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12:05 AM
@Deusovi I enjoyed abstract algebra up to a point, but it went off the deep end and became too abstract for me around graduate level. Analysis is my thing :-)
Cool! So are you a mathematician?
I'm considering being one - still not quite sure, but it sounds interesting! I've heard academia is a pain though
If you go into pure maths, especially algebra, there are fewer options open to you other than academia where you can really use what you've learned.
Applied maths is seen as less prestigious, but it gives you more possibilities.
12:28 AM
Oh hey, there was a deleted comment on this. Am I missing anything interesting?
1:11 AM
Q: Is this considered a semi-interactive puzzle?

PeanutIt says on the tag wiki for semi-interactive-puzzle: DO NOT POST PUZZLES OF THIS TYPE. This tag is kept for historical reasons, and semi-interactive puzzles should not be considered good questions for this site. Semi-interactive puzzles are those where new parts are added to the puzzle as eac...

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8:00 AM
Greetings meatsacks. When is it appropriate to add a hint to your puzzle? Is it common to comment on a partial attempt to solve a puzzle to indicate if they are searching in the right direction?
@Sumurai8 Hello!
Q: When can I ask for a hint?

IAmInPLSI am pretty new here thus sorry if my question is a bit stupid. This is related but I am asking for kind of the "opposite". I mean, one can struggle to solve a puzzle and ask for an hint. But if it is done in the comment, it can ruin the pleasure for the other users to solve a hard problem. Also...

My question is more the other way around. I posted this puzzle and I am trying to figure out how hard people find my puzzle.
@Sumurai8 Did you read the related question I was talking about in my post? meta.puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/5005/…
On a side note, I'l suggest you to wait a bit more before considering adding hints.
For instance, your puzzle was posted 8-9 hours ago. That's not even half a full day, and some people are in a time zone where they could have been sleeping this whole time, so just wait them to wake up :)
@Randal'Thor @Deusovi Listen to the wise man, this is where I come from! From my experience (and maybe the country is playing a role), pure maths will lead you to jobs/opportunities in the field of the research (and you can also be a part-time teacher/lecturer) whereas applied maths will lead you to jobs in fields like computer-science (my case), data science, finance...
@Deusovi It will strongly depend on you and what you want to do later. As a fresh engineer on the labour market, I could talk about all the choices/struggles for hours, so I'll be glad to share with you if you want to!
(the wise man being @Randal'Thor, as usual :o) )
8:28 AM
@IAmInPLS Thanks.
4 hours later…
12:17 PM
I'm so dangerously close to 1000 rep
@Areeb So go post a great answer or a great question :P
1:04 PM
@IAmInPLS Go right ahead! I'd love to hear about it - I'm still not sure what I want to do, but I'm leaning towards mathematician or teacher.
@dcfyj someone up voted one of my answers! I did it!
@Areeb Congrats! :D
@Deusovi you seem like you'd make a great math teacher and thanks!
Oh, thank you!
Just make all your test questions riddles cuz that's on topic for math
1:10 PM
@Areeb smiles knowingly ;-) Congrats! Now you can go and look at some vote counts split into upvotes and downvotes (I recommend this question for the most spectacular count).
@Randal'Thor lol that split
@dcfyj And congrats to you on 2k!
Thanks, I'm glad I can finally review edit, I've been wanting to do that for a while now
suggested edits*
@Randal'Thor Although I would've hit it sooner if I hadn't done that bounty
1:20 PM
@Mithrandir I could ... but, y'know, I've seen too many wildly inappropriate star-clearances to start doing them myself.
Hello @all :)
@Deusovi I don't know if you know a bit about the french scholar system, but we have this : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
This is where I come from. It's like hell, but in school :)
Joke aside, you learn a lot about mathematics and physics and it's the main way to integer engineering school. Very good pupils integer some famous schools like Mines, X or (for teachers) ENS
-integer +enter... Pardon my french...
1:31 PM
That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. Just think "entrer" and you'll be close enough :P
What is white and black and red all over.
@dcfyj Talking about mathematics... Ha ha
I'll give you
@PyRulez A newspaper.
That's an old one.
a hint, it smells like blue paint.
1:32 PM
@Deusovi Less good pupils (like me) still can join a less prestigious engineering school, or you can go to the equivalent of US' university. Since you're in college, I think that this is your next step.
@PyRulez A skunk in a blender
I was going to say red and white and black paint mixed together, but that works too.
Although the skunk doesn't smell like blue paint in the least
@IAmInPLS Integer Engineer School, it's a very niche market haha
@dcfyj Indeed :)
@dcfyj Urgh.
1:37 PM
@Randal'Thor I know a few answers to that particular question.
There was a question on PSE ages ago entitled something like "How to escape a blender?", but I can't find it now: it must have been deleted.
Pity really; it would have made useful reading for that skunk.
Reminds me of that movie, where a bunch of friends in a Skype call were being killed off one by one
One of them stuck his hand in a blender
Q: Why do we have review audits?

