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12:00 AM
Hey buddy, could you spear a cracker?
This is the eye shot: at full res, you can see the landscape mirrored in her eye.
Well, and my car. :)
It looks like the guy above without horns.
Guys have horns.
That’s ewe, Jasper, that’s ewe.
They are so horny.
Reasonably so, but not so horny as these ones:
In the antilocaprids no sexual dimorphism occurs as it does with the earlier ovines.
I feel like I just said something dirty.
I really like eye-shots. I have a collection of most of my friends’ eyes.
That way they can’t see me comin’. :)
Good thing those guys don’t need to sign model waivers.
The above must be a cat.
12:08 AM
Cats are so human looking.
> Thrice the brinded cat hath mewed. Thrice, and once the hedge-pig whined. Harpier cries, “'Tis time, ’tis time.”
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron boil and bake.
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Round about the cauldron go,
In the poisoned entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Sweltered venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ th’ charmèd pot.
12:42 AM
Um, no:
What do we do about questions that reference other questions? This is very common in the prereputable.
A: Is there a word for this emotion? Resentment over someone's good fortune without wanting it - Not quite jealousy/envy

Boluc PapuccuogluJon Purdy's answer is good, but I would like to add that, if you act on the feelings you mention, you might be said to act "out of spite". Also, you behaviour could be construed as "spiteful".

I would be in favor of editing out the leading “Jon Purdy's answer is good, but I would like to add that,”.
I can’t see how it improves the answer, which should stand on its own. If he thinks JP’s answer is good, he should upvote it.
1:02 AM
And even accept it, in my humble opinion :-)
1:39 AM
Oh. Well so much for interest or creativity. I like the way only a few people contributed, and then the folks who failed to contribute but insisted on trashing them decided the question was stupid. — Jon Jay Obermark 10 hours ago
@JonJayObermark Your comment is inappropriate because it does not seek clarification on a posting. Please take your quarrel to meta, or put it to bed. It does not belong here. — tchrist 37 secs ago
Yes, I’m being a bit strict on the comment thing, but this is the very sort of comment that degenerates and leads to things that shouldn’t happen.
2:21 AM
More people who think this is a forum. I’m not sure how best to fix them.
A: Is there a common word for floor and ceiling?

J. MusserI think user1598390 got it right. Floor is the closest to what you're looking for. I have also heard the term level used interchangeably with floor. Storey, as defined by Dictionary.com, shows that both words, floor and level, are acceptable. storey /ˈstɔːrɪ/ noun (pl) -reys, -ries...

Am I completely bonkers in thinking that talking about others answers, particular other users, in an answer just to agree (or disagree) with them is not the best way to answer?
2:43 AM
I think it relies excessively on discussion-style prose, which is really not acceptable on this site.
It ought to be generic, not specific to a username that can change.
3:09 AM
Makes sense.
I edited it.
Pour vous, M. @tchrist.
Here's some samples from EL&U, courtesy of mecha Snail:

In people of [[Scandinavia]]n extraction there is a rat plutonium, it will soon die of radiation poisoning. COMMA SPLICE
I have been retained in caricatures, especially in the elevator.
There is no consensus among the standards bodies, but that's not from inherent offensiveness
3:27 AM
Good evening!
> You should be parseable with relative ease. However, this is: Awkward.
These are really funny. I should make our bot do this.
I just finished disassembling the Palace Cinema.
Considering it's mostly empty space inside, it still has quite a lot of parts.
It will cause my storage bins to overflow awkwardly yet again.
Not that I'm complaining.
But my wife is.
I am awake because I got all irritated before bed.
Now I'm listening to ASMR and down an SO rabbit hole.
3:31 AM
is it helping?
I guess.
lego trivia today: There is a Nesquick Bunny figure
I want to eat it.
I wish I had snacks.
considers this
I have a recipe for microwave cake
you can have a chocolate cake in 3 mins
plus the time it takes me to type out the recipe
Actually, we're doing another "clean eating challenge".
So thanks, but I'm already bending the rules.
3:36 AM
what's unclean about microwave cake? It's just flour, sugar, egg, oil, milk, cocoa, bp, and chocolate chips!
it's good for you
I scored a raspberry nutrigrain bar.
And some cheezits.
I am trying to decide if it's too late to open a beer.
the problem is the only beer I have is 500ml
Also, I remembered that I had a coke before dinner, so that's the likely cause of me being awake.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Oh, we can share it then.
@KitFox that would solve so many problems.
Awake enough to get irritated.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 It really would. Oh well.
3:37 AM
irritated about being awake?
A little. Mostly I'm irritated at A–.
(I cleverly redacted her name.)
