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5:00 AM
/me disappears. See you!
@trichoplax This is interesting. I don't have the attention span to fully comprehend this at the moment but I'll continue to consider it.
Oh hey, it's time for another "help Alex help his girlfriend do probability." You flip a fair coin three times. What's P({at least one head} intersect {odd number of heads}^C)?
(where ^C is set complement)
Put that in English.
@AlexA. Even number of heads, so exactly 2 heads
So exactly one tail
@trichoplax That's what I thought, then the probability would be 0.5^2, right? Apparently that isn't correct.
5:10 AM
There are 3 ways of getting 1 tail
@Geobits What's the probability of obtaining at least one head and not an odd number of heads?
Yea, what he said then. Three ways to get one tail, eight ways total.
So is it 3/8 then? Or is there some extra step? I always got confused by probability
Yes, that is correct!
Olivia and I thank you both, @trichoplax and @Geobits.
@AlexA. My own doubt at the moment is whether there is too much overlap. If there isn't, I like the idea of distinguishing between the two contest types
5:14 AM
Don't thank me. He got to the answer before I was sure of the question :D
I thank you for participating and your willingness to help
It is greatly appreciated
Being praised and confused at the same time makes me feel a fraud :)
I'm confused most of the time, so I feel like that whenever I get praise for something. :P
You too, huh?
Granted, I don't often do things worthy of praise because, you see, .
5:25 AM
That's some tasty bait right there.
Uh what
It's got self-deference and a meme all wrapped into one neat package.
I wonder if I should be concerned by the number of times my name appears in the Many Memes of PPCG post.
I might have you beat on that one, not sure.
5:32 AM
We're like epic meme bros
Oh sorry, dank meme bros.
Or even Super Meme Bros.
Probably depends on if we're counting your sock :P
(╯ಠ ͜ʖಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
You look way too happy to be flipping that table.
(╯ಠ ʖ̯ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻
Is that better?
Now it looks like you're going to flip it and run into your room crying.
Anyone know how to dye plastic (of an unknown type... glossy and smooth)?
5:38 AM
Assuming I haven't flipped the table such that it obstructs my doorway
How come when I do git pull --force it still says: Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge.. I'm forcing the pull dammit!
@Geobits Reheat a tomato based sauce in the plastic
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Because you need to commit your changes?
@trichoplax Can confirm, this works perfectly.
@AlexA. But I don't want to commit my changes because they suck
@AlexA. Never washes off
5:39 AM
@trichoplax Oh, that's not a bad idea. I need it a deeper red anyway :D
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Then pull a @Dennis and delete the repo and re-pull
@AlexA. I have to do that?
Git sucks
@Geobits May I suggest beets and/or red wine in addition to said tomatoes
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ Have to? Certainly not.
Yea, something nice and vinegary should work.
5:40 AM
@Geobits I guess you need something oil based. Acetone will dissolve some plastics - I don't know whether that is reversed when the acetone evaporates, and whether that could leave an oil based dye incorporated into the surface
I tried Rit dye and acetone earlier. No luck.
@Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ I don't know enough git to advise you otherwise though.
You can stash your changes
My house smells like a nail salon now though, so there's that.
That's the ideal anyway so lucky you
git stash && git pull --force ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Geobits Does it need to be dyed rather than painted? If it smells of nail varnish already...
5:42 AM
@AlexA. screw it, I'll just delete & clone again
Honestly that's probably the simplest solution if you no longer care about any local changes you've made.
Yea, dyed would be best. I just got a cube and there just isn't enough contrast between red and orange. I want to deepen the red up. It's a stickerless cube, though, so painting it would ruin the aesthetic.
Jan 28 at 5:30, by Doᴡɴɢᴏᴀᴛ
I suck at git
What kind of cube is this?
Just a generic plastic cube?
ninja'd on my own stupid joke
5:44 AM
Is it opaque plastic?
Can you somehow lighten the orange instead?
