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12:04 AM
@BretCopeland yeah, it's really a question of "which is the main tag?" - all of these things are going to need to be synonym'd otherwise people will just keep re-creating the "wrong" tag :)
once we can manage synonyms, can't you pick the source one anyway?
just bought the canon rebel t3
money well spent
5:37 AM
@voretaq7: I'm in your neighborhood tonight!
@lnafziger Are you enjoying our still-unseasonably-warm weather?
Yeah, we are supposed to get a low of 29 in Florida tonight so I'm not missing much, lol.
and somebody went on a dumpster dive in the FAA's doc pile, didn't you? :)
I'm in Teterboro and get to go up with a Fed tomorrow for a checkride.
Hey, it took a lot of digging to come up with that answer... It was a tough one!
And then you go and accept it right away so that people quit looking at it (and I don't get as many up-votes), lol.
@lnafziger heh I can unaccept it for a day or so :)
5:41 AM
lol, no worries. I do try to wait at least a day for others when it's a good answer as a courtesy though. :)
I'm still trying to find something that says AFD remarks are/are not regulatory/mandatory - besides 91.103 :P
and I'm not sure what to make of this one :)
What does 91.103 say?
@lnafziger that's the "must become familiar with all available information concerning the flight" regulation
@DannyBeckett: Hey, that's the command that I wanted to add to the bot: !!regulation 91.103 (and have it print 91.103)
Ahh yes, that isn't very specific.
Is there a statement in the beginning of the AFD about the regulatory applicability or anything?
should probably make it !!FAR xxx.yyy (and maybe a corresponding !!AIM x-y-z)
@lnafziger hmmm, that's a good question. I can't remember the last paper AFD I had
5:45 AM
@DannyBeckett: Or even better, as @voretaq7 says, !!FAR xxx.xxx and !!AIM x-x-x
I know that feeling, me either.
(and I'm not paying the FAA to download the PDFs because - uh, hello, I have foreflight ya bastard)
oh hey maybe that has the AFD guide pages in documents!
Probably does
oh for the love of kittens.... new chart cycle. Stupid digital monthly....
foreflight REALLY needs to download this shit in the background :P
there's a supplemental document - which is at the bottom of the download list after the uh.... 23 charts I have left to fetch :P
gotta love it
they need to switch to vector graphics. Smaller, infinite scaling...
5:54 AM
So we've been public for a while now, right?
@Undo Since 12/24
so the Beta badge cronjob has definitely had a change to run, right @voretaq?
(trying to shed some list on an mSO q)
@Undo yeah, but I think you only get that after all the betas are closed (?)
i.e. when the site is graduated
I could be wrong though, I'm a terrible mod and don't know any of this shit :P
Hey Undo
I read another MSO question and it said that they were awarded at the end of the private beta?
Should be.
5:59 AM
@lnafziger quite possible, like I said I'm a terrible mod and don't know any of this shit :P
I just assume that eventually I'll get badges and stuff :)
I have the badge on Space.
that seems to imply that it's a manual process
I would imagine that SE has done enough of these site-launchings that things like that wouldn't happen... But maybe.
and the lack of badges would probably imply that it's STILL manual
6:01 AM
That q was from 2010
I would hope there is some kind of a checklist or something
well how often do we launch new sites? (don't answer that!)
bwahahahaha checklists
@voretaq7 Haha, it kind of does imply that, but you would think that they've done enough of these by now to have a system in place.
@Undo like the preflight checklist that says "Look in the tanks and make sure you have fuel" and all the fuel exhaustion incidents we have every year?
Maybe they need to add a "don't let the fuel get below 1/4 tank" item to the checklist?
"Well, it was good when I checked it!"....
@lnafziger Being as I'm far too lazy to use a fuel straw if I look in the tank and the fuel is below the little metal tab I declare the tank empty and call the fuel truck :P
6:04 AM
@voretaq7: Haha, probably a good idea anyway.
@Undo: Thanks for looking into it. Not a huge deal, but since I noticed it I figured I'd let you guys know.
(Reason #7 I went with the 180HP Cherokee - Even if I cram 4 fat-ass 200 pounders & baggage in the plane I can still take at least standard fuel.)
@lnafziger @Undo You can throw up a post on Meta.AV and I'll prod folks in TL tomorrow if they don't notice :)
@voretaq7: I put it on Meta.SO figuring that it is probably system wide and not specific to us.
(That's how Undo ran into it.)
either way :)
allegedly per-site metas get coverage for bug patrol (practically a mod usually grouses in TL if bug posts on site metas get ignored :-)
@lnafziger Downloads Complete -- the closest thing I can find is in the directory legend
> Airport remarks are limited to those items of information that are determined essential for operational use … knowledge of which is essential for safe and efficient operation of aircraft
@voretaq7 Hmmm... Sounds important.
sounds like the intent is "Do what you're told, jackass" :-)
6:17 AM
lol, yup.
6:37 AM
Which one?
@lnafziger "Why the heck do we care about cylinder compressions?"
(there's an awesome Mike Busch webinar about that, and why soft cylinders don't matter much. And here these nice aussies are with an engine that, in a differential compression test, would have a reading of 0/80...)
6 hours later…
12:25 PM
good morning
afternoon ;)
sup @roe
not much, lunch break
just got to $work
1:54 PM
Anyone know if there's a list of UK callsigns? Wondering who "Scarecrow" is (heard on Manchester ATC)
2:16 PM
@DannyBeckett; I saw your post on liveatc, it's not in wikipedias list
@roe Yeah I tried searching a couple of lists I have links to, and Google too... nothing came up. Kinda why I'm interested
do you post on Live ATC or just browse? @roe
@DannyBeckett from time-to-time, i think i have ~30 posts.
ah ok, was just wondering if you'd posted any interesting recordings
The Aviation Audio Clips forum is a daily click for me
I've condensed a few from the archives on request, but I haven't caught any myself. Yeah, same here, i pretty much go through all unread topics on a daily basis.
Just saw a plane's transponder drop off on Flight Radar 24 at FL200!! :O
trying to pull it up on the playback
callsign C550
not sure where I got FL200 from, it was at 5,500 ft
Go to flightradar24.com/53.46,-2.71/9 and choose Playback for 14:20 UTC
Cessna 550 Citation Bravo - squawk 0617 @ 330 kts
...hope it was just a transponder issue, he was descending though
2:42 PM
To be honest, it's probably neither, there are glitches from time to time and the updates aren't reaching the website.
It was doing 300kts though
The max speed for a Cessna 150 is 109 kts @roe
sure, but the 150 is a light single, the citation is a jet :)
oh shit, 5 50
@DannyBeckett; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_Citation_II cruises at 400 kts
ah, that's better then!
I shit myself for a moment there, thinking it was a 1 50
3:17 PM
posted on January 07, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

