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12:34 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Wow! Nice job on the meta thread.
Reddit Caption: "Meanwhile, in Russia"
@Mana Thanks. I meant to go to bed like 45 minutes ago when I noticed this
"Must... sleep... but need to write... meta post... aaaagh... starts searching"
@RavenDreamer ...whu
Q: Mass Roman -> Arabic numeral retag request

FallenAngelEyesEarly in the site's life, we decided that we would use Arabic numerals rather than Roman numerals for tagging games with numbers in their titles (i.e. final-fantasy-7 rather than final-fantasy-vii). A recent example of discussion on enforcement of this policy would be this discussion from June on...

@FallenAngelEyes Reminds me of that XKCD
"Come to bed, dear!"
"But someone's wrong on the internet!"
12:36 AM
@RavenDreamer Only it was tags that were wrong, not a person
The main gist of it still applies!
@FallenAngelEyes Unless tags have become self-aware, I'm sure there's still a person who was wrong, somewhere down the line.
I can't believe we missed all those Final Fantasy tags
Note to self: Begin planning for an eventuality where tags become self-aware.
Man...I really want to replay Chrono Trigger now.
@RavenDreamer Oh... oh god... that's how has gotten so out of hand. It's proliferating itself
12:38 AM
So many epic boss battles.
@FallenAngelEyes Those 1-rep user asking ITG's? They're bots, spawned by the tag-overmind itself!
...run for your liiiiiife metal riff
ok now that that's done, sleeptime finally, g'night all
In other news: Jeff apparently still hates us.
(News to me, anyway)
@FallenAngelEyes Sweet dreams, wie immer.
here we go with another video driver download
it never. stops.
Why are you suffering from a shortage of video drivers?
12:49 AM
Battlefield 3 requires beta drivers, apparently.
Since they're in beta I'm worried that they might not drive very well and crash as a result but we'll see.
man why are there so many police cars and ambulances driving by lately
Most of the more logical answers for that are probably things you don't want to dwell on.
oh, because of the video drivers
'ey Juan!
How's life?
Just got back home from my son's 2 year old party
12:52 AM
Oh wow
That's why I missed today's Game On :P
thanks... he's still playing with his gifts
they are LOUD
oh man
Did someone buy him a Howitzer?
my nephew got this one water and sand playground thing for his 2 year old party
worst. present. ever.
If I wasn't so lazy I'd make a video of the chaos my house is right now
12:55 AM
Dude! The MineCraft source includes a EntityGiantZombie class!
I guess coming to the chat right now is the equivalent of lighting up a cigarette to calm the nerves?
@JuanManuel Tell him a random guy on the internet says happy birthday, would you? :P
He won't understand me, but I will
Hey, @John - you wouldn't happen to know how to fool around with the Terraria code too, would you?
12:59 AM
Wow... (catching up on Brett and the grant)
@JuanManuel Yeah, that was my reaction also.
good job starring interesting stuff btw
19 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
In other news: Jeff apparently still hates us.
@RavenDreamer I'm afraid not. I don't have it so I haven't tried. I read that dotNet peek might work.
Pshpaw, I say!
@John I want to make a Terraria or Minecraft clone.
I want to poke about in the respective source codes first, though.
1:00 AM
@RavenDreamer Me too, actually.
He still talks about how Gaming is not a good enough site
he said so 2 podcasts ago
with this Grant fiasco, I wouldn't be surprised if he closed the site one day
Yeah, we heard. Still, he seems to like the community, which...I guess works?
@JuanManuel Oh man, don't even.
@Mana - you live in Canada, eh?
Which part, thereabouts?
@RavenDreamer Toronto, Ontario, currently.
1:07 AM
Battlefield 3 is the most depressing game.
I can't even land a single kill. I just get to a spot and then die immediately.
@Mana Is that near one of the great lakes? I'm not getting very good impressions of where it is relative to the US...
My google-fu is weak
Oh, lake Ontario
@RavenDreamer maps.google.com/…
Duh. That makes sense.
We should meet up in Niagra Falls, some day, @Mana!
(Closest I'll get to Canada normally is Cleveland, which is reasonably close)
oh my god. I killed a man.
Okay, gents, back into the breach forme.
1:23 AM
My team won! Somehow.
2:00 AM
Q: Deus Ex - Human Evolution DLC

CoomieSo some new DLC was released recently. What do you get? I can see the weapons you get. My questions are What are the levels? Do they add a lot to the game? And on a side note (since it's slightly off topic) is it worth getting?

