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12:01 AM
Hey all
Has anyone used their indie royal bundle much?
@RedriderX Which one?
I bought the... 2nd, though only after talking with a dev of one of them
@FallenAngelEyes Well I only knew of the second one, but since one is coming out soon I was wondering what the previous bundle was like?
I guess it's sponsored by Desura
@RedriderX Lemme dig up a link
@FallenAngelEyes oh okay
Nov 11 at 16:18, by badp
Ben There Dan That and Time Gentlemen Please are (annoyingly slow) point and click games à la "apply FIRE on GAME". I guess the appeal is to be found in the humour, but the text is really hard to read. I've seen actually retro games with much better typography.
Summary of @badp's thoughts on all the games. I haven't tried them all yet.
12:08 AM
@RedriderX They're typically less AAA-level games than the HIB
Also, while the people in the vid are a bit annoying, that is one tenacious octopus
@badp ya it seems so
@FallenAngelEyes say WHAT?
Q: Use arrow keys instead of mouse in Skyrim?

VaccanoIs there a way to use arrow keys to look around and control direction (instead of the mouse). The mouse in Skyrim is quite messed up. I tweaked it to be more responsive (because the default settings are horrible). But now the screen jitters as I move around (cause my mouse movements are not to...

@RedriderX See video!
@FallenAngelEyes I actually liked these two games.
12:10 AM
@agent86 I wouldn't know, having not checked them out yet
I bought them both on a steam sale way before the indie royale bundle.
Also man we have a lot of pins this week
They're adventure games, and they have a unique sense of humor, I like adventure games and I like weird humor, so they worked for me.
Going to go play some more SR3 now. Working on the taunting 50 gang members challenge. I hate how dodgy the detection is for taunting. :(
@FallenAngelEyes Okay... um... i'm watching... still wondering
12:11 AM
@RedriderX The other games in the bundle held no appeal for me personally.
One of my friends bought it for the "global warming simulator" game or whatever. He said it sucked.
@agent86 I was looking at that game, but it seemed... weird
All hail @GnomeSlice!
man, preorder a indie bundle sight unseen? that's not cool.
@FallenAngelEyes I still don't know what the video is about?
@RedriderX Tenacious octopus. sagenod
12:13 AM
buys latest humble bundle
Octopi don't usually leave the water like that
what if I own all the games already? what if I don't like them? WHAT THEN, INDIE BUNDLERS?
@FallenAngelEyes well... ya
@GnomeSlice so you think it's worth it?
@RedriderX that's pretty much the focus of the vid
Finally a agame that defaults the settings to 'lowest' for me automatically
Thank you so much Serious Sam
12:14 AM
@RedriderX Absolutely.
I dunno, I thought it was neat, it had nothing to do with the topic at hand :P
@FallenAngelEyes oh, okay
@RedriderX If you don't have them already, Uplink and Darwinia alone are worth it imo
I know it's not as complex as most RTS games, but I really enjoyed Darwinia. I remember playing the demo/beta way back.
@FallenAngelEyes Eeesh i don't know if i long for the days of dialup
also I hope it's just the first level that had such a long load time
12:16 AM
@GnomeSlice Did you send an email for the grant?
@GraceNote I just bought the game today, so I need to scan the receipt and then do... what, exactly?
@RedriderX Tell me about it. My parents are still on dialup and whenever I visit, I'm stuck with it too. I currently have 120Mbit down, so it's quite the difference.
@GnomeSlice Ah, you're doing that route, okay. Just follow the instructions in the email, it'll tell you everything you need to give us
@FallenAngelEyes I just got off it a year or so ago.
@FallenAngelEyes dialup in 2011? what the heck.
12:17 AM
we live in the "sticks"
@agent86 Ya we don't all live in the city
i still don't
@GnomeSlice still glad i don't live in the city
@agent86 It's physically unavailable where my parents live.
@RedriderX I am too, but why?
On a totally random note, how does @GraceNote type notes like that?
12:20 AM
No cable out that far, no DSL, and satellite's not really an option because there's too many trees around the house
aside from being prohibitively expensive for what little my parents do
@RedriderX It's not random, it's always ♪
@GnomeSlice well, because of the TATTOO EPIDEMIC!
anywho, later all
@GraceNote no no, it was a random question... probably a bad choice of words.
well i've got to go too, bye all.
@RedriderX I know, I know, but it was an open opportunity ♪
Alt + 13, if you have a functional numpad and a system that allows that
12:33 AM
Aaaaand, email sent!
Q: What are some of the most profitable loyalty store items?

