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1:49 AM
@DucatiKiller no I don't play
6 hours later…
7:46 AM
@DucatiKiller it's too bad the app isn't good for phone pictures. I have a one shot image that answers "where in the world is Bob?"
8:37 AM
@BobCross didn't we discuss your oil on throttle body mystery in chat?
2 hours later…
10:27 AM
@Zaid discuss, yes. Solve, no
11:19 AM
@BobCross I thought we said that that pipe was for the CCV
11:52 AM
Good morning
2 hours later…
2:17 PM
@DucatiKiller Have you ridden a Grom? They look fun
I've wondered about those... They just seem too small. Like riding a toy or something meant for a kid.
@JonathanMusso No, I have not but.....there's a Ducati master tech (I think that's what certification is called) down the street that has like 6 of them and all the techs race them around the back parking lot after work. They all love them.
They seem super fun
@BobCross My curiosity is killing cats.
That is a curious curiosity.
2:34 PM
They look like a fun pit bike!
yeah, you seem them all over the place at track days and club races. They also have competitions with them too. Full grown men on them with leathers and little kids.
I imagine the men with leathers and little kids strapped to them.
nice visual.
Like Voltron made out of toddlers.
I think it's against the law to make things out of toddlers
2:40 PM
I thought that depended on the state?
IDK though, I could be wrong. It could be entirely acceptable to make things out of toddlers.
State might be a metric.
Oh well... All I can find is a water melon made out of a toddler... visiontimes.com/uploads/2014/07/12.jpg
Nice....but that image might actually be masking a googling issue. The problem might exist between the keyboard and the chair.
2:45 PM
Must mean that I'm slow.
@LynnCrumbling There are NO toddlers in that image.
The judges are required to disqualify the entry.
@JPhi1618 I have to take what I can get. You leave very few logic cracks to exploit.
Is Honda the only manufacturer that makes a bike like the Grom?
@LynnCrumbling That's one for the trophy case
2:47 PM
(Grom competitor)
@LynnCrumbling The judges accept this entry
Also, Kawasaki KSR110?
@LynnCrumbling What's the title? For our records of course
I've never seen one of those Kawi's.
Could be foreign?
2:50 PM
@JPhi1618 That thing looks so cool!
could be. It even has upside down forks
"The FBI reacts to Apple's Denial to Help Decrypt iPhone Data"
I think the look on the face says it all.
the whole thing sounded just as it looks.
@LynnCrumbling That pic is a great avator for an SO persona
2:53 PM
HAHAH. An appropriate user name would really complete the package.
@LynnCrumbling Something about being proactive would be fitting......
What would the username be? "GTFO" ?
that would work
effective simple message
I kind of like "Shhhhhhhh"
or "close your hole"
That girl was reacting, you know.
Perhaps, this boy.
That, of course is the FBI, saying "HEY, YOU. DECRYPT MY SHIT FOR ME".
yes, the boy was their opening volley at Apple
all pushy and demanding
@JPhi1618 How did the double dip HNQ work out for you?
3:06 PM
I maxed, but just barely. Of course I'm well on my way to 5k on Mv now.
I know, you laugh at my measly 5k, but still.
I also got a Silver for having 5 comments with +5 or more...
@JPhi1618 I had 5K in Jan I think so...
It's the pithiness. That's a good badge
I think that's the third one on the site
@JPhi1618 When you hit 5K you get access to the statistics and what not
Pundit Badge... That's it.
Oh, cool. That's something to look forward to.
at the bottom of the page is "site analytics" I think that's what you can access at 5K
It's not as fancy as you would expect. I thought I would have access to unicorn piss and fireworks but it was just graphs...which are cool but....when your expecting unicorn piss it's a bit of let down.
I will admit I've always wondered what kind of levers and hammers bob has access to.
Yea, I think a list of things he can't do would be shorter.
And even in that list, there's probably a committee way to make them happen.
makes sense
have you ever seen this guy?
Bob is the only one I've never seen.
come to think of it. I don't think I've ever seen the other mod either
3:21 PM
Who is Jon Erricson?
I've seen him.
he works for stack exchange
Oh, ok.
I think his role is to assist sites in getting out of Beta
he probably has god like powers too
Q: How to Adjust Camber on a 1999 Chevy Suburban

Brian LeishmanI have a C1500 (2wd, 1/2 ton frame) 1999 Suburban with 4 in spindles installed, but now the camber is much to negative and it's going to cause wear on my tires, and I can't seem to adjust the camber on this car. What would be the recommended way to correct the camber?

