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12:02 AM
Three Torchlight cards now.
Out of six.
@Alvar mine.stackgaming.com is a FTB Ultimate Pack server, so, yes.
I have an extra Torchlight and KSP card, looking for Skyrim, Football Manager and Chivalry
That is really mildly interesting.
12:19 AM
Wheeeeee a piracy question.
Q: Can PS Vita memory cards be switched between consoles?

Steve UIf I had a PS Vita and a memory card with games/saves on it tied to a PSN account, is it possible to put that memory card into a different PS Vita and still access the same content without any additional steps? This is assuming I would be signed into the same PSN account on both consoles. The us...

Q: Redstone rendering far away from player

danbru1211When i create really big cirquits and i go some distance away, the redstone mechanisms stop working and freeze. And if i come back they are still freezen. I have to click on a wire or repeater and place it again to get it working again. My cirquit is too big to be everywhere. I cant open minecraf...

Q: How do I play Monaco with friends?

badpI see no obvious way to play Monaco with friends, but surely that must be an available option in a coop game that uses Steamworks?

Q: Can I place blocks automatically?

SF.I've seen videos of people making printers in Minecraft - but that requires either preloading unending chains of piston-pushed blocks "as ink" or some way of dispensing them from storage in form of built blocks. I was sure so farm that Dispenser "builds" a buildable block like cobblestone if fed ...

Q: Metro: Last Light and Steam game updates

Bruno KleinBefore buying the game on Steam, I had downloaded the pirated version of the game, which, I suppose comes with no updates. With that version I could get an average of 43 FPS on the benchmark, with the game maxed out, with the original version (bought on Steam) I can get only 38 FPS and also am ex...

Hrm. What, if anything, can I do if a Steam game just crashes on launch? (Flight Control HD, specifically.) No errors. I don't even know if it's the game that crashes or if Steam client is busted.
@AnnaLear If something crashes on launch, it's a safe assumption that it's the overlay causing the crash. Try turning that off and re-launching?
@AnnaLear Tried disabling the overlay? That would rule out Steam.
someone go to the grocery store for my please
12:31 AM
@spugsley What aisle is your please in?
@Fluttershy :o
I hate you but think you're terribly clever all at the same time
@Fluttershy @LessPop_MoreFizz Stupid question: how do I turn off the overlay?
@AnnaLear That is something I am unsure about. >_>
@AnnaLear Right click game in library, properties, uncheck enable steam community in game
@AnnaLear Properties > "Enable Steam Community in-game"
12:37 AM
@spugsley Yayy! I like being clever. :3
Hrm, nope. That didn't help.
@AnnaLear you... could... um... replace the steam_api.dll with... a patched version... if you know what I mean :P
@AnnaLear That points to an issue with the game and not Steam then. Have you checked the games various support pages?
Verified local game content stuff?
@AnnaLear Could try verifying t... That. ^
12:40 AM
Yeah, verified local content and it was all fine.
@badp I actually don't, but that sounds more extreme than I want to go. Not a fan of jailbreaking things anymore. ;)
@AnnaLear Playing Win or Mac version?
Dang. The only thing I can find for Windows says to completely reinstall steam. x_x
> Nope, it just crashes. It's been like this for almost 2 months. You just got ripped off and the ♥♥♥♥ing developer nuked your 99 cents.
Or things like that.
Well, that's helpful.
Steam has been hella glitchy for me lately, though, so maybe reinstalling isn't such a terrible idea. (Although I don't care about Flight Control that much.)
Ah well. Thanks guys :)
I remember of a "flight sim" game I got with some spare credit in a videogame store
"Lock On!" by Ubisoft, I believe
It's got the particular distinction of being able to immediately bluescreen all the computers I tried to run it on.
12:48 AM
I am one achievement away from never having to play Flight Control ever again. I have a feeling this may be the case forever.
I think @Mana is having trouble with Dark Souls. =(
Everyone who had a tornado warning in the past few hours raise their hands. (raises hand)
@LessPop_MoreFizz thing is, we don't usually get tornados. I also have a cool pic, but I'm not in a position to upload.
Anyways, back to campfire.
1:05 AM
Chicken and Waffle Sandwich is a glorious thing.
Q: Best way for connecting this redstone vertically?

