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1:00 PM
@Flimzy sort of. Beautiful tomorrow without an article is just a proper noun. Until Obama, until an Obama.
OIC teh kvestchon has been yeposted.
Then I guess tchrist and Cerberus will simply take over from here.
@RegDwigнt It could do with your edit. Mine has to be approved.
Or Prof Lawler.
The new feed item is not.
@JasperLoy it cannot be approved if you don't submit it.
@RegDwigнt Exactly, I don't intend to submit one, lol. It is your job, lol.
No. My job is not to do any of this.
Speaking of which, BBL.
1:04 PM
@Arrowfar Who is in the picture?
@Jasper What time is it?
@tchrist It is 9.06 pm
So my morning is your night.
@JasperLoy Oh, he is Matt Bomer, some actor. Not me :)
1:07 PM
And your tomorrow shall me my today.
Yes, I am GMT+8
I will always be in this country, unless I announce otherwise.
You’ll notice I’m using possessive determiners here.
It's 6 pm here.
@tchrist I didn't notice that.
A possessive determiner occupies a slot in what particular grammatical construction?
1:08 PM
Dot products!
Oh, math, lol.
Was I close?
You could at least have the decency to laugh.
Before coffee?
To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
 Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
 To the last syllable of recorded time;
 And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
 The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
 Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
 That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
 And then is heard no more. It is a tale
 Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
 Signifying nothing.
Let us ponder all our yesterdays.
1:10 PM
How is it before coffee?
I am pre.
That's not right.
Thanks for the help @all... back to work now.
1:11 PM
I am rather certain that the noun phase all our yesterdays is the subject of that sentence.
Whose verb is have lighted.
Oh. Are we still doing this? What is the question again?
If it is a noun phrase, what is its head noun?
Can we use "?" and "!" both interjections at the same time when we want to express surprise at something?
1:12 PM
My now may not be the same as your now.
@Arrowfar Yes, usually !?, or an interrobang.
And now you know why now might be a noun.
Just like my today being your tomorrow.
Hello, Doctor.
And all our yesterdays having lighted fools the way to dusty death.
@KitFox What's an interrobang? (And could you give me an example)
1:13 PM
@KitFox ?!
(interro, then bang)
If I can use things as subjects, and apply determiners and plural inflections to them, they are nouns of no dispute.
@Arrowfar It's a question mark and exclamation point overlaid.
Tchrist can produce one.
24 mins ago, by Robusto
@MattЭллен That is true until, as Macbeth said, "the last syllable of recorded time."
⸘Quién dices‽
1:15 PM
Not your father's tomorrow
Let's live in the here and now.
@Robusto You should have gone for all our yesterdays. It’s rock solid.
Yesterday's gone.
I confess that having adverbs serve as targets of temporal prepositional phrases bothers me into thinking they must be nouns. A prepositional phrase is PREP + NP.
Every time we visit the main site for 100 days we get the gold fanatic badge or it is just one timer?
1:21 PM
just once
I see
@Arrowfar It is the easiest gold badge to get.
O my good lord,
At many times I brought in my accounts,
Laid them before you; you would throw them off,
And say, you found them in mine honesty.
When, for some trifling present, you have bid me
Return so much, I have shook my head and wept;
Yea, ’gainst the authority of manners, pray’d you
To hold your hand more close: I did endure
Not seldom, nor no slight cheques, when I have
Prompted you in the ebb of your estate
And your great flow of debts. My loved lord,
Though you hear now, too late—yet now’s a time—
@JasperLoy I know :)
I do believe the Bard hath decreed that now is a time.
And if now is a time, can it be any other than a noun?
1:23 PM
The time is now
To talk of cabbages and kings?
Unless you had something else in mind
The time is *inconspicuously.
The time is often.
The time is soon.
The time is sooner than you think.
These Knouns Templar as surely queer.
Or Adverbs, if you will — or nill.
By the way, our querent posited hasta an adverb.
That’s nonsense.
It’s a preposition.
yes, I think Flimzy meant ahora there
’Tis no more an adverb than is till, nor one whit less.
