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12:00 AM
Wait... is it all licensed music?
L is from Tycho's Awake
Q: Most effective hero?

TimtechI have heard that the Warrior is the easiest by far for new players due to easily blasting through lower levels; however, after level 15 the Warrior's performance is significantly hindered and eventually drained once all of the health potions are consumed. The Rogue, on the other hand, can be ve...

12:24 AM
@GnomeSlice There seems to be some significant disagreement about what actually happened
Bridge, I can't decide. Do I start a new model, or do I play more Metroid Prime?
Start a new model. And then play more Metroid Prime tomorrow.
For some reason that reminds me I should charge my 3DS
12:39 AM
I haven't touched it since I was camping
12:49 AM
Q: 1.7.2 mods aren't working

user86583I switched to 1.8 snapshots and played them but when I went to my 1.7.2 none of my mods worked. WHAT DO I DO? I have tried deleting the META-INF files from mod folders

1:06 AM
Any idea how I can force Chrome to crash?
@AshleyNunn chrome://crash
although I don't know if that actually crashes the tab
1:29 AM
Q: How to force CSGO server to change teams at mid rounds?

Cachirroi have mp_maxrounds "30" but they are all played on one side, what i want is to have 15 rounds per side. thanks.


QuaydeI go into my .mine craft folder and theres assets and all the other jazz.... but no resource packs folder!? PLZ help me

@AshleyNunn Don't think there's any surefire way to do it other than to use too much memory by opening up a lot of tabs
Okay cool.
To make a program crash you have to make it do something illegal, and those things usually open up the possibility for security exploits
Q: Steam can't connect to the internet, first time installed

HojuI installed Steam on my laptop but it keeps saying that I need to connect to the internet. I've checked a bunch of sites but they all mention that you have to delete files, folders, etc. after updates. This problem happened after I first installed steam so it doesn't have the steamapp folder or c...

2:20 AM
so I left the stove on again after I made dinner tonight
2:30 AM
@GnomeSlice I've done that
2:57 AM
@AshleyNunn There are a couple of ways.
Guys! My first Nature Box comes tomorrow. :3 I'm excite!
fack I apparently can't follow people on instagram now
@Fluttershy oooh yay
I guess I did too many too quickly
@Fluttershy I wanted to try it but it is muchly expensive here
3:01 AM
@AshleyNunn I heard. :( It's like $20 +$5 shipping or something, isn't it? That seems way too pricey.
Hell, $20 seems too pricey. I'm trying a month at half price, and then I'll decide from there. Thanks Dan Savage!
@AshleyNunn Try running this in the console: var s=' ';while(1)s+=' ';
@Fluttershy Something like that. It's pretty ridiculous
@murgatroid99 You totally just wrote that yourself, didn't you?
A: Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

AthariRun the snippet to crash your browser. var s=' ';while(1)s+=' ';

Unfortunately, no
@Fluttershy I tried other stuff, but I could only get it to freeze
@murgatroid99 Oh. I was gonna be impressed! On the spot coding seems really neat to me.
3:04 AM
@Fluttershy Well, I can do that. Chrome is just really good at not crashing in most cases
And right when we discuss crashing Chrome, everyone stops talking. Should I be worried?
I'm just busy
instagram won't let me follow any more pornstars
I think I followed too many people in too short a time
Q: Question About .minecraft Folders

zombieGRNDRI was curious if I can switch between a modded .minecraft and a "Vanilla" .minecraft folders.

@murgatroid99 Sorry, Chrome crashed.
Q: Clash of Clans Game Center ID

user86595I want to change user ids in clash of clans. Can I do that without restoring the ipad to factory settings?

