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6:00 PM
I agree with what @Fabian said that clogging up with meta with 10 topics probably wasn't a great idea, but like you also said another day isn't going to kill meta.
The way I saw it, Brett was quite content with the way things were going. And if he wasn't, he would've come to us before anything else.
Apparently I just gave Jeff too much credit.
You're assuming Jeff and Brett didn't talk about this before posting on meta
@badp I think you missed the part where Brett told us what happened.
@badp I'm assuming Brett isn't lying about them not talking, yes.
6:02 PM
start reading here @badp
@Wipqozn Yes I did
47 mins ago, by Brett White Ψ
I'm sorry that it happened, it was not up to me at all, in any way shape or form.
Which is very uncommunity-like, or Jeff-like if you prefer.
Ah well, I guess Brett will take it up with Jeff then
Sucks to see feelings hurt and weekends ruined
Brett seemed pretty upset over the whole thing. I hope he doesn't up and leave SE. He's done an excellent job thus far with gaming.
@ArdaXi It's Jeff being Jeff again. I mean, he has a point, but he vastly exaggerates it and by acting without coordination with the mods/Brett he causes some completely unnecessary drama and annoys/irritates a lot of people. All this has happend before and all of this will happen again.
6:05 PM
@Fabian And that is exactly my point. I was just a little annoyed at the people defending him time and time again.
Excuse me for giving Jeff the benefit of the doubt
It will happen again, but you should be used to it by now
@badp I think I'm misunderstanding you.
You're saying: "He's going to do this again and you should get used to it, but give him the benefit of the doubt regardless"?
I'm saying "I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt next time too"
Jeff doesn't seem like the kind of person that actively wants to be a dick to other pepole
although it's clear he's not always easy to work with
@badp yeah, when he does these things he honestly seems to believe he is doing what is in the best interests of the community.
The thing is, at the end of the day
he is the boss.
6:10 PM
@badp And this is where we disagree.
I don't mind his actions by themselves. I mind that his words don't match his actions.
I partially agree
I see I missed the drama.
I actually popped in to say I may miss part or all of today's Game On.
@Powerlord Nah, I'm waiting for him to drop by chat for the drama to start
@Powerlord I think it's going to get a lot worse tomorrow.
Ah drama.
How dare they abruptly change the way we get our free games
I worked so damn hard posting my name
6:16 PM
@sjohnston l o l.
Its more the lack of warning.
Just BOOM, its over.
@sjohnston That's not how it works.
My main problem is how he handled things with Brett.
@Wipqozn Yeah, I feel bad for Brett.
@Wipqozn Where did that happen? I haven't seen it
6:17 PM
Isn't Brett an employee?
He is.
14 mins ago, by Wipqozn
start reading here @badp
@SimonSheehan start reading here
thanks @badp
I don't feel that bad - it's his job. Boss did something "dumb" happens on an hourly basis where I work
6:18 PM
SE is all about being awesome though... it's a culture thing
@MarcoCeppi I have to work in miserable situations sometimes too. That doesn't mean I wish it on others.
@sjohnston Exactly. Just because it's his job, doesn't make it right.
I never said I wished it on him, just saying that comes with the territory of working for someone eles
I definitely feel badly for Brett :/
gtrwefadvfgnudgbfbv yu bubbbkubububbulblublbublubl
6:19 PM
@MarcoCeppi yeah :-/
@GnomeSlice I disagree
@sjohnston Of course you do.
Since when does my opinion count for anything.
@GnomeSlice Sorry, I'm just a contrary person
@sjohnston You hipster.
If you want compassion, go talk to @arda
@sjohnston NO.
6:20 PM
Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad.
Those of you who feel compelled to kill things because of this announcement, Game On! is happening in about 40 mins
@GnomeSlice @ArdaXi will give you compassion. He's like a modern day @ArdaXi
@MarcoCeppi Which game?
Speaking of Game On!, are we going to do Prop hunt again, or just vanilla TF2?
6:21 PM
@MarcoCeppi ಥ_ಥ
@Wipqozn Prophunt is still enabled on the server, but so are the standard maps.
@GnomeSlice just get anew computer/internet yo. Beat up @Mana and take his.
@MarcoCeppi Which list is MapChooser choosing maps from, though? Normal, Prop Hunt, or both?
@Powerlord Both.
@Powerlord Both
@GnomeSlice I heard a rumor the next one wasn't going to be TF2 or Minecraft
6:22 PM
@Powerlord How many Killing FLoor servers do you have, just the one?
@MarcoCeppi Indeed! I'm thinking Killing Floor would be a good choice.
Hence why I'm asking @Powerlord about his KF server
@Wipqozn DYARGH.
@Wipqozn Actually, I shut it down when we were having problems with the TF2 servers on the same box.
I'm also planning on setting up a FRozen Synapse tournament @GnomeSlice. I'm thinking for in two weeks.
@Powerlord ah okay
I think we would need two KF servers.
I could start it back up, but people were complaining about large amounts of lag from both east and west coast US. My guess is a bad route between the hosting center and one of the major ISPs (Comcast likely)
@Powerlord where is your server located? Maybe we could setup two servers in different areas to provide better ping results
6:25 PM
@MarcoCeppi That's what I was thinking.
Although if @Powerlord is getting lag with his KF server, might be better if you could host two @Marco
Not to pour gasoline on the flames, but it appears that Jeff outright deleted the promotional threads, not just closed them.
@Powerlord yeah, he did.
@MarcoCeppi Scranton, PA.
I'd be humbled, just let me know what you guys need
I'm 100% certain we will need you to set one up at least.
6:26 PM
Killing Floor server can be installed from steam by passing killingfloor as the game... just make sure to pass the -dir switch as well since it's not in a subdirectory like (most) of TF2 is.
Q: Can I bind a key to give my pet a potion?

