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3:00 PM
More games should have a blood-for-game exchange program.
I'd like to donate a pint of blood as a preorder for X game, please!
That game looks badass
@Unionhawk I know, and he should totally be telling chat all about it
After all, what's the point in playing a game if you can't make everyone else jealous?
Note: I don't like the souls series so I'm not interested in this game =p
So I'm just teasing =p
> Someone mentions Bloodborne.
> Picks up N3DS and plays Monster Hunter.
Problem solved.
3:07 PM
Joke Meanings

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to understand the meaning of jokes

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment well then...
I'm fairly sure that'd be a hit here, there's plenty of people that love to explain jokes, right?
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Ouch.
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment If this makes it into beta...
VTC The Bridge as off-topic
@Yuuki I hate you too
Does the Wii U do gamecube games?
I don't think so
3:09 PM
@Unionhawk I think it does some Gamecube games. Through the Virtual Console.
But no, it doesn't play discs.
17 secs ago, by Unionhawk
Q: Is there an official Minecraft PE server?

D. A.I've installed and been keeping up with the PocketMine-MP effort (https://www.pocketmine.net/), but the outstanding bugs make it unplayable in my opinion. They are working hard to make good progress, but it seems it will be a while before it is solid. Is there an official (closed-source) servic...

I'm preemptively planning what I'm taking to my house next year
3:10 PM
First follower: Mooseman
@Unionhawk Is there any other way to do it?
I don't think post-emptively planning on what to take to your house really works.
> "Now that I've moved in, I need to decide what to take to my new house."
I dunno, seems like a thing @Uni would do
@Unionhawk ncurses?
3:12 PM
@Unionhawk hostile.
meta.jokes.SE: Is this proposal a joke?
@fredley If so, can someone explain it to me?
@Unionhawk 1 uni moved to Android Enthusiasts
:20715698 AAAAH THE @fredhawk/@uniley-POCALYPSE HAS BUGEN
Well then
That just makes it awkward
3:16 PM
@fredley I see what you did there.
in Android Enthusiasts, 1 min ago, by fredley
room topic changed to Android Enthusiasts: It Is a Real Place, and You Will Be Sent There at the First Sign of Defiance. [aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa] [eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek] [gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah] [noooooooooooooooooooooooo] [whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy]
Goddammit now the joke isn't funny
because I'm bored and hunger. let's start food.
13 mins ago, by Newly Opened Proposals for Entertainment
Joke Meanings

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to understand the meaning of jokes

Currently in definition.

@Rapitor Sushi goooooood.
3:21 PM
I really wish there was one of those sushi places that have them on conveyors around here
@fredley "@fredley moving messages to Android Enthusiasts (real room for Android.SE) was funny. Why is moving messages to a garbage room with a similar (same?) name not funny?"
@Blem I have no idea what's going on
@Blem I posted that when it was around the seven hour mark.
@Batophobia the guy did a lot of things to set up a scenario where some 200,000+ magic missles are attacking an invincible enemy
3:30 PM
It's supposed to go for something like 40+ hours.
It is pretty restarted, his monsters buffs his spell damage to insane amount, then the spell he uses animates each damage and the opponent has a secret that makes him immune to fatal damage for the rest of the turn
@Batophobia Here's an explanation (it's in French, though)
@5pike Don't know French :/
@Batophobia Google translate it.
Explanation in English.
3:32 PM
@5pike Lazy, I'll assume @Blem did a good job explaining
@Frank lol
Those attacks were synced up with the beat of my music. Satisfying
Q: Can you tie in Hearthstone?

GarrettJI'm curious about some of the hearthstone rules - If a warlock plays hellfire when both heroes are at 3hp or less, who wins? Do you tie? Or if, hypothetically speaking, your opponent has 5hp, and you have 3hp. You play a leper gnome, and then hellfire. Does your opponent win? Do you tie?

