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12:05 AM
@TheDoctor you have a byte in \x70 .. \x75 range according to reference to line 993, so probably something happened to the \x05 when you copied and pasted, since the \x73 at the beginning is part of a string literal
and \x05 is what ends the string
Now I need to go craft 9 hoppers and a bunch of repeaters...
@ETHproductions get a life /s
got to go, I guess. bye for now..
12:08 AM
Bye Jedi
@Mego Now that I have achieved this, I think I will ;)
Note that the CP437 is sort of useless: it's just a way to visualize every byte in a distinct way. (It and its variants are the only code pages I know of that achieve this...)
The bytes are what it's all about. Type them in a hex editor, I suppose
You can also put ( spooky me ) push-a read-num 2 + swap in a text file and run it through gs2c.py. Like python2 gs2c.py <that >code && python2 gs2.py code <<<'3'.
Perhaps there's a monospaced font where each byte (00...FF) is its hex representation?
Pong. @TheDoctor
12:12 AM
You pinged me just now. Whaddya want?
i did?
i pinged you accidentally and then deleted the message
Yes. It still counts.
i want candy then! trick or treat?
I was asleep. -.- I need to mute my phone at night.
No. @TheDoctor
@VoteToClose ...what did your old username stand for again?
12:16 AM
@ETHproductions Vintage Trench Coat addajdfhsjdfh his initials
@TheDoctor close enough
(Also known as Vine Stalker Monk??)
has it been discussed whether closed source competition with deadline after which all source code is revealed could be done on this site?
12:25 AM
(I've played too much DCSS.)
@MitchSchwartz There was a KOTH that did sort of that - users posted the MD5 digest of their code, and were allowed to modify their code (and update the digest) up until the deadline. Then, the code was posted, and those whose MD5 digests matched were used.
@Mego thanks for the info
@MitchSchwartz You're welcome, can't remember which KOTH off the top of my head and I'm too busy handing out sugar to kids to search for it :P
12:42 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Christian IrwanQuine multiple times. Your task is make program that do following: You should take number. (Positive, negative, fraction is possible input) If it is negative, you reverse the quine. and negate that number(Become positive) Then you repeat it that many times. If fraction, then you repeat (intege...

A: Boo! A Halloween Code Golf Challenge

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴChaîne, 23 bytes language postdates question {il1-R1+`} ~BOO!~ {<$/}

Interesting. I just figured out that getting undownvoted can cost you rep. :/
@Dennis What? How does that happen?
Oh, BTW, I would've earned Mortarboard on Tuesday, had the Monday Mini-Golf question recieved one more upvote
Oh well, +195 rep is good enough for me
12:58 AM
@VoteToClose Is carrots only scored by number of languages, with no byte limit on the total file?
I got downvoted on Oct 6 and Oct 27. I hit the rep cap later those days, so I didn't lose any rep from the downvotes.
Both downvotes got reversed on Oct 28, but I hit the rep cap that day as well, so I didn't gain any rep from the undownvotes.
Today, my rep got recalculated. The system decided none of this was fair and made the original downvotes count as -2 each.
@ETHproductions That sucks! :/
@Dennis Oh, that's weird. Never hit the rep cap before, so never experienced anything like this. Guess I'll have to wait until this Monday to have a shot at hitting it again. ;)
Or I could spend all day tomorrow posting n00b answers in Pyth, golfing them down, and watching them all score 5 or more.
s/Pyth/CJam/g and you figured out my system. :P
DENNIS: Do everything now, new improvements soon
(Being a hypocrite here though :P)
1:05 AM
@Sp3000 Can't argue with that. There's an answer I golfed down from 374 to 58 bytes. :P
@AlexA. both
Q: Sort this, quick!

Daniel M.Well... there are 59 (now 60) questions tagged sorting, but no simple quicksorts. That must be fixed. For those unfamiliar with quicksort, here is a breakdown- Choose a list element. This is called the pivot. Iterate through the remaining elements. If an element is bigger than the pivot, put...

Q: Roller coaster of numbers

MatíasWrite a program that generates a sequence of numbers starting with zero and then 100 random integers between -9 and 9. That sequence will be displayed like a roller coaster. Any increasing number in the sequence will go up and any decreasing number will go down Sample sequence: 0 1 8 5 -1 -5 ...