danbru1211i am currently working on a big RAM in minecraft and i want to connect the inputs of each row vertically: I want to connect the yellow lines. It should be fast not use too much space.

oh my fucking god
wine smoothie
white wine, coconut, pineapple, and dutch cream whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
/cc @ashleynunn now that I think about it.
I still have this bottle of strawberry liquer that I haven't opened.
@fbueckert it's Saturday night so....whatcha waiting for? :p
1:09 AM
@spugsley Someone to share it with? :P
Holy balls. I'm going to have to water this shit down. It's like drinking syrup
@LessPop_MoreFizz Did you get a chance to try the Lay's Chicken and Waffle chips?
@Fluttershy Yes, they are disgusting.
Which is a shame because chicken and waffles rules
@LessPop_MoreFizz Aw. I liked them. But I've also never had actual chicken and waffles. =(
@Fluttershy You are (at least nominally) in The South. You have no excuse.
1:15 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz We don't have anywhere around here that serves it, and I'm not a big fan of fried chicken. <_<
@Fluttershy I am not sure which of these two statements I find more difficult to believe.
@LessPop_MoreFizz There indeed wasn't anywhere around there to get that and he is a ridiculously picky eater.
Woo! Found Duct Tape!
Possible price error: Just Cause is 96% off ($0.27) http://store.steampowered.com/app/6880/
Not that's Just Cause, not Just Cause 2
@LessPop_MoreFizz I think SE Missouri is far enough South or East to actually have chicken and waffles as a thing.
1:22 AM
@Fluttershy Indeed, I would think it is.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oops! I meant isn't. <_< But I don't wanna edit it and make you look silly/have to edit your own.
@Fluttershy Further south than Kentucky. Further East than Arkansas.
If nothing else, even someplace as ubiquitous as an IHOP will sell it.
Final Fantasy 7 on sale. I didn't want to spend more money on this sale.
@Ullallulloo Is that a thing being teased at SDCC or something?
1:26 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yep.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Right. I wasn't counting IHOP though, as the closest one is like 2.5 hours away.
Don't. FF7 is rubbish.
@Sterno I was never a fan of the game.
Directed by Zack Snyder and written by David Goyer.
I couldn't even finish Disc 1 to be honest. I just found it really boring.
1:27 AM
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition?! Eeeeeeeeugh so tempting...
@Sterno I've already played it and I already know I like it.
We are not soul mates anymore.
7 hours ago, by Sterno
I want prison architect. But maybe not for $20
@Sterno Same here. It catches my attention, but $20 is a bit much for me to pay for something in Alpha.
@Ullallulloo Who's Jack Snyder? Do you mean Zack?
1:29 AM
@Wipqozn I keep almost pulling the trigger anyway
Disease. Again.
@StrixVaria Mortal Kombat Komplete's on flash sale
@Wipqozn Samesame!
@FAE I saw that. $20 is a bit much though
@StrixVaria Yeah. :/ I already own it on 360.
1:30 AM
Ooh! Dexters Laboratory! Teletoon Retro, you are clearly the best channel my aunt and uncle subscribe to.
My biggest problem is that people keep comparing it to Dwarf Fortress. That makes it really hard for me to buy, since I find most games compared to Dwarf Fortress are just games with less complexity but are a lot easier to learn.
which is good, but it always makes me feel like I should just play Dwarf Fortress instead, and continuing trying to get over it's steep learning curve.
@TrentHawkins I had a free month of that once. It was glorious.
@BenBrocka maybe it's just bad? :P
Price errors don't last 2 hours
@BenBrocka How are you enjoying Monaco? :3
@badp Possible...for all the love JC2 gets I NEVER hear people talk about JC 1
@Fluttershy looks really sweet so far
1:38 AM
@BenBrocka That's because it's like a half-finished piece of crap
We bought the first one on 360 and it just feels really really unfinished
@badp For what?
@Fluttershy Bioshock
Oh nice. o_o
I don't think anybody here is collecting foil cards?
@StrixVaria 33% is barely a sale anyway
@badp I only came out a day or two before the steam sale started.
1:39 AM
Foil cards seem dumb. Just seems like a way to greatly increase the amount of time it takes to get "all" the badges
@badp Heh, I got one for Hitman: Absolution the other day.
@BenBrocka not so much time as money
I have a Prison Architect Foil that I haven't decided what to do with.
Oh god the Cronut dude has made a new thing.
@BenBrocka Yeah, they should really increase the XP award for them so there's at least some quantifiable reason to get them.
Frozen S'Mores.
Icecream, in a wafer shell, encased in a marshmellow, Frozen, and then toasted with a blowtorch before serving.
1:41 AM
sold! that was fast
it wasn't even the best offer when I put it up
Q: What is the blast radius for a Nuclear Missile?

