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12:00 AM
There's 1 waiting!!
@rolfl: I actually had a feeling it was about this, but the lack of capitalization confused me. :-P
Does not deserve a capital letter :(
conversation migrated to English Language SE
heh.... maybe my new hat
will appear if I do a few more lines:
of text in here:
Hi-Ho - Silver! ..... noooooooo ......
scrolling up through the chat is insane. about 40% of messages are starred...
oh god. one of the chat bots someone makes is going to give fake stars to extend the star limit
12:08 AM
@retailcoder We have the same amount of hats!
Inaccurate: I have 15 hats now.
@Corbin I don't even know what's possible and what's not possible in the chat bots area. Is there any documentation for that?
@Jamal I and @retailcoder still have the same amount.
Q: Fractal programming - Any way to optimize this code for real time rendering?

lucas92I have some code that I'd like to optimize if possible beside lowering the maximum number of iterations. I've heard there is some way to detect a cyclic but I've tried to implement it in different ways and either it became slower or it did garbage. The display functions are not shown since it is ...

I'm reading some old chat conversations, from the time before I joined the chat here, and I just gotta say... times change :)
Nov 16 at 7:34, by Jamal
@retailcoder: Wait, did I do that? I haven't clicked on any stars lately. Speaking of which, why aren't we starring truly important messages? Could be useful for others.
Let me star that for you ....!
12:20 AM
"why aren't we starring truly important messages?", hilarious @Jamal :)
I mean, like' omg, we're always soooo, like deep! and like, spouting fonts of wisdom in here!
@rolfl Especially from the monkeys.
This is a public service announcement.... this is a "truly important message".... CodeReview Needs You!
NOW that might be considered important :) RSA!
I'm going to use all of my 20 starts in the first hour at this rate.
12:23 AM
Is it only 20? huh.
Hello @syb0rg .....
@SimonAndréForsberg: Well, thinking about it now, I suppose that would mean very little starring.
@rolfl Hello
Sorry I haven't been chatting often, I'm working on Marketing homework.
22 page Marketing Plan
In theory, if I make time for it (not), I can hit 5K today.....
All I need to do is edit as couple of answers somewhere.... ;-)
This sounds familiar...
A: Perform instruction in loop every time except the last time?

Erik Madsen Make a sub list of all but the last string. Perform for-each loop and do stuff with subsist. Handle (or not) the final item of original list.

I wielded a wand ......
12:26 AM
.... and I appeared!
Serves as a good tl;dr, though. ;-)
3.5K users: you may decide if the question is ready for protection.
Aww, my vote doesn't count.
@Jamal - I already protected it when I wielded my wand!
You're a monkey. You just hold a banana.
Also, as a side note .... as I have said before, activity makes eyes see answers, and I scored an upvote on that old answer.
12:30 AM
Afff, 399 reputation left! = 2 monkey days
Yay, I'm Enlightened!
A: Return a string without the first two characters

Simon André ForsbergYes, some of the things you are doing is redundant and quite messy. As this seems to be a homework assignment I will only provide hints for you here. What you can do is: If the string is empty, return an empty string immediately Store the first character in a variable Store the second characte...

