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5:00 AM
@JasperLoy Yeah if he's brain-dead, he's fully dead, in my world-view. Keeping the meat alive is just wasteful.
Even if I felt pity for him, it's pointless to keep him alive.
Sometimes, I feel it is pointless for me to live on too.
Even if I weren't brain-dead, I wouldn't want to be kept alive by a machine for the rest of my life, unable to communicate.
But, I remember last year a friend's daughter drowned in a pool, and she was rescued but brain-dead, and her parents had a terrible time allowing them to disconnect her. It makes me sad all over again just thinking of it.
@KitFox yeah me neither.
There was a woman who survived the fire in West Warwick, who had no eyelids, legs, or hands left. She and her family all praised Jesus for sparing her life.
She might have had one hand.
no eyelids? but she could still see?
5:03 AM
They kept some kind of damp gauze on her eyes.
I think they planned to graft tissue.
That was a horrible thing.
I'm always amazed when people praise Jesus for saving them instead of cursing him for not saving them sooner.
I am not supposed to think about horrible things.
I am still deciding if I should forgive some people.
5:05 AM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I would not be glad to be a basketcase in pain for the rest of my life.
I also need to think about what forgiveness means.
It's letting go of it.
@JasperLoy You should, probably, forgive them if you can.
I have given up on all religion, though I still believe in rebirth.
Maybe I like the idea of there being a hell for evildoers.
Oh, I wish you didn't believe in that.
5:06 AM
I also like the idea of being able to start all over again.
It doesn't mean you think things should have happened or that it's OK that it did. It just means putting it down and making it not part of you anymore.
@KitFox So why are you still up at this time?
It bothers me when people believe there is a life after this one. That gives license to do things badly now, on account of having another chance later. You should live as if this is the only life you've got. It's precious. Cherish it. Fix what's broken. Make things better for yourself and others.
@JasperLoy yes, why indeed. I must be getting going.
@JasperLoy Hard time sleeping.
5:08 AM
@KitFox I hope you and Robusto are alright now.
2 hours later…
7:08 AM
@KitFox The other snail hasn't been around the language sites for a while, has he?
He made some interesting contributions.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Digital pianos, even relatively cheap ones, are so nice these days!
When I was little, I had toy FM keyboards which I loved
But these days you could get a low end digital piano a child would love without spending a whole lot more
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 That's a (fairly common) misunderstanding of "life after death". This answer says much the same as your sentiment: christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/23171/…
7:26 AM
@tchrist I saw some when hiking the other day
with larger horns
Capra ibex Le bouquetin des Alpes (Capra ibex), ou simplement bouquetin, est une espèce de mammifère de la famille des bovidés, de l'ordre des artiodactyles et de la sous-famille des caprinés. Si, comme son nom l'indique, il se rencontre principalement dans l'arc alpin, il existe d'autres espèces de bouquetins dans d'autres massifs montagneux, par exemple le bouquetin d'Espagne ou des Pyrénées, Capra pyrenaica. Sept autres espèces de chèvres sauvages vivent également dans le Caucase, en Asie centrale, au Proche-Orient, dans la péninsule arabique ainsi que dans les régions montagneuses de l'Afrique...
explains why I saw them, they are common
@nosmoking I see you have a new knot again!
@JohanLarsson OMG!
8:47 AM
9:07 AM
Q: Should I do anything to protect, or even privilege, minority opinions on my site?

Monica CellioMy site focuses on the controversial topic of hard-boiled-egg-breaking. Most of my users are from the hit-round-ends school, but a few are from the hit-pointy-ends school. These two groups struggle to get along in the world at large, but they have both, somehow, managed to participate construct...

Wait. Eggs have round ends and pointy ends?
Somehow I think I'm breaking my eggs all wrong.
How do I say "how do I say" in English?
@RegDwigнt Enghow do I saylish?
Thank you! One more question: how do I say "thank you"?
9:14 AM
That sounds French. But I want English.
You can't always get what you want
for example: I didn't want a BSOD just now. I got one anyway.
well, that's an example of the opposite, but you see what I mean
If it helps you feel better, I can share more pet snail pictures.
9:22 AM
Only Maria can make me feel better.
mmmm bananas
@snailboat are snail light sensitive at all?
@MattЭллен They have extremely bad eyesight. They can tell which direction is brighter though, and they instinctively hide from bright light because the sun dries them out
@snailboat interesting. thanks!
Q: How does mixing lemon juice in hooka water affect the composition of the mixture?

agha rehan abbasThe other day I saw one of my friends, who was mixing lemon juice directly into the flavour chimney (or wind guard) and water pot of hooka. When I asked why are you doing as such, he said that it makes inhaling hooka smoke passive. By passive, I mean easily inhalable without any hiccups or harsh...

