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12:05 AM
4 minutes?
Oh, well I think I'm 9 minutes late here :]
Bye /o
12:28 AM
Q: Designing plugin architecture where plugins populate different parts of a web page

bw.Not sure what the best forum for this is, but I also asked this question at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21122723/how-to-design-plugin-architecture-where-plugins-populate-different-parts-of-a-we I'm trying to design a system of plugins that populate different components of a web page, wher...

@syb0rg BF is nothing like C.
@200_success Wikipedia said BF programs can be translated into C assuming ptr is of type unsigned char* and has been initialized to point to an array of zeroed bytes:
Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language noted for its extreme minimalism. The language consists of only eight simple commands and an instruction pointer. It is a Turing tarpit, designed to challenge and amuse programmers, and was not made to be suitable for practical use. It was created in 1993 by Urban Müller. Language design Urban Müller created brainfuck in 1993 with the intention of designing a language which could be implemented with the smallest possible compiler, inspired by the 1024-byte compiler for the FALSE programming language. Several brainfuck compilers have been ma...
At that point, you've just implemented a BF interpreter, that's all.
@Jamal By "trusted user" do you mean "20k user?" blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/10/when-will-my-site-graduate (which is an old post) says you need enough 2k and 3k users.
@ChrisW: Yes.
For graduated sites.
12:36 AM
Ideas for weekend challenges: 1) implement a BF assembler and 2) implement a BF debugger.
@200_success Unfortunately, it seems that weekend challenges have died down.
But that was because we ran them every week.
@syb0rg Monthly Challenges?
@JamesKhoury Perhaps, but we don't want to change the complexity of the challenge.
The reason WEC died down (in my opinion), is because people are busy.
Two days is really not much time to write a program.
Unless you allot time to do so.
@syb0rg two days? I thought it was Weekly ... 7 days?
Also If we post them ahead of time then people can work on them and submit the questions on the weekend.
@JamesKhoury Late submissions were allowed.
12:43 AM
So the recurring challenges really don't matter for when they are written ... or submitted. Its really more about how often we come up with them.
@JamesKhoury Precisely.
The WEC is a fine idea, but people have a natural 'cycle'. I ficure I can only dedicate about 1 day a month to alienating myself from my family, and doing something introverted. I did two challenges over XMas, I am due some down-time in a week or so.
If there were a few more people active in the process, there woul dbe a more consistent appeal.
As it is,, I think most people are on a similar sort of constraint, and the time is coming close to ready for another 'big' WEC.
With 5 or so regulars, there just is not enough 'quorum' to make it this regular.
XMas was different because a lot of people had the time all at once, and the interest levels were 'fresh' (new idea, lots of interest).
What's interesting for me is that I tend not to post questions.... and the WEC is an opportunity to actually post something for review, instead of answer.
(I can't post work-related code, and that's pretty much all I m doing right now ... ;-) )
I don't know about others but the suggestions I've seen would take me more than a weekend. But then I guess i should work on shrinking down my ideas to realistic chunks.
@Jamal I don't know it's necessary to have 20K users. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/215572/… still talks about 2K and 3K users. You have at least one 10K user.
Q: Is it possible to implement the reverse linked List function using just 2 pointers

happspublic class ReverseLL { Node start; ReverseLL() { start=null; } class Node { Node next; int data; Node(int newData) { next=null; data=newData; } public void setData(int newData) { data=newData; } public int getData() { return data; } public void setNext(Node n) { next=n; } p...