@Chippies Oh yeah, when that happened the video released to the media hit the front page of reddit almost immediately
@murgatroid99 ah of course, everything is on reddit before anywhere else :P
that story is so full of idiots though
@Chippies Yeah, that happened last wednesday
3:41 AM
who in their right mind thought that giving 9 year old girl a submachine gun was a good idea? Well, apparently everyone involved
why was a 9 year old girl even at a shooting range is beyond my understanding, but I guess that's not rare in the US?
@Chippies I think that if you give them a small caliber rifle and help them hold/aim it, there isn't really any danger
@Chippies see I think the fact that she was trying to learn gun safety is good
the teaching not so much
@murgatroid99 yeah, I can understand that, but still, she's 9
@Chippies From the reddit comments, the idea is that a lot of kids are around hunting rifles and such, and it's good to teach them some gun safety early
3:43 AM
the safest thing you can do with a gun when you're 9 is just avoid it
@Chippies Have you ever tried to tell a kid not to do something
teach the kid about the gun, don't teach to shoot one perhaps
shoot blanks at first maybe
@Chippies Teaching them which way to point it and how not to hurt themselves is probably good
and why would she even need to learn about a submachine gun? are those even legal to own?
@Chippies That's the stupid part. Nobody without strength and training should be handling an Uzi
@Chippies But apparently they are legal to own in a lot of places if you have the proper license
Which I'm sure the gun range owner did
3:47 AM
@murgatroid99 oh I'm not saying the gun range owner didn't, I just assumed Uzi's weren't legal for citizens
@Chippies If Yahoo Answers is right, they are but you need an FBI background check
It almost certainly depends on the state
@Chippies no, the safest thing you can do with a gun when you are 9 is to have your parents stop making it like a mythical death machine and teach you how to use it responsibly and safely and explain to you how to do things and how not to and for the love of god your parents better LOCK THEIR GUNS UP and store the ammo SOMEWHERE ELSE
@AshleyNunn I still think 9 year olds should have nothing to do with guns
@Chippies Which is fair, I just have a different view :)
3:51 AM
@AshleyNunn I understand where you're coming from and I disagree, but I respect your opinion :)
I think all the gun safety you need could be taught with a BB gun
as in, use only with an adult's permission and with said adult around and don't point at living beings
The first run of guns is NEVER POINT THEM AT PEOPLE
or living beings, unless you're hunting
by the time my kids would learn about hunting, they'd be old enough to not need me around
because I sure as hell ain't gonna watch them shoot living beings, lol
and I'm not against hunting, I'm just against being involved in it in any way possible
@Jennybeans ran over a squirrel 2 days ago, that was a really sad moment...
I like shooting but I don't want to shoot alive things
but tbh I couldn't be as sad as I wanted to be, because OMG THE SQUIRREL WAS SO STUPID
it like ran half way across the road, stopped, waited for the car to get close enough and ran just far enough to get under the wheel
why are animals so dumb? :(
sometimes I think squirrels on the highway are suicidal
4:00 AM
I have only ever hit one animal with my car
I was SUPER upset
I'd imagine :(
you live in a city though, right?
so, not many opportunities to hit wildlife, I guess
4:26 AM
Metroid Prime, complete.
Now, whether to 100% it or not...
Things blocked by the Great Firewall: WordPress, bit.ly, Twitter, Google Font Services (wut)
5:28 AM
Q: Is level 80 the max level?

ScribblenauticalIn Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, I see people with level 80. I never see anyone passed 80, so is 80 the highest rank that you can obtain?

Q: What are the requirements to unlock the seasonal transmorg reward?

NoneOfYourBusinessIn one of the latest blogs about Patch 2.1, Blizzard said that we can unlock a seasonal transmogrification set by competing in the season. Seasons offer unique rewards and new challenges for players, including new Legendaries, an exclusive Transmogrification set only available to those who c...

6:17 AM
Q: Is There Any Ways I can Play Mods Without Steam

CoolWolfy96I Go to my Terraria Folder And put everything In the Folder.Then I Start Terraria And i Start A world It Doesn't Have the Feature of the mod.

6:42 AM
/cc: @Wipqozn
7:14 AM
@PrivatePansy That top one looked like something entirely inappropriate at first...
I'm pretty sure most of those toys can be used in inappropriate ways, for example by shooting people with them.
@MartinSojka Naah, Pinky Pie just outsourced her party cannon technology. But that top one with the long even barrel, rounded at one end and a short cylinder at the other.... if you don't notice the gun handle and trigger...
@TrentHawkins You do realise the "gun handle" can also be used for additional stimulation, right? ;)
@MartinSojka the stimulation to shoot people, right? RIGHT?!
@MartinSojka Well, sure, but it's placed entirely too near what would be the tip.... (cue explanation of where the majority of nerve endings are)
7:30 AM
... I can't believe you are discussing this.
Q: Keystone of Trials drop rate?

pfayzeSo far, I think Keystone of Trials drop rate is 100% for T6 and maybe 25% for T1. Are there any blue/green posts or empirical data that confirms? Are T1 and level 70 required?

