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4:00 AM
Seems like harder part of C++ is building/distribution rather than actual coding itself
It's just the natural consequence of libraries. I'd argue that C makes it easier with static linking though.
Qt's runtime last I checked does not have such. GLib does though
C++ can also do static linking ._.
I was referring to the whole family really. It's a feature of the ABI not C.
isn't ABI between independent programs rather than within same object file
4:06 AM
static library is basically compiling library with app sources, right
ABI is kind of a catchall term for the logic of how linking and loading of code works for a platform.
so what does ABI have to do
ah ok
@quartata So ABI : Linking/Loading :: jQuery : Web Development
jQuery is bad
just directly the DOM
@quartata I have question, can you LALR?
4:08 AM
jQuery isn't that bad.
@ATaco neither is cyanide
$("*").innerHTML="<img src='avocadad.jpg' />"
@ATaco how to juic avocadad?
oh my goats
A while ago there was a CMC to make the chat into Potato salad.
var img = document.createElement("img"); img.setAttribute("id","potat-salid"); img.setAttribute("src","https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/011/737/697/03093adb42e‌​‌​47fadeb5a176ec763c4f7_original.jpg?w=1536&h=864&fit=fill&bg=FEFEFE&v=1463688046‌​&a‌​uto=format&q=92&s=33f9a7278972482534114db99fbb3884"); $("*").append(img); (Run at own risk) turns the chat into potato salad.
@ATaco posting pictures of XB1 and PS4?
@wat What is the meme-ing of this? Are you kidding me?
@MistahFiggins you've goat to be kidding me
4:13 AM
TIL bing translator supports Klingon.
How does juice an avocado?
Well, unprintables.
I just found this online:
4:16 AM
This meme originated in TNB, right?
I have already tried... I've tried so hard, and yet despite all my efforts... No Juic...
@Pavel sigh there was an span post about on main, then Alex made a joke about it and then yeah...
@MistahFiggins exactly
that is not tnb
4:16 AM
but we're veering towards noise, so we should really stop with this avocado stuff
Oh misread it. Thought you meant PPCG in general
@MistahFiggins That's gold.
@Downgoat you have a stone cold character
it can go die in a pit
Bing translator also supports Latinized Klingon, but unfortunately there isn't a word for avocado so it just translates to avocado.
4:18 AM
I'm rather proud of my Prettifier and I'm not sure it's gotten any attention :(
@ATaco its neat
it just lag because refresh every second
@ATaco yeah, it's cool
@ATaco Link?
I'm going to add support for the Extensions...
4:21 AM
@ATaco ...Didn't you learn your lesson :)
@ATaco I do believe I made a program to do this automatically actually haha
What, snip one-boxes?
follow the reply link
it's to the java-python abomination
The Right Hand Brace.
Well there's a challenge for it now.
Q: Convert braces to Right Hand Brace (Sad Brace)

ATacoRight hand brace is a style of code bracketing in which curly braces and semicolons are all aligned to a single point on the right side of a a file. Generally, this is considered bad practice, for several reasons. The Challenge Take a multiline string through any method, and convert it's bra...

