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8:00 PM
@DucatiKiller I tend to judge by reputation. 17,377 > 101.
@JonEricson, 101? You don't need to know anything about cars?
Come on!
It's my fervency....but my number is really meaningless when it comes to getting some of the high rep guys on board that swing by. their opinion is almost always, voting is fine. Traffic increases aren't tied to it, neither are questions....whereas based upon SEO algorithms page change is a metric that drives traffic. hence the old question editing badges which drive page change for older questions as well as help to refine them.
@JonEricson ....which drives traffic and potentially increases the chances that some of those people will ask a question and maybe even stick around and become a user. IMO voting is central for the reasons I've cited as well as all of the great links you've provided...but I don't want to really debate with anyone regarding the issue. It feels tiresome.
Ultimately, the site needs leadership from within. You all are doing great work and should be proud of that. The only reason you haven't graduated is there just aren't enough of you to support an election. Voting will help, but it's not the only thing that's needed.
It's way better to have the initiatives come from you all than from me. I really appreciate what you all have done so far and I suspect it's making a difference.
Certainly. I don't want to put forth the idea that voting solves all problems. I do believe that voting helps to reward and motivate individuals and perhaps I'm projecting because it works on me. I will say that I believe that voting helps to create those potential leaders for the future and that the long game obviously includes some people that may not even be users of SE right now.
It's a virtuous cycle for sure.
8:10 PM
Hot network questions really are key.
It certainly doesn't hurt
we need a good general question that someone can ask and all of us pile on with an answer in short order to jam into the hnq. LOL.... @JonEricson would that be considered 'no go' behavior?
@DucatiKiller As ever testing the limits of acceptable behaviour ;)
@DucatiKiller You can't tell, but he's looking the other way right now.
@DucatiKiller As long as the question is good and you don't use a link-bait title, I wouldn't be bothered.
8:13 PM
Metaphorically, and possibly physically. :)
Hahahahah... ah, the link-bait discussion.
I remember that :)
@JonEricson We're far too classy for that kind of behaviour :D
Mar 24 at 21:25, by Lynn Crumbling
Porn Sex Money Turbo-Charger goes into Limp Mode (While girlfriend screams (at me)?)
@JonEricson Using the words......poop, sex, and donald trump are out then I take it.
@LynnCrumbling Perfect!
There was one on arqade - Should I call my mom?
@Zaid yes...and the 'porn viewing in the library' one last week.
8:15 PM
Stupidest topic ever
I got a silver badge for porting it over to Law Beta on the porn in public thiing....lol
@DucatiKiller We had to blacklist at least one of those words from HNQ. ;-)
I would have blacklisted Donald Trump too.
That "clit" command line question was pretty crazy recently too.
But that was legit enough
8:16 PM
yeah, I got a few cackles out of that myself.
Yea, I meant on the topic of a clickbait title.
The question did seem somewhat legit.
@Zaid your defending clit tickling in the HNQ. Respect.
This comment deserves 5 stars
Crank is ok in this chat room right :) - 1d ago by JPhi1618
@DucatiKiller I'm defending honest-to-God questions
It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission
Shoot first, ask questions later, eh?
8:19 PM
@Zaid yes. Ready, Fire, Aim!
well, what's the question with wide enough breadth that we could all pile in on?
If I drove my car into water what is the best way for me to free myself from the vehicle?
Is that too subjective?
How do I save my children from a sinking vehicle?
The moment you say "best way", you're inviting trouble
How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?
What kind of a car and how old would it need to be in order to operate after an airburst nuclear detonation?
Seems reasonable
(the sinking vehicle question, that is)
I like the nuclear detonation question. cuz, nuclear detonation.
That's better suited for world-building
plus, wasn't there already a question like that on here?
8:26 PM
How do I kill all the zombies on the planet at once?
Pray to the Almighty
@Zaid I can't find a sinking car question
Go ahead, shoot
I may have an answer for you
OK, everyone pile on
Not that I ever found myself in a sinking vehicle...
8:33 PM
Q: How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?

DucatiKillerEvery year in Arizona there are monsoon storms and somebody inevitably get's killed in a car that is sinking in water. It appears the primary issue is getting free from the vehicle. After that, there's an entire set of other issues. Aside from that, how can I free myself from a sinking vehicle...

