter{
     private static void permute(int n, char[] a){
                                      if (n == 0){
                        for (int i=0; i<= n; i++){
                                  permute(n-1, a);
                   swap(a, n % 2 == 0 ? i : 0, n);}}}

 private static void swap(char[] a, int i, int j){
                                char saved = a[i];
I'm not sure where, but I made a mistake somewhere.
12:29 AM
YASD, I forgot to put my armour back on after taking it off on purpose
on the other hand I might have been fine had I not fallen to level 7
It's not the fall that killed you...
Q: Automation in python

DashieI made a Python program which automatically goes to a specific website and downloads a CSV file automatically using a package called Selenium after it downloads the file it imports it into the program and outputs a graph. Problem: Everytime it downloads a file it is saved with a custom/unique na...

well, they both contributed
but definitely stupid I didn't have my armour on
3rd best run
@DestructibleWatermelon what game?
What level did you fall from?
3 I think
I was xp level 3, btw
1:06 AM
Lv3 on dlvl3 ? I'm always underleveled for the floor I am at.
thats because you don't spend enough time at each floor then
I might have been on dlvl 4
I visit every room, then move on
I still keep running out of nutrition as a vampire
by the end of the floor, you would be at the same level as the floor, right?
Generally, staying at as low of a level as possible in the early game is a good idea.
except when you die
1:10 AM
Generally, not dying is a good idea.
I've tried the "not dying" thing once. The guys around me kept me stuck to one place anyways. Wizard mode isn't good enough. Where is god mode?
@Dennis quick question. When i write my language how will it revive input from TIO when it gets to that point? (Don't want to have to re-write a bunch of code)
Command line or STDIN
Wait, your third most successful run ended on dlvl7, because of a trapdoor on dlvl4?
TIO supports both
1:19 AM
I will use command line for the arguments and STDIN for the program
The program should preferably be read from a file.
@JanDvorak no
Oh, you mean like that
ended on level 5
killer bee swarms
and forgetting my armour
@Dennis so sys.stdin?
1:23 AM
The program itself should probably be received by a filestream, with the command line passing a reference to a filename.
ooh, I love bees
@JanDvorak #goteambee
Visual Studio enterprise is super unstable today
(when blind or can't open doors) #goteamshopkeeper
1:24 AM
One of my recent runs ended due to a rat king polymorphed into a sasquatch.
oh no, my dog is paralysed!
I left my cat on floor 1
I do that sometimes
you can disable pets btw
nah, some are pretty good. I wouldn't forget a saddled horse on the top floor.
inputs = sys.argv
code = open(inputs[0])
@ATaco like that?
Not very good at file IO
1:29 AM
Basically, yeah.
Then you may want to pass your code inputs[1,n]
"Can't find dungeon feature ">".". I love that message.
Give your code's code access to all the other command line arguments.
Oh i am planning on using "input" for the Tacit part so it doesn't need to as far as i know
CMC: Make a list fit 0 - 1. EG. [5,6,7] --> [0,0.5,1]
1:32 AM
Chat Mini Challenge.
eh, screw Dlvl5. I'm going to the mines.
I know what a CMC is
Just confused at the wording
Take a list, morph it so it's smallest value is 0 and its largest is 1.
Don't understand the "fit 0 - 1"
1:33 AM
And values between morph with it.
for i in len(a):
the 2nd line is indented
that may work
oh my god what happned to SO top bar this is scary
SO top bar looks like 2008
My answer don't work :P
can anyone who has MinGW build a DLL for me? :3
1:58 AM
ok, where is a long sword?
@MistahFiggins I had no idea I was the second one! Sweet.
And my second thought is "oh my. I spend too much time on here."
I wonder how close Dennis is.
2:29 AM
You mime adjusting something.
when you #adjust but press -
devteam thinks of everything
bloody poison instakill
don't eat rotten food
not food poisoning
I got killed by a goblin or orc
water demons...
dog drowned...
2:51 AM
I haven't got to a level with water yet.
@Downgoat i think eeveryon ehere has linux or mac except the windows poeple
As Opposed to..?
@wat uhh this is bit obvious no? :P
@Downgoat yeah sorry for the tautology
With credit someone may have custom built an OS just to prove us wrong, but it's unlikely.
2:57 AM
How about FirefoxOS, ChromeOS, EdgeOS?
@wat That's a kernel, brand, and operating system respectively.
Android Derivative, Linux Derivative, Router Software
@Doorknob ok. GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows
Q: How should the length of a Commodore 64 BASIC program be measured?

MarkCommodore 64 BASIC has abbreviated forms for most of its keywords, ranging from ? being short for PRINT (common across many dialects of BASIC) to C64-specific ones such as D♠ (D followed by SHIFT+A) being short for DATA. When you list a program's source code after typing it in, most of these abb...

