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12:00 AM
@JonathanMusso :-)
It's an interesting thing to think about. users coming back.
You give them a 30 or 40 point rep bump and validation on their question or answer effort, then they want more. It ticks a checkbox in their head. It's the psychology of, "they like me over there, I want to be around people that like me"
@DucatiKiller - Nice
It's a natural organic method of attracting people to be close. we do it in friendships too when we say nice things to people. They gravitate to it.
Like Sheldon giving Penny chocolates.
It creates bonds, SE is just a modern way to validate people and attract them to the tribe. All of the checkboxes have been built into our brains for thousands of years.
so, going to older users with 500+ rep and voting on a few of their best answers/questions. a good percentage come back and participate. Try it out. It's a trip. You'll want to make sure they are active on another SE site though. If they aren't, nothing happens.
LMAO...OMG this question is at the top of the HNQ
Q: How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?

DucatiKillerEvery year in Arizona there are monsoon storms and somebody inevitably get's killed in a car that is sinking in water. It appears the primary issue is getting free from the vehicle. After that, there's an entire set of other issues. Aside from that, how can I free myself from a sinking vehicle...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
Awesome, man. Just awesome.
12:10 AM
@JonathanMusso @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 jam an answer up in there and let's see what happens. @LynnCrumbling is going to pile on as well. It's an experiment.
This is hilarious.
@LynnCrumbling was all about getting questions into the HNQ so we talked to jonericson and he was like, "go for it"
@DucatiKiller I will try to come up with something that the others did not suggest, lol :)
There are a couple of youtube videos up in the chat that people have not used as answers.
@DavidFreitag Nice!
@DucatiKiller - Done.
A: How do I save myself from a sinking vehicle?

Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2When the car goes into water, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay calm. Your instinct is for flight, obviously, but getting yourself worked up is not going to do you any good. You have to think clearly. Going in to the deep-end (sorry, had to) will most likely cause your demise. Pr...

124.54 hotness points
12:25 AM
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 so awesome....lmao
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 what's a hotness point and where do I see that?
Just hover over the title.
in the HNQ
oh, nice
+1 on the sinking car
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 144> hotness points now
@Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 This guy would match my old question vote profile experiment.
So would this user
12:45 AM
You may even want to see about upping the point count a bit ... someone with more invested over here who is active other places is going to come back with your same experiment.
yes, it's 500 minimum that I worked with
I think anyone with 500+ who is active on another SE is going to come take a look
Okay, kewlio
so, this is close
this guy, dormant since December but active a few hours ago on SO
@DucatiKiller 147+ now
I'm headed to bed ... I've got a long day ahead tomorrow.
You have a wonderful evening, you mad professor of experimentation!
Good night John Boy! :D
1:01 AM
later @Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2
1:19 AM
@BobCross FYI have a look at the chat feed if you get a chance. From this point backwards to before the jonericson discussion began.
2 hours later…
3:27 AM
HNQ question has 110,000 hotness points.
1 hour later…
4:39 AM
@DucatiKiller what's up? Still not home. Hard to quickly figure out what you're referring to.
Is that too subtle?
4:58 AM
@BobCross pretty subtle
Just a convo with @JonEricson about site graduation, where the site is at and the possibility of reaching the metrics for election in a month or so.
@BobCross this should work
6 hours ago, by Jon Ericson
@DucatiKiller I just looked at the stats. I think you are very close now. Next time we review the site for graduation, it's pretty likely we'll take a risk on running an election.
@BobCross so, he stated later that the review was in 30 or so days.
Just thought you might like to know since you've been here doing care and feeding for so long.
1 hour later…
6:21 AM
Oh. Hey. That's neat! Should I run for moderator?
@DucatiKiller when some of our international friends chime in, they'll get it.
I've been there @BobCross, and eaten the best melon in the world at a little stall
1 hour later…
7:35 AM
@DucatiKiller heh, told you! ;-)
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
@BobCross Nice photo, a bit more original than most you see of that location...
1 hour later…
11:00 AM
Where is the justice? I just changed my coil pack, which seems to have fixed my rough idle / hesitation ( along with slightly raising idle via the air screw ), rev the engine and boom! I hear spraying liquid and hissing air, and see I've sprung a coolant leak! The humanity of it!
11:16 AM
@RobertS.Barnes welcome to the club
1 hour later…
12:31 PM
@DucatiKiller, Man... That post... I've got over 5000 now! Rep train.
12:45 PM
@JPhi1618 Congratulations!
Hey Nick. Good morning.
And I see you're in the UK, so Good afternoon.
Good afternoon
And well done @JPhi1618
Hey Rory. That sinking car question was fun.
Still bringing the rep - I'll max out today too.
It meets our thoughts on likely rep trains - simple enough that everyone feels they have input :-)
12:55 PM
@JPhi1618 Good insert-time-of-day to you too!
Thanks - Morning. Dallas, TX.
@DucatiKiller, Check out the rep train ^^^
Proves you can find almost anything on google.
Even better.
1:18 PM
Morning gents.
Yo Jonathan.
Hey man, how goes?
Going well. Did you see the sinking car question?
That was our fun yesterday.
I'm up to 5k now, so I'm happy.
Yeah you guys did a great job, and, congratulations!
It was Duc's brain child.
1:25 PM
You guys said it made it on HNQ?
That is the main feed for SE?
Yep, it was on the HNQ very quickly.
It's the right sidebar of questions that appear on all sites.
Ah, sweet!
We should make another, with a vehicle on fire.
They were talking about a "what would you do to make a car survive a nuclear explosion" yesterday.
Like what would still work after an EMP blast.
Oh wow, lol.
Thought was that most 60s and earlier cars would probably be ok.
1:35 PM
Let's hope we never have to find out!
Is it bad form to answer a question then vote to close it?
Q: Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV payload limit