5:47 AM
Hmm. Maybe. I don't know how well bleach or peroxide works on plastics.
I really thought the dye+acetone would do the trick :(
UV seems to work but takes a long time unless you have a strong artificial source
"Uh, can I use the tanning bed? Oh no, not for me... pulls out my cube."
@Geobits You cube too? What's your average?
Terrible. I just started :D
Probably around two minutes.
Oh I'm a 14-second average.
With 8 second PB.
5:49 AM
Well damn. Nice.
I've been at it for 3 years. Summer marks the 4rd year of my cubing.
First you were dying the cube, now you're playing with it?
I haven't gotten to PLL/OLL yet. Started with straight beginner's method, and working on F2L until I feel it's good enough before going into that.
What kind of cube is this?
@Geobits At 2 minutes?
Dude, you're learning way too fast.
I suggest you get to 45 seconds before learning anything advanced.
(That's what I did...)
5:51 AM
Meh. The beginner's only took a day or two to get to 3-4 minutes.
@AlexA. I thought I could get away with not asking and wait for it to become clear, but it's becoming less and less so to me...
But yea, that's why I haven't gone into the top layer junk yet. Working on getting the first two done quickly.
Yeah, it took a week for me to get down to 45 seconds. But that was an intense week.
I cube in class a lot too, so that helps :)
@trichoplax It's a Yuxin.
Damn kids these days. My teachers would have kicked my ass :D
@Geobits Hehe I choose the right classes to cube in. Otherwise, cube stays in backpack.
I happen to be president/founder of the cube club at school, so...
5:53 AM
@trichoplax ._.
AND the fastest in the school so far
> cube club
(Not to brag or anything)
@AlexA. Yeah, I said it right.
Ha, brag away. Eight seconds is damn good.
Boy, I just love cubing.
5:54 AM
Cubing is love, cubing is life.
@Geobits Forbes works with FuckFuckAdblock!
@trichoplax That means something to you?
@AlexA. Not until I searched online...
@AlexA. Thanks, but I typically decide that there are forty thousand other news sites, so I don't need to visit the ones that are dicks.
It was more of an endorsement for FuckFuckAdblock than a suggestion that you use Forbes. :P
5:56 AM
@Geobits Oh yeah, here's a tip: try getting into other puzzles after you've got down 3x3. Really helps with, well, everything.
(starting w/ 2x2)
Now adblock programs just need to add a feature to hide links that go to sites not worth visiting
I thought about that. I was looking at either a 4x4 or a megaminx-type.
Are these Rubik's cubes?
@Geobits That probably works too.
I should get a 2x2, though. The kid wants one.
5:57 AM
@AlexA. Yep.
@Geobits Why not all 3?
Oh. @Geobits don't put that in the microwave with tomato sauce
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ All in good time :P
But done on a 3x3, no tomato sauce
At least it's in HD
That magnetron is not happy.
6:06 AM
Ooh, another cuber has joined the chat.
Help I'm watching a guy microwave a microwave
"microwave a magpie" returned no good results.
What about microwaving a microwave inside a microwave inside a microwave...?
All microwaving at the same time?
@AlexA. Help is on the way: watch this instead youtube.com/watch?v=JnfyjwChuNU
6:09 AM
@Geobits RHCP makes my ears spicy
6:43 AM
@Geobalex How are you?
(aka @Geobits @AlexA.)
7:01 AM
> strart (@isaacg)
7:28 AM
Hi everyone !
7:59 AM
@Katenkyo hi
How are you zyanbin101? :)
@Katenkyo zyabin101 is the correct spelling.
@Katenkyo GRRRRR!
@zyabin101 this typo will live untill you change you correct your pseudo you know :)
8:09 AM
@Katenkyo Now look at the chat profile...
@zyanbin101 haha, it still doesn't fix the typo !
@Katenkyo But it clarifies that zyabin101 is the correct spelling!
Well I'll stop now :)
starting to feel like two deafs speaking together
@zyabin101 My wrongness sounds quite right !
I hate when the online compiler just tell me "Your program was aborted."
8:19 AM
@Katenkyo The online compiler cannot think forever!
@zyabin101 Yeah i know, found out my error...
I was doing t[#t]=x instead of t[#t+1]=x
@Katenkyo Which language?
@zyabin101 Lua
#t is equivalent to t.length()
8:35 AM
400 bytes ungolfed, time to starve this program !
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Martin BüttnerSpiral Permutation Sequence code-golfnumbersequence We can roll up the natural numbers in a rectangular spiral: 17--16--15--14--13 | | 18 5---4---3 12 | | | | 19 6 1---2 11 | | | 20 7---8---9--10 | 21--22--23--24--25 But now that we ...