12:48 AM
@rolfl Yeah. I'm going to ask my boss if i can post some work related Javascript module soon.
My boss is 'IBM'. not going to be much joy for me ;-)
meta.stackoverflow.com/a/136001/139866 suggests it's a subjective assessment by TPTB about whether "the community" is stable.
I'm an internal programmer. (Enterprise code ftw!)
Is it allowed to post code that you are a contributor to, but have not fully developed by yourself?
I don't see why not, but I'm just wondering.
@ChrisW: That was mostly my assumption, and not something specifically said by an SE employee. If I am wrong, then the holdup could be due to not having enough users at a certain level (probably lower).
12:50 AM
@syb0rg Any code posted is under the cc-atribution-sharealike license. Some companies want to own their code.
Bicycles.SE has been out of beta for years and has only one 20K user.
As long as you are allowed to license the code under that then I think it is ok
10K gives someone access to moderator tools (but a site will also have voted moderators): you have a few 10K users already (including at least one who's still active). It's plausible that they mean it when they talk about the importance of several 2K/3K users (so that vote-to-close happens even when moderators are away) I doubt you need to race to vote people all the way up to 20K. Apparently another thing (apart from stable community) is traffic and questions/day.
@ChrisW: I did not know that (and actually surprises me). Either way, let's wait to hear what SE has to say about our progress from the previous review. I have been in contact with Tim Post recently, but he has no specific information to share at this time.
@syb0rg if the code license allows it, and you have the official owner's permission to post, then I would simply post and not mention the origin of the code, or, if you you can say "I am contribung this code to project XXX and would like it reviewed first."....
I intend do do that probably with JDOM code i am writing.... I technically have given ownership of the code to the original authors... it makes it easier with my employer. This is code I am contributing to an apache-licensed OSS and I have the offical owner's permission.
The real issues I see are: code that is reviewed and then the review is used as a tool to criticise an unknown third party (i.e. we review code, and the person who posted the code then uses that review to assess an employee or something), and the other problem is code that should not be posted due to legal reasons.
One issue is social, the other is legal. If there's no social problem with me reviewing the code, and if there's no legal problem with me seeing the code, then I have no concerns about the code origins.
1:05 AM
Q: Best way to handle elements of a private array

Kyle BaranThis feels like a simple question, but I'm wondering what the best way would be to manage the elements of a private, fixed-size array. Context: I'm making a simple particle engine, and my Emitter class will smoothly interpolate between up to 8 colors per Particle, depending on the Particle's Lif...

One day I am going to stumble apon some code from a competitor or somethng, and that's going to put me in a tight spot.
@Jamal If you ever talk to Tim Post or any SE community manager, could you ask about how we compare against webapps.stackexchange.com? We seem to have a similar user count and user score distribution, and according to stackexchange.com/sites , a similar Q/A count. Our answer rate is much better. I don't know what other stats need to be taken into consideration, since we are still flying blind.
A: Beta sites should be in the Data Explorer

200_successTo elaborate on @Caleb's post, here are two specific examples of how the lack of Data Explorer support for beta sites hurts us: We would like to compare performance against graduated sites We would like to target specific kinds of posts for action Please??

@200_success: I can mention that as well. Until he talks to the team, he'll only be able to speak for himself, and his word alone isn't enough.
This question is in first-post review queue.... is this in fact pseudocode, or is it 'real' code? Should it be closed?
Q: Designing plugin architecture where plugins populate different parts of a web page

bw.I'm not sure which site is best for this, but I also asked this question here. I'm trying to design a system of plugins that populate different components of a web page, where each plugin is responsible for its own view or visualization of the underlying data (could be stock data, for example fo...

^^^ The asker says " This is my current pseudo-code"
I suggest migration to Programmers.SE.
1:11 AM
It was also cross-posted, though SO's version did get upvotes.
Hello @RajMore
@rolfl That's what I thought.
Grub's up ... gotta go .... Major Crimes about to happen!
1:27 AM
Q: Where can I get a unicorn?

ArianWhy I asked this question here? So I saw this image on careers.stackoverflow.com, but they don't have a META page, and since careers is by stackoverflow, I thought this would be the most appropriate place to this question ask. Where can I order/buy the unicorn below? I have to have it!

@Jamal Did you upvote that one too?
Yes. I want to know!!!
2:13 AM
Q: Alternative Implementation (more Generic)

SimonIn my application, there are three domains for the data, the first is a Length (measured in metres as an int), the second is a Time (measure in DateTime), and finally the Depth (measured by double). Effectively, my application needs to provide most of its functionality, multiplied by three, to t...