Mark RogersIn Eve, one can accumulate large amounts of loyalty points by running missions for various npc corporations. These loyalty points combined with cash and sometimes other items can produce expensive faction or corporation-specific items. Sometimes I've considered "cashing out" the loyalty points ...

oh god. The first WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR moment of SS3 certainly left me sweating
@GraceNote When can I expect a response?
Taking off a couple dozen murderous kamikaze heads with nothing but 70 health and the basic pistol sure is not a fight you can just expect to win without putting some brain into it
@fallenangeleyes you have a friend (p.s. attn: mods)
Q: If I choose to take Killbane's mask, am I completely locked out of the Apoca-fists?

FallenAngelEyesAt the end of the Murderbrawl XXXI mission, you can either choose to take Killbane's mask, which allows you to acquire his mask to wear, or he will tell you the "secret of the Apoca-fists." If I choose to take his mask, does this completely lock me out of the Apoca-fists on that save? Or will I...

12:41 AM
@RonanForman If you can wait until Thursday, I've got a new version of the splash screen with sound in it, but I won't be able to upload it until I'm at school.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That answer is clearly correct and should be accepted.
Well he did spell 'crocodile' correctly...
TF2 update incoming in the next 15 or so minutes
@Powerlord Valve time? so next week then.
@GnomeSlice At a later point
12:55 AM
@agent86 Actually, their email said 45 minutes, but I was 30 minutes late mentioning it.
Speaking of responses, I wonder if Brett received my last email with the receipt images attached.
@badp Did it involve Behead Bombers?
Q: After marriage does the spouse always open a shop?

I Phantasm II am deciding whether to get married or not and would like to no if all spouse`s open a shop or is it only those who are a merchant when you attempt to marry them? and are there any people who get more money per day or have more items in there shop?

We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below.

Team Fortress 2
- Added the Dr. Whoa bowtie
- Added a new taunt for the Heavy when he's wearing the FrankenHeavy set
- WebAPI changes:
- Fixed contained_item not always displaying in the web api results
- Added a new API (IEconAssets_440/GetAssetPrices/v0001) for getting item prices
- Fixed set bonuses activating outside of the proper holiday for holiday restricted items
- Fixed the Loch-n-Load death notice icon not being displayed correctly
So, they added a Heavy taunt for the Halloween set, despite Halloween being past already
@agent86 Looked to be roughly on time to me. :P
@Powerlord bah.
Do not mock the Voodoo Priestess!
1:14 AM
@Powerlord mocks
@Powerlord WAIT. They added a bowtie? bowties are cool.
+inf. for doctor who reference.
Good thing I wasn't going to test TF2 plugins tonight.
This is what Valve's server updater reminds me of:
Q: Side effects of using console in Skyrim

KillithI got so fed up with my low carry rate that I modified it via the console. Now the next zone I enter, I get a block-like drawing error on the loading screen. Then I notice a few more little quirks that I've never seen shortly thereafter. Are there known side effects to using the console?

Q: Are there negative effects for wasting time?

ResorathIn Skyrim, you can sleep or wait for up to a day at a time. Is there any negative consequences to wasting time like this? Do certain quests expire or certain conditions happen after several days (or even weeks) have passed that can be considered negative? Obviously temporary buffs expire, but th...

