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er, wrong window
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Q: Is there any advantage to selling units before winning the game?

ValamasBeing faced with moth-balled destroyers as I battle to gain the last remaining inland city. What advantage if any is there to selling surplus units before winning the game? thanks

Q: How do I change which direction I'm facing when swinging?

BrantI'm climbing a wall in the first level of Psychonauts and can't figure out how to get Raz to turn around while hanging from a bar, so that I can jump to the one on the left. This is a little embarassing, because I feel like I've tried everything: Left and right make me swing around on the ba...

Q: What dis/advantage is there to starving a city before building it back up?

ValamasIf I were to take a city, make it a puppet, starve it (when i appears it has recovered to be able to build) to 1 pop and then stop razing and start building a court house. What are the major advantages or disadvantages to this? Are there any other not so obvious strategies? thanks

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2:50 AM
Q: Voting on gaming grant responses

Anna LearI noticed (and later found comments here supporting the idea) that there are some attempts to sort gaming grant nominees by voting on the game requests to align the number of votes with the sorting by reputation. Can we not do that please? For one, Brett's posts clearly state that votes have n...

3:43 AM
@Raven, buddy.
How's it going?
I want to start a minecraft server.
Except I want to start it with people I know in real life.
And I don't know anyone in real life. :/
4:35 AM
Q: Looking for an old DOS roguelike game

James JiaoI played this game when I was still in high school (about 15 years ago). It's a roguelike dungeon crawler. The movement mechanism in this game is a bit like Dungeons of Dredmore, where the enemies move with you. It has a topdown view. The wall on the edges of the game is grey, but any wall insi...

5:22 AM
5:39 AM
Q: What patches do I need to play Battlefield 2? (01-Oct-11)

rayne117I have a DVD copy of Battlefield 2 and don't know what patches I need to install first. The main ones are 1.41, 1.5, 1.51. I don't know if I need to just install 1.51 or what. Last time I installed BF2 I couldn't get the 1.41 patch to work with my earlier version (1.2XXXXX something something)....

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6:45 AM
Q: Need help identifying an old DOS adventure game

sganI've been looking for this game for a long time now, i go through several free DOS game website and had no luck. I remember the game begins with a dark house under the moonlight, you see a bug fly into the house through the window. I think you explore around the house as the bug, the background i...

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8:09 AM
Q: How do I assign mouse buttons to actions in Battlefield 3 Open Beta?

BoraI know the keyboard assignments don't work properly in BF3 open beta, but I could find no way at all to assign my middle and thumb mouse buttons to any action. Throwing grenade, sprint, crouch, go prone, change to primary, secondary; none of these worked. Can I do it by editing a config file of...

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10:32 AM
humble have got some pretty decent boxes on their end, I'm guessing
35mb/s download on my seedbox
Q: What is the fastest build-order to get Reaver in Starcraft Broodwar?

Nam Gi VUI love the way wathing Gozilla play Reaver. So just to put it up here to discuss his skill on Reaver. Hope you join with me. First of all, what is the fastest build-order to get Reaver in Starcraft Broodwar? Cheers, Nam

11:01 AM
Q: How do you rematch someone after a ladder match?

tenfourAfter a ladder match, the only way I can invite that person seems to be by adding them as a friend or inviting them to my party. Is there no way to invite them to a game by using the match history / score summary screen?

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12:13 PM
check one, two, testing testing!
Q: 3D game engine scriptable in lua / c++

shantanuI searched for 3D game engine scriptable in lua language. I found some where cafu engine is looks good. What is the best and frequently used 3D game engine(lua language) I found a post here for 3D game engine where openscenegraph and OGRE were mentioned. But both are c++ not lua scriptable. Plea...

Q: What do i after "Defending the Rift"?

JakeWhat do I do after the Defending the Rift quest in Abyssal Depths? Legionnaire Nazgrim jumped into the vortex and I am left alone on the ledge.