3:57 PM
I passed my Rules Adviser test (again. it had expired) but I failed my L1 Practice :(
I'm not actually playing Bloodborne, you guys. I'm just excited about it.
And some user destruction would not be amiss, either.
@Frank Orbital nukes detonated
That question really gets some vandalism
user deletion does not wipe the username from frontpage or caching?
Caching. Of course.
4:03 PM
Holy shit that's at $88k
Are you serious
No one ever wants to risk being without a monocle.
> Just to be absolutely clear, because people have asked: It is not a condom. It is made of hard plastic and metal. If you attempt to use it as a condom, you will definitely hurt yourself, and you may experience the miracle of life.
Y'know, I find it weird/interesting that the people who are most likely to use tanning salons also tend to be the people who spend a larger portion of their time outside, and thus would tan naturally anyways.
@Yuuki aren't you jealous of that dark, leathery skin look?
@Yuuki protip: don't use tanning salons (not ones that tan you by lightly burning your skin anyway)
4:14 PM
@Yuuki it still baffles me on what is attractive about tan, but eh. to each their own
@Rapitor Blame Coco Chanel
@fredley ...?
Eh, naturally tanned skin is healthy. Sunlight promotes Vitamin D, after all.
@fredley LIFEHACK
4:18 PM
@Yuuki Some sun is healthy, however if you're tanning you're probably getting too much.
Too much as in raising your risk of getting skin cancer
@fredley Huh, tan-through clothing is a thing.
@Yuuki Yeah...
Probably not a great idea
The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight has both positive and negative health effects, as it is both a principal source of vitamin D3 and a mutagen. A dietary supplement can supply vitamin D without this mutagenic effect, but bypasses natural mechanisms that would prevent overdoses of vitamin D generated internally from sunlight. Vitamin D has a wide range of positive health effects, which include strengthening bones and possibly inhibiting the growth of some cancers. UV exposure also has positive effects for endorphin levels. Visible sunlight to the eyes gives health benefits through its association...
Sunlight is the worst
Q: Minecraft Disease

thezi3I am trying to create a "disease" in minecraft. What I am doing is setting an entities score to 1 if they have the disease, then testing if they have that disease, if they do, it would set several other scores for the effects of the disease. Then I tried to make said disease contagious. If, say a...

Q: Minecraft 1.8.1 Mac

SteathSniper29I was wondering if you could have a server but still have firewall up? I know how to do it for windows but not for MAC please help!

