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3:00 PM
Note how it has two intersecting rotors.
Those are working rotors.
@RegDwigнt those blades are just and accident waiting to happen
@RegDwigнt The good guys get all the best aircraft.
You can hold the thing by the tail and push a slider back and forth, and they rotate.
@MattЭллен nope. There are actual helicopters employing those.
@RegDwigнt foolish mortals
And I even rebuilt the rotors to have four blades each rather than three. Still plenty of room left for the intersecting.
3:01 PM
@RegDwigнt I love how the bad guys have just a joystick for the head. It's so cheezy, it's like what a kid would do.
My eldest saved for months and we went and bought the Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider last week.
Intermeshing rotors on a helicopter are a set of two rotors turning in opposite directions, with each rotor mast mounted with a slight angle to the other, in a transversely symmetrical manner, so that the blades intermesh without colliding. The arrangement allows the helicopter to function without a tail rotor, which saves power. However, neither rotor lifts directly vertically, which reduces efficiency per each rotor. The overall design compared to the more familiar main rotor + tail rotor design can exceed, equal, or fall short of single-rotor designs in various metrics (carrying capacity vs...
Now look at them pictures.
Now that is scary.
@KitFox wow, where does he work, to afford such a large set? ;)
3:03 PM
@Freddy a very good set. The picture does it no justice.
Which we couldn't find anywhere by the time he had saved enough, and now I see Toys R Us has it conveniently on sale this week. Bastards.
Well, it was at Toys R Us for +$25 and Mommy was pissed.
@KitFox can you buy it again and then return the new one as the old one?
Yeah what's the deal with these Ninjago sets? They look so over the top only a child would want one. Even I as a parts collector had to skip on those. Just a messy pile of parts.
3:04 PM
Also, you should check amazon.com. They have tons of lego sales.
@RegDwigнt says the man who just bought the exo-suit
After several hours and many tears and lots of soul-searching, I finally resigned to checking WalMart, where they had it at the price I expected.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I never cared for the suit, and that's in the transcript. I was positively surprised, but that's precisely because I never cared one bit.
The kit is more interesting than I thought, but it was his choice.
@RegDwigнt people love greebles.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 why? That's the only thing absolutely everyone has a ton of.
Why would I want to buy more of the ubiquitous tiny bley stuff everyone has tens of pounds of?
3:06 PM
@RegDwigнt Nah. You've been an adult collector for too long to remember what it was like as a kid, when you had only a few sets period.
He spent two days putting it together by himself and now hides it in his room so his little brother won't destroy it.
@RegDwigнt well, ninjago (and chima) have tons of colourful greebles.
@KitFox ah! takes me back :D
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 but that is my point. You have a ton of those greebles even if you own just one set, and even if it's Cinderella's market stand.
It has "all the ninjas" and the snake prison flying thing detaches, and it has missiles and cannons.
3:07 PM
@KitFox I suspect it doesn't have "all" the ninjas.
Yeah haha no way.
Well, he says it does, but also we have the green and gold ones, so.
There are like a half million.
Close enough.
I'm pretty sure we had all of them already anyway.
All the ninjas would cost you thousands of dollars, and your collection would become incomplete before you wrote out the cheque.
3:08 PM
Except the blue one.
Speaking of ninjas. My daughter drew this.
Cow a bunga?
There has been much talk of ninja turtles in our house of late.
@RegDwigнt that's whathe turtles say
3:09 PM
That's the best use of cow as a verb I have seen all day.
@RegDwigнt Cowabunga, dude.
== English == === Etymology === See Appendix:Etymology/cowabunga. === Pronunciation === (Australia) IPA(key): /ˌkæɔ.ə.ˈbaŋ.ɡə/ (UK, US) IPA(key): /ˌkaʊ.ə.ˈbʌŋ.ɡə/ === Interjection === cowabunga (slang) an expression of surprise or amazement, often followed by "dude" Cowabunga, dude! Look at that crazy Godzilla! ==== Translations... ====
@KitFox never once heard it.
Remember they are hero turtles here, not ninjas.
@RegDwigнt I'm fairly sure Bart Simpson says it too
Now my son says he wants to save up for the Batcave. I really would like him to choose something different.
3:09 PM
@RegDwigнt Here they are apparently nija turtels.
@MattЭллен then I likely disregarded it as a one-off occasionalism.
Oh dynamic image.
it's one of his catchphrases
or maybe I'm thinking of something else
@KitFox a different set? or non-lego.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 15 hours ago, by animuson