KozuchWhat is the maximum "payload" (read: the weight the atv can carry besides itself) of the Razor Dirt Quad kids ATV? The specs say product weight is 89 lbs and something called "Max" is 120 lbs. The question is whether this "Max" is a total limit including product weight or if it is a payload numbe...

Hmm, off the top of my head I would say yes -- but I may be wrong.
Is it worse if I up vote your answer?
Yea, I think that does make it worse, lol.
And now, I will vote to close it as well.
Now that is a team effort right there.
We are nothing without our group-think.
1:47 PM
:) Have you ever been on a non sport bike?
I have never been on a street bike other than my Ironhead. Wondering if the FZ-09 is not the way to go for a first sport bike?
I've ridden a cruiser a few times. Not much tho.
Also, super big consideration that people forget to make - check insurance prices on a bike before even considering it.
One reason I loved my SV1000 is that it was not considered a sport bike for insurance so it was cheap.
I want this, I want that! Then, BAM, hit with a price you can't afford.
The 1972 CB175 is roughly $35 a month, lol.
Something much smaller like Ninja 500 would have been 2-3 times as much on insurance.
Just because it is a "sport bike".
1:51 PM
An insurance guy also told me that if it has R or X in the name, it's automatically more :)
I bet
I think something like the FZ-09 is a good choice.
One thing you will notice is that you have much more power than a cruiser.
The FZ-07 is substantially cheaper here, I think in America the difference is only 900. Here it's nearly 2k.
It will be interesting to see compared to an Ironhead with straight pipes.
It has almost double the HP though.
The 700 will be plenty if that's what you're worried about.
What has double?
1:56 PM
The 09, nearly doubling the HP of the Ironhead last I checked.
Yeah I was wondering about the power difference on the FZ-07, the reviews I watched were pretty good though.
Going from a cruiser, the 700 will still feel like a ton of power.
I rode some kawasaki something or other cruiser with a 1300cc engine, and I was like, man, this thing is going to kick ass, but it was such a dog.
Well, the Sportster isn't a cruiser, but I get what you mean.
It was the king of track bikes for that era.
Sorry, I'm not sure what bike you actually have?
The Harley-Davidson Sportster is a line of motorcycles produced continuously since 1957 by Harley-Davidson. Sportster models are designated in Harley-Davidson's product code by beginning with "XL". In 1952, the predecessors to the Sportster, the Model K Sport and Sport Solo motorcycles, were introduced. These models K, KK, KH, and KHK of 1952 to 1956 had a flat head engine, whereas the later XL Sportster models use an overhead valve engine. The first Sportster in 1957 had many of the same details of the KH including the frame, fenders, large gas tank and front suspension. == Construction ...
Ok, nice - my mom had almost that same bike.
2:04 PM
Awesome, what year?
I'm not sure, but 70's I believe.
Just the weight difference alone will be a huge difference for you.
She once slipped her foot on a grease spot at a light and dropped it. She couldn't get it up by herself, some guy had to help her.
Of course she was pretty small for the bike anyway.
The motor is extremely heavy yes, try lifting that thing on a bench...
I've shaved many lbs on my bike during it's conversion process, but yeah. Most definitely.
How much of a riding season do you have in... Canada?
2:10 PM
Weather is very odd lately, now perhaps 7 months