@Powerlord my MAUL project incorporated automatic updates for servers. it was pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself.
@agent86 My backup server auto-updates. My primary server doesn't.
So, Valve added a new game item and yet it doesn't appear in the Mann Co. Catalog, which is supposed to show every item in the game.
The tie is for Medic and Spy, btw
1:31 AM
@Powerlord well it also gave you a rcon-compat. interface to manage your servers. plus part of it is a jquery web rcon client. so nyah
> - Fixed set bonuses activating outside of the proper holiday for holiday restricted items
(It's not like I was using the set, but...)
1:46 AM
@Wipqozn everybody knows atheists don't believe in the colonization of the americas.
@GraceNote Yes, that's their official name
@badp I know it is, hence why I asked if it was them
2:11 AM
Well I didn't know
I could spend ages on Math.SE tex'ing stuff up
uh... [big-list]? really?
2:30 AM
@agent86 I don't believe in gravity, I get to float around all day
not gonna lie, pretty freaking amazing
Q: What do I have to do to unlock activities in other parts of Steelport?

Dave DuPlantisOne of the things I enjoy about the Saints Row series is the side activities: Insurance Fraud and that kind of thing. I'd like to play more of them, but right now I only have activities unlocked in one area, the central Morning Star-controlled area. (Nine of sixteen are currently unlocked.) The o...

so I'll stop feeding @tb suggestions to reject
@badp I may be crazy, but your edit looks like it would have greatly increased the readability of that question.
@badp trolololol
(then I got this other much more minor one approved)
2:42 AM
different reviewer
I'll go back to Serious Sam I guess
@NickT yeah.
The Moral of the Story: Never try. Trying only leads to failure.
@Powerlord Your mother? lololololool
gosh darn I'm clever.
Q: How can I teach new spells to a follower?

Ben BlankMore than once, I've seen it mentioned that followers can be taught new spells by commanding them to interact with a spellbook. I've tried teaching a few spells to ol' Lydders, but she simply picks the books up and places them in her inventory. What am I doing wrong?

Q: Where is the Dremora treasure in Skyrim?

m.n.wiserAfter freeing the Dremora in the Dark Midden Under the Winterhold College I was given a vague map of where the Dremora's treasure was located. (Somewhere near Winterhold) After searching near the landmarks shown on the map, I still can't find the right spot where the treasure is hidden. Can someo...

3:11 AM
@badp ...what
Gnomeslice tried to un Grace Note my meta post. And then Wipqozn reverted the change.
You guys make me laugh.
@GraceNote Ballpark for that time frame?
@RavenDreamer Son of a bitch.
@RavenDreamer ಠ_ಠ
@GnomeSlice You're welcome.
@GnomeSlice There is no reason for you to remove the music note. You are destroying @Raven's post!
3:15 AM
You know what upsets me?
Minecraft requires an equal amount of processing as Skyrim.
@RavenDreamer Gnomeslice?
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ
I can't play either for too long without the extra fan kicking into overdrive.
And guess which one I can play longer?
Fix yer game, Notch!
@RavenDreamer Are you able to lock your post so no one can edit it?
Q: What are garden ornaments?

Ashley NunnIn Snoopy's Street Fair, there is a quest where you have to obtain 4 garden ornaments. What counts as a garden ornament? I apparently have 1 (the quest is 25% complete), but I have a lot of scenery objects, so I am not sure which one it is. I know that it isn't lawnmowers or tricycles or the ...

Q: Tyrian: How to swap single player and arcade mode ships?

ClaudiuThe Wikipedia on Tyrian says: It is possible to switch between the Single Player and (1 person) Arcade modes using a secret routine (not cheat codes). Since it is possible to find exotic weapons early in Arcade Mode (by contrast in Single Player, such weapons can only be bought at the end), u...