1 hour later…
3:15 AM
Ok break. Down to 3K lines of code. In one method (still too many elsewhere too). In the shit code I've been refactoring for 4 days. Un-freakin-believable.
3:32 AM
Yeah, 4 days for only 3K lines of code! Unbelievable!
no, it's down to 3K lines.
that method was ..I didn't count before I started.
What, you code-golfing with production code now?
I found an anti-pattern that suits what I'm seeing right now: smart UI.
the code-behind file has 6,300 lines left.
could have been >10K
@retailcoder - there was this one time when Java was limited to 64K input files.... Ask me how I know ... ;-)
@retailcoder What does it do?
The code.
3:35 AM
almost nothing!
it's a freakin' dialog!
if it were properly coded WPF, the whole code-behind would be just the constructor. The model is like 40 lines of code, but it's written with a VB6 cowboy attitude.
@retailcoder you're relatively new at programming, right (< 5years)?
what's up?
Take this as a lesson ..... in my (ample) experience .....
the best programmers are the ones who have had to maintain other people's code.
You are off to a really, really good start!
If I can keep it shut, right. I'm bitching all day!
and thanks :)
(the corollary is actually more true..... I hate working with programmers who have never learned the lessons that fixing other people's code gives).
3:40 AM
so, uh, what's the lesson to learn from a big pile of crap and beginner mistakes? I'm seeing stuff I wouldn't have written as a 12-year-old BASIC 2.0 coder...
Depending on the stench.... it goes three ways:
1. learn when to re-write (and, it's not normally worth it, by the way ....)
2. learn what comments help, and which ones confuse
3. learn that, over time, code atrophies.
@syb0rg I saw that, and, for the most part, I agree....
But .... have you never learned that Toronto, large parts of New York, and a lot of other massive cities are built on land-fill?
yeah, I can't rewrite it, I'm understanding a logic that's emerging as I'm refactoring. And I like my code self-documented, comments are XML comments (what monkeys call "javadoc")..
We build on our crap all the time ;-)
And then we try to build a town over a nuclear waste site... and everyone gets cancer.
^^ and then we make studies that conclude there's no correlation between cancer and the nuclear waste.
3:48 AM
@syb0rg have you read up on the water in London, England? Entertaining reading if you google "oestrogen in London Water"
"Fertility time-bomb found in drinking water"
1st Google result.
Yeah, and a bunch of fish change gender ;-)
mwahaha twisted
That is what humans do. .... we find interesting ways to darwinize ourselves, and in small ways, we carp (fish reference) where we code too ;-)
^^ best edit ever
3:52 AM
And on that bombshell .... who watches Top Gear?
I occasionally do.
New episode in a couple of weeks.... can't wait. (All from thinking british)
Anyone worked with redis? I'm considering it for a side project.
My rep-rate has drastically declined in the past few weeks.....
hey at least you've got a rate! I'm hardly here these days..
4:04 AM
My rate is pretty low, too. But I'm a mod, so I should focus on moddy things.
..while I focus on muddy things.
I'm going to be lucky to even get on the site next week.
@syb0rg why's that?
@retailcoder I'm going on a missions trip.
I'll be lucky to have internet.
I get [badge:fanatic] in 5 dodo's :)
^^ does that work in English too?
dans 5 dodos j'ai [badge:fanatic]
4:14 AM
if (dodoBirdsAreExtinct) { fanaticBadgeAwarded = false; }
what's a kid's way of saying "nights of sleep"?
"no homework"?
hmm I guess it's a frog thing then (or maybe in France too...)
@retailcoder sleeps
e.g. We are going to the park in 5 sleeps.
According to my niece and nephew.
well thanks :)
good night!
4:26 AM
@retailcoder night
2 hours later…
6:01 AM
Q: Find mirror image of a matrix

JavaDeveloperLooking for review, good practices, optimizations, clean code tips etc. /** * Flip the columns. * * Complexity: * O(row * col) * */ public final class Mirror { private Mirror () { } /** * Given a matrix create a mirror image, * * @param m the input matrix ...

Q: java JFrame stop Button

user34974i am trying to make a simlator for microcontroller in which whenever i call runNextStep() method it will run the next instruction.... i have made a single button which will just execute the next instruction by calling runNextStep() method but i want to make a run button which will have a while lo...

Q: Rotate an image by 90 degrees

JavaDeveloperLooking for review, good practices, optimizations, clean code tips etc. final class Pixel { private final int color; public Pixel(int color) { this.color = color; } public int getColor() { return color; } } /** * Rotates an image by ninety degrees. * *...

