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8:09 PM
My guess would be:
Music that appeals to emotions in a cheap, tacky way.
But I'm not sure.
Or perhaps music that is cheap in the sense that it is superficial, without depth or art.
@RegDwight You know what's weird? I won 27 times in a row, then lost 3 times in a row. I used the same deck.
@Cerberus — You are looking for something to convert into DSL? ;)
@Vitaly Ah! Well... to be honest, I'd have no idea how to.
By the way, I more or less solved my font problems by deleting all my old fonts.
@Cerberus — That's practically the ideal case, as long as they already have all the necessary markup in HTML. Just download the pages (with an autograbber), then use regular expressions to delete all the rubbish, use them again to transform HTML into DSL, and merge the HTML files (or you can do this a few steps earlier). And there you go.
Well... I'd have no idea how to autograb those pages, nor how to use regex; nor do I know html or dsl...
Using regexps is a useful skill.
8:23 PM
I have used it once or twice when I needed it, had to read up quite a bit before I could even begin.
For now, I'm working on improving the Pokorny (IE roots) that you gave me.
Ah. Interesting.
@Cerberus The sentence structure, I meant .. "Some people I have to do with frequently call music that plays in radio "Weichspülmusik" "?
@Vit: Could you do me a favour and compare the following screenshot with what you say:
@Gigili Ahh... well, "people [that] I have to do with" sounds a bit unusual to me. It is probably not standard; you'd say "people that I have to deal with" (if they're bothersome).
And it should be "on the radio".
@Cerberus Exactly, that's what I was trying to say .. very smart .. thanks for your help again.
catvá / catvǘ (I see a with an acute accent in your screenshot, I see u with a trema and an acute accent here)
8:30 PM
Yes. I changed that ü because it can't be right. It should have been ā́, but GD can't display that, or my font can't.
It seems my browser/SE can't display it either.
Weird. Also, I see čataŋrō (o with a macron) here, and in your screenshot it's just o.
Is the acute accent on top of the trema on your PC?
@Vitaly Ooh that is important. You see, I can't find a font that can display all the character correctly (I have been editing the css).
And what about the word list on the left: do you see the fat vertical bars instead of the superscript w, as in my screenshot?
I guess I will just take a shot.
8:34 PM
Oh, thanks!
What font are you using?
I dunno. There is no option in GD for that (or I couldn't find it).
Whatever is the default one in the default CSS, I suppose.
I had to create a css, with code from the forum link in it that you once linked me to:
font-family: "Palemonas MUFI";
font-family is undefined in my CSS…
8:37 PM
Then what font would it be using?
I have tried many of the major recommended IPA fonts.
Besides, only the entries use those fonts: not the list on the left.
the default font-family from the GD repository is this: font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, "Lucida Sans Unicode", sans-serif;
Can I add that in my css, you think?
It seems I may not have Lucida Sans Unicode!
Could you do me another huge favour and see if you can upload it for me?
> The font comes preinstalled with all Microsoft Windows versions since Windows 98.
8:41 PM
@Cerberus Not weird at all. Happens to me all the time that I create the awesomest deck ever, only to find out after winning X battles in a row that it can just as easily lose X battles in a row...
BTW, we are under attack.
@Vitaly Very, very weird indeed...
@RegDwight Oh! I'll crush them...
Thanks! Lemme try it...
@Cerberus Yeah, for real, nothing to lose sleep over... <knocks on wood> One of them is actually playing with an empty deck.
Oh... stupid... it seems I did have it: it just wasn't near the other Lucida fonts but somewhere else in the list. But now I will put it in the css...
@RegDwight Silly. That one with the 4 Asyla was pretty bad as well.
BTW, I have tried getting Niaq four more times. Still no luck.
... and now three more times. Nope. They just keep killing my Mawcor.
@Vitaly This is so weird. The superscript w's aren't displayed at all if I use the Lucida Sans Unicode font, i.e. the exact code from that forum link:
@RegDwight Odd! So what exactly do you do? Lord of T: turn 1 Mawcor, 2 Asylum, 3 Airstrike?
8:52 PM
Yes, 27 times in a row now.
What happens: does he refuse to flurry? Does he fire in the air against flyers?
I really have no idea what's wrong.
@Cerberus eight times out of ten he gets killed.
@RegDwight Killed? But how? Now I'm curious, I'm going to try it again...
