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11:00 AM
So, you're considering buying a PS4 just for 1 game?
@5pike For bloodborne? Yes.
The Souls series is one of my all time favourite series.
I will eventually buy it. There's no question bout that. The question is when.
I basically bought the N3DS just for MH4U, despite already having a 3DS.
There are some games I have no problem spending a bunch of money on, since I know I'll get my value back from them.
I see
I've got 125 hours in MH4U, and I could easily put in another 125. I put in over 400 in MH3U.
tbh it's not really the money, it's the time. Just too many things to play/read.
@Wipqozn Oh is Bloodborne a new game by the Dark Souls developers?
I haven't heard of it until today.
The money comes in because it's completely ridiculous to throw down $400 on a new game, when I've been complaining for the past week I have too many games to play
11:08 AM
Well, finish off some stuff you already have then.
@StrixVaria Yeah. It's made by FROM.
Huh. Loaded up a Bloodborne stream. Looks like it's yet another reboot into a new "spiritual successor" with the same mechanics.
@StrixVaria Yeah. It's like a mix of Dark ouls and Demons Souls.
Also it has guns!
I think I've read somewhere
I have no real interest in the souls series
And no blocking
11:09 AM
You have a hub world,but and open world as well. The way it works it it's an open world, with "save points" throughout, except the save points teleport you back to the hub world instead of just letting you save there.
You can teleport to any of the "save points" from the hubworld.
@5pike Yeah, meant to be more aggressive.
I never really used shields, except for blocking ranged attacks, so the lack of shields doens't bother me at all.
My brother has a ps4, so I'll get it eventually, but first I need to finish some other stuff.
@5pike That's basically where I am.
Other things I should finish up first.
I blame MH4U. There's just too much content! Damn MH team, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.
Yeah, MH4U is a beast, but I feel a burnout coming soon. Almost beat every monster there is and almost have all the weapons I want.
@5pike That's kind of how monster hunters goes, in my experience. You eventually reach a natural stopping point, and then you start to play other things.
I played MH3U for a lot past that point, though. Having friends who play extends the playtime a lot.
once you get your stuff, you don't care what you kill anymore, so you just help friends.
It kind of becomes like animal crossing at that point... you no longerplay it everyday, but a few times a week.
I got bored of animal crossing really quick. It really did not feel like playing a game, but busy-work.
11:18 AM
That's because that's basicaly what animal crossing is.
@5pike This is how I felt about Fantasy Life.
@StrixVaria I couldn't get into fantasy life.
I suspect I could get really into it at some point... but I'd need to be in the right frame of mind for it.
@StrixVaria Fantasy Life has a bit more to it, but I can see where you're coming from.
@5pike Now I know to never play Animal Crossing :P
If Fantasy Life is less busy-work-y
@StrixVaria: Also, I can't believe I ever stopped reading Words of Radiance.
11:19 AM
Q: Assasin creed not launching

user213892I am having assasin creed 3 on my pc.It has radeon HD graphics card.I installed the game,but when I open it.the game was not starting.No error message or sound,just black screen.I had to press Alt+ctrl+delete and had to stop it.can anybody tell me how to solve this problem ?