2:42 AM
Q: Help finding NES game side scroller, the character climbs in and out of a car/tank during gameplay?

JayI can't remember the name of an NES game, it was fairly popular (at least in my day). It was a side-scroller where a boy went around killing bad guys, climbing ladders, that sort of thing. But he would turn into a car (or climb into a car at will), and the car (or tank maybe) had powers to shoot ...

1 hour later…
4:00 AM
Wow, the moon dungeons in Majora's Mask gave me at least one new reason that it's my least favorite Zelda game.
Goht's moon dungeon is easily the worst designed dungeon I've ever seen in a Zelda game. And I've played nearly every Nintendo-published Zelda game.
Final Combat: Meet the Sniper.
2 hours later…
6:38 AM
Q: Are there any traps that reset in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom?

CyberSkullAre there any traps that can be reset in Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom? Once a trap is triggered, it does not seem to be reset. Are there any I can reset? I am just a few trap kills short of the achievement.

7:02 AM
Q: Tag synonym request: [gameboy] → [game-boy]

CyberSkullGame Boy is two words, so I would like to request that gameboy be renamed/made a synonym of game-boy.

2 hours later…
9:09 AM
Q: What is the purpose of Fame in Torchlight?

Shadow WizardApart of the additional skill point gained on every fame level, is there any other purpose for this - practical or not? Also, I reached the max fame level of 50 really early in the game which is quite disappointing.. every single Champion killed gives almost full fame level which is pretty insan...

Q: How to unlock characters and stages in Super Smash Land?

Denilson SáSuper Smash Land is a demake of Super Smash Bros, written in Game Maker 8 and with a retro Game Boy feel. It starts with 4 available characters (Mario, Kirby, Link, Pikachu), half of the available stages in versus mode. I know that finishing once the arcade mode will unlock the Mega Man stage. ...

9:42 AM
Mission accomplished.
10:06 AM
Please RT: Cardinal Quest is free for just one day! Just enter the code BXZQ00097 at http://bit.ly/oEN2t6
Good afternoon all
@mordi2k :o What's Cardinal Quest?
@FallenAngelEyes "Cardinal Quest is an arcade-style dungeon-crawler inspired by 1980s classics such as Gauntlet, Red-Box D&D and Golden Axe"
Pixel-art rouge-like :)
Huh, neat. Free price is best price. :D
Also, *rogue ;) I don't think it's makeup. :D
Don't mess with my typos :( I'm still tired!
I just woke up a bit ago m'self
10:12 AM
Can free even be defined as price?
@mordi2k You can hit the Up button to edit your previous messages
Happy? :P
Game get! Thanks for the heads up, @mordi :)
Q: Do you know any campaign manager running on linux?

YotamI'm searching for a RPG (roleplaying game) campaign manager running on Linux. The main features are mapping capabilities and intuative layout. Does any of you know one?

1 hour later…
11:33 AM
Thank you @mordi2k
Q: As of 1.8, do sheep regrow their wool?

RachelOn a previous version of minecraft I used to be able to dye sheep and they'd regrow their wool providing I didn't get too far from them. Now, they don't appear to regrow their wool. Is this true? Also, do they still spawn in 1.8? They seem pretty rare around my town....

12:19 PM
Q: Can you accumulate multiple respecs in Diablo II?

BeofettWith the new patch, you can respec once per difficulty (plus additional respecs if you accumulate the boss drops). To expand on the information presented in that linked question, do you have to use the respecs once per difficulty, or can I save them up and accumulate 3 respecs by the time I'm on...

@mordi2k Awesome, thanks. I love finding someone else who enjoys a good indie game. And one that other people listen to, to boot.
Even though it's still a little buggy.
12:41 PM
My first playthrough, I get to level 8 in depth 6
I encounter yet another random guy
I fully heal before encountering him
then I attack
Somebody accidentally me.
@badp If the goal is to go down into the dungeon, why are the staircases always so close to where you start each level?
Maybe I'm just missing the point of roguelikes.
(That's what this is, right?)
@GnomeSlice To make ironman runs extremely hard?
@badp To make what?
IIRC, an ironman run forces you to go take the stairs down soon as you discover them
Q: Is the shell game rigged?

TheQWhen playing the shell game in the Arcade rooms, the shells move pretty fast and I can almost never tell where the prize ends up. I'm not sure if this is attributed to me just having poor focusing skills and the game is truly just that fast in swapping the shells around, or if the game is doing i...