1 hour later…
7:22 AM
Q: Processing array of objects into two strings

jcmI have an array of Item objects that each have a string particular and a numeric amount. I want to put all particulars (separated by newlines) into a single string and the same for all amounts. Here's what I came up with: particulars = [] amounts = [] items.each do |item| particulars << it...

8:05 AM
Q: Handling objects and arrays simply in this tagging library

chthonicdaemonI have written this little tagging module to make it easier to generate small html snippets on the fly. The examples below show how this make things a bit easier. My question is about the handling of tags that contain either a single element like text or a list of other elements, like the tr elem...

9:00 AM
Q: Convert Python code to be object oriented

molnardenesI've created a simple Python program that checks the word frequency of a text and shows the results in matplotlib figure. My question is that how can I put this code into object oriented? And how can I put the figure into the canvas? Thanks in advance... from tkinter import * from tkinter import...

1 hour later…
10:02 AM
Q: How can i optimize this nested For Loop

anand mahuliI want to create all possible combinations of points (0,0),(0,1)...(12345,6789) and then all segements from these points. The code i have written is simple with no optimization. Is there any algorithm to generate it in less time? Thanks in advance. public static void main(String[] args) { in...

10:32 AM
Q: How to use constants and window resize function to optimise this jQuery

David IngledowI'm trying to understand DRY but my javascript skills aren't quite up to scratch to get this code as optimised as possible. Depending on the width of the screen the javascript animates a node and then loops another animation. Here is a JSFiddle to show you an example of what I mean: http://jsfi...

11:03 AM
Q: Code review of box stacking problem in C++

tariq zafarI have tried to write code of Box stacking problem (mentioned here)in C++ . Kindly give me some views on what mistakes I might have made and how I can improve. It is running for the two inputs I have provided. Thanks //============================================================================...

11:59 AM
Q: Unbalanced Binary Search Tree

2013AskerI wrote this unbalanced binary tree and would like to know how to improve the code and performance. If you can point out any situations that are not being handled appropriately, that would be great too. It supports element insertion, removal, search, iteration, tree balancing and encoding/decodi...

1 hour later…
1:13 PM
Q: Throwing an exception during the flow execution

EugeneThere is a recommendation not to use an Exception to control the flow of execution. This gives me a reason for doubt when I do something like this: public void initApplication(String input) { try { MyClass mClass = new mClass(input); saveToDatabase(mClass); ...

Q: JQuery: How to refactor JQuery interaction with interface?

SamThe question is very simple but also a bit theoretical. Let's imagine you have a long JQuery script which modifies and animate the graphics of the web site. It's objective is to handle the UI. The UI has to be responsive so the real need for this JQuery is to mix some state of visualization (sp...

1:43 PM
Q: Optimizing a very simple wpf app - attempt on handling 2 buttons with a common event

mehowI am quite new to event programming in C# specially in WPF. I have made a very simple core app which I am planning on extending. It's very simple as its purpose is learning curve and doing things the right way that's why I am asking here for a review and not help on building as most of the buil...

2:00 PM
Anyone here?
Good afternoon, Europe!
I posted some of the code I've been recently working on for review:
Q: XmlCmdBuilder - doing away with inline xml

retailcoderI have to work with a 3rd-party API that allows me to define and execute "commands", using XML. Since I don't like seeing mixed abstraction levels, I managed to remove all the inline XML / string concatenations by creating a simple XmlCmdBuilder object - here is the C# implementation (I have one ...

"Serial upvoting reversed: -55"
Q: XmlCmdBuilder - doing away with inline xml

retailcoderI have to work with a 3rd-party API that allows me to define and execute "commands", using XML. Since I don't like seeing mixed abstraction levels, I managed to remove all the inline XML / string concatenations by creating a simple XmlCmdBuilder object - here is the C# implementation (I have one ...