In fact pretty sure WoR is what will stop me from buying bloodborne. I just want to go home and read it. It's so good.
@Wipqozn I know. You must have accidentally literally turned into Hitler temporarily.
@StrixVaria Yeah, pretty sure I had the mustache and everything.
Anyway I can't wait for the 3rd one, but he's writing Calamity first :( (Although I'll totally read Calamity when it comes out too.)
@StrixVaria Is that another YA novel?
11:22 AM
@Wipqozn That's the last book in the Reckoners series.
@StrixVaria So yes. Okay.
Before I read the Sanderson YA novels I'm going to read some non-sanderson things.
That series is good. Not as good as Cosmere stuff, but still definitely enjoyable.
I thought it was Cosmere, technically?
@KevinvanderVelden No.
11:24 AM
It's set on alternate Earth (although a different alternate from Rithmatist).
@KevinvanderVelden No. Cosmere is: Mistborn books, Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, Elantris + Elantris novellette
In this night's episode of dreams, I wake up with the intent to use my PS3 to order an awesome board game I was playing with my friends in the dream, when I discover that apparently Gabe (who is our PT SO CM if y'don't know) was adopted into one of my aunt's family in Taiwan. And even though I can't understand all of the Chinese or Taiwanese spoken by my cousins, Gabe's the only one who gets subtitles when he speaks. Even though he only spoke in English in the first place.
@GraceNote You have the best dreams.
When I described it to my brother, we figured the best way to describe that board game was Erfworld meets Minecraft meets Besieged.
That sounds like an interesting game
Also, I should totally finish reading erfworld someday
11:31 AM
It was very. One of my friends, I engaged in this great boast/taunt match, myself bellowing from the ground with my troops while he was on his castle parapets. Then we sieged his castle, which eventually he collapsed the castle on my forces because doing so both renders the territory worthless and the materials non-reclaimable (apparently there's rules about taking bricks when they're only two blocks high)
(Bricks as in a material, there were three material types - wood, brick, metal)
Last night I dreamed I had too many games to play. wait, no that's real life.
Last night my mousetrap caught a mouse - by its tail. This is the worst outcome.
This also happened just as I was about to go to bed.
Worst night.
Isn't that the only outcome that doesn't outright kill the mouse?
@GraceNote For this kind of trap, yes. It's a heavy duty clamp-type.
So I had a panicked mouse dragging a bulky trap around with its tail, screeching its head off.
Wouldn't that mean you could, y'know, do away with the mouse without being the killer?
11:34 AM
@Wipqozn Last night I made my first decorations in MH4U. I now have psychic 15 gemmed.
@Arperum That's a nice skill to have.
@GraceNote Yes, in theory I could pick up the trap, carry the mouse elsewhere and release it
However this requires having the bravery to approach the squealing panicking creature, and reach out and pick it up
I don't have any points in this stat
what did you wind up doing?
Do you not have thick gloves?
Thick gloves are like the best solution to dealing any way with creatures that you are concerned about what they might do because they can't do anything to you through thick gloves.
@GraceNote I did, but this didn't help.
I know that a mouse can't do anything through heavy duty rubber gloves, but my brain tells me otherwise
11:37 AM
@GraceNote Thick gloves don't help against dragons. Just saying.
Panic overflow. I could barely look at it.
@Wipqozn Depends on the size of the dragon. And/or glove.
It hid behind a bag against the wall, and I could barely go near it - every time it twitched or made a noise I had to run back to the kitchen and hide.
@Wipqozn Yea, I noticed that my armor gave me 8 of it, decided that gemming some stuff would be a fun thing to do and then made the stuff. I also killed my first blue Yian Kut-ku. The hunt got interepted by one of those ape things (who's name I forgot) though.
So... you left it there overnight?
11:39 AM
@Arperum Congala.
@GraceNote That...poor mouse.
@Wipqozn You need thicker gloves.
Just get giant mecha gloves, that should help against most dragons
@GraceNote The gloves are maximally thick
@GraceNote I got a bucket, tipped it onto its side, and coaxed the mouse into it with a broom, held at arms reach, from behind a door
I then managed to tip the bucket upright with the mouse inside
This was after about half an hour of fretting
I am Not Good with these things.
I feel like watching ratatouille now...
@fredley I can tell.
@Wipqozn I have a rat that likes to sit on my head, I should watch ratatouille with her on my head
11:43 AM
@Wipqozn I'm not that freaked out by a live, healthy mouse. I was quite enthusiastically tracking the critter up to this point to work out how it was getting in.
That seems fitting
Dead mice I can also deal with.
Live, screaming mice are above my threshold.
@fredley Yeah, I can understand that.
@Wipqozn No the ape/ squirrel thing with big ears.
@Arperum Oh, Kecha Wacha.
11:44 AM
@Wipqozn The noise is not a nice one. Really, really not nice.
@Wipqozn Yes, that one.
I would find a youtube or something, but I don't want to hear that noise ever again.
I know the noise, it is even less pleasant when it's your pet and you're trying to stop them from doing something dumb/deadly =[
@KevinvanderVelden :(
(Picking a rat up by the tail is not a fun experience for them)
11:45 AM
@fredley ...still with the trap on the tail?
But then, they really shouldn't be going in to the cables, I know it's called a rat's nest of cables, but it's not for rats
@GraceNote Yes. There was no physical way for me to get it off. I tried to muster the courage to reach in and release the trap, but my body physically would not do it.
Even with rubber gauntlets of rodent handling +3
That poor mouse, jesus christ.
11:47 AM
@No.7892142 I know. I really wanted to either free it, or give it a swift death, but couldn't do either. It was awful.
So is it just outside with atrap on it?
@Wipqozn It's in the big bins for our flats. I put it down the chute. I didn't know what else to do :(
I wonder whether its tail will fall off eventually.
@No.7892142 :(
@fredley That really sucks :(
Hopefully either the mouse died on the way down, or the trap broke and now it's strolling around carefree.
11:49 AM
@Wipqozn I know. I knew that I was giving it the slowest death possible, but I just didn't have it in me to do anything else, at a very fundamental level.
@Wipqozn I fear neither, we're only one floor up, and the trap was a super-duper one.
Q: How do I Beat the Catcher Chocobo Race