Out west, all year
Cool - I always associate Canada with unbearable cold, but me and cold don't get along...
I've only ever been to Victoria on the west, and it was actually very beautiful.
Yeah Van Island is very nice.
Have you ever seen Unreal Engine "Blueprints" - visual C++ scripting?
2:28 PM
No, I haven't. Sounds interesting.
Probably still a good idea to do a primer of the language, I suspect.
Primer of C++?
That's my bread and butter.
Guess I'm not seeing how that's c++. Just glanced at it tho.
2:39 PM
I think the blueprints is a visual, GUI way to do what you can also do with C++.
Looks cool tho, either way.
Probably still a good idea to find some docs on C++, though. I haven't touched that language in 15 years lol.
It's good to know - the Mother Language.
I remember stopping at pointers.
2:46 PM
Man, that's like learning the alphabet without vowels! :)
1 hour later…
4:12 PM
@JPhi1618 Th lphbt wtht wht?
Wow. That's a lot harder to read than I thought it would be.
4:28 PM
@JPhi1618 This is beautiful
howdy @LynnCrumbling
4:39 PM
@LynnCrumbling Are you going to pile onto the rep train and keep the dream alive?
@DucatiKiller G'day sir. What do you think about creating a similar question for fires?
@JonathanMusso So long as we don't do it right away I think. This has been a fun experiment for sure and it has payed handsomely.
It's been a great thing. The more people that pile on the better it does.
Can you pile on with any kind of answer at some point today?
It doesn't have to be fancy. It would be fun, now that it's in the HNQ, if we could keep it in there.
I'm now sure what else can be said, most things are repeated.
4:44 PM
The hotness points are interesting.
It really wouldn't matter.
That's why I didn't write something last night..
It could be about barbie dolls
Ok if you say so
It would be interesting to check the hotness points before and after.
Last night it shot up to 180K hotness points now it's about 65K
then NIck C answered and it went up to 88K
I"m all obsessed
4:48 PM
If you sort questions by votes and read the titles that have jumped into the HNQ. mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=votes
I think fire might be too obvious a follow up.
They are all pretty vanilla questions of but of universal interest.
Aye, I agree. Maybe next week?
Sure, you write it and I'll pile on. Let's think of a good question that isn't too similar to this.
Ok. Universal is key.
I think so, then people from other sites can pile on too.
Hmm, do we have anything like - "What do I do if my tire blows at high speed?"
4:54 PM
I think it became evident that being more general knowledge has helped it be accessible to answer for other 'not car' people
That's really good but would it get closed as a driving question?
Man......that would soar!
Sure but isn't drowning in a lake a driving question as well? Or it being on fire? LOL
I mean, aren't they sort of in the same category of question?
@RobertS.Barnes Justice is word used on TV
I justified it with a guy nateeldridge? <sic> by saying it's window strength question. lol
in the comments below the question. He still voted to close it.
@NateEldredge yes, it's about the operation of a component of the vehicle and it's strength as well as how to overcome it's tinsel strength under certain circumstances. — DucatiKiller 19 hours ago
So it's viewed as on the edge by some, because it is.
It's in a kindov grey area
5:02 PM
This one stayed in the HNQ for about a day.
Q: Why do two-stroke engine exhaust pipes look so strange?