Let's get this into the HNQ.
Man, you really did that.
I've wanted to for months.
I step away for a minute...
I just got OK'd from a mod god
I've got a proactive body kit for you:
8:35 PM
what is that?
That's a styrofoam car body.
It floats!
@Zaid interesting
@DucatiKiller you might understand the commentary
@Zaid lol
actually, I might
8:36 PM
Why is "headrest" in english?
safety glasses people
The key is how they wedge it. Hitting the glass isn't going to do the job reliabily.
always wear your safety glasses while driving in case you drive into a lake and need to break a window.
@JPhi1618 here's an answer
@DucatiKiller I don't think you're going to worry about EHS if you've got that sinking feeling
@JPhi1618 @LynnCrumbling are you guys ok with piling on?
It's a one time SE psuedo hack
8:47 PM
@DucatiKiller I'm going to restructure my answer a little
If someone needs urgent help, the last thing they need to know is that I got it from Lifehacker
seatbelt cutter and window breaker tool
I'm going to post a mythbusters answer when I get a chance.
They did two episodes on it.
looked at those
I guess @LynnCrumbling is out
there's the center punch method and then that tool above and then the mythbusters
@DucatiKiller I'm in
we could have three more legit answers
@LynnCrumbling sweet
those two vids above seem like legit tools/methods
I like the @Zaid headrest tool. It's always next to you.
8:52 PM
@DucatiKiller, maybe I can continue our earlier conversation and try to find a way to break the window with a toddler.
I'm a little preoccupied with work at the moment... do you still want an answer even if it's in a couple hours?
Because man, they are always next to you.
@JPhi1618 You could next level it by making the tool out of toddlers
@JPhi1618 good point
Yea, exactly.
Have you seen the video of breaking a window with ceramic from a spark plug?
This little guy will take care of it. He told me so.
8:54 PM
You can throw a shard of it at a window and it breaks because it's just so hard.
Nice....@RoryAlsop jumped and unwittingly contributed to the hack
@JPhi1618 yes, I've seen that
Could you use a mobile phone?
Throw it at the window on the opposite side?
@Zaid I'll go try on my infinity. brb
@Zaid an iPhone 6 with the titanium shell?
Not unwitting, @DucatiKiller :-)
8:57 PM
Lol, break a window with a toddler
An "average" consumer-grade phone. I don't think it has enough mass to break a window
@RoryAlsop Jph is infatuated with solving problems with toddlers today.
Ha, @RoryAlsop, I thought you would like that with your Parenting rep.
I have a 2yo and 4yo, so looking for a way to utilize them.
8:58 PM
@JPhi1618 maximizing resources like that is truly a skill
I'm a programmer. Always looking for efficiency and reusing tools.
@JPhi1618 Send your CFO a link to this so he can appreciate your resource management and budget conscious attitude
It might make him a little misty
@cdunn Quit scaring your children
@DucatiKiller it's in HNQ
9:04 PM
Page 2
It would be nice to have a physics answer with a chart.....lol
Where's @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 ... he likes charts.
The tensile strength of a driver side window
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 TTBOMK didn't even notify anyone that he would be so tardy today.
A: How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?

ZaidIf you can open the door, do it Then unbuckle, and bail out. If your car has sunroof and it works, open it and exit from it Your car electrics need to be functioning for this to work though. Detach the headrest, use it to shatter the window glass¹ Take headrest off the back of the seat ...

Added a couple more
9:12 PM
@Zaid VW's have a panel that you can yank off to reveal a hand-crank for the sunroof.
@LynnCrumbling I'll add a note
@LynnCrumbling are you going to take one of the youtube answers? I might pile on with a couple of sentences.
@DucatiKiller It might be a bit of time yet - feel free to use whatever you need to
@DucatiKiller Apparently the hand crank is the form of an allen wrench clipped onto the panel: youtube.com/watch?v=-T94S-w6gJo
around 0:30
I threw in a thought
A: How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?

DucatiKillerTaking from @roryaslop's response. Once free of the vehicle, especially in a flash flood, a flotation device can be a real life saver. Many vehicles have rear seats that you can pull out very quickly that are made of styrofoam. As well, a head rest could prove to be enough floatation to easy...

Added one. Have to review and edit now.
9:20 PM
@JPhi1618 leave a small child for a few minutes and it will figure out a way to break all the windows
@LynnCrumbling that's pretty cool
The only reason that I even knew about it is because the dealer made a point of mentioning it back when I bought my car in 2001.
@RoryAlsop Sorry about the name misspelling. Thanks for making me better :-)
"Oh, and in case your car is ever sinking and you need to break out of it, you can pull this panel down and hand-crank it." He didn't show me at the time because apparently that panel is pretty tough to get back on.
@LynnCrumbling, I've seen that crank-hole. I'm not sure it comes with a wrench for cranking tho.
9:23 PM
@JPhi1618 you can't say crank-hole in this chat room
Man, we need a list.
Let's start a Meta post with all the bad words we can think of.
That's it ... You're all fired.
Yes, but does it come with a wench?
hey @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2
Hey @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2.
When the cats away...
9:24 PM
Hey all! :o)
@JPhi1618 Yes you should post that in meta!
I'm sitting waiting for the barber. On the phone sucks I must say.
I'm sure it will be well received.
Q: What makes this site so special for you?