Suspending is only fun if also accompanied by account blowing-uppings.
3:11 PM
@MattЭллен I think it was, in the early years, but that got old and homer turned out to be the character everyone loved.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 ah
Around these parts, John McClane also says "Jippie-Ya-Yeah, piggie cheek".
I don't like the look of this one, although the vehicles might be cool.
3:12 PM
@KitFox Hah! that's another set I'd never recognize as my own. But I do own it.
And it's his choice, but man, there's way cooler stuff than that.
@KitFox is that Bane? he looks like a luchador!
I only bought it for the batman minifig and it's been lying MISB in the cellar ever since.
@KitFox There are cheaper ways to get batman and robin.
And now that I'll be getting the Tumbler with an exclusive Batman, I might as well dump the Cave.
3:13 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 We have both already, and the cooler versions. That's not the point.
For him, I mean.
@KitFox yeah. I know.
Hey cool, does the set come with Poison Ivy?
But I'd try to steer my kids toward something with more potential, or at least less overlap.
And hey cool, where do I know that name from?
I never watched or cared for Batman.
Part of the point is to help him learn how to make choices, so I don't want to have tooo much influence, but still guide him.
3:14 PM
@RegDwigнt being near geeks long enough, you'll osmosise some of the jargon
I think tonight I will have to build a scene where Venkman kidnaps Poison Ivy or something.
But he gets pretty distressed when he's made up his mind and then needs to change it.
This set is seriously huge.
Also quite boring.
for a "bad guy" vehicle.
3:15 PM
I decided against getting it.
@RegDwigнt try to think like a kid.
@MattЭллен that is scary. You take that back.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 why would I? I don't want to buy every single set.
Why do you keep trying to make me get even more LEGO?
@RegDwigнt What I mean is, try to consider the set as really great for kids, or really great for adults, or both, or neither.
I am very happy every time a new set turns out boring. To me.
And that police set is really great for kids.
3:17 PM
@RegDwigнt I think that fixed it :D
I think I have enough parts that I could build the dropship, or an approximation, in a different colour scheme. I like how it looks so much I might try to do that.
Yeah I think I have all the parts minus the minifigs.
Srsly I look at that dropship and I feel the same tingle as when I first made the Republic Gunship.
it does look like it's from the droid army
Can't quite second that.
3:18 PM
@RegDwigнt yeah the figs are a turn off for me. I seriously do not need another Johnny Thunder or Batman. Screw off!
@MattЭллен Have you seen the lego movie?
My RG is still sitting on my table, and I cannot bring myself to disassemble it.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 no. I do want to, though
This one is basically just a box, and has like one feature, the movable exhausts.
@RegDwigнt I felt the same with mine, which was the first edition.
Also, where the heck was it even in the movie?
I never saw it.
3:19 PM
@RegDwigнt It has a retractable cable too, that uses a neat click mechanism I hadn't seen before in an official kit.
@RegDwigнt where was what in which movie?
The LEGO movie. The police dropship. Where was it.
My FiL has a shitton of hand-me-down Star Wars LEGO from about five years ago and won't let us have them. The boys play with them while they are at his house, but of course we can never actually make the gunship, although we know all the pieces are there.
I think they were in the scene where cloud cuckoo land is being attacked?
@KitFox why can't you make it? don't have the instructions handy?
Ahsoka's ship, and vulture droid, and frigging ARC fighter.
I would have guessed the Western scene?
3:21 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Not enough time to sort and assemble.
@KitFox maybe make it a multi-visit project?
They don't understand, and so would allow others to play with them in the meantime.
Maybe I'm mixing it up with the game, in which tons of police arrived during the Western shootout. Didn't really happen in the movie that way.
I own the movie. I can check tonight if you want.
Nah no sweats, I have a copy myself.
I'm just sorta saying, I've seen every model in the movie, even on the very first watch, save for the dropship.
3:24 PM
I was wondering about that.
Didn't look right.
It's that German, screwing you up.
Speaking of screwed up Germans, did you hear our CIO left?
Your who?
Cookie In Office?
Chief Information Officer.
Close enough for me.
3:27 PM
Our executive head of IT.
No I did not hear that. I'm not the NSA, you know.
so says you
So he retired to screw Germans, you say?
Oh crap, it's that late already. I must be taking my leave soon. Gotta see the Tumbler.
howdy guys
Helloes and bies.
3:31 PM
howdie ho neighbourino
