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10:00 AM
Umm... what?
@Qwerp-Derp ^^ nope
^ That should be 3 ^'s
This word don't exists
@Qwerp-Derp Quince is related to sequences! :D :) :| :/
10:01 AM
C. Quince
Ah ah geddit?
It's a good name don't judge me
@seequ Oh come on, now I want to make a Gomix-based network
Can someone come up with a hipster syntax
Something like Elixir?
(I'm actually loving Elixir)
Elixir's syntax is bad IMO
10:06 AM
Wait what
Elixir code:
for n <- [1,2,3,4,5], rem(n,2) == 1, do: n*n
What the heck is this
It's very much a hipster syntax
Elixir: I already hated it from ground top.
It's just slightly better Erlang with an odd syntax.
(for [x (range 5)]
  (if (= (mod 2 x) 1)
    (* x x)))
Same thing in Clojure
(for [x (range 5) :when (= (mod 2 x) 1)] (* x x))
10:09 AM
Apparently Elixir was inspired by Clojure
Indent code with 4 spaces
@seequ Which parts of the Matrix spec do I need to make a server program?
@seequ For multi-line code, add 4 spaces before each line, and use Shift+Enter for newline.
Also you're missing an end bracket
@Qwerp-Derp Wat?
10:10 AM
@TuxCopter Elixir
Oh wait
The Elixir code is correct
Why is Elixir even a thing with its horrible syntax
n <- [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] iterates on n, rem(n, 2) == 1 is a condition
Finally it's (half) logic
It's just an iterated syntax for Erlang's list comprehension
10:11 AM
Still this syntax is just horrible
Yeah, but it's not so bad that it's a problem
@seequ What what what what
Nope nope nope nope
It's just... bad
Well the other choice is Erlang
How do I indent a code snippet?
Extra spaces after the code-indent 4 spaces
There was a hotkey for it
10:15 AM
@seequ You can also make a multi-line snippet (not single-line) and then click "fixed font", and then send.
fib(1) -> 1;
fib(2) -> 1;
fib(N) -> fib(N - 2) + fib(N - 1).
WTH is this Erlang
Please stop
  defp handle_room_updates(rooms, token) do
    for {room, room_data} <- rooms, evt <- room_data["timeline"]["events"] do
      case evt["type"] do
        "m.room.name" ->
          State.update(fn state -> put_in(state.rooms[room].name, evt["content"]["name"]) end)
          EventBroker.send({token, :room, :name, room, evt})
        "m.room.message" ->
          EventBroker.send({token, :room, :message, room, evt})
        _ ->
TBH I can probably improve this
Q: Best of PPCG 2016 — Call for Categories

Martin EnderLast year we voted for the best posts of 2015 and rewarded them with bounties and challenges. I think it's a great way to reward and draw attention to some of the best content the community has created throughout the year, so let's do that again. (And hopefully, this year, we'll be able to sort e...