(In an old-fashioned manner.)
hm. It's annoying when you're irritated at someone and there isn't anything you can do about it and it keeps you up.
I said fuck in irritation a lot earlier. But it didn't help much.
Did you try saying it ironically?
Now I'm in my office, but it's on the creepy side of the house.
Hmm. No.
3:40 AM
your house has a creepy side?! cool!
my house is very practical and not at all creepy.
A whole wing. And it's dark. And it smells a bit funny.
That might be from my farting though.
Keeps the predatory ghosts away.
I almost snorted but then I realized that's not a good thing to do around a farter.
I wish my house had wings. it's just a boring suburban side-split.
But really all I need is one or two extra rooms... one for guests, and one for lego.
There's a woman that I felt I had really hit it off with at work, and now I think she's being all shitty because she's stupid.
What's a side-split?
Like a townhouse?
3:43 AM
the two sides of the house are offset from each other by half-a-story.
dunno? It's a common pattern around here
like that
that's a similar plan to my house
probably a similar size too
so on the left is the garage on the ground, with bedrooms 1 story up
on the right is the kitchen/living room/dining room 1/2 story up, and underneath is the basement
I guess it makes sort of sense, like you feel like you've got more stories or something.
3:45 AM
from any given floor it's six or seven steps up or down to the floor on the other side.
I've never seen such a thing.
six or seven metric or imperial?
imperial, since we still build houses that way
also many houses are older than the switch to metric
like mine is
These cheezits are disappointingly slightly stale.
it's from the mid 50s
At least years are metric.
3:47 AM
> The advantage of sidesplits (and its closely related backsplit) is that it separates bedrooms from living space without the need for a full flight of stairs. It is less land efficient than a two-story house but more efficient than a bungalow.
(from wikipedia)
I have a full basement under the lower side, so it's as land-efficient as a two-story house with no basement
that is, both halves have two full levels
I have a two story house with a basement and an attic.
I needed to brag just now.
We finally closed on it last week.
wait, didn't you move just recently?
Last year.
so, you're moving again?
around here attics are typically not usable spaces. My attic is just where the insulation goes.
No, we just finally actually bought the house.
Attics are the same here, but we've got a walk-in attic, which has it's own creepy room! But it's only half the attic. The rest is a crawlspace.
3:53 AM
oh. well, congrats on buying!
wait... you bought it from your MiL, right?
or something like that
So a creepy attic, and a creepy wing.
It's an old house.
You should wall off one of the rooms such that it's only accessible through a false wardrobe.
Hmm. I have a real wardrobe.
I did think it would be cool to make a bookcase door.
3:59 AM
If I ever get to build my own house, you can bet it will have a secret passage somewhere.
yes! I wanted to do that too.
But it might be a little obvious with it sitting in the hallway.
Actually I might.
I want to convert my garage, which is really just a junk storage area, into a Lego room. It would be ideal since there are no windows.
What I should do is hang tapestries.
But then I'd need a door to get from the house to the garage, and I figured I could just put the bookcases on that wall (they're currently on the opposite wall)
They'd hide the doors to the cold hall and help cut down heating costs.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 You'll have to figure out how to make them slide. Hinges can't hold the weight.
4:01 AM
I am thinking they'd sit on the floor, on casters or something, and the hinges would just guide their motion.
I'm sure there are designs for this available.
Have you seen this? buzzfeed.com/awesomer/…
Hmm, yes, but it has to be mysterious and seamless.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 drools
@KitFox I know, eh?
lots of hinged bookcases there
So many of those have fake books. That would make it less fun.
I wonder if the fake books are a requirement
I bet it can be done with real books
and not, say, a hollow facade
Well, they might fall all over the place when you open the door.
And they're heavy if you fill the whole shelf.
4:06 AM
Maybe, yeah. But some bookends could probably solve that.
Yeah, the door might be heavy to move, even if there is no weight issue. But I'd be okay with leaving the door (to the lego room) open all the time, or closed for an extended period of time.
Really, a secret passage is meant to stay closed.
otherwise, not much of a secret, is it?
Then these toy shelf ones. Who are they kidding?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Right.
@KitFox yeah, like #28
toys would be falling off, probably
I think if your shelf was properly installed, it should be okay for books.
You can get those metal bookends that the books sit on to weigh them down, which are nearly invisible from the front; they'd probably hold the books right steady
Having a custom room for the Lego would solve so many of my Lego problems.
You could put a decorative edging on the front of the shelf, so things wouldn't slide off.
Oh. my bookcases have glass doors
Your LEGO bookcases?
4:09 AM
oh, no, the book bookcases
the lego bookcases would be inside the room, hidden when the doors are closed
You could hang tools off the back. Make it look garagelike.
actually there's only one bookcase right now
I have one lego bookcase and two book bookcases
But on the other side, LEGO!
but all three cases are filled
You only have three bookcases?