Jonathan MeeThe Catcher Chocobo race is arguably the hardest part of Final Fantasy X. At least the achievement of completing it with a time of 0.0 seconds is. But it is required for getting the Sun Sigil for Titus's Celestial Weapon and if you're playing the HD Remastered version you'll need it to obtain the...

@Wipqozn I also had to get it out of the flat. If my gf had woken up and encountered it it would have been 100x worse, her rodent tolerance is several orders of magnitude lower than mine.
@fredley I can understand that.
@fredley That sounds like me when dealing with any insect.
@Wipqozn It was the worst. It took me about 40 minutes of maximum adrenaline to go from trap closing to getting it out. I didn't sleep much last night.
11:53 AM
@fredley I'm not surprise you didn't
I wouldn't get much sleep either
I would get a cat, but central London is not a nice place to keep cats.
@fredley I thought you had cats?
@Wipqozn Parents have cats.
I could have swornd you had cats.
Oh, that's probably it, then.
Okay, I'm going to go grab some breakfast.
He has access to cats, he doesn't have cats
11:58 AM
@GraceNote The ironic thing is that my parents' cat is hardly eating it's food at the moment because it's eating so well from the garden.
Sadly, cats don't do so well being displaced for a little while, otherwise I'd borrow her for the weekend
So I've come to understand about them, yeah
My cat of almost 17 went to stay with my sister for like a month and actually did really well
She didn't want to leave when we went to bring her back
@GraceNote After a move they need to be kept indoors and carefully acclimatised to the new surroundings, otherwise they freak out and run away.
Did you leave her there, @Gnome?
Yeah, with my sister and her boyfriend.
12:02 PM
I don't imagine any cat would prefer central London over a rural town though
I was really worried it would freak her out because she's never really been away from home, but it only took her like a day to settle in totally.
@GraceNote exactly what it says on the tin
@GnomeSlice Seems she's happy there, so ultimate end is nice although I guess it means you're down a cat on your end of things.
12:08 PM
@GraceNote I wish I was a cow, so I could do that
@GraceNote Well I don't live with my parents any more either, so it didn't make much difference to me. My sister actually lives closer to me than my parents, so I could go visit.
My sister is allergic to her though, after a month she was having a lot of trouble.
She wanted to keep her, and I think she should have kept her if she could have, it was a much better space for the cat.
My cat took a while to adjust to my apartment.
She just hang in my room around me for a while.
Smaller place, easier access to her litterbox, more attention from people.
@GnomeSlice Ouf
@GraceNote Yeah that's pretty much why she couldn't keep her.
12:11 PM
Q: What do the reputation percentage values in the System Panel mean?

RobOn the System Panel of your ship There is a list of Reputations that indicate your current status with a faction; this is all fine (and skipped over entirely in the manual) However there is a second page to this Reputation screen where the various factions for the system are indicated as perc...

Q: Do NPCs forget their hostility towards you if they initially were neutral?

SonatenI visited a place where they caught me stealing, and one of the NPCs ran after me with a gun, attempting to shoot me. I got away. Now this is my problem. If I revisit, will they still be mad at me? and is this character dependend? Say, I stole stuff with Pavle but returned with Katia. Would tha...