avestar101In Civilization V, I have built some nuclear bombs to drop on my opponent city. However, some of my units are nearby. How far should I move my units in order for them to be safe from my own bomb? What is the blast radius for a Nuclear Missile?

Q: How do you cross rivers?

MintxHow do you cross rivers? I've seen YouTube videos of people creating bridges to cross a river, but I don't see an option to build bridges in this version of the game. On some random maps, a river will completely bisect a map. So is there some other way to cross rivers now, or are we stuck to one...

@TimStone are there multiple levels of foil badges too? If it was only one I guess it makes some sense since it'd be a super special badge
I'm not sure. I think so, I'm pretty sure they're exactly the same except...shinier.
@BenBrocka Nope
Change passwords, blah blah blah
G'night all
1:52 AM
Sounds like they shoulda used lin---uhhh Free BSD
@badp Do you figure that will be more or less impactful than Firefox OS?
...also shouldn't you be asleep like several hours ago?
I decided to stop playing the game because I was doing terribad
Should I get Recettear if it wins the vote?
I polished up my answer a little more in the meantime
2:01 AM
oh god I didn't realize Politics.SE hit beta
seriously? It's been in beta for months
I think everyone is surprised it's not on fire yet
Q: Would this hypothetical plan to take over America work?

Danny PunkLet's say there was a Political Party who's ultimate goal was conquering America and turning it into an authoritarian dictatorship. What would stop this plan from working? Gain a lot of support through lies about what you would do in power Get a candidate elected president Have this candidate a...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Look who provided the top answer (at -1).
What a shock.
@StrixVaria Yeah, that was my reaction.,
I created an account just to press the downvote button and be reminded that association bonus isn't enough to downvote.
Q: Is space exploration pushing politics towards a world government?

dayuloliCurrently, the Outer Space Treaty states that no state can claim any part of space. But imagine in fifty/hundred years time (hard to predict), when humans are starting to populate space (but let's just stick to the moon for simplicity's sake), how would different parts of the moon be divided then...

sjbasdjasbdjhas djas djh sadja sdjh sadjh asdjh sadjh asdjh
Q: Why the USA forces imperial system of measurement on other countries?

AnixxIn recent years I noticed that the USA system of measure in inches, miles and feet got more widespread worldwide. Many standards of computer storage and periphery (monitors, printers) measure length in inches. Sometimes the imperial system is forced upon us throgh international organizations, su...

So much stupid
That's it. I'm done here.
Q: How can I use twitter to find a PhD program?

lucianoI'm hoping to enroll onto a PhD program. I've heard that twitter might help me find a PhD program. This question is inspired by this video in the British Ecological Society Careers YouTube channel: http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plcp&v=J9uEYEcCcFY I have not used twitter before. How can I us...

I've officially found the Dumbest Question on Stack Exchange.
2:14 AM
Q: Should we reset the all reputation point of all users to 0

user825904I think Stack Overflow has grown much people have lot of reputation in 1Ks. I think we should mark all that to 0 and start the new point system so that there will be more fierce competition. Currently there are people at top who have gathered points years ago when there very less competitors.