Q: How do I consistently shove and tackle people in Assassin's Creed on the PC?

Matt ChanI just recently started playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on the PC. When I started Sequence 2, there is a mission where I have to tackle a guy who stole my money. I keep chasing him, but I can't find a reliable way to tackle him. The "Shift" key contextually changes from "Shove" to "Tackle"...

12:44 PM
@badp Is an 'ironman run' just a self-given challenge of some sort?
@GnomeSlice Yes; see at voice 'conducts'
@badp I didn't understand anything but 'yes' in that message.
Oh... But this says it's tracked by the game.
eh. The game tracking feature is just for convenience; if you want to win Doom without ever backpedaling the game won't help you
but you can still try that
1:04 PM
Q: What is the object near the exit of the escape tunnel in Metroid II: The Return of Samus?

CyberSkullGunpei Yokoi has been teasing me with this since 1992! ear the mouth of the escape tunnel from the Queen's lair in Metroid II: Return of Samus there appears to be some kind of machinery buried near the surface. It is only visible in part if Samus gets all the way to the left just below the exit ...

1:25 PM
Q: Is it possible to show the player's cursor and/or see what keys they press when watching a replay?

AcornI'm pretty sure that while watching some starcraft 2 replay commentaries I have seen the player who's perspective the game is being viewed from's cursor visible on the screen. When I watch a replay I only see when the user clicks on something. Is this a setting that can be changed, or did I jus...

1:37 PM
Oh, Christ, it goes for 10 minutes. Why.
we need to gangband dislike those "X for Y minutes" videos
@badp ...Yeah, I think I need to agree with you on this one.
Best quote I've seen today:
> People have a problem with the rapid release cycle because of extensions, the point has been made many times now with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer. If you can't wrap your head around that concept, you must be a Firefox developer.
(about the Firefox upgrade cycle)
1:56 PM
The weird thing is that any work at all needs to be done to bring extensions up to date
I'd expect most extensions not to touch internals that get changed all the damn time
@badp Most don't. Firefox just blocks them based on their listed version compatibility.
@Lazers Did anyone answer Blaster Master to this question yet?
...knew I should have checked Gaming this morning before work.
I like how Brett's comment was removed from meta post...
@BrettWhite So childish :(.. This whole situation has been handled horribly.
@mordi2k I agree. If you haven't already, please feel free to downvote/comment on Jeff's meta post
That's the best way to let him know that he has upset the community.
2:09 PM
@BrettWhite Please don't leave. =[
@BrettWhiteΨ Wait, I thought he did that for kicks.
I remember the podcast in which Jeff ragged on Gaming.SE. I found it kind of silly.
Also, which meta post?
Q: Cleaning up the game promotion grants

Jeff AtwoodThe way the current gaming promotional grants are working is a bit problematic. I am removing all the duplicate "nomination" posts from meta for now; for the next round we'll try to come up with a process that is simpler does not result in spamming meta with 10+ posts Anyone who nominated t...

@GnomeSlice Yes, his vendetta against Gaming is insane. It is the 5th most popular of 60+ sites.
@BrettWhiteΨ Maybe Jeff is secretly a hipster.
I had an instructor who put things in perspective once. She said:
> I may be a benevolent dictator, but this is still a dictatorship.
@GnomeSlice Which podcast was it?
2:13 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ Fifth? Which is the fourth... Ubuntu?
@mordi2k Er. The first one I listened to. I think it was... er.
@Brett would probably have a better idea of which than I. Maybe I just have no idea of what his job is though.
Maybe Jeff secretly hate games.
@mordi2k I think Jeff just doesn't want me, specifically to have fun on his network.
Oh man, I'm starting to get used to having a larger mouse at home... I keep gripping my work mouse funny now.
Posted by Alex Miller on August 31st, 2011

So it’s been a couple weeks since our last podcast, but Jeff & Joel are back and ready to catch up on everything they missed.  There’s no guest this week, just 60+ minutes of that Jeff & Joel banter that (we hope) you’ve grown to love.

Jeff and Joel discuss “Zombie Poke,” aka facebook.stackoverflow.com deal in depth and dispel rumors of receiving a “dump truck of money.” Details of the deal are discussed, from what the new feature accomplishes and how it came about.