12:36 PM
Fuck I got on the bus half an hour early
I'm gonna be like an hour early for work
Better than half an hour late
@GnomeSlice You're such a go getter.
@KevinvanderVelden This is true
@GnomeSlice damn, this is pretty good
12:50 PM
@Rapitor Godspeed You! Black Emperor is quite the band.
@LessPop_MoreFizz SIR YES SIR
@LessPop_MoreFizz that is quite the band name
Q: Are smurf accounts allowed in Smite

FreeAsInBeerI know there are complaints of many smurf accounts at low levels, but are they technically allowed? Are there any instances of people being banned for using smurf accounts?

@LessPop_MoreFizz Liking the album so far
1:06 PM
Q: Are there any Smite hacks in the wild?

FreeAsInBeerI was playing Smite last night any noticed someone who I think was hacking. He was playing Apollo and he was moving around the map in a very punctuated style, almost like he was lagging. Several times he used his dash (his third ability) and dashed much, much farther than he should be able to (al...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow, a @LessPop_MoreFizz link that A) makes sense, and B) I like!
@Wipqozn If you buy a PS4 and Bloodborne, I'll play Bad Rats
@fredley get on my level.
@Sterno My friend and I have both decided to wait.
He has other things he should buy, and I have other things to play.
1:16 PM
He couldn't have known about the Bad Rats incentive, though
@LessPop_MoreFizz I am currently on your level, I believe
from what I saw of bloodborne it's basically what dark souls 2 "should" have been. and since dark souls never clicked with me. i don't much care for bloodborne either
@Sterno how hyped are you for "Fuck You, Suck My Dick: Josh Sawyer's Personal Dream RPG"?
The only acceptable reason for not getting Bloodborne is because you're about to play Pillars of Eternity instead
@Sterno You're a monster. I see what you're doing.
1:17 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Let me respond in image form
I've made a point to barely pay attention to pillars of enternity so I won't care about it at all.
@Sterno did you see the screenshot I posted last night?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I did not.
Did it involve big heads?
@Rapitor You're allowed to be wrong on the Internet. Heck, it's expected. Just try not to be more wrong than @Wipqozn
i'll take that challenge
@Sterno yes.
1:20 PM
@Sterno This is good advice.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's terrifying
Big Head Mode + Druid in WereStag form.
Those portraits in the bottom left are definitely evoking Baldur's Gate
@Sterno I agree. That makes me want to play whatever this game is
@fredley How have you not heard of this game?
1:21 PM
@Sterno What game is it?
Pillars of Eternity is an upcoming fantasy role-playing video game from Obsidian Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Involved in production are Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, Adam Brennecke and Josh Sawyer. It is notable for its crowd funding campaign, which raised $3,986,929, at the time the highest funded crowd sourced video game on Kickstarter. Together with further funds collected via PayPal, its budget rose to $4,163,208. The game is intended to be released on 26 March 2015. == Gameplay == Pillars of Eternity will feature a party-based real-time-with-pause tactical gameplay, fixed...
@fredley its Fuck You, Suck My Dick: Josh Sawyers Personal Dream RPG
@Sterno Oh wow. Sadly, I'd need a computer to play this game :-(
@fredley As opposed to the smoke signals you're currently using?
Oh wait, I backed this
1:23 PM
@fredley hahaha oh my zeus, I remember those days. when you backed everything.
Speaking of backing POE! I can still add rewards through the website, including extra keys for 25 or 3 extra keys for 60 (20 each)
@LessPop_MoreFizz If I didn't already have way too much to play, I would take you up on that. Assuming that's what you were offering.
@Frank those other games aren't as good anyway.
1:39 PM
Holy shit, it's retailing for $45?
@Sterno This has the same acronym as Path of Exile.
I think this is the first Kickstarter game I've gotten where I actually got a deal for backing it early
@StrixVaria That's probably why @LessPop_MoreFizz is going with FY,SMD:JSPDRPG
I find it a little wordy
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think I would dispute that.
Although I think @Frank would love a "Does not seem to be about a problem" close reason
@Sterno They're really fixated on closing questions because answers are off-topic.
1:41 PM
@Sterno Lore is crap. And is bad.
@Yuuki Well, in this case, it's because the question is horrible
@Sterno Did he really add his username to the closemessage?
@Arperum Unclear to me, since I haven't seen it in action yet, but I wondered that as well
Then there's questions like this
Q: Replacing fabric on a Herman Miller chair

user3188040Does anyone know... 1) Where to buy replacement fabric for the seat of a Herman Miller Mirra chair? I've looked around and no one seems to sell it, and the Herman Miller outlets aren't answering my questions. 2) How to replace the fabric on the seat of a Herman Miller Mirra chair? All the inform...

