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7:00 PM
Q: What 2D coding engine should I use?

HeatherI'm not sure if this is considered a gaming question, but I want to start programming 2D games and I don't know what engine I should use (I work on my own and I am a beginner; plus I'm very young)... I've tried Kodu but it doesn't have a lot of possibilities and it crashes a lot. I also tried Uni...

I think I may be towards the end of HeroVille. There are no more blacksmith upgrades.
If that's true, then I think it's a good start but it definitely needs more content and some work on funneling money from heroes -> town better.
@Lazers Why was that migrated? GameDev doesn't take, "How do I get started?" questions.
@Frank Because it's not our job to figure out what other sites want and there's a new effort to be less stingy about migrations. If they don't want it, they'll close it themselves, and it still won't be our problem.
@StrixVaria So, just migrate crap and let them sort it out?
@StrixVaria it seems dungeons and smith caps out at 10, haven't gotten stockpile yet but i'd assume same
7:06 PM
@Frank Migrate game-dev related questions to game-dev and let them determine if it's "crap". I don't know their rules.
@StrixVaria I meant crap as in, "Whatever kinda sorta might be on-topic there, if it's not here". Not as in question quality crap.
@Frank I guess? I'm going to keep not using the word "crap" though.
Doesn't really seem to help askers all that much, if we punt it elsewhere, and it just gets closed there, too.
Is there a link to this new effort of migrating more?
No, you're going to have to take my word for it.
@Frank According to you, IIRC, our focus isn't helping askers.
Well, it just got punted back. So much for that.
@StrixVaria It's not. But if we're going to be migrating stuff, we should at least be putting some effort into making sure it's on-topic there.
7:09 PM
@StrixVaria ...
They know their rules better than we do.
@OrigamiRobot I didn't say it.
Alright. It's just going to end up being a less than ideal situation for the asker.
A: Why was this question closed as off-topic without being migrated?

Jeff AtwoodWhat's the golden rule of question migrations? Don't. Migrate. Crap. Guess what I thought that question was? Go on, guess!

@StrixVaria I know, I was merely giving my ... context, not expecting you to shed light on it.
7:11 PM
@murgatroid99 Jeff isn't here anymore, and that's old. I'm not going to migrate utter trash, but mods also can't be expected to know all the on-topic rules of all the various sites on the network.
@StrixVaria If that was downvoted, I'd accept the reasoning that he's not here anymore. But the community agrees
Q: Don't redirect unacceptable questions to other sites

FrankWe had a new user ask a question(10K only) that was most decidedly off-topic for us. Due to it being about Game Development, some users took it upon themselves to redirect them to GameDev.SE. So the user self-deleted his question here, and re-asked it there, word for word. Where it promptly al...

That seems pretty darn relevant right now.
I cannot cite where this has been said. I'm not arguing it anymore. I'm going to keep migrating stuff that is about topics that seem to fall into other sites' areas of expertise.
@StrixVaria That seems...counter intuitive to what we've decided is good practice.
7:13 PM
If you don't want to argue, alright, but it does seem like, "I'm doing it my way, so boo hoo to you."
I can't argue.
scratch that @StrixVaria. there is still dungeon level after 10 apparently.
Because I can't back it up with evidence. But that doesn't mean there isn't any.
So it's not worth anyone's time for this to happen.
If there's mod-only stuff, alright. You can just say that.
@Frank We made them mods for a reason ya know
7:14 PM
@James Blind unquestioning faith is most definitely not one of them.
@James It's still shitty to say "I'm going things my way and the community has no say lololol"
So we could argue with them ofcourse! :D
That's not what I'm trying to do.
I'm getting conflicting instructions from the community and from SE, and I'm going to listen to SE.
Great, so yet another one of those things where the community gets overridden by SE.
@StrixVaria Well Ill back that decision as well. If the network as a whole would rather each site determine if they want a question or not on them, thats good enough for me :)
7:16 PM
Q: Vamp's training

vaeuIn Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty Iroquois Pliskin(Snake) says Vamp is "a wizard with knifes" Just curious, is this because Vamp is genetically modified or does he have some type of special training and if so what kind of training was it, i.e a type of martial art