3:16 AM
If so, you should do that so gnome can't remove the music note
Also, I was all set to make cake, and then I found out I need 3x the milk, and since I went around killing all the cows for their delicious steaks...
@Wipqozn Not necessary.
Why do you want to remove the music note @GnomeSlice?
@Wipqozn BECAUSE.
@RavenDreamer True, I'll just keep rolling it back for the rest of forever.
@GnomeSlice "BECAUSE" isn't a reason.
Wow... GamersGate just gives you a downloader instead of an actual game download from the site?
3:20 AM
Well, I'm going to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow I am certain.
May your lives be filled with peace and tranquility. Except for @GnomeSlice, I wish ill-fortune upon you for destroying ravens post. You monster.
@GnomeSlice No idea yet?
Good night all
@GraceNote Based on previous grants?
rolls back revision one last time before leaving
3:22 AM
@GnomeSlice No idea yet?
@GraceNote Er. Okay then. Thanks for trying.
Seriously I oughta smack the both of you for taking it to 19 revisions
@GraceNote He started it.
I'm well aware
3:23 AM
And I continued it.
This receipt - is this in Canadian dollarydoos?
@GraceNote Throw'em in the brig!
@GraceNote Is that a problem?
@GnomeSlice You really really tempt me to respond with "No, we don't do Canadian dollarydoos here, I'm afraid we can't reimburse you", but, no, it isn't a problem.
Wow, U.S and Canadian dollars are almost 1:1 now. Huh.
3:26 AM
@GraceNote I would have exploded.
And not with joy.
@TimStone CDN is a little worse than USD, at the moment, but it is close. We were above par a bit ago, but that never lasts long.
@Wipqozn GO AWAY.
Does no one on Gaming know anything about Snoopy's Street Fair? HOW CAN THIS BE?
@AshleyNunn Aye, significantly closer than when I used to live there many a year ago.
3:27 AM
How did he do that without entering chat?
He super-ninja'ed in and out while posting, it was epic. Well done, @Wipqozn.
victory dance
See, this is why I get so many suspensions.
Technically, I think @GraceNote won.
No more edits on the post about that music note. No re-adding it now that I've finally got it off, no removing it again if someone is stupid enough to actually re-add it after I just told all y'all to stop re-adding it.
3:29 AM
"This post has been locked while disputes about its content are being resolved. For more info visit meta."
um...aren't we on meta?
@Ullallulloo I was wondering about that too.
@GraceNote But it IRKS me.
you guys haven't been to meta.meta.gaming.stackexchange.com?
Oh right. That place...
We don't go there any more.
why is that locked?
@NickT Because morons did a 27-stage rollback war
3:32 AM
ah, I see it now
@GraceNote I take offense to that.
And simultaneously commend you for it.
@GnomeSlice All in the name of making sure the stars list paints you out to be a jerk. ♪
grumble grumble grumble POOP grumble grumble
I'm going to bed. If I wake up and find additional revisions on that post for this, the punishment will be proportional to that number.
How proportional?
For example, 1$ off of my reimbursement for each revision?
3:36 AM
I was thinking 1 month's suspension for each extra revision.
That seems a bit harsh.
Also WHY DOES THE INSTALLER now need to 'download files'!?
Yes, that's why it's only my fantasy.
In reality, just please don't test it. Seriously.
But... but...
what if he changes it
Then he gets punished
But it will still be changed
3:39 AM
It doesn't matter. You don't do rollback wars.
@GnomeSlice Don't make me post that damn XKCD cartoon that everyone posts
"the application is missing required files!?"
@sjohnston Someone on the internet is wrong ?
applications is?
'Ello @AnnaLear, congratulations!
@NickT Oh, good, I wasn't the only person to whom that perturbed more
3:41 AM
@GnomeSlice I told you about stairs
@TimStone Thanks!
Freaking game downloaded from Gamersgate.
@GnomeSlice Seeing this as the result of a 19 revisions long edit war on a note sign makes me think there is something real wrong that needs correction, perhaps through slapping
@badp It's longer than 19.
3:42 AM
Why do people keep telling me I need correction.
@badp I'm just waiting for the fire that will rain from the sky if Jeff shows up. I've invested in an extra heavy-duty metal-plated umbrella.
@TimStone I'm worried @badp's picture might exacerbate the Jeff fire.
But we'll see.
...especially on a post where we try to tell Jeff, "it's okay, we can take care of ourselves." Now, I can understand if Raven got mad at the initial picture (which he kinda did)
@RavenDreamer Well, I got a chuckle out of it.
@RavenDreamer It made me laugh though, so it's OK.
3:44 AM
@RavenDreamer Its intended purpose is nothing but setting a bit lighter tone than what I'd see from a similar all-business topic on (say) Maths
which (I hope!) would help us get more constructive in the resolution
(oh man look how sophisticated I must be sounding right now, as if I wasn't totally going for the cheap lulz there)
@NickT I can't believe the upvote / downvotes your Skyrim pronunciation is getting.
if it doesn't I'll be the first that wants it off
Does anyone remember why I commented on this?
Oh, right.
@GnomeSlice I can remove it though.
I think it's the best solution for everybody involved
3:47 AM
He got rid of and .
No, leave it.
Fine. rollbacks
Because right now the last thing we need is more joke tags
Why must you destroy everything that is good. Do you have any idea how old those were.
Please. It's like Jeff's #1 argument.
There are so many other ways to add awesome to a post
Try avoiding tag-based ways for now
3:49 AM
But that was done ages ago.
And tags are... my thing...
Well, see to it that you don't do it now by rolling back
I'm glad you're trying to make the point that you don't need a 25 character limit to prevent people from making moronic tags, but that's not really helping...
@badp You...
@badp I locked it at the first sign of trouble. It's what I should have done on my own post.
@RavenDreamer Unlock it. I'm not going to roll it back.
@RavenDreamer No one will blame you for erring on the site of being cautious
that said... you could've acted sometime before the 27th rollback :P
3:52 AM
@badp cautiousness?
@badp I wasn't aware it was happening.
I wish I had a chance to see this stuff developing myself too
Anyway, I'm going to check out Infans Solaris. Stop locking things.
I'm not a complete child.
I feel like I should do something celebratory when I hit 50k rep.
Flame Jeff?
3:55 AM
It's probably going to happen by the end of the week.
Oh goodie.
How do you have so many reps, anyway?
lazy scroooooll
loses internet
@GnomeSlice shruuuuuug...
Seems the interwebs is a small place after all. Mark Trapp was mentioned in an editorial on CNN: "Jobs consoled another AT&T customer, Mark Trapp, who expressed his frustration over his cell carrier's plans to discontinue unlimited data plans."
4:03 AM
One day it'll be me getting mentioned.
As long as it isn't a breaking news piece on a moderator corruption scandal.
4:19 AM
Well that's just great. A "visit Meta" notice on meta.
Gee, thanks for telling me who won the election Stack Overflow! Or even that it was over...
Q: Frostbite Spider caves/lairs

