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Welcome to chat for: Blender
This is a general discussion room, but please feel free to create more subject-specific rooms (a single room with every possible discussion isn't very helpful)
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and remember; please read the FAQ ;p)
2:43 AM
Finally caught up to you @iKlsR xD evil grin
3:14 AM
1 hour later…
4:31 AM
Nice to see the Blender Stack Exchange accepted and off to a good start :)
:) Great to have you guys around!
@JonathanWilliamson this might be of interest
Q: How can we ensure Blender.SE doesn't share 3DGraphics.SE's fate?

greatwolfFor those not in the know, an older, now defunct 3d graphics.SE never made it out of private beta. What can we do to make sure Blender.SE has the best chance of at least making it out of private beta?

@iKlsR definitely don't want that fate
Any chance we can persuade the blender dev team to move their weekly meetings to blender.SE's chat instead of IRC? ;)
@greatwolf wouldn't that be neat. :P
aye :p
5:14 AM
@iKlsR not to toot my own horn, but I'd be willing to take a mod spot ;)
I'm already one on Ask Ubuntu, so I've got some experience.
@RolandiXor ah, community mods on several sites are rare tho
So far so good, I hope this site really takes off
lol, I can't help it if I'm power hungry (for the good of mankind!)
5:18 AM
lol okay
I'm in between...
(professional and some other level)
Anyways - we jumped to the mod discussion too quickly (bad foot to get off on and makes me look bad :P)
(Since you don't know me of course)
nah, its ok
mi know yuh man..
5:21 AM
@iKlsR mods will definitely be needed if we can keep it active.
well guys, I need to go, time to sleep
but you'll be seeing a lot of me
I need to get my skill level in Blender up - been using it too long to be at the level I'm at ;)
:) cheers
Good night :D!
I'm out as well!
Oh and before I go!
5:24 AM
ah, cya then guys
#showingoffasifIgotsomekindofskilllevel ;)
heheh, o/
7 hours later…
12:28 PM
@iKlsR Man! I can't catch up to you!
@DantheMan o/ :)
@DantheMan you soon will, I am going away today for a couple weeks
heh :)
Are you addicted to this just as much as I am?
not really, I just have nothing better to do..
plus some of the questions are relatively easy
12:35 PM
2 hours later…
2:43 PM
@RolandiXor was the answer for the preferences not satisfactory?
No problem if it's not, was just going through the Unanswered tab and looking for things to clean up
@iKlsR I'll have to check again
Also the one about preferences . ok sure
Oh I didn't realize I hadn't accepted it, sorry about that.
3:02 PM
Q: Exporting to COLLADA?

InkbugCan blender export to the COLLADA format? I tried going to file menu > export, but COLLADA was not an option. I'm using Blender 2.66.1 on Ubuntu 13.04.

In future, don't jump to answer questions like this (which lack information). Give them some time to answer comments and such.
I will post an answer though, to show him/her how to get the latest Blender builds on Ubuntu, with Collada support enabled by default :)
Wasn't jumping really, COLLADA is by default in Blender, the fact that he doesn't have it is more than likely he is using a build that wasn't compiled with it but good point.
And it seems since everyone else seems to have it, they are telling him to double check etc
I would have upvoted your answer but I'm out of votes :P
I'm hoping to get some better hardware this year, it will make me a much better blender user :)
One of the reasons I seem like a noob is because I can't use some of the more resource intensive features :/
Was quite the other way around for me, I learnt to optimize my meshes and work more efficiently as my machine at the time couldn't handle heavy loads.
3:17 PM
Well I've learned that part, but now I'd like to move on to things like fluid sim.
Feels kinda lame not being able to do all the things that people consider to be "expert" level...
For example, my models look great, but are not as great from a technical standpoint.
The casual on looker would be like "WHOA" but an expert would be like -_-...
yeah, i can remember the feeling
I hope I don't end up getting laughed at ;)
Hello colleagues.
Hola Senor
3:33 PM
@RolandiXor What's up? :D
I see you're from Barbados... I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that Barbados is a single island despite the plural-looking name. :D
@Alenanno :D
@Alenanno just doing some editing and posting some new questions.
I hope I ask good questions because despite my years in Blender I'm still rough around the edges a bit.
I'm at 0 ideas so for now I'll just lurk around. lol
@Alenanno o/
@iKlsR What :P lol
3:40 PM
@Alenanno from Anime :P
man repcap sucks.. heh
My rep is frozen...
I've made over 100 rep since hitting repcap.. :/
A: Can modifiers be called in the Game Engine?

Dan the ManYes they can. Please do some research before you ask.

