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12:19 AM
@gandalf3 Do you want the honor of posting your awesome ad?
@GiantCowFilms Shall I post it?
*ad ;)
Lemme write the title text
Okay :)
They didn't say anything about transparent backgrounds, so I assume they are fine..
@gandalf3 are you and I the only two (outside of marketers) that spell ad correctly?
12:22 AM
I have below avarage spelling
They can't even ad.
They add great though!
Beyond compare
@GiantCowFilms mine's even worse
"avarage".. okay I'll stop
One moment, I have to add a solid backdrop
I make the same mistakes..
12:24 AM
@gandalf3 That was actually on purpose
oh lol
nicely done
Very subtle, you sure fooled me
Admittedly I actually typed that by accident, but then didn't fix it when my spell checker alarmed
@GiantCowFilms Not sure if it needs a 1px border, perhaps if you make it a slight off-white we can skip the border for sure
#FAFAFA or something
@gandalf3 Here is the post text

[1]: http://i.stack.imgur.com/uzt5y.png "Upload .blends to improve your questions and answers!"
[2]: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/86368/3d-graphics-modeling-animation?referrer=4bIZIhmQJeWKQcyqcR7pKw2
I'll add a comment officiating it.
12:30 AM
@CharlesL realy? imne si evan wors
@gandalf3 Thanks :D
i dunt no whut yur taking abut
@gandalf3 is has to be 220x250px
3 hours ago, by GiantCowFilms
Also, last thing, save it at double res (440 x 500) SE will accept it and its higher quality for 4K displays.
@David @MutantBob @CharlesL @VincentScalia @TARDISMaker @NoviceInDisguise @iKlsR @stacker @someonewithpc adn @X-27 Time to start voting! support meta.blender.stackexchange.com/questions/880/… & meta.blender.stackexchange.com/a/885/3127
12:31 AM
@CharlesL crasy ting si i kould red it perfactly
Someone needs to write a lossy text compression algorithm which does this
@David i no rite? it maks so mach mure sens thon regulur spaling
@GiantCowFilms where did you get that info?
@gandalf3 LOL! I'm going to do this!
That's something that would be popular on hacker news just because it's so ridiculous
@CharlesL ew sould sotp. Tish wil meka badd qotes.
12:33 AM
Works on all the sites
@David thuts truu i don wana b remumburd fur thus
@CharlesL @X-27 has a way of pulling out your worst quotes, and reminding everybody of it.
@CharlesL plus google indexes all this.
lol :)
naw yur ascang fur it
12:35 AM
@CharlesL @David there is only one other vote on the Community Add :P
@GiantCowFilms already voted on both
@GiantCowFilms still is it written anywhere that they will take 2X the res?
@David It works, and has worked.
And if it stops working, we will fix it.
Quoting from here "The image that you create must be 220 x 250 pixels"
have you guys seen the REALLY BAD ad on bicycles?
12:38 AM
@David You can still UV the ad :D
now I cant find a page that will display it :(
@David What?
@GiantCowFilms I only UV ads
@David Okay okay!
I will not spell ad as add
_I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
I will not spell ad as add
12:40 AM
@David Please...
I mean BE is the prefect candidate for a community ad
I actuality saw the ad on the right displayed on their site. meta.bicycles.stackexchange.com/ads/display/968
nice, huh?
Our ad is nice though
@David See apple has had their super sized ad working for two years: meta.apple.stackexchange.com/a/1884
@GiantCowFilms Would you like me to edit this for you?
12:43 AM
I see the error
@David did you vote on it :D :D :D?
@GiantCowFilms fine I UVed it. even though is says "long term", and not "permanent".
@David Whats wrong with that
Its in order not to get killed by a loosed lawyer!
I want a hosting place where my blends will be safe no matter what period Even if @X-27 and @VincentScalia gang up and wreck the world.
@David That is the idea
but I'm not being legal liable to host your blends until I die.
However, BE should be sticking around...
@GiantCowFilms long term may imply anything from 2 weeks, to a year or more. Permanent means a lot more (even though in reality the data is just as safe in both.)
12:47 AM
@David It is going to stick around for a long time, just not forever, I mean I think it will go down if I die for example, or have to flee to cuba
@GiantCowFilms why? doesn't cuba have internet?
@David Long term in BE's cause means you file is going to stick around as long as BE (and the google drive hard drive) hang on.
@David Probably not
They are like litterally still in 1960
Oh, there is no reason why I need to flee to Cuba soon, in case anyone was suspicious.
@GiantCowFilms lol
@David what?
Probably gives you two sites:
.cu is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cuba. == Second Level Domain Names == .com.cu .edu.cu .org.cu .net.cu .gov.cu .inf.cu == External links == Portal Cuba.cu IANA .cu whois information ^ Source: http://www.nic.cu/nosotros.php...
12:49 AM
and iliketopostdogpicturesonthebeach.wordpress.com
@David O.o
@gandalf3 I see what they said about the border
ignore it, they won't bother checking ;D
@GiantCowFilms however wikipdea paint a grim picture: "Internet in Cuba has some of the lowest penetration rates in the Western hemisphere, and all content is subject to review by the Department of Revolutionary Orientation.The government of Cuba provides an online encyclopedia website called EcuRed that operates in a "wiki" format. Internet access is limited. The sale of computer equipment is strictly regulated. Internet access is controlled, and e-mail is closely monitored."
@GiantCowFilms They only say you need a border if you have white background.. If we make it off-white then we'll be in the clear
in your ad, it looks like the orange guy is holding a mirror with a whole in it.
@David exactly what I thought
@gandalf3 I still think we should use the standard icon
12:53 AM
@gandalf3 actually writing this now. When I get up tomorrow this will probably seem like a ridiculous idea, but i'm tired and have a bit of a fever, so it's what i'm doing right now :P
If you like
@CharlesL \o/
you'll be credited for the inspiration on the project homepage ;)
Can't wait to see what it does :D
@CharlesL writing what now?
Sep 20 '13 at 21:46, by iKlsR
@gandalf3 click the little arrow on the message :)
12:54 AM
@CharlesL lol, I dont know if it is better or worst that you are sick. :)
@David ikr
this will either result in genius code, or code written by an idiot
(i'm assuming it will be the latter)
@CharlesL lol
I'm reusing old messages
Recycling and all that
12:57 AM
Can I cut someone, please
@iKlsR huh?
Got gta v this morn, im tired
Just do as I tell you and you will be fine
I watched so much gameplay its kinda boring
@iKlsR Why did you get them??
12:58 AM
27 mins ago, by GiantCowFilms
@David @MutantBob @CharlesL @VincentScalia @TARDISMaker @NoviceInDisguise @iKlsR @stacker @someonewithpc adn @X-27 Time to start voting! support http://meta.blender.stackexchange.com/questions/880/community-promotion-ads-2015‌​/887#887 & http://meta.blender.stackexchange.com/a/885/3127
@David I want to cut people for pinging me
@iKlsR Oh D:
@iKlsR lol
12:59 AM
@iKlsR Just do the voting
:D :D :D
"I want to cut people for pinging me" immediately gets 3 pings
/me hides
BTW @CharlesL Have you seen
Q: Improving the Blender manual