10:03 AM
looks up hooka water
Oh, the bong.
Why don't they just say so.
In my limited experience bongs are a lot simpler than that.
Your experience would be less limited if you stopped smoking bong so much.
but I guess the bong water and hooka water are the same thing, yes
Hookahs are just a conspiracy by hookah manufacturers.
what are they conspiring to do?
10:10 AM
The same thing they do every night, Pinky — try to take over the world!
My snails do that. Very slowly.
Not manufacture hookah. Just take over the world.
I would totally pay to see a hookah-smoking snail.
Also, if you are concerned about their speed, you should give them a speedboat.
Now here is question about word in language English: would it be a speedsnailboat or a snailspeedboat?
Turbo is a genus of large sea snails with gills and an operculum, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Turbinidae, the turban snails. Turbo is the type genus of the family. == Description == The shells are more or less highly conspiral, thick, about 20–200 mm, first whorls bicarinate, last whorl large often with strong spiral sculpture, knobs or spines, base convex, with or without umbilicus. Species in this genus have a round aperture and a solid, dome-shaped calcareous operculum. The first Turbo species were found in the Upper Cretaceous, approximately 100 million years ago. == Taxonomy... ==
caffeine isn't an illegal drug AFAIK
10:19 AM
Oh we forgot to mention, last night we abducted you to Singapore. Look out of the window.
although it's nice and warm
Exactly the right temperature for bubble gum to melt in the sun. Too bad you have no gum!
teeth promptly fall out
10:36 AM
Holy something. eight feed items?
Gaming had a similar event, and their feed comes into the chat stream
Q: What is the longest dictionary word you can spell where continuing to remove the final letter

beetle120What is the longest dictionary word you can spell where continuing to remove the final letter will still result in a dictionary word. e.g. ate [dictionary word], at [last letter 'e' removed still a dictionary word], a [last letter 't' removed] No reason for this question, I am just curious.

That's a dupe of Rob's matryoshka words.
11:04 AM
Worried that comments have been deleted? Don't be! With new and improved Comments Are Just Comments you can not care that comments have been removed even better than before. If you order now, we'll throw in Discussion Should Happen In Chat for absolutely free!
11:42 AM
just had an interview for a company that would be perfect if it wasnt for one thing: their Microsoft fanboyism
why oh why do people get into the attitude that "Microsoft's latest is always the greatest"?
people should use the best tool for the job
Brand loyalty?
Some us are loyal to the same team: win, lose, or tie; raider fan till I die.
You can call it "fanboyism."
We call it blood is thicker than water.
12:00 PM
Q: " I can't take the pressure "

user77755What does " I can't take the pressure "? Does it mean I can't stand it? Or is it correct to use it in this way? I have read it in " this bad nigga dude I know. My God! I can't take the pressure!"