What does count as "built-in". Is a function that is available in a standard install still a built-in?
function in this case is a function definition from an included source file (from the languages standard includes), not a native function provided by the compiler/interpreter.
1:23 AM
@mınxomaτ Yes. That's exactly a built-in, as it's built right into the language.
No, it isnt.
built-in i mean
Consider the following:
Seems like anything that comes standard with a language counts as a built-in. Though when people say "no built-ins" the probably mean "no built ins that solve this task directly". e.g. "no prime finding built-ins" for a prime related challenge.
Function foo() is available from a blank source file and is provided by the interpreter. Function bar() is not provided by the interpreter, but is a function that is defined in another (plain) source file b.txt (e.g.). If a new program imports b.txt to call bar(), is bar() considered a built-in if b.txt ships with the language.? (Remember: The b.txt contains the full source to this function).
@mınxomaτ yes
@mınxomaτ I would call it a built in. For one thing, which functions come in what files is a somewhat arbitrary categorizer of built-in/not built-in. But as I see it, a challenge that says "no built-ins" means you have to implement the function yourself and count it as part of your code. Libraries count as built-ins in this sense.
1:31 AM
OK, thanks.
(It's a vague area anyway since e.g. if prime finding builtins are not allowed then should factorization built-ins be allowed?)
@Sp3000 In the case of tiebreak, the shortest code wins. Otherwise, it's just language count.
Honestly, I think that the basic addition operations are built-ins ;)
@VoteToClose Hmm not sure how I feel about that. There's a lot trivial esolangs to fit... (including 9001 BF variants)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴcode-golf string Oh noes! Your companies' pumpkin validator broke! You need to write a new one. And a short one. I don't know really why, but you gotta do it. A valid pumpkin is one whose dimensions do not exceed the golden ratio 1.61803398875 (that is, the maximum of (the ratio of the width...

Any suggestions?
1:47 AM
No stems?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'Bʀɪᴇɴcode-golf string Oh noes! Your companies' pumpkin validator broke! You need to write a new one. And a short one. I don't know really why, but you gotta do it. A valid pumpkin is one whose dimensions do not exceed the golden ratio 1.61803398875 (that is, the maximum of (the ratio of the width...

@Calvin'sHobbies Oh, yeah, right. How might those work?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Not sure, but I don't get the diagonal path thing anyway.
How can you move diagonally within a single column?
From column A to Column B
2:03 AM
An example of the path being taken would help.
You could say this: the border of pumpkins must be an octagon, with all slanted sides equally long, with a slope of +-1, and at least 3 characters long.
@El'endiaStarman That makes way more sense to me
See revisions.
What did I miss
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ What are the possible ways a pumpkin might be invalid?
2:15 AM
@quartata Scroll up
@feersum Rephrase?
Still don't understand how I got outgolfed with GS2
I experimented quite a bit and determined that was the shortest solution
If the sides are disconnected, if there is a slope more than +-1, and if the pumpkin is too small @feersum
There should be a spec for invalid pumpkins (or all pumpkins) too
Since there could be other inputs, like one with different characters on the inside
Yeah, I mentioned that. A valid pumpkin is a code block whose inner characters are composed only of (, ), (space), and |.
2:20 AM
I know that.
composed only of
My question is, can an invalid pumpkin have say, an A on the inside?
Or will there be no such inputs?
To what?
Which question is answered yes?
To your first remark
2:22 AM
Can an invalid pumpkin be any rectangular grid chosen from all the ASCII characters?
That seems to be contradicted by The border will always be "connected"
The border of pumpkins must be an octagon, with all slanted sides equally long, with a slope of +-1, and at least 3 characters long.
A rectangle 'aint an octagon
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Does The border will always be "connected" describe all possible program inputs, or just valid pumpkins?
2:25 AM
@feersum valid pumpkins
I think he means just valid pumpkins
That looks a really interesting challenge, hmm
Then it would be better to say something like "The border must be connected."
Maybe you don't need that statement at all since it's required to be an octagon now.
Hey guys. I'm back.
Wb @SuperJedi224
Waiting for some cobble to smelt so I can craft the repeaters I need.
2:29 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ What do you mean by The input will only contain the pumpkin, invalid or not.
@feersum There will be no extraneous characters
Goodbye again.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Can you state that more precisely?
A minute ago you said that any ASCII grid might be given as input.
It is vague, I don't know how to justify it
Don't post it to main until you can write an exact specification.
2:33 AM
That's why its in Sandbox.
2:52 AM
I'm back from providing children with sugar
@Dennis The gauntlet has been thrown down
A: Halloween Golf: The 2spooky4me Challenge!