@StackExchange was about time!
2:19 PM
@retailcoder you write such pretty code
@Malachi thanks :)
@retailcoder Bonjour
don't tell my daughter I killed a my little pony
thank goodness I could delete that I almost looked like an idiot
@Malachi How did you do that?
@syb0rg look like an idiot or kill a my little pony? (unicorn ≈ my little pony)
2:27 PM
@Malachi Look like an idiot. I didn't see the comment before you deleted it.
I think it might be an eminem day.....I haven't heard any of his new stuff yet... some of what I heard I like and some of what I have heard is weird
I saw slashes for escaping quotation marks, and thought it was a typo in a tag on @retailcoder 's code @syb0rg
Humpfh ... pimping a late answer to an interesting question..... ;-)
A: How can i optimize this nested For Loop

rolflGiven the large size of the potential result set, the previously suggested iteration mechanism seems appropriate. I looked at this and thought 'nice challenge', and I looked at your code, and figured there were too many loops. The way I see you doing the work inside the loops also looks cumberso...

There is some complicated code in that ..... anyone care to try to read it?
Actually, I think I will post is as a question ;-)
Naah, not yet... need to go to work.... be back in about 40 minutes ...
@Malachi it's all right :)
@Malachi Those get me too sometimes.
@retailcoder at least I didn't post an answer based on that...lol
2:34 PM
\"That would be how one gets downvoted to oblivion I guess\"
Q: Dynamically generating a HTML option list using Angular.js

Paul HiemstraI used step 4 from the Angular tutorial to do some tinkering of my own. In that particular step of the tutorial, a option list is created that determines how a list is sorted (Alphabetically, by age). I tweaked the code to dynamically generate these sorting options from the data set. Essentiall...

@retailcoder I still might get downvoted, check that answer
A: XmlCmdBuilder - doing away with inline xml

Malachinot sure exactly how this will be used, so this might be a null point. you have add methods but you don't have any remove methods. not sure it would make extension easier, but it would probably provide you with a way to remove deprecated commands (you may or may not want to do this because of ...

I still have to figure out who gave the best answer on that Brainfuck question
@retailcoder something doesn't feel right about deploying a new version of this library to the GAC whenever a new XML command is needed XmlCmd has public constructors, so you don't need factory methods: people can construct new XmlCmd without new factory methods in the GAC. And/or perhaps you can add new factory methods to the GAC without changing previous factory class, by coding the new factory methods as "extension methods" of factory.
@ChrisW Post an Answer
Agreed ^^^
2:44 PM
@ChrisW I thought of using extension methods, but I held back from putting it in my question because... I thought it made a nice answer :)
ok. I thought it was semi-obvious therefore I must have misunderstood the question, therefore I posted/queried in chat.
Q: SQL Look up in a Stored Procedure across three tables

indofraiserThe idea of the below code is that I feed back to a Gridview if the user has permission to view the property otherwise that property is not show. The data is passed in via SessionParameters USE [database] GO SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO alter PROCEDURE [dbo].[spSafeguardi...

@Malachi you're lucky I have a nice rep score that can be divided by 5 :) ...can't OCD-downvote
we gave that inactive user a reason to return just because I put a bounty on his Brainfuck question he got 50 rep and a nice question badge
and he was on CR about an hour ago
I might wait to see if he accepts an answer
@retailcoder what do you mean? you don't like my answer???
"not sure exactly how this will be used, so this might be a null point." - bang on :)
@Malachi I've upvoted some other answers of yours instead
3:02 PM
@retailcoder you stopped reading after that didn't you? ;)
3:19 PM
@retailcoder Does each command have a fixed set of parameter names and types, and fixed number of parameters? Or are methods overloaded with different types (e.g. does SetOptionValue also support int parameters)?
@ChrisW you should put these questions as comments on the question, so that other people can find them useful in the review as well.
@ChrisW and if it turns into a chat room the chat room is made part of the question permanently
@Malachi Do you think questions on this site are useful to the 'long tail' of future readers? Or (unlike other SE sites) are questions generally so specific (i.e. what used to be called, "too localized") that they're only interesting to the OP?
sorry just had a meeting. catching up
3:26 PM
@ChrisW most of what we answer on the review end is design patterns, common coding practice, syntax and such. so I would say that it is like the other sites in that aspect, I can still learn things from the old reviews.
@ChrisW it's implementation-dependant - so yes, I might have different overloads for GetOptionValue, with different parameters and/or types.
oh. I'll check out the comments
A: Beta sites should be in the Data Explorer

Nick CraverSites in public beta will now appear in the data explorer, refreshed weekly like everything else.