@Qwerp-Derp No, that's the most idiomatic Erlang
10:17 AM
fib -> n [
    1: 1,
    2: 1,
    fib(n - 2) + fib(n - 1)
What do you think of this syntax
@NewMetaPosts Holy smokes, did you have too much coffee this morning?
@MartinEnder Can we feed it coffee through an IV so it will actually post on time?
@Qwerp-Derp Okay, how does it work with multiple arguments?
That's how it works
10:19 AM
(Oh no, Martin is here. I better hide asap)
And you're saying that's cleaner? :P
add -> m, n [
    (m | n) < 0: -1,
    m + n
That's better right
Keep in mind CMQ is only based on sequences with numbers
I wouldn't say so, but it's subjective.
| is OR, BTW
Oh, so you're talking about a new syntax
10:20 AM
for a new language
Does that look clean?
Does it look readable?
10:22 AM
I don't know the syntax and haven't yet studied it :P
@MartinEnder So just answers or questions on the main are elligible?
@flawr what else?
It's not like we can slap a bounty on a review queue :P
Though that would make an interesting feature... Unfortunately, it would likely make matters worse - people would try to blast through the queue to get the rep faster, with less effort.
10:25 AM
add(m, n) when m < 0 || n < 0 -> -1,
add(m, n) -> m+n.
@seequ If either m or n is less than 0, return -1. Else, return m+n.
I'm just trying to clarify. Why not vote for the most helpful comment? Or the most controversial chat topic? (<- not very serious)
@flawr Comments are transient. The most helpful comment may not even still exist by the time voting comes around.
You can delete answers or challenges too.
10:35 AM
Rest in peace "WAT" grandma: you will be rememebered
I want to see how long it takes until somebody gets the joke
got it instantly
Get out.
Too morbid for my opinion, and death isn't something to joke out of.
@ErikGolferエリックゴルファー Dammit no it's not about her death
That's not the joke
10:39 AM
but get out
now delete the post please because I want other people to figure it out
10:53 AM
You can't delete a challenge if it has answers, and you wouldn't delete an answer if it was good (and thus relevant to the Best Of)
Also, challenges and answers can be undeleted. Once a comment is gone, it's gone for good.
@Mego Unless a mod has deleted it.
@ErikGolferエリックゴルファー Unless a admin has deleted it.
No, they are called moderators, shortened to mods.
@n4melyh4xor ^
And also, there can exist so-called admins, SE employees that 162-ple as mods of every site.
(Also, how much sites are there?)
ION, I finally published MdProp: github.com/schas002/mdprop
I had this in many of my dreams.
@zyabin101 Unless the owner deleted it.
Jon Skeet
11:44 AM
Good morning 19th byte, so you're all good at golfing, golf me a description of PPCG in one sentence at most (its for a presentation so be creative)
@7H3_H4CK3R The realm of short coding.
Kinda creative, surely short.
Oh hi @unipants
@7H3_H4CK3R Code golf hub
@7H3_H4CK3R Jelly, 3 bytes
i like all of them
11:47 AM
@7H3_H4CK3R ye who enter here...
@7H3_H4CK3R Taken directly from the tour:
Programming Puzzles & Code Golf is a question and answer site for programming puzzle enthusiasts and code golfers.
Also, I don't think you'd call that "morning" anymore, it's 11:44 UTC.
If we really want to golf it
Too vague, sorry. Grade: F×22
@seequ Can anyone top 3 bytes?
@7H3_H4CK3R I can if you'd like, in 2 bytes.
11:50 AM
@ErikGolferエリックゴルファー well it is morning here, also go ahead. 2 bytes
its a tie
is the standard tiebreaker the earlier answer?
No, fn doesn't make sense at all (it can mean function), CG can mean Code Golf.
i guess so
11:51 AM
0 bytes:
1 hex byte: 04
@ErikGolferエリックゴルファー fun is function in Erlang ;P
@7H3_H4CK3R no
When XORed with C, it gives G, when XORed with G, it gives C
2 bytes
11:52 AM
Did I won?
how does an end of file character describe codegolf?
1 min ago, by TuxCopter
When XORed with C, it gives G, when XORed with G, it gives C
It's End of Transmission, actually. End of File is a byte that does not really exist.
wow, that is creative...
I vote for byte 04
11:54 AM
Vote for 04!
@Flp.Tkc Nope. Perhaps this should throw an error or something.
I Vote for 04!
36 bytes: Solve problems, often in least bytes
OK guys, 04 accepted! Well done @TuxCopter, you deserve a +25!
11:56 AM
@Sp3000 -1 for not being creative.
@Sp3000 but very accurate
Screw creativity, I just wanted to go with something that would actually make sense to anyone not familiar with the site :P
What if someone tries to solve a real-life problem using bytes? I don't think everything is solved with bytes.
Is anyone here into a "check my code without running it" question?
function(fileName) {
    var rawManifest;
    fs.readFile(fileName, 'utf8', function(fileError, obtainedRawManifest) {
        if(fileError) {
            throw `Couldn't obtain manifest from ${fileName} -- ${fileError.toString()}`;
        } else if(!obtainedRawManifest) {
            throw `Couldn't obtain manifest from ${fileName}, even though the file can be read.`;
        } else {
            rawManifest = obtainedRawManifest;
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

n4melyh4xorPrelude: Joke languages are allowed. Submissions' scores will vary depending on whether they'll be made in a joke language, golfing language or a Turing complete language, don't worry if your score is high just because you chose a TC language. That being said, let's get right into the challenge....

