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the price is actually a symptom, not the driver. Electric batteries for cars are only becoming viable now (with high subsidies) because the increasing cost of obtaining ever more scarce oil is getting closer to the price that makes electric cars the cheaper option. And as @EricLippert mentioned in comments on JPhi's answer, the associated costs make electric cars still very expensive (hence the subsidies) — Rory Alsop 5 hours ago
@RoryAlsop - I'm not sure how you figure oil is becoming more scarce? While I agree there is only so much of it to be had, it seems oil companies are finding new ways to pull it out of the ground. Oil sands in Canada; Shale fracking here in the States. We have greater "known" oil reserves here now than they do in the Middle East due to this. At some point we'll need to change our approach, but for right now, with how easy it is to get oil, that's not going to happen anytime soon.
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@Zaid Interesting thing with this vid that I just learned. Kawasaki has supercharged motorcycle, the H2 and H2R, there is no intercooler. See 11:02 in the video.
@Zaid how do think they get away with that? they said something like, "it flows so well they could skip that"
IDK how they could just skip that. Any theories off the top of your head?
@Zaid Also, they said the supercharger impeller is spinning at 140,000 RPM's. That's faster than the turboshaft on F1 cars.
@DucatiKiller compression ratio?
A: Why do we need to cool air after it leaves a turbocharger?

ZaidThere are a few important factors at play here. Hot air rises, cold air sinks In physics-speak, hot air is less dense than cold air. This means that the volume occupied by 1 kg of hot air is greater than the volume occupied by 1 kg of cold air. The internal combustion engine is a volumetric de...

@DucatiKiller you can see an example calculation in this answer. Intercooling isn't a must, but is usually a very good idea
The Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a "supercharged supersport" class motorcycle in the Kawasaki Ninja sportbike series, manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, featuring a variable-speed centrifugal-type supercharger. With 310 horsepower (230 kW) and 326 horsepower (243 kW)< with ram air, the H2R track-only variant has 50% more power than the fastest street-legal motorcycles, and would exceed the production motorcycle top speed of nearly 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) held by the Suzuki Hayabusa or Kawasaki ZX-12R, but the comparable street-legal H2 has a much lower power output of 200 hp (150 kW)210 hp...
Wikipedia says that the H2's compression ratio is relatively low at 8.25:1. They probably figured that detonation isn't a concern for the operating pressures
@DucatiKiller any idea how much boost the supercharger develops?
> Cameron also said Kawasaki patent documents suggested the engine would rely on evaporative cooling using port fuel injection, instead of a bulky intercooler.
This is another way to keep the temps in check
^ this is the press release. It says that max boost is 35 psi. That is an insane level of boost. No wonder the compression ratio is low on this engine
2:34 AM
@Zaid CR is 8.5:1
@Zaid OK, so they compress the air without fuel and do direct injection.....????
Nice. didn't mean to make you my research slave. Thought you might have some thoughts right out of the gate
They did a turbo bike in 1985....I think....that had a CR of 7.x:1
Kawasaki has done some insane forced induction MC's
@DucatiKiller not sure if it's direct injection. The PDF mentions port injection so I guess no. The idea is that the air-fuel mixture is cooled when the liquid fuel droplets absorb heat to turn into fuel vapor
It's epic engineering
Interesting. Do you know of any car manufacturers that do that? off the top of your head. Not trying to make you google :-)
They all do to some extent :)
Even in NA engines
yes, see that config more and more
I'm glad you like the H2 engineering :-)
Have you noticed how AFR's go rich towards higher rpm's on a dyno?
2:41 AM
yes, I've seen some tables that reflect that
is that intentional for cooling the intake charge?
Peak power is usually at 12.5:1 but engines will run slightly richer (say 11.8:1)
basically yes
It would make for a nice question on the site
btw....are you going to the automotive engineering program? or still undecided?
yes, I think there a few questions from this
With the clickbait title, "Look mom, no intercooler!"
I want to do a very general question that is new and get a bunch of us to answer it to see if we can force it into the HNQ. Just to do it once and see what happens.