7:50 AM
@TrentHawkins It's a confetti cannon. Now get your head out of the gutter
8:05 AM
@PrivatePansy That picture doesn't help ...
@PrivatePansy Well, this did help get my mind out of the gutter, then @MartinSojka dragged it right back in. :D
Y'all are horrible, horrible people
@PrivatePansy This is not, in any way, news.
But good on you for reiterating it :)
8:23 AM
Q: How to Headbutt(W) + Autoattack Combo on Alistar

Philipp SanderSince Alistar got buffed in the last patches, I want to master him a little bit more. I watched some Youtube videos where people always do the Headbutt(W) + Autoattack while the target is still flying and they say it is really important to get that combo down, especally on Top and Mid. I get the...

8:34 AM
Uugh, @FEichinger I've been reading the "PHP is a fractal of bad design" thing, and while I agree with 99% of it, there are several instances of "PHP is not like python, therefor it is bad"
And they just bother me ><
Also 0x0+2 being 4 is just... wat? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
@KevinvanderVelden pointer arithmetic!
@badp no, the interpreter sees that as 0x02+2 for some reason
so 0x0+3 wouldn't be 6?
PHP does not have pointer arithmetic =p
@badp jup
okay, wat.
8:38 AM
They fixed it! Then added the 0b prefix (binary) which has 0b0+1 equals 2 :D
They never learn
That's an interesting definition of "fixed"
@badp uuh no, it would be 6
@KevinvanderVelden then yeah, it's pointer arithmetics
Climbing, Mountaineering and Walking

Proposed Q&A site for professional or enthusiast climbers, mountaineers and walkers.

Currently in definition.