@KitFox You changed your pic back :)
What's with the pic, @Arrowfar?
@Arrowfar The other was too bright for a Monday after vacation.
@KitFox It's the handsome version of me :)
I like the real you better.
3:32 PM
I know. People say that :)
as you can see from my avatar, I'm already the handsome version of me.
@MattЭллен hah :)
That guy looks entitled, like the kind of rich white boy who probably raped and-or murdered his high school sweetheart and got away with it because he's privileged.
3:33 PM
@KitFox So you think I should change it? I want to keep it a bit longer :)
But his complexion is clear and his features are symmetrical and his overall color palette is certainly my type.
Stupid Pierce Brosnan chin.
@KitFox his name's Matt Bomer
@Arrowfar Oh. I'm probably the only person who thinks that, so I'm sure you're fine to keep it.
I look like him with a beard and a bit round face :)
3:34 PM
he plays the man in the 50 shades of grey film
Texan. Figures.
Yeah he is Matt Boomer
so google tells me
He is gay though
@KitFox Heh. I thought it too, but then I thought "it's not his fault he's privileged, I shouldn't stereotype"
3:36 PM
Oh. Soap star. I should have figured.
@Arrowfar That doesn't make him less attractive.
Just means he'd be more interested in you than me.
@KitFox That is true haha
"Tru Calling". I had forgotten all about that.
He's been in a bunch of random stuff.
And a bunch of stuff I've heard of but never watched.
And also Flightplan.
Except I never saw the end of that.
3:39 PM
I guess. Just soooooo typically "beautiful" that he doesn't pique my interest.
True :)
google guessed "christian grey" when I did that
@KitFox what does pique your interest these days? pumpkin-spice donuts? They're coming back soon
@MattЭллен weird. It even filled in the "beautiful man" part of the query for me
@MattЭллен Is that borner or boner? :)
3:42 PM
Bome to be wild
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Thankfully, the woman that I got blisteringly drunk with last week was not interested in me.
Like that.
You like women!
So do you.
But I am a guy. That makes you...... :)
I am a guy. Sometimes women like me. I guess that makes me ahem
3:46 PM
So we can't italicize it after '......' in chat box?
if you put a... space you can
That makes me ....... xyz
I see
Makes me a guy?
3:47 PM
Thanks Matty
@KitFox No. I was making a joke that's all :)
I don't know why all my jokes backfire!
Oh. Well, I'm not very good at understanding jokes.
I see
Damn. Looks like my plan to sleep down at work on Wednesday might backfire.
3:49 PM
so you don't have to drive so far?
Do you sleep at work?
@MattЭллен Yes.
@Arrowfar I was going to sleep in the "war room" but I think someone else might already have dibs.
I was going to be sneaky about it.
What's a war room?
Bye Matty
3:51 PM
@MattЭллен cu
@Arrowfar In this case, it's a small cabin where we've set up a bunch of stuff for a particular project.
Hmm that
It happens to be a guest cabin, so there's a bed in the back.
But the PM travels, so he might be crashing there.
And I don't want to be obvious about asking.
You mean Prime Minister? Really?
3:56 PM
No, project manager.
I thought it a bit later :) (so stupid)
No worries.
4:36 PM
I can't figure out where to put the library on the proposed site.
4:53 PM
@KitFox You've been watching Twin Peaks lately, haven't you.
@Arrowfar It's all in the...
@Mitch Oh. That's a good idea.
so dark
I never watched the second season. I watched season one in one go, along with Fire Walk With Me.
About twelve years ago.
When I was on a Lynch kick.
And also not sleeping.
Not all Muslims are bad I guess
Weird, I know.
i so confuzzled
Oh. Insane Clown Posse - 3 years.
> Juggalos evidently believe themselves to be badasses
hahaha so true. Such losers.
@Mitch Faygo.
Faygo Beverages, Inc. is a soft drink company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The beverages produced by the company, branded as Faygo or Faygo Pop, are distributed in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Central Southern regions of the United States, and southern Canada. Faygo is imported in Europe by American Fizz, an official distributor of Faygo. Faygo Beverages, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Beverage Corporation, Started in Detroit, Michigan in 1907, as Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works. As the company expanded, they felt the brand name was too long and changed it to Faygo. The...
The Onion sums up how I feel about ICP.
5:53 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 uh, lol. It can be seen for all of a millisecond, and there's no sense of scale at all. It looks like it's the size of a DeLorean.
No wonder I missed it the first time around. I am still missing it now.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 harhar. Beautiful man: all sizes, large.
Q: If walking across the street unlawfully is jaywalking, is it safe to say biking across the street is jaybiking?

