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Ahoy people!
I know absolutely nothing about aviation.
But I do know a little about the SE network.
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ahoy ;)
good luck
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no feeds?
let me change that :)
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TildalWave has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
Q: What is are the general in-scope and out-of-scope guidelines?

JoeAs the community forms, it is important to define a specific set of guidelines for what is in-scope and what is out-of-scope for questions.

Q: How should we handle country specific questions answers?

kyryxAs an example, I just busted class Bravo airspace, now what?, the accepted answer includes several US specific details (FAA, AOPA, ASRS). However, the question was not US specific. I expect this will become a bigger issue as we get more questions dealing with regulatory issues. If we do not have...

Q: Are combat flight and military aircraft on scope?

TildalWavePreface / Background for new members to Stack Exchange This is going to be one of presumably many questions in the site scope series of our brand new Stack Exchange. This is only a question, so please indicate your support for any of the provided answers below by voting on them, or if you have ...

nice :)

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