rand al'thorThis main meta post tells us that the only Stack Exchange sites with a review audit system are: Stack Overflow Server Fault Super User Programmers Ask Ubuntu Mathematics Puzzling These are six of the largest and most active sites on the network, plus this one small site only just out of beta ...

1:54 PM
@Deusovi Now, if you want to be a teacher, that's to your credit! I don't know what you mean by "mathematician" but I don't think such a thing exists :).
I'll tell you why. Many of my teachers in my engineering school are part-time teachers.
They have like 14-18 hours of classes a week, and the rest is spent on research. Talking to them, they are obviously very interested in what they are doing (they even give us part of their research works as school projects, and that was indeed very interesting). So why am I telling you that a "pure" mathematician doesn't exist? Because **research doesn'
Please also remember that I am talking about experiences with the french system, and that it may be different for you. But I think that research is the same problem in most countries :/
1 hour later…
3:02 PM
@Randal'Thor I think that that's all that was to be said...
@Mithrandir Do you think we should keep review audits?
@Randal'Thor I think that there's no point in removing them.
@Mithrandir They're annoying and inaccurate.
@Mithrandir I think that there's no point in having them, plus they're annoying and have various faults as mentioned by me and @Deusovi.
Though I'd be interested to hear from @Emrakul about how and why they were introduced in the first place.
(Or Deusovi, if you have the inclination to go hunting through old transcripts in the Puzzling mod room.)
You summoned him :)
3:05 PM
I'm writing up an answer, no worries.
What do review audits do?
@Emrakul Great :-)
It basically amounts to: no good reason; it was a test that neither succeeded nor failed.
@Areeb They give you fake reviews as a test to see whether you're reviewing sensibly. If you fail (or if you fail enough?), you get temporarily banned from reviewing.
It didn't fail poorly enough to warrant us asking to disable it, and it didn't succeed enough to warrant us actually using it.
3:06 PM
I think that if they were to be introduced now, I would be against it. But I don't see why they should be removed.
@Randal'Thor oh thanks. That seems like a weird system for a relatively small site
I don't think I've ever failed one, since I've always been a careful reviewer, usually enough so to open the post in another tab. So I don't know exactly what the consequences of failure are.
If you fail too many recent audits, you can be auto-banned.
@Areeb Exactly!
I failed one once. It said the STOP! Look and listen thing. Otherwsie, nothing.
3:08 PM
But it takes a good number of audits for that to happen.
@Emrakul What do you mean by "didn't succeed enough to warrant us actually using it"? How would one use it more than the site already does by simply having it there?
@Randal'Thor Review audits are a garbage-in-garbage-out system. Voting patterns on the site don't align with content that should be deleted.
Which in and of itself is questionable, but when you feed that to the review audit system, you get straight garbage out most of the time.
Sorry, still not getting it. What does a "garbage-in-garbage-out" system mean?
You feed it bad data, you get bad data out.
3:12 PM
(A term that, as far as I know, comes from this very amusing quote:
> On two occasions I have been asked, — "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" In one case a member of the Upper, and in the other a member of the Lower, House put this question. I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.
Ah. So basically the problem I mentioned here (not all highly-voted open questions should be open, and not all closed questions should be closed)?
Yeah, that.
But in the two years the system's been active, nobody's really complained about it being there.
I'm sure people have hit bad audits before, but I think if people are doing the right thing they've just learned to shrug and move on? Which is why I think it's not causing a whole lot of pain.
3:16 PM
I'll admit that a small part of my objection to it comes from simple OCD: the sites with review audits are the 6 massive mega-sites, and ... Puzzling? The incongruity just bugs me :-P