@DantheMan repcap, you cap off at 200, only way after to that to get rep is through accepted answers
We need to stomp out this kind of behaviour in the early.
Not acceptable @DantheMan.
3:41 PM
@iKlsR from anime? Sorry, I don't get it lol
@Alenanno I know you from Anime.SE :) seen you around.
Ah! I don't remember your nickname... Did you change it?
nah, same one
@DantheMan that wasn't an answer
Sorry. Changed to comment
Repcap?? What's that?
Also, it's a valid question, because I'm being rather specific about using modifiers in the game engine via actuators.
3:44 PM
@DantheMan You cannot earn more than 200 rep per day (excluding bounties I think).
@RolandiXor You didn't mention actuators
@Alenanno Too bad.
You might want to read this on the matter.
Q: What is the reasoning behind the reputation cap?

Graeme PerrowThere has been a lot of talk about the daily reputation cap and what counts and what doesn't count and so on. But why is there a cap at all? I've seen lots of questions about whether the cap number should be changed, or whether certain things should or should not apply to the cap, but I've never ...

Sure later!
please star important things!
@DantheMan I did, in the body of the question.
And that before I edited it.
First starred post evah! lol
3:47 PM
Pinned it :D
Ahah :P
A: What questions should be definitely off-topic?

iKlsRThere is a long list, but off the top of my head and per suggestions, those that should definitely be off-topic are: 1. Requests for tutorials Can anyone show me how to model/rig/animate X? Can anyone make a tutorial on doing X? 2. Package or software comparison questions Which is better f...

Oh I didn't even realize you were a chat mod too :D
@RolandiXor Mods are mods on any chat room! :P
Oh and before someone does something to tick me off:
Q: What constitutes an "expert" question, and what specifies being an expert?

RolandiXorI (and many other long time Blender users) may get accused of not asking expert questions, or not doing enough research, because we simply don't know that Blender can for example, make your tea in the morning. Not everyone has read every iota of documentation or followed every tutorial out there...

3:48 PM
That means we can be dictators ehm, cleaners.
@Alenanno lol I know :)
We are totally innocent of trying to take over the world :)
sweet, first to hit 1/2k rep and first to get a silver badge :3
3:55 PM
This gave me a chuckle
The latter unfortunately has been proven to not work so well, some users still don't understand SO after a year.
@iKlsR lol me too :D
@RolandiXor gonna have to reject that edit, the title is now silly as Blender can he was asking how to
@iKlsR kk
also remember that we don't need to explicitly tag Blender everywhere, the site is Blender!
I didn't O_o
4:00 PM
*not tag
you added 'Blender' to the title and changed what OP has initially asked
I thought meant I tagged it Blender :P
I use words interchangeably at times.. irritating
someone is just downvoting and closing questions around the site.. urrgh
Oh you noticed too!
4:07 PM
I know who it is too.
I thought I was just thinking too negative...
I think I know too.
But we shall remain silent.
Its rather annoying, half of what the person downvotes are valid questions :/
(sorry for the delay went afk for a minute)
At first I thought I was getting downvoted for sounding like a noob or something.
A: What constitutes an "expert" question, and what specifies being an expert?

iKlsRThere are many things that constitute to how a question is perceived. Your grammar, choice of words, formatting and what you intend. Here is an article that goes into how one can write a 'perfect' question. A key point is Question title When a reader first sees your question, they're l...

Commented :)
5:05 PM
@RolandiXor it's too broad a topic
there are many ways to configure a cloth sim.
Questions should be concise, if he has asked however optimal settings for silk simulation that would have been different
@iKlsR I was about to point out he meant cloth.
We can tell him the specifics of why, not just say "This is overly broad" and close it. If we just do that he will have no clue what he did wrong.
Remember, blanket bombing of wide area targets is just as ineffective as the wide-area target's purpose.
@RolandiXor closing questions also serve another purpose. They are examples of questions not to ask
Yes, but what I'm saying is, don't be the guy who was going around closing and downvoting for no reason.
Saying "This is overly broad" in this case was doing just the same as it gave no reason "Why it is overly broad".
:) I don't downvote and I have my reasons for choosing to close a question.
look at the question again, look at the title.
Q: How to do a cloth simulation in Blender?

JohnCreating cloths in Blender can be kind of complex, how can I make a simple cloth that just simply folds over a sphere?

tutorial request..
As I said above, overly broad, there is no set one way to do a simulation and as he did not ask for specifics it's not an ideal question
Are you sure you are a mod, you are too lenient. :P
Remember the site is run by us, if we don't lay the rules fast and set standards, when this place becomes overrun with how to model a car and how to model a face questions, whose fault will it be?
Here's a new one..
Q: How To Create a Realistic Car Paint Material?