4:26 AM
I totally forgot I have cheddar T-shirts to get printed... >_>
I updated the userscript to include the extensions.
@Downgoat Where can I buy one?
you can't but I can send you one
(That was a joke I am presently broke)
Then you've nothing to lose!
4:28 AM
@Downgoat That would be awesome, if you do, I'll wear it to school and upload pictures.
@ATaco: I've been looking into your Lua bounty but I don't think it's possible; Lua was intended to be embeddable and thus needs to be memory-safe
I will consider sending cheddar T-shirt to whoever learns and uses cheddar on PPCG
It is likely possible on a generic C interpreter.
and there's nothing in the documentation that suggests any memory-unsafe operations exist, other than loading an external library or calling out to the OS (both of which violate the terms of the bounty)
I'm not particularly concerned the implementation, and Lua is famously broken in corners.
Should no answer be found, I'll put a No-deadline bounty on it.
4:29 AM
additionally, overflowing things seems to be impossible because Lua's an interpreted language which uses a manual stack; you can overflow that, and you can also overflow the heap, but both ways the error is caught and not turned into a segfault
Well, the debug library doesn't play by the rules, and can break the sandbox.
As can coroutine, to my knowledge.
@Downgoat i lik ches
pls send t shrt
debug only breaks the inner sandbox, i.e. you can use it to get at Lua objects that aren't meant to be visible, but I don't think you can use it to get at, say, raw pointers
@Downgoat How do you define functions?
I'm reading the doc, and either I'm blind or it doesn't say.
Hmm, no fun. Well, after the week has passed I'll raise the indefinite bounty. Maybe a bug will be found
4:34 AM
TIL that in zsh you can cursor over a command, then press escape then h to get a manpage
try it @Pavel
That seems cool, but I'm on my school laptop rn
isnt it like 8:35
also, does your school allow things like running executables?
yeah I know
And I bring my school computer home
4:36 AM
Windows executables
If they do, then go to portableapps.com and download their "platform"
you can install things in it
make sure to install as local, in your home folder
@Pavel Lambda or named function or method?
@ATaco: I just checked coroutines; it's fairly easy to get them to violate their own specification but it doesn't seem like it would lead to a segfault
@Downgoat Whichever one is golfiest
in particular there seems to be a cap on how many you have, so you can't cause a segfault via creating too many stacks
@wat no but I was able to get around security system in around 1 minute in 6th grade so yes
4:37 AM
aha, I've done it
@Downgoat yeah
@Downgoat Whichever one is golfiest
@Pavel That's lambda, see here
the trick's to use a different interpreter
in 6th grade... oh man
4:38 AM
@Downgoat done
I downloaded a portable version of basically synergy ("Share Mouse") and put it in my school folder. Vice principal (terrible person) caught on, deleted it and warned me. I also made a "God Mode" folder that was just a "view all control panel icons" (cool trick with Windows Explorer) and I got in trouble for "hacking". Months later I found my Scratch projects deleted because they were "programs". I made a hidden batch file with shutdown /s /t 1 in it and made a link to it named
my awesome picture.jpeg.lnk (she had file extensions turned off) After a day I was sent to the office and banned from computers for the rest of the school year (~3 months)
wow your school people sound surprisingly competent yet mean
she also falsely accused me of going into the girl's bathroom in the last week of school, I was suspened for a week. She had no evidence and I did not do it. When she was asked to provide security camera footage she said no for "privacy reasons". The suspension carried from the last 4 days of 6th grade onto 7th grade which I started at a new school in the same district. I did not have many friends that year
@ATaco: is this the sort of thing you were looking for?
4:46 AM
Q: Introducing FunKiller

Challenger5I've invented a new language called FunKiller, which is designed to make radiation-hardening challenges trivial and boring. This is the JavaScript interpreter: function interpret(s) { var lines = s.split("\n"); var max = 0; var longestLine = "" lines.forEach(function(l) { if (l.length >

@Downgoat does Cheddar have Regex support?
@Pavel yup /regex/flags
like JS
I don't know JS ;-;
@Pavel example is /ab?/gi
4:49 AM
Ok, I think I got it, read the docs a bit more, found examples.
Writing in Perl6 be like: s/regex/patterns/gi
errr, don't you mean s:GI/regex/patterns/? :-P
(at least, I think that's how regex modifiers work in Perl 6; I've hardly used it)
@betseg is that real
4:51 AM
I get that occasionally
also why is the Minecraft launcher 336 MB
Because Java
what java
it's native now
oya electron
@Downgoat is +=, -=, /=, ^=, etc. supported?
5:21 AM
@Downgoat can you help me figure out why this fails?
@Pavel 2 things. 1) it's .length, 2) you need semicolons unfortunately
Oh, the docs say .len
@Pavel 2 things. 1) it's .length, 2) you need semicolons unfortunately
Btw checkout:
Q: Tips for golfing in Cheddar

Leaky Nun Cheddar is a high-level, functional + object-oriented programming language created by our user Downgoat designed to make programming easier, faster, and more intuitive. What general tips do you have for golfing in Cheddar? I'm looking for ideas which can be applied to code-golf problems and wh...

