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8:03 PM
so silent
you ruined it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

flawrFind point on the Hilbert curve The Hilbert curve space filling curve. It is a limit of recursive approximations. Being spacefilling means there is a parametrization of the curve which is continuous. So we can map the interval [0,1] continuously to the unit square [0,1]x[0,1]. Let us call this m...

8:22 PM
the nothingness is eternal
I'm getting the feeling that if Solver had been around two years ago, 95% of the messages in this chatroom from that time would have been his at 5-minute intervals...
@MartinBüttner :P
It keeps TNB alive in it's darkest hours :)
I'm sorry, was there a non-conversation going on?
Let's see how long we can be silent. Starting in 3, 2, 1, GO!
8:29 PM
@trichoplax you ruined it
Good job, trichoplax.
Sorry I pressed Enter just as Solver's message appeared... oops.
8:29 PM
Long term silence is unrealistic. Why not go for a compromise like only posting on even minutes?
Fair enough
Even according to which time zone? Nepal will be mad.
@Morgan'Venti'Thrappuccino Wow. I didn't realise anyone was an odd number of minutes offset.
> This is an approximation of Kathmandu mean time, which is 5:41:16 ahead of UTC.
@trichoplax Yeah, I'm super surprised. I would've assumed that everyone was on a round offset.
anyone fan of ed sheeran?
I knew there were half hour offsets but I didn't think it got any more fine grained than that
8:34 PM
Nepal Standard Time (NST) is the time zone for Nepal. With a time offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of +5:45, all over Nepal Standard Time is one of only three time zones with a 45-minute offset from UTC. (The others are Chatham Island Standard Time, with an offset of UTC+12:45, and the unofficial Australian Central Western Time, with an offset of UTC+08:45.) NST is an approximation of Kathmandu mean time, which is 5:41:16 ahead of UTC. == See also == UTC+5:45 == References == == External links == Nepali Time Nepali Time and Date with Calendar...
Guys, watch this with subtitles on. xD
@Optimizer I am of I See Fire. I don't know if I know any of his other songs. :P
i am trying to figure out this live performance of his ..
but i know only the location.. can't remember the name
which SE chat is full of music lovers?
@El'endiaStarman aren't they like theory and stuff?
8:36 PM
what is their chat channel?
@Maltysen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We have separate stack exchanges for Music and Music Fans? That's ridiculous lol
But not nearly as ridiculous as Board and Card Games, Chess, and Poker (the latter two of which are still on topic on Board and Card Games)
@Rainbolt of course, the most ridiculous of all is Code Review
I like CR.
@Phrancis @Quill CR bashing happening.
@Rainbolt Computer Graphics is currently contemplating the arrival of 3D Computer Graphics, which is likely to cause some confusion...
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I think we all do. But we are obligated to bash them in the spirit of rivalry.
@El'endiaStarman oh boy, never noticed that thing there
And now I have a picture to show anyone and everyone who asks a similar question. :P
8:42 PM
@Rainbolt D:
Feb 11 at 1:04, by Calvin's Hobbies
Let's be friends with Code Review.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I mean... he's not wrong.
music chat is silent as hell,
Feb 11 at 1:05, by Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ
@Calvin'sHobbies \o/ I'm in. I never had anything against the CR folks.
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Friends !(!=) rivals.
8:42 PM
@El'endiaStarman +1 for the freehand writing
they have anonymous bold texts saying 2 days later...
Feb 11 at 1:05, by Seadrus
o_O are you all hippies or something?
@Optimizer Almost all chats are far, far quieter than this one.
@Optimizer v
14 years later
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ You betrayer! Code Review is useless.
8:44 PM