@murgatroid99 I think How can I get a PHD from Twitter is dumber, though that is pretty dumb.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Programmers has a question with -60
Or, for something even worse than requiring comments with downvotes
Q: See who downvoted your answer

Aidan MuellerI answered a question regarding pistons in minecraft and how to control them individually. What I didn't see was that he later commented that they were vertical, however, he never edited the question. Long story short I answered the question (and put a lot of effort into the answer) and then the...

@WorldEngineer It's not about the score.
It's about the brain breaking stupid of getting a PHD from Twitter.
why are you letting me drink this coffee?
2:17 AM
1 hour ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@spugsley http://www.frozenpints.com/
Q: Penalty for making mistakes

TommyOk, we have a jar where each developer has to put 1$ when they make a mistake. Like breaking a build or deleting some database. At the end of the year we take this money and go out eat. Has anyone ever developed a system for handlig something like this? Like who did what and when? Top 5 mistake...

@spugsley I am drinking an espresso aged beer instead. Much better.
@WorldEngineer is glorious.
@LessPop_MoreFizz mmmm that actually does sound delicious. I already had a wine smoothie though
2:18 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz how's the above for a mistake?
@WorldEngineer you don't even want to know what I thought that was at first
Q: How do pronounce shippuden?

RedWarriorHow do you pronounce shippuden? SHIP-poo-den or 2.SHIP-pe-den

Note the site
@murgatroid99 Yeah, we've had a few of those dumb ones. See also "How do you pronounce Skyrim".
it's obvious ;)
2:19 AM
@murgatroid99 even better (10k on MSO only) meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/142119/…
@BenBrocka The title alone makes me want to rip arms off
It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect
@BenBrocka oh yeah, I remember that one
@BenBrocka a crazed, foaming at the mouth (and possibly other bodily orifices) rant?
2:21 AM
fucking terrifying
I stand by PHD on Twitter.
@spugsley AHHHHH
Q: Does "Cow Tipping" hurt the cow?

wyocalboyDoes "cow tipping" actually hurt the cow?(other that psychologically)

@Ullallulloo Cow tipping isn't possible, they sleep lying down.
2:23 AM
@WorldEngineer I live on a farm. :P
It makes it stupider though.
Also, they weigh a lot.
It's like tipping over a car.
Q: Are there arguments to think Hitler was a racist?

AnixxThere is a known quote from Hitler where he claimed that he was not a racist and that he respected all races. It is also known that he disliked Ku-Klux-Klan and other American white supremacists. But there are also a lot of claims that he and his fellows were racists. At one occasion Julius Stre...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Mein Kampf for one
Q: Why did so many rulers want to aquire more land?

DavidIt seems that until around the 20th century, a relatively large portion of rulers saw it as their goal to acquire more land. What was the main rationale behind this?

@LessPop_MoreFizz I...
Q: Why mother nature didn't made us aware of our lizard brain?

Sylvain PratIn many personal improvement books I've read, people make a distinction between 2 parts of our brain: the logical brain, dealing with logic, judgement, thinking; what makes Humans different than Animals the lizard brain inherited from our ancestors, dealing with emotions and instincts, which ta...

