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10:00 AM
@ByteCommander No, I'm not sure. I think it is not a good idea to change the profiles.
@ByteCommander surely enough, it's at your own risk, thingy , besides there's warning in the guide
But ISIS surely have done goofed . . .
@Fabby is lurking
@ByteCommander python script included reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/3t9hy5/…
Yay, Python! :D
Exploring the moderator tools tab currently...
Well, i think i should take a nap . . . .or stay up . . . I dunno
10:08 AM
@ByteCommander 10k well done =)
@Serg Coffee + vodka! ^_^
Can you tell me what the purpose of askubuntu.com/tools/new-answers-old-questions is?
@ByteCommander oh, i wish . . . but it's going to be pure coffee all day . . .
@ByteCommander To detect spam and me-toos. It's a much older version of the review queue that does the same thing.
And what should I do with the information here? askubuntu.com/tools/suggested-edits
@ByteCommander Whatever you want to. You can probably infer patterns of bad tag edits, see who's being rejected too much, etc, etc, etc.
10:13 AM
Well, there is e.g. one user that got my attention.
He just joined to make an offensive edit, it seems.
So what should I do now then?
Exactly what you have. Let a mod know and we'll delete them.
Poof. Gone.
It's a shame because willy is such an amusing word.
Okay, thanks for the help to get started!
The "controversial" tab is probably the most useful. It'll show you people accepting or rejecting the wrong things. A lot of that is subjective though. We don't stomp around on people just because they find a user's tiny updates irritating if they're still otherwise being passed.
Erm - we don't use tags like Wily, do we? Those should be retagged 15.10, I think?
@ByteCommander I'll merge that in.
10:21 AM
Ok, thanks!
@ByteCommander data.stackexchange.com
That one is also fun
That's too big and complicated for everyday use...
I have no idea how to make queries myself and whenever I was searching for a particular information, I did not find it... :-/
@ByteCommander So you know how you have a UID on askubuntu ? Example "http://askubuntu.com/users/295286/serg" < --- my UID is 295286
At the bottom of that query it says "Enter Parameters" and userid. Enter , hit run query
@Serg I know that I have one and how to find it out and that it's different on the SE networks, SO and meta.se.
@Serg Yes, but... I already see that in the AU tag badge tracker.
This question introduces 4 new tags:
Q: What are some popular opensource applications available for Digital Health Informatics?

algosigAre there some application recommendations for Digital Health Informatics?I've some knowledge about OPENMRS which is widely used in the developing countries, also DHIS has some opensource applications,