Maurisgs2, 15 bytes I outgolfed Dennis! CP437: spooky•me♣╨V↕0B Hex dump: 73 70 6f 6f 6b 79 07 6d 65 05 d0 56 12 30 42 At the start of the program, STDIN is pushed (e.g. the string "3") and stored in variable A. The first ten bytes of the program push two strings, "spooky" and "me", to the stack...

I don't see any answers by Dennis in gs2.
@feersum The point was, Dennis was the first with a 17-byte answer. No <17 byte solutions (except in non-competing answers) had been found until that 15-byte one.
3:01 AM
G'night y'all
Q: "Programming languages" that are forbidden by default

Calvin's HobbiesIn the What are programming languages? meta post we seem to have come to the consensus put forth by Peter Taylor that: A purported programming language should be accepted as such if and only if it is capable of addition of natural numbers and primality testing of natural numbers. Peter'...

pleasant dreams ~
Good night!
@feersum I think the upper limits in your cops challenge are a tad too high. 1 million numbers below 1 million require up to 1 Terabyte of memory in unary...
@Calvin'sHobbies PPCG, not PPGC
@Dennis That's true... I should add a total input length restriction of 10^9. I forgot to do that.
Of course these languages may require 1 terabyte of memory anyway even if the input is 5000...
I liked how @Zgarb had to optimize his program to finish the test cases in 1 hour.
3:09 AM
Is there a memory limit then? For some languages, I can image 10^9 being problematic on a typical desktop computer...
It should theoretically work if you have enough memory.
@Sp3000 Using 30 BF derivations to achieve something is not cool - it'd be down voted, quick.
@feersum Well, not really a problem if there's no time limit. (I forgot about swap space, since I don't use it.)
I don't see why people always just go "They won't do that, it'll be downvoted like crazy". The problem is that it doesn't stop the validity of the answer, and there's not guarantee that votes will happen as you expect...
Yes, stupid things are usually upvoted.
3:15 AM
@VoteToClose You might consider adding the rule that excludes multiple uses of languages that can be trivially translated into one another (like with a simple regex, excluding the use of backreferences and lookaheads).
@feersum and starred
@Mego Excellent point.
@VoteToClose That would exclude stuff like the thousands of Brainfuck derivatives that can be trivially transformed into Brainfuck. Unfortunately that includes SAF.
Though with that ruling, you can use one of a set of trivially-transformable languages
3:17 AM
It would also make you have to choose one of Python 2 and Python 3
Since 2to3 exists
And from __future__ import <stuff>
Q: Carrots. So. Many. Carrots

VoteToClose The Inspiration The Task You must create a program, that, in as many languages as possible, replaces every instance of ^ with a markdown formatted link (meaning that if I was to post it in an answer, it would automatically read it as an image and place the image instead of the words) of thi...