You know what we should do? We should just go to another room for a day and talk there instead.
@Solver ikr, all this blaspheming going around
(i'm joking)
@Rainbolt Okay.
@El'endiaStarman why is that? even puzzling and CR?
we can go bash CR there
8:45 PM
@Optimizer You mean why are most chats so quiet? I don't really know for sure, actually.
@Maltysen pls no
8:46 PM
why not :)
We can talk in Anime, and make the chat scroll so fast that nobody can see the pictures of young cartoon girls. Or we can move to Physics, and raise so many chat flags that every mod on the network will be there to celebrate. Or we can move to Board and Card Games, and everything will be the same except we'll be in another room.
Surely "better" would be The Eighteenth Byte??
@Rainbolt anime
@Rainbolt but I want to see the the lolis… ;P
8:47 PM
@trichoplax okay
The negative nineteenth byte, i.e. CR
@Rainbolt sounds like Stack Egg all over again!
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Who dare interrupt my SQL queries ಠ_ಠ
hey, was trying to save CR.
7 mins ago, by Eᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏ Iʀᴋ
I like CR.
@Optimizer Also, compare April 10, 2014, April 10, 2015, and April 10, 2016. Even TNB used to be a lot quieter.
8:48 PM
@Phrancis You perform your SQL queries manually??
@Phrancis I heard this in the Genie's voice. :P
@Phrancis sowee
@trichoplax You don't?
@Phrancis ohai
8:49 PM
Oh wait, it wasn't the genie. Trying to find a gif.
@El'endiaStarman Looks like we hit critical mass
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ from now on i'm going to say sowee
@El'endiaStarman hey, we were growing up.. seems like music is not growing up any more. you can't compare us with them. or are you suggesting that they were this active once too?
^ good enough.
8:50 PM
@Dennis TIO feature request: test suites. Allow a set of inputs to be specified, and output the corresponding outputs.
@Phrancis I don't know SQL, but I assumed you could get a computer to do it for you so it wouldn't need to stop while you read chat messages...
@Optimizer Mostly just saying that it's a mystery. :P
Thank goodness it isn't quiet:
27 mins ago, by Martin Büttner
I'm getting the feeling that if Solver had been around two years ago, 95% of the messages in this chatroom from that time would have been his at 5-minute intervals...
@Mego Pyth already has that :D
8:50 PM
@Solver ikr
I wrote it
Though I'll bet a lot of it has to do with the kind of site we have. At least, its theme.
@Maltysen I'm aware
@Maltysen nice!
@El'endiaStarman Don't you think PPCG is just better?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ what type of carrot is that?
@Solver "better" is ill-defined. :P
@Solver VTC because no objective winning criterion
@El'endiaStarman &shrugface:
8:52 PM
@El'endiaStarman Indeed - writing short answers means more time for chat
@Maltysen A reciprocal carrot
@trichoplax lol
@trichoplax (but yes, often you don't need to deploy a new script just to add or change (or even select) a few rows, so you do end up running SQL manually fairly often, when you do SQL a lot)))))))
has anyone seen @Downgoat?
@Solver oh yeah I saw him on the farm when I drove by it
8:53 PM
@Phrancis Ah I see. Thanks. No more jokes from me about topics out of my depth :)
@Maltysen betcha he was red
@Solver he was also upside down
@trichoplax Why? We're sowee...
8:55 PM
so.. any Ed Sheeran fans?
@trichoplax aww....
@Optimizer SECOND TIME
no, btw
@Solver Too memified. Cannot parse.
@trichoplax &whateverface:
8 seconds of silence persist.
@Solver my browser doesn't have that character
Ampersand? giggles
@Solver no, &whateverface;
@Maltysen that was on purpose.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ you mean O_o
@Solver -_- I know it was a joke
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ STILL WRONG!
8:58 PM
You guys are cute
@Phrancis ???
@Phrancis Welcome back to high school, Mr. SQL.
(in a totally not romantic way)
Q: Find the result by rewriting and optimizing the code