2:26 AM
@Ullallulloo ummm
@WorldEngineer Note the site it's on.
@Ullallulloo thanks a lot. Now I want a car that says moo
> After reading blog.stackoverflow.com/2012/07/kicking-off-the-summer-of-love and all the comments it occurred to me that some form of retirement for the sites esteemed users might not be a bad idea.
@spugsley get ye an ox
@BenBrocka I'm totally fine with retiring at 65
2:29 AM
which will be in 37 years
@murgatroid99 I'm so happy that's closed.
@fbueckert yeah
2:48 AM
I am still laughing at "How do I use Twitter to find a PHD program".
Essentially, FF15 is being developed using high-end PC hardware using DX11 and will be scaled down for consoles.
@DragonLord So SqEx is screwing over fans' expectations again...meh
> Square Enix is developing Final Fantasy XV on DirectX 11, which is not based on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, letting the team develop full-spec without worrying about individual platforms, then port it to each console in the most appropriate way. The original Final Fantasy XV runs on a high-spec PC, and how close a console gets to the original depends on its specs.
> Nomura explains that the idea is to keep the options open in case a console comes out in the future that can recreate the original. It is the opposite approach from Square Enix's previous 'multiplatform' projects, which were based on the specs of a single console and then ported to other platforms. Nomura even mentioned the possibility of bringing Final Fantasy XV out on high-end PCs if there was ever enough demand.
I have a feeling that FF15 will end up being the performance behemoth Crysis was almost six years ago...
If and when it hits Steam, I wouldn't expect it to require anything less than a GTX 770 to run it.
I'm not so sure
I think environmental size had a great deal to do with Crysis bringing PCs to their knees.
2:53 AM
> [...] having a seamless world and simultaneously having all required actions always available in the memory; world map sized maps that can have elements on it change and be destroyed during battles, the myriad of weapons, party members' individual actions, magic spells, monsters on a large map, light sourcing, physics, filters and other graphical elements...
This might well become the Crysis of the future.
that might do it
From the quote above, it feels like 8 GB RAM is going to be the bare minimum for the game to function, with 16-24 GB as recommended...
At least 4 GB VRAM is going to be needed... 2.8 GHz quad-core processor... 50 GB disk space...
These are just wild guesses, but you never know how far-fetched the system requirements are going to be.
And it will probably cost more on the PC than most other games, perhaps $80-100...
Live, from MBraedley's tent, it's Saturday Night!
3:09 AM
Q: How to get the MK fight stick (xbox 360 version) to work on PS3?

Rob Avery IVHere is my model: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004XNYVGO/ref=s9_simh_gw_p63_d0_i3?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=19XSHXMEYHPA28NCGGD7&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1389517282&pf_rd_i=507846 Obviously, this isn't possible out of the box. I wanted to know if this was actually doable. I...

Q: How can I move aircraft to other continents?

avestar101In Civilization 5, I have built multiple aircrafts such as Bombers, Zeros, and Paratroopers. I move my planes to my city closest to my enemy (on a different continent), but my planes cannot make an air strike on the enemy, because it is so far away. Is it possible to move aircraft overseas?

Anyone else awake, our should I just go top sleep?
Yes and yes.
@MBraedley: I'm around.
Perhaps we can speculate about FF15's hardware requirements (and how it might end up like Crysis of 2007)...
> [...] having a seamless world and simultaneously having all required actions always available in the memory; world map sized maps that can have elements on it change and be destroyed during battles, the myriad of weapons, party members' individual actions, magic spells, monsters on a large map, light sourcing, physics, filters and other graphical elements...
3:50 AM
@spugsley I see you :)
Q: Great amount of lag on a certain server

JonnyAs of today, on a certain server I play on, I lag when I get onto the server. I'm able to break blocks and move, but not able to interact with the world. By this I mean that I won't receive blocks I have broken, I cannot use redstone devices, etc. Nor can I chat. Through dynamap, I was able to fi...

Q: Minecraft crashes after launching?

AkashI just installed minecraft 1.6.2 adn then installed forge to it. The game launches well forge and the Timber mod but when i added buildcraft mod weird thing'g happen whenever i launch the game the mojang screen appears and then the game closes I don't what is happening there is error report anyth...

Q: What is meant by "Broadband Internet Connection Required" on various steam system requirements?

agent154I'm very wary about supporting developers/publishers who use always on drm, so I do my best to research what drm is in the steam games I want to buy. When looking at the system requirements, some games say "Broadband Internet Connection" with no other qualification. Is that for multiplayer? Or is...

Q: Why does my Nintendo 64 randomly reset?

SeanI have an N64 that will reset/restart back to the Nintendo 64 logo as if power cycling at random. It isn't a set amount of time into the game, or based on a button combination, but it always resets the same across various games. Sometimes the N64 will reset repeatedly at the logo screen. What are...