Where do you keep your books?
4:10 AM
well, 4, but one is filled with non-books.
My book bookcases are now getting to be double-stacked
I have scolded my eldest for leaving his books splayed on the floor.
He says he doesn't have enough bookmarks.
I told him we would get him bookmarks. He could probably get three dozen bookmarks for a dollar.
He said "What if I'm reading 37 books?"
anything flat is a bookmark. a kleenex. a scrap of paper.
I forgot, the kids each have a bookshelf in their rooms. But they only use one shelf for books, the rest for toys.
I told him he could use anything as a bookmark then. He said he was using the floor.
4:13 AM
Then I explained about breaking the spines on books and he gave me that narrow-eyed look that meant "are you thinking about breaking my spine if I don't pick these up?"
there's been a lot of sass lately, and I'm pretty sure I know exactly where he gets it from.
I asked him if he was done eating his broccoli a couple days ago. He brandished his fork at me and said "Do I look like I'm done eating my broccoli?"
My bookcases
They are nice.
4:16 AM
so anyway as you saw, they're full
the lego one in particular is reaching 100% capacity
Yes. And not nearly enough.
We are planning to renovate our living room/dining room and make our fireplace smaller (it's very very wide), and putting bookcases up around it. That will let us move a lot of books upstairs, freeing up space here in the office.
But I'm sure my wife won't allow me to just replace the smaller bookcases here with the deeper legocases.
So the longer-term solution for the lego remains unknown.
Build house out of lego.
At my current rate of acquisitions I'll run out of storage space by the end of the year.
Yeah seriously, the lego storage wasn't a problem when I had thirty-odd models built and on display on shelves around the apartment. But now that it's all stored, it takes up storage space!
You need to write up a proposal immediately.
Emergency funds.
4:21 AM
So that's why I am thinking of using the garage. I could split the garage into two spaces: the outdoor junk space, and the lego space. I could put in a wall, some lighting, and ventilation. I could finish the floor. I could put in a large table and some counter space. The large table would be high enough to be ergonomic.
And because a door to the lego room would be unsightly, I propose hiding it behind a swinging bookcase.
Then the problem of the lego clutter becomes an "out of sight, out of mind" issue for her.
My kids will need taller stools to reach the higher table though.
I can visualize it so perfectly.
Make a bench for the kids.
Make it wide, so it can serve as additional display space/place for them to play with little kits.
you mean, a stand-up workbench that's kid-height?
I could do that. But inevitably they want whatever I'm working on on the big table
I'd love to have a table that could raise/lower itself. But that would cost thousands in the size I'm thinking of.
I guess I could make a large table with one section lower than the rest; the kids could use it as their work area but also large multi-level creations could span from one half to the next.
Sort of. I mean something they can sit on, but that's also potentially useful for you.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, like that.
One half could be "sit-down table" height and the other could be "stand up table" height.
Anyway this is all pure fantasy at the moment. I don't imagine this project will be underway for at least a year.
And I'd have to fund it by placing a moratorium on lego purchases. Which is like placing a moratorium on coffee drinking or breathing.
Right now our next big purchase is a piano.
4:28 AM
I used to play and I want to get back into it, and it's time for the kids to start learning too.
The piano rolls, right?
has idea
it will be a digital piano
scrubs idea
4:28 AM
also even rolling pianos are very heavy to move.
It was just for lulz.
I used to have one and it took two people to move it from one side of the room to the other.
We had a standup piano when I was little.
That's not the right word.
I'm not sure what they're called
4:29 AM
ah, upright
Upright piano. And we'd shove it around, all three of us.
And it would barely move.
They're probably not making them any lighter, either.
not like TVs
I was going to have it, but my mom would never unbury it.
So it's still there, under the junk piles.
it's buried?
oh no. your mom is a hoarder?
Kind of.
Not as bad as the show.
4:30 AM
But literally has paths through most rooms.
Her house is not that big.
We've talked about having an intervention, but none of us cares enough to really do anything.
would it help?
I have thought about taking stuff that I care about out of her house, but since I don't talk to her anymore, I don't know when she's home.
I have a feeling she'd just get defensive and blame you guys for everything
She does that already.
And then she'd put more stuff in her house.
But it would be stuff we didn't care about...so.
Problem solved.
She blames it on my dad, for always bring lots of junk home.
4:33 AM
what if you offered to buy the stuff you care about? Like, say, "buy" the piano, and then just take whatever else you want.
Of course, never mind that he's been dead over a decade.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 We've tried that. She will initially agree, and then weasel and wiggle around until she decides she can't live without it, or that it would be way more effort than not to clear it off.