Why don't you just check what Wiktionary uses? I never had any problems with looking at PIE roots on their site.
8:54 PM
@RegDwight Hmm worth a try... though I have tried most of the popular IPA fonts...
How do I check what they use? View source?
@Cerberus Mawcor takes 3 turns. They keep playing Hatchet, or Brood Walker or really any bloody card they can think of, more often than not followed by an Asylum, and bang, I am dead on arrival.
Okay I'm going to try now.
@Cerberus Sure, and then the CSS file it links to.
So does Mawcor have to kill the commie on the first hit? Or is the second hit early enough?
@Cerberus First hit.
9:00 PM
Come on, I thought you did it.
"I have so much luck, I don't even pay attention to anything". Sheesh.
Then I failed the first three times too. Could it be that I added a second Asylum?
@RegDwight Could be that...
Then again, you have similar luck with your IPA-shooting!
@Cerberus That's the setup I currently use, yes. Mawcor, Asylum, Strike, Asylum.
That's what they recommend everywhere.
Except that that means that the last five times in a row I didn't get a chance to place my Mawcor at all.
So you have time to deploy two Asyla?
Then it's the second hit, by my calculation.
9:03 PM
Then I got him the third time I tried just now...
You're right, I guess, except that that doesn't freaking change anything.
OK, that can't be right.
I use Weaken All 3 instead of a strike.
@Cerberus Yes, thank you for reminding me that you have enough luck for us both, but it's not like I had forgotten that.
@Cerberus: Here is the source: dnghu.org/indoeuropean.html
9:04 PM
@Cerberus I tried a few cards, actually. Chaos Wave and whatnot.
@RegDwight Hmm how do I find this css file? I couldn't find any link to it in the page source... remember, I am a noob.
It actually should be an a with a macron and an acute accent. :-/
@Cerberus Ah, okay. Lemme see then.
Can't use this stupid Chrome thingy. Gotta fire up that Firefox rubbish. Hold on a few hours plz.
@Vitaly Yeah that's what I changed it to in my text editor: but GD will only display that as á, instead of ā́.
FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU... My wife has that all-new FF rubbish where nobody can find anything.
Well, sorry. You'll have to wait till I am at work. I am serious.
9:11 PM
Hey Vit, do you see that macron-with-accent in the source page you linked me to? I see this:
Search the page for strahlen; hell klingen, lobpreisen
@RegDwight Aww, not FF 4!?
See why I don't have wives?
no, but there are some diacritics for me that I don't see in your screenshot
How did you find out it should be an a with a macron and an acute accent?
Code2000 + Notepad. The most pan-Unicode font I ever used.
Oh! So it is correct in the html code?
9:16 PM
I saw these &#516;-like codes.
@Cerberus Um, the latest and the greatest version.
Don't blame wives for Firefox's failures.
Ahh, yes.
Five hundred blokes can't write a decent browser that doesn't suck, and you blame my wife for using it? Well, yeah, so do I, but that's not the point I'm trying to make.
Anyhow, I be damned, but Wiktionary actually uses font-family: sans-serif. Thanks for nothing, Wiktionary!
Then again, it works.
It works because there is a decent browser liek Opera.
9:19 PM
At least on the machines I use.
Which looks for additional fonts when it cannot find the character in the standard font package.
@Vitaly Well, it works in all browsers I use. FF. Chrome, Opera, and IE.
Opera → Preferences → Advanced → Fonts → International Fonts
I'm in Chrome right now.
And I can see those superscript W's just fine.
Okay, let me try Opera and Chrome.
9:22 PM
Meanwhile, I have to reboot, cause that Fiery Freak took down my Flash and everything, and the system is grinding to a halt.
In any case, the source has obviously been poorly converted.
With some Unicode characters lost.
Lost, even? So the content for GD isn't based on that source url you linked to?
By the way, your Code2000 font is so far the best font for me in GD! It displays everything, I think, including the ō.
By the way look at Chrome for that link, haha:
Well, if an a with a macron and an acute accent looks like a u with a dieresis and an acute accent and a space, I call that “character loss.”
Yeah, OK, so 1.) it is based on that page, and 2.) you see the a-macron-accent on the page?
9:30 PM
Ah, ok.
Then, yes, bad conversion.