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2:24 PM
hello hello
s I downloaded LoL. Not sure if I'll play it much outside of any Game On! sessions, but here we are.
> Purchasing the digital edition of PCGamer for $2 will net you a genuine hat in TF2. US/UK only, but it can be gifted to others, as I've already tested with an Aussie friend.
That's lame
Unless people want to check the page from other countries and see if it's available.
It's still US only, afaik
2:35 PM
@ThomasMcDonald What, they force you to buy the actual magazine in the UK?
> PC Gamer Digital is only available in the US for now (legal stuff is still being worked out), but it will go worldwide soon (within weeks) and you will be able to bag the hat at that time.
> PC Gamer Digital is not the same thing as the electronic version of the print magazine. It's an application downloaded through Steam with weekly episodes that contain original, awesome, hands-on, funtastic content that's completely separate from the magazine or website. *You can also get the hat by purchasing this month's print or electronic editions of PC Gamer UK (issue 232).
It's going to be available for PC Gamer Digital 1 & 2
Oi...I'm exhausted.
2:43 PM
laptop, please finish this import.
you've now been running for 4 hours straight, and it's bloody uncomfortable to write an essay
2:59 PM
Thanks @ArdaXi for letting me know portal OST #3 is out!
user image
Mornin' chat
Good evening Mr. Pop
@CruelCow That's Mr. Fizz to you. :/
3:19 PM
@CruelCow O_O
@CruelCow jesus christ
The 100th summer --
Guess which anime series I'm watching!
Eureka 7?
3:32 PM
Yes that bad.
It has all these "features" that actually make it so much harder to do anything.
If you draw a straight line near the bottom of the screen it scrolls 4 times faster that you can actually see in that direction.
Undoing changes layer so I'm constantly drawing on the wrong layer.
Alt gets 'stuck' down so pressing any shortcut loads different menus.
I can't think of the others at the present time.
I just noticed I typoed earlier, I meant the 1000th summer, not 100th
@Powerlord Does it involve a talking cat?
@CruelCow That's all of them.
@Powerlord Apparently Air.
@RonanForman Let me guess, Google told you?
Would this even work?
Ha! "Space phase" has parts of "Cara Mio Addio" in it.
4:13 PM
So the Portal 2 DLC will only be 5 days after they said it would be
@ThomasMcDonald or so they say
Oh wow. This is alot of cake.
@ThomasMcDonald After they said after they said it would be.
@GnomeSlice That would be funny if it weren't so sad.
4:16 PM
also: Game On tonight, 19:00GMT
@ThomasMcDonald What game?
the one and only TF2.
This would be the second week...?
and we're playing a different game mode tonight (I think)
4:20 PM
@ThomasMcDonald The plan is to do Prop Hunt, I think.
and switch back to normal TF2 if people complain. ;)
oh sweet, I haven't played that
Now I'm sad that I wont be around for Game On. :(
Oh, right, Game On is today. I'm going to have to take a break in the middle though.
@Wipqozn knows why.
So yeah. U jelly?
@CruelCow They are sentient, you know.
4:24 PM
Q: Rename tags zerg, terran, and protoss to starcraft-zerg, starcraft-terran, and starcraft-protoss?

fireDude67Currently there are three tags called zerg terran and protoss I think having these current tag names is like tagging things redstone and minecart instead of minecraft-redstone and minecraft-minecart So I think that the zerg terran and protoss should be renamed to starcraft-zerg starcraft-terra...

