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12:00 AM
Me too.
> I actually use advanced compression techniques to blend Rock N Roll with Ravadelic and the Document One remix of Someone Else's (both other instrumentals) throughout the song (be sure to check those out on YouTube). Rock N Roll is never played by itself. Those acapellas weren't added until the very end for people to sing along to. A comment like this helps educate the fans though which is good. Also, thanks for the dislike
I'm so excited for Dark Souls
Rejected Edits now come with reasons to explain why they've been rejected!
@RavenDreamer oh excellent
that should have been implemented a very long time ago.
What's the point of rejecting an edit if you don't let the user understand why?
Also, Doctor Who get.
@Wipqozn That's why I've been advocating for it since day 1.
I know I've already posted it.
But... GESUS.
And I still look like an ass in the stars list.
12:11 AM
@GnomeSlice oh @$* loud
@RavenDreamer Oh, sorry.
Yeah, it's loud music.
Give it a minute to get going. Once Britney shows up it's (surprisingly) incredible.
Also, @GnomeSlice? Please stop editing the tags on my Minecraft Leveling question. This is the 2nd time you've done it.
@RavenDreamer But... ...
You disagreeing with the usefulness of a tag doesn't mean you should go around removing instances of it, because other people do find it useful.
And if any meta tag is getting the axe, is going to get killed first.
@RavenDreamer I used to use that tag everywhere. Everyone yelled at me.
I thought that was like... the ONE TO KILL.
12:21 AM
@GnomeSlice Murder?
@RavenDreamer No, Game-Mechanics.
I don't know why people were yelling at you.
It's not a particularly ambiguous meta-tag.
It even has a wiki, which many of them don't.
I had a lengthy discussion with someone at one point, that basically ended in me running away with my tail between my legs.
I think it was @tzenes.
I've tried arguing with Tzenes.
You don't want to argue with Tzenes.
Well, that kind of came across.
Well, sorry. I thought we were supposed to burninate that one.
12:27 AM
Keeping them seems to be the more popular option
Q: What's going on with meta tags?

Dave DuPlantisI've noticed that there have been some edits recently involving meta tags: specifically, on questions like these ... Searching for a PS2 game set in the early 1900s Help identify an Asteroids clone for PC How to make a small spawnpoint? meta tags are being removed. I know there has been some ...

1:01 AM
@ArdaXi Doctor Who?
@Wipqozn Exactly.
1:18 AM
Q: Are Mobs Still Despawned in Minecraft 1.8?

SbossbI know that mobs are despanwed in earlier versions of the game. I heard that in the new 1.8 update that mobs are no longer despawned or are saved when they are despawned? Is this true? If not is there any thing that suggests that this will be implemented? Thanks.

I just noticed that my class files have certain methods as part of the vote style object instead of the vote object, which explains the error I'm getting about an unknown variable.
1:53 AM
sigh Randomly vanishing classes from my files, too.
Either that or these files are an older version.
@Powerlord It's also possible you're just losing your mind.
Why do all of the useful things not get pinned.
I notice someone removed the pin on the thing about rejected edits.
So, Anyone up for some SSBSBHSD?
2:10 AM
I see.
Is it just browser based?
or do you need to install something?
@Wipqozn You need to install Unity
@Wipqozn Yeah, that.
@GnomeSlice well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me Princess!
2:23 AM
@Wipqozn :/
@GnomeSlice That took all of 2 minutes, a game would take longer.
@Wipqozn Not if you're as fast as me.
@GnomeSlice I like to think I last longer then that.
@Wipqozn ಠ_ಠ You just had to, didn't you.
You shouldn't brag about how fast you are btw
@GnomeSlice I did.
2:32 AM
@Wipqozn I knew that low stamina score would come back to bite me in the ass.
@GnomeSlice You really should invest in stamina, that way you can go all night.
@Wipqozn Clearly you've never watched Unforgotten Realms.
@GnomeSlice I have not.
@Wipqozn =[
2:48 AM
3:04 AM
Oh man.
The Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking one killed me.
3:18 AM
Somebody star that.
3:49 AM
Q: Is it possible to transfer Steam games from one PC to another?

BryanRecently, I bought Portal 2 from Steam. I downloaded and installed it on my PC, which is running Windows. Unfortunately, days later, my PC crashed, and it was rendered useless. Thankfully, my technician helped me transfer everything in my hard drives to a back up drive. Yesterday, I got a new PC...

