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12:00 AM
i wonder why?
well.. attempts to render :p
is there an SE site where I can make a library request? :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ One option should be MS Paint
@PhiNotPi is MS paint turing complete?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I don't like any of those options. I would have said python.
12:01 AM
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan That's kinda the point.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I'm not sure, but it's probably just as good as JavaScript.
@PhiNotPi ಠ_ಠ
I wonder if MS Paint could be Turing complete. We have the flood-fill tool, color picker, a couple auto-shapes, etc.
but no autonomous functions
now I want to make a turing complete picture editor -.-
@Dennis :-)
12:13 AM
I tried to install firefox but it crashes :/
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Fun fact: JS was originally a Scheme interpreter for Netscape
But some executive said it needs to look like Java
Hence why I voted for Lisp
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I know right. I curse that executive
Wasn't it written by the dude who owns mozilla?
12:15 AM
Look at the pain it's inflicted on us
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan yes
@quartata I really wouldn't mind a really functional browser language
in the paradigm sense
CMC: Do the inverse of this:
Q: Expand a C array

Dr Green Eggs and Iron ManIn the C programming language, arrays are defined like this: int foo[] = {4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42}; //Foo implicitly has a size of 6 The size of the array is inferred from the initializing elements, which in this case is 6. You can also write a C array this way, explicitly sizing it then def...

can we assume whitespace surrounds the =?
it actually looks kinda decent :)
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan would int foo[]={6,4,8,15,16,23,42} be valid output?
JavaScript ES6, 74 bytes: s=>`int${s.match(/ \w+/)}[] = {${s.match(/ \d+/g).map(Number).join`, `}}`
Since it's the exact opposite, no. It should look like int foo[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};
@aditsu does the screen have to be so small?
I want to see 4k Windows 95 >:)
12:24 AM
by default yes, but there are ways to change it
V, 35 bytes: din[lC = jvGÎd2f $C,ÎHòJò$xT=lys$}
Probably can be better golfed.
yay, upgrading to IE 4.01SP2 :)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ probably
ye gods, the channel bar ><
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ you think? :/
12:31 AM
this thing is unstable :(
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan perl with -apF '\n': $_=$_[0][0..-2]+"={"+join",",(join"\n",@_[1..-1]=~/=.*?;/g)[1..-2]+"};" although I have no idea if it works since I am on mobile
wait oops nvm
12:47 AM
I know there are a few trainers in here at various times, so just a heads up: Pokemon Go was just released from beta, and it should be showing up in app stores (iOS/Android) around midnight local time.
Speaking clearly and accurately for a tutorial is uncannily difficult o_O
but rewarding :D
yay I got firefox working :)
@HelkaHomba Eh, I had a brief job as a technical writer. It's terrible work.
@Geobits I mainly mean making my mouth move mindfully. Writing a script without having to dictate it would be manageable enough.
@aditsu :D
12:55 AM
I think IE4 installed some dlls that it needed, and then I did a DCOM update, then I was able to install and run it
version 0.8 for now :)
@HelkaHomba Oh, I thought you meant a written tutorial (and were using "speaking" figuratively).
it doesn't get along with imgur though - no common encryption algorithms
and keeps popping the error message..
@Geobits I mean episode 2 of Redstone Bric-a-brac :)
Ah. Will send Ep 1 link to Minibits momentarily :)
He's watched several of your videos, but I don't know if he's subscribed or not.
Unrelated: Is your name Richie?
@Geobits I'm making a lot more and a lot better videos lately so do stay tuned :)
1:00 AM
@HelkaHomba Well I don't usually watch MC videos in general. He likes them though :P
TIL aditsu is a cat lover
I have 4 cats
1:07 AM
i have 3
I had 4 cats growing up, and every single one of them ended up getting killed by coyotes. 0_0
I have 0 :/
I don't have coyotes in my home
I don't either.
I have 0 cats :(
1:09 AM
@aditsu Are they all vegetarians, or do the others get tired of Cici talking about it all the time? :P
heh, no, only she is; and not truly vegetarian, but she won't even get close to the canned food that the other ones are fighting for
@HelkaHomba ^
firefox, not IE
@Geobits (and for the record, I always do intend to keep my channel kid friendly, no minor swears even or games with gore)
now let's see what I can do about the display settings
1:12 AM
@HelkaHomba I would worry about that more if he didn't also watch other channels that were not so mindful of it, but it's nice to know :D
How old is minibits?
does he know he is called minibits?
Q: Can't Open a Chest in Minecraft PE

MɪɴɪʙɪᴛsSo, I cannot seem to open a chest in Minecraft Pocket Edition. I tried clicking on it, which resulted in the chest breaking or not doing anything. I haven't run into that problem on the PC.