I think we should remove at least 3 of them again...
10:39 AM
@ByteCommander agreed, those tags are not commonly used in Ubuntu world, I'd say
@fossfreedom or @Oli What do you think? Delete the new tags "dhis", "dhis2" and "digital-health", but keep "health-informatics"? That would be my recommendation.
I've already removed all except software-recomendation
don't see the point of any of the tags - too niche
@fossfreedom The question asks about Digital Health Informatics, which kind of is related to databases of patients and patient data. Shall we add a database tag there ?
tags are for a gathering together similar questions - so I would expect to see (making up a number) at least 10 similar questions to warrant a tag. Dont remember seeing "10" digital health informatics type questions. Are there?
10:46 AM
@fossfreedom I meant to say ,edit the question to add database tag. Eh, but then again it's not quite related to SQL , I guess . . . nevermind ^_^
hmm - would probably just suffice with software-recommendation.
I think the UID tag is something we should keep and apply on more questions, do you agree? askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/uid
But it could get confused with UUID...
Or shall we just retag this single dupe question with "users" or something like that?
@ByteCommander agreed, should be kept, but adding users tag would be nice as well
I think I'm going to reserve a study room today . . . . . and sleep there after work . . . . Why ? Because I don't human well . . . also because I don't logic well . . .
Night guys :)
See you later @Neil =)
10:55 AM
@Neil see ya
Added a tag wiki for UID.
Somebody needs to review (and approve) it: askubuntu.com/tags/uid/info
@ByteCommander OK, but I'd remove the part about 65535 being max UID
@Polarbear0106 <.< excuse me
@Serg yes?
11:05 AM
@Polarbear0106 is that basically advertisement for a site that you've just posted ?
@Neil Good night - sleep well ! :)
@A.B. Have you seen this bountied question and potential apt-magic target yet? askubuntu.com/q/697648/367990
@Polarbear0106 Why are you posting that here ?
@Serg still not asleep ?
@Polarbear0106 I know , it's 2015 and stuff like that, but get to know a person first, at least go out for a cup of coffee before trying to sell stuff
@hg8 o/
11:07 AM
@ByteCommander Yes, but that's wine =\
@hg8 yeah .. . . the news from the Anonymous made me excited, so i stayed up . . .
@A.B. So wine's using too strong black magic for you to stay not installed?
@hg8 Besides, I have to go to work in 1hour . . . .I decide I'll just reserve a study room after I finish work, and take a nap there, then go home
@ByteCommander I'll try it.
:D Nice!
11:09 AM
@A.B. BEWARE of 32 bit dependencies ! =)
@Serg I hope you brought a pillow with you...
@ByteCommander thank you for the remainder . . . .I might use my jacked though
Hello @Ravan :)
@Ravan why did you put a bounty here : askubuntu.com/q/697648/338915 DO you have the same problem?
Comment added =)
I tried to solve but no success :)@hg8
11:12 AM
is there any way to change the location of archive folder from /var/cache/apt/archive to something else?
Just curious to know solution @hg8
@Ravan Ok I am curious too
I think @sneester working on that problem
@A.B. Do you want to "enjoy" 4 hour support sessions every day now ? =)
I'm gonna go have coffee and try to boil bacon
11:25 AM
I think this one is worth to get deleted: askubuntu.com/q/690241/367990
@ByteCommander added a delete vote, that question is marked as duplicate, it doesn't seem like it will be useful for google travellers who stumble upon it
@edwardtorvalds Look at the config with $ apt-config dump | grep 'Dir::Cache'
$ apt-config dump | grep 'Dir::Cache'
Dir::Cache "var/cache/apt/";
Dir::Cache::archives "archives/";
Dir::Cache::srcpkgcache "srcpkgcache.bin";
Dir::Cache::pkgcache "pkgcache.bin";
11:42 AM
@kos regex question : find . -type f -regex 'file1[a-z].*' . . . Why I cannot find file1ab ?
also tried find . -type f -regex 'file1[a-zA-Z]{2}'
am I mixing up something ?
@edwardtorvalds Find a line setting Dir::Cache anywhere in /etc/apt/apt.conf or /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/* or if none is present, create a new file in that apt.conf.d directory to set this. Also see askubuntu.com/a/81211/367990
@cl-netbox YENO
@A.B. YENO? o.O
JEIN in German
Ach so.
11:55 AM
@KGIII: You've got a cat now then? :D
@Serg Didn't you went to sleep? :D I think you need -regextype (for the first one you want posix-basic, for the second one you want posix-extended or posix-basic and escape the braces: find . -type f -regextype posix-basic -regex 'file1[a-zA-Z]\{2\}')
@Fabby: Don't they make nice chocolate in Belgium?
@kos thanks . . . I decided to stay up. I don't manage my sleep veru well
@ParanoidPanda Could be. When I was around Aachen which is near the border to Belgium, there was Belgian chocolate sold everywhere. (next to coffee and mustard)
12:09 PM
Ooh! Look at this! Sounds amazing! But I will probably still prefer the films (the old ones)... :P
@A.B. huh?
@ParanoidPanda And in Switzerland too...
@Serg However no, bs. If you want EREs you don't need to specify -regextype posix-extended, it's the default. The problem is that when you run find . the filenames start with a dot, so you have to match the dot as well
@A.B. Another potentially lost apt soul in search of your enlightening package problem resolving magic! :) askubuntu.com/q/699990/367990
Q: Meaning of orange number left to the "review" button for 10k+ users

Byte Commander We all know that the orange bubble with the white number (here: 330) represents the number of Suggested edits for users with 3k+ reputation. But I have recently (today) reached 10k reputation and now can't find any number that would fit on this any more. Even the sum of all displayed review qu...

@kos nah, i dunno. but i have no time, gtg
i'll figure this out later
12:16 PM
Does it make any sense to have a /dev partition? o.O askubuntu.com/questions/699992/…
@Nathan: About that mystery ping yesterday... I haven't got anything in my notifications inbox yet... And I don't think that I will...
@ByteCommander congrats on reaching 10k!
VTC this Minty question as off-topic.
Thank you!
In just 10 months.
12:20 PM
@ByteCommander: Congratulations! You beet me in the rep race! :D
@StefanoPalazzo Well, look at @A.B., he made it to 46k in 10 moths! :D
@ByteCommander: Moths? :P
^ 10 moths.
@ByteCommander: Ah, I can't see external images except from imgur so if you want me to see it you'll have to post it through there...
12:22 PM
I have heightened my security a little.
I can see it now! :D
quick, he's lowered the shields
this is when we'll strike
throws chocolate cake bombs
fires bamboo sticks
gets hungry, fetches some cake for himself...
12:25 PM
@StefanoPalazzo: I haven't lowered my shields, he's posted it through imgur. :P
Foiled again
@ParanoidPanda Then your shields are now sticky from chocolate cake and burning bamboo... We will enter as soon as you get out to clean them! >:D
Q: How To Improve Your Memory And Brainpower Naturally

paulo pexezSensible food selections on a daily base will help you feel and look your best. Brain Booster Pills If you making and are currently training Brain Booster Pills the wrong food selections Adderdrene XR the body will still not give the vitality you're looking to you for. Even exercising's act sta...