7 January 1785: On a clear, calm day, Jean-Pierre François Blanchard and Doctor John Jeffries flew across the English Channel in a hydrogen-filled balloon. They lifted off from Dover Castle, Kent, England at about 1:00 p.m. The journey to Guînes, Pas-de-Calais, France took about two and a half hours. The balloon was approximately 8.2 meters (27 […] The post 7 January 1785 appeared first o

posted on January 07, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

7 January 1931: Guy Lambton Menzies (1909–1940) flew an Avro 616 Sports Avian, G-ABCF, Southern Cross Junior, solo across the Tasman Sea from Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to New Zealand. Concerned that aviation authorities would prevent his flight, he had said that his destination was Perth, Western Australia. While enroute, severe weather blew […] The post 7 Janua

posted on January 07, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

7 January 1948: Captain Thomas Francis Mantell Jr., 165th Fighter Squadron, Kentucky Air National Guard, received a request from the control tower at Godman Army Air Field, Fort Knox, Kentucky, to investigate an Unidentified Object visible to the southwest. Mantell led C Flight, four North American F-51D* Mustangs, in pursuit. Two pilots broke off because […] The post 7 January 1948 appea

posted on January 07, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

During 1966–1967, author John Steinbeck was in Vietnam. He wrote a series of dispatches to Newsday which have recently been published as a book, Steinbeck In Vietnam: Dispatches From the War, edited by Thomas E. Barden. University of Virginia Press, 224 pp., $29.95. On 7 January 1967, Steinbeck was at Pleiku, where he flew aboard […] The post 7 January 1967 appeared first on This Day in A