@SimonAndréForsberg Not sure. Haven't looked into it myself. I just know that a few people were talking about it in here yesterday.
@Corbin Well I do hope there is some documentation available, otherwise it will be very hard to make the weekend challenge
There's a lot of documentation on the SE API, but I'm not sure if there's a chat API. Jamal was saying that bots are tolerated, but not technically supported.
12:45 AM
@Corbin There has to be some "hackish" way that you could get a bot to post a message, star a message, etc.
well, the hackish way is to just monitor this chat and reverse engineer it
it's just AJAX after all
(well, i think it is. it might be web sockets. haven't actually checked)
@Corbin Me either. It would be an interesting challenge.
Perhaps reverse engineering the chat API would be a weekend challenge in itself?
Yeah, that could be interesting.
@SimonAndréForsberg Yes, but who wants to participate in that?
12:48 AM
Hmm, there's some info here: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/64252/173058
high level and mostly a "what if we actually had an API?" discussion, but interesting
@syb0rg Although I find reverse engineering challenging and actually, quite fun sometimes. I believe there are better things I could spend my time at, at least for the moment...
@SimonAndréForsberg I find it intriguing as well. But we are part of the minority here.
And all my time is allocated as well.
really all weekend challenges are wastes of time :)
Speaking of which: Anchorman 2 tonight! (I'm going to wish I didn't tomorrow...)
@syb0rg Anchorman 2 ??
@Corbin I'd rather see weekend challenges as investments of time.
12:51 AM
Swedes ..... clueless....
well, yeah. they definitely improve coding ability
but in the short run they're very time wasting
@Corbin - it's a toss-up... I learned some things from this week's challenge...
@Corbin So did I. And I thought my submission was good.
yeah, i definitely think they're worth while. i just meant that theyre a waste of time in the context of the conversation happening
i need to actually do one of those weekend challenges...
ive been trying to pick up python lately, and i could use someone tearing my code apart haha
@Corbin That's the spirit!
12:54 AM
hrmmm, the SE chat is rather interesting. it uses websockets for the messages from other people, but your own messages are sent via an AJAX request. and periodic polling with AJAX is used for stars and whatnot
@rolfl Canadians ..... monkeys....
there's a little masochistic part of me that's tempted to make an API for the chat....
@Corbin - auto-star 'lol' and it will be popular!
@Corbin You make the API, we make the bots!
@Corbin I found this Stack Overflow XMPP Bridge on Github:
12:55 AM
well, that's why a "make a simulated chat API" could be an interesting weekend challenge
Or, keep a running-total of 'road-kill' (slaughtered baby unicorns).
However, it looks to be outdated.
Perhaps it would be possible to combine the chat bot with the Sentiment Analysis idea?
(Or at least, some chat bot implementations could)
And the code is written in Ruby XP
hrmm, seems if you had a chat API, and you had a sentiment analyzer, combining the two would be trivial
well, other than a few chat specific concerns
would certainly be interesting though
12:58 AM
I think the Code Review site needs it's own Github account or group.
Then we can fork and maintain projects.
group, or account?
Group would work too.
I haven't worked much with Github, it's a new area for me somewhat.
a group actually would be a good idea
I've worked some with Github, but I really could use more experience in it. Forking a Github project would be a good challenge for me (hopefully shouldn't take an entire weekend though)
could be interesting to have everyone publish all of hte weekend challenges
and then ideally over time all of the weekend challenges could become a reference collection of very high quality code
1:00 AM
Yeah, technically, the contributions are open-source already (CC-wiki with attribution required or what is it called?)
I have experience on GitHub.
How do we create a group?
And should we create a meta-post about this, or keep it a more restricted group?
theyre called "organizations" on github
and you just pull down the drop down on the top left and go to create organization
and yeah, we should definitely do a meta on it
Is there a leader to a group, or is it a collective thing?
1:02 AM