4:16 AM
When someone asked about the difference between Dr. Lautrec and Professor Layton, someone on Joystiq responded with this:
> There are a few key differences. For instance, Doctor Lautrec is a DOCTOR, not a PROFESSOR. Also, Doctor Lautrec has a hot blonde for a partner, instead of some 12 year old boy.
Close enough.
@LessPop_MoreFizz eh
4:19 AM
No, not that.
Was he a pretty normal guy?
@Mana Also, he confirmed something that I had heard but wasn't sure was true - that Aeroplane was basically written 10 blocks from where I grew up and was living at the time.
Of coarse he was.
@Mana Yep, he was just chillin' in the back, waiting for Portishead to go on
4:20 AM
@GnomeSlice ur coarse
@LessPop_MoreFizz =[
ur mom
Also, when I said 'somebody star that'
I was talking about this...
1 hour ago, by GnomeSlice
I mean.
Paper Towels is Amazing.
But. That's not the one you guys would find interesting.
@Mana Huh?
4:32 AM
5:02 AM
@GnomeSlice I feel like you have some self-esteem problems, so this video is appropriate
5 hours later…
10:17 AM
I go to sleep, and I come back to find @Mana turned into @GnomeSlice.
10:50 AM
@ArdaXi @GnomeSlice is evolving.
dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuuun dun.
@GnomeSlice evolved into @Mana!
Give nickname to @Mana?
It's not too late to do this is it?
And while I'm at it.
@ArdaXi You lied to me!
11:08 AM
By the way, @Wipqozn showed me that meme, but I wanted to make it known I did it first.
Yo dawg, Moffat heard you liked Doctors...
Q: PAL vs NTSC problems on wii

corrodedI have recently acquired my sister's Wii(PAL) from Australia. I live in the Philippines(which is an NTSC region). She sent me a NBA 2k11 with the Wii(PAL) and I was hoping if I could play any NTSC games for my Wii. I was planning to buy Rockband 3 or Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock here(including t...

Q: How to dribble properly in FIFA 12?

ayckosterI am new to FIFA and do not know how to dribble properly during games. I can execute most of the "tricks" in the arena (1-on-1 vs goalkeeper) on a regular basis, so once I know what to do I can pull it of. But during games it is very complicated to dribble once I select Semi-Pro, as I do not kno...

12:00 PM
Q: How does the Ricochet power work?

C. RossIn Torchlight there is a 1st level Vanquisher power called Ricochet. I have used the power, but I can't quite figure out the circumstance under which conditions it ricochets the shot, and I can't tell how many enemies it effects, and whether I can be hit by my own ricochet. How does Ricochet ...

12:22 PM
Q: How to do you add Mods to my Minecraft Bukkit Server?

DemonicMushyThe Mod I want to install is BuildCraft, so I am wondering how are you supposed to install Mods like that into a Bukkit Server?

12:40 PM
Q: How to properly cool Combustion Engines

fjdumontI have set up three combustion engines to a quarry, all three of them are cooled by one pipe coming from two pumps. P - Pump Q - Quarry E - Engine P+ +--E +-+-EQ P+ +--E Sometimes the engines overheat. Should I set up one pump for each engine? This sounds like a bit overhead to me. Addition...

Q: What are the pros and cons of flat vs. scaling runes?

FallenAngelEyesWith 80+ champions and more being added, and endless build possibilities, I know it's unrealistic to ask "which one of these is better" because there is no right answer. I assume that one is not flat out better than the other for all situations, otherwise there wouldn't be an option for both. H...

1:00 PM
Where is everyone?
Q: Where is the fifth photo in Following Role Models?

Arda XiI managed to unlock every ending of Following Role Models which grants me a very vague description of the location of every photo. Using this, I managed to find all but the fifth photo. Wherever I go, it never seems to switch away from "Very Far Away". Where am I supposed to be looking?

I'm here.
Good morning everyone.
@RonanForman No you're not.
@Wipqozn Touché
2 hours ago, by Arda Xi
Yo dawg, Moffat heard you liked Doctors...
So yes, I was familiar with that meme.
1:11 PM
@ArdaXi mhm I seen.
Matt has a lot of awesome last-scene expositions lately.
Yo dawg, I heard you like calculus so I put some in your car so you can derive while you drive.
10 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
I lol'd
mostly at the first 20 seconds, then it goes downhill.
There has to be a photo here somewhere...
@RonanForman It's never too late to manafy something.
1:44 PM
Q: Identifying an old pc game about a dragon quest

AsphyxiaI am trying to remember the name of this computer game for kids. It was most likely made in the late 1990's. The story is about a little dragon leaving his castle and has to go on a quest to find objects and fulfill quests. He must buy pies to bring to fairies, and must get flowers from an old cr...