3:41 PM
Q: What can we do about users asking bizarre, inappropriate questions repeatedly?

abelenkyConsider the questions of User Danny Beckett: He asks if he should bring parachutes and oxygen canisters on planes to increase his chances of survival. He asks about the meal-details of the crew, to avoid food poisoning. He's worried about pilots who have been drinking. He keeps watch on radar ...

> "vote down requires 125 rep"
damn i want to vote it down to oblivion
50 rep to comment? foolish!
4:06 PM
posted on January 07, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

7 January 1980: In response to a challenge, Alan W. Gerhartner, the chief flight instructor for Logan and Reavis Air., Inc., Medford, Oregon, flew a four-place, single-engine Mooney M20K, N231LR, from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Washington National Airport (DCA) in 8 hours, 4 minutes, 25 seconds. This was a new Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) speed […] The po

4:49 PM
@bretcopeland Is now a good time for mod pro tem nominations?
5:00 PM
@called2voyage the community team apparently thinks so.
@BretCopeland Is someone planning to create a question for it?
@called2voyage I'm not sure. I think they generally just pick unless people start posting opinions on meta. Were you wanting to make a suggestion?
@BretCopeland No, but I noticed that no nomination post had been created so I was thinking of creating one but wanted to run it by someone before I did.
5:17 PM
@BretCopeland Posted:
Q: Who should our moderators be?

called2voyageI have received word that the community managers are ready to pick moderators pro tem for Aviation. With that in mind, I thought I'd ask anyone if they have any suggestions. Feel free to nominate yourself or someone else in a community wiki answer to this question. If your meta site does n...

5:29 PM
Q: Who should our moderators be?

called2voyageI have received word that the community managers are ready to pick moderators pro tem for Aviation. With that in mind, I thought I'd ask anyone if they have any suggestions. Feel free to nominate yourself or someone else in a community wiki answer to this question. If your meta site does n...

Q: Who should the moderators be?

Tim PostOne of the 7 Essential questions that all new communities need to ask is who in the community would be well suited to help lead the site to a successful graduation? Each beta site needs at least three moderators pro tempore to provide leadership and guidance, help the community with janitorial t...

@timpost Oops, didn't mean to duplicate your effort there.
I'm not sure which one of us posted first.
Feel free to delete mine if you'd prefer yours, and I'll move my nomination to yours.
@called2voyage Eeek! I didn't see the one you posted. Removed mine.
I did a quick search for [moderation] , whoops :)
oops, should probably make that a tag synonym or something.
5:48 PM
what kind of involvement level is expected of appointed moderators?
@egid I moderate two relatively new beta sites and don't find the load too overwhelming.
On a good week I do try to visit stack exchange every week day.
But even that isn't strictly necessary.
There aren't any hard and fast requirements, and all moderators and Stack Exchange employees understand that mod positions are voluntary and people have real lives to attend to.
This is part of the reason why most sites have at least three mods--so they can cover each other when one or two mods need to step away for a while for something.
A: I just saw a plane drop off online radar; should I do anything about it?

SquidwardNah. I wouldn't do anything about it Spongebob. Probably just a blip on the radar...

flagged ;|
5:59 PM
A: Who should our moderators be?

Pato SainzI would like to nominate voretaq7. Voretaq7 is already an active member of other SE sites, and he has shown to be valuable to the growing Aviation community, his profile confirms that, too.