C. RossIn torchlight I know how to feed my pet a potion Shift+Right Click and how to bind an action to a number key, but how can bind giving a potion to my pet to an action key (ie: 2).

Q: Identify this robot fighting game?

DeMarcusI'm looking for a 2 fighting game that was on a PC shareware disc I used to have (circa 1996?). What I can remember about the game was there were mechs (robots) that were controlled in an arena. The robots had special moves, and at the end of the fights there would be a news report discussing...

@Powerlord Right, I can setup one in a EC2 instance in Europe if yours works. Or one on the TF2 server and the other in EC2 Europe, etc
6:42 PM
Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes. I am not leaving SE as this is my job that gives me money for which to live and not starve.
Q: How to REALLY solve Chuck-a-Luck puzzle [spoilers!] -- from "Fifty challenging problems in probability with solutions" by F. Mosteller

maciasStory (spoilers!) The puzzle: Chuck-a-Luck is a gambling game often played at carnivals and gambling houses. A player may bet on any one of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6. Three dice are rolled. If the player's number appears on one, two, or three of the dice, he receives respectively one, ...

I don't know what to do about the Gaming Grant going forward. I apologize for making the rules/meta posts too long; but I only do that as a way to cut off questions and answer them before they happen. SE users tend to think of every loophole and occurence, I wanted to make sure all my bases were covered.
If you all really have problems with how this went down, though, please go to the meta post and comment on it, let Jeff know how you feel. It's easier to show him that one post than a bunch of chat room talk. But also, keep on talking about it.
Q: Cleaning up the game promotion grants

Jeff AtwoodThe way the current gaming promotional grants are working is a bit problematic. I am removing all the duplicate "nomination" posts from meta for now; for the next round we'll try to come up with a process that is simpler does not result in spamming meta with 10+ posts Anyone who nominated t...

7:03 PM
Sorry Brett, that kind of really sucks!
Also sorry @Arda for defending Jeff. whooooops.
@Mana You are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven.
@ArdaXi :O?
Is anyone actually playing TF2?
Connection failed after 4 retries.
TF2 refuses to connect to anything.
I think Steam is down for me.
@Ronan according to steam, Marco made it.
7:08 PM
Well, TF2 refuses to connect to any server.
@Marco and I are great at prop hunt!
@badp or @Mana, add the TF2 server to the Steam group description
My res is borked so I can't even see anything...
@NickT Steam groups only get to have 3 links
Game on yo
@RonanForman oly 3 of us at the moment
7:10 PM
@badp so? how often do people click on a link to launch a TF2 server. just type it in
I might see if I can get on for a bit.
@NickT The click to join link was in the message you got about the event starting
and still is in the group calendar
yeah, I have maths and stuff to do. yay derivatives
both of which are inconvenient to get at
whatever, clearly it's a big deal so nvm
Q: What's the most efficient way to farm favor with a Giant?