@Doorknob :/ this is like saying mac is PC because PC stand for personal computer
3:05 AM
Mac is a PC.
Who-ever started using windows and PC interchangeably is a fool.
For example, a laptop running windows is, in fact, not a PC.
@ATaco PC now is used as an independent noun rather than an abbreviation
sure whoever came up with it is idiot but point still stands
How does one raise a mod flag?
it's like saying "I like iPhone over Android" sentence makes no semantic sense because iPhone is not OS
I think the point still stands. Pedantically, they are different in different categories, but in casual language, they are in the same category
Maybe he was a salesman rather than an idiot
3:06 AM
"I prefer iOS over Android" might be more fitting.
@JanDvorak more fun to call perso idiot
Not nice, though
@ATaco yeah but we have brains not computer in our heads meaning we don't segfault when someone says "windows or mac"
I get quite annoyed when someone complains about that
Actually I have Taco Mince.
Please send help.
3:08 AM
Brains are a type of computers...
Yes, but we're a lot more adaptive.
The idea of a computer is that it's fed a set of instructions, and it performs those instructions. The brain's instructions however, are sort of, "Take input as to whether or not what you are doing is good or bad and adjust accordingly"
Which is an incredibly golfed method of saying "Do everything", although a bit slow.
@JanDvorak eeeh
depends on how pedantic you want to be
I mean if you literally mean "something that computes", that statement is false because goat brains are a thing
Goats brains compute.
@Mego Sorry to bother. But a little while ago you said that if I suspect serial voting and it has not been reversed in a day or two I should raise a custom mod flag. What exactly is this and how does one do that?
@WheatWizard Just flag any post (probably one you think was seriously voted) select "flag for moderator attention" and write out what happened
3:20 AM
@DJMcMayhem Ok thanks
@WheatWizard I'm not sure what you're referring to. I see one run of 3 downvotes followed by a reversal the next day, but nothing else.
The thing was there were 4 downvotes. One was a while later than the other three and was not reversed. I thought it was pretty suspicious but it might have been a coincidence. Sorry if this is wasting your time.
There's not much I can do about a single vote.
3:39 AM
@WheatWizard That last downvote may have been a legitimate one. If the system caught and reversed three, then you have nothing to worry about.
ok sounds good.
Sorry that I overreacted
4:37 AM
Eww stackoverflow looks ugly now (except for the top bar)
stack overflow is fine
@TuxCopter why is French so weird
4:57 AM
Being able to see deleted answers raises a lot more questions than it solves.
"This program seems perfectly fine and competitive, what hurt you, little program?"
5:34 AM
@Cyoce Not much changed except the top bar.
5:53 AM
@wat Why did we need that onebox there?
@Pavel Read the description
That's fine, but why'd you onebox it?
@Pavel It's the default when putting in an image
Sub Par?!
Joke's on you, this is the first time I've heard of Zack Snyder
I've seen all I ever needed to from that subreddit in three seconds.
@ATaco link?
oh yeah that one is just stupid
6:00 AM

Jon Skeet doesn't have a Wikipedia article!
@Pavel make one
I was playing around with making a Dynamic TIO image
@ATaco inconsistent capitalization
@wat I would, but that's hard.
Dennis TM?
:35446582 constructive criticism
@Pavel it is joke
6:03 AM
The Dennis™ is for comedic value.
You can't trademark Dennis.
You can trademark the TIO logo, I suppose.
@wat We could write one for TIO
@Pavel write a joke for TIO?
A wikipedia article.
And then shamelessly promote PPCG
yea lets do that
probably noteworthy, right?
6:06 AM
I can't edit wikipedia from a school computer ;-;
I'd rather we didn't put a glorified advertisement for one of our greatest services on wikipedia.
@Pavel do you account?
because if you account, you can wikipedia
Yes, using GMail. It wants me to verify the login, and gmail is blocked.
On the bright side, midwinter break starts tomorrow, so this won't be an issue for a week.
> Gmail is blocked
Only Gmail, no other email provider.
I can't create an account.
6:08 AM
click the log in with google button and you now have email access
Would it be inappropriate to use LaTeX in a PPCG chat?
@ATaco depends on what you want to use it for
for gloves it's all right
for NSFW stuff, no
Wikipedia doesn't Have a log in with google button.
if you manage to do something NSFW with $\LaTeX$ by all means, impress me.
6:10 AM
@ATaco oh tjat
@Pavel Use my webmail to access your Gmail account.
Every site you create is blocked for different reasons.
@Pavel Why is this one blocked?
That one is blocked for "personal-sites-and-blogs"
> Web Page Blocked

Access to the web page you were trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error.