@DucatiKiller I wanted to apply to Cranfield (of Adrian Newey fame). Believe it or not they are already no more seats available for 2016. If I apply it'll be for 2017
So 18 months from now
2:45 AM
...and goto Cranfield. Man, that would be amazing. Fantastic.... :-)
Do it! and I'll live vicariously through you
Would be happy to be envious!
Yeah, there's just the small matter of figuring out what to feed my family in the meanwhile
Save $$ for the next 18 months? :-)
I think I can make it work though
and goto England or do they have a campus where you are?
No campus here unfortunately
2:48 AM
It wouldn't suck to live in England for a stint.
Good cultural diversity experience for children too.
Oh we get plenty of that here as well. The world at our doorstep
Yes, the world comes to you
but live in London or something like that. How cool to tell your friends about that when you are young.
I lived in Japan with family for a short period when I was little kid. It was a great experience for me.
I can imagine
I'll bet you could live in England for a bit if you sold all your cars
:-) :-(
Heh, who'd want my junk here? :)
Lexus aside, I doubt I'd get much for them.
2:55 AM
Not many car folks there?
Well, I like your dream of doing that. Makes me want to be younger and try and do it myself.
There's a huge car culture here, but people don't like headaches. They'd rather buy a new car if they can afford it than sustain a growing liability
Makes sense
I like headaches :-) gives me something to do.
@DucatiKiller you are young at heart, that's what matters
:-) I still say dude...lol
thanks for input on the H2.....good info, I just got called to dinner so I'm going to go and eat.
2:57 AM
Take care bud. Catch you later
Ok, have a good one
^ I'm not into watches that much but this thing looks gorgeous
2 hours later…
5:30 AM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 - hmmm, scarcity may be the wrong word here. What I mean is that each method of extracting oil manages to get what oil it can, then oil companies need to resort to the next method, which is more expensive
7 hours later…
12:06 PM
Good morning gear heads
1 hour later…
1:14 PM
@Zaid, Best watch ever:
Citizen Skyhawk with radio synced time
@DucatiKiller, The rep train cometh: mechanics.stackexchange.com/a/28101/12030
My answer is at +23 right now... Maxed me out yesterday.
2:11 PM
morning gear heads
Morning @Darth_Vader.
How's the new Death Star coming?
terrible, had a backfire in a wing.
asking some tire questions today, for fun
Let me read...
Looks good to me. It is of note that most times that mileage, when given, is almost always a pro-rated mileage warranty. But then, I guess that's part of an answer you're looking for.
I'll post an answer when I get a minute, but I bet someone else will beat me.
2:26 PM
ive got a few questions saved left.. maybe one of em will get me up there in rep.
That tire question has an "appeal to the masses" flavor.
I think it will do well.
3:18 PM
There is no way I would drive on this. — Lynn Crumbling 10 secs ago
Yea, there was another post like this and one person was saying don't worry about it, and others were like you.
I think it comes down to "needs experienced inspection". It could be a superficial scratch.
Or, it could be the start of a big tear...
3:51 PM
@BobCross What time zone are you in? Traveling?
@JPhi1618 You maxed? Awesome.
@JPhi1618 - I have the Citizen Skyhawk C650 in stainless. I love this watch. I've had it and worn if everyday for the past 12 years. It has recently given me some issues, so I'm looking at replacing it.
hey @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, I have the one pictured and wear it every day. It's pretty beat up, but keeps kicking and always accurate.
@DucatiKiller Howdy sir
@DucatiKiller, Yea man, maxed for sure! That +23 was all in one day.
3:53 PM
@JPhi1618 Is it still paying?
@JPhi1618 - Exactly why I love my watch. The crown mech is getting worn out on mine. Then this past Sunday, the minute hand jumped back five minutes inexplicably.
The crystal is beat to heck as well.
I was thinking of sending it back to get some work done on it, but it would probably cost as much as a replacement would ...
@RoryAlsop - Agreed.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, Check ebay and get a newer model. You can find them in good condition at way less than MSRP, and they rarely have any issues.