gandalf3So to follow up my previous post, the manual project chat room is live and ready for action! Contributions of all shapes and sizes are welcome. How do I start? If you're unfamiliar with the manual editing process, it essentially goes like this: Setup build environment Install SVN and Sphinx. ...

1:02 AM
@gandalf3 yeah, i saw it when i was surfing by and seeing all the stuff i've missed in the last few months
seems like a good idea
Just found the meme site. LOL
i might do a contribution or two
@David ikr
1:02 AM
best site on the interwebs
Is that a Blender with no beta I spy in chat
@iKlsR yah!
It's kinda surreal
1:03 AM
/me RUNS
@iKlsR no kidding
1:03 AM
/me reaches under table
/me leaves the country
/me jacks a rocket
we are mods
/me books a ticket and follows CharlesL
1:03 AM
/me lands on the moon
we will protect you.
A: Congratulations! Blender is graduating!

GiantCowFilmsstatus-completed Our chat still says "beta". I think the developers should be notified of this, since this design-less graduation is a new thing.

HA! Watcha gonna do now?
@CharlesL lol wtf
A ticket to the moon?
1:04 AM
nah, i jacked a rocket
Sign me up
One moon ticket pls
@gandalf3 LUA!
k flks
we gonna do dat
1:04 AM
If you write enough lua, you get a free moon ticket
@iKlsR I'm your man
that's what i'm writing the lossy compressor in :)
Just UV my community promo adds ;D
I will not rest plugging for votes!
1:06 AM
@GiantCowFilms nk
@David :D
it worked, did you see how my 3D graphics add got up to 7 :D
You won't even believe the places I asked for votes
(give you a hint, foreigners are way more swave about UVing adds on other sites)
@GiantCowFilms yep. quite a salesman extortionist.
@iKlsR Please, as a moderator, don't use that language
1:07 AM
look who else can't spell ;)
@David :D
@iKlsR you'll love my lossy text compressor
@iKlsR I'm going to flag you now if you don't delete that. Its plain crude
1:08 AM
ayy, it's in the dictionary
Where did all these flags come from o.o
Me for starters
My definition of a whore
@GiantCowFilms I couldn't resist marking it as valid. :)
1:09 AM
debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.
Are we talking about vote wars?
Lol, flag away.
@David get them all
You've done it now
Here come the big mods :)
1:10 AM
@GiantCowFilms now look what you did, brought in mods form other sites.
@Undo Oh BTW, off topic note, you are in one of my AP online classes this year!
He's a mod on softwarerecs
@GiantCowFilms Which one?
@GiantCowFilms My statement still stands
1:11 AM
@Undo I'm not going to say in front of these snoops :D....
They are always trying to guess info about me D:
@iKlsR it does. rest assured that I will render a fair judgment against all flags.
@David That is why I voted for you
Aye aye cap
@iKlsR I'm not
1:12 AM
@GiantCowFilms Send me an email
I'm just using all means possible to make what I think is right happen
@Undo rodger that!
lol, ok sir
@Undo I should flag that. It has pii in it.
Flag away :)
1:14 AM
Too much blue for me
I remember last time this happened
Sep 20 '13 at 21:47, by KitFox
Not that arrow.
@Undo did you see the flag in the "Ten Fold" room? If so, what would you do with it?
I was wondering about that too
@David The one about circumventing ...
1:15 AM
@David I don't think I saw it.
I now get flag pings occationally as a 10ker
but not anything cool ever
If you don't understand the context, prob just leave it.
@Undo head over to the TL, i'll post a picture of it.
If it's not obviously offensive or spam.
1:16 AM
@GiantCowFilms I get even more of them as a mod. And I'm still not fast enough on most of them :P