@StrixVaria Are those instructions from SE secret?
It does seem pretty pretentious of us to go 'Nono, your question that doesnt belong here is definitely not good enough for that site either'
@James Not everything has to be on topic somewhere.
Cause we are awesome judges of the other sites as well
@murgatroid99 All I'll say is that we've been specifically instructed not to be as stingy with migrations, for the exact reasons I've already enumerated above.
7:17 PM
@murgatroid99 Yeah I agree with that but have no idea why you bring that up.
The solution is to just ask me if something should be migrated. I will tell you no problem.
We being all moderators and all sites on the network.
SE has said that we shouldn't ask the other mods about every single migration. We shouldn't migrate posts that are obviously crap, e.g. everything that falls under the close reasons other than off-topic.
@StrixVaria OK
@James It's perfectly OK to tell someone that their question is not welcome here, and also not welcome on any other site, because some questions just don't belong anywhere in this network
A valid question can be off-topic everywhere
3 mins ago, by James
@murgatroid99 Yeah I agree with that but have no idea why you bring that up.
7:21 PM
4 mins ago, by James
It does seem pretty pretentious of us to go 'Nono, your question that doesnt belong here is definitely not good enough for that site either'
Q: Ring Upgrades add if Two are Equipped?

The Glis JackelWhile playing as a Freerunner, I aquired a second Ring of Shadows +1. Naturally, having an open slot, I equipped it. Now, does Pixel Dungeon only read the highest of the two rings or does it add the two upgrade levels together?