That's fair! Puzzling's weird :P
@Randal'Thor Honestly, I thought that was bizarre too. We're relatively tiny compared to the other sites.
On a side note, is there anyway to see up votes/down votes on the SE App?
Yep! Tap the score.
(Or maybe tap and hold?)
@Emrakul How difficult would it be to get rid of the audit system if we really wanted to? Would it just be a matter of "get community consensus, ping CM, CM presses button", or would there have to be more inconvenience than that?
3:29 PM
@Randal'Thor Why do you want to remove it so much? It's not like it's detrimental to the site
@Deusovi yay! I can see things now!
@Randal'Thor That's pretty much it, I think.
@dcfyj It's annoying, unreliable, sometimes bans people who shouldn't be banned, and makes people more nervous than they should be to use the review queues.
To be fair, @rand, I don't think it's banned anyone, ever.
I'm not sure about that, though. If it has, I've never spotted it or heard about it.
3:32 PM
@Emrakul I was sure I'd seen someone complaining about being banned by the audit system ...
@Randal'Thor ;)
But maybe they were just complaining about having failed one audit.
Actually, though, that's what I think it was - failing singular audits.
3:33 PM
Data suggests people really aren't having trouble with audits.
But those are the only one's I've noticed
@dcfyj Yeah, but that case was nothing to do with audits. In the interests of keeping the peace, I won't say what it (and its sequel) were about ;-)
@dcfyj That one's from way back, before there was an audit system here.
@Randal'Thor But you will link to them, so people can read through the drama, you just won't explain them at all ;)
This one is audit-related, but that user doesn't mention being banned for failing the audit.
@Randal'Thor Makes sense I wasn't arround at the time
@Randal'Thor As for the sequel, that's a deleted question so I can't see it anyways haha
3:38 PM
@Emrakul Meh, the first one was already linked here, and the second one will 404 for low-rep users anyway. I can go on about Doorknob's mod abuse if you really want, but I wasn't planning to :-P
There's also this audit-related complaint:
in Puzzles Etc., May 27 at 12:34, by Khale_Kitha
And I've run into, MYSELF, an idiot review test that I failed because it was posted by Gamow instead of someone else
But again, no mention of an actual review ban as far as I can see.
@Randal'Thor Interesting that there's a double standard there.
The audit system is pretty good about not banning people for false negative audits.
> Data also suggests people aren't having a problem with audits
What does Star Trek have to do with anything?
@Randal'Thor See, I think this is actually positive, because it shoves in front of people's faces the discrepant way we vote between users.
(yes, you can tell which site I spend most time on these days)
3:41 PM
@Randal'Thor Those little life forms, of course :P
Yeah, I've noticed Gamow gets a lot of preferential behaviour. :/
(Well, got.)
@Emrakul This sounds like "it's good to have a flawed system because its flaws point us towards bigger flaws". Surely it'd be better to eliminate the unnecessary flaws and then detect the bigger ones in other ways?
Not sure what he did, but for a year+ ban must have been a lot or really bad or both
(I probably didn't express that very well, but ...)
Gamow was only banned for two monoths.
3:45 PM
@Deusovi Probably because half the users on the site are his socks :-P
Not a year.
@Randal'Thor In principle, yes, but in practice, it's turtles all the way down.
@Emrakul I don't understand what you mean there.
At some point the system's always going to be flawed. You have to pick which flaws you want to live with.
@Deusovi oh, completely misread that, for some reason I thought it said 2017
3:47 PM
@Emrakul I said more or less this to someone in Mos Eisley earlier, and he accused me of saying "the place is full of sh*t, let's turn it into a toilet" or "I'm pretty hungry, might as well starve to death".
It's always fun to be on both sides of the same argument in two different chatrooms on the same day!
Fair enough!
So yeah, I can see your point. But in this case it wouldn't be hard to get rid of the particular flaws introduced by the review audit system.
I agree with Rand.
(also, just letting you guys know - it's VTC time over here:)
Q: Possible Valknot tattoo meanings