User: lwsd\s-ashade

URL: mail.dkudriavtsev.xyz/

Category: personal-sites-and-blogs
@Pavel at least it makes sense
I had an idea for a 2d lang
6:11 AM
I don't know why it lists that as my username, it seems to randomly generate one each time.
@Pavel LWSD = Lake Washington [...]?
Lake Washington School District
that is what I meant, just did not want to type it out
Oh, well yeah.
I go to STEM.
6:14 AM
To date, no one with a Linux has been able to cut through the security on the wi-fi.
Even with valid credentials.
Note to self: Do not go to LWSD schools
although I've heard that STEM is awesome.
@Pavel 802.1x? Have you tried ALL the authentication types
> a Linux
@wat Maybe a quarter of the school has a computer with Linux, if I haven't someone has.
@DestructibleWatermelon What's the lang idea?
There's a secondary network that we use, so it's cool.
6:18 AM
It requires everything to be https, which is unfortunate.
How the...
@ATaco the code takes place on a circle, like a record
thats the main idea TBH
@wat Github is blocked, for example.
6:19 AM
I've a circle based memory idea that's designed entirely to make people sad.
Ooh, I'll try that.
(I mean I should just set up a VPN)
you can use mine, it is OpenVPN and hosted on DigitalOcean
Yours is probably blocked for some or the other reason.
can you ping
6:23 AM
Yeah, completed 4 packets.
What is your Email Address
It redirects to my Gmail, which I've stopped handing out to people since I made it when I was eight.
You can only load that page one time!!
Thanks, saved.
OK, now load that in OpenVPN or something.
6:28 AM
(Please don't require admin access...)
If it does I think there's a Chrome extension
Chrome extensions are all blocked. I can try it tomorrow on my main laptop.
@Pavel ...how?
You can't even install uBlock Origin?
(The availability of my main laptop is not actually related to whether or not I'm at school)
@wat Nope
12 mins ago, by wat
Note to self: Do not go to LWSD schools
6:30 AM
You can use your own laptop if you want.
Which will let you use any VPN you want, to get around the filter.
I just have issues because I don't always have access to my laptop.
@Pavel Why not?
Strict parents?
Q: Draw a heart for valentine's day

theman26 40x40 output size minimum Happy Valentine's Day!

wait quick clarifying question. do you go to someone's house to study physics
No, why do you ask?
6:41 AM
I know someone who goes to STEM High School and does
Pavel is my real name.
And has a Russian name that I don't clearly remember, and has strict parents.
(I think)
6:43 AM
because if it is him, the person teaching him is my dad
I'll ask.
let me ask as well
Yep it's him
small world
Matthew has been my best friend since before we were old enough to go to school
6:47 AM
Not you, no
okay then
(Context, m8)
@wat I'd tell him about it, but he goes to sleep at nine >_>
@Wat do you have school of for the rest of the week?
@Pavel not really
I don't have a real desire to meet up... (Not opposed to the idea but kinda weird)
Me neither, I was curious.
LWSD is out between Thursday and Monday
6:52 AM
I thought it would be cool to meet up, then I thought some more and decided it would probably just be really awkward.
@Pavel Exactly my thoughts
Q: Your Memory's Leaking

Challenger5Your task is to write a program that: Runs indefinitely Produces no output Consumes an unbounded amount of memory Specifications You must list the implementation used for your program. This is relevant because some implementations might preform optimizations while others do not. For example...

1 hour later…
8:14 AM
Any improvements on this?
I don't even understand how this is a challenge about programming at all
basically all an answer has to do is write a string to STDOUT
which can be hardcoded
so there's really nothing to program and thus no point to the challenge
Hence the downvotes
Thats why I asked for that
*for help
I guess I only have one choice
delete the challenge and make a new one
New challenge topic:
"Render an STL file"
8:39 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Greg MartinFind your favorite number in π I looked hard, because it's hard to imagine that this hasn't been asked before. But, I couldn't find it, so I'm provisionally believing it's not a duplicate. Given a nonempty string of digits 0–9 (or list of digits, etc.), output the position in the decimal expans...

8:56 AM
@mınxomaτ Can you explain defragmentation of harddisks using this example?
9:18 AM
I posted a question about my Clojure command line thing on CR
9:57 AM
@quartata Hi
Does anyone here have a Twitter account?
10:14 AM
I do, but I've only ever used to to be able to scrape data.
I used it to have a daily feed of lame jokes on my phone, and to watch SO's downtime
@JanDvorak I used to have lame jokes, but then they were too lame
10:55 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Matthew RohRender STL files STL means StereoLithography. It's a common form file format, used in 3D printing. The way it works is quite simple. You change every surfaces to triangles. For example, a cube would have 12 triangles, since it has 6 sides, and each sides has 2 triangles. In this challenge, you...

> StereoLithography
Kritixi Lithos!
That was a bit lame
I know
@KritixiLithos Please stop
I stopped
11:09 AM
Dammit Quora
0_0 I was browsing the web and I randomly stumbled over this
How did you get on the mobile Wikipedia? O_O
Let me guess: you were amused by the acronym rather than by the technology itself.
Maybe both
But its more like what you said
11:14 AM
TIL the reader view in Firefox includes a text to speech engine
> Due to the suggestive nature of its acronym ... the proposed name for this pulse sequence was never widely accepted

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