I presume it should be off-topic, but on that site, it's really hard to say why
@Sterno If he actually did: that's a pretty big ego thing to do.
1:45 PM
@Sterno It is. I made a comment and everything.
This question is clearly off-topic. If they keep it open, I'm going straight to meta.
@Wipqozn You only inb4'd because I was freehand circling
@Sterno heh
@KevinvanderVelden this question is ok ( I think), because the asker is asking if hacks exist, but that said. I don't think linking to hacks is ok as that is illegal
1:46 PM
@Sterno ugh
Though I just voted to close a question and didn't see his signature on the close reason
So maybe it's removed
@Rapitor yeah it's not the question, it's the linking to a list of bad sites that I'm wondering about
I should try to get 500 reputation so I can cast close votes.
Right now I just need to comment and flag.
@KevinvanderVelden yeah, we definitely shouldn't link hacks or how to get them. simply saying "they exist, report to developers when you spot them with proof" will suffice
1:49 PM
Except then I would need to take part even more in lifehacks
Had to reopen it so it could get closed for the custom reason!
@Sterno You put your close vote in, your close vote out, in out in out shake it all about.
@Wipqozn I just had to ask about cleaning my teeth and the rep poured in
@Sterno its just a change to how close votes are displayed.
Q: Are there games like Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries for MacBook?

Friso1990What I really liked about it was the neutral villages that I could conquer, the trading system that I could set up, that I could continue playing after I defeated my opponents, that new kingdoms could spawn, the mining-factory-market set up, the research for advanced weaponry and that it's RTS. ...

I really wish posts had a revisions link once they were closed or reopened , even if they haven't been edited
1:50 PM
@Wipqozn I'll happily bounty you 500 of my rep
It now shows all close vote reasons selected and who picked which.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Excellent
@fredley wow. 900 lifehacks rep. You're a total rebel.
I already have 168 rep. from one answer.
A: Ηow can I keep my jeans' zippers from unzipping on their own?

WipqoznTwo solutions, with some top notch drawing (I'm clearly the next Vincent Van Gogh). Tie a thin piece of string through your zipper the hole at the top of your zipper and your belt. However, have the string go through the inside of your pants, then out from the top of your pants, and then tied i...

Look at those pictures. I'm such a pro lifehacker.
When you start typing in gmail, but the text box isn't selected, and you have keyboard shortcuts enabled.
Q: Which part of Ishar is the best?

user306080It is my first post here. Maybe some of you remember trilogy of Ishar. If so, which part is the best - 1, 2 or 3? I know that Crystals is Arborea is part of Ishar too, but it is really too old.

2:05 PM
I'm constantly surprised how well IE8 handles the site I'm building right now
The menu, which uses some pretty heavy CSS, doesn't break, and the layout mostly works, thanks to a number of polyfills and IE.js
Q: Problem how to revenge in clash of clans?

Mohammadfew minutes earlier , someone attacked me and he got 3 stars ( 100% damage ) on me . after this attack I got very angry and I want to revenge him but his town hall is level 7 and my town hall is level 6 , 5 days later my town hall will be upgraded to 7 but I want to revenge him quickly because I ...