^^^ HALLE-F'in-LUJAH ^^^
Hopefully this will help us monitor our progress a bit. Hint: we're still lacking with the voting.
@ChrisW I agree with @Malachi about the usefulness of answers. And with good searchable titles we do come up in Google searches.
@200_success SEDE is up!!
3:34 PM
Q: Class for file creation and directory validation

ThalesAfter reading some texts regarding creation of files under python, i decided to create this class which creates a new file on a directory, and creating a backup on the other directory if the file already exists (and if it's older than x hours ) The main reason i opened this question is to know i...

Q: First steps in Haskell

user3198750I am trying to learn a bit of the language (Haskell) but I am having some problems with understanding how to make programs with pow*. For example I have to create the following program: Input an integer number n and output the sum: 1+2*2*+3*2*+...+n* 2. Use input validation for n to be positive...

@retailcoder I didn't fully understand your reply: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/39288/…
@retailcoder can I use SQL for DE?
@Jamal Tried to run queries but they do not work for me .... Something unexpected went wrong while running your query. Don't worry, blame is already being assigned.
@retailcoder I know where it is, and i found the Query Composer, but I want to make sure it's SQL.....Probably the dumbest question I have ever asked
3:39 PM
Most commands have 1 specific way of being configured, but some might have 2-3 overloads with varying parameters and parameter types. — retailcoder 6 secs ago
@Malachi lol. I think it's T-SQL, but I've never really used the SEDE for anything other than running other peoples' queries.
@Malachi It quacks like SQL. I don't know where the schema (list of table names) is documented, however.
@rolfl: You may need to mention that on MSO. I can't do anything about it here.
heh, it's started working now....
3:42 PM
it does quack like SQL, i should start trying things and then ask questions later....lol
Hello all
I need to create a new tag on code review, and i only need 2 more rep to do it. Anyone? :)
What? Only just over 1200? The Users tab liez!!!
3:45 PM
@Timtech what tag? post the question and one of us maybe can add it. or post in meta
@Malachi ti-basic
I'm composing a question up right now
I can post it here for the edit soon
for the calculators? I didn't know they had there own language???? i thought maybe C or something
No, there is
TI-BASIC is the unofficial name of a BASIC-like language built into Texas Instruments (TI)'s graphing calculators, including the TI-83 series, TI-84 Plus series, TI-89 series, TI-92 series (including Voyage 200), TI-73, and TI-Nspire. TI usually doesn't refer to the language by name, but the name TI-BASIC has been used occasionally in developer documentation.
Anyone can help? Error on code golf - http://data.stackexchange.com/programming%20puzzles%20&%20code%20golf%20stack%20exchange/query/6627
@Timtech you have nothing I can upvote (that I haven't upvoted already) - time to participate more :)
That's an interesting one:
I just had a fun discussion about the word "cult" on Christianity Meta....lol and the question had nothing to do with the word Cult
3:58 PM
@retailcoder Whaa? Really? I'm working on one right now...
@retailcoder: 92 answers, 2.73 average answer score. @Jamal: 79/3.3; @rolfl: 161/4.13; @Simon: 79/3.89
@syb0rg 22 / 4.18
#1 is... Eric Lippert himself! 12/10.5
excluding ... users with less than 10 answers
I only have 1... :(
I like that CR is the first beta site in the SEDE list of sites :)
Q: Programming Puzzles & Code Golf throws an error on the Data Explorer

TimtechAlthough the Stack Exchange Data Explorer is an invaluable tool for many, it appears that the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf site is throwing an error upon querying. It appears to me to be a result of the ampersand & in the URL. As code golf is one of my favorite activities on Stack Exchange, I ...

Q: structure for dependent picklists

Olena HoralI have 3 dependent picklists so that Category picklist values depend on Group values and SubCategory values depend on Category. What is a good way to define the structure in Javascript that would describe these dependencies? and why? I have tree variants. //1 var myStruct = { ...

4:10 PM
@retailcoder are you going to share the Query?
Q: Invert the colors of the graph

TimtechI've heard that Lbl and Goto use up memory that they don't give back. I've noticed clearing the RAM on my calculator frees up a lot of space and makes my programs run a lot faster. Any suggestions on how to minimize memory leaks here would be greatly appreciated. (This code does function correctl...