Jeff also discusses the state of online identity and the issues that arise with having multiple logins. …

2:16 PM
If you just go to Stack Exchange.com and list all the sites by traffic, it's Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ubuntu, Gaming
Oh weird, I figured ServerFault would be higher than SuperUser.
Aww, I want you to have fun here @GnomeSlice ! Don't listen to Jeff!
And thanks, @Fabian
He hasn't referenced me by username yet. But I can tell.
From what I remember from CHAOS' first chat with Jeff, he hates the gaming site because it's not a profession, people can't make money off of it. And if they can't make money off of it, it's not useful.
That's what I remember, I may be supremely wrong, but that's what I remember. I also do not agree with it.
It's starts at 30:45 in the podcast
2:18 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ I feel a good response to this is: WTF o.o
If it's useful, it's useful. And the way people think...everyone is different. And right now we have a lot of Computer Programmers on the site. And that's almost it. CHAOS was brought on to bring everyone ELSE into the fold.
Gaming is the highest ranked site that also has universal appeal.
I don't even KNOW what a "Ubuntu" is
@BrettWhiteΨ But... Ubuntu is a profession?
It sounds like a Star Wars language.
I thought it was an operating system.
Apple isn't a profession either, for the people who are going to be using the site.
@GnomeSlice That you can use in job situations? I have no idea.
2:19 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ See what I mean.
There are a million holes in that logic. I am still astonished that we don't have a TV and/or Movies site.
But Jeff likes Ubuntu. Because he's a geek. Nothing wrong with that, but he apparently doesn't like Video Games. Or possibly me. Or both.
Those are two of the most popular anythings ever and we just, DO NOT, have a place to talk about them on our sites. It's insane. And also incredibly....detrimental to our growth
@BrettWhiteΨ I supported the movies proposal, but I don't really think it would actually work that well.
@GnomeSlice I actually think he enjoys video games, shockingly even more than I do actually. But I don't think he sees the practical monetary value in it, so doesn't like it
@GnomeSlice It would work as well as sci-fi and literature.
2:21 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ Well... forgive me for not understanding, but how does not having a given site hurt the network's growth?
@BrettWhiteΨ vendetta?
he's likely giving us more free games than originally planned and this is a vendetta?
@Powerlord I thought that was a given. I never was under any other impression
@badp But he's being meeeeeeeeeean. =[
@GnomeSlice Specifically, it's a GNU/Linux distribution.
@GnomeSlice Movies and television, in my opinion, are things that the majority of the country GETS. They love it. They love talking about it, they have questions. It would open who we can talk to about our site up quite wide if those sites existed.
@Powerlord blahblah
2:22 PM
@badp Really? Because Jeff says a lot about StackExchange being "run by the community."
@Powerlord I don't see how the two things go in contradiction
@BrettWhiteΨ I'm really having a hard time with the wording. It would open who we can talk to about our site up quite wide if those sites existed. Can you... try to explain that differently?
When I was first hired, I looked at the sites and there were so few that I actually felt comfortable posting on. I love TV, movies, comic books, etc. I do not know anything about computers (more than my parents, way less than 80% of the users on this site).
@GnomeSlice I feel like they are more universal topics, things that people enjoy discussing, than any of the ones we already have on the site (the exceptions being gaming and cooking)
(Most) everyone watches TV and Movies, just like (most) everyone plays video games and cooks
Not everyone uses Ubuntu. Not everyone is a photographer, or uses Apple products or has a smart phone, or speaks German
Uh oh... Blue invasion?
I feel like they are more universal topics, things that people enjoy discussing ← red alert, discussion, red alert!!
2:24 PM
It has come up a couple times with the CHAOS team during our work day, where we have a question about a movie and it's like "Well....I cannot ask that question anywhere on Stack Exchange."
@BrettWhiteΨ That's why I initially supported the movies proposal. Except, now that I've been a user in the network for a while, it seems to me that it's just not really built for discussion.
@GnomeSlice I guess it comes down to the whole general versus specific. Should there be a SE for every genre? Or should there be one for movies on the whole?
Gaming is at least a skill. TV watching isn't a skill.
How can I change channels faster?
@random I was going to mention interactivity, but you beat me to it.
2:26 PM
...while on a boat?
@BrettWhiteΨ Well, hasn't that already been answered by the gaming site?
@random Neither is Sci-Fi, Literature or Christianity?
We don't have a different site for each platform.
@random But watching certain television shows require the same level of thinking and critical analysis and interpretation as anything else.
@random But watching certain television shows require the same level of thinking and critical analysis and interpretation as anything else.
@GnomeSlice True
(Chat.SE truly is UDP over TCP. Message losses? Check. Out of order errors? Check. Duplicate messages? Check.)
2:27 PM
Wow, I'm on a roll today.
There certainly are a few SE sites that make me raise eyebrows
Someone agrees with @GnomeSlice ?? :O
@badp Oh man, I don't know what it is and I am not going there to find out.
@mordi2k Weird, huh?
I'd rather see that as a tag of something such as 'Artificial Economies' or somesuch, given that there's more to it than that (read: every MMO ever and then some)
2:29 PM
@badp Yes, Bitcoin should be on the Fictional Currencies StackExchange. ;)
@badp Wait, we have a... really?
Q: Why doesn't Bitcoin return lost coins back into the block reward?