What's also bad is the spaces you see after some diacritics, such as after the vocalized u (û but with the circumflex below the u instead of on top). I saw you had that space too in your screenshot from GD.
It is probably caused by some of those diacritics' being separate letters that are located to the left of their "real" position.
On a completely unrelated note, they are going to release a DX11 patch for Crysis 2 on June, 27. XDDD
On noes, Russian boys playing Crisis. What is this place?
@Cerb: I gave it two more tries, in vain.
This game hates me.
Not so much playing as trying to get my head around the graphics.
@RegDwight You see the w; but do you also see the vocalized r, the little circle below it?
I wish I could figure their CryEngine 3 out.
9:37 PM
Thanks for trying, by the way.
@Cerberus Of course.
Hey, Opera displays it quite well!!
I see the little circles and cutesy other diacritics.
@Vitaly Whaddayamean, reverse engineer or what?
@RegDwight — Yeah, except without actually reverse engineering it. As in, trying to understand the algorithms, but not implementing them. For the fun of it.
Yo, @RegDwight knows what “reverse engineering” means?
Those Germans.
Um, sure, it's in every software contract ever?
"Do not reverse engineer our stuffs!"
9:42 PM
Well I'll be damned. Opera displays some of the lemmata on that page much worse than FF, and other better! What kind of a crazy place is this world we're living on...
Those contracts are nullified by Russian law.
Besides, you gotta do a heckuvalot of reverse engineering in order to be able to analyze embedded systems.
Dayum, reng.ru still works.
I can't parse the above sentence.
9:44 PM
I remember it went offline a few years ago, and couldn't be bothered checking whether they were back.
I could try to reverse-engineer it, though.
Clicked, saw a forum, closed ASAP.
(Now my Mawcor failed twice in a row... I suppose you have to be lucky: you need to 1. flurry, 2. he musn't have a wall, and 3. if flying, you must hit his stupid critter.)
Too bad.
9:46 PM
@RegDwight Hey you SE evangelist...
@Cerberus Yes, yes, and yes. Also, it may not be Saturday or any other day of the week. Then it works; every second leap year and not on this planet, but it does.
Perhaps it is the dykes.
They save my ass.
@Cerberus Nah, not at all, actually. That's actually what happened. For some reason I just can't stand those forum start pages anymore. Not that I ever loved them, mind you. But now I just can't even look at them.
> Сейчас посетителей на конференции: 4, из них зарегистрированных: 1
I know it's not me.
Therefore, it's RegDwight.
But I'll have to count again whether Mawcor's second shot is still before/on turn 9...
9:47 PM
@Vitaly Which conference?
@RegDwight — Reng.ru, obviously.
@RegDwight Yeah I sometimes cringe as well when I see forum pages...
@Cerberus Um, why count, the count is displayed.
@Vitaly Wait, it's a conference now? I thought it was a site.
Yeah, I mean, pay attention to the count before the Victory screen pops up.
@Cerberus Lol, victory screen.
You're so proud of yourself, arencha.
Perhaps my mawcor is defective? Do I have a two-week guarantee or something?
9:49 PM
Oh, you can't even win?
Ship it back, no questions asked?
I am reading threads back from 2006. About SoftICE.
I mean, I lose most of the time, but I win about 1/3... how is this possible?
57 mins ago, by RegDwight
@Cerberus eight times out of ten he gets killed.
9:50 PM
And I remember this: “In his memory we ask that you always keep CTRL-D unassigned on your keyboard.”
55 mins ago, by RegDwight
@Cerberus Mawcor takes 3 turns. They keep playing Hatchet, or Brood Walker or really any bloody card they can think of, more often than not followed by an Asylum, and bang, I am dead on arrival.
But Brood Walker is no problem?
And Hatchet dies in an Airstrike...
Tried it again. He played Hatchet and a wall.
Waiting another 22 minutes.
9:52 PM
But if they play some of those cards in the wrong order, then, yes, you're dead.
You want to hear a confession?
> He became a little confused as he left the nest; trying to be hip, doing the 64bit thing and was even seen cross dressing in a GUI.
I once sacrificed 10 or 20 WB to win a faction war, out of frustration.
@Cerberus 10 or 20? As in, you didn't even care to check if you wasted them twice?
Hey, don't you think we could enrol Vit?
@RegDwight Exactly!
9:53 PM
I just wanted to win, period.
Chi va piano, va lentano.