thinly veiled question markCan the prefix "jay-" be used with any verb form so long as it represents crossing a street illegally? For example, I went to NYC the past week for vacation, and noticed so many people, and bikers, especially bikers, crossing the street whenever they felt like it, red light or not, crosswalk or ...

The pea is most commonly the small spherical seed or the seed-pod of the pod fruit Pisum sativum. Each pod contains several peas. Peapods are botanically a fruit, since they contain seeds developed from the ovary of a (pea) flower. The name is also used to describe other edible seeds from the Fabaceae such as the pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan), the cowpea (Vigna unguiculata), and the seeds from several species of Lathyrus. P. sativum is an annual plant, with a life cycle of one year. It is a cool season crop grown in many parts of the world; planting can take place from winter to early summer depending...
6:25 PM
@RegDwigнt well, I didn't re-watch the whole movie to see if that's the only clip where it appears.
6:56 PM
> When I rapidly descend on a roller coaster or plane, I get a tingling sensation in my groin, not unlike an orgasm. What causes this? (front page of reddit.com)
"not unlike an orgasm" what does he mean? "like an orgasm"?
@nosmoking yes, it's double negation, it means "like"
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 weird, but ok
it's idiomatic. It isn't as strong a comparison as "like" is.
"a bit like"/"quite like"
Q: "Like" versus "not unlike"