Can you even adjust the camber on these things?
I know you can adjust toe in/out but camber?
doesn't seem right to me
I suppose I should read the question first......fail
3:44 PM
@Zaid Have you looked at the spreadsheet in this?
Q: Rough idle @ stoplights - O2 sensors reading zero voltage

kldavis4I have an '05 4.7L Dodge Dakota that has had an issue with rough idle for over a year now. It seems to only happen after coming to a stop at a traffic light. It seems to happen more often after having driven a long distance but occasionally occurs during shorter trips. The behavior is basically t...

4:13 PM
@DucatiKiller Why is the SV650 held in high regard?
They are light. They have decent torque and can get out of a corner at low rpm good, They are super popular track bikes in the middleweight GTU class, you can beat the living hell out of them. many of their parts are interchangeable with other models of suzuki, a lot of them have been on the road and you can get used parts for them very easily, parts are cheap, bike is priced well.
@DucatiKiller I have
@Zaid any explanation for the zero's off the top of your head on the O2?
But I got lost in plotting stuff with RStudio
I'm inclined to think that it is normal
Me too but that's the only place that they exist
4:18 PM
I think the O2's are fine in this case
I want to award the bounty on this one. My last 3, no one received it.
Is that the answer? If so.....:-) bounty to you?
That spreadsheet is a gold mine of info
yeah, there's a lot of data in there
If I am going to answer it I want to give it a thorough once over
I think the OP did a great job of crafting a question
4:20 PM
in a few hours I should be able to
cool, msg me when you do
@DucatiKiller will do
per usual....TY
@JonathanMusso The SV is a great platform. You can just bolt up the GSXR 600 and 750 front end to it.
@JonathanMusso the forks on the 2004 or later in the answer
A: GSX-R front suspension technology timeline

DucatiKiller1985 - 1987 All GSXR Models have the 'standard' forks with an anti-dive unit mounted on the slider. The anti-dive unit was actually an adjuster for compression dampening, closing off oil orifices in order to give the front end a 'stiffer' This concept first showed up on the 1985 GS 1150 models...

@DucatiKiller Ahh thank you!
They are super cheap (the forks) used and completely change the whole feel of the bike.
much easier to trail brake with those
4:27 PM
Looks like a sharp bike
I was reading an article earlier and it just mentioned "the revered SV", hah. Figured I'd ask your opinion.
we've had quite a few 650's and 1000's pass through the homestead. @JPhi1618 also owned the SV1000 which has some pretty respectable pull. I've owned the previous generation 1000 called the TL1000, nicknamed the 'Widowmaker'
@JonathanMusso here's a pick of an older version SV1000S, the TL1000S from 1996 (I think) to 2001.
That was the color of my SV1000
@DucatiKiller That is a sharp color
@JPhi1618 Would have like to have had your bike
love the color too
@JPhi1618 did you have the 'S' model with the fairing?
It had some stainless exhaust that was pulled up higher.
4:38 PM
The S is the one. Without the fairing you just get hammered by the wind on a freeway.
Is there a way to add a picture on the mobile chat?
Q: Add upload image button to the new mobile chat

Jason CI'd like to see an "upload" button added to the new mobile chat (accepting both web links and local files). It would make it so much more convenient to take pictures of my cats and repost them.