9:12 AM
326 bytes :'(
@Katenkyo Are there any tips for golfing in Lua?
@Katenkyo Then read them carefully!
@zyabin101 I know them :p
But will recheck it, in case
there's some error in the lua tips Oo
"You may need to check if a value is equivalent to 0, "", '', or nil. It's important to note that Lua will evaluate all of the aforementioned to "false" when in a conditional statement."
only nil and false are false in lua
9:53 AM
A: Inverse N-nacci

KatenkyoLua, 324 Bytes When I see other submission, I feel like there's something wrong with my code... But then, I remember that's Lua, and there's isn't all these fancy functionnalities :'( It was a lot of fun, took me some time actually. function f(l)c=2 y,z=table.remove,os.exit while(l[1]<2)do y(l...

done :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

insertusernameherePlan Your Next Movie This will be a code-golf challenge. Introduction You're a director and you're planning your next movie. The studio has given you a maximum budget and also set the running time of your movie. Now you have a bunch of scenes to choose from. All scenes have a length, a fix...

1 hour later…
11:00 AM
Q: Remove specified non-numeric rows

Stewie GriffinIn case there's any doubt: Nan = Non-numeric datatype for the purposes of this challenge. Write a program or function that takes a matrix / array as input, as well as a list of column indices. The challenge is to remove the rows where all elements in the specified columns are Nan. It doesn't...

2 hours later…
12:55 PM
@MartinBüttner very nice, I wouldn't discover the $#1$*C phrase myself (context: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/70638/help-me-open-the-box/…)
I often wanted to replace the captured part with some other char and I saw no solution for that
now this solves my problem
1:17 PM
I like how Jeff Atwood got two gold badges on PPCG without ever posting just by sharing links to answers :D
@mınxomaτ you know how when you have access to the db makes it easier to... insert values into it...
2 hours later…
3:46 PM
Q: Computer riddle: I treat vars like D

busukxuan Little 'bout my age: far from that of B Yet in my syntax, you will find some C The way I treat vars, that is much like D I do take objects, but I'm not like E If it starts with F, you'll know it's not me Now I challenge you, just what could I be I guess this should be fairly easy f...

I love when a piece of code was working find yesterday, but is failing today...
4:30 PM
Random question: If you have earned 196 rep today and someone upvotes an answer of yours, then promptly removes the upvote, will you have 196 rep or 190?
Unupvotes are weird and follow no rules but their own.
Translation: No clue.
Oh... thanks for the info, I'll just leave them out of this challenge I'm about to sandbox about calculating rep earned from votes.
4:42 PM
@Dennis Unupvotes are voting corrections and cost to the receiver the full opposite of the upvote, so -5 for a question unupvote.
Q: Did an upvote-unupvote in the morning prevent me getting 200 rep on the rest of the day?

Jonathan LefflerI'm puzzled that I got 205 points on the day rather than 215. There was one accept, and enough other upvotes after the upvote-unupvote at 10:19 that I would have expected to score 215, not just 205. Or is there something else going on that isn't showing up — but if there is, why isn't my rep ta...

4:48 PM
I've lost rep from undownvotes. Don't try to reason with them.
Wasn't me :P
Do you ever undownvote? :P
Yes. I'm not that heartless :D
Well, if somebody picks a downvote icon as the image that represents him best, you gotta wonder...
@Dennis Where's the message where you originally explained how this happened? I can't find it anywhere.
4:52 PM
@Dennis Says the kid that terrorizes his neighbor into an early heart attack or stroke...
Poor Mr. Wilson :(
nvm, I found it
I didn't.
Nov 1 '15 at 0:58, by Dennis
I got downvoted on Oct 6 and Oct 27. I hit the rep cap later those days, so I didn't lose any rep from the downvotes.
Both downvotes got reversed on Oct 28, but I hit the rep cap that day as well, so I didn't gain any rep from the undownvotes.
Today, my rep got recalculated. The system decided none of this was fair and made the original downvotes count as -2 each.
@Dennis Maybe it's a paper airplane flying to the upper-right when viewed from above ...
It's clearly a Play button, rotated. It's a rebus that means "play down". Make of that what you will ;)
4:55 PM
I just searched "the system decided none of this was fair", since that's what I remembered of that message
as opposed to "play right"? :-)
@JAB: you've got hermaphroditic frog DNA lying around the lab, why on earth would you not use it? — Steve Jessop 5 hours ago
@TimmyD :-)
5:10 PM
Q: It's snowing in my console windows!

J AtkinYou love watching the snow falling outside, but you know it won't be snowing much longer. You could take a video, but decide to make a snow animation so ... um ... you can practice your animation skills! Snow Snow is simply the # symbol here. Half of the snow moves at 1 char per frame, while th...