@murgatroid99 Not good enough for a site has nothing to do with a question that is off topic for it. Hence my confusion as to why that is even being brought into the conversation.
@James I thought that's what we were talking about in the first place. Questions that are off topic here and also off topic on other sites.
AFAIK, the migration conversation has been soley about on/off-topicness
@murgatroid99 Ah.. Nope.. This was judging the quality of the question that should go to another site
Before migrating it..
7:25 PM
21 mins ago, by Frank
@Lazers Why was that migrated? GameDev doesn't take, "How do I get started?" questions.
@OrigamiRobot Oh? Guess I read it all wrong.
This is the message that started this whole conversation
I don't know how else to interpret it
21 mins ago, by Frank
@StrixVaria So, just migrate crap and let them sort it out?
20 mins ago, by Frank
@StrixVaria I meant crap as in, "Whatever kinda sorta might be on-topic there, if it's not here". Not as in question quality crap.
I was looking at that and the following convo
So I guess I had moved on already to the next part :D
Where the question wasnt crap, it was written pretty well, so let them decide if they wanted it or not when it was definitely about game development :)
7:27 PM
This is why @StrixVaria specifically avoided using the word "crap"
[shrugs] Guess we were just focusing on different parts of the topic. No worries. I see where you are coming from now @murgatroid99. Confusion level decreased ;)
"Crap" is remarkably undescriptive when talking about questions.
ur face is remarkable
@OrigamiRobot Um I think thats a compliment actually?
ur face is actually
7:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot Why thank you :D
ur face is :D
Ugh why do gatherers go idle
@StrixVaria did you reach cap?
@Chippies I don't know because it doesn't say what the cap is.
But if I just re-assign him to gatherer he's not idle anymore.
@StrixVaria It does at the top...
7:32 PM
Oh that cap. I thought you meant the worker cap.
@StrixVaria I don't think gatherers have a cap
I had 5 gatherers and only 1 was idle.
Worker cap seems to not apply to gatherers
I have seen my gatherers idle when I have just changed them into gatherers
7:33 PM
I think I need a full-time tinker :(
Ooh someone's finally actually holding their own in the Field.
Total Battles: 3436
Wins: 3425
Losses: 11
> Total Battles: 7704
Wins: 7651
Losses: 53
You have a much better percentage than I do.
@OrigamiRobot where did you find that?
It's about to be 12 slackers.
7:37 PM
Total Battles: 1050
Wins: 1034
Losses: 16
wow, my heroes suck
Nope, he deaded
I should have named them after you, guys, so I could blame you all
I need more names
Total Battles: 0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Damn you all. I want to play this now.
@Frank Peer pressure!
7:39 PM
@Chippies what do you want to be?
@OrigamiRobot Chippies, The Basement Dweller
How about just a basement?
@OrigamiRobot are you calling me fat?
need moar names
Also, I have no idea what profession means
Total Battles: 8141
Wins: 8089
Losses: 52
those 52 are the 1%
.7% even
7:43 PM
What game is this?
Click at your own risk
My hero just lost a fight while holding a portal
@murgatroid99 Who was it?
ha, noob
@OrigamiRobot I just used all of the default names
7:45 PM
Well that explains it
got bored with heroville, decided to "hack". made a hero level 44 with 1 million hp
And another just did the same thing
@Rapitor such leet
trying to remove the "maxResources" cap but having troub;e
Well after losing weapon durability
7:46 PM
Chippies the Confident: lvl 15 - 236,549 res, 17,359 gold
@OrigamiRobot inded. i am hax0r
@Rapitor set it to Infinity
@murgatroid99 no i can't even edit it
i found it (i think), but I can't change it
Need another user to add to my army
pretty much why i don't like clicker games is I don't have the attention span for em and just eventually hack em to be broken
7:48 PM
I actually don't think any of my heroes has ever used a portal. They just hold on to it way after it should have triggered
> Portal: Will return a hero to town if their weapon breaks or they have less than 10% health, works between battles.
@Batophobia oh, that explains it. Of course that makes it nearly useless because they rarely survive a battle once their damage output drops to 1
@murgatroid99 increase fist damage
@murgatroid99 Depends on what Upgrades you have
(don't actually)
7:51 PM
Does Minimum Damage apply to fists?
damn... Belgium is screwed beyond believe... Our new government is starting to do things the way the nazis did them, including saing "this one guy who said that the nazis were too soft for the jews, he's not all that bad and fascistic. You should see it in the spirit of the times"...
>Too soft on Jews
Apparently one of the guys responsible for anti-discrimination stuff is a guy who sued the government because "discrimination is a human right".
@murgatroid99 Yup. There were people who thought the nazis were just softies and should have been harder on the jews.
We're so fucked.
@Arperum That concept is hard to make sense of. I don't know how you can be harder on a group of people than by murdering all of them
7:55 PM
@Arperum "I have the right to be a dick!"
Which...technically, yeah, you do.
@Rapitor dat mace
@Frank but only in certain ways
7:56 PM
@murgatroid99 Murder them faster probably. They should've started murdering a couple years faster? keep in mind the guy who said so was killed by the french army in 1940.
@murgatroid99 By torturing them and then murdering them.
@Batophobia being an idiot he immediately traded it for the great axe once he got to town.
Which is what happened.
@Rapitor ha
@murgatroid99 I'm having trouble figuring out what exactly those ways are. Or at least, describing them.
In your own home, yeah, I think you can discriminate.
7:57 PM
@OrigamiRobot basically, the Nazis set the standard for how horrible you can be to a group of people
At work or in professional situations, though, most definitely not.
@Frank Assault and hate speech are two that come to mind
I don't have the right to be a dick by punching someone in the face.
@murgatroid99 well, IS is currently trying hard to catch up
I'm not entirely sure what's being said, but a paraphrased quote once said to me:
> Freedom of speech is the freedom to say what you want without the government censoring you. It doesn't free you from the consequences of what you say, though.
7:59 PM
@Frank it's worse actually. "I have the right to see these other people as vermin because they are not exactly to my liking. And while doing so address them as vermin too, and since they are vermin, eradication might be good, no?" the steps from being a seriious asshat to massmurdering moron is pretty damn small here.
@MadScientist They just haven't done it at anywhere near the scale or organization that the Nazis had
genocide watch dot org... this exists.
Also, I think cultwatch is a thing, too.
@Arperum That goes up to about stage 3. Stage 4 if a lot of people agree
Maybe 5
@Arperum I'd say he has the right to see them as vermin all he likes. But he's not allowed to express that in a manner harmful to those he's referring to.
@murgatroid99 I was thinking the same, stage three seems right. and since they are currently the government, they are working on stage four.
@Frank And I think he would not be the right person for the job to stop discrimination...
8:02 PM
I am very happy right now! :D
@Arperum Most certainly not.
@RPiAwesomeness neat
Does anyone want to know why I am very happy right now? :D
@Arperum I can't do anything but laugh at the absurdity of that statement
@murgatroid99 3 and 5 look way too recognizable to be good...
8:03 PM
@RPiAwesomeness because you aren't playing a clickergame?
^ That is why I am happy!
@RPiAwesomeness Case, SSD, and video card.
@Arperum This is part of why that site exists. So that you can look at it and realize "oh crap, my government is half way to committing genocide" and then maybe do something about it
@Frank Exactly
@murgatroid99 Let's keep it at, Belgium is going more into a rage then I can remember. But then again, it's Belgium, so it takes some time. Although a whole lot of things against all the shit the government is pulling in its first weeks are getting traction. Strikes all over the place (trains were basically half out for two days, third day had one breaking down at a critical point, and fourth day still had issues), at least one national strike that is being organized.
8:08 PM
I just the the CPU now
@RPiAwesomeness That looks a lot like the case I have.
@Arperum What's yours?
200R was great for me. Good price point, USB 3.0 on the front, 2.5" & 3.5" bays along with looks I liked
@Arperum I'm not saying it's actually going to happen, but once you get 3 or 4 stages up on that list, it seems like it's probably something to pay attention to.
@RPiAwesomeness Uhm. Link to a page of yours, I'll compare it to mine then, too lazy to look at it now.
@Arperum lol, brb
@Arperum newegg.com/Product/…-11-139-018--Product
Good old Newegg links
Always screwing up chat :)
8:11 PM
Q: What can heroes carry and how do I see their full inventory?