@PhiNotPi I'm totally a theorist. :P
See: EDIT:
3:19 AM
Side note: I really want to see a challenge which is like polyglot bingo, e.g. "Use at least one LISP-like language" :P
@Sp3000 I've been trying to work in a way to do LISP, BF, C, and Python
The main issue is C and Python having very different syntaxes, which can't be united with C macros
Preprocessor # is the easiest way for C/Python, since # is a comment for Python
Yeah, but Python blocks use :, which you can't do in macros
Don't use the macro then.
3:24 AM
It would essentially require the Python code to use no blocks
And no lambdas
# /*
python code here
# */
@Mego Reference
@Dennis How do I output from a full APL program?
By assigning to . ⎕←'Hello, World!' prints HW, for example.
3:28 AM
(The other thing to get past no blocks is exec - I'm assuming that's doable?)
@Sp3000 Clever, I might be able to use that
That's not enough for a full program though. Without ⎕OFF, the interpreter drops into interactive mode afterwards.
I didn't think about abusing docstrings
@ThomasKwa At least that's how ngn-apl works. I have no idea how to make Dyalog execute a file.
@Dennis Thanks; I couldn't find it online
3:30 AM
Finding documentation on trivial stuff like this is surprisingly hard. I guess a REPL is the natural way to use APL...
So you recommend I use ngn-apl for my submission?
Which submission?
That's tricky. You can't exactly use ⎕OFF five times... If only the online interpreter worked with input.
Ah, nevermind. The online interpreter does work with input.
That counts as non-REPL, so I can just return the value, right?
3:37 AM
Unfortunately, once you use , you still need to assign to it to generate output.
Oh, okay
I'm currently trying to figure out why ⎕←⎕ works but ⎕←!⎕ doesn't.
Nope, uncaught domain error.
I just realized. I have no greater than or less than in my language. o-o
Most languages don't.
@VoteToClose If you have 2 spare single-char ops, toss them in
3:41 AM
I was just going to have one - tie it in with 0 and 1 for truthy falsey and use ifs.
Actually, I don't need it. I can subtract by the thing I'm comparing it to and use for loops.
@VoteToClose But that is certainly much longer than a 1-char op
@Mego Very true.
@Dennis Relatedly, Befunge-93 doesn't have equal-to. This stymied me for a moment yesterday until I realized that I can subtract and check for falsy-ness.
I post a 30-second solution to a fairly trivial problem (codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/62378/16766) and get five upvotes. I post a whole interpreter for a custom-designed programming language that took hours of thought and creativity (codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/62404), and I get no upvotes.
This site is weird.
3:53 AM
How to get rep: 1. Complain about lack of upvotes in a clever solution in chat. 2. ???. 3. Profit
Let me know if anyone figures out step 2
There usually is no step 2.
2. "Wait 10 seconds," if what just happened is any indication. :P
3:54 AM
Thanks for stroking my wounded ego, guys. :)
^That has four votes, but some of my good answers have fewer.
@DLosc anytime mate
It happens to all of us. Compare these two:
A: Summation under Zeckendorf Representation

DennisCJam, 76 74 70 63 59 bytes 2q~{32{2\#I&},}fI+32_,*{WUer$Kf-[UU]/[-2X]*2,/2a*Kf+}fKf#1b Try it online in the CJam interpreter or verify all test cases at once. Idea We start by defining a minor variation of the sequence in the question: G-2 = 0 G-1 = 1 Gk = Gk-1 + Gk-2 whenever k is a...

A: The kitten command

DennisBash, 19 bytes cat "$@"|tr A-Z a-z The best way to make kittens is to use actual cats. Example run $ ./kitten kitten cat "$@"|tr a-z a-z

We don't upvote answers to difficult questions enough
Nope, we do not. TL;DR effect, I guess.
3:57 AM
I always make sure to upvote answers to my questions and answers to difficult questions
That's a good practice. There's nothing more frustrating than working on an answer for an hour or longer, and not even the OP can be bothered to upvote it.
(The above statement excludes catalogs and other questions with 50+ answers.)
@Dennis For the latter, that just means that either it's not a hard problem or it'll take a few days to work through all of them
4:01 AM
@Mego I'm fairly sure that I've upvoted almost every answer to my questions, and that's a practice I intend to continue. It's a "thank you for answering my question" +1.
Does anyone here know Stuck?
@El'endiaStarman I agree. It's gonna take me a few days to work through the spooky challenge though
A: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code

VoteToCloseVitsy, 5 Bytes When in Rome... 'ߞ'N Get the character with the value 2014 and then print it as a number. Simple.

@Dennis I know @quartata does, but he's not here
4:04 AM
@El'endiaStarman Yuuup.
Asking the dev is cheating. :P
I can't get it to add numbers.
@Mego I haven't posted such a popular question yet though. :P
wait a minute
But yeah, that rule can be bent in the case of very popular questions...
does ngn-apl even have trains?
4:05 AM
@Dennis God help anyone that wants help on Minkolang and doesn't want to ask the dev. :P
Well, actually, considering the amount of documentation...
I'm trying to start a practice of not upvoting answers that don't have explanations, unless they're a) from newer users or b) in languages that are verbose enough to be somewhat self-explanatory.
@ThomasKwa It does, but 2-trains are hooks, not atops.
hmm, this'll take some getting used to
Hooks can be useful, but atops are usually better.
I was trying to write a Stuck answer, but I have no idea how to solve task 4...
wait... the parser always tries to form a fork if there are three functions in a row, right?
4:15 AM
@Dennis Shebang is the dev of Stuck, not quartata. Stop misremembering things.
Three functions should fork, yes.
And other than 2-trains being hooks, train parsing is the same?
I think so. There are other differences though. ngn-apl doesn't have all the operators Dyalog has.
Did you find a way to make it read input and print?
I thought you said to just ⎕←
41 mins ago, by Dennis
I'm currently trying to figure out why ⎕←⎕ works but ⎕←!⎕ doesn't.
(Oh, there's my problem. (2=⊢)5 doesn't work.)
4:21 AM
Can you use 2∘=5 instead?
Argh! returns a string in the online interpreter, when it should return an integer.
@ThomasKwa That's why taking input doesn't work as expected.
4:37 AM
@ThomasKwa ⍞←!⎕ seems to work, using the offline interpreter.
(Note that the first quad is different from the second.)
Now that I suck significantly less at programming, Project Euler problems are getting much easier
Q: If a challenge is difficult, can I provide a completely non-golfed answer?