Tom WilliamsThe idea of putting back lost Bitcoins back onto block rewards seems like a great idea. I acknowledge that there were quite a handful of early adopters who were generating blocks daily, but had no idea what they were doing. Time passes, they forget about Bitcoin and they format their hard drive...

Christianity has a chance for scholars. Even if they might end up talking about Bruce Almighty getting there. You can earn money gaming if you're in Korea
@GnomeSlice It doesn't happen a lot at least...
...Does it really matter if it has any financial/business prospects?
In the recent podcast, Jeff and some other guy had a discussion about users who just answer questions for the rep.
And they came up with other reasons being because a user likes helping people, and because it's fun.
...They didn't mention anything about money.
2:32 PM
I can appreciate the idea of professionality being important for the community behind a site
But if the first thing you think about is discussing a topic and not showing your skills in the area, that's not a good foundation for an SE site
@badp Yes. Behind a SITE. But not for the entire network, that's just silly.
Network = Sum(Sites) + ?
If a site works, it works. By Jeff's standards, I guess Gaming.SE shouldn't exist or work...but it DOES. And it does well. And it does better than almost every other site. So...leave it alone. It's not broken
@BrettWhiteΨ The question... what are those standards?
@BrettWhiteΨ This is just speculation, but I think Jeff dislikes Gaming so much because he doesn't understand it. He doesn't feel like the SE engine, and by extension HE were a critical part of the process of the Gaming site.
2:37 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm not even certain of them. I thought it was the professionalism thing, but I could be wrong. He probably voices his concerns about it in that podcast, but I don't remember specifics
You know me, stating opinions based on facts without remembering the facts. That's how I do.
@BrettWhite It's that, and that it's a so broad thing.
But, you can actually play games professional.
By the community's standards last years Programmers should not work, or exist, but it does. I'm glad Programmers shows us that the community's standards were wrong
And actually make enough money to survive.
That said, if Jeff truly strongly believed Gaming would never work, Gaming would not have started in the first place
Programmers only works by sheer vigilance of the mods and a core posse intent on keeping the site straight. If they allowed such airy fairy questions like job recommendations, then it would be car crash that sends limbs flying out the front window
2:40 PM
So? Now we have guidelines for good subjective questions
enabling any sufficiently vigilant community to accept and handle subjective questions successfully
Programmers is a special beast. It's finally starting to become what we are billing it as ("conceptual design questions, etc"), but I'm honestly surprised some days it wasn't just shut down.
@badp Forgive me for asking, but why? Says who?
@AnnaLear I'm surprised about that all days
@GnomeSlice I say so
Programmers is just plagued by those first few months of being a toilet. Takes a monumental effort to scrub the stains out. Sometimes it would be better to start from scratch and send all those closers on SO to re-education camp
2:42 PM
@BrettWhiteΨ I listened to that podcast and I really didn't understand Jeff's logic behind his complaints.
@badp Great. Now how about a real answer?
Simply enough, the team has to whitelist every and each site.
If you don't want a site to launch just don't launch it
@badp It's possible if you do it right, but my honest recommendation would be "if you don't have to accept subjective questions, don't". Evaluating them is hard. Editing them is hard. Not offending people while telling them their question is unsuitable is hard. The list of problems can go on.
@badp Aren't the sites in the network just using the SE engine to operate, but are still pretty much standalone?
@AnnaLear We do accept subjective questions, and perhaps since they're not the majority or the whole point of the site, they haven't really run into large trouble
2:44 PM
@GnomeSlice Not anymore, far as I know. SE 1.0 sites have already been or are in the process of being shut down.
@GnomeSlice No. Jeff and Joel etc. own this place
@AnnaLear Then what the heck is this?
I actually really am not that familiar with the network goings on.
a site that's not part of the SE network
@GnomeSlice it runs on the SE 1.0 engine but it's not part of the network
@GnomeSlice That would be a StackExchange clone, at a guess.
2:45 PM
yup, it runs a clone engine
@FallenAngelEyes My... my point. I think.
@Powerlord it's SE1.0 @badp
@GnomeSlice An SE 1.0 site, apparently. Like I said, not all have been closed.
"powered by OSQA", so no longer even an SE 1.0 site
OSQA specifically.
2:46 PM
@badp <meta name="generator" content="StackExchange 0.9 (20100413135304-37b86aed49ad)">
@AnnaLear How do they have the authority to close those sites though?
I mean, they have their own userbases, their own communities.
@GnomeSlice Beats me. Some sort of agreement when the licenses were given out? I have no idea.
@Sathya oh, I'm sorry, I was hunting for information on their meta site, which does run on OSQA
@AnnaLear Follow up question: Why do they even need to shut them down? That's just mean.
draw3cards.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/… <-- Interestingly, they're trying to become an SE2 site.
@badp @GnomeSlice afair that's going to be merged into the card & board games
damn, ninja'd by @Powerlord
@GnomeSlice Again, no idea. That's between SEI and the sites. I think there's a meta post on MSO somewhere that goes into details.
....card and board games hasn't been closed yet?*
Posted by Joel Spolsky on April 13th, 2010