I Phantasm IJust wondering if anyone has found a cave with a lot of Frostbite spiders in it they seem to be the best way to get petty soul gems atm i have found Crovangr Cave are there any others?

Q: How to activate dynamite?

badp Look at this dynamite stick. Tauntingly blinking red (not pictured). Placed on this appropriately cracked wall. Annoyingly not impressed by my attempts to activate it. Not even hitting it with the sledgehammer gets it going. How can I activate pre-placed dynamite?

@Wipqozn @GnomeSlice 30 revisions?! You guys couldn't have worked it out in chat? Now @GraceNote locked the post and I can't even show my support for it.... :'(
you know who else locked posts after an edit war? Hitler.
@agent86 Did you just compare our beloved @GraceNote to Hitler? I for one don't see the resemblance...
@John you know who else asks if I compared someone to Hitler after I compared them to Hitler? that's right, Hitler.
I'm kidding though, shame on you, people participating in edit war >:|
4:35 AM
@agent86 Are you studying WW2 or something?
Or just trying to enact Godwin's law?
you know who el... eh, nevermind. No, just overly tired and feeling silly
Ah. Good way to get stars, that whole "tired" thing. Well, that and being drunk.
I don't get drunk often, so tired it is!
I've never been drunk, but I've seen the results. I usually go with dry wit and insults to GnomeSlice.
Insults to GnoneSlice are practically guaranteed stars.
ah, well, I try to only pick on people once I've gotten to know them a bit and they know I'm kidding.
well, I'm too tired to continue, I'm going to go and try to pass out now.
4:44 AM
Hopefully @Gnome knows that I kid a lot.... Good night!
5:02 AM
@John The lock has expired
5:13 AM
Q: How do I activate the Lanaryu Desert Mining Co Stone Cache power generator?