5:20 PM
was there any similar code golf?
Make the sequence increasing by multipling it's elements with positive integers.
Example: 5 8 7 4 6 11 55 2 => 5 8 14 16 18 22 55 56
@randomra I don't really see where you're going with that
@Dennis Can you please give MATL a pull?
@LuisMendo Pulled.
Ugh, I forgot to nuke cell broadcasts on my new phone. My service provider uses them to push ads. ಠ_ಠ
@Dennis Thanks!
How's Jelly doc going? :-)
@TheDoctor 5 and 8 already forms an increasing sequence, 7 becomes 2*7=14, 4 becomes 4*4=16, 6 becomes 3*6=18 etc
5:30 PM
@Dennis Seriously?
@LuisMendo Haven't made a lot of progress lately. Every time I could start writing them, I think I should do x first, since it could potentially invalidate a large portion of the docs...
@Dennis What exactly are your plans for the future with Jelly? I remember you mentioning something about Mathematica-style XData[ atoms... :P
Also can anyone actually read Molar's new name?
The L's are boxes for me :P
@Dennis Your cell provider pushes ads to your phone? Aren't you already paying them for service, so they're just extracting additional money? Or am I confused?
Unfortunately, I'm not kidding.
@Dennis ಠ_ಠ
that sux
5:34 PM
That's why rooting your phone is important. Cell broadcasts just went poof.
@Dennis oh boy I can back up my contacts
thanks I really needed to know that
So that's not an in-app ad?
What a terrible service provider.
@TimmyD No, it's a broadcast. It's supposed to be used for AMBER alerts etc.
I have an unhealthy obsession vandalizing property with giant googly eyes. Please help. https://t.co/oSFeh4X0I9
5:36 PM
@quartata Yes, and you get to pay for it too. \o/
My team is harassing me about the page lifecycle in ASP.NET because they think I understand how it works, and all I can tell them is "Put it in Page_Load. Does it work? If not, put it in Page_Init. Does it work now?"
@TheDoctor (◑‿◐)
@Rainbolt I know that feeling ^^
oh noes hes back
@mınxomaτ ?
5:37 PM
@quartata Not sure about that yet. There are a lot of things that are more urgent and less cheaty. :P
@Dennis hehe
@quartata @TheDoctor
@Dennis But it's on a SECURE server
shut up and take my money!
Have you considered another service provider?
Or is it like the only service provider in Paraguay?
It's the best one of the four we have.
5:39 PM
Just move to canada XD
@Dennis You'd think it would break some sort of law using emergency broadcasts for ads
@TheDoctor If moving to Canada makes the telcos better, you're in pretty deep =P
The only annoyances are cell broadcasts (ads) and text messages (moar ads). I can block both, so I don't really care.
@TheDoctor No, thank you. I can't stand the cold.
@Dennis FWIW I get text message ads from my provider here too. I think those are universal
5:41 PM
@Dennis Well it's above zero outside right now, it's actually unseasonably warm
@quartata Clean Inbox - smsBlocker is really great and does all things.
@Roujo Celsius or Fahrenheit?
FWIW verizon doesn't actually do any of that :)
@Dennis Both =P
@Dennis :-o I had never heard of those messages actually being sent. I thought they were onbe of those things that are in the UMTS/LTE standards that never get actually used
Q: Consolidate an Array

VoteToCloseThe task is simple: consolidate an array of ints. Consolidating this array consists of the following: All instances of 0 need to be moved to the end of the array. There should be no 0s between the non-zero integers. All non-zero indices should retain their order. Challenge Consolidate an arr...

5:45 PM
@quartata In Spain I never saw them
At least the operator could have written the opening ¡ and the accented ó properly. The bad spelling would annoy me even more than receiving the message
@LuisMendo every time I notice a missing inverted mark it drives me nuts
@quartata so you speak Spanish? Not many languages have them
It's like unbalanced parentheses ... (
). There
5:54 PM
@LuisMendo not a native speaker but yeah a bit. It's tough to live in SOCal and not know some, really.
I have never seen broadcasts used like that but maybe Paraguay has lighter laws on that sort of thing
Q: Build a twisted "Hello world!"

J AtkinYour job is quite simple, write a program that prints Hello, world!, that when twisted creates a program that prints Twisted!. How strings are twisted The twisting algorithm is very simple. Each column is shifted down by its index (col 0 moves down 0, col 1 moves 1, ...). The column shift wraps...