@Lazers Do we really need any of those tags at all?
@GnomeSlice Nope, because I saw JEFF MOTHERFUCKING MANGUM last night.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Who?
@GnomeSlice This is a rare case where I'd say yes, simply because the sheer volume of Starcraft questions means the subdivision is helpful IMO.
@GnomeSlice Lead singer from Neutral Milk Hotel
@LessPop_MoreFizz Won't the title of the question almost always give you that information though?
4:26 PM
@GnomeSlice Not neccesarily.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Neutral... Milk Hotel?
@Powerlord Oh, I misread it as Neural Milk Hotel.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I lol'd at the second top comment.
> is this dubstep
Thanks Windows and/or Flash drive for not copying the new files or the files I updated when I copied them to my flash drive in Windows yesterday.
or not copying them from my flash drive when I told you to copy them a few minutes ago
4:31 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz To be honest, this sounds a bit like a clusterfuck to me.
@GnomeSlice I realized after linking that that's a terrible recording. :/
> No God of Music popped out when the first musical homo sapien picked up the first musical homo sapien flute, declaring what music shall be good music. If you don't like pensive people without untrained voices singing about Anne Frank discovering her sexuality while a euphonium blasts gypsy scales, you don't like it, which is just OK.
The latter apparently.
Not going to be able to make today's Game On, sorry guys
@GnomeSlice This one sounds like less of a clusterfuck
Oh, hej @Man.
4:32 PM
@Mana I was expecting something louder than what I got.
@Mana He sang it!
But I like the lyric 'I will be with you when you lose your brain'.
@GnomeSlice You're only a minute in
2 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
> No God of Music popped out when the first musical homo sapien picked up the first musical homo sapien flute, declaring what music shall be good music. If you don't like pensive people without untrained voices singing about Anne Frank discovering her sexuality while a euphonium blasts gypsy scales, you don't like it, which is just OK.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Eh. It's not bad, but doesn't really stand out for me.
6 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
4:35 PM
@GnomeSlice You haven't listened to the whole thing
@Mana Nope.
You need to listen to the whole thing. Even if you don't like it. It's a classic.
@Mana Nah.
It's getting kind of hipster for me.
> And I know they buried her body with others, / Her sister and mother and five-hundred families. / And will she remember me fifty years later? / I wished I could save her in some sort of time machine.
Punch to the gut that verse.
4:37 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow. That is pretty good.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll show you punch to the gut... punch
@Powerlord ಠ_ಠ
@Mana Also, why?
Stressed as hell.
@GnomeSlice It should be noticed that both songs I linked (and actually the whole album, In the Aeroplane Over The Sea is about Anne Frank and the many other bodies her perpetually reincarnated soul has inhabited.
4:38 PM
I bit off more than I could chew, so to speak
Oh Comely is one of the most explicitly Anne Frank tracks though.
@Powerlord Maybe he's sick of TF2.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh... huh.
No, I'd love to play more TF2
I just don't have enough time
@Mana ಠ_ಠ
gotta go
4:39 PM
last one I'll link I promise.
@LessPop_MoreFizz hip-hip-HIPSTER.
@GnomeSlice That photo is from 1996. Hardly a hip look at the time.
4:42 PM
I agree with these comments.
Q: How do I improve my strength and agility in FIFA 12?

ayckosterI play career mode in FIFA 12 and have played 2 seasons but my character does not improve in strength and agility. What do I need to do during games to get better?

Q: counter strike source all weapons maximum damage

elhombreIs it possible in counter strike source to activate that all weapons give maximum damage?

About liking music for its lyrics, not for the catchy beat.
Even though I'm a pretty bad offender.
To be honest.
I like this one more than the other two.
We don't just kidnap children, you know.
@ArdaXi I hate to admit it, but I liked that one.
4:59 PM
@ArdaXi Yeah but what have you done recently?
I won't be there for most of it. I have homework to do.
I do plan to attend it for a bit though
@Wipqozn I don't like your new avatar alot.
@ArdaXi Wow, I never realized the Dutch did so much in-between kidnapping children.
@RonanForman yeah, I think it might be too dark and small in chat.
At least it doesn't look like a beetlerus
50 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
user image
5:05 PM
@GnomeSlice My word. Maybe I should change my gravatar back.
51 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Oh wow. This is alot of cake.
I was all excited to show you this.
And now look what you've done.
I feel like a monster now.
There. I've changed it back.
@RonanForman Hyves.
I actually like the Dark Souls gravatar, but it is way too hard to make it out
5:08 PM
@Wipqozn I can't even tell what it is.
@GnomeSlice Exactly
It's alot of darkness.
IT's a crop of this
Japanese box art for Dark Souls. Also known as the best box art for Dark Souls.
What's so great about it?
IT's awesome?
5:10 PM
So is this.
@GnomeSlice I listened to that for about 20 seconds, and stopped. Decent, but not in the mood for it.
@Wipqozn =[
There. my gravatar should be back to normal now.
If you refresh the page it should be.
5:13 PM
@Wipqozn You should be refreshed.
@ArdaXi Why do you always do that.
@GnomeSlice You always do that.
No I don't. You do.
@GnomeSlice You don't.
5:14 PM
No, I don't.
Why do you.
You do why.
Stop. I'm actually asking you.
You're actually... I don't know, it's fun.
It started off with my co-workers as a sort of insult thing.
"Where are the apples? You're an apple!" etc.
5:18 PM
@RonanForman What's with the thumbnail?
Also, I've definitely linked that before.
Linking to mid video does that,
@GnomeSlice I was pointing out that specific scene.
And: No-one cares what you link!
@RonanForman The sandwich one?
5:20 PM
@GnomeSlice You're the sandwich one.
eats GnomeSlice
Still my favourite.
You're my salad.
I recognized Egoraptor immediately in that.
Q: How can I kill my mom?