@voretaq7 ^
I just noticed that this place is the first time where I've stopped being simply a chat dweller, and actually contributed to the site itself.
@called2voyage see above :-)
@voretaq7 be our almighty mod
6:05 PM
@egid Generally mods are expected to keep an eye on the flag queue and do the odd spam patrol - the time commitment varies depending on the number of mods, the activity level of the site, and how psychotic your co-moderators are
(e.g. on Server Fault I don't really have to do much because MichaelHampton is all over the flag queue & crap posts like white on rice)
@PatoSáinz do y'all really want to give me modlike powers? You know I'm just going to abuse them :)
@voretaq7 shut up and be my ruler <3
(no homo)
@voretaq7 Experienced abuse is better than inexperienced abuse?
@PatoSáinz never homo. story of my life. <sulks and watches Arrow - violence and Stephen Amell will cheer me up> :-P
6:10 PM
@called2voyage BALEET ALL THE THINGS!
I watch Grey's Anatomy
and i'm not a big pussy
@PatoSáinz ...you just said you watch Grey's Anatomy. Making such self-contradictory statements is usually reserved for members of the United States Congress
@voretaq7 My brother-in-law says Arrow's good, but I haven't checked it out yet. What's your opinion?
6:13 PM
I like it, and not just because of Stephen Amell & Colton Haynes (though they're certainly a perfectly cromulent reason to watch)
they do a LOT of flashback scenes to Green Arrow's time on the island, which I'm not a fan of (I prefer the flashbacks to be done as companion episodes or something so they're not chopping up the main story line)
but overall as far as comic adaptations go, this one is "Not completely ruining my childhood", which is pretty high praise from me :-)
Good to know.
Currently binge watching Supernatural with my wife, and occasionally watching an episode or two of Fringe by myself.
I'm about mid-to-late season six on Supernatural.
Just starting out on Fringe
Oh and John Barrowman is evil, which is kinda interesting to watch if you're used to seeing him as Captain Jack Harkness :)
Q: What materials are plane windows made of?

Pato SainzI've always wondered, what are those dual-layered (that sometimes has a little <2mm hole) windows commercial jets put next to their seats made of?

@voretaq7 Not really up to date on New Who/Torchwood. I'm one of those guys who makes himself watch all the old stuff first.
I never got into fringe. It's because that dude who played Pacey on Dawson's Creek is in it (I never thought much of his acting, and I despised that show :P) I've seen a few episodes without him in it though and I liked them
6:16 PM
Which I really enjoy.
I like some of the old Dr. Who stuff better than the new. Never really a Torchwood fan. X-Files without Scully? What's the point?!
@voretaq7 He's not great but he's balanced out by John Noble.
you need someone to go "Mulder, that's not possible, it couldn't.... oh ok maybe it is possible. Shut up Mulder."
@voretaq7 Oh, I need to get back to watching X-Files. Never did finish.
@voretaq7 how can i propose new tags and descriptions for them?
6:18 PM
I have trouble catching up on X-Files because I can't watch it when my wife is around--even if she's sleeping.
She has weird dreams.
also I think I just had my first shaking my head slowly and backing away moment on this site:
Q: Is it legal to take off with an iced windscreen?

KrumelurLooking at this video on Youtube, I'm wondering if it is actually legal to take off with a windscreen iced like that? For VFR this is a no go, but what about IFR and under what conditions?