Q: How to fix graphical issues with Qt applications? (dolphin:14635): Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed: error 28 (No space left on device)

Édouard LopezI'm on Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela (i.e. Ubuntu 14.04) and all my QT-based applications have been ugly after an upgrade (text is scrambled, menu content disappear, cf. screenshot below). Environment $ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: LinuxMint Description: Linux Mint ...

@ByteCommander: I will simply activate my cleaning bots on the outside of my base. >:P
12:29 PM
the heat seeking missiles should take care of them
Maybe we can hack one of those bots and use it as trojan horse?
and then amazon won't take them back.
Welcome to the site @MahmoudAssyass :)
@ByteCommander: These are Imperial droids, they will self-destruct at any sign of trouble and then bring the whole fleet here.
Hi @StefanoPalazzo how are you ?
12:32 PM
@cl-netbox morning :)
afternoon, or whatever
@StefanoPalazzo yes whatever HAHAHA :)
@StefanoPalazzo Early afternoon. We're all three sitting in the same country. ;)
@StefanoPalazzo Did you receive my mail ?
@cl-netbox Yes. Nothing to report. :)
@StefanoPalazzo okay - thanks :)
@StefanoPalazzo Do you enjoy your new backgrounds ? :)
12:36 PM
Some users just don't understand the word "edit" :P
Did I say comment or did I say edit your question? I refuse to read this, because comments don't preserve any formatting. — Byte Commander 54 secs ago
@StefanoPalazzo chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/25532355#25532355 ... the 2 images I gave you the other day ... :)
This really is something strange...
Q: Is "The Stack Exchange Network" room really haunted?

Paranoid PandaI've been told that this room is haunted, but I didn't really believe it until I heard a ping (while I was in the room and another), looked everywhere, but couldn't find its origin... This happened yesterday, and today there is still no sign of any ping in my notifications inbox, so am I dealing ...