@JPhi1618 Not that I know of, unless you can copy the link
So lame.
@DucatiKiller, There's a picture of mine.
The mobile chat in SE is the worst chat known to man
Cheated with the link I posted.
4:43 PM
Love the black frame!
Yea, wish I didn't have to sell it when I did.
Damn kids and their expenses!
My kids was the copper paint and silver frame. thought it was ugly
Those kids....
Yeah, that's the good looking one for sure.
@JPhi1618 Looks like an M4 high mount exhaust
must have sounded great
I think the brand was hole shot?
It did sound great.
haven't heard of that brand. Love the sound of an oversquare vtwin
@JPhi1618 that depth in the paint, sharp bike man
they sure produce for a lot of models.
I use too see them all the time on bikes around here. It was on when I bought it and seemed very high quality.
5:07 PM
I'd like to put knobby tires on it and drive off on dirt roads
@DucatiKiller agreed. Especially after the revamp
I can't tell who's on in here because I'm on a Windows Phone
@DucatiKiller Sort of resembles the XR1000
@Zaid Jonathan M and JPH
@Zaid Hi boss how are ya?
@DucatiKiller Ever ride one of these KTM Dukes? They look pretty sharp as well.
@JonathanMusso hey there! Doing great thanks
5:10 PM
@JonathanMusso I would love to have the 70's XR750 but I've actually looked for used XR1000 a few times but never found one at the 'right price'
@JonathanMusso I really like this triumph scrambler too
@DucatiKiller What sort of prices have you found?
@Zaid Glad to hear it pal!
Oh that is sharp.
I don't remember, it was a couple of years ago. I have a friend who get's HD orders from various builders and all he does is travel and look for used (FXR's typically) and buy them and ship them to builders/customizers.
He's going to look for me later this year. I need to sell some my bikes and make room. I will eventually get one though for sure.
Ahh, sweet. Your buddy you did the engine swap with a while back?
I think they were FXR's, you mentioned?
seems the guys that customize are into them due to there limited production or something. I'm not real up to speed on all the reasons. he has stated that they handle better and have a better frame geometry, less rake, things like that.
ahh yeah
5:34 PM
@JonathanMusso That's his bike. FXR buyer friend
I don't know how you tell the frames apart but this, apparently, is an FXR frame.
@JonathanMusso That license plate stick is to silly.
I talked him into the Ohlins front end and radial brakes. Kinda proud of that.
@JPhi1618 Nothing a hammer can't fix
Nobody is going to keep that thing.
@DucatiKiller Love the paint, not a fan of the "Son's of Anarchy" look, though :P
@JPhi1618 Yea, a few good bumps and it's gone right? lol
A few good blows of @DucatiKiller's hammer and its gone...
5:39 PM
Ahh, that paint. Wish I had time to finish my digger.
@DucatiKiller, I think I have a few oil filters for an SV.
Not sure what to do with them other than drop them off at a shop in a box like an orphan baby.
They should fit onto the new GSXR 1000 that you should be planning to buy.
Ha, ok.
Never been a GSXR fan.
I lean towards Honda, but honestly have no idea how any of the brands currently compare.
I had a CBR600F3 and 600F4i in the past
The Goof.
I'm not really a stats guy. I like Suzuki for the interchangeable parts
I had an F3 too
had an F2
really liked it
afternoon all
5:44 PM
Yo Rory.
whatup Rory
The F4i I had was one of the first fuel injected ones. Black and silver, it was sharp.
getting close to a fun weekend, and then only 2 days before I'm of to NYC for a few days - all good
I think 2004?
yeah, something like that
5:46 PM
Yea, this guy...
@RoryAlsop I know the feeling. I'll be traveling to Starbucks later today
@JPhi1618 that's super popular track bike
Must be, got stolen by some street racers :(
middleweight supersport is littered with those out here.
that's horrible
I'm lucky. I've only had one bike stolen in my lifetime
They caught the guys, but it was a frame when the found it.
did insurance cover the theft?
5:48 PM
Yea, my F3 and F4 were stolen.
It did on the F4.
The F3 was relatively cheap and I didn't have comp on it.
I had one of these stolen in the late 80's
broke my heart. Love that thing.
I gave up on bikes for a while after I lost the F4...
it's pretty depressing to have some asshole steal your fun
It was parked in the first spot in front of the Home Depot where I worked at the time. They kicked the handlebar locks and hotwired it in about 30 seconds and took off in broad daylight.
A coworker wrote down the plates of the car they got out of.
the old giant screwdriver and a hammer trick sounds like
good job coworker
5:54 PM
The guy that saw it said they kicked the bars then pulled some wires from under the seat or something.
So, yea. Bikes are easy to steal
New bikes will have the RFID key
or....many will
ducati, aprilia...I know they do it
catch you all a little later. it's time for me to pretend to be responsible again.
but before I bail. @RoryAlsop Do non beta sites have some stats like this that are available for everyone to see?
Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repairmechanics.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles

Currently in public beta.

@DucatiKiller they have stats much better than that for at least 10k'ers
yes, but I'm a sub 1K on all other sites. Just wondering if there some basics that a mortal such as myself could see that are similar to the basic beta stats on A51
6:04 PM
Hang on - there is another one
this works for many sites - as long as someone has requested they be tracked at least once
Nice link
OK all, later.....and thanks again @RoryAlsop
6:24 PM
Had high hopes for the new M83 album... Halfway through and nothing good so far :(
6:37 PM
Q: AC Cooling stops at high speed

msj003My car ac works very fine in normal conditions. But when I drive it for awhile longer, and often at high speed, it stops cooling. I can still hear the fan sound loud and clear but air flow decreases a lot even at full speed of blower. My car is Chevrolet beat diesel 2011 model.

^ Summer's approaching
7:12 PM
@RoryAlsop If you look at 'today's featured site' above the HNQ. Those are the numbers I was actually looking for.
@DucatiKiller, Coolant tank issue... You know what picture that question is getting.
@JPhi1618 Music to my ears
that's a beauty of an idea
This is the best version but probably not useful.
user image
Well done my friend
Edited, lol.
7:24 PM
That's fantastic. I'm giggling like a kindergartener
So from what I read, the level goes down, then comes back up when the engine is cool?
So is there really a poblem?
air in the system?
Maybe, I dunno.
cooling system not fully bled of air pockets that expand when the vehicle get's hot
KTM's have a propensity towards that problem
.....and the symptoms are exactly what is being described....
@JPhi1618 Can you star that pic?
Of course.
7:27 PM
OP is like WTF did I get into with this question?!
I think there is a wiki for coolant tank with a nice visual representation in it.
Like a tag wiki or wikipedia?
I'm making it now
7:33 PM
It was already created. I may have done it when I was going for the tag-wiki edit badge
This cooling tag needs to be trashed... mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/cooling
do a tag synonym for it and get the badge
this one is in there with coolant-reservoir
Ha, I need a score of 5 in the tag to create a synonym for it.
I've run into that with every single one I've tried to do
second worst feature in SE followed by the mobile chat client.
@DucatiKiller Have you tried using it lately?
Q: Test the new mobile chat!

balpha Update: As of February 23, 2016, the new mobile version is the default. If you've tested the new version before this date, nothing will change for you (even if you've disabled the new version since, in which case it will continue to be disabled). Remember 2010, when smartphones looked like t...

7:40 PM
I tried a few of them about a week ago trying to get to 200 badges. I finally closed my browser and walked away from the computer.
But yes. Tag synonym suggestions are the worst thing.
Worst why?
@JonEricson Your kind of scary. You just sweep in and know what's going on. It's like you have remote access to brains. :-)
@JonEricson, I've used the new mobile chat on several occasions, but I'm not sure that I really ever used the old one.
Q: Does the tag synonym suggestion system work?