Please create and add the ti-basic tag (as I only have 148/150 required rep)
@Malachi see above please
4:15 PM
I need you to add the ti-basic tag
1.78! that is ridiculous!!!1 I need to write some better reviews
I will
I would, but that would mess up my divisible-by-5 rep score. And then I'd have to downvote @Malachi's answer, and someone else's, to get back to a rep score that satisfies my OCD.
@retailcoder CDO
4:17 PM
@Timtech You're upvotes got reversed :/
You did a bit too much, -55
Q: Invert the colors of the graph

TimtechI've heard that Lbl and Goto use up memory that they don't give back. I've noticed clearing the RAM on my calculator frees up a lot of space and makes my programs run a lot faster. Any suggestions on how to minimize memory leaks here would be greatly appreciated. (This code does function correctl...

5 top tags
c# 1879
java 1585
javascript 1473
python 1228
php 1218
@retailcoder What is that?
@syb0rg laughing out loud
4:18 PM
lol. was going to say that ^^.
Call-Of-Duty | Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder | Compact-Disc-Operator >> pick one.
Compulsive Disorder Obsessive
That must explain the random downvotes :)
@syb0rg @Timtech you have to read the reviews before you vote
4:20 PM
@Malachi Reviews?
Oh yes,
@Timtech answers
@syb0rg Don't worry, I won't do that many next time :}
@retailcoder @Jamal check out Ewert and CodeSparkle on this one data.stackexchange.com/code%20review%20stack%20exchange/query/…
that fork doesn't work how I expected it to.....ooops
@retailcoder try this one. it will only show the active users (that are top answerers) data.stackexchange.com/code%20review%20stack%20exchange/query/…
"Too many queries are running, you may only run 2 queries at a time"
7 duplicate queries when i log in!!!
@Malachi isn't that the one I originally linked to? :p
4:35 PM
@retailcoder I changed it to only pick from the users that have been active in the last 31 days
@retailcoder It is! :)
Now let's make queries that will answer all our questions about how this beta is doing!
there are only 170 people that have been active in the last 180 days. that are answering questions....
Q: Python data massager

Jeff GohlkeBelow is a pretty simple Python script to ingest some data, massage it as necessary, append a column, sort it, and then write it back to another file. Still learning all the Python best practices and APIs, so as always, any tips and tricks are appreciated! Feel free to be brutal with me if it's...

@retailcoder Hopefully reusable for code golf (once it's fixed, at least).
4:42 PM
@Malachi Is that because they're not answered? Or are there upvoted answers which the OP didn't (perhaps out of ignorance for the way things work) didn't accept?
WHAT? Year = 2009 and Questions Asked = 1?
I haven't looked at these Queries very closely. I am at work but you can bet that I am going to check this out when I get home tonight. After I do important finance stuff to get rid of all my money.
Get rid of all your money?!
The filter is on a.score >= 10 so perhaps at least one upvoted answer.
4:49 PM
I was actually looking for users that don't accept answers, that was a big deal on SO for a long time and might still be
the filter can be changed on the one that I posted I think
@Malachi Please do make one for this
Bye all!
5:06 PM
Blatantly copied content in a tag-wiki edit. Don't people realize how easy it is for approvers to look up the relevant Wikipedia page?
@Malachi acceptance rate might correlate with answering speed and user abandonment
@Donald.McLean when I do that I add the wiki link
@retailcoder I agree. I need to work on some queries. they should be fun. would be nice to have the schema somewhere other than that side box
@Malachi Exactly - that's the "proper attribution" thing, and is allowed.
5:09 PM
wish the profile would match my profile on the rest of the stack
@Malachi The one's I don't get are the ones who DO accept an answer without upvoting it.
^^ Some noobs have yet to figure out what that arrow-shaped button does
^^ That doesn't explain why @Timtech just did it.
Still, an accept is better than an upvote.
Q: Semi-synchronous Programming in Python

Madison MayI just took a stab at creating a library for something I'm dubbing semi-synchronous programming (async + dependencies). It's rather dense, but I'd really appreciate a quick code review to ensure I'm not introducing any race conditions. Feedback on best practices, general improvements is also we...

