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12:02 AM
2:55 AM
So quiet in here today
1 hour later…
3:57 AM
The Highlander was right: There can be only one!
A: I'm looking for the possessive of 'boss'

tchristThe Law: “There can be only one!” The possessive of any noun phrase in written English is always formed by: Adding an apostrophe at the end of that noun phrase. Following that apostrophe with a written “s” when and only when the possessive form is pronounced with an additional “s”-type sound....

It’s not just a good idea: it’s the law.
The opposite of ameliorating is pejorating. Why isn’t it apejorating instead?
More bad Latin:
A: Why does i.e mean that is?

j.l.The letters "i.e." are an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ibid est, which can be directly translated as "that is." The alternative translation, "in other words," is offered as a more colloquial phrase.

Our Hispanophone enjoyed my doggerel after all:
Holy crap those are really good! My favorite being the third as it's the closest to the original Spanish version, IMO. Thanks! I'll just check back in a couple of days to check if somebody has a better version, if they don't I will accept yours. :) — Greduan 2 hours ago
Although I don’t think he realized it was meant as a quatrain.
Or that it was nested within a couplet with an alternate meter and rhyme scheme.
Oh well.
4:32 AM
The feminine rhymes are Latin words, the masculine rhymes are English words. ’Nuff said.
@tchrist - Inflecting your boss on his backside lol!
Isn’t that what everybody has always wanted to do? :)
lol, indeed.
How are you? do we owe gratitude for this fun answer to sleeplessness, codeine or other?
Just me.
But I need to go to sleep, must get up early.
Then thanks. another good answer.
good to hear. Sleep well!
4:36 AM
And I just now — 15 seconds ago — took a hard fall on my OTHER knee, tripping my sandal on a stair.
But I landed on wood, not granite.
on no.
I was trying to intercept a kitty.
It’ll be ok.
Just ouched.
Take care!
small ouches can become bigger ones in the already injured knee.
4:37 AM
The 2x OTC naproxen plus the v-blah-blah cream 4x have really helped.
I would be screaming and crying if I’d come down on the injured knee.
Well, I would have yelled, not screamed.
glad to hear it. Have you thought of adding tylenol to that regimen?
It’s a reflex.
(if it's not part of the other meds)
I’m not sure whether I believe in acetaminophen.
No, it isn’t part of the others.
The oxycodone is straight, not Percacet.
ah. well, if you need a little extra, it's been shown to increase the efficacy of NSAIDs.
4:39 AM
you can always try it.
Well, maybe in addition.
shouldn't do it all the time, though.
I don’t trust its A-I all by itself.
Yes, see, that’s the problem.
harder on the kidneys.
4:40 AM
Some people get liver damage on even the 3g/day they allow.
And I’m not even a drinker.
but a good adjunct for times of need.
Just worries me.
I know, I would never advocate that dose for any length of time.
if you don't imbibe, you should be golden!
I didn’t need to use the crutch today. That’s a first.
It was the doc on Friday telling me about the 440mg/day naproxen and the 4x/day v-blah that made the diff, I think.
Hm, not 440mg/day, but 440mg/12h
If you wake up during the - wow! that's great! - night, the tylenol might prevent it for a couple of hours.
4:42 AM
Which is 2x the OTC level.
Funny he didn't mention tylenol.
Just a physician who wanted to know how I was doing.
what kind of doc?
I'm glad you're doing better.
4:43 AM
My ortho gave me the shot. Didn’t really mention much besides PT.
it's encouraging.
I had the v-blah from the ortho from before.
(they rarely do)
Yes, I thought it would never get better, only worse.
Surprisingly good news!
take care. Good to hear from you.
4:45 AM
I looked into all the various would-be supplemental treatments for arthritis, and I can’t say I’m impressed by the results of the double-blinds.
I think a lot of people are making a bunch of money on snake-oil.
Yes, there is some evidence for some of it, but not very good evidence, and not strongly replicated.
Ah, gees, there are so many conflicting studies, not made better by the fact that drug companies pay for many of them.
a friend of mine sold his soul for naprosyn money.
But it's a good drug.
Hm, you mean for naproxen sodium?
It seems to be helping me.
And it’s Cox-1 not Cox-2.