> “There are actions, father,” returned Edward, “which brook no delay, and this is one. It must be done this very now; or it may never be done.” ―Sir Walter Scott in The Monastery, 1820
1:32 PM
FFS, what is wrong with people and comments? You would think I had killed a bunny.
I shall contend that very is there an adjective rather than an adverb, for it comes between the demonstrative determiner and its demonstrated determinant.
Let me read the meta post now...
@KitFox Your query could have stopped at its sixth word and been just as true as in its entirety.
18 mins ago, by Robusto
Yesterday's gone.
1:35 PM
One of my Indian colleagues (who went back to India for a few weeks) says the power has been out there for two days. Can't be because of a blizzard.
@Robusto but history does repeat itself
@skullpatrol Yes, I said that. Why are you pinging me to bring that to my attention?
Because otherwise history wouldn't repeat itself.
On the short Nows God sends,
My everlasting state depends;
And should I but this Now
To cultivate my soul allow,
Short as it is, ’twould me prepare
To be of bliss eternal heir.

I oft made solemn vows
To consecrate to God my Nows;
This Now, I would begin,
But worldly thoughts keep rushing in;
Then I the next, and next designed,
When the next came, I change my mine.

I by experience found
The more I to the world gave ground,
The less my soul would heed
The Nows God for my good decreed;
When sin was up to habit wrought,
@skullpatrol Are you suggesting that you are being passive-aggressive right now?
1:40 PM
That’s as nominal as they come, O Captain my Captain.
@skullpatrol In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a mod. So leave me alone.
Also, I'm not being anything to you.
From The Works of the Right Reverend, Learned and Pious, Thomas Ken: Preparatives for Death, 1711
Preparatives, eh.
Yeah, like maybe some salt and pepper?
And then there was the Now Crowd of the late 60s and early 70s, who I fear are now become the Then Crowd.
1:43 PM
or is it a will?
There is too much tension in this room, everyone needs to relax.
Jasper is about to give massages.
@tchrist the preparatists have won!
you know what's relaxing? going for a long run
1:44 PM
@MattЭллен ’Tis a poem.
a poem that prepares him for death? how mortal
@JasperLoy why? It's free. At your local cinema you'd have to pay ten bucks for this kind of tension, with no guarantee of actually getting it.
A mortal poem? is that like a mortal wound?
@MattЭллен Let us trade a knee, you and me, and then who’ll farther run we’ll see.
It's like a kombat poem.
1:45 PM
I wish I could remember the films I've watched that I thought were terrible (other than AI) before I start watching them again.
(I will never forget how terrible AI is)
@MattЭллен happened to me just the other night. I re-watched My Blueberry Nights.
@MattЭллен This too shall pass.
If some female shouts at me at work what's the best sentence to throw at her. I tried "Watch your tone with me/Keep it down lady" but these didn't have the affect on her. I don't want to use any swear words either. But need some harsh sentence(s).
@RegDwigнt I don't know it
1:47 PM
@AndrewLeach Well, I was referring to actual reincarnation as Jasper seems to believe in. But even the strictest Catholic notion of "heaven" is a "common misconception" too, in my opinion. Your rewards will come in this life, so find them if you can.
@MattЭллен well, you're wiser than me. Twice.
@RegDwigнt Do you then worry your cicatrices like a hound in heat?
@tchrist Never heard of 'em.
@Arrowfar Just say the same thing you would say to a male.
1:47 PM
It's got Jude Law and Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz and David Strathairn. It couldn't be bad, right? Right?
Treat them equally, it's easier
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 okay
@RegDwigнt indeed. sounds like a good cast
But then there's Norah Jones.
> *1973 E. Bullins Theme is Blackness 167 ― Everybody in our integrated circle of mod people is with it, man. We’re the Now Crowd.
1:48 PM
Who is given the main role. And the rest of the cast are not given anything.
And the viewer is given a terrible headache.
Which the viewer enjoys way more than the film.
@Arrowfar What would Gandhi do?
@skullpatrol :D
And what would Jesus do :D
1:49 PM
@RegDwigнt I doubt whether even the bed of the sovereign should hold so many, but I have oft been wrong before and doubtless again shall be.