Nick BedfordJust out of curiousity, how did this double negative come to be? When I use it, it's often because I want to emphasise the fact that x is not y but is still similar in some way, whereas "like" doesn't necessarily stress the fact that two things aren't the same when stating their... likeness. ...

7:01 PM
it's funny because it doesn't exist in French
Dec 8 '13 at 3:16, by tchrist
It's confusing. That's a probly-not. And it's not colloquial English to say "will not" and "does not"; native speakers say "won't" and "doesn't". That makes the sentence a little more accessible, but not enough. Horn's rule is Simplex Negatio Negat; Duplex Negatio Affirmat; Triplex Negatio Confundit. Single negative negates; double negative affirms; triple negative confuses. — John Lawler 2 days ago
or maybe "pas loin de" (=not far from)
7:49 PM
posted on August 18, 2014 by sgdi

There once was a man from Nuneaton Who thought that he couldn’t be beaten His unending skill Bequeathed in his will To someone who needs it: Wil Wheaton

FWIW, George Orwell hated the "not un-" pattern so much that he tried to create a vaccine against it. — Robusto 58 secs ago
@Robusto Haters gonna hate.
Tell that to Winston Smith.
I can't. Big Brother is always watching.
8:04 PM
He loves Big Brother.
he says he does, now.
No tuna for George.
1 hour later…
9:22 PM
@JasperLoy Bathroom grafitti
@JasperLoy For this month I'm just doing the mixsets, but I've been posting music every day for like a year.
Just not in this room.
10:01 PM
> And yes, folks frequently do try to ask questions via flags. No, it never ends well.
Just counterflag with Not a Flag!
A: Are moderators afraid to deal with high reputation users?

Shog9First off, don't ask questions in flags: How can this joke be here as a real answer? ...not even rhetorical ones. If an answer is a joke, please just say "this answer is a joke" or better yet "this is a joke answer which does nothing to help anyone solve a real problem and may confuse casu...

Shoggoth deleted that 8 seconds before I looked at it.
Since the number of trusted users on both SO and ELU is countable on one hand of a half-handed man with fingers to spare.
Weird, my old SEDE query for that doesn’t work any longer.
Who can tell me why this is now busticated?
They must have changed the schema, but this surprises me.
10:35 PM
@tchrist people were doing bad things with that email hash. Fortunately, we added a less fragile way to accomplish the same thing: data.stackexchange.com/english/query/218877/…
@Shog Hey, thanks!
Answer is 16 10k crossovers but only 3 20k crossovers.
@RegDwigнt Gee looky, I didn’t realize they’d given you the whip on SO. Congrats! :)
Must be new?
20k crossovers are a lot less:
Hm, and I alone am the unique 40k crossover, not that that counts for anything.
I'd offer to send you a coffee bean for every point you earned on both sites... But that'd be a bit excessive.
So, tell me, how did you find that I mentioned you? I am used to calling monsters from the vasty deep, and so is any man, but I am not used to them coming when I call them, especially without sonar pings. :)
That reminds me, I have a headache. I also only had a wee smidgen of coffee lo these 12 hours ago. Coincidence? I think not.
I have a few searches that run periodically and notify me of such things
and yeah, coffee withdrawal is no fun
10:51 PM
something like that. Also "meta" and "blog" (I may have dropped blog)
People don’t always appreciate my novel-length answers on ELU so much as they do on SO. You’d think that English people would be more used to reading long stretches of English than coders would.
The thing about the SE system, is it is far too easy to ask simple questions.
Simple questions do not beget simple answers.
In fact, they tend to beget complicated answers because they weren’t focused enough in the first place.
This is my only recent success at that, and it is because of a simplistic question that I almost CV'd as Too Broad or Primarily Opinion Based, but in a donnish fit of romantic quijotería went and answered anyway.
A: Connotations of "quixotic"

tchristOn the quixotic — and the Quijote Is quixotic positive or negative, you ask. An easy enough question to ask, aye. But to answer? To answer is something else. For it is . . . complicated. That’s because a tale as rich as El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha cannot be potted into a sing...

And yet, this one from yesterday took nearly as much work, and has like 1/100th the size:
A: "Made a rhyme without effort" in English from Spanish "Hice verso sin esfuerzo"

tchristIf you don’t mind some witless doggerel that may not suit the next inaugural:         I make a rhyme             up all the time         In easy verse                  that’s good and terse.         They take no thought,   these words I’ve wrought;         Though poets curse,      it could be wo...