@JPhi1618 The one I have is actually my second one ... the first one my wife gave me as a Christmas present, but the display (digital portion) wasn't working right. Macy's took it back and I went over to JCPenney's and bought the same watch about $100 cheaper and has worked great ever since (up until recently).
@JPhi1618 - That's where I was looking. I actually like my version and can get it for a little over $100 with the buy-it-now option.
I want a Blue Angels Titanium one next.
Retail was over $400 when I got mine.
@JPhi1618 - I don't like the coloring on the bezel for the Blue Angels one. Also, the Titanium, while definitely cool, becomes dull over time.
I personally couldn't justify the extra cost for things which didn't appeal to me.
But, it's still pretty cool, nonetheless.
4:01 PM
Yea, I love my SS watch... Ti seems nice for lightness, but I guess I need to research it more
And I get that the Blue Angles coloring isn't for everyone I really like it tho.
@DucatiKiller, yea, I'm still getting points today.
@JPhi1618 - Good on yah. I really like the Citizen eco-drive watches, though. They are awesome time pieces.
My biggest issue with mine right now is I cannot trust it.
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, why did you catch it stealing from you?
@Darth_Vader: With pictures for teh +1...
A: Is tire life by mileage a failure point or wear point?

JPhi1618When shopping for tires, some of them will have a mileage warranty, normally in the range of 40,000-70,000 miles. When a mileage number is listed, it is a pro-rated tread life warranty. When the tires are kept properly inflated, and rotated on a strict, verifiable schedule, they should give you...

4:16 PM
@JPhi1618 nice +1
@JPhi1618 - Yah, it stole 5 minutes ...
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2, is that model radio controlled?
If not, get newer on for sure.
I wondered if we had a radio controlled site.. think that may fall too much in electronics though
Radio controlled what? There are some pretty niche SE sites...
There's one just for Arudio microcontrollers.
@Darth_Vader, Check this out... Robotics.SE: robotics.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/radio-control
I putty a crappy crappy answer into the tire question to see if the activity will help it get into the hnq. Now if we can get another person to throw in an answer I'll put money on an another HNQ entry.
4:21 PM
@DucatiKiller, my one from yesterday actually got split pretty well between two days. 140pts yesterday and now 110 today.
And I got a sliver from it now that it's +25.
Heck yeah!
if more people threw in a couple of crap answers I'll bet it will linger in the HNQ till tomorrow
someone upvoted my tire answer. lol
I agree with your answer. I think the mileage warranties are unrealistic and the manufactures know they can get out of most of them because of alignment problems or people being lazy.
lol....please, downvote it. lmao
Actually, wrong post answer lol
4:24 PM
@JPhi1618 Are you calling me lazy! LOL
that's messed up man
Dude I had to write a book on that bumper question, Jesus
share the link
No, but I know I'm lazy. I wouldn't go through whatever the process is to try and recoup $40-60 or whatever.
oh the white bmw bumper question?
4:24 PM
@JonathanMusso - TY, BTW.
Q: BMW 1 Series (2016) Bumper Repair

SquideyesI recently got a new BMW 1 Series 116D (2016) on a 4 year PCP deal. A week in, I've managed to scratch the bumper. Although it's a minor dink, I don't want there to be any risk of it devaluing the car for when I eventually trade it in. Would you recommend repairing this myself or should I go ...

Np but I think I kind of rambled on
@JonathanMusso No, you didn
t. It's a good answer +1
I don't want to keep adding pics because many of the other questions have the same process lol
It was helpful and not one of those, take it to a body shop and......blah blah blah
@JonathanMusso, that is a good answer, but well beyond what most people will try to DIY, IMO.
4:26 PM
I want the tire question to goto the HNQ. It's poised. It has all the ingredients.
yeah, I don't think he wants to get his khaki's dirty, sorry, I had to
That said, +1 because you did actually tell him how to do it.
asked an hour ago. 3 responses already. upvotes. comments....we need one more answer on it IMO
It's a rep train....it's just begging to get into the HNQ
@JPhi1618 ty!
