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So...has anyone managed to get Battlefield 3's beta working?
I get a generic game error everytime I try to find a quick match. Not sure how to react to that.
@Mana I haven't run into any issues playing Battlefield 3.
Mind you that's because I haven't played it, nor do I plan to.
11:13 PM
Ask a question about it @Mana?
claps nice one
If you're having problems, I'm sure someone else is.
I guess. I can't remember what we think about beta questions.
Well, whatever. I'll ask it anyways.
You're a mod now. You make the law. IF someone questions you, just ban them. Problem solved.
thanks for the help buddy
11:15 PM
Also, @Mana, I thought beta questions were fine?
Actually, is it for a beta or a demo @Mana?
Hard to say? It's a beta with limited functionality.
The game proper isn't out yet.
hm okay
If it was a demo which would be present after launch, then I don't see how anyone could take up issue with you asking a question.
The problem might not be present when the game launches. Furthermore, this might simply be the result of temporary downtime.
11:24 PM
@Wipqozn I know. I'm just waiting for the budget item to get approved. Red tape and all that.
I don't think it could hurt to ask in any case.
Although if it does hurt to ask, I'll claim I tried to stop you but you threw me aside in a drunken rage.
My representative assures me he's doing all he can and cautions me to not ask again.
Q: Why am I getting a "generic game error" every time I try to find a Quick Match in the Battlefield 3 Beta?

ManaEvery time I try to start a quick match in the Battlefield 3 beta, I end up getting a "generic game error". The only time this did not occur was when I booted up Battlefield 3 for the first time, where I got a match reserved for me but couldn't figure out how to join it, so I got booted. I've ...

@Wipqozn I feel like I'm in a drunken rage at the moment, man.
@Mana you're not gonna hit me for my screwing with you earlier... are you?
11:30 PM
@Wipqozn Oh no, you're still getting banned.
@Lazers Too localized. Voting to close.
just messing with you @Mana :P
Sorry, couldn't help myself.
Anyone here tried Trauma yet?
@John I'll beat you with a lead pipe if you want trauma
@John @ArdaXi has.
He's probably sleeping now though.
@NickT Oh and I haven't forgotten about your answer. I'll accept it as soon as I can verify it.
Whoa creepy game.
11:48 PM
oh man I'm crying
Q: What is this mid 80s arcade sideways parallax scrolling shootemup?

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like out of laughter
not out of raging depression

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