mordi2kMy mom keeps haunting my dreams, and after countless battles with this horrible woman, I only find myself badly beaten up. Are there any strategies or items that can make this boss fight somewhat easier?

I only just realised Edd was the I like trains kid so no.
5:28 PM
@RonanForman He's the mugger.
Sounds like John Gore in that scene.
user image
That should really be a chat feed.
5:44 PM
@GnomeSlice You're Gesus.
@ArdaXi I most certainly am not.
Also, that Phaeleh music is beautiful. I need more like it.
turns on Phaeleh radio on Spotify.
It's called Garage.
In case you were wondering.
Consensus is that it's called dubstep.
@ArdaXi Nope. It's Garage.
5:47 PM
@GnomeSlice Who's going to tell them that?
Those people don't know what they're talking about. I listen to a lot of dubstep. They're quite different.
In 2006, classically trained musician and electronic sound scientist Matt Preston was swept up in the wake of the Dubstep phenomenon. His diverse influences resulted in an equally diverse musical output, ranging from the euphoric heights of Nordic electronica through cinematic breakbeat to the depth charges of Dubstep.
@ArdaXi They're talking about different musical elements.
Shut your face, and listen to the Garage.
Q: How can I steal a car and not get caught?

Simon SheehanI ran into a few accidents on Mafia 2, and ended up with a busted car (and $50 fine). So I quietly stole a car from an alley. Next thing I know, I've got 20 cops after me. How can I steal a car and not get caught before I find a body shop?

Meh, I don't like that other thing you linked.
I prefer more ambiance.
5:49 PM
THIS is dubstep.
They share some elements.
But that's it.
@ArdaXi Yeah, phaela is all about the ambiance.
Stop that.
Not garage, or dubstep. But I love it.
You see, this particular track might sound like garage at first.
But it's not. Dubstep focuses on the basslines, which carry the melody.
Garage generally does away with them almost completely.
Seriously. Who cares.
Whoa. There's a coincidence for you.
One of the related videos is one of those phaeleh tracks.
Christ, this song is good.
Okay. I'm done.
That one isn't a song, anyway.
Aww. It's starting in 4 minutes and I have to wait 2 hours.
5:57 PM
can we get a ban on Gnomeslice posting Youtube videos?
@ThomasMcDonald You didn't listen to any of them, did you.
No, I didn't.
although I recognise that girl in that phaeleh video from somewhere...
6:04 PM
ah yes, I almost bought that picture as a print
Judging from the youtube comments, her name is 'Laura Ivana'.
You're Laura Ivana.
So finally, on my 400th hour of playing TF2, I got my first hat drop. :D
What did you get?
6:12 PM
Pyro's Beanie.
(At least I play Pyro)
I think that dropped for me once as well
@ArdaXi I wish.
> Sent from iCloud
6:15 PM
I'll be a bit late for game on, I'm only just about to watch dr who.
Also it's set on my birthday!
@RonanForman Happy early birthday!
@RonanForman Just don't say anything about it until 10 pm, capiche?
@RonanForman Don't say anything until tomorrow
@KevinY I think he means the episode takes place on his Birthday
Unless you were just joking around, in which case lol you're so funny
I'm wondering if iTunes Match will launch in the UK on Tuesday as well...
6:24 PM
@Wipqozn Your catchphrase should be lol u r so funny.
I don't normally do I?
@RonanForman You are born on the 11th Doctor's deathday?
Ronan is the 12th Doctor.
I am totally onto you.
By the way, @RonanForman, didn't you play Glitch?
@KevinY How many item drops do you get a week?
Can someone star that so I can?
@RonanForman Err?
6:27 PM
No I didn't @Arda
@Powerlord I hit the cap every week, but I'm not sure exactly how many per week.
@KevinY I was asking because 400 seems like an awful lot of time before your first hat.
On mobile devices you can only star already stared messages, so if someone else does I can.
And I know RavenDreamer's drop rate is ridiculously low (I recommended he contact Steam support)
I also hope iWork gets an update, because there's only updates for iOS so far to work with cloud
6:28 PM
@Powerlord Yep. A few people I know have gotten hat drops and have only played around 50 hours.
Also I don't know how much I can say under NDA. So I'll stop there.
I mean, my alt account has had something like 3 hat drops, and it's only clocked 82.5 hours in the game
@Powerlord ._.
Perhaps this hat drop marks many hat drops for me in the near future.
Which reminds me, I need to leave it connected on Steam to get its latest drops.
6:31 PM
posted on October 01, 2011 by Warface