@tchrist our integrated circle of mod people are with it
@Arrowfar rise above it, my friend
@MattЭллен Love’s twisted daisy chain.
But it's visually appealing. Stylish. Again, way too stylish in places, but mostly it's quite nice to look at and has a good atmosphere. Too bad nothing ever comes out of it. Quite literally no thing.
So little indeed that you forget it immediately. And then have to rewatch it three years later. Rinse, repeat.
@Arrowfar an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind
1:51 PM
Help! I’m trapped in the Seventeenth Century!
@tchrist then you're a vassal and should shut it and go work on the field.
@tchrist try to avoid London in 1666
Is it on the field or in the field?
I can kind of accept both.
depends on how deep the burial is.
Anyway, the point being he shoud work and not chat.
1:52 PM
@tchrist the last person who made that many words bold got a month suspension
I think "in the fields", if he's a peasant.
"on the field" for sport. "in the field" for sports that have fielding and for things that are in a field
@Mitch it is five feet and eleven inches deep.
@MattЭллен The Beast shall have his due, come the Millennium and his Number too.
Don't know whose feet they are, but I counted them and it's five.
1:53 PM
@skullpatrol everybody but the last guy. No one else can find his last eye to pokeout.
@tchrist oh, is that what happened!
@KitFox yeah or that.
@Mitch but all he has to look at are blind people
@MattЭллен So ’twas written and so it hath befallen upon us all, save for the blessèd Christopher Wren, the Great Restaurer.
ChristOpher W-rEn, the Great PronoUncer.
1:55 PM
Wren Unser.
He was a bit stimpy
@skullpatrol I know! and they'r ugly. Might as well poke his own eyes out.
Wait, are we discussing Ensaio sobre a cegueira?
@MattЭллен Log!
1:56 PM
@tchrist Relax. You should have Newtonian physics any day now.
Don't forget to recycle the Oldtonian physics.
@RegDwigнt Buried feet first is almost survivable. Inches first is a killer.
@Mitch yes, it always just gets uglier
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
A two by six.
1:58 PM
Nice job, @Reg.
I thought you were all metric.
@RegDwigнt Of that famed son of Galilee / Who probed and penned all relativity.
@KitFox oh it's in millimeters alright.
sighs, revokes praise
Hey no returns.
No revokes either.
@tchrist Galileo? I mean, what has he done lately?
1:59 PM
@RegDwigнt Then I shall reprise it.
@Mitch Been forgiven.
offers reprisals
I shall reprimand you for reprising.
Prise is German for pinch.
And remand her to the hoosegow?
1:59 PM
and French for electrical socket
No, to pry.
@RegDwigнt Prise is English for pry. Or prize.
Djinni, djinni, burning bright
There you have your reprise.
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth ... / Put out my hand, and touched the face of God should actually read Oh! I have slipped the bonds of Earth ... / Put out my hand, and touched the surly face of God
2:01 PM
That's just a volta.
You're a volvo.
Tham's no reprise.
That's a reprise.
Those two dots right there. Right in the middle.
Abre los ojabres.
@RegDwigнt Preis is German for Glory.
2:03 PM
Preis is German for pee-rice.
> Herr, du bist würdig, zu nehmen Preis und Ehre und Kraft; denn du hast alle Dinge geschaffen, und durch deinen Willen haben sie das Wesen und sind geschaffen.
offers a revival instead
@tchrist not even Herr himself knows what the hell that is sposta mean.
2:04 PM
And Herr is Russian for dick.
@RegDwigнt Der Herr must be out herring around. Sounds fishy to me.
And a haircut, two bits.
2:04 PM
@RegDwigнt Everything is Russian for dick.
No, everything is dick for Russians.
Of course Schlong is Yiddish for Schlange, which is German for snake or Russian for garden hose.
@Robusto no. Your mother isn't!
Apr 10 '13 at 12:25, by Robusto
My mother's dead. Happy now?
2:06 PM
May 28 at 13:44, by RegDwigнt
@Robusto You knew I knew you would say that.