plz review kthx
12:01 PM
Okay, so the function is passed the name /path/to/normpm.toml, the file /path/to/normpm.toml contains:
name = "test"
version = "3.14"
Will this content be written out of the fs.readFile() callback scope into the parent function scope?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

n4melyh4xorPrelude: Joke languages are allowed. Submissions' scores will vary depending on whether they'll be made in a joke language, golfing language or a Turing complete language, don't worry if your score is high just because you chose a TC language. That being said, let's get right into the challenge....

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rudolf L. JelínekEffective street lighting code-golf You are the operator of a town's street lamps. Each road can have one or more lamps. When it's night, every part of the road must be lighted, eg. Either the lamp above it, or both lamps next to it must be on. Your job is to light all the streets in the most...

@zyabin101 a) that's an asynchronous callback and b) you're not even using rawManifest
If not, how can I make it?
But yes, it will.
12:04 PM
But do note that the callback is run at some point later.
@seequ I will, soon. I dismissed the part where it'll be used, but I will parse the TOML content and validate the manifest.
It seems like you either want futures or fs.readFileSync
@seequ I think readFileSync takes the same parameters as readFile, yup?
@NewSandboxedPosts @n4melyh4xor The requirement is subjective.
What should I do to look as close as the lang name?
ah ok, sorry, didn't mention that
I'd easily submit Python=2 or Python=3 with both having a diff of 1 character.
Next question: how do I check if the entirety of a name matches a regex?
12:17 PM
(Node.js, as you can see)
Got it.
@zyabin101 what do you mean?
the challenge is based on the lowest score
@n4melyh4xor For example, ABCD entirely matches the regex [A-Z]+, but A8CD doesn't.
The former is accepted, the latter isn't.
aren't alphanumeric characters also 0-9+ space + _?
@n4melyh4xor And, for my purposes, also - and ..
12:21 PM
so AB8D is valid
it's a thing composed entirely of alphanumeric characters
Oh, I got it:
A: Check whether a string matches a regex

user113716Use regex.test() if all you want is a boolean result: /^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc1'); // false /^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc12'); // true /^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc123'); // true ...and you could remove the () from your regexp since you've no need for a capture.

@zyabin101 ah, I thought you were talking about the challenge!
okay then
dum dee dum
1:04 PM
Just under 11 hours until Winterbash 2016! :D
voidtool's website has been suspended - WTF?
Is Everything dead again? :(
@Mego But it is night here in 11 hours :(
@Mego \o/
Hold onto your heeeeelmeeeeets!
1:34 PM
@NewMetaPosts Oh wow, it's already been a year since the last one?
Yes! :D
People would love the 500 rep gift.
And more than just love it.
Hmm, what category should I raise?
> Feel free to resubmit proposals from last year regardless of whether they were among the final 7 or not.
I think this one deserves an exception from the "avoid any hate until this year ends" rule:
A: Best of PPCG 2016 — Call for Categories

zyabin101Best Above-and-Beyond Answer This was originally featured in Best of 2015 by PhiNotPi. Every once and a while, an answer takes the challenge to the extreme. This prize will be awarded to an answer which went far beyond the expectations of the challenge. This could include a code golf...