I'm so bored and I drank a coffee so now I'm sleepy
@spugsley well I'll do what I can to entertain you.
:) yay
3:57 AM
@Lazers Maybe it means that you need a broadband internet connection to play the game
My cat is prissy
he doesn't like to eat old food aka food that's been in his bowl for more than a few hours
@murgatroid99 it's DRM
activation check in MK's case
broadband is recommended by Steam
I don't think they really support dialup
3:58 AM
@spugsley pour it in another bowl and then pour it back
@spugsley Mine is doing the same thing right now, but it's been hot as hell this week so I'm assuming it has something to do with the food going stale faster.
Place food bowl in bowl of ice
@Krazer that's what we usually do. I think he's getting less dumb though
@AnnaLear you must have got our weather. It's been cooler than normal and monsoon level rainy down here
@WorldEngineer I'll trade ya
4:01 AM
@AnnaLear How humid?
@spugsley what if you sneak in some catnip?
@Krazer then she'll have a cat covered in food
@WorldEngineer Right now it's 82 that feels like 95 with 78% humidity. Or so says this weather app.
This week has been THE WORST
FUUUUU 108 Heat Index.
@AnnaLear 73 here
4:03 AM
Supposedly over by morning though.
it's gonna rain basically non-stop all week
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm certain it lies. I'm getting very jaded about not getting the rain we've been promised for weeks now.
I remember living in Chico, CA
Except for that one time when I finally gave up and didn't bring an umbrella.
@AnnaLear It's thunderstorms and spotty thunder storms all week where I'm at... I'd trade for that :p
4:03 AM
115 in the summer
@Krazer he actually doesn't like catnip O-o
with hot, dry winds
like an oven
@AnnaLear Yeah, I'm taking solace in the fact that I get to skip town again on Tuesday.
@spugsley what does he like?
4:04 AM
@Krazer being a craphead :3
Of course, I'm going to one of the few places in the country that is likely to be worse than NYC
@LessPop_MoreFizz Texas Coast?
@WorldEngineer DC
@LessPop_MoreFizz you poor bastard.
Does New York have Palmetto bugs?
4:10 AM
Yyaaaaaaaayyyyyyy. Multiplayer hackers are out in force tonight
There is a spelling error in one of my answers, it is intentional.
if it shows up on the suggested edits queue.
4:46 AM
Q: What recommended Windows software should I download for Wine?

user170867the Ubuntu nooby here again, and I think I borked my Wine install. I'm learning things through terminal, so that should make things a little easier the 2nd time around, but I did something wrong, because nothing works. To make a long story short, I tried to go through and download software that...

5:13 AM
Q: What are the Summer Getaway Badge levels on Steam?

somehumeAfter crafting the Summer Getaway Badge I noticed that it had multiple levels. I'm posting the levels here for anyone who may search SE before the Steam Community.

where are all my peoples tonight? :(
Playing XCOM
I had coffee. A big one. Now I'm not sleepy :(
5:18 AM
Heh, I wish coffee would do that to me.
And I can't stop laughing at this. Thank you, caffeine for making me a 5 year old boy
poot/toot is the funniest thing I've ever seen
@spugsley what was the survey question?
@Krazer no clue lol
I'm guessing "Things you don't want to do in public"
and I bet Be Naked is up there
5:26 AM
My guess is on... name something embarrassing that can happen if you laugh too hard
@spugsley Playing FO:NV
@Krazer hahahaha yeah I think you're right
lol 3 more?
Oh! Spit
or snot
lol I Can't think of anything else that might happen if you laugh too hard
@spugsley snort, choke, cry
5:37 AM
@Krazer you are good at this
@spugsley I've had experience laughing
@Krazer ?
@spugsley look closer
5:45 AM
> It was probably somebody's gas money
Okay I think the coffee is wearing off. BED TIME
Q: Do you only find gear for other classes?

Sadly NotAs a Rogue, I've only found green and rarer items for Warrior and Mage. My friend who plays Ranger has also only found green and rarer items for Rogue and Mage. Because of class restriction on gear, this means that solo we're never finding better gear that helps our own class out. In multiplayer...