Ben BlankBarring quests and badges (which aren't repeatable, so can't be farmed), the only way I know to gain favor with a Giant is by donating at shrines. I'm currently churning out Sammiches as fast as I can and dumping them into Lem's shrines so that I can unlock Better Learning III, but it's slow goi...

7:14 PM
Anyone ever play DIPRIP?
Yeah ages ago, it was okay, and free!
was curious if anyone wanted to try that for a game on sometime
nobody ever plays it publicly anymore, but it's still a fun game for a little while
Add it too the thread?
A: Reviving Game On

Nick TD.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up is a fairly fun arcade-ish car shooter game that's free for anyone who has a Source game (it's a Source Mod).

There are lots of great Source mods that don't get the recognition they deserve.
Dystopia for example.
7:22 PM
I think with the rise of indie games, the days of large mod projects are over
@NickT Unfortunate.
Q: How "disadvantage" works on Starcraft 2?

Click Ok Possible Duplicate: How precisely does the StarCraft 2 handicap feature work? When I play "Create AI Game" or another multiplayer mode, appears the options: "difficulty", "race", "color", "disadvantage", where "disadvantage" is a percentual value, like "100%", "90%", "80%",... How thi...

Q: What's the best way to herd sheep?

RachelSince sheep are now persistent in Minecraft, whats the best way of herding them into a pen or farm?

Does everything get a comic these days?
it's valve
7:36 PM
so yes, problem?
Why does everything get a comic these days?
@ArdaXi Valve has a comic artist on staff.
@ArdaXi because why not?
@Brett I'm very sorry for having contributed to all this confusion. I actually thought things were going quite well.
@ThomasMcDonald Because why?
7:39 PM
> His most significant contribution to Half-Life, the company’s debut title, was his statement: "C'mon, people, you can't show the player a really big bomb and not let them blow it up.
Gabe Newell's bio on valvesoftware.com
@BrettWhiteΨ Huuurgh. I was working under the impression that Jeff had done this in conjunction with/after discussion with you. I'm sorry that things went this way. >_< I just want to say thank you for all the work you've done in organizing this for us.
@Powerlord Ship it.
I lol'd
Well, Arda did ask!
Unless you're not referring to the comic artist thing (P.S. This is why the reply button is handy)
There isn't one on mobile chat and I was referring to the comic.
7:47 PM
Oh yay, my schedule is changing around for Thursday and Friday.
I wonder if I should just take Friday morning off.
In a good way or was that sarcastic?
HD really isn't that great.
8:02 PM
Bah, is there any way in Majora's Mask to tell which heart container pieces you've collected?
My game was continued from months ago, and it's not immediately clear which ones I have
Particularly since there are 52 of the damn things in MM.
@Powerlord points to the Ask Question spaceship :D?
Seriously though, I can't remember. The last time I played it was when I got it for Christmas the year it was released.
8:16 PM
Q: Is there any way to tell which Heart Container Pieces I already have?

PowerlordI recently continued my Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask from where I'd left it off several months ago. Is there any way to tell which of the 52 heart container pieces I already have so I don't waste my time trying to find ones I've already collected?