ZaidI've been active on this site for almost two years now and have used it to get help, learn stuff and assist others. mechanics.SE is by no means the first website on automotive maintenance and I doubt it'll be the last. But there's something about it that makes it so... unique. I've been trying...

@Zaid Oh I like it!
9:26 PM
@Zaid, lol at "Clear away shattered glass remnants and exit from window" I think the wall of water is going to do that for you.
@Zaid I'll pile onto that for sure
Our chatroom makes it awesome for me.
DIY.SE are a bunch of sticks in the mud.
Good deal @JPhi1618
yes, this ridiculous chatroom is pretty awesome
We've hit page 1
9:27 PM
Good call on that question @DucatiKiller.
nice collective hack gents
Fine! We didn't want You here anyway.
Haha leave it to Ducati to bust the code
9:28 PM
Did anyone else see "You" float in and back out?
I was being serious about the awesomeness actually
this place is good. I laugh my ass off daily in here
Huh, nobody sees me fade away. I leave with Authoratay!
@DucatiKiller So you're seriously awesome? Or awesomely serious?
@Zaid - Uh, a little of both?
@DucatiKiller o/ \o
9:30 PM
@Zaid Awesomely serious at this time but I could be the other from time to time....but I don't like bragging about it. How seriously awesome I am....
@LynnCrumbling I'm staring at it but am not feeling awesome enough to identify it...
high-five (two heads, arms raised)
@Zaid I'm not at an awesome lowpoint
@LynnCrumbling I've learned something new...again.
@LynnCrumbling You make me better.
@LynnCrumbling Huh?
@Zaid circles are heads
Looks like a duck to me
9:32 PM
:) No toddlers were hurt in the making of that emoji
It's one of those things that I'll have a hard time unseeing
@LynnCrumbling we'll need documentation on that with an audit trail.
Q: How to find a router at an unknown location in a house?

SimonSI want to install a WLAN repeater in my father’s holiday house which he rents out to other people. My father is a digital neanderthal and doesn’t know where his router is, therefore I cannot configure my repeater to this router. Are there any tools that could help me find that router in the hou...

second answer. have your kids find it.
Look at the votes on that thing
two days....100+
I've heard stories of a unix box that had such a long uptime that it was actually buried in a wall of UNC during a remodel. And lost for years.
I've heard the same story but a different school and it was a Novell server
@JPhi1618 maybe a toddler can't find your router but a pre-schooler might.
@DucatiKiller Sorry - netware
9:37 PM
so it's NOT urban legend
Apparently not :)
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 are you going to pile onto the HNQ?
@LynnCrumbling, a cube wall at my old work was put up about 2ft away from the wall so the whole row would be in a straight line. Well, a server was back there because they didn't have another network jack when the wall was put up. It was forgotten back there for years until the case fan started to squeak.
These are good for Skeptics questions
Alright, #timetotakehomethedonuts
9:39 PM
Yeah, I'm out in 10.
@JPhi1618 Enjoy the traffic jam
@DucatiKiller Oh. Hey. I just noticed we are working toward this badge idea:
A: Get rid of the Reversal badge

Shog9I was kinda underwhelmed by this question discussion at first. I remember the discussion that originally suggested the Reversal badge (yes, way back in the User Voice days) - by the time the badge rolled out, the terrible question that inspired it had already been deleted! Even then, it was prett...

Any suggestions for the name? We are thinking about Gemcutter.
@JonEricson That's pretty cool. Thanks for coming back and posting that.
@DucatiKiller Shog might have pointed that one out to me. ;-)
Definitely would be a tough one to get
@LynnCrumbling inspired by you
Q: Is it true that a server had a wall built around it?

CitizenServer walled in at an office somewhere and discovered years later, running I'm in IT and I've repeatedly heard stories of a server that was built into a wall somewhere and was discovered years later when the wall was torn down. I'm skeptical due to the fact that heat that would build up in a w...

9:51 PM
A: What makes this site so special for you?