if we plan on it being officially tied to CR, and not just "a bunch of people from CR got together and made this"
Yes, a meta on it would be good
who wants to make the question?
Nose goes!
1:03 AM
i will, but i cant for a few hours
I think it should be @Jamal so it can get featured right away.
bout to go eat and whatnot
yeah, if he's down
Nose Goes or the Nose Game is a popular selection method most commonly used when deciding which of several persons is assigned an unwanted task. This method is commonly used to select who is "it" in tag or the seeker in hide-and-seek, and to decide who must perform details in the U.S. Military. Explanation One member of a group notices that something (usually a small or simple errand or task) needs to be done. They mention it and call the name of the game, placing their index finger on the tip of their nose. As the other members of the group acknowledge the task, they also place their ind...
I also think that a moderator should set up the organization. @Jamal I nominate you: github.com/organizations/new
1:09 AM
There's just one slight problem: I've never used GitHub before.
For me it'd be fine if anyone would do it. @syb0rg? @Corbin? Any volunteers?
I'll do it.
i can do it
What should the name be?
1:10 AM
@Jamal _ use GitHub for JDOM ( https://github.com/hunterhacker/jdom ).
My presense there is permanent.
ah, syb0rg beat me to it :)
just call it CodeReview i guess
What programmers do: Naming things
If it's just for , then I can just tag the post as such.
yeah, CodeReview (or CodeReview.SE) is fine I guess
@Corbin Already taken
1:11 AM
yes, that's good
hrmmm, yeah
CodeReviewCommunity is probably better
I like the CRC ACronym ....
since SE implies we have an associated with the SE brand
which we do not
CRC could be confusing with the checksum named CRC
It also implies we are swedish, which we are not ... oh, nevermind
though CodeReviewCommunity is a bit long
1:13 AM
I need account names to invite people
@Corbin We can probably edit the name later.
^^ that was a ?
I hope...
@syb0rg : rolfl
1:13 AM
@syb0rg : Zomis
(the account with the monkey-face.)
(but no mask).
"Anyone you add to this team will be able to modify the organization's billing information and will have complete access to all repositories and organization information."
Not sure I like the billing information.
@syb0rg my name is nibroc
@retailcoder: still fighting that temptation?
well, since it's a free open source account, there shouldn't be any billing info
alternatively, just add us as push/pull access, but no admin rights
1:15 AM
You did choose the 'free' plan, right?
@Corbin @rolfl I did choose the free one.
@Jamal yeah...
@Jamal You have an account?
No I don't.
Dinner's here.....
1:15 AM
@rolfl Same...
I am happy to volunteer to own/administer the account if needed.
You're at the zoo? ;-)
Own the account while I eat dinner.
You guys should have full admin rights.
1:16 AM
Gone ... BBL
WTF I hit the vote cap, waited 16 hours for this moment and... still no spent-all-40-votes hat?????
@rolfl that's either Be Back Later, or Big Banana Lunch...
1:33 AM
@Jamal Are you going to create an account? I need to add you to the admins group.
I suppose, but I should first learn more about the site. To be honest, my only exposure to it was checking to see if said links were still working (for determining closure).
Also, we should refrain from creating a meta post till we have set up all of the groups.
I missed the conversation about the chat bot thing, but I'll still put my grain of salt here: I think CRWEC needs to get back to its roots - a small/TINY project that can be completed within a couple of hours.
^^ writes "tiny" in ALL CAPS. ironic.
@retailcoder But we also want to make it a challenge.
(in agreement with you)
Also, do you have a Github account @retailcoder
1:40 AM
yup. never really used it, but yeah got one.
I once forked a project from someone on this site actually, some dice roller project
if the winning proposal is too easy for you, then you can consider writing it in another language you've never used before. Or you can try to post the canonical best possible implementation you could think of. And still get reviewed with stuff to improve.
@syb0rg that's my hat! the hat I didn't get even though I did spend all my votes!! You stole my hat!!
I like my new hat
Or should I say: "hat"?
I like mine better - I'm the only one on CR to have it :p
Q: How to find the mode of a list in Python?