We will see if it gets to HNQ... No big deal tho. I'm only +5 away from max today already.
4:29 PM
@JPhi1618 The feeling of a question in the HNQ that is getting pounded with upvotes and your maxed is dysphoric....
@JonathanMusso, I would be interested to know what the best thing to do for the bumper outside of painting it would be. But I don't think there really is anything...
@DucatiKiller, yea- Hurry up and roll over UTC!
@anyone. throw a moderate answer into the tire question mix. Let's see if it HNQ's. :-)
Haha! You getting votes with no tally?
@JPhi1618 To bring it back to the dealer? I don't think there is a way.
Yea, I guess you could clean it up as good as possible and use touch up paint, if it was just for you.
Also that car just looks filthy aside from the scratches. Where's your pride dude!
4:32 PM
Touch up paint would work for yourself, yap.
@JPhi1618 oh awesome.. and my evil mind is plotting a robotic take over!! j/k.. or maybe??
Lunch is calling... Be back.
@Darth_Vader Your tire question is in the HNQ! Hope it pays you well.
HNQ?? Hot network question??
This will be fun to watch. I don't have any good questions for my skillset so it's time for me to live vicariously through @Darth_Vader and @JPhi1618
@Darth_Vader Yes :-)
You just need a few responders quickly on your question, a few upvotes and comments and then...BAM...
4:44 PM
I counted three HNQ's for Mech.SE right now.
That's crazy. @JPhi1618 Is in two of them. I think he'll rep cap again today :-)
5:11 PM
@Zaid this is cued up for you. :-)
Q: Kawasaki H2R Motorcycle has a blower, why doesn't it have an intercooler?

DucatiKillerWhy no intercooler when it has a blower My understanding is compressed air fuel mixtures have an increase in heat and are therefore prone to predetonation. In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage at about 11:02 in the video they begin to discuss the new blown H2R. They mention how it does not hav...

5:27 PM
@DucatiKiller, @Darth_Vader, nice, HNQ again.
@DucatiKiller - I threw a comment in there. Great question.
I don't know the real answer though.
@DucatiKiller, I'm guessing there's just no where to put an intercooler?
@JPhi1618 - Exactly what I'm thinking ... you could fit one in there somewhere probably. It would just be hanging out in the front like nobody's business.
I'm off for a while. Might be back on after I get home this afternoon.
"Rhythmic “soft screeching” noise for a minute"... Sounds like a description of some bad 90's R&B music...
@JPhi1618 and @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 @Zaid and I watched that part of the vid last night and he came up with why there is not an intercooler
5:35 PM
Why? I'm in suspense.
They pressurizing the air without fuel and injecting the fuel into the combustion chamber.
So... Direct Gas Injection?
so the fuel doesn't get pressurized with the air charge and predetonate.
@DucatiKiller I shall oblige :)
@Zaid I was so confused until you turned the light on in the room.
@JPhi1618 I escalated to @Zaid I couldn't close the ticket.
5:42 PM
@DucatiKiller, ... Making up tags now?
just randomly
So that's a Hummer H2 question? :)
that works
5:43 PM
Not that anyone other than me cares.
that's what amazing about you.....the caring
@JPhi1618 did you watch the vid
@DucatiKiller ha
@DucatiKiller I hope I have a couple of Q&As
I always thought a HNQ was fired when it hit 1000 views in a day.
you mean the question drops out at 1000K
5:57 PM
@DucatiKiller done any riding lately??
@DucatiKiller no it goes HNQ if the question hits 1000 views within a day or so
yes. it's been amazing weather here in AZ
@DucatiKiller weve had tornado weather here lately.. and sick season, one day is was 40ish and now around 70ish
There are other HNQ metrics. The views can be sub 1000. It's multiple answers, comments and votes
@DucatiKiller Lucky bastard. We keep getting hit with snow.
@Darth_Vader, where you at?
5:58 PM
We had major hail in the Dallas area.
People just north of my town got baseball sized hail. Cars are totaled.