2:35 PM
@Mana Because I mistook you for @GnomeSlice.
You should dress up as this for Halloween @ArdaXi
4 hours ago, by Ronan Forman
user image
We don't do Halloween.
@ArdaXi Then just dress up for no reason?
2:45 PM
Personally, when I get older, I'm just going to shut my lights off and close my blinds so no one bothers me on Halloween
older meaning when I live on my own
Not into spending my own money to give other children candy. Buy your own damn candy.
@ArdaXi Wait, that's Hugh Laurie?!?!?
@Mana Yes.
He was also in STewart little
2:49 PM
huge Laurie is a rather wonderful actor.
I'm assuming you watch House @Mana?
(doesn't actually watch House but I'm curious to see where this goes)
It goes no where.
You were shocked by Hugh Laurie, so I assumed you watched house.
I know of his role
and I've seen a bunch of clips.
2:52 PM
that's rather... racist if I may say so.
@Mana It's A Bit of Fry and Laurie, so, yes.
@Mana You know who else said 'what'?
2:53 PM
Q: Cleaning up the game promotion grants

Jeff AtwoodThe way the current gaming promotional grants are working is a bit problematic. I am removing all the duplicate "nomination" posts from meta for now; for the next round we'll try to come up with a process that is simpler does not result in spamming meta with 10+ posts Anyone who nominated t...

fair enough Jeff
Yay! More meddling from Jeff nobody wants!
I was wondering when we'd get another one of those.
"nobody wants"
So people like the fact nobody can nominate for the next couple of months?
I understand his position, it was somewhat messy, but wouldn't it make more sense for him to give some warning first?
2:54 PM
I guess really egoistic people who already nominated would like it.
not just "I've decided to cut off all voting."
But that really is it.
Even though this means I got the game, I still think it was a bad idea.
I must say @ArdaXi, I disagree with your point to some degree.
Considering the grant is something paid for by the companies money, Jeff should definitely have a say in how it is run.
I agree.
But how does that invalidate my point?
3:02 PM
That's why I said some degree
To what degree?
Not 100% sure, otherwise I would have use a less vague term.
Jeff has every right to do the grant in whatever way he chooses.
But if he doesn't let the community run it, he shouldn't claim it's community-run.
"Run with input from the community" would probably be a more accurate phrasing.
Still no.
3:04 PM
Still yes. If something is run with input from another group, it doesn't mean they have the final say on anything, just that there input is considered in the decision process.
It doesn't mean those running the show can't just decide to not go with what the community says, and do their own thing.
@Wipqozn What I meant is: there was no input from the community whatsoever.
I'm referring to the whole of Stack Exchange itself, not just this one case.
Although I suppose it can reach a point where input becomes so ignored, it's just window dressing.
Also, hello @FallenAngelEyes
@Wipqozn Whenever Jeff is involved, there is no source of input other than him.
well, on the bright side - moar games for us!
@ArdaXi At least he hasn't tweeted anything.
@badp I was getting worried I might not get mine.
3:17 PM
@RonanForman were you in the top 10 for that game?
@badp I was 8th.
I had the 8th highest rep on the question.
Again: eh...
the gold rush was already over
Does everyone not understand me or is it just @badp?
3:20 PM
I'm just saying I find it unlikely that 3 more people with more rep than you would sign up in the remaining time
most people that wanted to sign up did sign up
@RonanForman Yes.
so your worry... eh, it is perhaps misplaced
@Wipqozn heyas
What's up?
for all the drama about this
3:28 PM
just got back from taking a walk
how goes with you guys?
more games
So I'm pretty happy.
I looked at a chasm and Minecraft crashed again.
I think something important to remember here is that SE is giving us free games off of grant money, which is something they don't have to do. I just hope no one's getting entitled over this, because it really is an awesome offer for us as users.
@FallenAngelEyes No, but if you make a promise, even of free stuff, you should keep it. If you promise your users a community-run site, you should give them that.
Arda, you get way too worked up over these things. I will never get it.
3:32 PM
@Mana I don't really get worked up. I just like to point out that Jeff doesn't know what 'community' means every chance I get.
@ArdaXi I really don't think this case is as egregious as the I'm going to kill it all with fire situation. This seems to me more like "This is a mess for Brett and the rest of us to keep track of, let's streamline the process"
Yes, what you're saying is logical, and yeah, I agree that the hijacking does wear on a bit, but...can you just stop calling out Jeff all the time?
@FallenAngelEyes That's not what it seems like to me.
@Mana Until he changes the way he does things, I can't, no.
@FallenAngelEyes This is how I read that post. "This seems like a mess for me to keep track of. I'm going to kill it with fire until I can find out how I think this is done best. You'll hear from me when I've figured it out."
That's not community-run at all.
@ArdaXi We disagree on interpretation then, so I'll not extend this line of conversation.
3:35 PM
I was worth the crash.
@RonanForman haha nice lava canyon
This is an amazing map, it also has 2 spawners right near each other.
dinner with family now, later all
My only worry is that the streamlined process might wind up being more convoluted than the current one...
Streamlined process: push button, get bacon.
wow, Astro Tripper is super hard for me
3:56 PM
@ArdaXi I have signed up for glitch.
It seems like a 2D Runescape without the combat.
now, this is a better new unique than the cow mangler: the liberty launcher.
I like the music
4:20 PM
Q: how to delete specific flash game caches in chrome?

corrodedMy Sim Social game is broken in Chrome - it keeps loading but crashes after awhile ALL THE TIME. I loaded it in Safari and it works. So I'm guessing Chrome somehow cached that failed swf. I just want to refresh it so that it is redownloaded again. I don't want to empty my cache as I also have Ko...