Huh, didn't know we had a tag
sounds totally useless
mm, yup
and now I have to download this ph map
and then I have to watch a static image for three minutes
and then I have to either wait for three minutes or spycheck for three minutes
yeah... I think I'm going to play some actual TF2
Can someone record some of the Game On!
So I can watch it, and feel like I'm participating.
@GnomeSlice You're not, though.
8:24 PM
@BrettWhite We all love you, by the way.
@ArdaXi So?
@GnomeSlice So why pretend.
@Gnome why don't you just participate?
@John Because @GnomeSlice hates us.
@John It's an 8 Gb download, my desktop probably won't run it, and even if it did, my connection wouldn't be fast enough to play it.
Wow. My first pin. And it's not even funny.
@Wip you aren't playing either....
8:26 PM
@John I was, but I'm working h/w.
@GnomeSlice I was unaware you posted funny content, ever. I thought it was all YouTube videos?
@Wip excuses...excuses.... I totally killed you BTW. :P
@ThomasMcDonald twitch
Oh, there's a GameOn today?
Youtube videos can be funny too.
8:28 PM
yeah, but yours tend not to be
@GraceNote Yeah, I think so, not sure who is playing though
4 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
I think we're going to go for a different game next week
@ThomasMcDonald there was only 5 of us when I stopped
8:28 PM
Is it TF2 again?
We were talking about Halloween.
@GraceNote yes
@GraceNote Yes.
@ThomasMcDonald yes
8:29 PM
@GraceNote Yes
I'm thinking Killing FLoor would be a good choice
one of the problems with TF2 is you really need to get a lot of people together for it to work
@Wipqozn Hah. I don't have that one either.
@GnomeSlice Exactly.
8:30 PM
@Wipqozn Oh. I see how it is.
I am planning to whip up a frozen synapse tournament
We can record the games and upload them to youtube and what not, and make a blog post. Could prove interesting.
I tried recording a game and uploading to Youtube.
It went through the entire upload process then failed.
I haven't tried again.
I still think we could play SSBSBHSD, + hang out in chat.
There should be badges awarded to specific users for certain things.
Like, there could be 'user awards' each year or something.
'Most helpful user'. 'Most polite'.
@GnomeSlice such as "The Wipqozn Award: Given to the most handsome user."
'Loudest User'.
'Most YouTube videos posted in two minutes'
8:33 PM
Of course, 'Most Handsome User'.
'badp-est moderator'
'Most likely to brighten/ruin your day'.
Ok, who slapped me? Badp?
...Yeah. I'm gonna post this on Meta SO I think as a feature request.
@GnomeSlice NOt if I post it first!
8:35 PM
@Wipqozn =[
That's fine, as long as you give me credit.
@GnomeSlice I won't.
@Wipqozn =[
coming soon to a SE chat near you
@ThomasMcDonald I get it.
Aw hey, don't put it like that.
8:36 PM
@GnomeSlice Welcome to the club I've been pinned loads!
@GnomeSlice Just thought it would be a useful feature to add to my extension. Will probably make the disabling of embeddables a room-wide feature, then enable on-request.
Oh, I thought you were talking about the "seen 29s ago, talked 29s ago" thing.
Can I have the 'best photoshopper' badge?
no, and no
8:39 PM
since you didn't do what is @mana
@ThomasMcDonald This. I've lost faith in @RonanForman since he refused to do that.
@ThomasMcDonald Good old MsDugITBANI
Ronan should get the 'recruitment' badge, for spreading the word of gaming more than any user.
By making posters.
also, if he says it's impossible
8:41 PM
there's no such thing as impossible
@ThomasMcDonald Nothing is impossible if you just believe!
I had a lecture from one of the guys at Microsoft Research who was behind pulling together the work for the Kinect
and he said it was impossible at the start
but it wasn't
I still need to upload the full size ones.
8:41 PM
Maybe we should kidnap @RonanForman, tie him to a computer, and force him to make what is mana.
so let that be a lesson to you all
kinects are hard to make
If I had after effects I could do a great version. sadface
@RonanForman Oh. I guess I should probably do it then.
Congratulations! You've earned the 'Most Annoying User' badge, and lost 600 rep! Click here to view your profile.
Does anyone know the angry lemon?
Everyone kinda left so It's just me and him...
8:45 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I did!
@ArdaXi Yeah, but it was terrible.
Which was the goal.
I need to make art cards of us guys with these badges.
@RonanForman I'm going to make it a request on Meta SO.
You could just put it in your chat profile
8:47 PM
@Ronan would have the artist badge.
@GraceNote Where's the fun in that?
No! If I feel obliged to I can't get motivated.
@GnomeSlice It stops you from suggesting something that will probably get shot down
@GraceNote Probably
And I think something we need less of right now is "getting shot down"
@GnomeSlice If I answered such a request (which, depending on how inane it was, I most likely would), then the chances of shot down are quite high