@badp uuh, not any type of pointer arithmetics I've ever heard of?
8:40 AM
The memory location of the third 16-bit item after 0x0 is 0x6
I don't know if PHP has pointers but this does sound like pointer arithmetic
Let me see if I have a PHP interpreter somewhere
and if PHP lets you interface with arbitrary C functions chances are it's got some sort of pointer somewhere in the language
It's out it's out it's out
Cause from what I've read it would be 0x0+1 = 2, 0x0+2=4, 0x0+3=6, 0x0+4=8, etc
Isn't that what I'm suggesting?
8:41 AM
Not in any sane, self consistant method of pointer arithmetic
As in, you'd need to know the size of the class by which you're advancing, so ((int*)0x0) + 2 = 8, ((bool*)0x0) + 2 = 2
I guess I'll mark this one as "WORKS ON MY COMPUTER"
@badp you added spaces
@KevinvanderVelden Still 1234
(Refresh that link)
8:43 AM
The Heavenly Nostrils book is out!
@PrivatePansy I figured.
> 0x0+2 produces 4. The parser considers the 2 as both part of the hex literal and a separate decimal literal, treating this as 0x002 + 2. 0x0+0x2 displays the same problem. Strangely, 0x0 +2 is still 4, but 0x0+ 2 is correctly 2. (This is fixed in PHP 5.4. But it’s also re-broken in PHP 5.4, with the new 0b literal prefix: 0b0+1 produces 2.)
I guess they're using a newer version of PHP?
@KevinvanderVelden Re-refresh the page
(I don't know how to get the version information from inside a PHP script)
@badp php --version?
@PrivatePansy on a website?
8:46 AM
oh there you go
(You would not believe how many pages there are with that information on it)
now you know what PHP version to pine for as you get in an upgrade window in about 5 years
@KevinvanderVelden Hmmm, no. phpinfo(), then?
@badp Also a turtle and Alot
53 secs ago, by Kevin van der Velden
@badp http://ideone.com/saRYp5
8:48 AM
please note the tasteful use of Wide Latin
It's almost impossible to make tasteful use of Wide Latin.
@badp noted
@badp On the other hand it is far to easy for you to make untasteful use of MS Paint
okay this works
@badp Pfft, what is the name of Yi Jiang?
@PrivatePansy Yi Jiang
9:01 AM
My name is my name. It's not a sentient creature who can be made the owner of this room
@badp is there non-digital mspainting?
Also, the name of this one here isn't that
@KevinvanderVelden You owe some of it to the internet oracle now
@KevinvanderVelden Given what @badp thinks of his ability with the trackpad I fully expect some of it to be printed and framed in his bedroom
@KevinvanderVelden Hm? What parts are you referring to?
(Also, the whole 0x0+2 thing makes sense when you know how the parser works. Of course it's nonsense, but why are you using 0x0 in the first place, you fool?)
9:07 AM
@FEichinger references to lack of slicing as by default being bad ([] cannot slice; it only retrieves individual elements.), only having a pow function and not having a operator for that being bad
@KevinvanderVelden Well, the pow function is bad for other reasons, but yeah, that's bullshit.
That's just, no that is not by definition a bad thing, it does not fit on a "fractal of bad design" list
And the lack of slicing by index is bad.
Because it would be damn easy to implement in the core.
And you need proper slicing.
Meh, plenty of languages don't have support for it.
Yes, but PHP is also not the only bad language. :P
It's not even the worst!
9:11 AM
True enough =p. But PHP does have a slice function (array_slice), it not being an operator is not by definition a bad thing.
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, I was actually going to point out that arrays in PHP are different from other languages.
PHP arrays can act as hashtables, lists, etc. All in one.
Which makes operators over arrays a PITA.
You need dedicated functions to catch these different behaviours.
Yeah, that's one of those things that are handy if you do not at all think about the implications
For instance, you can quite easily define an array that has unsorted indices.
Now how are you going to slice by index over an array that isn't sorted by index?
Knowing PHP? Silently return null.
No no! Silently return an empty array
Nah, return false.
Which is not to be interpreted the same as the value false, of course.
So you also have an array_error function then, which tells you what happened.
Which you need to check for every time, because false might not be false. It might be an error!
That's how PHP works.
9:15 AM
Yeah that seems legit
This is why good PHP devs should get paid more than the WordPress idiots.
But of course the WordPress idiots deliver within 48 hours, so they can scam the hell out of any potential customer.
The horror stories of people paying five figures for what is just a mash of WordPress plugins are disgusting.
The horror stories of the proper developers roped in to support that mess are disgusting =p
@KevinvanderVelden Yes... And we can be glad if we get paid as much a year as the WordPress idiots get paid for their mess.
This is how Equestria Girls should have ended
Also, burning down the school means no more sequels
@PrivatePansy ended started
9:23 AM
@fredley Good idea. No stupid dance, no horrible singing. Just fire. Lots and lots of fire.
@PrivatePansy and php
And more pings
Aaaaaah, 1 month till I get the key of my new house
@KevinvanderVelden very useful information
@MattЭллен this is just, HOW CAN YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA? - This is an actual felony, unlike abusing the DMCA which just should be a felony
Yeah. It's pretty awful. But if you're a shady company finally losing money and people are wising up to your nonsense, then you'll do whatever you can to stem the flow.
10:21 AM
Q: Is there any way I can play mods without Steam

CoolWolfy96I go to my Terraria folder and put everything in the folder. Then I start Terraria and create a new world it doesn't have the feature of the mod.

Does anyone here know if you can play terraria without steam legally? I can't find any reference to it anywhere so I voted to closes as offtopic/piracy
I think it's Steam only on PC
I don't know if this version has to be activated on Steam
@3ventic Yes it does. Terraria is steam only. Back in the early days of mods the mods kinda removed the steam requirement, but then were told to stop doing that.
By the way, how great was this week's WTNV?
10:45 AM
Q: Is there a point in increasing my view range over 445m in World of Tanks?

Adam AroldThe question pretty much says it all. I know that the maximum view range is 445m which can be easily reached with some tanks (FCM 36 Pak 40 for example). Is there a point in increasing it any further?