1:16 AM
-1, avatar isn't a miniature downvote.
He's still in training. Hasn't earned the downvote symbol yet.
At least he isn't an upvote
You said it, brother.
Or a goat. shudders
Haha, I hope that stays on the starboard for a while, and you know who sees it. :P
1:18 AM
No idea who you mean.
@HelkaHomba How dare you say his name!
@Geobits I am proud of the small caps. Also, is that from geometry dash?
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Voldemort ≈ Vihan
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ The small caps are a travesty, and your fault (along with the Irk) :(
And yes
oh god I influenced the young
1:21 AM
Scary, huh?
I feel awful
or maybe it's just the mood swing
Well he saw your names and asked how to do it. I usually feel it's best to show kids their options and let them choose, but in this case he chose wrong.
at least he didn't see "Mama Fun Roll"s previous names and asked how to do that
If there are small caps, are there large lowers?
maybe some
1:26 AM
Hmm. That would make height differences awkward among lowers.
SOVCXZK kinda already work
Small caps work because all caps are the same height
Dim i
Set s = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
s.AppActivate "Skype.exe"
i = WScript.Arguments(0)
t = CInt(WScript.Arguments(1))
WScript.Sleep 1000
For c = 1 to t
    s.SendKeys CStr((c-1) / (t-1)) + ": " + i + "~"
the chat is stuck at loading in firefox..
1:30 AM
you got ffx on win95! :D
yep :) but not a recent version :p
Not too surprising. There were a bunch of win 95/98 computers still around when it first came out.
looking pretty good now:
I love how that looks
imo that thin font is the best
1:33 AM
@Geobits purging will only make you thinner like the font
It wasn't intentional :/
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I like it too
it's simple an elegant. easy on the eyes.
1:40 AM
cool! can you join?
nope, it doesn't load
aw :/
it isn't fixable?
js errors and possibly some other internal errors
CJam interpreters also not working :/
1:43 AM
what does my homepage look like?
seems ok
click the near-top left corner?
nothing happens
1:45 AM
it usually replaces all o's with ಠ
> langauges
oh wow, just saw that in my normal browser
@AlexA. I always misspell that :(
@AlexA. maybe it was "lan gauges"
1:48 AM
for gauging your local area network
what does my blog look like? blog.phinotpi.com
takes a while to load; title seems wrong
Oh, I see what you guys are doing, and now I'm curious. How about my website? starmaninnovations.com
1:52 AM
Looks just like IE11.
much better than IE3, at least :p
ok I'll check those, but I need to get some sleep too
firefox freezes sometimes..
@Doorknob yours looks great
@aditsu \o/
just misses the center alignment under the picture
ok, have a good DayUtils.getPartOfDay();
2:05 AM
I think mine looks the best.
Holy smokes @Doorknob you play the viola? That's really cool
g'night guys
@quartata And the piano.
And the banjo
Okay, I made up the banjo part
@quartata Usually the reaction is "oh, so that's the bigger violin?" :P
Banjo is confusing af. I tried learning it and it never made sense.
2:09 AM
It's not so bad. It's just like the guitar but the strings are in intervals of fifths instead of fourths.
No, that's mandolin.
Mandolin is gdae, banjo is high g, dgbd iirc.
Oh, you have a 5 string banjo?
... aren't all banjos five string?
2:11 AM
Mine is four
Oh. And in fifths?
That sounds way less confuzzling.
Have you ever heard of banjo metal?
Well, I finally got a GitHub account.
I have indeed
2:14 AM
Or as I like to call it: "grasscore"
@R.Kap Nice, welcome to 2011!
@AlexA. Thanks! I did not know I could travel back in time!
I didn't hear about Github until 2012
@R.Kap Though the magic of git you can :P
Dropped the ball a bit I suppose
2:15 AM
I didn't hear about github until 2015. -_-
@quartata I didn't make an account until 2014 I think
I made an account in 2016, so I am the latest one here.
@AlexA. This is my banjo. It was my grandfather's. 1920s May Bell.
I don't know how much I'm going to use it though, as I am already so used to storing all my files on Google Drive and manually versioning.
Yeah I didn't make an account until 2015 because I never really needed one. But I knew about it and cloned stuff from it way before
Trust me, once you start using Git, you'll never go back to manual versioning
My favorite banjo metal.
good morning
favorite banjo band: Slim Cessna's Auto Club. weird goth country stuff from Denver. never been there though.
My SVN server was always sufficient for versioning. The only reason why I made an account was to get access to ue4
2:19 AM
> SVN server
Nice, welcome to 1986!
@TheNoonMoose it's overrated. Traffic is terrible, and everything is overpriced.
Oi I use svn+ssh. That's at least ~1990
that's a damn shame to hear. where should i visit west of the mississippi that isn't hot or california?
Seattle, Washington
Always Washington
i'll keep that in mind
2:20 AM
I mean you're welcome
Yes, summer in Seattle, Washington is amazing with regards to weather.
What's wrong with California?
Colorado. Fort collins Colorado. Always.
Much better than Denver
Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada FTW.
Gee you totally can't tell where we live by our not highly biased responses or anything
2:23 AM
I hear New Zealand's really nice
Granted, Washington is objectively superior to everything
@Quill All seriousness it sounds amazing. Maybe I'll live there someday in a parallel universe where I have money and can expend effort
@AlexA. The only part of Washington I've been to is Spokane.
@quartata I hear they have big spiders
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Oh gross. Everything east of the Cascades is basically Idaho and Idaho is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE
;-; Idaho is my favorite place that isn't Colorado.
2:28 AM
@AlexA. it's true that washington is dece although I would argue that the lost coast is superior in terms of nature/little towns
"Dece"? "Lost Coast"?
Extremely gud and chunk of coastline up in Northern California. Look it up
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan I've actually never been. I've heard it's nice. Eastern Washington isn't great though; the magic is west of the Cascades (and the Cascades themselves).
also eek big spiders
nevermind new zealand sounds not gud
Is my answer shown below the only one on PPCG that utilizes Selenium Webdriver for an answer to a challenge?:
A: Leave a Comment