cough Grants cough
8:48 PM
Blargh. =[
@GraceNote I'm confused.
@GnomeSlice You're asking for high school superlatives in badge form
@GraceNote Well... when you put it that way...
But... so?
Bleah, I doubt I'm going to get all the archery minigame heart container pieces in this game anyway. Seriously, you have to get a perfect score to get them? Screw that.
@Powerlord Quitter.
argh, vim seems to have frozen
8:53 PM
Why is everyone so negative today? :(
@ArdaXi It's almost Monday.
@ArdaXi I was having a good day starting this morning.
Was? I sense a stoooooooryyyyy
8:56 PM
why is nyan cat a poptart?
@GraceNote So... how was your day?
it like some japanese poptart commercial?
@ArdaXi Most people ask questions before they get the answer.
@Nick Your a poptart
@GnomeSlice I had to do a double take on that one.
8:58 PM
@Mana blah blah blah
@GraceNote Wibbly wobbly...
...timey wimey?
@GraceNote Not @tzenes.
@Mana Is this how time normally passes?
You guys are doing a Doctor Who thing, aren't you?
9:01 PM
@GraceNote Really slowly. In the right order.
Also, yes, yes we are.
@Grace Aren't we always?
I constantly reference Doctor Who because it's just so easy to reference.
Like when I implied Mana was about to kill me.
2 hours ago, by Arda Xi
@Mana You are forgiven. Always and completely forgiven.
I see
@GraceNote Do you? Look into my eye.
Is that yet another one?
9:15 PM
Or... actually... I would not want to give @Mana that kind of material.
He just told you @badp's name.
@GraceNote That's the line right before the Doctor and River Song get married.
Actually... during their marriage.
Yeah, perhaps that's exactly the kind of material you don't want to be giving
@GraceNote It's also right before they destroy all of reality. By kissing.
@ArdaXi I could repeat my earlier sentence and have it be equally applicable to this.
9:20 PM
@GraceNote Quite right.
It's also right before she kills him.
@ArdaXi The chick he marries kills him? Harsh...
@John Well, it's either that or Winston Churchill will ride to Buckingham Senate on his personal mammoth.
@ArdaXi If I were him, I think I'd go with the mammoth.
Yeah, I kinda like the mammoth idea
There's also these guys.
9:23 PM
But... mammoths.
All of history happening at once.
Would you really want it to be 5:02 in the afternoon for all eternity?
That sounds like a very strange show....
Silence will fall when the question is asked.
What the hell are you talking about?
@RonanForman Doctor Who.
9:29 PM
Doctor Who?
Potions?!? When did MineCraft get potions?!?
Also I managed to get to the quote eventually!
@RonanForman Cool.
@RonanForman What quote?
Doctor Who?
9:31 PM
so today is not my night
definitely not my night
dustbowl, fourth point, I'm a bored DR on red, 10 seconds left on clock, I push in to get some good humiliation time
2,653 potions?!? Whoa...
@RonanForman Doctor Smith.
a pyro touches me, we win, I decloak and prepare to get my revenge
@badp What server did y'all go to, anyway? I was kinda left all alone...
except a sniper tauntkills me from behind
9:32 PM
@RonanForman That episode in itself was very 4th wall breaky.
And that nets me two dominations
"The Fall of the Eleventh"
Smith is only "The Eleventh" from the perspective of the show.
@badp That a bad thing?
9:33 PM
The pyro touched you? Don't tell scout!
Unless he was born into the first incarnation we've seen.
@GraceNote Two dominations against me
The pyro and the sniper obviously
Writing slash fiction again?
9:41 PM
Q: Do experience gain bonuses stack?

C. RossDo experience gain bonuses from items and the Adventurer ability stack in Torchlight? Do experience gain bonus items worn on my pet add to my experience gain as well?

9:54 PM
ahh, the Portal 2 OST is awesome
10:28 PM
Sorry I couldn't make Game On! today guys. :/
Huh, the Battlefield 3 beta is a surprisingly small download.
Lacking a campaign and anything besides two maps would probably explain it
@KevinY Not many people showed up today
I only stuck around for an hour myself, and there was only 4 people.
The plan for next week is Killing FLoor
@Wipqozn Which I don't have and it doesn't look like I want...
@John We can probably have something else running as well, depending on how who shows up.
If we limited ourselves to only games everyone has, we'll just wind up playing the same games all the time.
We should do our best to accommodate everyone, but every so often it's going to happen.
Do you have Frozen Synapse @John?
10:47 PM
Q: Identify Monopoly-like game for old Macintosh

sshowThe few things I can remember, besides that it's awesome, is as follows. The game takes place on a board, much like Monopoly. The title corresponds to something like Jones or James. You collect money, and can put them in the bank, but sometimes the bank gets robbed When you're out of money, you...

@Wipqozn Not yet, hopefully soon. I mean, y'all can play KF if you want, I just won't be there.

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