Vadim TatarnikovSo I am thinking of getting my first tattoo, I found a simple symbol, the Valknot (below picture). I know one of the meanings is something to do with slain warriors. But it doesn't apply to me in anyway. I am asking about other possible meanings of this tattoo because I'm only getting it if it ...

3:49 PM
My indifference to review audits has grown to spectacular proportions.
(Thanks for your answer on meta btw, @Emrakul - but I can't upvote it because I got my Vox Populi badge today!)
Well yeah, you haven't had to deal with them!
@Deusovi I have, I swear! I've been audited here and elsewhere more times than I can count!
@Deusovi Heh:
Yeah, I saw that
Great work, everyone! :D
3:51 PM
@Deusovi Also, migrate to Mythology?
Welp, deleted by OP.
You could still leave a comment there directing him to the Mythology site.
@Deusovi See how well a low quality post detection chatroom would work? :-)
@Randal'Thor I was convinced before, but seeing it in action is great
It's like having my own little close-vote brigade - even better than modhammering!
Also, wow, the star-board has been active in here in the last couple of days.
Aha, and in perusing the star-board I discovered that problematic review audit:
Mar 30 at 13:34, by Khale_Kitha
I fail to see any reason why this failed review (http://puzzling.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/18242) is not a math problem per the description in http://meta.puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/2783/are-math-textbook-style-pr‌​oblems-on-topic . Even the answer states that it's solved with "Simple algebra". There's no "clever solution", or "unexpected result" here.
And a CM even came in to respond to that:
Mar 30 at 15:47, by Jon Ericson
I'm actually not sure why we have review audits on Puzzling:
Mar 30 at 15:48, by Jon Ericson
If they are causing more problems than they are worth, we can turn them off here.
Mar 30 at 16:01, by Jon Ericson
I'm actually curious why we turned it on without a meta post. But not quite so curious to ask myself. ;-)
Hm. Welp, I'm all for turning them off.
@Deusovi You want to propose that on meta, or shall I?
I'm not nearly as eloquent as you.
4:03 PM
Aw, thanks :-D
I've learned a lot in the process of writing up meta posts on SFF.
But I'd appreciate your help in formulating arguments against the audit system, especially since you're actually higher than me in most or all of the review queues these days.
Er, what do you do when you can't get anagrams off your head?
It's like whenever I see a word I see the letters moving about...
It's weird :(
@Ankoganit I get that all the time. Congratulations, you've been infected with the puzzling bug!
@Ankoganit You create puzzles!
4:19 PM
@Ankoganit You create puzzles!
@Randal'Thor Hm, I haven't had too many issues with it though. Mostly just mild annoyance.
@Emrakul You create puzzles!
@Deusovi You create puzzles!
And maybe even bad too!
It's time to make semordnilaps.
@Deusovi What is tricycle cusp??
4:21 PM
Well, when something is not quite a three-wheeled children's toy...
(It's an anagram of "cryptic clues".)
@Emrakul Um, I put that into the Internet Anagram Server and the top result was "misleads porn". I hope that's not what you meant ...
Maybe it's "islander mops". Those damn blue-eyed islanders are going to attack the oracle with mops!
@Randal'Thor That's not even an anagram!
@Deusovi ?
I mean, if you count the identity permutation as anagramming...
Last time I saw this many people in a room, we had different mods.
4:25 PM
Hey, manshu!
@Randal'Thor Misleading porn, interesting genre.
@Deusovi Well, Emrak put an S on the end! How was I supposed to know it was a plural?
"palindromes" ;)
@Emrakul Apparently that's an anagram of "misleads porn".
4:26 PM
@manshu I've made the place interesting again :-D
@dcfyj No, "mislead porn".
I wish I could join but I have lost the essence of puzzles now
@manshu Solution: Solve more puzzles!
I can't find any unsolved puzzle of my type.
4:29 PM
@manshu What type is that?
usually riddles, rebus, wordplay. In short... all the possible genre of bad quality puzzles :p
Apparently the only unsolved riddle on the site has cryptography in it. Interesting.
Here's a fresh one, hot off the brain.