The Twitter widget did break, though
@PrivatePansy ugh
IE8 support, still?
I looked at the analytic, and about 15% of the site's users come from IE8
@PrivatePansy Wow, appaz it's ~2.6% overall
2:10 PM
I don't explicitly code for IE8, but I am mindful of where the browser might fail
Wait, no, that's 15% of total IE users
And IE is 8.7% of total, which makes IE8 ~1.6% of total visitors
Okay, that's not too bad. The site can afford to lose those visitors
But like I said, I never entirely coded for IE8, and that was two years ago, back when the percentage was higher
@Sterno btw, the reason I am using FY,SMD:JSPDRPG is because the turbonerds on the official forum are still getting angry about design decisions.
Sorry, did I say building? Refreshing would be a better word. I built the site about two years ago. The client brought me back because they need to realign a few things and add in some new features
@LessPop_MoreFizz Are people mad about big head mode or something?
@Sterno actually yes.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I, too, like to get angry about completely optional and ignorable features in games.
2:17 PM
But more about stupid nerd shit like that the best barbarian build is high Int and that Wizards like to have lots of Might.
Weird. But whatever.
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's brilliant.
Int increases AOE range and buff duration.
So barbs with high int cleave wider and rage longer.
I could only see getting mad about that if it's counter-intuitive and unclear, and leads you to find out your guys suck completely 75% of the way into the game. But that's easily addressed by, you know... tooltips
Might increases all Damage of everything. So wizards like it. (But they also like Perception! And Resolve! And lots of Int!)
2:19 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz So stats are good when they're higher?
Everyone likes all the things!
@Wipqozn Definitely worthy of a 500 point bounty
Basically almost every stat is good for almost every class and that makes the grognard contingent angry.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Isn't that just a balanced game?
@fredley yes.
2:20 PM
With greater cause for replayability since you can explore very different play styles with the same classes?
Another subset of turbonerds is angry about Paladins and the fact that there are some v. morally dubious paladin orders.
@fredley I want a gif of that scene from The Gamers where the party wizard makes his strength check and rips the gate open after the barbarian failed, but apparently the internet has failed me by not gif-atizing that yet
@LessPop_MoreFizz These people have never heard of real-life holy knight/warrior orders, have they?
2:21 PM
@fredley It means there's no clear minmax way to go.
@LessPop_MoreFizz The more you talk about people being angry about this game the more I want to play it
I.E. gold pact, who are as fanatical about "Fuck You, Pay Me" as classic DND paladibs are about law and justice and good.
@Frank But I'm sure there's still a minmax way to go. It's just less clear!
@Sterno Also, I don't remember this, and now I want to see it because that would be hilarious.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So... they're hardcore mercenaries with holy magic?
2:22 PM
@Sterno Google harder
@LessPop_MoreFizz ... Stop making me want to buy this game
Q: What's the longest a champion can continuously be invurneable for?

NitNot to be confused with this question. For how long can a champion be continuously immune to any damage directed at them (doesn't matter if they can or cannot be targeted)? A valid sample combination: Kayle's ultimate Zhonya's Hourglass just before the former wears off A sample invali...

@Sterno Obviously
Or the Bleak Walkers who are basically a nuclear weapon of a mercenary company who slaughter civilians and salt the earth. They avert conflict by being completely destructive.
Oh, I guess it was the wimpy thief, not the wizard. But still
I want that game now
I linked to the relevant part
Hmm party based
> Much like guns, Bleak Walkers should only be pointed at things you don't mind being completely destroyed
Less like
2:24 PM
@Sterno Which then means my complaint about not watching the whole thing at work is invalid.
@KevinvanderVelden there are achievements for soling.
@LessPop_MoreFizz sweet
Yes. That part was hilarious.
@Yuuki and yes, they are literally magical Landsknecht
GM: "You guys have to roleplay the new party member joining."
Current party member: "Hello. You look like a trustworthy individual. Will you join us on our noble quest?"
New party member. "Yes. Yes I will."
2:28 PM
@Sterno Yeah, that's essentially how it works.
Point is, there are a lot of people mad at Josh Sawyer which led to the nickname FY,SMD:JSPDRPG.
And it is a good name for a game IMO.
@LessPop_MoreFizz what does the acronym stand for?
1 hour ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@fredley its Fuck You, Suck My Dick: Josh Sawyers Personal Dream RPG
Cause I can't be bothered to type it all out
Beaten by quote while typing on mobile.
@KevinvanderVelden so much lol
2:33 PM
Mobile chat is the worst
Gonna take that as a sign that it's time to go to work.
Mobile is terrible
@Sterno Mobile @GnomeSlice chat is the best
2:35 PM
@Batophobia god donut, sotpmaking fun of his funky phone
*good donut
No, god donut
God donut is best donut
Are you eating parts of god?
No, I am not a catholic
We're suggesting donuts are holey
2:38 PM
Dec 31 '14 at 0:52, by ElfSlice
God donut
@Batophobia All stigmatic and such
2:50 PM
This project argbhlrgh
What you making? =p
That is all.
No that is not all
@Wipqozn needs details
@Fluttershy I hate you, just an fyi
2:59 PM
Why? He's just playing Bloodborne, he's not providing details yet!

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