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12:02 AM
I deleted the answer. The code worked: but it didn't work well.
And I'm dubious about how the undo/redo manager is supposed to work.
Also IMO codereview.stackexchange.com/q/39148/34757 is difficult to answer because it doesn't show the declaration of the type of units
@ChrisW Ask for it in the comments.
That is what I usually do in that situation.
I did
@ChrisW Ahh, didn't catch that. Upvoted the comment.
12:30 AM
Q: Find power of a number

JavaDeveloperLooking for optimization, smart tips and verification of complexity: O (log (base 2) power) /** * Find power of a number. * * Complexity: O (log (base 2) power) */ public final class Power { private Power() { } /** * Finds the power of the input number. * @param x ...

12:45 AM
Listening to Batman soundtrack music while coding and answer SE questions is awesome.
1 hour later…
2:11 AM
Q: AngularJS best practice for a directive to create a google map

wusauarusI have a considerably large directive which is doing many things: First it renders a Google Map, then it adds a listener to check when the bounds of the map change, then it renders points on the map based where the bounds currently are, and finally it has a menu of options which allow the user to...

3:03 AM
Q: Performance of BigInteger Square root and Cube root functions

David GreenI am writing a program to factor stupidly large integers(5000 digits+) and obviously, performance is critical. A currently TODO feature is to factor semiprimes, specifically RSA, which is why the cube root function is included. Don't tell me its impossible, I'm trying to learn, not actually do it...

1 hour later…
4:32 AM
Q: Tkinter File Searching Program

LafexlosThis is my first relatively big program. First it shows an askdirectory() screen to get the path. It gets all subfolders of that path and appends them to a list. It checks every folders' items if they are wanted file types by checking extensions and puts them into a proper sqlite table. After all...

5:08 AM
Hmmm... @200_success Is about to hit the 10K mark.
He has already (10,007). :-)
CR now has 5 10K users.
@Jamal I just put him there :)
rolfl is getting kinda close, too. But it may be a while until we have a 20K user.
Loki is getting there, but he isn't as active as he was back in the day.
I wish I had more time to be on here.
I'm not earning as much rep as I used to.
I wish I could answer more questions, but I'm lacking in knowledge. I can only get most of the easy C++ questions.
5:14 AM
I'm trying to post all of my short C library code to have it reviewed.
But I'm running out of the short stuff...
Q: Multi producer/consumer queue (without Boost) in C++11

GabiMeNot lock-free, but still only C++11 and no Boost. It also supports timeouts. #pragma once #include <cstddef> #include <chrono> #include <memory> #include <queue> #include <mutex> #include <condition_variable> template<typename T> class blocking_queue { public: explicit blocking_queue(std::...

If I'm feeling bold one day, I think I can tackle Loki's JSON parser question.
Q: Yet another C++ Json Parser

Loki AstariThis is a framework for a json Parser I put together last night. Any comments appreciated. JsonLexer.l: Breaks the input into lexemes JsonParser.y: Understands the language syntax JsonParser.h: Header file to bring it all togeter main.cpp: Test harness so it can be tested. Makefile: S...

I have a library in C that is very efficient. I would just have to port it to C++.
I should probably post that C JSON code here first now that I think about it...
6:00 AM
Q: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

user3167172I made a fun sketch of the TMNT just cause there awesome and I am looking to make this simple TMNT sketch a little more complex or 3D not sure how to.. any suggestions or improvement is useful. Also my color schemes are complete garbage and I can not find the right colors any help regarding that?...

6:19 AM
Q: Class initialisation of fields

OxinaboxI have a the beginnings of a class (in this case for a NeuralNet). I'm not very happy with how I am initializing self.ws, seems a bit off. What is the pythonic way to do this? import numpy as np class NeuralNet: def __init__(self,layerSizes): self.ws = self._generateStartingWeights(...