DucatiKillerTwo stroke gasoline engine exhaust pipes are shaped strange. They expand into a wide diameter and then shrink down to a very small diameter where the exhaust gasses emerge into the environment. Why are they shaped in such a strange way? What is the large expansion in the exhaust pipe for? Why ...

This one lasted about two days
Q: Best way to clean inside of windshield?

CreationEdgeThe inside of my windshield has a thin layer of grime. When the light hits it a certain way, it drastically reduces my visibility. I have used glass cleaner with clean microfiber car cloths and paper towels, but it doesn't seem to clean the windows, just smear the grime around. The grime has su...

I'm surprised the windshield question didn't get closed, the word 'best' made it shakey but the subject matter.......perfect for HNQ
Ahh, great q&a's
then get two or three answers piled on in an hour so....goes into the HNQ
How do you see the Hotness points?
Glad you finally showed up @DucatiKiller.
Hover over the question w/ mouse
Question where?
5:05 PM
I was up SOOOO late last night. Couldn't sleep.
in the HNQ
Hover over each individual question and it will give you hotness points
I don't see that. In the sidebar or on some central site that I don't know about?
Did you see my Rep images from this morning?
from here
Yes...I saw those
I starred the T-Shirt
Laughed MAO
@JonathanMusso "What is the most effective method to care for my cars paint long term?"
@DucatiKiller That's another good one.
"What are the most effective modern car safety features?"
"Why can't I disable my cars air bag system?"
"Why doesn't the roof of a car collapse if/when it flips over?"
Last one is iffy
5:11 PM
but if we all pile on quickly....BAM....
@JPhi1618 Did you see it?
The hotness? Yea, I see it there. Thanks!
@JPhi1618 I laughed so hard when I saw the activity on the question I had a tear buildup.....got a little misty.
It maxed me out today with the help of that tire balancing question.
That question was at 166K hotness points earlier.
@JPhi1618 Your maxed! LOL....that's awesome
You've maxed like 5 times in two weeks or something...right?
Yea, I've had a good run.
Over 5k now so I can see stats here.
5:14 PM
Oh, excellent!
Note, that is a decimal point on the hotness scale.
Dude, so glad, now we can debate cause and effect. Not that the data is all crunchy and super good but it does give some insight.
Yes, noticed that.
What does it make you think?
not 160K
it's 160
Yea, two decimal points would have been fine. This isn't a 1/4mi race.
5:16 PM
damn.....see.....why would paulster2 want me to be nominate myself to be mod. I'm friggin space cadet
"want me to be nominate myself "... <shakes head>
.........that sentence above should be nominated as the worst sentence ever.....
Sup @Zaid.
whattup @Zaid
5:18 PM
@zaid I've been up all night so @JPhi1618 can interpret my chat into English for you if necessary.
@JPhi1618 The decimal threw me, I should wear my glasses more often.
Right, the decimal is very confusing in a XXX.XXX format.
It's in a laptime format
It's all Greek to me
Man, I thought maybe you could visit Greece, but Google says it's a 47h drive for you :)
5:23 PM
Plane for sure. 4 hours.
Dude, really? You googled that?
I'm the Googler. It's all I know.
Indeed, no requirement to remember anything anymore.
hey @cdunn
Plus you have to drive through Iraq and Syria... Not a great road trip.
5:24 PM
@JPhi1618 I am the Gogler, Koo-Koo, Kachu?
errrr I mean @stewart
Hey @DucatiKiller
Nice one @Stuart.
But I have two eyes :)
@DucatiKiller has two i's. I have one.
5:26 PM
this is what I get when I google you
you have two eyes
lol Yeah, I guess.. But my head isn't football shaped... I can't remember, what is it he used to scream at his mother all the time?
One eye... google.com/…
Now there's a rogues gallery lol
multiethnic too
@Zaid Seems the rep train has dumped out on you too. Are you maxed?
