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7:00 PM
in SO terms...
also you make me think of my measly 3k so I'll shut up..
I have 2k, so... I'll go sit in the corner.
@ArtOfCode that's enough to edit stuff :D
@ArtOfCode I'm double that of a mod... clearly I'm superior
@ArtOfCode You call that low? Pfft. I have 347 :p
7:01 PM
@ArtOfCode I got 400 something. :p
it's ok, I got most of it out of clueless noobs
@Zak Normally, I don't even look at the other person's rep when replying to their comments. Bad comments are simply bad comments.
I do believe I'm winning :)
@GlenH7 ^
7:01 PM
It's like Limbo :)
Q: Find busiest time-frame in parking lot

NurlanI wrote method shown below to find the busiest time-frame and how much car were in the parking lot. I'm not sure if this is effective way to do that: public static ParkTimeframe getPickTimeframe(List<ParkedCar> cars) { List<ParkTimeframe> timeFrames = new List<ParkTimeframe>(); DateT...

Man, I wish there was a way to push expressions in a c# attribute.. Anyone ever tried that before?
AGH I wasn't paying attention and missed my window of opportunity
Now gotta wait another hour :|
Anyway. I'm tired. 'night people.
@TopinFrassi don't attributes need to evaluate statically?
7:03 PM
@Phrancis For?
@Zak 'night
@Mat'sMug Yeah! Well, I'm saying attributes, I mean : Some kind of meta configuration of my code that'd let me bind expressions to properties
@TopinFrassi you could make a stringly-typed one
Hi, I just implemented an ASCII minesweeper, a question is coming very soon
possible answer invalidation by spinlock on question by spinlock: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112694/revisions
7:05 PM
@Mat'sMug That's not crazy though. I'd just need to invoke it afterwards
@TopinFrassi I was querying that staging table waiting for its queue to clear. I needed to queue up some messages into it for a client, but now the hourly job has put 10754 more messages in it :(
@Caridorc nice!
@Phrancis Aww that's bad.
I missed the today's comic because of the discussion :'(
> removed pesky human niceties that the soup nazis don't approve of.
wow... soup nazi reference??
in Cardshifter TCG, 43 mins ago, by StackExchange
No reboot
7:06 PM
nice one. better go quit SE because it's full of dictators..
@Vogel612 lol, I was about to quote exactly that
@Mat'sMug I feel like I added in too much input checking, you can literally type in junk and it will not crash
@Phrancis Thanks!
that user may not be in the mood to listen to reason...
but yea.. I kind of wonder: If SE is full of Soup Nazis, why not quit like the HighRep SO user that wrote the soup nazi article?
~waits for the flags
I've flagged one thing today, that was enough for me :p
7:09 PM
Oh wow @200_success.
Huh? What?
You should know what.
so it's not just me that is confused :D
@200_success I think he's amazed because you got 200 successes. :p
(Bad pun is bad)
I always get: 300: Multiple Choices
7:12 PM
@EBrown Given the number of conversations taking place, I think it would be safer to err on the side of clearer communication and explicitly state what you're referring to.
@GlenH7 It was his answer to the meta post that was discussed earlier.
I always get 500 Internal server error
@Marc-Andre I get those too, not as often though.,
@ArtOfCode TS
7:16 PM
@Vogel612 RSA
Wow someone wrote a SQL function to split a comma-separated string into a table. It's not pretty.
Before you ask: No, I'm not joking.
@Phrancis Seems reasonable :P
The industry is full of examples of "Just because you can doesn't mean you should."
Like this :
A: Efficiently checking if a number is divisible by 3

supercatDivision instructions are often slow, because they have to do a conditional subtract once for each bit of the quotient. It's possible to write code which may perform better than this, but a loop which requires an iteration for each bit of the quotient isn't apt to do so. I would suggest that if...