@ChrisW: Except, an accept is not "permanent" as it can just be moved to another answer.
5:17 PM
We have the data explorer!? FINALLY!!
@SimonAndréForsberg Is that a sign of impending graduation?
@Donald.McLean It's a newly-implemented for all beta sites.
@ChrisW Bien!
@retailcoder the accepts might be accepted/all answers. which would make more sense, because it just means that we have more answers then there are questions.
that could be a big reason why the percentage is going down, because you can't accept all the answers on a question... so the percentage will always be less than 100% no matter what.
@Donald.McLean Yes, there was dancing in the streets: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/13204467#13204467
5:24 PM
@retailcoder I didn't want to say Moot in that answer so I used Null and I said sans aliens in an answer. that has to get me some upvotes
@Malachi I'm pretty sure it's counting questions that have an accepted answer. But it isn't excluding closed questions, and I'm not sure about the a.score >= 10 part in that left join.
@Donald.McLean yeah I saw that too, I didn't even think about the closed questions part. I would play with it more if I wasn't trying to look like I was working....lol
@Malachi Although I have no idea what "where q.posttypeid = 1" means either.
Now people, I think you should take a look at some comments of mine, and consider if they might be worthy of an additional up-vote.
@Donald.McLean that is Questions I think
5:27 PM
@user2369284 The only competition we like here is who writes the best code. Too short variable names = Not the best code. If you are interested in writing short and obfuscated code, Code Golf might be something for you. — Simon André Forsberg Dec 19 '13 at 19:57
Daniel Cook answered your previous question 37 minutes before you asked this one. He told you to use better variable names. I won't review this until you use better variable names. That is why I am downvoting this. Please edit it and use better variable names and I will gladly review it and give it an upvote. — Simon André Forsberg Dec 19 '13 at 20:00
Explain what your code is doing, please. — Simon André Forsberg Dec 5 '13 at 22:29
"Badge-whoring"? Never heard of it.
how did retailcoder get upvoted more than me on this Java Question, I have the accepted answer and my answer is longer.....
A: Compressing a string

retailcoderYour naming is awful. Even void main(String[] args) has been butchered to void main(String[] ar)... and the only identifier that's more than 2 letters in this code, is called found - which implies a search, but the method is called compress. What exceptions are you swallowing, and why? I'm no ja...

@Malachi Your answer was posted a day after.
@SimonAndréForsberg well in that case
A: Compressing a string

Malachiimport.util.* One thing I have notice from reading other Java Reviews is that you don't want to import more libraries than you have to, really this goes for any language I would think. so figure out what you need in java.util and import that. I know that in C or C++ there is a library that when...

@Malachi I was the one who gave you your most recent up-vote on that one :)
@SimonAndréForsberg I noticed that
pause the chat for a minute I have to pee
5:36 PM
I upvoted both answers.
ok unpause
that is what they are @Donald.McLean
pause the chat for 43 minutes I have to watch the latest episode of Person Of Interest
no, you can't you must write code @SimonAndréForsberg
@Malachi lol. You got my +1 :) ...And I'm 1 vote short of a [badge:nice-answer] on that one :)
@retailcoder i gave you a vote too. my score isn't going up any..... sad panda
5:49 PM
@Malachi you did get a downvote on your answer to my latest question?! not mine!
@retailcoder because they don't believe in aliens
Ah, that's gotta be it :)
so upon further review this is accepted answers/questions data.stackexchange.com/code%20review%20stack%20exchange/query/…
so it's not a good thing we need more accepted answers. and I still need to filter out the closed questions.....
@SimonAndréForsberg Enjoyed it very much, especially <redacted>.
@Malachi Excellent. Thank you.
@Malachi And what's with the a.score >= 10 part?
@Donald.McLean it grabs questions that have a score of 10 or more only
5:57 PM
@retailcoder Enhanced the Top Answer Score Per Question query to include the rank and to make n configurable. I'm working way too hard, at #101.
I am working on a couple of queries, but they might have to wait until after my little ones go to sleep tonight.
@200_success nice! now I know how bad my ranking is! ..wait, you're ... further down that list?!

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