ZaidI like a lot of things: the Q&A format demands objectivity So no opinionated rants, little tolerance for bias. And no room for answers like "I use red plug wires instead of black plug wires because they match my engine bay." The Pitstop and other chatrooms A watering hole where stuff that doe...

Hah. Nice.
Guys, I'm asking this question for a reason
@DucatiKiller Going to self-answer?
@LynnCrumbling no
@Zaid what's the inspiration? I'm definitely going to pile on and answer too.
It should help us focus on what makes this site successful. By continuing to do those things (maybe do them better), it should help us make it more successful
9:53 PM
Hrmmm. Are you trying to bait me into becoming active on skeptics?
@LynnCrumbling I'm skeptical
@LynnCrumbling No, just trying to say your the wind beneath my wings.
Nice :)
@Zaid I like it. I have some thoughts too.
I'm going try and NOT make it a wall of words....which is hard for me sometimes.
@Zaid I'll definitely post an answer at some point in the next 24 hours. Either tonight or tomorrow morning.
9:55 PM
@LynnCrumbling Appreciate it
@Zaid Can I suggest editing your answer to link to the room?
Good idea
@Zaid I like the question. Sometimes a need to remind myself of all of the good things instead of bitch about the things I don't like.
@Zaid regarding anything. It will be good for me to respond
I don't like many things about model-specific forums. Especially obnoxious behaviour where some members love their car to bits and sneer at "the others"
@Zaid I totally agree with that. forums are full of vitriol.
@Zaid I take it that's your cue. See you later?
10:00 PM
That is the pat-yourself-on-the-back GIF. Intended for those obnoxious forum members
Wasn't meant to be directed at anyone here, lol
once again. I'm laughing.
Same here- 'night all!
@LynnCrumbling catch you later
we have a dissenter in the community
I don't think this question is on topic. It's not about repair or maintenance. There's a consensus that questions about safe driving habits are not on topic unless they relate to mechanical issues. — Nate Eldredge 1 min ago
@Zaid On or off topic? Wadya think Mr?
here's my response
Perhaps, this isn't about driving though. It's about breaking a window. — DucatiKiller 24 secs ago
10:18 PM
@DucatiKiller It's in the same category as the getting unstuck in snow question
good one
@Zaid Are you watching the comments?
too funny
he's fervent
You look on the other sites and it's clear he likes to swagger around with some authority.
@Zaid I still like, "What kind of a car would survive an EMF blast from a nuclear detonation?"
@DucatiKiller That would be a dupe of this
Q: Could a modern car be modded enough to work without ECUs?

SdlionWith enough time and skill sets, could a modern car be modded enough to work without microprocessors? Having machining skills and a fitted workshop, without buying a new motor block or transmission. Through modding of its parts or machining new ones. Discrete electronics could be used (to build...