@retailcoder you should check this out
Q: Async network programming using Reactive Extensions

RobIIIAfter doing some (more-or-less) "low-level" async socket programming years ago (in an Event-based Asynchronous Pattern (EAP) fashion) and recently moving "up" to a TcpListener (Asynchronous Programming Model (APM)) and then trying to move to async/await (Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP)) I'...

there is a bounty on it . any other C# nuts up this late
2 hours later…
8:26 AM
Q: Binary search in rotated sorted array

JavaDeveloperLooking for code review, optimizations, good practice recommendations etc. /** * This is utility class for operations on rotated one-d array. * * Note: a sorted array, reverse-sorted or a single element is array is not considered rotated sorted. * Eg: * [4, 5, 1, 2, 3] is condidered rotate...

9:01 AM
@syb0rg Now there are five 10k users, with another one likely to come soon. So when does Code Review graduate?
I'm comparing on stackexchange.com/sites … CR is punching below its weight in terms of questions and answers per user.
Compared to the graduated sites, we're similar to WebApps, GameDev, and Skeptics, I think.
9:49 AM
Q: Character Attributes

PotatoI would like a program that dice determines a character's attributes. At the start of the game, when the characters are created , a 4 side and a 12 side dice are thrown to determine values for each of these attributes using the following method for each character. -Each attribute is initially...

1 hour later…
11:08 AM
@200 - congrats!
And this, for the record, is my 'proudest moment' .... A skeet-beating answer ;-) :
A: set limit to number of children in an element in xml

rolflJon's answer is closest to what I would recommend. The mecahinics of it are easier than it sounds though: Document doc = saxbuilder.build(....); Element abc = doc.getRootElement(); Element recentelement = abc.getChild("properties").getChild("Recentlyopenedfiles"); List<Element> recentfiles = rec...

12:07 PM
Q: C++ class "overload" using variadic templates and wrapped function pointers

jrkI'm using C++11 and I have the following problem (pseudo C++): template<typename T, R1 (*F1)(Args1...)> class one_size_fits_them_all {}; template<typename T, typename U, typename V, R1 (*F1)(Args1...), R2 (*F2)(Args1...)> class one_size_fits_them_all {}; template<typename T, typename U, R1 (*F...

2 hours later…
2:00 PM
Q: How to optimize this code in jquery?

RaulI have the following code to get the ID of a and go to their respective div $('a[href=#certificados]').click(function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: $('#certificados').offset().top }, 1000); }); $('a[href=#team]').click(function(e){ ...

2:41 PM
@Malachi ugh. there's more text than code, and he's on the edge of being asking for code to be written. And this network stuff is all gibberish to me :S
on that C# question I posted last night? @retailcoder
the bountied one
yeah he put a bounty on it himself. the other bounty there (+200) the guy put all his rep on it
I see 3 days left on your brainfuck bounty
and no answers still
the views went way up though.
2:49 PM
@Malachi It's almost off-topic: I think he's asking people to three compare design patterns, say which one is best for him, and explain how to do use one.
everyone should share it on their google plus pages and facebook. I already shared it on mine @retailcoder
@ChrisW I haven't had a chance to really read it. and what @retailcoder said too there is a lot going on in there with Networking stuff that I don't think I understand fully either.
hmm I do have such accounts... but hardly ever share anything. I've even had a Twitter account for about 6 months, and never tweeted once.
@retailcoder there is a badge for posting a link that is visited so many times.
@retailcoder I think this might be the one I am listening to right now.....
LOL it is!
I started it at the end of the day yesterday
2:54 PM
Yesterday was Triforce
so I am into it about 26 minutes.
6 minutes here
I am slow to get started in the mornings....
someone help me with this, it needs flagging or close votes, I have already flagged and can't close.
Q: Transaction outside windows application giving locks

Phoenix_uyI have a windows application that connects with a SQL Server 2012 database. The application manage inside the code a single sql connection connecting and disconnecting according to the task that the application request. The problem that I have is that this application uses a stored procedure in...

@Malachi Is there a standard VTC reason here for "no source code"?
@ChrisW I think I flagged it as unclear what they were asking.
3:01 PM
If so, I don't see it. Sites can customize the "off topic because ..." reasons.
I didn't notice that question is on stack overflow. It's probably on-topic there.
@ChrisW flags -> closed for another reason -> unlcear what is being asked
it's not on-topic there. they have about a billion questions in the close review queue
3:45 PM
Finally i get the outspoken Badge!!!
@Malachi - really! let me RSA that for you!
thank you
Q: Is this there a better way to use AngularJS to create a simple login?

tommyfI'm brand new to AngularJS. I would like advice as to whether I'm approaching the design of a simple login section of an app built with Angular correctly. The app consists of two view partials: login.html and user-admin.html. Of what I have so far, the user types their username into the login pa...