Ooh, TY
Do we have a Meta post for Userscripts?
5:36 AM
5:49 AM
Q: Is Wolfram|Alpha a valid language?

ngenisisHere are some example code-golf submissions using Wolfram|Alpha: Valentine's golf! I heart you! Largest number in ten bytes of code I have two main questions about the use of Wolfram|Alpha: Is the use of the Internet problematic? What is considered the output? The Internet connectivity con...

hi does anyone know how i can report another user for insulting and condescending speech.
@AbelTom message the moderators on here (ping them) or make a meta post
like ping them personally
are you a moderator
yeah like @Dennis
No, not even close
Moderators have blue names
5:59 AM
@wat but soon :D
@AbelTom not so sure about that one moderators are elcted
I don't have the best reputation on here
With 0 context
@Pavel ?
@AbelTom Why?
@Pavel The message was edited, but he 11-ed it and removed the edit history
@KritixiLithos i thought you were a moderator no?
6:01 AM
I see
@AbelTom No, you see, my name is in black, not blue (it's just my avatar that's misleading)
@KritixiLithos okay sorry my bad, again
@Pavel What's the problem with waffles? I like waffles.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

busukxuanVisualize the Euclidean algorithm The Euclidean algorithm is a widely known algorithm for calculating the greatest common divisor (GCD) of two natural numbers. The algorithm For the purpose of this challenge, the algorithm is described as below: Display the two input as adjacent lines of a c...

@KritixiLithos okay the text colour is blue, now i got it
6:06 AM
Dennis is a moderator (you can see by his blue name)
@Dennis Will we or will we not be getting batch in the near future?
I'll look into it, but I'm making no promises wrt when. I'm quite busy right now with other aspects of TIO, and I won't have time at all for TIO for the next two days.
Best of luck with whatever!
Thanks, I'll need it.
I'm curious what it is now >_>
6:11 AM
Trying to get tenure.
@Dennis I need to report a user because of insulting and condescending content
@Dennis If you'll be gone for a few days, you should probably make a post in talk.tryitonline.net so that you don't come back to a ton of pings for features/bugs. I think I can safely say no one expects you to dedicate time to TIO or PPCG if they know that what you'll be doing.
Good luck with the Tenure, Dennis.
6:44 AM
Because the many memes post is locked, I can't update the chain <s>44</s> links to :(
@ATaco use --- for strike through in chat.
Q: Find two unique images on the web with the same thumbprint

Albert RenshawIf you take any image and scale it down to a 6x6 image and then convert it to a B/W image you have generated a thumbprint of sorts for your image. (Demo image below) There are 2^(6*6) or 68.7 Billion combinations of thumb-prints. According to a 2014 study, over 1.8 Billion photos are uploaded ...

@NewMainPosts VTC
7:13 AM
@AbelTom In chat or on the main site? If it's on main, just raise a flag on the question/answer/comment. If it's in chat, just flag any post of that user.
@Pavel Joke's on you, I'm not old, not wealthy, and definitely not politically powerful.
Thanks, Dennis! :D
@Pavel I won't be gone, I just won't have time to fulfill language requests.
Oh, ok, that's great.
7:21 AM
54 messages moved to Nethack
@Dennis Good luck on your tenure! We're all rooting for you. :)
What do you have to do to get tenure? I have no idea of what education beyond even high school looks like.
Q: Convert between Lambda Calculus Notations

Challenger5The first lambda calculus notation is the standard, human readable one: \f.(\x.xx)(\x.f(xx)) The second lambda calculus notation is the compact notation. The compact notation omits the . after the variable and uses ` for application (like Unlambda): \f`\x`xx\x`f`xx Your task is to write a p...