It's just not better than shorter acting drugs.
4:48 AM
Insurance denied Celebrex, the bastards.
celebrex is the best
Said I had to spend a month each on each of 3 other meds before they would approve.
it was like a godsend to me
That isn’t science.
I hate insurers.
4:49 AM
It’s bullshit.
Everyone does.
It is indeed
Celebrex was the best thing I ever took, then I became allergic to it.
Oh my!!
but it is really good stuff.
I guess you are using that word in the clinical sense, not the stupid sense that most people use it.
Which is scary.
Like Zomax and voltaren
It is effective.
4:50 AM
Voltaren is the v-blah gel.
I can’t get its name to stick in my head. Dunno why.
they are good drugs. Zomax got pulled off the shelves.
that was sad.
Yes, I believe so.
No, probably not, I take it back. They didn't know about Cox-2 back then.
But it was good, really good.
4:52 AM
Anyway, I'm impressed with your regimen. It really sounds like someone gave it a lot of thought.
I’m still annoyed at the dual-naming of chemical names versus multiple street/brand-names of drugs.
Who the hell can remember all the marketing names??
agreed. but people wouldn't buy the chemical coumpound they couldn't pronounce, I guess.
4:54 AM
You shouldn’t buy drugs based on their name.
agreed completely.
In med school, they never used trade names.
Out of med school, they almost always do.
It's stupid.
The purpose of trade names is to trick people.
That’s why there are a multiplicity of them.
Anyway, think of the tylenol, of trying it once or twice.
Oh, very much
remember nexium and prilosec?
Damn it.
They paid for years to keep nexium off the OTC market.
yeah. money. and insurance.
4:57 AM
And it is just a fancy doubling of the prilosec anyway.
And they charged, still charge, so very much for it.
absolutely. Done solely to be able to charge insurance companies premium prices.
for a new drug, which was hardly new at all.
and they marketed it directly as the purple pill.
Then there are the people who take Tylenol PM every night for sleep, and refuse to believe that just taking diphenhydramine alone would be equally effective, much cheaper, and less dangerous.
that is sooooo true!
There are a lot of those people.
(my aunt being one)
so funny
some believe there is a lifetime dose for acetaminophen.
5:00 AM
I worry about that.
I take it basically only when forced.
taking tylenol for no reason is like slowly killing your kidneys for no reason at all.
yep. as do I
but at my age, a lifetime dose is an odd concept.
I know I'm nowhere near it anymore.
Isn’t it the liver they’re most worried about with that?
I could probably take it every day.
Yes, short term (immediate damage) is to the liver.
5:02 AM
Kidneys are a problem for processing of any drug’s by-products, I should think.
so none for alcoholics, etc.
but long term, it's renal.
But the liver damage from acet is the scary thing because it just accumulates and sneaks up on you.
Drink more water. :(
That’s what they say about everything.
well, really, it isn't cumulative, not really
Which, liver or kidney damage from acet?
it is a matter of having enough liver cells to have enough of the enzyme that converts it.
5:04 AM
The liver is rather good at repairing itself. But then, it has to be.
Liver is OK if there are enough healthy liver cells to process the tylenol dose.
It's really pretty good, unless one is abusing it.
Like alcohol, or other causes of fatty liver disease.
I don’t think people who eat liver think enough about the chemistry.
And of course, seabear liver is lethal.
That's why we don't like alcoholics, etc., to take tylenol.
or polar bear liver.
Of course.
but if your liver isn't under attack, I don't think tylenol really hurts it.
5:06 AM
@medica I already said that: Ursus maritimus.
ah - sea bear
That's because of the toxic dose of Vit A, I think
Ah, but... fois gras...
Then again, polar bears are pretty lethal all around.
I will still eat fois gras. from time to time.
5:07 AM
yes. :)
ew? have you ever had it?
the first bite is ummmmmmmm
the others get shorter.
then that's enough.
@medica I don’t think so. I haven’t eaten that sort of thing since before college, and certainly didn’t have the money before then.
You simply must watch this clip:
Very short, very funny.
that was excellent! :D
Now I will know what to do, and I was definitely in the awwww group.
Did you know that a polar bear’s fur is not white, and that a blue jay’s or bluebird’s feathers are not blue?