It's more like the beginning of summer in AZ, we get a little rain but that goes away quickly. we had two days over 90F last week.
We got dime sized at my house.
we got a hail a couple of years ago
more like 5 years ago.
I still remember when we had 23 tornadoes in a day
6:01 PM
no way...not a fan of those things. saw one Arkansas 20+years ago and that was enough for me.
I can't believe I'm getting answers to the tire question. I only answered to see if it would get into the HNQ.
errrrr.....getting upvotes
thankfully they arent like the flat lands they are typically F1s.. I dont know what to think if we had flat land and it got to an F5
@DucatiKiller I upvote everyone that answers my questions ;)
its the duck.. that's what does it
ahhhhh....ok. I guess I should be grateful. I just wasn't trying to 'steal' votes off you guys.
@Darth_Vader The duck was @JPhi1618 idea. He cropped it up and kicked it over. He's very caring.
@Darth_Vader Here's a good meta on the HNQ
Q: How do the "arbitrary hotness points" work on the new Stack Exchange home page?

Maxim ZaslavskyI really like the new Stack Exchange home page, where certain questions from the Stack Exchange Network are presented, along with a hotness rating that is described as "arbitrary" in its tooltip. How do these arbitrary hotness points work?

it looks as if comments are NOT a metric
but answer quantity and certain amount of votes are
6:22 PM
@DucatiKiller, I'm not getting many votes on my tire answer. Something must be off.
Oh well.
I only got a few for exhaust question yesterday
@cdunn, you linked to the same answer I did in your comment, lol.
(On the lancer question)
7:00 PM
@JPhi1618 I could have sworn it was to a different one.. No major decisions for me today.. lol
7:29 PM
@cdunn None for me either. I feel like the juggler in the three ring circus today
@DucatiKiller I hate days like that.. I was lucky today, no meetings.. lol Just lots of documentation to write.. My favorite...
@DucatiKiller If you're looking for one, I found a great to-do list manager, and the base software is free. TaskListGuru4 and it's on dextronet.com
I have documentation and customer conf calls all day. Every call yields 20 more tasks to jam into the cue.
nice link
Finally, some computer time!
It allows for sublists, but only on the pay version, which is $100. For $100 in my pocket I'll do without sublists...
Hey @Zaid
Time for your answer @DucatiKiller
Yo @cdunn
7:32 PM
Not a whole bunch, just taking a moment from making the donuts..
I'm done with donuts today
I wish.. I am dying to go home... 90 minutes left...
They're probably burnt anyway
Because I spend far too long in the office
Yeah, love my bacon that way, not donuts though.. lol
I keep looking for a job where they don't actually want me to show up, but no luck yet.. :-(
that's mine. the pleasure of working from home. sitting in my garage right now
7:35 PM
So you're a Wally-wannabe?
Hey @DucatiKiller I mentioned the idea of moving to AZ to my kids... They had one word, no. lol
@DucatiKiller is it true that there is no DST in AZ?
those kids.....they don't know what they are missing
I would gladly death ray small animals to work from home
@Zaid It's true
7:36 PM
They just love NH. And I can't blame them.
It's hard to love a place with snow
Well, we had maybe 12in all season this year..
I've heard snow is cold. It's like frozen water or something.
weird huh?
Something like that.. lol
VERY wierd.. Last season I had 6' drifts in my yard
There was a storm that the wind made 3' deep snow sculptures in my driveway
6' drifts of frozen water that fell from the sky? That's insane. Why do you live there?
7:38 PM
All of my kids family is here. And my kids spouses, all of their family is here.
If I'm going to see and be in the lives of my grandkids, it's here.. :-(
Sounds like I need a winter home in AZ though. :)
Maybe Bisbee
That makes sense but you must have lived there before all those kids came about.....
Never lived anywhere but the Northeast. All of my roots are here..
Which makes me think it might be time for a change lol
This answer makes no sense to me. mechanics.stackexchange.com/a/28156/1743
I just love the idea of warmth...
There's a thermostat, which has nothing to do with coolant flowing through the heater core.