@Pavel That varies wildly by country. I fulfill all prerequisites, but all candidates will be assigned a score according to their curriculum and a "sample lecture" (I'm not sure what to call it) for the evaluating professors. We get the topics of our sample classes Wednesday and must "teach" it Thursday.
why can't I login to this thing ;_; ...
7:29 AM
NEAR Shoemaker entered 433 Eros' orbit 17 years ago.
@betseg You said as much earlier, and is still doesn't make sense.
NEAR Shoemaker is a space probe. It entered 433 Eros' orbit 17 years ago, making it the first human-made thing to enter an asteroid's orbit.
Oh, you mean 17 years ago exactly, or something? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with any ongoing discussion.
It was Feb 14, and it was the asteroid "Eros" :)
Does the name "Eros" have some significance? I'm afraid I"m still confused.
7:37 AM
God of love, and it's Valentine's Day :(
I did not know that.
7:55 AM
So in Clojure while is basically applicable to atoms, huh
I kinda want to start a tutorial thing for Clojure for some reason
@Pavel Name of the greek god of love.
Should I make a tutorial for Clojure?
I dont know, isnt that your choice?
@MatthewRoh True, but I feel like I might be reinventing the wheel
Ah screw it I'll make one or something IDK
8:22 AM
WolframAlpha's gone full float
slow clap
I mean, what did you expect it to do?
Not give you more digits?
More 9s?
@Pavel I did :(
It's literally called "more digits"
They could not have made that more clear.
8:25 AM
I think you didnt understand again
It shows 0.6249999999..., and when I tap more digits it shows 0.62500000000000000
Yes. It became more precise.
Why it doesn't show 0.625 tho
Rounding errors.
I'm really not sure what the issue is here, they do tend to happen from time to time.
The continued fractions on cos^6(π/8)+sin^6(π/8) and 5/8 are different too
Wtf wolframalpha
I'm really not sure why this is so hard.
8:35 AM
According to wolframalpha, [0; 1, 1, 1] == [0; 1, 1, 1, 2]
Must be right, then.
Except, it's not.
Are you sure you didn't do your math wrong? Maybe you should check W|A.
According to this page, 5/8 and [0;1,1,1] are the same. But [0;1,1,1] is 2/3.
8:49 AM
Ever have that moment where you write code for a challenge and when you're about to post it, you notice you read the challenge totally wrong and your code doesn't make sense anymore?
9:01 AM
Almost everytime
5/8 == 0.625 ~= 0.666
9:36 AM
Heh, I had it just then ^
10:36 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LeoRecursive string substitution The task Write a program or function that given three strings A, B, C produces an output string where each instance of B in A has been recursively substituted with C. Recursively substituting means repeatedly replacing all non-overlapping instances of B in A until ...

11:02 AM
Me iz make question
I am making a question
I'm reading jobs stuff on SO and I stumbled upon the Joel test
Ah yes, the Joel test.
Everywhere I've worked has failed it horribly.
"Do you use source control?" Who even uses that :\
11:18 AM
I know, tools such as Github and such are Overrated.
"A score of 12 is perfect, 11 is tolerable, but 10 or lower and you’ve got serious problems." ._.
"A score of 1 is perfect, 2 is okay, but 3 or higher and you're not a human" Waaaay better
> The story goes that one programmer, who had to write the code to calculate the height of a line of text, simply wrote “return 12;” and waited for the bug report to come in about how his function is not always correct.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Stewie GriffinSome title Note: Please do not upvote until/unless you think the specs are ready. Please downvote only if you think this can't be done under the current community rules. Please leave a comment if you've seen it even if you don't have anything specific to add (then I know it's been looked at at l...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Matthew RohLet's play a word chain! answer-chainingkolmogorov-complexity A word chain is a fun game. You simply "chain" the words as the name implies. This is how this works. already everyone knows that Ca[t] -> [T]a[p] -> [P]ac[k] -> [K]nee[l] -> [L]eprechau[n] -> etc.. The first player chooses what w...