that image. just no. How hard is it to spray some freakin' TKS fluid on the windscreen?
And that question made the hot network questions list too.
For good reason, you don't have to look twice to think that sounds bad.
@PatoSáinz for new tags, just use 'em. Tags are created upon use. For new Wikis you can edit them and they go in a queue for peer review (a/k/a free rep :-)
6:21 PM
@voretaq7 i don't have enough rep
@called2voyage I guess I shouldn't be surprised - I mean I see people drive their cars like that ALL THE TIME around here
@PatoSáinz well you'll need to earn more rep then! CRACKS WHIP
@voretaq7 Not guilty of driving with ice, but definitely guilty of driving with a fogged window.
That's because my a/c is broken though.
@voretaq7 or i could just be appointed mod
@PatoSáinz You could self-nominate if you feel you're qualified.
@voretaq7 is there a way to list all tags?
6:24 PM
And it is searchable
nevermind i just found it (top bar)
@called2voyage thanks lol
6:35 PM
7:12 PM
Wow, a European-centric answer -- needs moar upboats
@PatoSáinz I rejected your wiki edits on Boeing and Airbus.... and I'll talk to you about why in a second. I accidentally rejected your edit on avionics, which I think was valid. Totally sorry about that. Please feel free to resubmit and I, or someone else will approve it.
> Avionics is applied electronics to aviation. Radars, radios, instruments, dashboards, they all belong to this category.
I rejected the other two because they weren't particularly helpful, and would have needed to be quantified a lot better. Calling Airbus biggest, and Boeing the second biggest aircraft manufacturers is misleading at best.
If you are going to call something the biggest, you need to name the comparison criteria (number of airplanes produced, amount of revenue, number of employees, revenue from airplane production vs. other sources, etc). Boeing is actually a bigger aerospace company by revenue, even if Airbus has more commercial airline deliveries.
@BretCopeland I was talking about market share, but you've got a fair point
@DannyBeckett check
@PatoSáinz I think Cessna may still win the market share battle -- Isn't the 172 "the world's most produced airframe" or sommat? :)
7:23 PM
@voretaq7 what about the RV series of kits? :)
@egid I answered (upvoted you too, thanks)
those are probably the most-produced airframe, technically.
@DannyBeckett ok
@voretaq7 true
@egid hmm.... idunno if there are more of those flying around than various 172s. Might be a close contest :)
7:24 PM
i just noticed one thing
@DannyBeckett Meh, don't let it get to ya. I personally don't see any problems with your questions so far. (The parachute one I'll grant you is a bit odd, but I've had people ask stranger questions)
You cannot fly a Magenetic Ressonance medical machine in a plane, you are only limited to do it via freight
I missed something I meant to put in there actually...
@DannyBeckett I understand why you want to respond but it might be good to give it a day or two before you do so ;)
you also might want to edit out your f bomb
7:26 PM
the f bomb stays
(I got the parachute question from someone once, it seemed particularly odd to me as they were standing next to the plane and could see that the Cherokee door opens right into the airflow)
it's a personal attack, an asterisked f bomb is nothing
@DannyBeckett the first rule of confrontations is do not engage, and if in case you do (you already did), keep a cool head
@DannyBeckett the community addressed the question, no reason to continue a flame war.
@BretCopeland Sure, but it is a personal attack
re-read the words he chose to use
7:27 PM
@DannyBeckett sort of, but just let it go.
I am doing... don't worry ;)
It's gotten nothing but down votes.
Obviously the community is on your side.
yesterday, by Danny Beckett
apparently I've asked too many ridiculous questions
not the first personal attack either, from the same guy I believe
7:29 PM
If you wanted to write a response that simply clarified why you think those questions are relevant, I think that would be helpful. We just don't want meta turning into a personal back and forth.
the whole question needs to be killed tbh
@DannyBeckett i don't think so, it serves as a precendent
i will reiterate that i think it's a reasonable question
i don't like how it was written, but it is a reasonable question.
7:31 PM
^ this
i think that the way it was phrased edges into inappropriate, in fact
@egid yes, I agree with that exactly.
@DannyBeckett I'm not thrilled with the guy making what is, yes, effectively a personal attack - but I think we need the precedent-setting question