R. KapPython 3.5 with Selenium Webdriver, 485 427 bytes: from selenium.webdriver import*;from time import*;D=Firefox();I=lambda k:D.find_element_by_id(k);J=lambda f:D.find_element_by_link_text(f);C='comment';D.get('http://ppcg.lol');J('log in').click();I('email').send_keys(U);I('password').send_keys(P...

2:32 AM
@AlexA. depends on where you go. Southern Idaho is pretty shitty, but if you go far enough north it's gorgeous.
Really? I searched for answers containing selenium (apart from the element) but could not really find any...
coeur d'alene Idaho is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.
search harder not smarter
@SuperJedi224 Well, something broke the Catagolue...
2:37 AM
Although I'm going to Seattle in august. I'm super excited, I've heard it's awesome.
Beautiful weather.
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan \o/ What for?
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Coeur d'Alene makes me think of this song
(because he says "Coeur d'Alene")
What is going on with they hyphens in this article? ._.
@AlexA. it's a stepping stone in a larger trip that I'm going on with my dad kinda just cause.
And because of graduating
Oh nice. Sounds like a good time. :)
Also congrats on graduating!
@HelkaHomba So-lar!
2:43 AM
Thanks! I'm really excited. I'm also gonna go to Iceland.
@HelkaHomba Looks like it was meant to be in a smaller column. Silly, I know.
@El'endiaStarman Oh, that makes sense. But still
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan For a second I thought you were taking a celebratory trip for PPCG's graduation
> Additional work is underway to demon-strate
> aggregated and ana-lyzed
2:46 AM
Anyways congratulations! Any thoughts on potential majors, colleges, ...? (assuming youre plannig to pursue some form of higher education)
I love sci-ence
@El'endiaStarman Good placement of the hyphen there though.
Demon-strate? That does not sound good
@quartata Computer science. maybe electrical engineering, but definitely leaning towards cs. Not positive when and where though.
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Sometimes you're required to take both CS and EE classes fyi. i.e. "EECS"
2:49 AM
EECS is pretty common if you're looking for both
The University of Washington has an awesome College of Computer Science and Engineering. It's CS and EE.
ninjad dumb wireless
@HelkaHomba isn't that called computer engineering?
Maybe depends on the college. It's usually called EECS, at least here
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Maybe some places. I just mean that to major in CS you may still be required to take a few basic EE courses (and vice versa)
2:52 AM
Kinda rolls of the tongue. ee-kz
@quartata "eeks!" like a spider jumped on you or something
@HelkaHomba oh that's what you meant. I thought you were referring to the actual eecs major
3:32 AM
@El'endiaStarman Pick apart the word "analyze" - "lysis" means "to split", so that obviously leads to a very unfortunate conclusion.
Hey @Dr Green
@El'endiaStarman -1, splitting not done with freehand line
@thepiercingarrow Yes? Just fyi, that didn't actually ping me because of the space.
3:50 AM
@Maltysen I actually would've liked to split it diagonally, but you can't do that non-freehand. :P
Nicael would be horrified.
What the hell? I clicked on my rep notifier, and I had a -1 for an answer downvote. When I clicked on it, it said I downvoted 30 minutes ago.
I have no memory of that, and now it's locked in.
And it's a good post. :(
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan Geobits must have hacked your account
Dang it! If only it was digital trauma instead.
4:34 AM
Are you on mobile? It's pretty easy to vote by accident while scrolling...
Yeah, that's probably it.
4:55 AM
I love getting emails in my inbox from colleagues titled "expertise... needed"
My new favorite github repository:
> 100 pull requests
5:11 AM
Q: 4 digits number that its quadruple equals its reverse