BatophobiaI've noticed that you can mouse-over a hero's damage and see what I assume to be their inventory. However, I've only ever seen a single weapon, 1 portal, 1 instant repair, and a shield, despite having plenty of gold to buy more. I also notice a lack of potions in this list. Also, I watched o...

@RPiAwesomeness nope, slightly different.
I am soooooo tempted just to order the CPU and be done with it. However, if I wait just a little bit longer, I should be able to get an i5-4690k for $192...
I'm pretty sure that Portals don't actually do anything below 10% health and that the fist upgrade is useless
It happens between fights
@RPiAwesomeness Or you can just get a non-k for that and be done with it :P
8:15 PM
@OrigamiRobot I know, but I want the higher clock speed that this one has over my current choice, even when non-OCd
I just saw a guy not go back at like 20 health out of 800
It does seem to work for broken weapons, just not <10% health
26 mins ago, by Batophobia
> Portal: Will return a hero to town if their weapon breaks or they have less than 10% health, works between battles.
@RPiAwesomeness IIRC, the 4690 is identical to the 4690k without OCing
@OrigamiRobot Should be
8:18 PM
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, but it's still more expensive than my current choice. So, either way, I'd still have to save up some more
@RPiAwesomeness You should be able to get a 4690 for $190.
I see $199 on Amazon
just right off
Interestingly, the K is the same price at micro center, but in-store pickup only
@Unionhawk Yeah, I still need to save just a little bit more even to reach that
@Unionhawk ik. It sucks. The closest Microcenter is ~ 2 1/2 hours away :(
What is your current CPU price point?
Also, somewhat of a lol, my GPU came w. a poster! O.o
8:21 PM
Fuuuuck this phone is getting slower and slower
Q: What is the Hero's loot for?

ChantolaThis may be a dumb question, but I could find NOTHING for this. In Heroville you have loot in your hero's when they're hunting. What is this loot? Can I use it? How does it work?

@OrigamiRobot ~$160-$170. So not too far
The non-k will reach that point sooner; the non-micro center price is about $230
dunno what the heck the poster is. Some devilish weirdo dude
Okay. I've got basically everyone to level 225 or higher. Who do I start leveling?
lvl 10 Stockpile, still no new potions
8:25 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Clicker heroes?
@Arperum Yar
@Batophobia I'm not sure there are ever new potions
lvl 225 doesn't matter, level treebeast to 1k.
@OrigamiRobot I'm starting to doubt it, but now I wonder how potions work
use that thing.
8:26 PM
@Batophobia In the source, Potions are defined just as "Potion", and there's nothing else
I don't think
oh, nevermind, Restores 20% Health is fairly standard for any level
It's really just a way to get gold at the end of the day, but it also gets them in the game faster
Because people complain that it's hot
@KevinvanderVelden, no going to see lindsey stirling, there are too many of her songs I don't like. And 30 euros + damn pricy parking place + driving to tilburg is too much. The Belgian show on her tour is sold out.
8:29 PM
Q: How do I prevent my hero's from losing a fight?

ChantolaSo my hero just came back, he was about to hit level 4 but he lost so all his progress is gone. How do I prevent this?

@Arperum aight
@Arperum That's too bad
Also, completely unrelated: New hero in heroville: Arperum the ninja-ed
I'm going to be listening some more this evening. See if that convinces me to do the drive.
8:29 PM
@Arperum So, I follow what they say below the list of heroes?
@OrigamiRobot I know.
@RPiAwesomeness That should work yes, assuming you imported your save.
@Arperum kk
So: 1025 - Brittany, the Beach Princess means I should get Brittany to lvl 1025?
@RPiAwesomeness yup. and then click on the done aside of it, that'll update the list higher up.
There is also always the option of doing whatever you want anyway. games are meant to be fun.
8:32 PM
@Arperum Of course :D
never let efficiency stop you from having fun.
When should I ascend. I'm level 139 w. +6 souls...
@RPiAwesomeness Is the next boss a primal?
And is this your first ascension?
@Arperum Dunno
@Arperum Yeah, would be
8:35 PM
Also. Dang. EVGA GTX 750 Ti FTW w. ACX cooler is thicker than I thought!
@RPiAwesomeness click on his level, if he has a glow and a name starting with primal something, then he is, otherwise he isn't.
@Powerlord That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
@Powerlord I already knew Windows sucks...
Specifically, hardware claiming to be FTDI hardware.
@Arperum Ah
8:35 PM
posted on October 23, 2014 by Chantola

I have started playing Heroville, and my hero's are around level 2/3. How is the experience calculated, and how does it work?