I forgot you don't meat.
5:11 AM
Only on a catch and release basis. :)
Yes, the hair is hollow and transparent.
There are like only 2 birds in the world with a blue or green pigment in their feathers.
That's where they got the idea for Hallofil (Hallowfil?)
All else is refractive effects.
Dunno “Hallofil”.
yep. Fascinating, isn't it? To know intellectually that the sky isn't blue?
5:13 AM
That’s an odd way of putting it.
but it's true.
Ya think? :)
It's just that that is the color not absorbed by the water in the atmosphere. Isn't that correct?
5:14 AM
It’s much more complicated than that.
> The correct question is: Why does the Earth’s daylight sky appear light blue to a human observer with normal color vision?
> The correct answer is: Because the daylight sky’s particular spectral mix elicits a human tristimulus response which is a metameric match for light—i.e., desaturated—blue.
fair enough.
The skies at 14+ kf are dark blue.
But I'm unconvinced that's the entire answer. But give me time, it may well be the whole story.
polarized lenses - look what they do to the sky.
so beautiful and dramatic in photographs.
5:17 AM
> By its nature, Raleigh scattering favors frequencies at the violet end of the spectrum; the shorter, the better. Your three cone types react to this mix of a little green plus some cyan plus more blue plus even more violet in a way indistinguishable from the response a desaturated blue produces: the pastel color we call sky‐blue.
Note that there exists no single spectral frequency corresponding to sky‐blue; it’s an achromatic color, however oxymoronic that may sound. You can create it by mixing white light with blue light. You can also create it with the sky’s Raleigh scattering, or with
But you really should skim the paper I reference for the full story.
It seals the story.
I will do that.
thanks. :)
I was surprised that it had remained in dispute for so long, actually.
Excellent!I will read that immediately!
Do you know why the ancient near easterns thought the sky was blue?
Cuzza what?
they thought there was a sea held up above the firmament.
5:20 AM
Funny that near-eastern means west-asian.
A bit inverted, that.
There is a wonderful book that has such a world, however.
I dunno what they thought about the nighttime sky, though.
I really have enjoyed the book of the New Son.
5:21 AM
I don’t think that the Israelis or the Turks would appreciate being called West Asians any more than the Arabs appreciate being called Easter Africans. :)
Have you completed it yet?
true. :)
It’s more politics than anything how we demarcate continents.
At least, over that a ways.
a few chapters to go. Got derailed by Name of the Rose.
Did you manage to get past the first 100 pages of Eco? He meant for it to be . . . challenging.
Reread it ith a commentary
5:23 AM
I’ve read it quite a few times.
Yes, this is my second time through it.
Ah, with the Key. Good.
You are to blame, for introducing that lovely line of Salvatore's
Oh right, with the Occitan.
Hello :-)
5:24 AM
I don't know how I got through it the first time without the key
Hi, skull!
I just accepted my ignorance, I guess.
I must to bed.
sweet dreams.
And since I must go there without you folk, lest my kitties be jealous, good night.
later pal
5:26 AM
t was telling me why the sky is blue.
ya, i read
I have a paper waiting for me to read. a Physics paper, no less!
I thought the sky was a different color, that the only wavelength not absorbed was blue.
ah, but you would know that from the transcript, sorry.
are you well tonight?
fine thanks, how are you?
5:29 AM
well, thanks. Dog snuggling is a hot and sticky business.
I have a border collie that insists on sharing the couch with me. Silly dog. Then she complains by panting. My feeling is she should just get off the couch! But, noooooooo..... (and they say they're smart!)
Well, I'm off to read a paper and my book(s).
have fun :-)
"I will be in office by 11:30am"
^ Is this correct?
the office
"I will be in the office by 11:30am"
5:40 AM
ok thanks :)
thanks for asking :)
I was confused whether to use "by" or "at"
either will do
hmm ok :)
1 hour later…
6:59 AM
It is a beautiful Mon afternoon.