KyleI want to return the mode of a given list. For example, the function could be called: def findmode(L): Should I double for-loop or use a list comprehension? Help me out! Thanksss!

it's hatz
@StackExchange too late, bot. It's been @Jamalized.
I was almost going to say that I am the only one who has my hat too, then I realized I just helped you get it, @retailcoder. And @rolfl probably would have several duplicates of the hat already.
1:50 AM
I like to get these closed before someone decides to give teh codez anyway.
@Jamal did @Jamalized ping you?
Unfortunately, no.
@Jamal.ized perhaps?
looks like a malformed email address!
aaargh did it again
1:53 AM
(^^ not "lol")
yes you did, and this time I did RSA before the monkey did
I got @simonized
^^ Simonizer S1800
Wouldn't "getting a message starred in chat" be @Malachi ized?
Q: Retrieving User Information from Google Plus API with PHP

RicoRosWhen you're visiting this page: https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/activities/z12gtjhq3qn2xxl2o224exwiqruvtda0i?key=AIzaSyAwnz3yjIcvsosfbudkzl9oogGrT21m6Ns ...i guess what is called an object, appears with a lot of information. But when i try to do a simple GET call and then print it, like so: ...

1:56 AM
Wtf is that? A vacuum cleaner?
Beat you to it, StackExchange.
A pressure washer
beats a vacuum cleaner
Close vote in, @Jamal
And getting upvoted has to be @retailcoder-ized
Monkey-ized, or @rolfl'ized must be when you get a sarcastic comment / pun / some other kind of joke in return for something you write... :)
no, when you make a tpyo
1:59 AM
Ah, yes!
@Simonized is when you suddenly realize the time is way past bedtime, I believe
Q: Retrieving User Information from Google Plus API with PHP

RicoRosWhen you're visiting this page: https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/activities/z12gtjhq3qn2xxl2o224exwiqruvtda0i?key=AIzaSyAwnz3yjIcvsosfbudkzl9oogGrT21m6Ns ...i guess what is called an object, appears with a lot of information. But when i try to do a simple GET call and then print it, like so: ...

9PM +6 is...
2:01 AM
@retailcoder is way too late!
Good night then!
(I'll ping you to let you know when your serial votes get reversed :)
Good :)
2:13 AM
Cya guys!
Looking at @Simon's Sudoku solver code. In 2 years of C# I never used yield because I failed to understand what the keyword does the first time I came across the thing. He uses it everywhere he can. This guy is a programmer. I'm just a nerd.
No, I haven't finished my Java solver. I just want that green tick!
2:31 AM
Q: Having trouble on this Java Program

BlackDeverauxso i'm making this Java Program and playing around with it, I got to a point where i don't know how I would resolve this; import java.util.Scanner; public class nameredirect { public static void main(String args[]){ Scanner namecheck = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.pri...

Q: python implementation of sha1

kyle kHere is a implementation of the cryptographic hash function SHA1 written in python, It does not use any external libraries only built-in functions. I know that it would be faster to use an external library, but my code is for learning purposes. I want to know if i am properly implanting the algo...

2 hours later…
4:13 AM
@syb0rg: Still here?
@Jamal Yes, Anchorman 2 didn't work out :(
"The projector broke."
Aw. :-( I do want to see that movie sometime.
It looks soooooooo good.
Right now I'm adding different "teams" to the CRC account.
I'm basing the teams by language.
Of course I was still inclined to check IMDb's rating, which was a 6.7. They seem to give everything a slow score.
@Jamal Those critics are never right.
That's all the teams I will create for now, in case we change our mind.
I'm not sure if you can view that or not.
4:20 AM
Yeah, I still need to create an account. I'll do so tomorrow. Perhaps it'll be to my personal benefit, too. Not that I have much code worth showing.
You can "push" and "pull" code too.
(I think that is the right terminology, I'm somewhat new to this too.)
and "fork". don't forget "fork" :)
Well hello there @retailcoder
Do you have an account I can add to the admin list?
4:21 AM
I have a lot to learn, then. So far I just have two small projects on Ideone.
@Jamal You have never used Git before?
Once you use it, you can't go back!
I just haven't used Github.
Like I said before, I've only "seen" it when determining if said links in questions are still accessible. :-P
@Jamal You can edit that comment so that it has come context, and just isn't a link.
You do have that power, right?
Hey @Corbin
@syb0rg: You mean about my previous chat message about that?
@Jamal The link in the comment of mine that was just pinned. Can you edit it to have context?
@syb0rg: Oh yeah, I can.
prompts for credentials and ...access denied :(
@retailcoder Added. Don't go abusing your powers now ;)
Awww, what?
@syb0rg: Like that?
4:29 AM
@Jamal Looks good.
Yay! I'm now the only user in the C# team :)
Just FYI, I can rename the group if needed.
It is not final if the community wants to change it.
And I'll be the only one on the C++ team (unless @Corbin will join as well). :-)
Yay! I'm now the only user in the Java team :)
Uh, did I mention, THIS IS A FREAKIN' AWESOME IDEA!!!!
I'm not seeing you guys as members of those teams.
@retailcoder Star the pinned message to help the word spread!
4:32 AM
I haven't signed up yet.
Once we clean up the account a bit (and @Jamal has become an owner), we can take this to meta.
@Jamal think of GitHub as a Cave of Wonders where you have unlimited editing powers
No edit floods?
...ok maybe not a cave
Well this is annoying. There is a GitHub user named... syb0rd
4:35 AM
Aw, eff it. I can create an account now.
@Jamal Yay!
If this is to be my "professional" account, I'll use my real name instead of a username.
@Jamal that's Jamal Izer?
Uh... yes, let's go with that.
Q: Is it bad practice to use your real name online?