"Hot off the brain" - I'm gonna have to start using that.
haha, I was wrong though, it was sandboxed first apparently.
Plus I didn't post it.
I just saw...'gravity' can be an answer..
4:34 PM
It's been a while since I took physics, but isn't gravity considered a force?
Yep, it is.
@GentlePurpleRain Odd, I searched the tag and went to unanswered
Everyone does know gravity.... Doesn't fit with the 2nd line...
or the 4th
4:36 PM
@Sid not everyone knows physics
@dcfyj That is odd. I just did the same and got only 2 (one was just posted).
@dcfyj Ah. The rest are closed.
Maybe, the answer is inertia...
@Sid pretty sure that's a force too
@GentlePurpleRain some are just locked, but basically the same thing
a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.-inertia
@manshu I was about to point you to this riddle that I've been puzzling over for a few days, but then I found the solution myself :-)
4:39 PM
Inertia's not a force.
Inertia's a feeling.
@Randal'Thor I couldn't solve it.. :p
@dcfyj duh, told ya.. :D
oh well haha
@manshu You're still in the running
The second line of the puzzle fits on me. :p
@dcfyj Wait, why is that locked? "Disputes about its content"??
4:46 PM
@Randal'Thor No idea
@Randal'Thor Possibly this?
and this
@dcfyj But if it's plagiarism, why not just delete it?
@dcfyj The "contest" stuff was only relevant to earlier revisions of the post. It was edited to become a completely different question.
Heh, the deleted answers are a riot!
@Randal'Thor Yeah I'm seeing that
@Randal'Thor not seeing that
@Randal'Thor Wasn't sure what to do with that one. I can't roll it back to the first revision and unlock because the first revision was from a contest, but if they want to ask a new puzzle they should ask a new one without editing an old question.
4:53 PM
Also, it appears to have been copy/pasted, though it also looks like it was edited into a chestnut puzzle.
@Emrakul Those roast pretty well I hear.
@Randal'Thor You know as well as I do that there aren't very many lock reasons available, and that that's the go-to reason when nothing else fits.
@dcfyj Three deleted answers: "Take this question down. We will have to find out who you are and disqualify you.", "hey this is cheating shut up!!", and "THIS IS CHEATING GET YOUR ASS BACK TO SLACK".
@Emrakul Indeed I do ;-)
@Emrakul You could redact the earlier revisions to remove any reference to the contest question.
@Randal'Thor That's not really what revision redactions are for; plus, it's sort of a band-aid over the problem.
I think I'm probably going to delete the question and ask them to post a new one/singular question.
4:58 PM
Yeah, that works too.
@Randal'Thor Make the question redacted?
Especially since they're likely not even interested in the riddle but just edited it in as (to steal your expression) a band-aid over the problem of being caught cheating in their contest.
@dcfyj Heh, the mods should redact some of the revisions of that question, just for meta comedy value :-P
@Randal'Thor That would probably work better if there wasn't an edit history
@dcfyj Which is why I suggested redacting the edit history.
5:14 PM
Woo, Mortarboard badge on meta.PSE! :-D
@Randal'Thor what is it for?
@manshu Hitting the repcap.
my last message rhymed :p
Except that there is no rep on meta, so in this case it's for getting enough upvotes on meta that I would have hit the repcap if there was rep there.
There would have been too many users on meta if there was an increase in rep on some upvote. People like to distribute their knowledge for free. Including me.
5:20 PM
@manshu Yeah, I like the fact that there's no rep on meta. It encourages people to vote more freely (especially downvoting answers) and to present their views without worrying about being 'popular', getting upvotes, FGitW, etc. People worrying about rep or competitiveness shouldn't be able to affect site policy.
yeah... We need only three kinds of people on this site:
1. who care about this site.
2. who posts good puzzles.
3. who posts good answers
There is a rep system on main meta, though I can't understand why some people (coughEmrakulcough;-) ) care enough about it to get loads.
Q: You'll need Thomas Jefferson more than you'd expect - Clue Twelve