Tanning salons are definitely not healthy, depending on your latitude, sun exposure in general is varying degrees of bad.
4:26 PM
So I saw Jupiter and Venus last night. I know that's not a big deal for most people, but you normally can't see them here due to all the pollution.
For example in the tropics, where the UV index is a solid 11 all the time, fucking wear sunscreen
@Unionhawk Yeah. No sunlight exposure is definitely bad. I mean, you'll live, and you can take supplements, but the psychological aspects will still get to you
In Canada... well...
You'll probably survive
@Unionhawk If you're in the tropics, just don't go outside while the sun is up.
Or just don't go outside.
4:26 PM
@fredley That's... not an option for some people.
Many people, in the tropics
Many people work outside because tourism
@Unionhawk Yeah. It depends on your skin colour too.
That one will probably get dismissed.
@TimStone Never underestimate the stupidity of American politics
4:33 PM
It's not politics, it's in the courts hands at the moment
Huh, my uni's showing Boyhood.
@Unionhawk courts are political
No, it's because they don't have standing. The order isn't supposed to go into force until 60 days after the decision, so there's nothing to file suit against.
apparently Verizon wants to sit out, for now...
Verizon did the same thing back when it caused the mess in the first place.
4:34 PM
@MattGiltaji Disagree in regards to the higher courts.
Got dismissed, then filed again after it actually mattered.
@fredley Not anymore, it doesn't.
@Unionhawk Given that Justices are appointed based on their political views, I'd say the courts are pretty political
Either way I think if it came to that sort of decision, it'll go 5-4 yes, given how they ruled in December 13 or whenever they decided "No, you technically don't have the authority to do this"
Why on earth would they file so early if it's likely to be dismissed?
4:36 PM
@Yuuki cause lawyers want moar fees
@Yuuki "Just in case" someone decides that the order went into effect when it was announced.
Yes, this whole thing is a victory for telecom lawyers
Expected to net all of the money in the world
Regardless of outcome
By the by, we really need someone to ELI5 net neutrality if they haven't already and think of the most stupid extreme edge cases when this goes to Supreme Court.
@Yuuki what if we need to throttle a grandma for pirating music?
@Unionhawk Mostly, the FCC can point to the court decision against it from Verizon. Who said they didn't have the authority to do so, so now they do.
4:39 PM
I'm trying to find the progress of that bill that's literally "These rules made by the FCC are void, and can never be brought up again"
@MattGiltaji Throttling grandma is never the answer
@fredley but piracy! won't someone think of the children?
We did. There aren't any children anymore because we throttled them.
Oh no, a discussion on throttling
Is this happy or should I leave?
@Yuuki phrasing.
4:45 PM
@Rapitor I think that was the point.
@Frank the car they were in is a mess. i'm surprised the wife survived at all
@Wipqozn You were way too hard on that guy in the Android room.
@MattGiltaji Indeed.
> “Death is a nuclear option,” Kalat said. Exceptions to important protocols are often made when a death takes place. A security expert himself, Kalat wondered if and how hackers and social engineers used that security weakness to their advantage.
That's terrifying on so many levels.
4:49 PM
@MattGiltaji I didn't even realize it was a car until I saw the caption
It just looked like a mess of junk
@Yuuki my thoughts exactly
> "Make sure they are equipped to survive without you.”
That sentence...
That guy calls death a "technique"
My brain understands it as very reasonable and practical.
@Yuuki but it's like a punch to the gut
4:53 PM
Pretty much, yeah.
> “Apple has no right of survivorship,” Kalat explained, “so there’s no automatic access for the next of kin. They feel that the data is personal and private, so access should die with the user.”
On one hand, that seems so reasonable. On the other hand, it doesn't.
@John More like faking someone's death, but I feel like he's more getting into the head of a sociopathic hacker.
@John i wonder if that's the kind of thing you can put into a will
I leave my apple account to xyz...
@Yuuki I know, it's just weird to think of that
@MattGiltaji Probably, actually.
4:55 PM
@MattGiltaji Leave a key to a safety deposit box with some passwords in it, or something
It depends on how digital ownership takes off in the next few decades.
@Yuuki I am disappointed this link goes where it's expected to.
@MattGiltaji You can setup Gmail to give someone access to it when you die.
@John master key to a password database
But I just ensure that my wife knows the relevant passwords.
4:56 PM
@MattGiltaji So... give them the password to your LastPass vault?
@Yuuki pretty much
I'm... not sure if I'm ready to give that much of myself away.
The last section is important; switch roles for a month.
That would be important.
wooo hail.
I know it's not at all analogous, but I still find it funny.
4:58 PM
@Frank or live alone before you live with someone.
@djsmiley2k If you live alone, then you don't have a significant other that needs that information.
My body is ready for Pillars of Eternity
@Sterno The question is: Is Skydrift ready?
@Sterno Question, has your daughter seen Pacific Rim?
Playing games is easy. I just trade in the 6 hours a night I'd otherwise be sleeping
@Yuuki I'm not sure that's appropriate for a 2 year old
5:01 PM
@Sterno So it's not Skydrift-compatible?
@Yuuki My wife and I just share a LastPass vault
Though she probably doesn't remember the password
@John I honestly don't even understand what was going on. I was so confused.
I as looking back thinking "what did I say for him to misunderstand everything..."
@Wipqozn I got confused just reading it.
I'm totally going to start telling you to "take it easy... :)" at random times now

Juodoji BereteI tought that in FIFA 15 PC versiom you can't talk in game with your opponent, but i just had a game and be able to speak with other player. Is this some kind of new feature or what ?