;with aa (x) as
(select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1 union all select 1)
@enderland For some reason I had a problem reading that.
7:20 PM
I wouldn't call that reasonable ;)
I would call that something.
What did @SimonForsberg offend me about?
@RubberDuck Read the transcriptl.
@RubberDuck lol
@EBrown I did read some of it. Still confused.
I am at work after all.
7:23 PM
@RubberDuck I wouldn't worry about it.
If so, I'm not offended. I probably should have VTC'd it as too broad instead of answering it to begin with.
But I thought it was an interesting question, so I didn't...
Anyway, we're good @Simon. My bad mate.
Q: Cleaner way to write the format of hexeditor

Ekult3kIs there a cleaner way to write this code, it's the start of a hexeditor I'm creating..? def hexeditor file = File.read('TESTFILE.txt') file2 = File.read("TESTFILE2.txt") a = 1 b = file.unpack('h*') c = file.encoding.name d = file2.unpack('h*') e =file2.encoding.name ...

7:41 PM
for anyone having the same problem, here is the solutionFernando Santiago 9 secs ago
@Duga The answer on the linked question is quite good.
@Duga wah, from the Dark Ages!
user image
> Was this information helpful?
Yes, it was.
Now you know why your information wasn't saved (although they probably should have just tried again).
> It helped me realize what a crappy product this is.
7:52 PM
Not to me. In fact, I was just hitting Ctrl+F hoping I could Find in the email. I don't guess you can do that, though.
OMG I'm out of stars
@EBrown TS
I've only used about 3.
I guess I'm familiar now with the concept of adding one feature and then having a new bug...
@skiwi Lucky you... Normally it is add one feature, get several bugs!
Random bug that happens without reasonable reason ^^
@holroy That deserves a star :D
Remember how someone brought home a virus for midterms? Same person is sick with the flu for finals now.
Hope I don't get it until after finals are over.
7:55 PM
Ooh, that doesn't sounds good.
99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 117 little bugs in the code
Last time I was sick over the weekend, and it didn't affect my work.
@Hosch250 tamiflu can work wonders in that case but can be expensive
I'm taking Vitamin C and Turmeric - they are supposed to be good, and they've worked before.
Q: Command line google searching

TomI have a bash script that is meant to start a google search from the command line. I am also looking to implement a way of getting source code for the search page possibly through a subscript. This is what I have so far: if [[ $1 == "-n" ]]; then if [[ $# -lt 2 ]]; then echo "Usage: ...

Q: ASCII art minesweeper clone

CaridorcWhy? I wanted to code a small ASCII art minesweeper clone, to see what it looked like and how much code it needed. The result? The result is not so bad, under 80 new lines of code in total. It looks kinda readable to me, but I wrote it just know, so I'm biased. Input checking... I feel like ...

8:03 PM
Oh man, my GameDev.SE question is 6 votes away from 100
@Hosch250 Chug that orange juice
@EthanBierlein Link?
It's actually still HNQ, but here's the link:
Q: How can I create borders in an open world-game?

Ethan BierleinWhen creating open-world maps, a big issue to take into consideration is how "borders" of sorts are implemented. Obviously, in an open-world game, there shouldn't be invisible-wall borders, as it ruins immersion, and makes the game feel more "artificial". I've done a little bit of research onlin...