Scimonster<---Previous clue "[redacted]," you say aloud, following the instructions. And then a light shines through a crack in the wall, spreading until it shows an outline of a door. Then it swings open. As the door opens, you get the light right in the face. As you squeeze your eyes shut, you hear t...

@Emrakul is a professional rep farmer :p
@Puzzling—BOUNTY! Hey, I was already working on that one before there was a bounty on it!
5:26 PM
People need indications in the puzzles that need show to show how to solve the puzzle... and then there are enigmatic puzzles.
So @Mithrandir, I think I've worked out the general method which needs to be used to solve it, but I'm not sure exactly which part goes where.
I. Hey. Hey now.
@manshu Well he's really bored, being all stuck in the moon and all
5:42 PM
@Emrakul You have the most rep when it comes to the meta rep. So, we give you the award of the most-metarialistic-person-of-PSE.
where metarialistic = excessively concerned with meta posts.
I bet there's a Data.SE query to find out how much rep people would have on a per-site meta if there was rep there.
@manshu ....I do like me some meta...
@Emrakul Someone should make a cereal called meta-o's, you'd buy them out :P
@Emrakul err...is that your speech on this award ceremony? I mean, that's all?
> I'm so meta, even this acronym.
5:53 PM
Emrakul's true name is Atemrakul.
See the puzzle in his name?
@manshu I.e. @Emrakul.
@manshu You mean it's not a reference to a Magic: The Gathering card? :P
@Emrakul <-> Lukar meta.
@dcfyj I have never played this game
5:57 PM
Pack your bags people. He is gonna throw us all out of this room for having excessive fun.
There are some games I wish to play..but I can't due to the limit of time...which reminds me...I have some homework to do...
catch you later.. :D
Wait, why did I just lose like 70 rep not from the bounty?
Ah, I see - the question about Andrew's widow's sister was removed, thereby removing 75 rep from me >.<
...I thought that you couldn't delete answered questions?
Apparently, it was removed 'for reasons of moderation'. Why? @Emrakul @Deusovi @GentlePurpleRain
Suspension evasion.
> Emrakul is the Diamond of Corruption, the largest and most fearsome of the Modrati. She does not affect unpuzzling matter - scifi, programming, etc...but twists all things puzzling, be it riddles, ciphers, or logic puzzles. She causes silent terror wherever she soars, embodying moderation, emotional and physical distance, the chill of the meta, and the terror of being suspended.
@Mithrandir Mods can delete anything, and enough 10k users can delete even answered questions.
@Randal'Thor literally me
6:11 PM
Liking the Eldrazi/Modnazi replacement.
@Emrakul I thought I'd better not use that replacement :-P
It's important to be accurate in all things.
6:35 PM
Mine's apparently 11000+
@GentlePurpleRain Danke!
@GentlePurpleRain Isn't it 5000?
Mine goes up a whole 25 rep! lol
What are you on about?
@Avigrail How much meta rep we'd have if there was rep on meta.
@Randal'Thor I dunno. When I ran it on my userid (4421) it came up with 11068.
6:39 PM
Rep that's even more imaginary than normal rep!
Is this a rep battle?
mine looks like 765? which feels way too high
@GentlePurpleRain Have you set the site to meta PSE rather than just PSE? I got 28k at first, but then switched to meta and got 2k.
Yes, 5064, then. That makes sense. The other seemed awfully high.
@GentlePurpleRain Purple rain, why is that?
6:42 PM
Ah, that's makes much more sense, 17 rep lol
@Avigrail Just a random assortment of words, in an attempt to find a username that wouldn't conflict with others.
(It's succeeded in that regard)
That's disappointingly simple
Sorry but our date is off
So the algorithm must not be perfect, since on Puzzling main it gives me more rep than I actually have.
Looks like it doesn't take bounties into account, for one. I guess those don't exist on meta, though.
it doesn't look like RepCap matters for it either
@Avigrail I learned much later, when people kept making references to Prince that he had a song and album with that title
6:48 PM
Prince is nice
You know "Kiss"?
@Avigrail "Keep It Simple Stupid"? or the band?
Prince - Kiss
How do I link inline here?
7:02 PM
Emrakul only has 8905 virtual Puzzling meta rep? Seems implausible!
7:18 PM
Q: A princess fell in love