I would like to add a little more gameplay and GUI to my server. I heard that Spout can do that, but I don't know if I will lose my maps or something else bad will happen. Does anyone here have installed it on their server? How did you install it?

@Lazers :( author y u remove question?
At least I have a hat for each of the classes I main now. (Unboxed a Ye Olde Baker Boy while I was trying to get Stranges.)
Glitch is a very punny game.
@KevinY You got kills with your boston basher?!
You are a god amongst men
6:38 PM
@ThomasMcDonald That's not difficult. I get kills with it all the time.
@ArdaXi I wasn't aware anybody actually used it
I do. I have no better melee weapons for Scout.
fan o'war is the best scout melee by a long way
@ThomasMcDonald I didn't like the Stranges I unboxed, so I ended up trading them for better Stranges.
@KevinY You have a HOUWAR?
6:39 PM
@ThomasMcDonald uhh huh?
hat of undeniable wealth and respect
I'm looking at someone elses backpack.
6:40 PM
that would explain things
Yes, yes it would.
I was going to make a comment about you sitting on $350
I think I'm sold on an iPad >;
Hrm, I can join Game On now, but I'm going to lag severely in about an hour.
7:00 PM
Game On o'clock!
I'd almost forgot
I kinda hate the need to look at a hat and see nothing but money :P
uh... ph?
payload hunt?
oh. prop hunt.
eh. okay.
@badp well yeah
this map is huge.
at least download-time-wise
@badp Is it downloading a .bz2?
@Powerlord no idea tbh,
I'm done and the console shows nothing
I hate it so much that I can't control the camera before joining the game in arena mode
I guess my computer has frozen again
7:09 PM
even my laptop is responsive and it's installing a bloody OS update
@Powerlord Why is your mirror not faster????!!!!
okay, I sent that about 5 minutes ago
Well that was a fun episode!
Spoiler: Doctor Who is weird!
I'll be on at quarter to, my parents are making me look after the dog.
7:25 PM
and I crash
come on
that's not fair :/
ah well
I saw at least two or three people walk by my spot
I was so close. :(
@ThomasMcDonald That's why I asked if it was a bz2 or not.
...did we vote for this map?
Yeah, it is a bz2
My mirror only has bz2 files, while the server has .bsp files
7:30 PM
@Powerlord yup, bz2
Did we vote for more PH? :/
@badp I think so, I voted for nucleus though
ah well
Is this map download just going to hang at 100%?
Great, I have to manually download the map now.
Q: Efficient ways to gather trade items for shop quests?

FabianThere are some nice items that are supposed to be unlocked by completing the shop quests for certain shops, by bringing those shops some trade items. There seem to be many sources for acquiring those items, e.g. treasure chests, but most of them seem to be limited. What are efficient ways of f...

Q: Beating Angband as a Warrior

ashes999Is it really possible to beat Angband as a warrior class? If so, what strategy can I use, and which race/stats should I use when creating my character? Based on a couple of quick guides I've seen, later levels depend a lot on resistances -- I've never played Angband before, so I'm not sure how b...

7:53 PM
How about that. River killed my TF2 game.
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