PowerlordI've activated two of the three generators to power the machine that opens the entrance to the Lanayru Mining Co. However, I can't figure out how to get to the generator at the end of Stone Cache. There's a large area of sand too far for me to run across, and after I timeshift, there's just a b...

Q: Guid to finding Treasure from Treasure map?

RevIn Game i found two treasure map. but I can't understand what/where show to me? So in this case T-M split into 2 part( top and bottom ). can anyone describe what is these part? any advise!

Q: Who are all the wives/husbands in Skyrim and what are there benefits?

Precog DragonBornI would like to know who you can marry in Skyrim and what each of your partners benefits are to your marriage.

Q: Skyrim "prepares to launch" forever after Nov. 21st patch

Kevin MontroseAfter (what is currently) the latest Steam patch, Skyrim refuses to start. Steam just sits there forever with a "preparing to launch" dialog up, and part of the latest patch was removing the ability to launch Skyrim directly so that option is out. Are there any workarounds for this issue?

5:59 AM
Q: Connect XBOX 360 Video to HDMI & audio to Subwoofer

Nalaka526I got a XBOX 360 console and connected it to LCD display with HDMI cable (& XBOX HDMI converter). My LCD display does not have built in speakers, So I need to connect XBOX to subwoofer. but the problem is when I connect the HDMI converter to consol audio cable output jack is coverd with the ...

Oh hey, the new user page got activated on Gaming
Oh hey, it's 7 fucking am
@badp Go back to your bed, young man
You're not suppose to be up this early
lol, you're funny.
... that's not badp speaking, isn't it?
6:13 AM
badp should've been asleep many hours ago
but he received Serious Sam 3
And I thought my sleeping habits were bad.
@ArdaXi Oh, I have good sleeping habits. I just left them in Italy :P
6:32 AM
Finished my floating hardcore house and organized all my stuffs.
6:43 AM
@GraceNote The plug pulling date for Wave's officially and finally been set
> Google Wave will become read-only on January 31 and it will be closed 3 months later. The Gears-based offline mode will no longer work in Google Calendar and Gmail starting from next month, so if you're still using an old version of Firefox or Internet Explorer for this feature, you'll have to switch to Chrome.
Q: Help me Build a Gaming Desktop?

GreatestSwordsmanAlright so I'm a noob at computers, I need some help with one I'm planning to get. There is a website, http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/ that allows you to configure computers and save the link to the configuration, which you can share the link here. My budget is $2000 before taxes. I plan on u...

Q: Skyrim - Arcadia called me a Nord, even though I am a Breton

KyleAfter experiencing difficulties with a stuck loading screen in Skyrim, I had to force my ps3 to shut down. Thankfully my saved file wasn't completely screwed up in the process. But after I loaded my save game, I travelled to Whiterun to get some ingredients from Arcadia. Once I interacted with he...

Q: What does the Comedy Specs extra do?

Jason BerkanThe first extra that you can unlock is called Comedy Specs. However, turning on this extra does not appear to make any changes to the game. What does this extra actually do?

6:55 AM
Just read Jeff's answer. I couldn't disagree more.
> When has "hey, let's do the simplest thing that works" ever been the wrong answer?
Yahoo! Answers is the "simplest thing that works" in terms of Q&A.
7:08 AM
Q: What does the free edition of Starcraft 2 include?

ripper234Free edition: Play the first five missions of the epic single-player campaign and wage unrelenting war on your friends. Does it really mean it includes multiplayer? Are there any limitations? Is the only thing you get from buying the full game is the rest of the campaign?