7:32 AM
a beautiful Moon after-none
@JasperLoy I'm searching a Master degree in Image processing now
it will be hard for September
I need so much an occupation, that or working, it's vital
the void makes me more crazy, when I've no natural challenges, every thing (everything?) become a challenge
That's how smoke became a challenge to me, after having no real target, I wanted to try to preserve my health
"I will be at the office by 11:30am"
"at" looks right too
8:01 AM
@nosmoking there are much more effective ways to preserve your health, like diet and exercise :-)
@skullpatrol but well, you can't just live horribly until 70 and then preserve yourself and wish to get until 100 right?
True. Also, plenty of sleep and a clean life style go a long way.
I'd need a proof of someone who breathed plenty of some secondhand smoke and lived beyond 100
Excessive and unreasonably worrying about a little second hand smoke is taking years off your life, my friend.
yes, so possibly a double negative effect
8:09 AM
@nosmoking I got medica's email too.
@JasperLoy good, she's slow, but answers
the slowness of wisdom
I will try to regulate my sleep cycle now.
Two negatives add up to a more negative effect on you.
I should try to sleep about 8 hours a day from about 2 am to 10 am, and avoid any afternoon naps.
@JasperLoy medication is probably the best idea
8:12 AM
Sleep is important.
Since I don't do any writing now, typing in this chat is good as it allows me to practise my English.
deep sleep
The best is to sleep and not wake up.
a deep sleep is when you wake up with energy
The people in the Math room did not like the gif I posted.
Here it gets 3 stars.
There they found it annoying.
8:13 AM
it's not very mathematical
They could at least have pretended to like it.
I liked it :-)
This Sat is my birthday.
Hip hip hooray!
If only I could go backwards in time. Then I would not have gone mad.
8:17 AM
Stop saying you are "mad"
As long as you know what it means.
I'm not sensible for/at/with? this humour imgur.com/gallery/4aHeu3K
Think of other words.
@nosmoking There is no deep meaning in it. It is just funny like that.
The people who they lock up in asylums are the mad.
8:21 AM
@skullpatrol Are you living with family or alone?
I'm a loner by choice.
As long as you like it.
I would never choose something I don't like.
I think you are a retired old man.
8:26 AM
I feel better than usual today.
I miss old john :(
I also miss Jonas.
Yep, he seems like a cool dude.
He might win the Fields medal.
He's a physics major, no?
8:29 AM
I don't know, but he is certainly doing math now.
and exercise
Singapour is great you don't need a sauna, it's already one outside no?
My plan is to study math for about 8 hours every day next year.
It will be very tiring.
@nosmoking It is very hot, yes.
Start slow and build up to it.
@JasperLoy not if you don't have the right medication, believe me, medication is everything
@nosmoking What do you recommend? I will ask my shrink about it.
8:33 AM
@nosmoking have you always been on medications your entire life?
In 1 day, I will spend 8 hours sleeping, 8 hours studying math, and 8 hours doing other things. That sounds like a wonderful plan.
@JasperLoy yes, re-ask him, maybe tell him about Xeplion
@nosmoking But that is for schizophrenia.
it's a neuroleptic
I will ask him what other meds there are to try.
8:37 AM
More importantly @nosmoking do you want to be on medications for the rest of your life?
I feel like this med has rebalance the juice in my brain
but the secondary effects were a pain (blocked nose)
Neither of you are answering my questions, so I'll stop.
@skullpatrol depends if I'm stabilized or not, if it's necessary why not
@skullpatrol No. I intend to take my meds until the end of next year. That is also my target for complete recovery.
@skullpatrol no, I'm never ill, except mentally, now
8:41 AM
@skullpatrol No, I only started last year.
@skullpatrol I have answered both your questions, you may continue.
I have always refused to take any medications, unless the pain was so unbearable that I was in tears. That is all I have to say.
@skullpatrol for mental problems, the brain is in a complex "juice" of hormons and neurotransmitters, that can be fixed efficiently
@skullpatrol OK. Will you tell us what you are suffering from?
with years of research and experiments
I've been refusing medication for 4 years too, until I saw that famous psychiatrist/doctor/professor
now in my situation, it's more intelligent to "try" those breakthrough in Neurosciences
and not stay scared by the 1.1 billion of human smokers, smoking 12 millions of cigarettes every minute
There are 2 millions cigarettes smoked each day in Paris (intra-muros)
on 100km²
2000 / minute

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