Like the small-town mayor who suddenly finds herself running an entire state, our ambitions for Stack Overflow keep growing. Our original idea of making the Internet a better place to get expert answers to your programming questions suddenly seemed too small. Programming questions? We asked. Why just programming questions? Why not every question under the sun? And who says we can’t run for Vice President of the United States of America?

We tried making our software available as a hosted white label product called Stack Exchange. We thought that other people would create awesome sites on every i …

*This is a running gag (kinda/sorta)
2:49 PM
@GnomeSlice I think that they hosted most (if not all) of them.
hello hello
Looks like SE1.0 sites were hosted by SEI, so that's how shutting down is possible. Some sites got migrated into SE2.0 network.
A: Will Magic SE include customizations and data from Draw3Cards?

Robert CartainoThe developers have been known to implement some per-site customizations if it adds greatly to the clarity of the content. But I cannot promise anything. These issues are typically handled through feature-requests when the site is launched. Importing the data into the new site is becoming incre...

@AnnaLear But... I can't even imagine any reasons. Maybe @BrettWhite would have some idea.
Honestly I don't see the problem in the 'overwhelming' bit
2:50 PM
heya @Raven
@GnomeSlice If it's about SE1.0 sites, I know less than you guys do.
@badp I'm not sure I see it either. Ignore the tag and you're golden? Or make it a subsite like Facebook is, which would be even better I think
@BrettWhiteΨ Wh...what? But... but the pitchfork...
@GnomeSlice I don't think Brett really knew anything about SE before he got pulled into CHAOS
@GnomeSlice Look away from the pitchfork!
2:52 PM
@Mana He doesn't work for them?
anyways class runs
I'm really trying to resist posting this mashup AGAIN.
to be perfectly honest
BCG has 1,076 questions
D3C has 1,665 questions
so yeah... that's a pretty large problem of scale
We're getting close to 10k questions!
2:57 PM
@RavenDreamer Begin planning epic 10k party...now!
@BrettWhite ...Forgive me, but I don't really know a lot about the inner jiggers of SE. What exactly is it Jeff does, and what do YOU do?
@Powerlord Then what's the problem in bumping version numbers?
@badp I though Skeptics had a low questions rate, but we're younger and already have 1700 questions. The volume seems very low for B&CG.
@GnomeSlice Jeff is kind of in charge of the programming/technical stuff for SE
@Fabian Yeah, people have been skeptical about BCG
2:58 PM
@badp Not all plugins have their maxVersion bumped automatically.
@badp You couldn't resist the pun, couldn't you ;-)
@Fabian It's very difficult for them to compete with BoardGameGeek
@Fabian it's not a pun if it's not about Skeptics :P
@badp My problem with BCG is that people keep trying to lump everything in with it. Yes, there are some people who are "board gamers" like FAE. But lots and lots and lots of people are only interested in a specific game and don't want a site for all games.
@sjohnston And how is that a problem practically?

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