We already have two level-four applicants.
What goes softly, goes slowly?
He who goes slow, goes far.
Oh... is lentano far? Odd.
9:55 PM
Yeah, or lontano or whatever. They have like fifteen different languages and twenty times as many dialects.
Google thinks it should be lontano... but nm.
I can't be bothered to check which variety of Italian I happen to speak.
Usually it's Calabrian, but well...
Yeah I have the same with English.
Hmm it is tricky. I don't think it's possible if he puts down a wall at all.
Absolutely not.
Mawcor does 4x3+3 damage total, right?
9:59 PM
If only I had Dalia...
I would try that other deck that works wonders.
Which one?
Dahlia is good, but I still prefer Atlas. Have used her for a while.
Oh, yes.
She would be good with that one.
How well does that deck work anyway: any idea how it performs against a strike rush deck?
Now idea, how would I know? :P
10:01 PM
Hehe, right.
Is it only mentioned on the Speedy Ach. page? In that case, perhaps it doesn't work very well elsewhere.
@Vitaly Well. I am glad some bearded man is protecting the interests of science!
Hey I know that beard
He keeps writing stuff.
And Vitaly keeps linking to it.
I linked to that particular article because I cannot imagine how morally and intellectually bankrupt one would have to be to be proud of coaching a 9-year-old child into making a fool of herself by saying something like “Were you there?” to a docent at the Smithsonian.
Those people don't have the full picture in view.
Also, I agree with some of the comments that given such atrocious influence (Ken Ham and a fundagelical mother), that child, even if she read PZ Myers' letter, would just say, “Pffft, stupid Minnesotan.”
They want to use this kid to further the interests of religion, fine; but having the kid break the rules of etiquette while achieving nothing at all seems short-sighted.
Yeah possibly so...
10:10 PM
I dunno, how should I put it...
If dumb people raise a dumb child, that's their problem.
That's also humankind's problem.
I dunno. There are enough engineers working on Mars flights and whatnot. They don't need that child's support or understanding any more than they need mine.
The problem is: to what extent should children be protected from their parents, if they do things that may reduce her success in life?
@Cerberus Who says that attitude reduces her success in life? She could become US President.
Or the next Mother Theresa.
Or whatever.
10:14 PM
By the way, if you have Russian-speaking kids, I recommend that guy's Астровитянка to them.
Or she could just waste her life without leaving a trace, but that's what billions of other people do, too. And neither of them, not even all of them collectively, are stopping the progress.
@Vitaly I am skeptical about the very basis for that graph.
So some German counted some random stuff as inventions.
And he didn't count other stuff, and some stuff is simply not documented.
@RegDwight It could still be considered a partial failure if she came to grow up with inhibiting superstitions, though I agree that this isn't a particularly good example. But what about parents who raise their daughter to become a housewife and not attend university?
@Cerberus You mean like most parents, anywhere, ever?
@RegDwight — I posted an answer on Atheism.SE with a link to a page from the English version of that book. It's also on Google Books, I think. You can check the methodology yourself.
@Vitaly I actually might as time permits.
10:18 PM
«Астровитя́нка» — научно-фантастическая трилогия Н. Горькавого, а также название первого романа серии. Трилогия написана в жанре твёрдой научной фантастики, ориентирована главным образом на подростковую аудиторию и задумана автором как произведение в «жюль-верновском» образовательном жанре, в котором, помимо динамичного сюжета, имеются сделанные на хорошем популярном уровне описания современных научных идей, концепций, гипотез. По замыслу автора, книга призвана возродить сильно приниженный к началу XXI века образ науки и учёных и что-то противопоставить анти-интеллектуальным установкам, ...
@RegDwight Yes? Is that something the state should discourage in some way?
What does this book propose?
By the way, my poor Mawcor was killed again...
I mean, he wasn't killed, but he was crying at a wall again.
And this (warning: Russian) in particular.
@Cerberus Why are you wasting energy on that rubbish?
@RegDwight Solidarity?
Mkay... I suppose.
10:21 PM
By the way, that Blight Crusher is also quite nice, with his evade and 4/4 (2+2rally).
And Crush!
@Cerberus Hold on a sec, does it rally itself?
Cause then I dunno why nobody's ever suggested to use him instead.
Instead of what? Oh.
Well, only 50% chance he will Rally Mawcky.
Hold on a sec. I know why. It has to flurry.