I cannot believe nobody else got outraged at that code
4:18 PM
@retailcoder This question could use a napam-strike.
Q: Fibonacci sequence in C

Brandon WamboldtI'm very new to C, so pointing out better ways of doing things, errors, bad practices, etc would be optimal at this stage. Code on GitHub #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int *calculateFibonacciSequence(int n, int start) { int i; // Allocate memory for our fibonacci sequence from th...

Hello all :)
@Timtech Hello.
Wow, does SO really have that many questions in the queues??
4:21 PM
Just the close queue, yeah
Wow. How much rep is needed?
3K to close-vote /review close queue
@Timtech not a billion
To review them
2k I suppose?
It's 3K for the close queue.
4:22 PM
@Timtech 105.4k
@Timtech currently 105.2K items....
105.3K for me now.
you must be able to review close votes there huh @rolf?
4:23 PM
@Malachi uh-huh.
You just have to be able to review one category
I only have first and late posts
Then you can see the rest
Just a couple of days ago my CR rep exceeded my SO rep.
I can see the rest I just can't review them
4:23 PM
You can see them even with no rep
I need another 800 rep for edits, and 1800 for close votes
Wow, I wish I could help out on SO...
LQ is 800 rep too i guess
I need some 500 rep to start closing on SO, but I'm hardly active these days..
I'm more active on codegolf.SE
4:24 PM
CR is better
so take some time to read through my questions and answers, don't everyone vote at once, I only need like 100 a day and i will be there in like 18 days.
All 5 sites I can review on have empty queues :(
Here is a good one for you @retailcoder
Q: Error Object reference not set when use UpdatePanel

skdeveloperI had this error " Object reference not set .... " , I had checked my code and I got that the error in UpdatePanel , when i removed it the code worked well but I must use it to prevent all page reload . <div> <fieldset style="width: 498px; text-align: right; padding: 5px; direction: rtl;"> ...

What's that for?
Us to flag???
for @retailcoder to fix
4:25 PM
I should start gaining up rep on SO, but I'm scared...
@retailcoder is busy with crap WPF code written by a moron who didn't even have WinForms 101
I've heard it's totally out of control
@Timtech not really, but it's more fun on CR :)
4:26 PM
No I meant SO...
Like random deletions O_o
or maybe it's just me, when the workday ends I've seen enough broken code, I'd rather review working code than fix some more broken code
^^^ ditto
I've started getting irritated when I see non-working-code questions on CodeReview....
I heard someone else IRL say that SO is scary: that as a newbie they'd expect their question / themselves to be torn apart by the 'regulars'; so they don't dare post.
if you've researched your stuff and are really out of options, asking on SO is probably ok.
Same @ChrisW
4:29 PM
@retailcoder And well formatted.
if you ask something that's answered by a mere google search, you'll get smashed
At least work up 200 rep on another SE site first...
Look reputable
here is what you need @retailcoder bringvictory.com
@Timtech Answering a few questions and editing questions is one way to earn rep on SO.
wtf @Malachi
4:30 PM
@retailcoder everyone can check it out!
you just so messed up my dubstep moment
this will make it better
you're mean
LOL ok I am done with Rick for the day...
@syb0rg I occasionally post answers to easy questions
Editing really low-quality stuff too
I have 8 answers, and only one has positive votes
(Score of 1)
4:34 PM
ok sorry one more, use this for someone's birthday!
@retailcoder you should pin that bring victory link and see how many we can rick roll
@Malachi over my dead body :p
@Timtech Let's change that.
@syb0rg How???
Don't you dare downvote that answer...
4:36 PM
I guess it could be Celine rolling? @retailcoder
@Timtech I only up-vote silly.
I didn't want to have a highest answer score of 0
My top ever SE answer was on code golf with a score of 10
As for my best question:
Q: Can cats safely eat raw meat?

TimtechIs it safe to feed my cat raw meat, or should we cook the meat first? Or should we stick exclusively to factory-produced catfood instead?