Can you give bounties to questions?
ie to the person who wrote the challenge not the answerers
@KritixiLithos You can't, but you can give a bounty to the best answer of the person who asked this question.
I can't contribute 500 rep exactly (y'know, privileges are important, too), I can contribute 100 rep maximum, I will contribute 50.
But someone else can fill in the remaining 450 rep.
1:49 PM
Unfortunately no
No one wants to fill in the 450 rep? :E
It's because you can only give bounties in 50, 100, 200, 500 rep each AFAIK
Fun fact: The human brain was not designed to handle continuations
@El'endiaStarman well not quite, seeing how long it took to sort out all the prizes :P
@KritixiLithos No, you can give bounties in the full range(50, 500+1, 50).
1:56 PM
@MartinEnder I think I just made some of the least-readable Mathematica code on this site
@zyabin101 Oh, never mind
TIL ppcg.lol redirects to codegolf.stackexchange.com
But why?
Anyone here fluent in J? I'm a humble beginner and can't quite figure out what I'm doing yet.
@KritixiLithos There was a challenge to open a browser to PPCG
So one person redirected ppcg.lol to it
There was a shorter redirect, but it's gone now
2:07 PM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ That's not quite the order of events. Quill has had ppcg.lol set up as a redirect for a while.
Though we don't know where @Quill is, now...
@Mego That's when it was first widely used, anyway
@zyabin101 Can't find their user page, only found this:
Unless I'm mistaken and this is the correct Quill
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ That's the correct Quill
You can tell by all the rep on CR
2:10 PM
I wonder how much it costs to keep that redirect open...
Probably very little
So, my J dilemma: I can't figure out how to do the equivalent of f =: 4:'*:x*y' (aka lambda x,y:x**2*y) in tacit form
Err, that explicit form isn't even right, because I want it to be a monad
So lambda x:x[0]**2*x[1]
2:15 PM
To make matters worse, I apparently can't even write it as an explicit function
Sounds more like a monolemma
sorry =)
sounds like a pumping-lemma
/me gets the vaudeville hook for the totally unrelated joke
day 3: this still isn't IRC
Honestly a little surprised /me doesn't do anything
2:22 PM
can simulate /me by surrounding the message with underscores
thinks asterisks work too
says yeah
Lol nice recovery

YOU: One.
ZOU: Two.
ZOU: Three.
ZOU: Four.
ZOU: Five.
ZOU: Six.
YOU: Seven.
RIP Eliza
Does anyone know the Marsaglia Compact Disk of Random Numbers?
It's dead, but the Diehard tests were archived on GitHub. :D
Eeeeeh, well, the source of it, anyway. :/
ZPU; hm no
Drunk eliza? :D
2:32 PM
Link me? :D
Alright, let's let that be the end of Drunk Eliza in TNB.
@Mego Do you know what a capped fork is?
@El'endiaStarman Let's move this to the Sandbox.
@TuxCopter @ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ come with me.
2:46 PM
inb4 banned
3:01 PM
@n4melyh4xor You make too many of those jokes.
Basically it's lots of inb4 I guess? inb4 is actually a thing, google it. Also, a lot of times it's inb4 banned.
Quote from new challenge I'm writing:
> # Golf a polyglot binary quine
> A program is a binary quine if the program outputs its source in binary when run (in your preferred encoding). For example, the submission aaa should output 011000010110000101100001 if the author specifies the encoding as UTF-8.
There, I added quotes around binary quine in the title.
The main point here is: don't intentionally flout the chat rules. TNB in particular has the Chatiquette, which was created because TNB filled up with noise to the detriment of good conversation and the loss of some good participants. Stuff like inb4 banned are against the Chatiquette because it doesn't add anything of value to TNB.
3:10 PM
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC this seems like it's just an arbitrary string processing function tacked onto the actual quine. meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/8595/8478
@MartinEnder I see... I got another challenge idea up my sleeve; will start writing that one
> # Every prime bit must alternate
CMC: Find a preexisting golfing language where just about any input won't syntax error
@MartinEnder BTW your radiation-hardened quine in Befunge is really impressive, I am purely amazed on how it works even with a whopping 14 characters removed from it.
thanks :)
working on the explanation
3:16 PM
@KritixiLithos mind blown, link please
A: Radiation Hardened Quine

Martin EnderBefunge-98, 884, n = 14, score ≈ 2.636 f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f00f0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"""""""""""""""fffffffffffffff'''''''''''''''000000000000000\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'''''''''''''''000000000000000\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'''''''''''''''fffffffffffffff\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\111111111111111---------------:::...