@KevinvanderVelden Scare tactics.
They think most people will be too scared and will just take down the review
@Wipqozn that's what threatening a lawsuit is for
It's the same reasoning used by people who sue people who non-sense lawsuits, and try to get the to pay a settlement right away.
11:09 AM
@Wipqozn but again, doing that is not in and off itself a felony. "Hey, those people are saying we're not doing nice things! Oh I know! Let us commit felonies and then hand people evidence of said felonies to try to get it removed."
@KevinvanderVelden It should be though.
Either way, people just assume people will bend over backwards.
Either way, I hope this company gets into some serious trouble and the people who forged the document are given serious jail time.
Forging a court document is a very serious crime, or at least it should be.
The only reference to a punishment I can find is for a weaker version (not for financial gain) that can get you up to 1 year in prison.
I'm gonna assume that this kind of thing typically get's the high end of possible punishments, cause the judge is gonna be pissed =p
If forging court documents isn't a crime carrying serious punishment then I've officially lost all hope in the US justice system.
@Wipqozn that's what it takes for you to officially lose all hope?
Not the stand your ground laws?
Which were interpreted to mean it's okay to follow and then shoot an unarmed black teenager?
11:24 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Okay, okay, fine. FINE
I lost hope in the US Justice system along time ago.
Sorry US!
but your country is fucked.
WTB: Someone to fix the USA justice system
@GnomeSlice, get on that.
Also fix the medical industry while you're at it.
I've got friends in the USA, so they need your help!
@Wipqozn It's a felony.
@OrigamiRobot which just means (in the US specifically) it has a punishment of more than 1 year in prison
@KevinvanderVelden The reference to 1 year is for misdemeanor charges.
@OrigamiRobot the distinction between misdemeanor and felony is (as far as I can find) that a felony carries a punishment of more than 1 year in jail, and a misdemeanor 1 year or less.
@KevinvanderVelden It punishments depend on the state and the actual charges.
> Forgery is punished according to the value represented by the forged instrument or document. When the document is worth less than $500, penalties include a fine of up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, or both. When the value is $500 or greater, penalties increase to a fine of up to $10,000, at least two (and up to ten) years in prison, or both. (Miss. Code Ann. § 97-21-33.)
11:34 AM
@OrigamiRobot There must be special rules for forging court documents though.
@OrigamiRobot yes, but the only thing you said is a felony, to which I replied what that distinction is. And it could be a low class felony or a higher class felony.
@KevinvanderVelden So look for more detail?
@Wipqozn I can still buy it
@KevinvanderVelden are you sure? The Early access prompt is still there for me, but there's no buy button.
11:37 AM
@OrigamiRobot all I'm saying is that replying to "If forging court documents isn't a crime carrying serious punishment then I've officially lost all hope in the US justice system." with "It's a felony" doesn't really provide enough detail.
Q: Is there anything the radiotowers in fallout 3 are good for?

FulliWandering around the wasteland there are serveral radiotowers with can be activated. Do somebody know what the purpose of those is? I played Fallout 3 (German version) alot and never found antything remotly connected to them.

Q: Is there an actual two-weapons block animation?

CiacciuI know of the mod adding the block animation when dual-wielding, but the block is actually done with a single weapon. I've tried seraching on the Nexus but had no luck. To rephrase: Is there an actual animation using 2 single-handed weapons to block? I imagine the weapons being "crossed".