blade19899On some accounts I use my real name on-line (Google+/Facebook/Wikipedia/personal blog), others (Q&A/Gaming) I use an alias. My question is: Security and privacy wise, what can people do with my real name? What are the dangers of using your real name on-line.

(recent hot question on IT security)
4:42 AM
Can I create a repo, like CodeReviewCommunity/WeekendChallenge1 and upload my RPSLS C# code there?
Okay, my account has been created.
@retailcoder You probably know how this works better than I do. I say go for it.
@Jamal Username?
@syb0rg I mean, yeah, I could create it, but then would @Simon be able to upload a Java implementation of WeekendChallenge1? ...I'll call it WeekendChallenge1CSharp
Or WeekendChallengeCSharp1
@retailcoder They would be repos in different teams.
they're public repos right?
4:46 AM
@retailcoder Do you want to be in charge of writing a meta post about this?
Of course I'll write the meta post - I'll make it Q&A and then I want 40 upvotes so I can get the Jeff wig-hat :)
I think I'll rename myself metacoder
or just metawriter
@retailcoder Well in that case, why don't I make the post... /sarcasm
Are you going to make it community wiki?
Good, I'll help revise it, and I'm assuming @Jamal will as well. Then we can feature it.
Is there a way to upload your own avatar, do you you have to use a Gravatar?
4:50 AM
I think so, but haven't figure it out. I think they're using Gravatar
@Jamal I think you have to use Gravatar :(
Let me do a bit of research.
@Jamal Yes, you have to use Gravatar.
we need to make one with the CR logo!
I wonder how we should structure the CR git stuff.... The problem is that we can't everyone who wants to contribute. Perhaps we should make a repo for each week? (week1, week2, etc), and then have people submit pull requests? Then those pull requests would of course pull their code into the repo. That would keep the code all centralized into one repo, but wouldn't require giving tons of people access directly to the repo.
@retailcoder I was just working on that actually.
That also needs a Gravatar though...
4:54 AM
@syb0rg don't forget that we don't technically have the legal right to use the CR logo
might be better to hold off on that
Can I rename a repository?
@Corbin I know, I'm holding off on that till later.
@Jamal To what?
Wait, nevermind.
I'm making one of my own.
@Jamal Making your own group?
Just a repo. I'm assuming one is relevant for, say, posting my completed C++ programs.
4:57 AM
hrmmm i get the feeling we should plan this out better
@Jamal Oh, yes. Sure is.
seems that mashing things into github might end in doing a lot of reorganizing
@Corbin Agreed. That is why we haven't posted a meta post yet.
Q: Standard rules to review simple Java class

AliI was asked to review this code and there are a few obvious problems like "public" member variables and not overriding hashcode() when equals() is overridden, which breaks the contract. But 1- What other improvements do you suggest with the following code? 2- When asked for a code review, what ...

@Corbin I did create some "teams".
4:57 AM
we should consider the capabilities/limitations of git and github and come up with a formal structure/workflow
@retailcoder Should weigh in on this, since he is writing the main draft of the meta post.
What's the scope exactly?
Like, CRWC projects?

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