@ASCII-only \o/ Hooray you are back! :D
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ I've got a language that can't produce syntax errors, and a language that can't produce runtime errors, but a) not both and b) they're not golfing languages :(
it just rund babel-node allowing yoi to use ES2016
@MartinEnder updated
3:18 PM
oh syntax errors only, okay
Doesn't have to be too golfy
I'm not sure but I assume Gol><> doesn't have syntax errors, since it's 2D
@KritixiLithos wat
@TuxCopter Click on it. Be amazed.
> something smells fishy...
That a runtime error?
3:20 PM
@MartinEnder What about using some nonsense character that does not exist on the specification? Is it still runtime then?
I'm pretty sure the interpreter won't check until you reach the invalid character, but I'd have to try to be sure
Oh wait, it only works for n=14 because f is the largest single "digit" number in Befunge-98 and has a value of 15, right?
Hmm, 05AB1E seems to work pretty well
3:29 PM
@Downgoat Try it online.exe still yells about node.dll. What do? ;_;
> Try it online.exe
Downgoat released desktop apps for TIO.
Where can we get them?
Can't you just add to desktop or whatever your browser calls that thing?
Dec 12 at 2:05, by Downgoat
Try it online! desktop apps for: Mac and Windows
@betseg I'm not using Chrome, y'know.
3:40 PM
Most browsers have that thing
Chrome and Firefox are both borked, so I use QtWeb.
Oh, TIO.exe is basically a wrapper around node, huh?
@zyabin101 oh. I'll make a .zip gimme a second
@Downgoat ^^?
@Downgoat Thanks :D
3:43 PM
@zyabin101 C:\Users\You\Desktop\TIO.html: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://tio.run/nexus/"> then just double click it (if QtWeb supports meta tags and local pages)
@KritixiLithos Added an explanation if anyone's interested.
@TuxCopter no?
Nope, it's even easier to add a bookmark to TIO Ne and fail.
@MartinEnder IF?! *starts reading*
@Downgoat Then why does it needs node.dll?
3:44 PM
And bork QtWeb.
@El'endiaStarman let me know if anything's unclear
@Downgoat Does your TIO desktop app use Nativefier, or Electron? :3
@TuxCopter because it use electron under the hood
("IF?! *starts letting you know*")
@Downgoat Electron, which is a desktop wrapper for node
3:45 PM
@TuxCopter Yes, it allows you to make desktop apps with Node.
@Downgoat the thing that Atom uses?
I will try to understand how to socket in C and will make a cmdline client for TIO
@MartinEnder Hahaha. :P
@betseg Yup.
@betseg yea
(that one's serverside, clientside's a bit simpler)
I want to send an HTTP request, so I need clientside code
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΟΗʹ nice variable names 👍
Is the request format to execute a code on TIO documented anywhere?
3:49 PM
There was something but I don't remember where (probably here)
@TuxCopter Nope.
@TuxCopter i have a nice function lemme bring it up
@Downgoat :D
sockets are different on Unix and on Windows
s="'";d='"';r=['print("s="+d+s+d+";d="+s+d+s+";r=["+s+r[1]+s+","+s+r[0]+s+"];eval(r[([11]+[0])[1]])")','print("print("+d+"Wrong language!"+d+")")'];eval(r[([11]+[0])[1]])
3:52 PM
A: Using sys/socket.h functions on windows

leonbloyYou have two options: Use Cygwin (Unix emulation library). Port to Winsock (Windows standard library). The first option allows you to compile your Unix sources mostly untouched, but ties you to the Cygwin emulation library (which implies two things at runtime: general performance -no only ne...

#ifdef _WIN32 #elif __unix__ #else
wtaf yahoo got leaked passwords again
MD5, no salt
@Downgoat where is function
@noɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC August 2013
3:55 PM
@ErikGolferエリックゴルファー krebsonsecurity.com/2016/12/…
Dec 14 2016

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