PyRulezLet's say I have a challenge that is difficult. Indeed, people may believe it to be impossible, since it is somewhat obscure. Should I provide a completely non-golfed answer, sort of as a hint, to show its possible. It makes sense to not golf 1) it is easy to understand (which would be the point ...

That's weird. 1 0 0 1/1 2 3 4 works as expected.
Never gets old.
actually, I think is a more appropriate face here
Is that supposed to look different?
@feersum There's a bit more space
5:12 AM
Okay, I fixed the loophole in Acc! that allowed ppperry to crack it. I'm going to post Acc!! shortly. Question: should I copy the whole spec into the new post (tweaking it as needed), or should I refer people to the previous post and just list what's different?
"What's different" can be summed up in two sentences, BTW.
@DLosc Probably should link to old post for brevity
Gotta golf that spec
Anyone second that motion?
@DLosc In any case, I'd "golf" the spec of the cracked answer. Your current competitor should stand on its own IMHO.
Okay, so move the full spec to the new answer and make the old one a reference to the new one?
5:25 AM
@DLosc That or keep two full specs.
5:40 AM
I'm at a hopeless party, help.
@AlienG Play yakety sax on the speakers
5:56 AM
@AlexA. I didn't know you played saxophone
Probably asked the wrong chat.
Woo! Time change!
(my clock just fell back an hour)
@PhiNotPi Oh I had forgotten about daylight savings time. That means it's like 2am there???
6:02 AM
1 AM, now
It was 1:59 a couple minutes ago
Time is weird, man.
What if... instead of falling back 1 hour, we skipped forward 23?
Interestingly, I have a term paper due at 2am.
Then the date would change...
6:03 AM
@PhiNotPi So you have an hour still!
Nice. How close are you to being done with it?
but I'm really tired, and just submitted my current draft, although I can still make changes.
Also who assigns a term paper with a due date of 2am on a Sunday??
My genetics professor.
6:06 AM
No clue.
It's currently 19 pages long, which includes the 3 pages of citations and like 10 images.
That's quite a paper.
And I wrote all of it in the last 48 hours.
It's about retinal gene therapy, and three different approaches which have been tried this year.
(The goal of the paper is to present 3 current research articles)
That sounds interesting!
6:10 AM
I can go into detail if you want, 19 pages worth.
If you post it somewhere online I might read it
6:33 AM
Looks like some formatting is broken in that download (just the arrangement of images and things)
It'll probably get even more broken for me because I'm opening it with LibreOffice.
That's what I opened it in.
@PhiNotPi I'll look at it in the morning, sandboxing a challenge idea I had
6:39 AM
Q: Area of Polygon

hotrodGiven ( x , y ) co-ordinates of N vertexes of a polygon , calculate it's area correct upto 2 decimal points. N <= 45 ,-600 <= x , y <= -600. Ex. 3 1 6 1 2 -4 2 area is 10.00 . Use Minimum characters.

Yeah, this party is something else .-.
it turns out that that horse animation was made as part of oreo's "super important test" / "cookie vs. creme" ad campaign, and a compilation of the "correct answer" vids is here youtube.com/watch?v=tg1cifyt6Bk
7:05 AM
ps, I made some slight edits to my paper
the actual deadline just passed
@PhiNotPi I forgot to mention: I read your paper and I found it both well written and informative.
For all the 1 people using O, o-lang.herokuapp.com is back up :3
@AlexA. thanks
7:20 AM
@PhiNotPi I'll read it when I'm not on my phone.
7:33 AM
VB.NET is much crazier than I realised!
A: A single pixel moving in a circular path