The blend door is what controls how much heat enters the cabin.
7:41 PM
Seems there are a lot of questions where the answer is, "it's one of your blend doors, thanks for playing"
Have fun ripping apart your dash to get to your air box.
I thought (on some cars anyway) that there was a proporsioning valve that metered coolant to the core depending on setting..
@Zaid I"m a donutmakingmachine today
and hi @LynnCrumbling
You be the Kingofdonuts
7:42 PM
OMG, I did a blend door on a 90's era sedan with my buddy. Worst experience ever.
@cdunn I'd love to know if that's true.
Oh, and hi @cdunn :)
I could swear I saw it both in videos I've looked up on how heating systems work, and in answers here before..
@Zaid Tell the powers that own all the zero's so they add one to my paycheck please :-)
@DucatiKiller I ripped apart my wife's '94 GC to replace the evaporator. Dear god.
But I'm still a little fuzzy on the details
AC evap?
Or fuel fume evap?
7:43 PM
yeah, in the heater box.
I"m an MC guy so I typically fail at this point in the AC troubleshooting convo
(right beside the heater core)
Ah ok.. Sounds like "fun" :)
I would laugh like hell seeing a bike with an AC compressor on it
Wouldn't put it past someone though..
In fact..... :)
I smell a project :)
@DucatiKiller Don't make me make more donuts now :)
It's either that or your H2 answer
@Zaid I got another weird one for you that I'll post in here later when the donutsarentflyingaround. It's a suspension that doesn't dive. More later though.....I think you'll know the basic principles that make it do that
7:45 PM
Magic body?
@Zaid I'll save the actual posted question for later because you'll have the magic in the problem that solves it
@Zaid It seems like it. I don't know how it works so AFAIK it's magic...
or Alien Technology. One of the two for sure.
@Zaid You sing the song of my people
That H2 watch is really something. Very cool. No second hand. Only a fluid column. Very cool
7:50 PM
yeah...nuts....the mercedes video is fascinating
This was their official ad
Magic stability chickens.. Only MB.. lol
@Zaid hilarious. Great way of illustrating the technology though. Seems ridiculous but....it totally works to share the tech
Makes the point though
That Merc tech is amazing
7:52 PM
they're consorting with the aliens, clearly
Except they can't make a driver's car
yeah, what's up with that?
I can't think of any Mercedes that has outshone BMW in recent history as far as driving experience is concerned
Their engineering is usually unrivalled. But their cars lack soul
(Except the G Wagon)
It's a strange paradigm. They seem to attack luxury primarily in marketing.
7:55 PM
The G-Wagon is in a class of its own. From a different era
Well, it may lack soul, but it doesn't lack computes. Processing power to deal with frame rates and data from two cameras to make measurements that precise... Damn...
That's a lot of horsepower
For a car anyway
but their sooo cutting edge, with the $'s they've dumped into everything from F1 to DTM. It doesn't make sense they don't fully capitalize.
And compute horsepower, not ponies
@cdunn It's pretty amazing tech. They're clearly not skimping
@LynnCrumbling I wasn't sure if there was a water valve... I didn't think there was.
7:57 PM
@DucatiKiller to say the least.. I'm working on a prototype with 4 cores, 8 CPUs when hyperthreaded. leaving out the questions about how much you actually get from hyperthreading, it's not clear it's going to be enough to do feature extraction on two cameras...
OK gents, time to go heads down and makethedonuts. @Zaid I'll circle back with you later re; the MC magic suspension.
@DucatiKiller I thought the song of your people was rice and meat? Or something... You've said that before.
@DucatiKiller Enjoy!
I'll take two cream filled, and a honey glazed please :)
7:58 PM
Long Johns all the way.
@JPhi1618 Raw tuna...but I like to say "sing the song of my people" so I used it :-)
Cya y'all
So... See yall, yall?
Man, I walk away for an hour...
@JPhi1618 it's all your fault
Actually I believe the plural of y'all is all y'all... :)
Hang 'im!
7:59 PM
@cdunn, I think you're right, but I'd like it to be y'all'all''
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