Thanks santas ;)
@Phrancis my brother-in-law tagged me on FB with a picture of a t-shirt with these exact words
8:06 PM
We had an image going around the office of a Christmas sweater with those words on it.
I hope he actually ordered me that t-shirt and that I'll be unwrapping it for Christmas
@Mat'sMug Nice, did he get it for you? ;p
49 secs ago, by Mat's Mug
I hope he actually ordered me that t-shirt and that I'll be unwrapping it for Christmas
Yeah I just saw that lol.
8:09 PM
@Phrancis you're running for moderator next elections right?
> we need mods who can read
Wait, we're having another election?
Dude this staging table just won't freaking clear up
How often are the mod elections?
@EthanBierlein That's a cool question!
8:10 PM
once a year I think you're stuck with us forever
@EBrown Generally held only as needed
@GlenH7 That's what I thought it was.
@Mat'sMug lol
Increase in site volume, mods stepping down, or Fates aligning are the general reasons
I like how "fates" is capitalized.
Makes it seem more ominous.
8:12 PM
Exited page too quickly.
Wikipedia is begging for moniez again.
@TopinFrassi Thanks! I didn't think it would receive so much attention.
@Zak You should reconsider accepting my answer. It is nowhere near the answer your question deserves
I found a double bugfix for my question, should I ninja edit it into or post it as an answer?
8:19 PM
Ninja-edit if no one answered
If you have answers, answer as well
^ that ^
@enderland It's that lightness one
I have all users on ignore.
Actually, I wonder what chat would look like if I did that.
My hate towards that user can move montains
8:22 PM
I wish you could superscript in Visual Studio.
WTH is that?
your first chat flag experience??
Aha, do you have over 10K network-wide rep?
It had a 3 inside a ball there
8:23 PM
@EthanBierlein He does.
@EthanBierlein just barely now
If so, then you can mark flags across Chat.SE as "valid", "invalid", or "not sure".
or just ignore them
That too
8:24 PM
Ignore, yeah
And then the mods will handle them.
someone normally spam clicks something before anyone can make a good decision anyways....
chat flags are all kinds of broken
I spend a good amount of time looking at it, and I sometimes take a look at the context before deciding what to mark it as.
@enderland Chat overall just kinda needs an overhaul
Heh, rhymed
8:25 PM
@syb0rg Almost.
Here I pronounce the h in overhaul.
Honestly though, as screwy as chat is, it's still better than a lot of alternatives
I prefer IRC.
I have no idea what IRC is
Internet Relay Chat
8:26 PM
kids these days... back in my day...
Hell even still today I use IRC.
@EthanBierlein and by the time you're ready to take a stance, it's already cleared ;-)
lol, at least 75% of the time that's the case
@enderland you're still here? O:
it's been 8 hours since I last logged on and you were setill here
(not that that is a problem0
@enderland I'm not a kid. I only lived in an environment where knowledge was the most prefered reason to be bullied
8:28 PM
Once you enter The 2nd Monitor, you can't leave.

lol I just came back @DanPantry :P
@enderland back in my day when someone talked to you in chat the software said "uh-oh"
How many people here still use ICQ?
8:28 PM
Tried it once, gave up after 3 minutes
rekt * 2
I still use it. (Rarely, but still.)
@Mat'sMug I finally posted a Roslyn feature request: github.com/dotnet/roslyn/issues/7264
Dang, there's been flags across chat all day today. I've seen the little blue bubble about 10 times now.
@DanPantry You missed pretty much everything. :p
So, @Zak, I think it is time to answer you now.
3 hours ago, by Zak
@SimonForsberg I would respectfully disagree with your decision. What, exactly, is the difference between a piece of code with 10 different functions that all do different things. And the ten functions themselves without the minimal overhead?
8:32 PM
@TopinFrassi What have I missed?
Q: can anybody check this code

ines cardonaImplement an integer stack as a class using an array, and create a main function to test your implementation. This solution uses tos as the array index to define the stack. when you push you should increment the tos and when you pop you should decrement tos. here is my code: #include <iostream> ...

The difference is: What can be said about the piece of code overall? What purpose does the code have, really? If it is 10 pieces of code that are seemingly unrelated to each other, what purpose does it have as a single question? I mean, I don't put a Sudoku Solver and a FizzBuzz in the same question. And if I would post it in the same question with the minimal overhead, I certainly hope someone would yell SINGLE RESPONSIBILITY PRINCIPLE at me.
The difference is: Is "You're breaking SRP" a valid answer or not?
The problem with your Excel question, @Zak, is that it lacks a common thread. I see nothing that binds all your 19 methods together.
Q: Standard Methods in VBA

ZakSince I learnt about refactoring, I've been busy creating my own Module of Standard Methods. I feel it's about time they got a review of their own. Open to all aspects of advice but particularly interested in: Method Naming: Are they completely unambiguous about what the method does/returns? U...

@DanPantry Everything related to this :
Q: One Question Per Question

BarryI voted to close this question as being "Too Broad," on account of the fact that it's actually five, independent questions. At the very least, an answer would have to address all five questions, so it's certainly unlikely to be answered "in a few paragraphs," unless you have a very liberal defini...