Q: Can you migrate a US Starcraft 2 license to an EU one?

ripper234I'm thinking of buying an extra copy for a friend, with the Black Friday 50% sale. Problem is, the sale is only valid in the US, not EU. If I buy the US version, would I be able to convert it to the EU?

Q: Store a function or even a variable to call in console for Skyrim

MechaflashIs there a way to create and store a function in skyrim for future use? I don't like having to re-enter codes all the time of what I commonly use, so I'd rather I be able to just call a function like function items() and it it activates something like function items() { player.additem xxxxxx; ...

Q: What are the noticable improvements since minecraft early versions

kamaradclimberI used to play minecraft around a year ago. A lot of versions have been released since and recently minecraft got out of beta. What are the main improvements and changes in the way the game has to be played ? I have hear of experience, the 'adventure release' but I don't know much. PLease enlight...

7:31 AM
Q: Can I continue to play after the game ends?

FredrikTwo quick questions about skyrim: Can I continue to play I've completed the main quest? I'm pretty sure thats a yes. Will something significant have changed after the main quest is done, so that I should do my exploring first. Like in oblivion a city was destroyed pretty early and then the gat...

@Lazers smells like a dupe
can't find it.
8:14 AM
I liked the idea - do cool stuff, spend it on either nitro or time off your race time
yeah... it's broken.
Just don't ever use nitro
I never got close to 1st place ad won by a landslide still
8:41 AM
@ArdaXi The answer to that is "Damn near always. For every non-trivial problem, there are basically two kinds of solutions: the simple one and the correct one."
9:04 AM
Q: How to interpret effects with level constraints in Skyrim

DXMCan someone explain what spells/other effects mean when they have a max level requirement. For example (taken from wiki): "Illusion: Mayhem - Creatures and people up to Lv25 will attack anyone nearby for 60s." As I understand this is a Master level spell (50+). I've also tried digging on how mo...

2 hours later…
10:38 AM
Q: How to add commentator in Winning Eleven 9?

PradithaI've installed Winning Eleven 9 (Pro Evolution Soccer 5) in my computer, but after I installed it, there is no back sound and commentator when I play it. Is there any missing file on my game? If so, what file is it?

10:48 AM
... this reads more like spam
Also, why doesn't the answer links onebox anymore?
Anyways, the release of Skyrim has done wonders for my flag weight...
Q: Building a road to a far-far-away city state : Are they kidding?

PierreWhen a really far away city state ask me to build a road to join our two cities, is this a bug or there is a way to do it ?

11:23 AM
Q: In Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos How Does Monster Respawning Work?

IttyBrittyGirlGamerI'm playing Lands of Lore: Throne of Chaos and I'm trying to figure out how the monster respawning works. So far, I have Googled and not really found much to support what I think I've found as I've been playing. Basically, to me it seems that it depends on which area you are in and I think there...

12:11 PM
@YiJiang You used the short link version. You need to use normal syntax
@GraceNote Yes, but this is the only version available to me - its the one the link button gives
*cough cough* @MarcGravell
't's been reported already.
12:27 PM
Balpha said they hadn't updated chat yet
12:40 PM
hey, @GraceNote look ♪
No problem
I did not think that was in the character map
Skyrim, why are you so appealing?
@ThomasMcDonald I'm still wondering that too.
Wow, I didn't know kids were this into Portal:
12:58 PM
@YiJiang noted
While I'm very very glad to see Jeff apologized for not consulting the community first, I'm confused at his decision to use as his example question stating that we don't need sub-tags when a game only has 24 questions, when we have 600+ Skyrim questions sitting there.
I must say Jeff doesn't really seem very interested in changing the image we have of him.
1:14 PM
It's funny to me, the "I changed a 1 to a 2, don't know why that's a problem". Such a technical brain response.
Hopefully he'll be around/awake to address some of the comments soon.
He appears to have tweeted this answer
I never truly felt that that question was entirely on topic here
I saw the bounty go up on that the other day and was surprised to see that it was 500
1:32 PM
ah, gta is awesome
oh bugger.

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