@Wipqozn Yooooooooooooooooooooou've got no idea what you're messin' with here boy.
@GnomeSlice I do actually.
@Wipqozn No, I was quoting Mr. Hawking.
Also, did you notice he was playing Angry Birds on his computer?
@GnomeSlice Yes.
Also, oh, we're talking about Halloween.
4:31 PM
Everyone noticed.
@Mana I didn't.
> Halloweens is about stupid. And also dirt. Maybe.
Wait, yes.
@RonanForman I turned the music off.
> Or maybe, just maybe @RonanForman added you so that they could send you diamonds every day in the mail. And two tickets to that thing you love. They probably didn't, of course, but anything is possible. It is Glitch, after all.
5:11 PM
Hello everyone!
Here is what happened: I was out last night, running music and lights for an improv comedy show, when I see a DM on Twitter from my co-worker Aarthi that Jeff thinks the gaming grant is broken.
I could not do anything about it because it was a Saturday night and I was, you know, being busy not being at work. I got home at 1 AM, replied to Jeff's concern saying that the Gaming Community wanted the Grant run this way, they all understand it (seemingly at least), and that it is almost over and has been running fine, and to wait until the round is over on Wednesday to figure anything out.
OR at least wait until I am actually in the office on Monday morning to discuss it.
Jeff took that to mean, "I will deal with it" and closed everything on a Sunday morning. Again, when I am not at work, without listening to my opinion or discussing it with me.
Jeff is big on transparency, that's why we do everything in the Meta, so I will honestly tell you that this has wasted my time, made me very angry and stressed when I am supposed to be, you know, not working. And as far as I am concerned, someone else can take over the Gaming Grant.
I'm sorry that it happened, it was not up to me at all, in any way shape or form.
@BrettWhiteΨ D:
Well, that's a shame.
@BrettWhite At least you tried talking to him. Nothing more you could have done.
5:31 PM
> Or maybe they did it so they can beat you at the game and be victorious. I am a computer and anyway, there is really no way
I could tell even if I had achieved self-consciousness.

Either way, it's not creepy at all - it's fun. So ... enjoy!
does anyone play Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 3?
That a bit of a broad question, I'm sure someone does.
@RonanForman i meant in this room right now :)
thinking about upgrading "defense" but I'm not sure what it does actually, evade+?
I don't think I'm gonna be able to play TF2 with you all tonight
Some real shenanigans going on with this post gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/23972/revisions
5:42 PM
@SimonSheehan why did MAtthew add a mario-kart tag?
@BrettWhite I'm confused with what exactly Jeff sees as problematic with the system as it was running, his meta post doesn't actually say anything, well, at all.
btw do we have a minecraft server?
@ThomasMcDonald info? or is there a meta post about it?

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
5:44 PM
@ThomasMcDonald thx!
to say it's usually empty would be an understatement
but it's running 1.8 vanilla if you want to go run around for a bit
Q: Relationships in Harvest Moon

Ashley NunnIn Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns, I understand that in order to form relationships with people I have to talk to them every day and I have to give them gifts that they like. Is there some way to know how well you are doing? I suspect it is probably something simple that I am missing, but ev...

I think Minecraft probably peaked in terms of community popularity about 8 months ago
@ThomasMcDonald The overwhelming meta part with all the questions at the same time I understand, though aborting it when there was not much time left anyway doesn't make sense to me. I find the rules pretty clear, there is just a large amount of text there (most of which is necessary at some point), so we probably just need a tl;dr for Jeff.
The attempt to use voting to sort the users according to rep was probably not helping, that just made no sense to try and use voting for a purpose it was not meant for.
5:48 PM
Yeah, I still don't really see the point of deleting it all
(mostly since I hadn't signed up for bf3 yet)
@ThomasMcDonald I'm sure that there will just be an additional round for every game with whatever new system we're using then.
@Fabian That's what it sounds like.
@ThomasMcDonald I also see that as only complicating things and making it harder. Gaming.meta would have survived another day or two swamped with those questions, the ideal time to improve the process was after that round finished. The process was not broken, just a bit too noisy on meta.
So... I was right about Jeff then?
(Just got back from dinner)
5:58 PM
@ArdaXi We'll never doubt you again.
@Wipqozn You learnt something. Good for you.
To be honest, I never realized Brett had no involvement in this at all. I assumed he voiced some concerns to JEff that it wasn't going well, and JEff decided to step in and help. Not that Jeff just decided to step in despite Brett saying it was going well.

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