IRC == multiplayer notepad
8:39 PM
@CaptainObvious Can aaaanybooody find meeeeeee...
Welcome to StackOverflow! Please review how to ask. Broken code is strictly off-topic here. — Barry 12 mins ago
That should be "Code Review"...
@Mat'sMug somebody tooooooooooooooooooooooo
@EBrown @Barry Let Me Fix That For You.
@TopinFrassi looooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@SimonForsberg Tyvm.
@EBrown Typos happens to everyone.
8:41 PM
@TopinFrassi Yes, they do.
especially monkeys
@Mat'sMug especiallym onkeys
@Phrancis lol
@Phrancis double lol
Q: Processing text messages from a GSM module

LShaverI have a Tiva TM4C ARM processor connected to a GSM modem (SIM900). When the GSM modem receives a new text message it sends a UART string to the MCU, where an interrupt routine increments a new message counter. Then my program takes over to parse the message. Below is the code. This code current...

8:44 PM
Oh I see, has multiline strings. What's your excuse ?
8:56 PM
@EBrown it does...
var multiLine= @"
@SimonForsberg Thanks. Habit. At least I got the link right!
I just wrote some kind of MVVM library. But, instead of binding a view model and a model, well.. it binds whatever class to another. lol. That's a work in progress eh?
Aha, it has to have an @ sign to work.
Is there a method (in .NET) to unit testing something which prints and reads from the console?
But you could use a stream in its place? @EBrown
+ a StreamWriter
and simulate input output
@DanPantry No idea, I might have to try it.
Oh man, I think I need to rewrite this entire interface and all the inheriting classes (only one right now, so that's nice).
9:06 PM
the answer here demonstrates how to achieve a look-up table for exp in the context of an overall computing goal similar to yours. — dbliss 38 secs ago
Unless...perhaps I should just add a new method to the interface with the added functionality.
Q: Enigma Machine - Can it be improved?

Paulo MartinsI've made this some time ago for an assignment and i was wondering how it could be improved both in terms of best practices when writing C code and performance wise. Thanks! #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #define NR_ROTORS 3 /* Number of rotors */ #define ROTORSIZE 26 /* Rotor chars...

Q: Restructure the code from clean code standpoint

LoveI have the working code but it is pretty dirty. The goal is to input a number in an application. If it satisfies the min/max logic then jump to the authorization part. Afterwards we can confirm it or reenter it or cancel it. If fails then re-input it. So totally we can only input twice. Please l...

Better suited for CodeReview than StackOverflow. — B. Clay Shannon 5 secs ago
My question is "Does it make sense to combine them?" and I just don't have the context to answer it. @B.ClayShannon is right, you should have this code reviewed by your peers. — sparkyShorts 31 secs ago
I think this question would be a much better fit for codereview.stackexchange.comMorgan 13 secs ago
Q: Deferring tasks execution

RomaszI'm playing with Tasks and I would like to defer my task's execution. I've a sample method like this: private async Task<bool> DoSomething(string name, int delayInSeconds) { Debug.WriteLine($"Inside task named: {name}"); await Task.Delay(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(delayInSeconds)); Debug...

Q: Check if divisible

ITSUUUUUHCan this be simplified? Description My program checks the sum of 2 numbers to determine if it is divisible by a certain number (5 in this case). Divisible numbers are deemed usable (for another program I am running). Next it checks the individual integers to see if those are divisible/usable as ...

@cmartin: Yes, StackOverflow is for "how do I combine them?" types of questions. "Should I" type of questions are for CodeReview. — B. Clay Shannon 54 secs ago
9:20 PM
I've spent so much time waiting on BizTalk today, it's not even funny
Silly Phrancis, BizTalk is never funny
Piece of junk is what it is
What is "BizTalk?"
Nevermind, consulted the Google.
Hey thanks, I didn't even know there was a CodeReview. — cmartin 40 secs ago
A: Anatomically correct Santa?

type_outcastAccording to 2010 estimates, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the world! I have no idea how many of them are kids, but we're all kids at heart, aren't we? So I'll just go with 2.2 billion kids in my calculations. That might sound like a huge overestimate, but, as you'll see, even if that numbe...