5:04 PM
@Lazers What is this question?
What kind of answer is he expecting? "yes"?
@Yuuki I will no longer dignify such "I thought it was funny" things with a "gtfo"
Have an interview on Thursday! It's with a payday loan place, but I would take it for now.
@AshleyNunn Good luck!
@AshleyNunn what will you be doing?
@AshleyNunn Did the other place give you your stuff yet?
5:07 PM
@MattGiltaji Charging .01% less than usury on loans.
@MattGiltaji I'd be a CSR there
@Batophobia I apparently have to contact my supervisor first, so I did that
now I have to wait for her to contact me or something
I don't know
I really want to run in there guns blazing
That's all kinds of stupid
@AshleyNunn good luck, i think people might be more upset there than with the insurance
but it is an hour by bus, so I am kinda not wanting to go all the way there if tehy are just going to toss me out
@MattGiltaji oh yeah, I suspect it will be on par with the BTC sportsbook
I am no stranger to being yelled at and called all sorts of things
@AshleyNunn Totally best plan. But bring a cop maybe.
@Lazers This guy. Seriously.
5:09 PM
@John I feel like bringing a cop with you while you're going in guns blazing is somewhat counterproductive.
And likely to either get you shot or in jail.
@John That's fair.
@Sterno Maybe
@Yuuki clearly the cop must be doing you a personal favor while they are only one day from retirement
@John Just got a call from the supervisor, so I am going to figure out buses and go do that now.
@Yuuki And I can't technically carry a gun anyhow, I am not even remotely licensed. :P
@Wipqozn take it easy...:)
take it easy :) is going to be the new wipqozn themed meme.
@Wipqozn prove it.
@Wipqozn Sadly devoid of actual drama
5:13 PM
@AshleyNunn Now I am concerned about concealed-carry hug guns.
@Sterno Yeah, was going to say
1 min ago, by Matt Giltaji
@Wipqozn take it easy...:)
@MadMAxJr I'm in Canada! We don't concealed carry!
@AshleyNunn Hug guns don't need a license.
@Frank Perfect, I'm set then. aggressive hugs for everyone
5:14 PM
we need to add this meme and the @gnomeslice funky phone to the meta thread
@AshleyNunn Weaponry is not a standard included feature for cyborgs?
@Sterno I know. I was tempted to make you pay up or somet5hing, but decided it would be too meanf or not drama.
Current status of birthday gifts: two games added to list of stuff I own and really need to play.
@Sterno only makes payments in complementary copies of Bad Rats anyway
@Batophobia I asked, but I couldn't get the arm cannon upgrade, not enough talent points.
@Arperum giggles Birthdays are terrible like that
5:16 PM
Did you get the Deus Ex greatswords-inside-forearm implants?
Oh, damn, Google Maps has not caught up with the MASSIVE transit detours near me.
This....is gonna be interesting
@AshleyNunn They are, Yesterday I got a belated gift of a wizard's lizard (some Binding of Isaac alike thing), today it was Dark Souls II
@AshleyNunn Just stay home and get HYPED for Pillars of Eternity instead
Also, I'm pretty sure A Wizard's Lizard is NSFW
@Sterno yes, yes it is
@Sterno You're NSFW.
5:18 PM
@Arperum Accurate.
And yet he has to go to work =[
@Sterno Nah man, I want my Kirbies and my Nintendo figures from my desk!
@Sterno Why was I reading this. I refuse. I'm not buyingt hat game anytime soon.
Seriously. I still need to play through DAI before picking up another RPG.
@Wipqozn That's okay. He can't tell you if it's any good yet because of the review embargo. All he can say is:
> “But John!” you cry, “I want to watch them to get an idea of whether I want to buy the game!” Ah, well, like I said, I’m not able to tell you at this point if THE GAME IS REALLY GOOD or not. So you’ll just have to continue not knowing if IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH GETTING for a couple more days.
@Wipqozn Or, you could play through Pillars of Eternity, which is better, and leave that DAI crap for later
@Wipqozn I looked at the description. "Spiritual successor of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment". Looked at my list of RPGS to play. They include Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment.
Decided to pass for now.
5:23 PM
See, you can play this and get a threefor
@Yuuki @AshleyNunn I mean more like guns blazing by proxy of an adjacent friendly cop.
Q: Momentum in rematch in NHL 14

MuffunWhen playing local game (not an online game), is there any notion of momentum involve in a rematch? By rematch I mean, after a game, using the Rematch option in the quit menu.