Jon EricsonI've never seen a tag synonym created via the voting mechanism and I see evidence that the system isn't working to create synonyms without moderator intervention. Does anyone have any figures about the number of synonyms that are create by votes as opposed to the number created by moderator fiat...

7:41 PM
@JonEricson It doesn't help that SE seems reluctant to support Windows Phone browsers
@JonEricson, the mobile chat could really use a way to upload images tho.
@Zaid 1,000,000 android activations per day. 100,000 iphone activations per day. 10,000 windows phone per day.
@Zaid Sorry about that. The platform needs more users who come to our sites.
@DucatiKiller I'm not asking for the moon
@JPhi1618 To be fair, I avoid using mobile chat myself.
7:43 PM
@Zaid Agreed
Heh, I don't use the moble chat because I like it, but for a stripped down interface it seems to work for me.
@DucatiKiller Well, "second worst feature in SE" is perfect CM bait. ;-)
@JonEricson Have you tried the suggested technique? I did with 2-stroke and two-stroke and I encountered a wall. about two weeks ago I think.
Switching out of the SE Native iPhone app just to chat is annoying, but it has always worked so far.
@JonEricson CM?
7:45 PM
@JPhi1618 My issue is that I can't read the letters and you can't blow it up.
A: Who are the Community Team, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho are the Community Team? Robert Cartaino Shog9 Grace Note Abby T. Miller Jon Ericson Gabe Pops Ana jmac Nicolas Chabanovsky bluefeet Juan M animuson JNat What do they do? They help you out. No, really. But yeah, that's about the most generic non-answ...

CM = Community Manager
@DucatiKiller, oh you can blow it up...
7:46 PM
@JPhi1618 that has seemed appealing at times
@DucatiKiller I just use my diamond. I'd like to fix the suggestion system, but we don't have the bandwidth at the moment.
Q: None of the top bar buttons work in SE chat on Windows Phone IE

ZaidBecause tapping the buttons does nothing, I can't: see who's in a chat room switch between chat rooms access the options menu I hope it's as easy a fix as was the case here: New SE mobile browser chat doesn't scroll on Windows Phone IE

yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of other initiatives.
+1 @Zaid
@JonEricson any new badges in the cue to be released?
@Zaid :-( You got my vote too.
@JonEricson, I guess I should note that I use the moble chat in Chrome on my iPhone. I'm not sure why it uses Chrome and not Safari, but I guess that might be why it works so well :)
7:49 PM
@DucatiKiller Not that I know of. :-(
too bad. it would be fun for old timers to have some new badges to get.
the gamification of QA hits a wall for everyone at some point
@DucatiKiller, maybe they could put together a DLC package for you and sell it on Steam.
Turn SE into a MMPOG.
Everyone gets a hat!
Full time hats would be cool
I got pretty fervent during hat season
7:51 PM
@DucatiKiller You may be on to something there
Full time hats... Maybe when its se.yahoo.com.
I got pretty fervent over my default OCD'ish behavior to get more hats.
that's what SE needs. Not hats - we need a build-your-own Bratz avatar like Yahoo Answers.
Hiya @JonEricson
@LynnCrumbling Howdy!
7:53 PM
How'd you end up in here?
Try that again.
@LynnCrumbling That's a great sentence. I'd double star it if I could.
Q: How can we increase the number of eligible voters?

Jon EricsonOver on Meta Stack Exchange, we've announced a process we call design-independent graduation which allows us to confer all of the benefits (and drawbacks) of graduation without waiting for our designers to replace the beta theme first. So far the experiment has worked well. We've been watching th...

@DucatiKiller #ThreeFiftyFivePM
7:56 PM
Ah. Right. "I remembered the voters. They'd been a problem for us before."
@JonEricson Can you pin that in meta again so it shows in the standard site?
@LynnCrumbling #TwelveFiftySixPM
@DucatiKiller Well, there are two pretty good meta posts featured already. ;-)
@JonEricson my getting votes back post doesn't have any cred
@JonEricson It's a post from a guy that's been here 14 months. So I'm a cherry.

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