CharlesLThis is something that has been irking me for a while, as I've been working on a car project. I'm trying to create a paint(in cycles) simular the the material in this image: The problem is, whenever I try to make it, it always comes out looking to diffused or too sharp.

@iKlsR LOL
5:14 PM
It looks valid but is it?
This is because I've learned a couple things along the way.
Remember, these are real people asking real questions, not automated machines.
People are dynamic, have emotions, have feelings, etc. They also have reason.
If we reason with people, we get good results.
hrrm.. you are not getting what I am saying
If we simply give them computer-styled reactions, they respond as if they are dealing with a broken computer.
what is your take on the above question, the one about car paint?
@iKlsR realistic is subjective, and in such a case, I would say "Your question is highly subjective, because "There can be many interpretations of what a realistic car material is""
5:17 PM
That way, I do the duty of closing the question, but at the same time, I help the person asking the question to see why.
I wouldn't close it, It can be edited. Say like asking him to specify a type of style, like matte or chrome etc
Unlike the one where the user just asks how to do a cloth simulation..
You see where I am getting at?
I think we are on the same page, just looking at it from different sides :)
You should know a mod that we shouldn't tamper too much with people's questions as it might change the original meaning, but if its editable, go for it
I know that :)

What we do in cases like that, is leave a comment asking if the edit still conveys what they meant to say.
5:20 PM
So you see, I've learned, being a mod means being more "human" than a regular reviewer :)
Ban hammers are for spammers and rudeness... -ers
5:36 PM
A: What would be wrong with tutorials as long as they describe a reusable workflow?

RolandiXorAs an example from another site, Ask Ubuntu, sometimes we have simple questions that cover wide areas and have long answers:

I don't always hit the mark of what I mean to say the first time so let me know if I should improve that.
@RolandiXor the second one is awful ;) but while that is fine, Imagine it like this now.
Say I ask how to model a gun, how do you approach that?
Excellent answer btw but a 3d tutorial is much much more harder than writing a tech howto
From meta
Tutorials are neither questions nor answers. If a question needs a full-blown tutorial to answer, it is likely too broad and therefore "not a real question" or "not constructive".
I would kindly tell you that "We can't help you because:

1. There are many ways to model "a gun".
2. Even if you specify the gun, we could find a million ways to model *that gun*"
Ah, now compare that to how to customize a ubuntu live cd.. :)
@iKlsR "likely", not "certainly". Take each case on its merit.
@iKlsR that sounds broad, but it's not :)
A: New content type: tutorial

BoltClock's a UnicornTutorials are neither questions nor answers. If a question needs a full-blown tutorial to answer, it is likely too broad and therefore "not a real question" or "not constructive". Your proposal of creating a format that greatly detracts from Q&A doesn't sit too well with Stack Exchange, whose ver...

just leaving that there btw..
5:44 PM
There are only a limited number of ways to do it. Yes, there are tools created for the purpose, and that has complicated matters, but there really are only two ways - and one for each kind of Ubuntu CD.
@iKlsR I don't support the "tutorial" type either :)
We agree more on this than it might seem :P
Our approaches are just slightly different lol
Well yeah, you are too lenient ;)
We also need a post about multiple questions..
I see some questions with ??????? question marks, technically it should be one question..
You mean multiple questions in the body?
5:48 PM
@iKlsR I'm lenient because mods are supposed to let the community process happen before intervening :)
We had this on Anime sometime back
@RolandiXor then the ubuntu community is soft
@iKlsR in such cases, leave a comment saying "Please split your question into separate questions, with one question per post", edit to remove the extra questions, and then leave it to the OP.
@iKlsR lol not really ;)
truth be told, if were fully defined, half these questions would be in trouble.
We get a lot of angry users because we close questions extremely fast.
Q: What should we do about multi-part questions?

kuwalyI was reading What exactly happened to Tsubasa Chronicle ending? and, as I commented on it, it is really multiple questions. There is the question asked in the title, which is really different than the two questions asked in the body, which are different from each other. What should we do about q...

5:53 PM
Each site has its own culture. On our site, we edit first, and close only if the OP wants to persist in being a nut :)
We also close if it's an obvious string of dupes, silly questions, or broad, unanswerable driftwood :)
"How do I make my Ubuntu fast and shiny? Oh and while you're at it, how can I make it look like Windows... 7? And how do I add kittens to the screensaver? BTW, how do I enable the screensaver?"
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