@Wipqozn aah true, you are correct.
@Wipqozn I'm not sure, but they'll probably throw in conspiracy charges too.
@KevinvanderVelden It means it is serious.
@OrigamiRobot Just looking at your gravatar...is that a BMO on an old fashioned bicycle?
11:42 AM
Among other things, yes.
@RPiAwesomeness It's a steampunk BMO on an old fashioned bicycle.
With a little umbrella.
@OrigamiRobot This seems like a good reason why all cop cars should have two officers in them.
Among many other good reasons.
11:51 AM
@Wipqozn this seems like a good reason why we need someone who is payed by the amount of cops he puts in jail
@OrigamiRobot What is this logic?
@KevinvanderVelden Sure, the fact the laws allows this to happen is really dumb, but I feel like the real problem is that there was only one officer in the car.
If the inquiring officer needed an immediate response why wasn't the communication verbal?
If having one officer in a police car isn't a sufficient amount for them to safely and efficiently do their job then the solution is to assign two officers to every car, not make laws which just allow cops to be unsafe.
Unclear how making a decision to type while operating a moving vehicle isn't blatantly negligent.
11:54 AM
oh my god WoW Professions are great
@Wipqozn The problem was that someone used a laptop while driving.
@TimStone Because a law exists which specifically saws it doesn't apply to cops.
46 secs ago, by Wipqozn
If having one officer in a police car isn't a sufficient amount for them to safely and efficiently do their job then the solution is to assign two officers to every car, not make laws which just allow cops to be unsafe.
That's the surface problem, but I think the core problem is that he couldn't safely and efficiently do his job. The surface problem vanishes if there are two officers in the car.,
I see how having a second cop/car would be a good thing. It's just, if anyone else would've done that. There would've been no way for them to get away with it.
@Arperum Oh I agree, it's fucked up, I'm just saying I think the core problem which caused the whole thing is only having one officer in the car.
@Wipqozn The super core problem is an officer being allowed to break the law and get away for killing someone by negligence.
The two officers/car is a solution, not the problem.
11:58 AM
@Wipqozn I don't think the law actually says "Yeah, go ahead and type while driving." though, it just doesn't explicitly forbid that, so they just didn't want to prove he was negligent.
Here is the L.A. County District Attorney's report
@KevinvanderVelden Vis der leetle umbrella
@OrigamiRobot Good grief
@OrigamiRobot "U C4 Bro" GTFO
That's absurd
Great. Apparently Belgium is having issues getting anough electricity (two generators of our nuclear power plants are down for maintenance, and a third one is down because of sabotage)
And so there are plans for electricity breaks this winter....
12:01 PM
@Arperum Except he didn't break the law.
There's an exception for the law for emergency personal,as shown in the document @OrigamiRobot leaked.
@Wipqozn US has no law against driving and calling/laptop use at the same time?
Yes, maybe he was in the course of completing a duty, but Police Officers should not be above most of the law. He sill should be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter or something similar
@Arperum That's left to the states. Some have some form of no cell law, some don't.
@Wipqozn That exception is horrible.
@MBraedley Bah.
Good heavens! I just realized that I'd had @Arperum ignored still!
12:03 PM
Wait, wait. They actually make a point of stating that the road doesn't have a sign that says "Hey, there's a turn up here!"
@RPiAwesomeness Why was he ignored to begin with? He's so delightful.
Belgium does have a law against driving and using a phone. Handsfree calling is allowed.
@RPiAwesomeness WHat did I ever do to you? o_O
@Wipqozn He was posting annoying gifs and wouldn't stop. It happened a while ago
@Arperum It's also up to the provinces in Canada. Nova Scotia has a handsfree only law.
@Arperum I think the exception does make sense, although it's probably too broad.
12:04 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Uhm... I think I've posted a grand total of one gif ever.
He also lied and tried to blame the victim. fdlkjsfjlkdsfioesajfldf
Someone else (I think it might have been @MBraedley) ignored him and I thought I'd test it out, just to see what happened...and then I forgot to un-ignore I guess
I can see situations where having an exception like this is a good idea. I personally don't think this incident is one such case, so they should fix the law to make it less broad.
Okay, maybe it was something else...I don't remember. It was like a month ago.
@Wipqozn Agreed
Actually the more I think about it the more I don't think the core problem was one officer in acar.
The law shouldn't apply to this case. The officer could have taken the time to pull over and make a response, or just let someone else respond.
12:05 PM
@TimStone fdlkjsfjlkdsfioesajfldf is right
Yup, search tells me I've posted exactly one gif. And that was a repost of a message with an XKCD gif.
Anyone here read This Machine Kills Secrets
@RPiAwesomeness Maybe only briefly. There is someone on my ignore list (not currently in the room), and he's the only long term resident there.
lol, okay, must've been something else
since I don't think this warrants an immediate response, like he claimed.
12:06 PM
@Wipqozn Yea, there was no actual fire. It was an inquiry about a fire investigation.
@Wipqozn The inquiring officer should have just asked dispatch anyway since the officer involved in the accident had already reported the status to begin with.
But like I said...I don't remember much, just that someone (not sure who) said @Arperum was being annoying and (jokingly most likely) ignored him and that I tested out ignoring on him. My sincerest apologies, @Arperum
-1 to all officers involved.
@TimStone Exactly. Or, he should have pulled over and then checked
12:07 PM
@RPiAwesomeness Apologies accepted!
I think you should apologize to me as well, @RPiAwesomeness.
@Wipqozn WHAT FOR?
I'm not sure, but I just feel like you should.
@Wipqozn You never need an apology. You're just awfull like that.
12:08 PM
Maybe I sub-consciously insulted that dreadful gravatar
@RPiAwesomeness No need to do so sub-consciously. Let the hate flow through you.
Aug 29 at 16:18, by fredley
Down with awful avatars, give us Wipqalot!
:D - "In..control.." -Animal
@Arperum No, more like he just mentally forces us to give resignation of the offending point. Anyways, g2g :P School :P
@OrigamiRobot The most confusing thing about this is that the anti-texting law is irrelevant to the fact that choosing to type while driving was an unsafe activity to avoid violating the law that says "Keep your car in the damn lane", which has no exception for police.
12:40 PM
@TimStone The most confusing part is WHY DID I LET THIS MAKE ME LATE FOR WORK
Q: Nexus Mod Manager won't recognize Fallout New Vegas