@quartata @For a moment I thought you might be this guy :-)
@twinone_, Barcelona
Skydiver. Android developer.
1k tweets, 239 followers, following 200 users
@LuisMendo No Unicode support, I suppose. podés is also missing its diacritical mark.
But you probably wouldn't consider that Spanish anyway. ;)
@Dennis Hahaha. I thought that was only Argentina and Uruguay
It must be the "-guay" ending :-P
I had read "puedes" actually :-)
5:57 PM
@LuisMendo The Spanish here is way worse though. The pronunciation isn't as weird as in Argentina or Uruguay, but we borrow a few idioms from the Guaraní language.
@VoteToClose Is your "consolidate an array" computationally expensive enough to result in meaningful differences between programs? Your example Java program is already really fast at less than 500ms, and that could easily be running into boundary conditions of random disk access and the like ...
When watching an Argentinian movie I always need 10-15 minutes of adaptation, in which I hardly understand anything
@Dennis including the glottal stop? I find that a curious sound (or lack thereof really)
6:03 PM
yay 800 rep
@TimmyD I can change it to , there are a lot of people saying that.
In fact, yeah, I'm changing that - I don't know why I put it as fastest-code, to be honest.
@LuisMendo No, just idioms. For example, we say después ahora, meaning later, or voy a ir a venir instead of voy y vuelvo.
We also borrow a few words that do not have a translation to Spanish. hína and piko are the voiced equivalents to exclamation and question marks.
@VoteToClose do you mind if I still post an entry in the fastest-code category? I was writing a solution in python opcodes (probably not very golfed)
@muddyfish Feel free to post it with the header that it was originally a fastest code challenge. c: I'll upvote, and give you the times.
Thanks ;)
6:17 PM
I must run home now. ;-; I won't be able to monitor the question.
Maybe we'll need a second monitor
@Cyoce I see what you did there
@quartata hehehehe
oops my disapproval face skills are weak
6:33 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Thomas KwaHow far did I walk? code-golf array-manipulation A simple pedometer can be modeled by a pendulum. When it contacts a switch at the far end of the track, and then a switch at the near end, a step is recorded. Challenge Given a vector of integers representing positions of the pendulum, determin...

@Doorknob I still don't understand how people get rep from SO. It seems like literally no one upvotes answers there nowadays
Same thing with Unix SE
@Zgarb @Jakube here's an for ye
I might try my hand at Math SE though. I hear rep is ez there
@quartata Everything but the most popular languages gets no votes. The majority is interested in getting rep fast, not answering challenging questions or providing thoughtful answers to anything. Even bounties get ignored, because it's easier to answer a few LMGTFY questions to got more rep than any bounty faster.
For any other question, there's basically just a) ignore or b) downvote.
6:45 PM
So basically I've missed the golden age of SO
When did Pyth get D for sorting?
@mınxomaτ Why do people bother asking questions if the quality has sunk that low?
@quartata Cause they need help. They always did, but when the problem is not easy or popular enough, it gets no views.
@mınxomaτ I was under the impression that most of the easy questions have already been asked.
@mınxomaτ Wow.
@quartata It goes like this: 1) Post easy duplicate question ("can I haz code?!"), 2) easy, almost 100% code answers fly in 3) Days later, after many answerers have gained rep from that question, it gets closed as dupe.
6:51 PM
@mınxomaτ I see.
@ThomasKwa That's a nice one!
@quartata Any difficult question or in an unpop. lang: 1) Post, 2) Earn Tumbleweed badge, 3) cry silently.
Damn that sucks. Maybe the foreign language SO's are slightly better :P
@Dennis Voy a ir a venir sounds very funny :-D
6:56 PM
@Zgarb Thanks! Any feedback?
@mınxomaτ I think I've seen this before. Interesting
I really do hope that this kind of thing doesn't happen to PPCG one day, with hard challenges being ignored in favor of easy challenges
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ಠ_ಠ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@quartata It already is.
I don't think we'll ever become big enough to worry about it
I've been doing fewer and fewer hard challenges; since they earn less rep I think I've been conditioned for months to start ignoring them.
6:59 PM
@ThomasKwa True, but it isn't nearly as bad as what SO is going through
are there any other non-ASCII memicons?
Q: Consolidate an Array

VoteToCloseThe task is simple: consolidate an array of ints. Consolidating this array consists of the following: All instances of 0 need to be moved to the end of the array. There should be no 0s between the non-zero integers. All non-zero indices should retain their order. Challenge Consolidate an arr...

I'm certain this is a duplicate
Requesting backup
@Cyoce ?
6:59 PM
@TheDoctor what is this

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