@RegDwigнt We’re treading perilously close to smugan territory, whence cometh the ruin of Dale, yea and of Esgaroth too.
> Please acknowledge I am right.
You are left.
You're right, @Matt.
2:07 PM
About something. I'm sure.
You're the only right left.
in Mathematics, 12 mins ago, by Michael Hampton
@Nick Figure out what's going on and then crack skulls.
What is smugan in modern German?
@tchrist what is it in modern English?
Is it correct to say "To unfuck a situation"??
2:08 PM
Sorry for the language
@Arrowfar sounds alright to me
> There is however another character in this continuum, indeed at one end of it, and that is Smaug. His name is another 'asterisk word', being the past tense *smaug of a Germanic verb *smugan, 'to squeeze through a hole', as Tolkien said in his 1938 Observer letter; also the Old Norse equivalent of an Old English magic word found in a spell wið sméogan wyrme, 'against the penetrating worm'.
I see
no need to be sorry about English in here ;)
It is only correct if you actually gonna do it. Otherwise no it's totally a lie.
2:08 PM
@tchrist oh gee oh that oh haven't we discussed at some point and um I dunno.
@Arrowfar Absolutely. The say that kind of thing in the military all the time: "You had best unfuck yourself right now!"
You were talking about snakes and penetrating worms.
I am currently trying to unfuck the way that 2D data is exported. I've fucked it some how, but I can't quite figure out how.
I thought surely you had smugan on your mind.
2:10 PM
Interestingly the transcript search returns no hits for smugan.
@Robusto Thanks
nods smugly
@Arrowfar i would think of it like regaining your virginity
@MattЭллен Try looking at it from another dimension.
I wonder whether smugan and smegma aren’t unrelated.
2:11 PM
@skullpatrol hah
@skullpatrol Pretty sure that grows back after a few years.
Smug on the water, vampire in the sky.
is there unsex?
Unisex is totally unsex.
Yes. Where do you think the undead come from?
2:12 PM
What, no fourth dimension?
what happened to time?
Three are the virginities that every man has, to treasure or squander as he will.
I suppose that's a whole new way of saying "premature ejaculation".
@skullpatrol Now is the time of our discontent.
2:14 PM
I now have coffee, and had coffee, and have had and had had it.
And so, the time is come, the dragon said, to answer that damned now question.
@MattЭллен I’ve seen that done to harlots, aye, but always have I harboured some dread that ’twould be painful for a knave.
Now is the time of your life. Note you never felt like this before. Yes it's true.
Dust in the wind.
There. Acknowledged the rightness.
@tchrist Nah, that moment's gone.
@RegDwigнt "You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. But whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing behind your back."
2:21 PM
Fluke, I am thy Father.
Not thy Flivver.
freaks come out at night
Fuke, I am your Lather.
Rinse, repeat.
Fukes rush in where Mormons fear to tred.
2:23 PM
@Robusto the universe doesn't give a shit if I'm there, or whether I have a back, it's got way funner things to do than laugh at me.
A Is this the end of the line?
B No, this is the front of the line and we're all facing backwards. :D (I thought I'd share)
@RegDwigнt Be that as it may . . .
No singing Nicole Kidman in this chat.
Probably the joke was kind of 'meh' :D
2:29 PM
So people ask that kind of questions on yahoo I guess
Well, you could just be nice.
I am
Then why the desire to retort?
> I can see your point, but I still think you're full of $h+t.
Wow, mad skillz.
You so totally showed'em.
There, a much better comeback.
@KitFox Sometimes I can't stand the rude behaviour. It gets on my nerves. (Not always)
2:31 PM
But not enough to drop an f-bomb? What are they doing?
Not sure how starting to be rude yourself is exactly a solution.
Too many freaks, not enough circuses
"I'm sorry your life is so miserable that you want to share it with me."
Maybe thanking them would be better. "Thank you for reminding me that not everyone is happy."
@KitFox Me? or is this a snappy comeback?
2:33 PM
I don't think they qualify as comebacks, but I wasn't addressing you, merely suggesting alternatives.