@MatthewRoh Every programmer with a bit of common sense?
11:24 AM
Don't tell me you never used git ಠ_ಠ
@MatthewRoh I thought the score applies to the company and not the human
@KritixiLithos Doesnt it apply to both
"3. Do you make daily builds?" What, do you want me to release nightlies?
Daily build = compile the entire codebase daily to check if everything works
nvm :\
12:12 PM
Daily builds are useless. If you push at that rate, continuous integrations is the way to go.
And you don't build to check if everything works, you run your tests :)
@mınxomaτ Daily builds and nightly releases aren't the same thing
I didn't say that.
Then I'm not sure what you mean
Whether you publish the artifacts of the builds is not relevant, but if you are doing them daily, you should automate it.
Well yeah, I assume any company worth its keyboards has continuous integration and test suites set up to automate daily builds
12:15 PM
It's not like there's an intern whose job is to press the "build" button at 5 PM every day
You'd be very surprised.
Then they're not worth their keyboards :P
Here's a survey of Bitnami’s users, 64% do not use CI: blog.1and1.com/2016/08/11/…
12:30 PM
@mınxomaτ I wonder how representative Bitnami's userbase is of the general population
From what I've seen, in huge companies, it is much worse.
From my perspective, all the open source stuff my parents work on use CI but is fairly evenly split on the stuff they do at work
However, everything IT is much worse in Europe. Doesn't matter if it's operational or security-wise. That I've seen personally.
I wonder who I pissed off...
12:34 PM
What's CI again?
22 mins ago, by mınxomaτ
Daily builds are useless. If you push at that rate, continuous integrations is the way to go.
13 downvotes, wow
I've had two yesterday
@Mego That sucks :[
12:52 PM
@Mego thanks for recommending wilde life. Reading it now and enjoying it
@Metoniem It sucks much more for them than for me
@muddyfish It's really great. My wife got me interested in it by saying "there's a ginger werewolf named Clifford"
@Mego I'm on page 95 right now
if you're into that sort of thing, I recommend Twokinds
@muddyfish That looks like a furry comic...
@Mego there's a reason for that but it's perfectly sfw
12:57 PM
Quite different from Wilde Life, which is the story of some guy trying to deal with the crazy supernatural happenings in backwoods Oklahoma :P
by 'that sort of thing' I meant furry comics but I guess I wasn't clear
Yeah I thought you were comparing it to Wilde Life
I got to page 2 and noped out
you can't like everything in life
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Martin EnderFractal Rorschach Sequence code-golfsequencecombinatoricssubsequencebase-conversion Let's define a function f(N) on the integers. We'll use N = 38 as an example: Get the binary representation of N: [1,0,0,1,1,0]. Take all subsequences of this list. These don't need to be contiguous, so [1,1,1...

1:00 PM
@muddyfish Nope, but I can enjoy the things I do like :)
@Mego I would be worried if you didn't
I am using the C windows.h API, and PeekNamedPipe says that there are 0 available bytes unless the pipe is fclosed.
Does anyone notice any obvious problems?
What is PeekNamedPipe?
@KritixiLithos An abomination.
It reads from the buffer, but doesn't flush the buffer.
And it doesn't seem to work properly.
My code is the same code I had a problem with last time.
I was probably better off using COM ports. :-)
@wizzwizz4 Now there's a sentence I never expected to see
1:08 PM
And the buffer is not empty?
@KritixiLithos No.
But it's returning empty.
It won't print until I close the program that holds the other end of the pipe open.
Then it prints it all out. I don't know why.
Q: A day at the beach

LliwTelracsInspired by this challenge Goal: The goal is to draw waves crashing onto a beach. Input: You will be given 3 integers greater than 0 (in whatever format you want) as input. The first integer will be the length of the drawing The second integer will be the index of the sandbar, where the w...

@wizzwizz4 Sounds like it's being buffered by the other program. Try flushing it from the other side?
@Mego ... Flush?
How do I do that with fopen?
fflush, unsurprisingly :P
1:12 PM
FILE* resource = fopen(whatever);
fprintf(resource, "foo bar baz\n");
@Mego Yaaay! :-)
Thank you.
I'm now ~75% of the way to finishing the KOTH controller.
Welcome :)
@wizzwizz4 Where's the KOTH?
@KritixiLithos Not public yet.
What is it about?
1:15 PM
@betseg Hexplode.
But I'm using a square grid, so Texplode.
Texplode sounds like what happens when you forget \end
CMC: hexplode bot using hexagony
GTG: Running an internet speed test.
AAAaaaaah what is this SO top bar
@Fatalize It's horrendous. Where we used to have words, now we have vague images.
You're telling me this grey thing is less readable than "Review"? Come on
Why did the supercollider move to the right??? That's awful!
Especially to put the "Jobs" category right where the supercollider was before
1:54 PM
@Fatalize That's definitely not an accident
I have "Software Engineer to help fighting terrorism" in my featured list in Jobs
aka bullshit
@Fatalize Maybe they're looking for someone to replace PHP code
Thre most amazing change is that you can't even see the name of the site at the top
So if they do that for all sites, there will be even more offtopic posts
You can. Look just above the top bar
I'm talking about people that post SO questions on PPCG, they're not that clever
"Looks like the SO layout, nothing states directly that this isn't SO, so it must be SO"
1:58 PM
I don't think they do that because they don't know they shouldn't, because they do.

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