Q: Do Empire Cities and City-States have the same amount of health?

avestar101I am planning an attack on a City-State in Civilization 5, and I was wondering: Do City-States and normal Empire Cities have the same amount of health, or do Empire Cities have more health? If Empire Cities have more health, how much health?

Just the person I wanted to see.
@RavenDreamer methinks she fell into dreamland
5:59 AM
Oh, so it would seem.
I was looking through my old hard drive. I found a picture I was hoping she could explain.
Because out of context.
Well, I'm not quite sure what to think. :P
Spoilsport! Where's your sense of bridge-innuendo. :D
Fact: Many things are funnier when taken out of context.
we'll leave it a mystery then
Heh, well, it's way past too late 'round these EST parts, so I'ma head out. Cheers.
6:34 AM
Q: What is the hotkey for the spell next to the right click spell?

Rayz321How do I activate it? Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. http://i.snag.gy/ODKx1.jpg

Q: Tips on killing enemies effectively using the Time Bomb

Augustus ThooI'm playing Fallout: New Vegas in my 3rd playthrough. The one weapon I've never used is the Time Bomb. Once armed, you have 15 secs before it goes off. I don't find it useful for: normal enemy encounters since it rarely lasted 15 seconds, stealth kills, boss or deathclaw encounters where they ...

I spent six hours today dealing with Dark Souls crashing and not starting and not saving.
that was painful.
1 hour later…
7:55 AM
Q: Why doesn't my Xbox 360 connect via HDMI

Memor-XI have just set up my brand new, out of the box Xbox 360 to my TV, o connected it to av so I could get the initial settings done, now I connected a HDMI cable to it from my TV and all I am getting is a black screen, I know it's still working cause when impress A the disk tray opens As a test, I ...

1 hour later…
9:17 AM
Q: Does the crossbow on the dawnguard expansion get your archery level up?

SashleyI have seen that you can get a crossbow on dawnguard.

9:49 AM
> I have seen that you can get a crossbow on dawnguard.
9:59 AM
Q: Aspect ratio when playing older 4:3 games on a wide screen

LexMy problem is that when I play an older game like Stronghold Crusader or other games that use a 4:3 aspect ratio, it gets pulled apart to 16:9 on my widescreen monitor. Is there a way to prevent this? I don't mind having a black bar on either side, as long as the game looks correct.

Q: Which spells are not impaired by MoC?

unorThe realm ability Mastery of Concentration has the following description: Grants a 100% bonus to avoid being interrupted by any form of attack when casting a spell. The effect of the spell cast will be reduced to the percentages listed. (Necro version transfers to the pet) I wonder which sp...

Q: Far cry 3 Xbox - the Map marker does not work

PeterIn one of the first missions I'm supposed to move the Mao marker to the hunting grounds. I move the marker to the flashing icon, but nothing happens... Why?! Does anybody know?

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Q: Gadwell potion/formula?

PajamaSam I had the Full Combat Re-Balance mod on once but I removed well before I started Act II.

Q: How do I chop down tree's in Paradise Island?

user51981I have Paradise Island by Game Insight on my android phone. How can I chop down tree's so I can get wood to fix the bridge to the other part of the Island?

good afternoon people
@Lazers Does this really need spoilers markdown? Doesn't feel all that spoiler-y to me.
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@FEichinger nope
@MadScientist Figured as much.
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Ugh, too warm for clothes
decided to get prison architect
Q: How do I kick someone out nexus wars, in starcraft?

regisbsbIs there a command like -builder to vote kick some one?

Q: How does the Gunzerker / Salvador's Just Got Real skill work?

galacticninjaI just got a Purple Vengeful Beast Class Mod which gives +5 to the Just Got Real skill, among other bonuses. The Just Got Real skill is described as: It increases damage with all guns the lower your health is. I was wondering how Just Got Real works exactly and have the following questions...

@ThomasMcDonald :D
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@Mana =( Did you ever get Dark Souls running properly?

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