I certainly wouldn't ask the EMF question though. I just like it, makes me laugh
Would a coil survive an EMF?
10:27 PM
EMP? Dunno
Ask the gentlemen over at EE.SE
Or @DavidFreitag
He's an EE
@DavidFreitag That was fast!
Your like some sort of wizard or something.
@DavidFreitag would a car coil survive an EMP?
@DucatiKiller What sort of coil?
@DavidFreitag I never pictured you that way. It's like the first time you see the DJay.
@DavidFreitag collapsing or expanding field car coil to generate the spark.
I don't want to ask on EE because they will just kick it back here
Your first concern in the car isn't going to be any coils, it will be the discrete electronics
i.e. ECU, sensors, etc
10:31 PM
call it an old car
1957 Dodge Pickup
would that dodge survive?
Basically all controls are done with automotive relays and switches?
yes, very analogue
I would have to say yes
Anything designed for an automotive environment is going to be extremely rugged
10:33 PM
....so the alternator and coils should be ok?
I've believed that but always thought I was wrong
The reason why an EMP is dangerous to discrete electronics is because the electromagnetic field will cause shorts and sparks insige the chips
when you say discrete electronics can you define discrete for me?
@DucatiKiller If there is an EMP large enough to kill a coil that's designed to withstand 100s of Amps of inrush current, you've got bigger issues
@Zaid - Absolutely. Though, generic car forums usually don't do very well. I helped a buddy of mine work a forum which was called GA Musclecars, which catered to anyone who wanted to rod a vehicle, but mainly American Muscle. It took us about 2 years to give up, but it died a slow miserable death.
@DucatiKiller Semiconductors
10:34 PM
@DavidFreitag OK, gotcha
@DavidFreitag - Something that big would probably restart a human, eh?
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Have you seen the HAMBÉ
Or fry, lol
@DavidFreitag your logic makes sense. You've dispelled myth today. You are a successful giver.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Yeah, or stop indefinitely
10:35 PM
@JonathanMusso - No clue
Also, even if an EMP was able to pierce the coating on the wires in an alternator, the alternator would still work it would probably just spark like crazy
Sorry, the HAMB, Hokey Ass Message Board. Itès the largest hotrodding forum that exists.
@DavidFreitag - That might be energizing.
i.e. if it caused an arc between two windings in a coil it wouldn't put it out of service completely
@JonathanMusso - Never seen nor heard of it.
Wait, maybe heard of it, but not seen.
10:37 PM
In which case you could disassemble the alternator and repair the coil with rubber cement or something like that.
@DavidFreitag I guess if it doesn't create an open due to the inrush it should be good then.
@DavidFreitag the insulation component, yes, makes sense
@DucatiKiller Yup, but like I said, those coils are meant to handle gobs of power to start the engine, so should be no worries.
Itès for older stuff, pre è70s to prohibition era. Bahg, need to fix this keyboard.
As for the relays (which also have small coils), there might be something there.
@JonathanMusso It's like you selected another language for it
10:38 PM
Yeah, stuck on Canadian French. Fixed now.
like turn signals and what not?
@JonathanMusso - There's an easy cure for a bad keyboard ... it's called replacement.
Yeah everything that relays would control in an older model vehicle like that
The issue is that the relays will have small, low power coils in them that might be easy for a sufficiently large EMP to short out indefinitely. To top it off, most of those relays are completely sealed, so fixing them might be quite a pain
well if a turn signal relay get's smoked after the nuclear detonation....
@DucatiKiller You'd fail inspection
10:47 PM
@Zaid - Bwahahahaha!
Depending on the extent, we all fail inspection.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 :)
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 haha! I think it keeps changing with some hotkey configuration.
@Zaid - WRT your "what's so great" question on Meta ... unfortunately you've said everything I would say ... I don't know if I can add anything of substance over that.
I absolutely could not agree with your more. I think it's a great question!
I'll keep it in the back of my head and see if anything shows up in the old noggin.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 it wouldn't hurt to have some granularity. A is more important than B, B more relevant than C...
You may want to change the title just a little, if we could. Could you make it "What makes Mechanics.SE so ..." instead of using ""this site" ... I'd really like your question featured so it will show up front.
I really think a question like that on Meta could help people hang out more here on SE, instead of just popping in.
Our community is a lot larger than it was six months ago, that's for sure.
10:54 PM
You betcha
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 OMG yes, the user stats on area51 have really grown.
rather rapidly too
Q: What makes mechanics.SE so special?

ZaidI've been active on this site for almost two years now and have used it to get help, learn stuff and assist others. mechanics.SE is by no means the first website on automotive maintenance and I doubt it'll be the last. But there's something about it that makes it so... unique. I've been trying...

Has anyone heard anything from Jon Ericson about graduation? I know he lurks here, but doesn't say much unless we ask. I get afraid to ask him as I think I'm bugging the heck out of him.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 We're on course
@Zaid - Beautiful :D
@BobCross - Would you please put the tag on Zaid's Meta question?
10:55 PM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 I got all nutty fervent and typed a wall of words to jonericson earlier
@DucatiKiller - Oh, now we're doomed.
3 hours ago, by Jon Ericson
Ultimately, the site needs leadership from within. You all are doing great work and should be proud of that. The only reason you haven't graduated is there just aren't enough of you to support an election. Voting will help, but it's not the only thing that's needed.
Gotcha. I was wondering if something had been said.
I wonder what "enough" is going to be to support an election.
@Zaid What's interesting to me on the second read of that is. What are the other things that are needed other than leadership and voting?
AND....what are the metrics to graduation?
@DucatiKiller We have a skewed diaspora. Few in the middle class
10:57 PM
@DucatiKiller - I'm sure we've met the general requirements for graduation ... it's just the people with points which makes things go.
And @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 is the only bourgeoisie
@Zaid - Uh .... sure.
@Zaid It's true, he is.
You two are not far behind me.
So really, it's still about mid level users?
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 I hit 200 badges today
10:58 PM
You've been piling on points at an alarming rate ... IT'S AWESOME!
25k is key
@DucatiKiller - Noice!
@Zaid yup - that!
How many mid level users do we need?
Q: Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

AnaBack in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be closed down. Any existing Q&A will be archived and made available for download, but the site...

10:59 PM
@JonEricson - Hey! Stop your lurking!!
@JonEricson holy cow....you did it again.
Heh. ;-)

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