12:46 PM
Will Ubuntu ever have an official Cinnamon spin?
Where is @Seth? LOL.
I had to close 20 windows to check what background I'm using
I wonder if Mint will switch to Debian as its base once LMDE is popular enough.
and it's the default
@StefanoPalazzo You don't have 'show desktop'?
12:54 PM
I don't know
Since Seth is not here, I take my leave.
Yeah I do. Learn something new every day (:
I think this room really is haunted...
Are you sure you're not being............. paranoid (⌐■_■)-
12:58 PM
@ByteCommander =)
@StefanoPalazzo nice
@Serg received something ? :)
@ParanoidPanda why?
@Zacharee1: This is why...
1:06 PM
Seriously, I heard a disembodied ping!
Its the ghost of pingmas past.
You still did not find that bamboo stick we are throwing around?
@ParanoidPanda A lost soul, once it was a happy and vital ping, but somebody has deleted it before it could reach its destination and fulfil its fate. Since this dark day, the sad and restless soul of this poor ping is wandering around through the forsaken rooms, haunting innocent users in search of its tormentor to take vengeance and find final peace...
sob... ;___;
1:10 PM
@ByteCommander wow. You should write a novel
Yeah, you should! :D
In ENGLISH!!?? Okay... :D I'm not even native in that language.
You're doing pretty well :P
A couple iffy tenses, but the description's amazing
(and I have to admit that I needed to look up about 3-4 words for that paragraph...)
1:12 PM
Which words? :D
Well, maybe I'll even do that one day. I've considered it already some times in the past, but never had enough ideas to find it worth starting...
@ParanoidPanda "a", "and", "it" >:)
You've got a horror novel right up there
@Rinzwind LOL
We have a @Fabby wannabe :p
@ParanoidPanda "forsaken" "tormentor" and "take vengeance" ;-)
Yes! I guessed right
1:13 PM
@Zacharee1 Huh? Who? You???
@Fabby no @Rinzwind
(I knew "abandoned" as synonym for "forsaken", but that sounded less poetic)
You made the right choice ;)
@Zacharee1 No, you got that completely wrong: I'm a @Rinzwind wannabe!
1:15 PM
@Zacharee1 I was here before fabby so if anything he is a rinzwind wannabe
But were you always that sarcastic?
Since when this room turned into Engrish StackExchange ?
@ByteCommander forlorn would be even neater
@Rinzwind I concur! :-)
@Rinzwind where?
1:16 PM
@Serg: Engrish? :D
What are we? Bears? :P
@cl-netbox yes, i got it. Lemme just get to my laptop. I'm waiting for the lab lock to let me in
@ByteCommander there is a difference. forsaken means to give up someone dear to you. abandoned does not have that in it
1:17 PM
Most synonyms aren't direct replacements; they just mean similar things
I guess forsaken has another meaning that goes along with it
@Fabby well, we're all clearly penguins Since it's linux room. Except for @ParanoidPanda , he's always a Panda
If I join all the SE sites, my chat rep shown will go up by 101 each time I join
@ParanoidPanda dunno about but you are a bear :=)
I could make it seem like I have 10000 rep without actually having it
@Rinzwind You're not telling that forsaken can only be used on people, do you?
1:19 PM
No, he isn't @ByteCommander
@ByteCommander no. something dear can be a house too ;-)
@Zacharee1 I think those 100 bonus points are subtracted... Aren't they?
@Zacharee1 yeah, including porn.stackexchange.com... ;-)
@Fabby ಠ_ಠ
@ByteCommander dunno :p
you can abandon something that is not dear to you though
1:20 PM
@Fabby wait, does that exist?
@Zacharee1 click the link and you'll know...
I'm in a classroom rn
@Fabby that one will be supported on area 51 really fast
@Fabby If I click on that link and do not find a 404 page, I'll lose my belief in the internet!
@Zacharee1: Sites where you have over 200 rep are counted in the chat, not below.
1:20 PM
@Fabby here: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@ParanoidPanda ohh
So I could just answer ten questions. Shouldn't be hard
Oy! That's not much better, actually....
Have we moved to something completely different?
@ByteCommander Panda porn! @ParanoidPanda
Panda porn is a real thing by the way no joke
@Serg O_o
(why am I not surprised???)
1:22 PM
Panda molesting innocent green plastic horse.
@ByteCommander: As I said before, I can only see images from imgur. :P
@Serg: What???
@Serg I know. They show pandas P-movies in zoos because they hope this might motivate them to increase the population and stop dying out.
Because pandas dont breed well, people in zoos show them Panda porn to . ..stimulate their desire to breed
Can you show me some?
1:23 PM
Because they are pretty lazy to breed, they're on a brink of extinction
Also because humans hunted them agea ago
@ParanoidPanda unfortunately no, this isnt 4chan
@Serg: I've forgotten, what is 4chan?
@Serg Did you respond ? :)
1:27 PM
@ParanoidPanda 4chan.org , home of the anonymous
@cl-netbox not yet give me like 20 mins
@Serg okay :)
Speaking of anonymous, we need to check stats on OpParis
@Serg: Ok, this is slightly creepy! Someone just sent me some panda hentai! >:{
X.X again just from the imagination...
Someone is clearly watching me right now! Either that or one of you have an awful sense of humour!
1:32 PM
not cool
@ParanoidPanda "awful sense of humour" is a contradiction.
@StefanoPalazzo ehm... hot?
@Rinzwind: How?
@ParanoidPanda Not sure what you mean. Was it someone here? using the chat?
Let me know if you want me to do something about it
@Rinzwind ran into that one.
@StefanoPalazzo: Well, it happened immediately after I said something about panda porn... But the email header is a bit scrambled so I'm not sure who it was... But I am looking into extracting some information from it so I will hopefully get a better idea of who soon...
@ParanoidPanda If you want me to do something, tell me privately. My email is stefano.palazzo@gmail.com
1:37 PM
Well, maybe we should just change the topic...
@StefanoPalazzo how is that private? >:)
personally ;-)
I also have gpg set up, that's kind of private (:
@StefanoPalazzo: No, it's fine, I've figured out who it is... The usual culprit!
1:42 PM
Slightly creepy to think that he might be watching me... But he's not one of the users here...
@ParanoidPanda You know that this chat is publicly visible in real-time without being logged in, do you?
@ByteCommander: Yeah... That must be it...
and you also know that you seem to get pinged when someone does @para :=)
But I didn't realise that this guy had stopped his obsession with ducks, and started with panda hentai...
... "panda porn" ... you know if you watch too much you'll get two black eyes...
boom boom :)
1:44 PM
I'm actually standing in the middle of my living room right now and signing along and dancing to this! :D
@ParanoidPanda We so much do not care...
@A.B. Your advice here? Shall I add anything or can/do you want to write a guide?
A quick search on packages.ubuntu.com for those two packages tells me that both are not available for 15.10, but only up to Vivid (15.04). Was your previous install on 15.04 maybe? You might have to find a PPA that provides those packages in a version for 15.10 or compile them yourself. — Byte Commander 5 mins ago
@ByteCommander reading
@ByteCommander: Well, my neighbours do... They're starting to give me odd looks! :D
1:55 PM
I'm dancing all round the house!
You just said you danced in the living room... Would have been better if you stayed in there. :P
@ByteCommander The package in Wily is libssl1.0.0 and libportaudio2. He could change the dependencies in the deb package or he could install with sudo dpkg -i --force-all ... and sudo apt-get install libportaudio2 libssl1.0.0

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