More Puckish that time than Quijotesque, though.
This is strange, and I don't mean the doggerel one, but I begin to think that my best answers are for the most part answers to marginal or confusing or overly simplistic questinos.
Where a questino is a new subatomic particle for a type information transference.
@Shog I didn’t recognize you because your gravatar in the Tavern is the old one. I simply never refresh.
different chat server, different associated sites
...different pics
I swear I had worked out that they were different, then ran my tests again and changed my mind.
and yeah... If you think of questions as the equivalent of Wikipedia stub pages, then it makes more sense as to why an underspecified question would prompt more meaty answers
11:06 PM
For a while, they were tracerouting to different targets. Now they don’t, or didn’t. But that might just be NAT magic.
It makes sense for the Tavern to be on a separate physical server and subnet than the rest.
half the regulars appear to be on different planets, so...
I was more thinking about how it is nice to have a separated-off a Command and Control Center during DOS attacks.
It looks like the DOS stuff from the weekend went away.
But I have another weird issue. I get time-to-accept on edits to posts that are supra-linearly proportionate to the input size. Does that make sense, or is there some dumb O(n⁴) algorithm lurking underneath something?
So for the Quijote post, it would take like half a minute for the system to come back and accept it, and when it did, it was always "Edited 15 seconds ago", which was weird.
But that was over the weekend, so may have been tickled by DOS issues. Haven’t retested. Still, I could edit short things instantly then while the submit on that one took just the south side of forever.
there was a bunch of weird stuff going on over the weekend.
I skipped all of it in favor of putting up a fence
I went to the top of Mt Evans. You been there?
40–50 degrees cooler than down here, and the weekend was a scorcher. Plus so much awesomeness.
mt evans, no. heck, I haven't even made it up Pike's Peak yet
I need to find time to do more touristy things
11:20 PM
Mt Evans is much better.
There are no little old ladies serving lattes at the top.
Mt Evans is also paved all the way.
And has nice interpretive stuff at the Mt Goliath station there at timberline and the ancient bristlecone pine center.
If you do Evans, I promise you will see mountain goats and/or bighorn sheep by the flocks. They are super friendly, and they have kids and lambs right now.
You can get a full headshot with a 105mm lens filling the whole frame with the critter, seeing yourself in their eye.
Plus summer is nearly over there.
Mt Evans is the only place where you can see not merely Alpine Tundra (like in Indian Peaks or RMNP) but actual Arctic Tundra. The difference is that the latter occurs on flat open spaces with frozen permafrost beneath.
Currently populated with little pink elephants.
The arctic tundra is visible at Summit Lake.
"Visible" meaning you are in the midst of it.
The mountain goats are so non-goaty. There are not actual caprids. Closer to euro chamois and musk-oxen. They are the only critters that stay above timberline during the long winter there. They are like prehistoric or Tibetan or something.
Sounds like a good time. How late in the year is it still passable?
Only guaranteed between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but I’ve been whited-out there on the Fourth of July. If you are lucky, it extends into September, but by then even autumn is past that high.
You get only 2–3 weeks of summer in the 12–14 kilofoot alpine zone.
Basically the end of July and start of August.
Thing is, you don’t need a jacket if the sun is out even when it is only 50 up at the very top. The radiant heat of the sun is so super-intense.
Which is very strange. So the half of your body in sun will be warm and the half in shadow will be cold. You can literally be hot and cold at the same time.
See what I mean? :)
And yes, those are all my own shots, not plagiarisms. :)
11:38 PM
11:50 PM
@Shog9 You look cool, long time no see. I think I have deleted about ten accounts, lol.
@tchrist oh haha I didn't even notice. Then again, seeing how it's an overflow of 776, perhaps I did notice but then completely forgot.
At any rate I'm not seeing any flags, only the usual review stuff.
Well, you have 10k tools.
If you have posts of yours you’d like us to flag, I’m sure the Cabal could arrange something for you.
@RegDwigнt I thought my flag would get 10 stars by now.

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