@Frank Well... the thing is that the driver is designed by FTDI. And I wouldn't be surprised if MS pulls it from Windows Update now that this is being reported.
@Powerlord I'm not sure I know who FTDI is.
@Frank They make USB-to-serial chips
@Arperum nope, not primal
@RPiAwesomeness I suggest getting as many levels out of your heroes as you can (regardless of damage, damage is irrelevant for this), make sure you reach some multiple of 2k, and then ascend. Save your souls.
8:37 PM
@Arperum kk
What ancients do you have for an option?
> The latest version of FTDI's driver, released in August, contains some new language in its EULA and a feature that has caught people off-guard: it reprograms counterfeit chips rendering them largely unusable, and its license notes that:
@Arperum Uh..lemme check
This is the version that was recently added to Windows Update.
> Use of the Software as a driver for, or installation of the Software onto, a component that is not a Genuine FTDI Component, including without limitation counterfeit components, MAY IRRETRIEVABLY DAMAGE THAT COMPONENT
You can safely click summon ancient, there is one more click to do before you actually buy one.
8:38 PM
@Powerlord "You're not allowed to buy cheaper products! You have to buy ours!"
and by "may" it means "will"
@Frank Riiight, but it's also using FTDI's USB IDs.
@Powerlord Okay, that's just wrong
@Powerlord Intentionally bricking competing products is a rather large antitrust issue.
Vaagur, Juggernaut, Berserker, and Chronos
@Frank No really.
Jeez FTDI.
@RPiAwesomeness More Jeez, FTDI
8:39 PM
@Frank These competing products are claiming to be FTDI products to the machines they're connecting to.
@Frank Oh, true
I'm not saying this isn't evil, but the knockoffs are intentionally breaking spec.
@RPiAwesomeness This is not Microsoft that is doing this.
@Powerlord Well, it's counterfeiting, but that's a separate issue.
8:40 PM
@JasonBerkan You're right
What the FTDI driver does is if it detects a counterfeit, it rewrites the USB Product ID to 0000.
@RPiAwesomeness vaagur is fun to have if you like using your skills, juggernaut is awesome if you ever decide to use an autoclicker, the other two are just a plain nope. for now.
@Arperum kewl. I'll wait and keep lvling up though :)
Which means it no longer works with any drivers that expect FTDI hardware as 0000 is an invalid ID.
@Powerlord Which is still an anti-competitive action.
8:42 PM
So or you pick vaagur or juggernaut. and do NOT level them. or you just keep your souls until you have more stocked up (they give a nice boost to your damage)
@Frank ...do I need to point out that the VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) that these devices are claiming are for real FTDI parts?
@LessPop_MoreFizz - Do you love poutine yet?
@JasonBerkan Nope. Still can't stand it.
(i.e. the device manufacturers of these devices are already committing fraud)
> Please don’t hurt us.
8:45 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I got through two topics of that article and I can not tell if its real or satirical .. either way I already do not care enough to read on though.
@James The ClickHole is The Onion's Buzzfeed parody site.
@Arperum At least it's an honest position!
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah ok.. They need to get better at their tongueincheekness then :)
@James Actually, I think they're quite good at it.
If anything, I think the ClickHole has been doing better work than the Onion for a few months now.
Dammit, Hydra.
Marvel's response to the Age of Ultron teaser being leaked.
Q: What is an "Apothecary" in Heroville?

ChantolaSo I was playing heroville and I came across a hero and I could assign his take to apothecary, what does this do?

8:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz To each their own, May just be that article cause I am so sick of hearing about gamersgate
3 hours ago, by Chippies
GUYZ, is SR4:The Game of Century worth the extra 5$ (11$ vs 6$) over base game?
actually, base game is 7.47$ and Century Edition is 11.21$
so, is it worth the extra however much the difference is?
What's in the Century edition?
@Batophobia 100 years of stuff.
Also, Century Edition says $10.19 for me
@JasonBerkan ooooooo so much playtime
@Powerlord If the devices don't work without those IDs, it's still an anti-competitive action.

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