NukeNoobTask Optimize and rewrite the following code in order to find the result of Z(11223344) and Z(1122334455) Details The code can be rewritten in any desired programming language. The output has to be the right one. The code shouldn't take hours to run. Self-checks: Z(30) = 964452 Z(10000) = ...

@Phrancis phew!
8:59 PM
@NewMainPosts that looks like a crap Q
@NewMainPosts fastest close ever.
@Phrancis he's a bot.
@Solver No shit ;p
@Solver Not by a long shot.
@Solver no we weren't being fast, its just that NewMainPosts was being slow
9:01 PM
Doorknob has like a 12 seconds record or something
so. many. mentions.

Which Ed Sheeran performance is this?

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Bookmarked 8 secs ago by Optimizer

For the autostereogram lovers here:
user image
An oldie but a goodie.
@flawr I love that one - seen it in here a while back :)
9:03 PM
@flawr at least we do it alike.. (see the room description)
@flawr i don't get it
@Maltysen you know what stereograms are?
@flawr Oooh, we could base a challenge off of this.
9:05 PM
no we cant
Why not?
too hard to spec-ulate
@El'endiaStarman @mbomb007 Is trying to do this: meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/8924/24877
Input a depth map and a length in characters before repeat, and output something matching that with real words
@flawr holy shit that image is rad
9:06 PM
@flawr There's something fishy about the first image in that one
@flawr Oh cool. I was thinking text-only, but that'd be a good sequel.
still, the spec is too open..
It might be easier to tighten the spec with a text only one
That is what I suggested.
Feel free to comment too!
@flawr Good point :)
9:08 PM
Speaking of comments, I've decided that since everything else about my language is backwards, comments will be too. I'm reversing /* */ and using /* */. ...wait
try */ /*
Why not \o/ /o\ as comments?
Or <_< >_>
That is trippy
Or ([ mycomment )] <- this is my favourite.
kill all the parsers
If you want to be confusing, you could use the first character found in the source code as the comment character
9:12 PM
What would the escape character be?
@Rainbolt the last character in the code
Escaping with {. Reinprisonng with }.
Maybe two comment characters in a row cause escaping and not commenting
@trichoplax ; comment ;
@Optimizer How generic.
9:13 PM
@Optimizer doesn't scheme actually do that?
@flawr reinprisonning? You mean capturing?
Whatever the opposite of escaping might be.
@flawr I hate you. So much. <3
@flawr Well comments are kinda shifty.
@flawr gnipacse
As we're already talking about language: Guess what an Eischalensollbruchstellenverursacher is.
Egg shell!
9:15 PM
@Mego Consider it .
@Rainbolt Good start.
@Optimizer Oh that would be really nice except for the fact that I want it to be possible to take a block of code, add the comment character(s) to the front of it, and not make any problems happen thanks to comments that were already there
public static void main(String[] args) { comment }
^ Java in nutshell
^ Java in a nutshell
@Optimizer But you need a constructor!
9:16 PM
@flawr and a class
@Rainbolt except Java is too nutty to be able to have shells
So public class IHateCS101 { public static void main(String[] args) { comment } }
@Maltysen Walnuts have shells.
And don't forget to end the comment in a comma
interface CommentConstructorFactory
9:17 PM
@flawr ugh, no you don't. class yes. constructor - no
CS 101 for me was C++. We didn't get to Java until we did OOP in the second course
@Rainbolt You're lucky. The AP curriculum for Computer Science teaches Java
No OOP in your C++ course?
@QPaysTaxes it succccckkkks
@Maltysen Java or C++?
9:18 PM
both Java and the AP Comp Sci ciriculum
@flawr No. We covered data types, conditionals, loops, arrays... simple stuff like that.
Ah, yep
@Rainbolt In the AP curriculum, arrays are considered an advanced topic.
@QPaysTaxes its even titled "Data Structures and Algorithms"
Because I guess no one has ever made a bunch of things.
Right gotta go to dinner now
and we learn… out of place shuffling
9:19 PM
Cy'all later!
@Rainbolt And why would anyone start with C++?
Or C+=1.
Well for one thing, this was in 2009 (7 years ago), so C++ was a good introductory language at the time.
@Rainbolt I'm guessing "good" in this context means something more like "better than the alternatives". :P
Well, for example, try teaching pointers in Java. It'll be mostly conceptual. In C++ the notation is in your face.
I think I was taking my first step in java.
9:22 PM
In Python, all the pointers are hidden.
@Rainbolt Well you do not really need those in many language nowadays.
As only few are so close to the hardware.

I just imagined that they are not the most fundamental thing you need when learning programming. All you need is turtles.
@QPaysTaxes bai
The same way as probably nobody would recommend learning haskell as a first language.
I like the anagram.
Oh wow, I didn't notice the anagram. I got a different joke...
9:27 PM
I've ended up in the unfortunate situation of having to tell someone that, despite our name, programming puzzles really aren't on topic here.
Well I got the different joke too=)
Okay, I was wondering if non-native-English speakers could get it. :P
I guess certain kinds of slang are near-universal... :P
how can a surgery give melons? does our body grow melons secretly?
@El'endiaStarman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
9:48 PM
Great illustration of general relativity. Time dilation is shown by clocks! :D
why do I get the scifi chat notifications?
@Solver yes
@Maltysen Are you talking about chat flags, or chat pings?
@El'endiaStarman do we have a proof of that ?
@Optimizer Eh?
9:52 PM
If you visited the room, then people can ping you for some amount of time.
If you have more than 10k network wide, then you see chat flags from all rooms.
as far as i know, astronauts revolving around earth are younger because of the rotation and not gravitation ..
@El'endiaStarman eh eh?
@Rainbolt event notifications
specifically their movie watching events
Oh, I think you get events from rooms you have been in recently
I can't confirm, but from experience I know I got events from anime for a couple of weeks
The events themselves kept luring me back into the room
@Rainbolt hmm, a reason to avoid 10k network-wide...
Nothing wrong with my biology online lab's design at all...
10:00 PM
I've been considering deleting some of my 100-400 rep accounts just so I get fewer election notifications
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CrazyPythonMake a quine without using string literals popularity-contest A quine is a computer program that prints out it's own source code to stdout. Your task is to make one that doesn't use string literals. You cannot: Have any empty program Read your source code directly or indirectly (i.e. form a ...