I can't stare the nude behaviour
hah :)
I stare at nude behavior. Not ashamed to admit it either.
if you want to be rude why wont you go to the bathroom look in the mirror you will find an ugly picture
@KitFox What strategy do you use for rudish behavior?
2:35 PM
You want some cheese with that wine?
@Arrowfar It depends.
What strategy do your ass for radish behaviour?
@KitFox you use swear words or think of something clever?
It depends.
I like rudity so much, when it hurts
Me, I try to ignore first.
2:38 PM
I think gaining understanding is more helpful.
I don't always have patience for that.
But it happens with me only once a while. Not always :)
@KitFox Some people are deep wellsprings of rude.
Hello Mr Hen :)
Hello :)
@MrHen Yes. Some enjoy the attention of having a tantrum.
2:40 PM
@KitFox I haven't been in chat lately. Did I miss some drama?
Or are we just discussing rude behavior for the sake of discussion?
Arrowfar was asking about responding to rude comments in his real life.
Ah, I see
@KitFox Not just me :) It happens to all of us sometimes I guess.
Ooh, a Moderators.SE. That should be an interesting site.
Yes, I think so.
2:45 PM
I just started listening to this----->
Seems kinda nice
Wow, the top questions right now are some heavy hitters: moderators.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=votes
Yeah, some really good ones.
sigh; Unanswered is all the way up to 240
I was hoping that it would stay level
3:01 PM
@Arrowfar my favorite is youtube.com/watch?v=WzL63Wk08bY
Yeah I heard that in 2011 :-)
3:30 PM
Hi folks
Hey @KitFox! Could you please take a look at that meta post you recently replied and the rest of mess made down there?
Today's Listening | House (Mixsets day 19)
Shall I post a meta question about this post, do you think, guys?
A: How to ask for the title on cheque?

bobie"Can you tell me who is the payee (on the check), please?", that should be both polite and 'elegant' (not eloquent), and it is easy to pronounce! If you want a colloquial, commonly-used, ordinary formulation you can choose between the excellent suggestions in the other answers There's a g...

The user has started being defensive, providing google search results for proving correctness of his mistake, being totally rude and offensive towards the edits.
@nosmoking it's gone like that just after meta.english.stackexchange.com/a/5142/16040
see the revision history.
Based on @KitFox 's post, the user has a habit of *quote*ing the posts and comments from other users within their answers.
3:53 PM
I like bananas when they are not totally ripe
4:14 PM
@nosmoking You changed your knot again!
It is done.
A: On the part of speech of "now"

tchrist“Now, now!” Please do not be surprised that “dictionary.com” — or any other dictionary, for that matter — should have gotten this wrong. Grammar is not a dictionary’s strong point to begin with; it is a lexicon, not a grammar. But many dictionaries are still trapped in the fourth century when...

Man, some people just don’t like what I write. This brings me no distress, however, for I am sure I would return the courtesy were I to become acquainted with theirs.
4:33 PM
@Neeku What's the issue?
4:50 PM
I just read the examiner's report about why I failed in my last paper. My weakness seems to be in the application to the scenarios in exams.
Guess needs to work on that. A bit tricky though
Gets back to study
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "application to scenarios in the exams". What kind of exams are these?
Accountancy papers
So we need to apply our knowledge to the scenario (very lengthy ones) which is daunting imo
4:58 PM
Oh, so was the examiner saying that you were missing details?
Yeah generally
I find MCQs very easy :)
But writing takes a toll esp. in professional papers
I should write a post on "How to write a good question or answer on SE", lol.
Many questions are split into body and title, when the body should be self-contained.
The title should be a descriptive summary of the question.
The post should also be self-contained without the secondary comments.
There should be context provided, though thanks should be omitted.
If every user did this, half the editors' job would be gone.
5:32 PM
@KitFox You seem to be having a hard time on meta today.
It's my job. I get shit either way.
5:58 PM
@KitFox Hey, you're a lady again.
Haha, I ain't no lady.
Must be all that grepping.
I'm done grepping for now. Supposed to be writing today, but I'm writing meta answers instead.
Sounds fun.

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