Actually, Baldur's Gate isn't on my list of RPGs to play. I dislike it enough that I will probably never go back and finish it.
Pillars of Eternity? I'm waiting for Cones of Dunshire.
You're iterally worse than Hitler.
5:27 PM
@MadMAxJr i totally want to play cones of dunshire
@John They say my stuff will be in a box at security for me once I figure out how the hell to get there (I hate transit delays)
@Sterno For a proper joke, that should be, "You're iterally worse than itler."
Read that first as YES ITERATIVELY.
@JasonBerkan I've never played any of those, tbh. They are on my list to play through!
@Sterno Tempting! tbh I won't get to either for a while
5:29 PM
@Wipqozn Because you'll be busy with Bloodborne!
@John facedesk
Q: Constant Crashing

odixonI recently bought the Hotline Miami DLC for PAYDAY 2, and ever since the amout of crahes are rediculous. If you want to help please ask and I will happily supply the dump files.

@Sterno You are my least favourite person right now.
@John I love it when people use, "You have a tag for it, so that means it's alright!" as a reason.
But I've done the same thing to you... so it's my own fault... so I guess @Wipqozn is to blame. The jerk.
5:33 PM
@Wipqozn I probably won't talk about the games nonstop for the next two weeks, or ask a bunch of questions about them on the site.
@Frank Yeah...because totally means "I'm asking where to buy stuff"
@John People use it for that.
@Frank Clearly.
Lifehack Q: How do I make Sterno talk nonstop about a game for two weeks?
In their mind, the tag's existence means they can ask a question about it, no matter what.
5:35 PM
And no matter how tangential.
I think we had a question about about something like that quite some time ago.
@Wipqozn better hope that some Lifehacks drama occurs to distract me from all these games
He complained about us having the tag, and then closing his question.
@Frank "Can anyone suggest me a good gaming laywer? "
He's a new user who doesn't get how the site works. No use getting upset
5:37 PM
Phoenix Wright.
@John "Can someone tell me if it's legal if I do X?" was more along those lines, but yeah, there's things like that.
@Sterno Except he's >1k on SO
He should have at least a rudimentary understand
also, not really upset
just a little stupefied
@John I've got about 600 on Lifehacks, and I don't understand that site at all.
@Sterno No one does.
@Sterno That's kind of a special case.
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I guess I should have said "Some Lifehacks users have over >1k rep and are mods, and they don't have a rudimentary understanding"
oh burrrrrrrn
No comment.
Man, I wish @Wipqozn were a lifehacks mod
@Frank Wow, that's, uh, that's special.
@Sterno He's already the worst.
5:41 PM
@Sterno you could have been a mod
@Sterno I smell a new "@Wipqozn would be a terrible mod" meme.
@MattGiltaji That sounds way less fun.
@Frank "If the tag exists, any question about it is on topic." Therefore, if I have 1500 rep, I can ask about anything
Eventually Lifehacks will run real elections (because it's clear they're never shutting the place down). I should start working on @Wipqozn's campaign posters.
(No one remembers "@Arda would be a terrible mod"?)
5:42 PM
@murgatroid99 And is an extremely good example of why that logic doesn't work.
Great. You've sent me down the rabbit hole of old questions. THANKS.
@John We don't talk about people who delete their accounts.
Except @MarkTrapp. RIP @MarkTrapp
Yea! What @Sterno said!
@Sterno Rest in RIP in peace.
Q: Dwarf Fortress how to get rid of Blind Cave Troll

Julian JocqueI have a blind cave troll unconscious in the center of my fort. This has brought the entire place to a stand still because every dorf is too terrified of it to do anything. I have a full military of 10 dorfs set to kill it but it looks like it might be healing faster than they can kill it. These ...

@Lazers I wonder how he got this thing into his fort in the first place.
5:54 PM
@Frank You're welcome :D
@Sterno :(
@Sterno :(

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