it definitely does
as I say, purely through his choice of words
you should edit his question to remove the personal attacks ;)
7:31 PM
I'm gonna
@DannyBeckett +1
and honestly I think it helps that the question was put forth in a pretty crass/elitist manner -- it makes that side of the argument look that much worse :)
but only without changing the meaning of it
I'll be nice - looking forward to the REJECT
give me a minute
@DannyBeckett if you manage to not change the meaning it'll be alright
7:32 PM
@voretaq7 yeah that is a pretty good point really
@PatoSáinz that's what I'm gonna do
in a way
his question does sort of highlight the type of questions we should downvote
so maybe you shouldn't revise it
@voretaq7 I missed that the first time. That's not a bad point
@egid yeah ok sure. Makes sense!
alternately just keep upvoting my answer :D
deleting my f bomb too :p
7:33 PM
@egid rep whore :)
bah it's meta i don't get rep
@egid go answer the CG question :P
@egid who cares about meta
oh @BretCopeland deleted it
there's no rep
7:34 PM
no rep = no fun
@voretaq7 i upvoted it :P
i gotta get my server running again, maybe later
also yankeekilo got a good answer down already
I don't think it was an inappropriate answer was it @BretCopeland? I was just about to edit out the "fucking", but other than that...?
7:35 PM
hmm, checking the site's beta assesment... we are improving
@DannyBeckett I think honestly giving it a little time doesn't hurt
f bomb aside
q/a ratio is 1.8 now
99% answered ahaha
@PatoSáinz I don't think we're really improving
@DannyBeckett Honestly I think it's better not to reply when the post is a personal attack - it looks better for you when other people step in and defend you, whereas if you defend yourself it looks like you're just spoiling for a fight :)
7:36 PM
the answer ratio might've gone up, but the questions/day is still dropping @PatoSáinz
@DannyBeckett @PatoSáinz I think the stats are starting to reflect the real level of participation (as the natural spike of questions when the site opened starts to taper off & average out)
= we need more users :)
@DannyBeckett basically, yes :)
@DannyBeckett I deleted it because your answer was primarily concerning the personal attack, and as I said, there's just no need for that. The community has spoken on the matter already, and they sided with you. No reason to add to the fire.
@voretaq7 yeah that's a fair comment too
7:38 PM
the two numbers I'm personally least happy with are Q/day & Visits/day - which both generally scale log-linearly with users :)
@BretCopeland ok Bret thanks for taking the time to explain :)
ha, nice!
@voretaq7 are you going to accept your moderator nomination?
I think I'm just gonna go sit quietly on the ramp and wave at the tower until they give me light signals <cue "sad Hulk walking away" music>
@BretCopeland probably, I have to drop in on Meta - I just finished skimming the main site for things worth upvoting :)
which, by the by, we should all try to do - especially in Beta. Scan through stuff with new answers and see if they're worth upvoting.
7:41 PM
Yeah, just don't cast 40 votes in one minute.
dual purpose of encouraging new people to participate when they see they're getting upvotes, and improving the user-rep stats on Area51 :)
or 39
@BretCopeland The algorithm would never declare ME a vote-seller.... it's just not quite sure I'm a human being half the time
(stupid bot detection empathy tests!)
7:43 PM
"You see a turtle, on it's back, baking in the sun on the hot tarmac..."
"I'd call the Port Authority Turtle Specialists to pick it up and drive it across the airport. That's what we're supposed to do, right?" :)
@BretCopeland how often do the Area51 stats update?
@egid I'm not sure. I could ask someone if you want.
or you could ask it on meta.stackoverflow
@BretCopeland didn't SE get its own meta?
area51 probably has its own meta ;)
7:54 PM
cool, was just about to look. thanks!
@PatoSáinz not yet, the but split is coming.
@egid area is already too meta
ah, he's "vain" too... who'd of thunk it? meta.aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/45/separate-profiles
btw, just let the record stand here: I strongly suspect he reported that guy to the FAA with the icy windshield
did anyone else see that comment?
the pilot shouldn't have done it, but he realised his mistake and deleted the video
to go and report him to the FAA is wrong, if he did, like was incinuated
"tonight in fox news: major air crisis averted because of Stack Exchange Aviation website"
7:59 PM
I just saw that question had 1.5k views
in a matter of hours

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