@Cyoce knew that was coming!
@Optimizer I had a suspicion as soon as I saw that their operator buttons just added the character for that operator to the string.
Hey, don't remove before I can read!
10:06 PM
@flawr the formatting died.
10:18 PM
are classes a must-have in a programming language?
object oriented programming is just one of many paradigms
You could do functional!
Literally, if a real language doesn't have some degree of "functional"ness, then I won't use it often
or simply procedural
10:20 PM
It also depends how cheesy the name of the language is.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I was planning for it to be 50% functional 50% OO
aim for 60/60 :)
also, any feedback on this?:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DowngoatParse a Formal Grammar Given a type-2 formal grammar, and a string, parse the string using the formal grammar and output the matches for the non-terminals. Examples First line is string, following lines are grammar, last line is output, examples are separated by --- 123 n -> any of 0 1 ...

What's the difference between object-oriented and functional, exactly? I've got a sort of basic idea that one has classes and the other doesn't, but aside from that, it seems the same.
10:21 PM
Well then I think you should read about funcitnal languages.
> funcitnal
10:24 PM
The nice thing about language languages is that they are usulaly qutie reudnant
@flawr Aww you're a qutie too
> usulaly qutie
@QPaysTaxes In functional languages, you manipulate functions as easily as data. Object orientation means that your data is structured as extendable classes. A language can be both functional and object-oriented.
@Zgarb ...Well that makes sense
So something like C or Python would have functional elements?
but Python also has OOP
Paradigms usually are not mutually exclusive.
@QPaysTaxes Python does. I don't know about C.
@Downgoat What are animal crackers?
@Zgarb Well you can get a function pointer and pass it around and do stuff with it, so I assume that makes it functional
10:27 PM
@QPaysTaxes You can, but it is quite a pain in the a*Ss.
+1 to everyone who voted for "frosted with sprinkles"
@flawr I like how you censored it but didn't really censor it
@QPaysTaxes Fu*ck this censoring sh*it.
@flawr what is that supposed to be uncensored aaSs?
Ads are starting to creep me out. Just last night I went to Wingstop and called in an order. When I got there, I saw they had a new flavor I wanted to try, and wished I had ordered that instead. Now I have ads for Wingstop all over the place.
I never even went to their website. It was a call in order
How do they know?
10:28 PM
@flawr fuck this censoring shit
Oops forgot to escape the asterisks
@Rainbolt What are ads? (Adblock edge + some other custom add removers ftw)
@Rainbolt did you call with an android phone?
@Rainbolt Have you heard of the frequency illusion
@Rainbolt Did you pay with a card?
10:29 PM
@Downgoat I have an LG Accolade VX5600
@Zgarb Yes
@Rainbolt Those ads where there before and manipulated you into making an order at Wingstop.
@QPaysTaxes Is that the one with the example that everyone is driving the same car as me? If so, then yea, I think I read about it
@Rainbolt I linked it.
@Rainbolt if that's an android phone, it's probably looking at your call history, and sending the data to google
@Rainbolt Cyanogenmod ftw!
10:31 PM
It's a flip phone from like 2010 I think
> probably
If you're going to say something like that, cite sources
@QPaysTaxes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just a random guess
I know facebook does that
> This resulted in a loud explosion, injuring five including the judge, the constable and a court clerk.
That title is wrong
@Downgoat Sources
@Rainbolt Some shops have begun sending me ads in the mail after I've bought stuff from them with my card. I guess your web presence won't be much harder to obtain.
10:32 PM
Updates can happen.
@flawr Yeah, but why wouldn't they update the title?
Also there's no mention of an edit
Can someone do me a refresh?
@QPaysTaxes Perhpas they have difficulty with numbers/couting, like I do.
He wants a mod to refresh his profile
10:39 PM
@flawr So you don't use C++ then
Speaking of which, I'm still an ice block in the spring. I need to update
I'm gonna melt and become beautiful
@Rainbolt Puddles aren't beautiful
@QPaysTaxes That is telling. When I look into a puddle, I see only handsome.
@flawr I was making the joke that you have difficulty with couting
I.E. writing to cout
10:52 PM
> In the German-dubbed version seen in Germany, as in the original English version, the Buzzards speak Russian. In the Russian-dubbed version seen in Russia, they speak German. This way, they sound foreign and evil to everyone.
I just read this in the Trivia for Mad Max: Fury Road.
minichallenge: given an integer, output the first digit after the decimal point of its square root
@poi830 hec`@Q2\.
what is the thirst for super chilled water called?
(I don't think there's a specific English word for it, though I may be wrong)

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