Ehsaanthis is my very first programming puzzle, I hope it's a new one here, it's a puzzle that my math teacher gave it to class to solve it by mathematics solutions. The title is saying it, find a 4 digits number that its quadruple (i*4) equals its reverse. There is one number that has these conditio...

Yeah, and one of them is conor
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan That's exactly the kind of thing that Javascript was built for
I thought it was built for those annoying automatic page scrollers
5:27 AM
@NewMainPosts This challenge is so close to a good first challenge, but it's not quite there.
I got my submission down to 134 bytes and made it more self-contained! Usually it's just one or the other!
A: Leave a Comment

MegoJavascript with jQuery, 134 bytes $.post("http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/84546/comments",{"comment":"1234567890123456","fkey":localstorage.getItem('se:fkey')}) The fkey parameter is unique to your account, and can be found by examining local storage contents of your browser with a Sta...

5:42 AM
@Mego Good job!
5:56 AM
The person who can tell me why c++ can accept this:
const int vsize = 3;
GLfloat objData[vsize];
but not this:
int isize = 3;
const int vsize = isize;
GLfloat objData[vsize];
wins a cookie
In your second example vsize is not const.
In the first example, vsize is not only const, but is also a constexpr (since it is initialized with a literal, which are also constexprs). In the second example, since there is a non-constexpr value in the middle (isize), vsize is not a constexpr, and thus cannot be used for an array size in initialization.
6:15 AM
Mego and Green Eggs get cookies.
And I'm now completely screwed :(. I need to be able to do the second thing...
Use dynamic memory and make sure to delete it when you're done
yeah I think I'll have too. It just looked too scary and confusing lol.
I was hoping for an easy out but I guess not. I'll hit the books (aka internet) tomorrow and learn how to do it!
int isize = 3;
const int vsize = isize;
auto objData = new GLfloat[vsize];
/* do stuff */
delete[] objData;
It's really quite easy
hm, actually that does look easy in your example
well anyways I'm still going to sleep atm because I gotta wake up tomorrow at 6:30 :(
6:21 AM
Good luck! :)
@Mego what does auto do?
@Maltysen It automatically determines the type.
@Maltysen Type inferencing. It defines the type of objData as the type of the RHS.
6:31 AM
@Mego I made an input capable form of this answer, should I post a separate answer or leave a comment as a suggestion?
I've left a comment for now, but I'm willing to add a new one as well.
I just don't know what standard practice would be. :P
@VTCAKAVSMoACE I'd say a separate answer, since I'm not convinced of the original answer's validity.
@Mego Aight.
You did the lion's share of the work, so you should own the answer
6:49 AM
Solving the newest challenge in a language that doesn't have math
@DrGreenEggsandIronMan String mathematics! \o/
The challenge would be equivalent to if I wrote a challenge and said: "Find all numbers whose digital sum is a multiple of 9. But don't just print all the factors of 9."
plx solve it
6:59 AM
What is it?
its a maths puzzul
The top left looks like you're trying to summon Cthulhu.
7:17 AM
Hi everyone !
7:28 AM
@DrG I know, I just put the space there so not to distract you.
@ManojAgrawal Please do not spam chat rooms with "maths puzzles"
@Quill i am not sppaming
@Quill @ManojAgrawal Also, we already solved that puzzle in the Sandbox.
You messaged your puzzle in three separate rooms
7:31 AM
@zʏᴀʙiɴ101 ya
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Yಠu made me laugh with the nಠpe(); functiಠn ಠn yಠur site ^^
7:49 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Ehsaannth number that multiplies 4 equals its reverse Tags: code-golfing,math It's quite simple, given n, output the nth number such that, if the number is multiplied by 4 and its digits reversed, it equals the original number. The challenge originally is from Mego, posted on my broken challenge...


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