@EBrown It does: """ ... """
"""""" and @"" are both multiline strings.
9:36 PM
@Vogel612 sorry this took a while, and that it turns out the answer is still no. In short, the podcasts aren't planned very far in advance so they can't really be pre-announced.
Q: how to write atm deposit function program in C

mysaid001 At the start of every program run, the Customer.txt File should be read into an array of structures. All updates should be performed on this array. At the end of the program run, write the updated array of structures back to the Customer.txt file. Deposits Sub-system: Generate the ATM No. (1...

now that's a serving
@dbliss: The irony is that the other question exactly is doing it in the context of neural networks, just like your Code Review post. So why are you trying to say the questions are totally unrelated? — Ben Voigt 56 secs ago
> At 595 million g, Santa is now, at best, a buttery sweet-smelling liquid.
@Pops Thanks for remembering :)
9:44 PM
HammerTime: code not already written-> codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/113204/…
This might be more appropriate at CodeReview. — Kyle Strand 5 secs ago
If you are not experiencing any actual problems with this code, this question may be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comJames Hogle 31 secs ago
@JamesHogle too hypothetical for Codereview.se . We do not like things like //Do other stuffCaridorc 37 secs ago
Q: Master mirror and his mirrored objects

TopinFrassiI've written this code to try Aspect Oriented Programming with C#. The scope of the library is currently very small. We create a link between two object, and if they share property names, those properties will always have the same value (they are mirrored). Let's go step by step in the code : ...

@TopinFrassi out of curiosity, can you give me an example of when you would want the properties of two objects to be mirrored? ^
9:59 PM
monking @Quill
A: Socket.io wrapper for an app with ReactJS components

PavloIt looks like you've written the code that already exists. this way multiple subscriptions for the same events can be avoided but all the interested React components can be notified on an event update Why would you want to avoid this? There is no overhead in a function call. In fact, this i...

did I just answer an off-topic SO question? stackoverflow.com/a/34144238/1188513
/reviewed broken code
It was a good answer and it was rewarded
Sadly, with only +10
10:16 PM
not expecting much more on a question like that
but poor OP needs guidance
You have set your expectations quite low
@mjolka I'd say, legacy objects? And well, when using the MVVM pattern. Right now I did this to map objects from a Unity3d game to some models I could serialize to save. Stuff like that?
This question is a better candidate for CodeReview, which tends more to the theoretical and "big picture" thinking, whereas StackOverflow is more focused to very specific how-tos and fixes. — B. Clay Shannon 31 secs ago
Yo, can I ask for some opinions on this answer: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/113195
@B.ClayShannon Code Review is actually about the real, concrete, working code - this question has way too much do something to fly on CR. — Mat's Mug 54 secs ago
Still sounds like a job for the CodeReviewers to me. — B. Clay Shannon 56 secs ago
10:26 PM
^ lol
@Duga it's CRitters
> mod: um... not on topic
guy: yeah it is
@TopinFrassi i'm trying to get your code to run but am missing InterceptorMessage and MirrorArgs
@B.ClayShannon: Code Review is not for reviewing design patterns, they can be part of the review, however, Code Review is not about reviewing the walls, it's about reviewing the entire house. Simply a design pattern with hypothetical structures and content is not on-topic and would be closed fast on Code Review. — Quill 44 secs ago
@Hosch250 I never knew about the triple quoted string.
10:32 PM
@Quill in his defense, my SO user doesn't have a diamond..
I always click on the profile to look at their CR profile, usually they should do the same...
Well, last time I answer a question for that user.
MMQ#123 coming up
Well, that's disappointing.....
hey @rolfl
what's disappointing?
10:38 PM
... that 5-questions in 1 question meta.... I think the concensus is broken.
feel free to break it even further
So, @EBrown - for what it's worth, here's what's happened... (just a FY!).
So, you have 1 question, which I have downvoted, I think it's a bad question.
Instead, you could have had 5 questions, each of them with an upvote, instead.
@holroy has now lost out on..... 300 or so reputation too.
@rolfl I really don't want to get into this again. It just irritates the hell out of me.
he coul dhave had 5 good answers, a few accepts, and multiple upvotes.
@EBrown just read on then ;-)
10:40 PM
Yes, he could have. He could have had all kinds of things. I could have put a bounty on one of them.
But I didn't.
sorry, what are we talking about?
Q: Selecting time metadata off a calendar table