Maria Deleva Once upon a time there was a princess. She fell in love with a prince, wrote him a letter and sent it via Celeste, who was always willing to help. The prince was Laniff III and was in love with the princess, too. However, there were a lot of political issues between the two k...

7:52 PM
I'm wondering if a Chrome/TamperMonkey extension for Puzzling would be of any benefit.
I'd totally be willing to start that project up.
8:13 PM
@Emrakul To do what?
@Avigrail +1 :-D
Or, given @GentlePurpleRain's "about me" description, PentalPurplePain.
8:33 PM
@Randal'Thor Given your "about me" description (specifically the pedant part), shouldn't that be PentlePurplePain?
Hmm... I think my description might need "pedant" added to the mix. Can't believe it was missing...
@GentlePurpleRain Isn't Pental actually a word while Pentle isn't?
@Randal'Thor Didn't think either was. Dictionary.com backs me up.
Hm. I'm probably thinking of something else then.
@GentlePurpleRain a chrome extension could give notifications or a feed of recent questions
Pental is much easier to argue as a word
it clearly means 'related to the property of five-ness'
8:52 PM
@Areeb It's easy to make a feed of recent questions show up in chat.
Huh. @Emrakul has forgotten to change the room owners of the Sphinx's Lair since the election.
@StackExchange Conflict of interest! :-O
It probably doesn't really matter who the owner(s) is/are, because mods have more powers anyway.
Sure. But it's symbolically nice.
9:01 PM
@Randal'Thor with a chrome extension, it would show up in your browser,
Even I have all the mod powers in this room.
You could also add all sorts of puzzling tools, anagram solvers, cipher solvers, etc.
@Areeb An auto-solver, that looks at the question and presents potential solutions! :P
@GentlePurpleRain (All the "potential solutions" are "vote to close".)
You could even add moderating tools if you liked, check against puzzle databases(if there are any) for duplicates or something
@GentlePurpleRain that would be an interesting project!
9:47 PM
What happened to Peanuts rep? It's down to 1.
@Areeb Peanut was suspended? :-o
Yes, he was.
> This account is temporarily suspended because of low-quality contributions. The suspension period ends in 7 days.
Well, 7 days isn't too long.
@Deusovi oh figured
@GentlePurpleRain I'm not sure. Consolidate a few userscripts, add interactive features, who knows.
10:12 PM
@Emrakul this seems like a good opportunity for me to get into javascript. Only if I wasn't bogged down with school work

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