lmao, PC = Boot me to the curb and shoot me now
5:29 PM
So, I went to buy a rake at Lowes and grabbed the Kobalt brand.. Bought it and noticed the whole head was crooked, so I walked back to look at the others.
Hey @Zaid
They were all kinda jacked up, so I grabbed another brand and wend to exchange.
Gotta mahke the donuts.. More later
Girl at the customer service desk was like, Oh this brand Doesn't have the lifetime warranty.
@cdunn later
5:31 PM
I was thinking, that's fine - I don't want a lifetime of screwed up rakes. I want this one that's actually made well.
@JPhi1618 Are sure you don't want to buy the broken one? You can get it warrantied right after you buy it. LOL
Love the smart ones
When I was 20 that would have increased her hotness points
Yea, it was one of those "Really?!" moments.
I would have been all over her when I was young.
@DucatiKiller What are we working on today... same question as yesterday?
I see what you did there with the hotness points.
5:34 PM
@LynnCrumbling, good one on the alphabet.
hotness points are going to get used my 3 dimensional life now.
How are you getting your hotness point count?
Same out-to-three-decimal-points scale to prevent ties?
5:35 PM
@LynnCrumbling hover over the question in the HNQ listing
He's using more hair gel for one.
"This question has been arbitrarily awarded x hotness points."
Without having a picture, I'm going to start @DucatiKiller at 112.596 hotness points.
@LynnCrumbling pile onto the question and let's see if the hotness points go up
@JPhi1618 That's pretty generous.
My gal would put me at sub 70.xxx
I'm giving Lynn 125.238 because I always think his avatar image is some hot peppers.
5:37 PM
me too, deep fried hot peppers
@DucatiKiller Woah, you're in the hot Top network askers list.
we ran an experiment, it's a group effort
I was thinking more like orange chilis:
I just get the kudo's on the list because I wrote the question
@JPhi1618 yes, I see the resemblance. It does look like @LynnCrumbling
Him and his kind all look the same. I can never tell them apart.
My answer has gotten almost more than twice the rep of your question, so I think a few of us got kudos.
5:39 PM
Yea, star that Duc. That's your 15 minutes.
@JPhi1618 definitely. the rep train loves us all
@JPhi1618 .....and i'll never win the lottery now too....
@DucatiKiller @JPhi1618 Throw a USB Type A on the end of those and you'd be all set.
closest I could get
I found a picture of @LynnCrumbling at work.
5:42 PM
@LynnCrumbling You look focused
He really puts his head into it.
<shakes head>
HAHAHAA. It's constant physical exertion.
@DucatiKiller not the last time I checked
@JonathanMusso @LynnCrumbling Can you guys pile onto the sinking car question so we can measure hotness points after you pile on?
5:45 PM
Here's a pic from our family reunion.
Yours or @DucatiKiller's family?
good point
And creepy uncle Eddie:
he sings the song of my people
5:47 PM
Damn Eddie, put that back on!
Yep, there it is.
@JPhi1618 That's guy's such killjoy all of the time. What a crab lobster.
@DucatiKiller, the funny thing is I bet a whole, unbroken plug would also do a great job breaking the window.
Here's the basis of a physics answer
chart of window strenth
Break car window with a center punch
hotness points right now
5:53 PM
Here are some emergency tools that are nicer than the $5 cheapos: azweaponcraftprepper.com/…
That's a good list
I actually want one of those
Lol at this:
Yea, I was thinking I would get one of those tools, but the plastic orange hammer with the barely-works belt cutter seem cheesy.
@JPhi1618 Heh, that guy from link is here is Phx...
The prepper guy?
yes, the prepper
OMG, I'm soooo tired
more coffee
5:57 PM
Jot his address down just in case s hits the fan.
he'll double tap me in the forehead
threat eliminated

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