RizI have trouble opening NMM for my New vegas game saying that it does not have the permission to write the game and I've been told that I should run as admin to open it, but : Can someone please explain it to me how to do it ? Also will this affect my Skyrim game as I've also have the game modd...

@OrigamiRobot You totally distracted me too. I blame the internet.
I blame everyone present except @FEichinger.
He is obviously exempt.
@OrigamiRobot That's rather impressive.
How late are you?
@OrigamiRobot Huh?
12:49 PM
softly pats @FEichinger
There there, it's ok.
aaahhhh yeah, pat that head. Pat it real good.
sings @FEichinger a lullaby
suspends @OrigamiRobot for a day or two
@FEichinger A vacation for two? How sweet!
Ah, pat it, pat it good
Ah, pat it, pat it real good
Ah, pat it, pat it good
Ah, pat it, P-PAT IT REAL GOOD
1:02 PM
Q: Dreamcast Mag in PSOBB

unorI want to get a Dreamcast Mag on Blue Burst: In the guide Episode 1 & 2 Mag Cell Combinations it says that you need: Kit of Dreamcast, (Mark 3 OR Master System OR Genesis OR Sega Saturn), Lv 101 MAG, Character Lv 100+, MAG Lv req fluctuates depending on character Lv. So according ...

Days since the bridge was extra weird to enter: 0
@Arperum has it ever been 1?
@Rapitor The 0 is painted on
@Rapitor I was talking about extra weird, not your usual Bridge batshit insane crazy weird.
1:20 PM
Q: Is there any way to hide the juggernaut's location on a map?

ScribblenauticalIn Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, there are times when someone gets a juggernaut delivered to them (by getting it as a kill streak reward). But when someone has it on, you can see their location as a red diamond with a dot in the middle. I haven't gotten a juggernaut in any standard game modes, b...

Q: Dishonored - how to neutralise / eliminate Lydia Boyle without attracting any guards / party guests nearby

Kim MinseoSo... when you do the "Lady Boyle's Last Party" Mission, and you do not have shadow kill, and your given target is Lydia Boyle (the one in red), you will be led to music room. There, she will ask you to play a song on the piano. However, as the music room is open to guests and servants, once you ...

Q: Is it necessary to touch the mystery block?

ScribblenauticalIn Pixel Hell for iOS, you have to touch the pixel citizens before they fall into the fire. I am pretty bad at the game because I just started, but the first level has a mystery block that gives you a mystery power up. It could be good or bad, depending on your luck. Is there really a necessity t...

1:49 PM
Yay. I'm overseeing an application upgrade. The number of security concerns I'm seeing is somewhat frightening.

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