And it can't.
10:23 PM
It can't?
Sure it can Rally Mawcky.
Ah, you mean I should use it in addition?
BC, Mawcky, Wall, Strike, something like that. But two walls might be more efficient.
@RegDwight No... but I thought you meant to use him to rally Mawcky so I was exploring that idea.
Dunno why.
Tried again, and failed.
Got killed by turn 13.
What happened? No Flurry? Wall?
Flurry, but not enough.
10:26 PM
By the way, how much hp does the enemy commander have anyway?
Too much.
I think 14?
And even too many.
Right, plural.
Yeah, something like 14.
10:27 PM
Mawcky does only 12+3...
Or does he?
How much does the enemy commander weaken him?
I... I am too tired right now, sorry :P
And I have to switch into AFK mode for a few minutes.
Wife's calling.
Use Nano Vision to detect enemies in dark environments.
In that case, he has 3+1+2-1=5 per shot, times 3 shots if 15, + crush = 18.
So CU or BRB or whatever.
OK have fun...
Man I need some Siege.
I need to restart...
10:40 PM
Q: What is the polite way to acknowledge a pregnant lady after a long hiatus?

AdelI knew her well, but I see her again when she's 7-months pregnant. Do I say, "Congrats on the upcoming baby?"

Is this really on-topic?
And "Hi!"
Well, you and everyone else be the judge.
I can only say that we do have a bunch of similar questions...
We have questions about pregnant ladies?
Looking for the one I have in mind right now...
Argh. And I was wondering why it took forever: Hooray for non-descriptive titles!
Q: How can I structure this sentence correctly?

teedyayA friend of mine announced her pregnancy via email. I wanted to tell her how pleased I was to hear she was going to have a baby, as this was something she'd wanted for a long time. I was about to say "I've never been happier to hear someone's pregnant", but then realised that of course I had bee...

I googled for "pregnant nohat", but it kept turning up the than vs. then question instead.
Go figure.
@RegDwight Funny.
@Kit Now. Do note the date.
September the 7th.
Writers wasn't even anything in anybody's eye back then.
These days it would probably get migrated.
10:49 PM
I decided on "Not constructive."
I was thinking about suggesting that it get migrated.
But it's just kind of a stupid question.
Ok, back to my movies. See youse folks!
Oh BTW, @Cerberus, I tried adding Crusher into the mix, worst idea evarr. BUT now it makes a decent addition to that BT deck I am using in wars, replacing one of the three Vampires.
@Kit Night!
Bye Kit!
Hmm yes, Crusher is better than he seems.
It's useful against that one guy who only uses structures.
I am appreciating evade more and more: it wins battles.
I used to surrender against him. All the time. Now I have won. Thanks to the Crusher and nothing else.
10:53 PM
@RegDwight What can I say... I could beat that deck with two hands tied behind my back.
@Cerberus Well, me too, just not with this highly specialized BT deck.
Sorry, I wouldn't have posted that line if I had read that you had difficulties with the deck, hehe.
Don't make me mention my Siege on Kor deck. It takes down any and all structures.
I'm sure it does!
Actually, I have yet to try it out in the wild.
Outside of the Siege, that is.
10:54 PM
Better not?
Well, against all-structure decks, why not.
For other decks it could use a modification or two, but not many, actually.
It's rather strong thanks to Aegis and Poseidon.
Which I usually don't use at all.
I used to use them...
I mostly rely on Structures, Leech, and to a lesser extent on Commanders, in healing my decks.
But I really think attack is the best defense, in most cases.
That's why I have troubles setting up a defense deck.
10:56 PM
I stopped healing all together, after having used P and A in my main deck for ages.
But rush decks work fine as defense decks?
Well, you see the numbers next to my name.
Perhaps you lack the right rush cards?
People do win against my defense deck(s) more often than against yours.
Hmm... I remember that the stats were the converse in a few battles too.
Yesterday or something.
I dunno, I'm still figuring it out. I think I should spend more time in the Arena fighting myself, but right now I don't really have the time, plus we're doing rather well overall, so I'm procrastinating.
10:59 PM
Good reason.
I am FAR too lazy to change my deck at all. Hah!
I used the leech deck for a bit but decided it was too unbalanced.
I.e. not very flexible.
Well, I am a fan of the "never change a working system" approach, too.

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