@KitFox What if you bought her tickets to a movie, then robbed her place while she was out?
She also seems to enjoy screwing me over personally.
It might be hard to hide the piano when she visits though.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 That would not be enough time.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I could maybe get my Micro machines though.
4:35 AM
ooh! micro machines. They were neat
apparently they can be used in home defense, or everything I've learned from Home Alone was a lie.
I thought I would feel angrier, but now I just feel sad.
My mom is really messed up.
You know, there are plates and bowls in her attic right now that she saved for "us" (= the middle kid, probably) to have for when we moved into our own place.
I can picture what they look like.
She has tons of stuff like that, that she was keeping for us to help us out later, and she never gave it to us, and now we're adults with our own households and children and stuff.
@KitFox I feel sad too, sad for you. My relationship with my mom is great, and I wish everyone could have as good a parental relationship.
Well, I still have my MiL. She's just as extreme, but in the other direction.
my kids are at my parents' house right now, spending two weeks there.
They are two hours away by car.
It's very liberating.
But I hear from lots of other parents that that sort of thing is impossible for them.
Oh right. They do that once a year, right?
4:45 AM
I don't think I could do that, but Gramma is right next door.
I don't have a pair of grandparents in any case where I would trust both to watch the boys.
I don't like her boyfriend, and trust him less and less.
I think he is a demented pervert.
yeah, that's like my neighbour. Of all the grandparents that could babysit they're either unwilling, incapable, or in a foreign country.
My husband's father would do OK, and so would his father's wife, but neither of them would be interested for more than an afternoon or maybe overnight. Possibly. If it were really necessary.
is the demented pervert the ARC?
Yes, indeed.
4:48 AM
who is he attached to?
Still alive, if you can believe it.
He lays in bed all day, except for getting up to piss and go out and smoke.
You're obviously neglecting your anti-necromancer spells.
At least she arranged her new house so he would stay in his room, instead of him always on the living room couch snoring and claiming to watch TV at full volume.
He looks awful. He's lost even more weight and he's incredibly pale.
He can't move well and makes a jumpy "eh-ha" kind of noise every time he walks.
Which is really more like stumbling.
is he very old?
4:51 AM
that's not really that old
he could be around for 30 more years!
@KitFox Wow you are still not sleeping?
Not really. Not compared to my MiL who is still relatively perky.
@JasperLoy Still not.
@JasperLoy yeah it's getting late
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 That's not even funny.
I should really be going
4:52 AM
It's afternoon here, I just woke up.
I should too.
@KitFox I meant it in an alarmed-sounding way
They kept his dad alive for years on machines.
And he was hated by his family.
ugh I hate the thought of that
I saw someone who got suspended for 10 years on SE.
4:53 AM
did they do it as a punishment, maybe?
@JasperLoy was it George?
So we are prepared to tell his kids they can keep him on machines as long as they are paying for it and by the way, bye.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 No. Hopeful, I think. That he would wake up and love them for keeping him alive or something.
@KitFox oh, he was comatose?
@JasperLoy yikes. 10 years? Will the site even be around in 10 years?
Or something.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, I don't think they make that much money.
4:55 AM
He had a stroke and heart failure or something like that.
@KitFox I hate the thought of being, essentially, a prisoner in a hospital, attached to a machine, like some kind of degenerate cyborg
So there wasn't anything of him left but his body.
I think everyone should be given the right to kill themselves whenever they want to.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I hope you have a living will.
@KitFox Then the pragmatic side of me says just pull the plug, jeez.
4:56 AM
I know, right?
@KitFox Hm. I'm not sure that I do
They should make it easy for people to die, like just swallowing a pill and leaving painlessly.
@JasperLoy I reservedly agree, mostly.
Plus, the guy was an alcoholic asshole who beat his children, pit them against each other, and probably sexually abused them as well.
I think most people who want to commit suicide are suffering from a mental disorder that should be treated if it can be.
4:58 AM
So you'd think pulling the plug would be an easy choice.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I think it is because they cannot take the suffering anymore.
@KitFox Yeah. But in a situation like that, it's common for the victims to stand up for, and protect, their abuser like he never did for them. So it's understandable that they might keep him alive out of helpfulness.
Yeah, like I said. I think they were hopeful.
@JasperLoy Yes, but the reason they cannot is due to a mental health issue. Sadly, most of the world has shit for mental health resources.
Me, I'm merciless.
4:59 AM
@KitFox heh. Maybe leaving him to rot was meant as a sort of punishment, and pulling the plug would be a mercy.
Maybe they were hopeful that he was trapped in his own mind, going slowly insane.
Maybe. I doubt that.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I think he feels nothing, so they should pull the plug to save money.

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