Although the mod-only ones are slower.
It's been a year since softwarerecs launched, wow. Time flies.
Somehow made 1k
@iKlsR More than that
And we're graduating too.
SE is really picking up traction.
Prior we had sites in beta for 5+ years
1:18 AM
Yeah. I'm hoping we can make Hardware Recs work too
@iKlsR Its on the alexa top 250
I mean in terms of getting sites permanent
traffic = sticking power
later all
see ya
stepping out as well
1:20 AM
o/ o/
@gandalf3 or just \o/
cya all later too!
that's two people
1:21 AM
@gandalf3 It looks wrong for everyone else because it has the blue background
it should be white.
I know
Ah okay
@gandalf3 still cool though
It looks really wrong for me, with my custom chat theme
@gandalf3 Oh yah
@gandalf3 I think it would be a good idea, if possible, to feature this: meta.blender.stackexchange.com/q/880/3127
1:27 AM
Good idea
It was already "hot" anyway
Current status:
You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
you hav tu lern teh rules of teh gam and then you hav to play better than anyun els
Not bad!
gonna do a little more hacking up of the data before a do a legit compression
oh yeah, good idea
to specific
i'll randomly replace s with s or z though
1:35 AM
Could replace es with z
even better, that makes it shorter!
pineapples = pineapplz
very nice! :D
you hav tu lern teh rulz of teh gam and then yuo hav tu play better than anyon els
now i'm going to remove doubled up letters (tt, ee, ss)
1:36 AM
Good idea
What about mixing in some numbers?
l8r, g8, etc.
ate = 8
to || too || two = 2
I bet you could even shave off some extra bytes by taking out random spaces :P
1:39 AM
Perhaps depending on a quality level parameter?
(like jpg XD)
nah, just max lossyness
yo hav 2 lern teh ruls uf teh gam and then yo hav 2 play beter than any1 elz
1:41 AM
Einstein + bad spelling
i don't really know how to react
Hm.. maybe th = d?
than = dan and then = den
but then bath = bad
Only when at the beginning of a word den?
yeah.. that one requires some linguistic analysis
thread = dread
oh dang
Only when at the beginning of a word and immediately followed by a vowel?
1:43 AM
although if there's some rule for silent letters, i could cut them out
Is this on github? I want to help :D
ok, hang on i'll set up a repo
it's time for greatness to happen
it is time of gamma
1:47 AM
or, more accurately: "it's tim 4 gretnzs 2 happen"
i'm going to have to write a sassy readme at some point
what this for? i wasn't listen ing
Sep 20 '13 at 21:46, by iKlsR
@gandalf3 click the little arrow on the message :)
1:52 AM
@VincentScalia click the arrow pointing to the left
@gandalf3 hang on what's ur github username?
oh, duh :P
k, you're a contributor now
:D thanks
Keep in mind I don't know lua at all, so I might do bad things by accident..
1:55 AM
@gandalf3 eh, don't worry about it. this is a silly script anyway
most of what I do is still cobbled together from stackoverflow
programming == googling_stackoverflow();
the important thing to remember is there isn't a difference between arrays and hashes/dictionaries
there are just tables
@gandalf3 lol, sotrue
Are tables like arrays in other languages?
1:56 AM
yep, they can be arrays or hashes
for example: {'a', 'b', 'c'}[1] == 'a' (lua is one based)
and t={a='b', c='d'}
t.a returns 'b'
Makes sense
yeah, and it removes confusion about different datatypes by uniting them
The latter example is called a hash?
it's pretty clever overall
Very nice indeed :D
1:58 AM
@gandalf3 in ruby it's called a hash, python calls it a dict. Lua just calls it a table.
I see XD

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