Aug 11 at 12:32, by RegDwigнt
Why is it that Eastern Europeans always use over-the-top offensive example sentences? What are those people reading?
Aug 11 at 12:32, by RegDwigнt
They never ask you about the word order in "I picked a daffodil", they always ask about "I picked your mom and fucked her real good".
I think, then, it's fair to assume the the askers fuck other people's mothers more than they pick daffodils
or at least they want it to be that way
please be gentle on my virgin ears
12:04 PM
Getting the day started off right with a little "mod abuse!"
Who is abusing mods? To the rescue!
Another 'why iz all my commentz gone?'
@RegD have abused a few mods in my day, none that didn't have it coming.
How'd that work out for you?
@KitFox hm, perhaps I need to teach you ninja skillz. I've deleted four times more stuffs than you and nobody ever said anything.
12:14 PM
Maybe because you delete the big stuffs.
Our office space is to be rearranged at work.
So I am interviewing for cubemates.
lol. nice
who's in the running?
It goes something like "Hey, Kit, the thing with the cubes—" "Can you keep your mouth shut?" "What?" sigh "No. Next."
I'm not saying I'm proud of my abuse but if a mod wants to be passive-aggressive with me they better be ready to take what they dish out.
Do you know what passive-aggressive actually is?
I ask because most people misuse it.
@KitFox hehehehe
12:33 PM
We're supposedly getting new equipment if we behave and file into the pens in an orderly fashion.
new equipment is nice
I was thinking of asking for an iPad and a company phone.
And another second monitor.
a fourth monitor?
Second for the home office.
So yes, sort of.
12:36 PM
I think I need a shower. I was up really late last night.
A shower is something that shows.
A grower is something that grows.
Math books are extremely expensive.
I'm thinking of asking a question, but I'm not even sure I have a firm enough grasp on the subject matter to make it intelligible at this point, so I thought I might ask here first.
12:42 PM
Ask away.
I was recently discussing with another user on Spanish.SE about the part of speech of "ahora" (English 'now'). He claimed it is always an adverb. I noticed that several Spanish dictionaries tend to agree with him, but in English "now" is usually an adverb, but sometimes a noun.
The here and the now, yes.
The example given of a noun usage ("Up to now...") translates to Spanish as "Hasta ahora", which in turn would translate back to English most commonly as "Until now"
Yet this use case (in Spanish dictionaries) is still listed as an adverb
That is a question for Spanish SE, lol.
12:44 PM
It may be :)
That is a question for @tchrist.
Better than Spanish.SE.
I'll probably ask on Spanish.SE, too.. but I wanted to get a grasp of the basic grammatical principles in my native language first
I will only say this: ahoritica.
I don't know any grammar. Maybe the rest can help you.
"Until <adverb>" doesn't make much sense to me... (in either English or Spanish). But "Until <noun>" seems right.
12:45 PM
Until recently.
Until tomorrow. tomorrow (which is also both a noun and adverb) seems like a noun to me... I'm talking about a specific day.
Until Tuesday. Clearly a noun.
Until the cows come home.
Tomorrow is an adverb there.
Tuesday is a noun.
@RegDwigнt Why?
12:47 PM
How do you mean, why?
Why is it an adverb? How could I come to the same conclusion?
Well, how on earth is it a noun?
Where is the article, for starters?
It refers to a person, place, thing, or idea. :)
It's until a thing, so a thing is a noun.
This ngram seems to indicate anything can follow until
12:48 PM
Drink until you can't drink anymore.
@Flimzy that is not a useful definition of anything. It is indeed a not very useful definition of everything.
@RegDwigнt where's the article with Tuesday?
@RegDwigнt That's why I'm asking you for a useful definition. How/why do you know it's an adverb?
Until kingdom come
3 mins ago, by Jasper Loy
I don't know any grammar. Maybe the rest can help you.
12:49 PM
I think this question deserves to be posted on the main site.
@RegDwigнt: I'm not arguing with you. I'm trying to understand.
@MattЭллен That is true until, as Macbeth said, "the last syllable of recorded time."
@RegDwigнt Yes, I was just stating my thoughts.
@Flimzy if it's a noun, it can take an adjective. Do me a favor and make it take an adjective.
until after tomorrow
12:51 PM
@RegDwigнt Until beautiful tomorrow,...
@JasperLoy oh yeah, and that is English. rolls eyes
@JasperLoy How do I form the question? How do I know if 'now' is an adverb or a noun?
@Flimzy Yes, using the specific example of "until now".
@Flimzy Nah, we are all friends who joke with each other.
Fair enough. I withdraw my statement.
@Flimzy I am not ridiculing. Also, I've known Jasper for years. Also, he really does not know grammar. And most to the point, that really is not English.
12:53 PM
@robusto I hope you and Kit are alright now.
Actually, in "I do it Tuesday" Tuesday is arguably an adverb as well.
It only sort of enters a gray area once you slip in a next in there, as that one obviously is an adjective.
We need a grammar expert here. Where is @Cerberus?
Even so, the next Tuesday then simply forms a single unit, an adverbial phrase.
Within the phrase, Tuesday is a noun and next is an adjective, but in the context of the whole sentence the phrase is an adverb.
@RegDwigнt Tuesdays we have lunch at Emil's. Also adverbial.
@RegDwigнt: Right,and the same might be true of "Until beautful tomorrow" (if that's even a thing)
12:57 PM
@Flimzy the point I was trying to make, you'd rather have to say until a beautiful tomorrow.
As in, you'd specifically have to make it a noun, by introducing an article.
tomorrow: where all you dreams come true
@RegDwigнt: Those have different connotations (grammar aside). "Until beautiful tomorrow" suggests that tomorrow will be beautiful. "Until a beautiful tomorrow" suggests I will wait until some day in the future that is beautiful.
tomorrow never comes
@JasperLoy: I've posted my question. I'm sure it could use some fine-tuning.
Q: On the part of speech of "now"

FlimzyI recently had a conversation about the Spanish word "ahora", in which my conversant claimed that "ahora" is always an adverb, and never a noun. This lead me to investigate the part of speech of similar words, both in Spanish and English (my native language). According to dictionary.com, "now" ...

never put off till tomorrow what you can do today
12:59 PM
Howdy guys!
How d'y'

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