Mat's MugI have a report on SSRS (that's SQL Server Reporting Services) that I need to be able to parameterize so that it can run for.. Yesterday (scheduled every morning) The week that just elapsed (scheduled on Sunday mornings) The month that just finished (scheduled on the first Sunday of the month) ...

And, rather than help the situation, everyone is trying to exacerbate it.
What's done is done.
Now, we have this "murky" situation.... it's a mess.... but, you all lose.
I'll make sure I separate them next time.
10:41 PM
Precedent is set.... and, the mods all agree with you, mostly, so don't feel bad.
The precedent is...unclear.
If we add all the votes on each side of the coin, and cancel each other, we have +2 in favour, which is hardly a consensus.
@rolfl If someone loses, there has to be a winner
Who's the winner?
And if we count Zak's (which I didn't because after the edit it took a significant turn downwards) we end up at +3 against my question.
So, no matter how we sell it, no one wins.
@syb0rg The internet unicorn points bank.
If you post working code in the question, then it basically is a code review which is off topic-for this site (better for Code Review. It would be better to post your solution as an answer and let the community vote on it. — MrFlick 59 secs ago
Gotcha. That wasn't very intuitive, as Table extending Restaurant seems odd - one would expect the Restaurant to just have a list of tables. But we aren't trying to code review, just fix bugs. :) — BlakeP 47 secs ago
10:47 PM
Now, it's time to post my answers to projects 6 and 7, in separate questions for maximum rep for all involved.
@EBrown May I give you an idea?
psst.. post #6, get feedback, apply to #7 if applicable, post #7, for maximum Q upvotes ;-)
It is probably stupid, but still an idea
@Mat'sMug Well for me #6 and #7 actually don't share any concepts.
IDK, I never got past #2 I think
10:49 PM
In C#?
@IsmaelMiguel And what is that?
@EBrown no, in LOLCODE
@EBrown Pretend that your are in a quest to reach the end of those Project <something> questions. Like if you were going to slay a dragon. But instead, it is your epic journey to learn F#. Like a saga or something. Kinda stupid and childish, but may get you some upvotes. Who knows?
I wish we had drama reports
I could easily write a narration for it.
10:51 PM
I leave the room for one evening and suddenly WW3 erupted
@CaptainObvious God what a terrible question
I don't know if this would work, but it would be fun (to me)

 The CRonicles

About CR's revival, The Mission, zombies, graduation, etc.
^^ report drama there!
I just jumped through hours of drama, I need a summary
@JeroenVannevel Sometimes it's better not to be there for WW3
10:55 PM
You don't understand
Seeing this room fight is what I live for
Well, if I get Jeroen for Secret Santa I'll know to get him the BluRay box set of Pretty Little Liars or something dramatic
On another note: I had a wonderful date (because I'm part of it) and bought two mini presents for my NYE secret santa
so it wasn't all that bad
I don't think I'll participate with the CR SS
WW3, CR SS. I sense a theme
This SSIEW is really misleading at times.
10:58 PM
@Duga That user never heard of loops
Q: Project Euler F#6

EBrownI've created a (very) simple solution for Project Euler problem 6: Project Euler Problem 6: Sum square difference The sum of the squares of the first ten natural numbers is, 1^2 + 2^2 + ... + 10^2 = 385 The square of the sum of the first ten natural numbers is, (1 + 2 + .....

@mjolka Oops! I'll post 'em up. Thanks
@TopinFrassi np :)
I wish wouldn't take precedence over in the title bar of the question page.

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