MegoVB.NET, 1868 bytes Ask and ye shall receive. Imports System.Math Public Class f Inherits System.Windows.Form.Form Protected Overrides Sub Dispose(disposing As Boolean) Try If disposing AndAlso components IsNot Nothing Then components.Dispose() End If Finally MyBase.Dispose(disposing) End Try En...

that's a lot of bytes
@AlienG ^
Yeah VB.NET is verbose, and WinForms is especially verbose
@Mego this makes the C/C++ code I pasted look brilliantly golfed already :)
it's the amount of biolerplate code that I find amazing
I mean.. why do you need Me.b.TabIndex=0 ??
in an application that just draws a pixel
Everything up until Dim a=0.0 was auto-generated by Visual Studio's designer tool, I just golfed it without removing stuff
7:40 AM
oh so we could potentially remove stuff then
Removed comments, excess whitespace, and compiler decorators
that makes more sense...thanks
I'm just not 100% sure what can be removed safely
we need a random line removal and code execution loop to see :)
7:41 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if it threw some stupid error for not having Me.TabIndex set
I found some stuff I'm sure I can change though
Lopped off 33 bytes
8:10 AM
Q: Cat goes "Meow"

George Gibsoncat goes "Meow" We are all familiar with the concept of a cat program. The user types something in, it is echoed back to the user. Easy. But all cat programs I've seen so far have missed one fact: a cat goes "Meow". So your task is to write a program that copies all STDIN to STDOUT UNLESS the i...

8:29 AM
Finally finished my sandboxed challenge
That one was a doozy
8:40 AM
Now time for sleep
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoThe Interview: The Front Nine This is the first of a series of challenges inspired by programming job interview questions. You walk into the office where your potential future boss sits. "Come on in and sit down", he says. You nervously sit down, making sure your snappy yet professional attire ...

9:09 AM
@Mego bye
so where is the feature of sorting messages according to number of stars
If go to the starred by me tab, it sorts by number of stars
Dunno if that helps ;)
@BetaDecay no that doesnt help, im not the most stupid person here
wtf is wrong with you people?! is the current winner.. if that helps :)
@Lembik dig up more
9:15 AM
@Lembik Nah, I think Martin's new mod announcement is the most starred
For one, he pinned it on the starboard so it never went away
I don't know how to see it
Oooh it's neck and neck with
Oct 29 at 2:17, by quartata
I'm an idiot
9:44 AM
You took your time :P
are you referring yourself as "You" ?
Nope, my avatar
if i use browrecluse would i use it for the first time in ppcg history ?
10:46 AM
any VB people know if all this boilerplate code is really needed ? codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/62467/9206
11:31 AM
A: Produce the number 2014 without any numbers in your source code

VoteToCloseVitsy, 5 4 Bytes When in Rome... 'Nߞ Get the character with the value 2014 and then print it as a number. Simple. More Interesting Version (12 10 Bytes): "-"ca-^b-N My language supports hexadecimal, too. ;) "-" Push 45 to the stack ca- Push 2 to the stack ^ ...

I reduced it even more. O_O
That is amazing :D
roflcopter? :D
Roflcopter. XD
11:44 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Beta DecayCreate an executable code-golf restricted-source printable-ascii hello-world Challenge Write a program, which creates an executable file which outputs "Hello, World!", only using printable ASCII and without using numbers. Source Your source code must contain only the following characters: A...

Huh 3 minutes
That's not too bad. What's TheDoctor complaining about? :|
Is there a way to redact edit suggestions?
I don't think so.
I'll reject it if you want
I changed the edit suggestion to make it right. :P
Huh how do you do that?
Cool, I didn't know you can change the about me on your chat profile
11:58 AM
Is there an answer in ><> for the 2014 question?
Yes, there is. o-o
Hehe enjoy your free rep ;)
20 hours ago, by VoteToClose
yesterday, by VoteToClose
user image
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
Q: "i" have "i" chance of occuring

ghosts_in_the_code Design a random number generator where the i th number has i% chance of occurring for all 0 Basically 1 has 1% chance of occurring, 2 has 2% has 2% chance and so on up to 13 having 13% chance of occurring. This is code-golf, so the shortest code wins.

Q: Homework in dev c ++

user202400 Initialise in code and store using a suitable array the following integers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Using a pointer notation and a for loop add all the odd index numbers and print the result to the screen Using a pointer notation and a do-while loop add all the off numbers and print the result to t...


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