Kill it fire :
Q: How can I optimize this query to improve performance?

RobbiegodI'm building a wordpress website using advanced custom fields and the repeater plugin. I've managed to put this query together after re-organizing my data using the repeater plugin. The query below is fired off when a link on a page is clicked and via ajax the results are loaded into a floating...

4:38 PM
@Timtech That's all I'll do for now so the votes don't get reversed.
@syb0rg K, I'll see what you've done... :)
Haven't we done this once before?
@Timtech Yes, but we both benefited from that.
You know, if you like what I've done, you send it right back!
Yeah, ;)
scratch my back, I scratch yours?
4:40 PM
I think 7 per day is the limit
Anyone confirmdeny?
no one can
@Timtech From "testing", that sounds about right.
I was serial downvoted once
It was reverted after 8
Their sock-puppet-detection algorithm is secret so that it can't be gamed.
4:42 PM
@ChrisW I still feel like I could game it, but I don't want to try.
I know
@ChrisW it's the serial-voting-detection algo
or serial-downvoting
Anyway, @syb0rg I've done 5A and 1Q
They probably use the same algorithm, with an absolute value function.
playing by the rulebook we should be voting for answers (/questions), not users
4:43 PM
@Timtech Thanks.
I only have 1 question and no answers
I'm more of a code-golfer
Upvoting each other might look like sock-puppetry.
We did it once when code-golf had that Return 1 contest
In spoon... 1001010
In BF... +.
What good is favoriting chat messages?
Just to highlight potato chips?
Jan 10 at 2:42, by Wayne Conrad
@syb0rg Hello! First time here. I started out looking for potato chips. How I got from potato chips to here, I don't know, but it seems comfy here.
Goodbye everyone =)
I must leave now
@Timtech We needed a new pinned post, and that was the best candidate.
4:47 PM
@syb0rg Bye
@Timtech Actually, do you know BF? A program needs reviewing that is written in it.
Q: ASCII table in Brainfuck

TyiloI made my first Brainfuck program today, which prints the numbers 0-255 and the corresponding character. I was wondering if I could improve my program, as I'm repeating myself a lot (e.g. 3 x copy & paste "comparer" function): max == 255 LF == 10 space == 32 '0' == 48 '9' == 57 ':' =...

5:12 PM
@rolfl Thanks!
@rolfl Have an upvote. (It's a bit of a lame question, though.)
It is, but, since I maintain JDOM, I try to be helpful ;-)
@rolfl Oh, right. That makes sense.
is not really about optimization, which is to make code faster, I am pretty sure that the user meant 'better code' but it is not a native English speaker
5:45 PM
Q: Original factorial method in Java

FabinoutI found this piece of code on codegolf.stackexchange.com in a trolling competition; http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/16673/8806 : public int factorial ( int n ) { switch(n){ case 0: return 1; case 1: return 1; case 2: return 2; case 3: return 6; case 4: return 24; case 5: return 120; case 6...

@StackExchange that's an off topic question (Not own code)
@amon: Go ahead and vote-to-close.
added a close vote comment
Meh, I answered it, then came here when i saw the close....
Yes, it should be closed.
A: Why is only my own written code on-topic?

rolflOne of the reasons for the restriction is the implied licensing terms that are part of StackExchange. Anything you post here is automatically ascribed to the Creative-commons share-alike type licensing. See section 3 of your terms-of-service here on StackExchange. If it is not your code then you...

Maybe other people's code lifted from other StackExchange sites is OK: if licensing is the only reason for that restriction.
5:59 PM
Ooh @ChrisW got a point here.
It's just not the CR spirit. Write your own working code, get it reviewed. Period.
@retailcoder You could add that answer/explanation to the meta-question.
If you close a question it's nice to point the OP to the relevant FAQ on meta.
Once we graduate, we should be able to add additional close reasons.
A: Why is only my own written code on-topic?

retailcoderProof by [extreme] example. (based on a true story) Not too long ago, someone posted one of their employees' code and asked for it to be reviewed by the community. The OP wrote that based on the feedback we would give him, that he would decide whether to keep or to fire that employee. Would yo...

Hyperlinks in those additional close reasons can point to your relevant meta topics.
I just had to answer that factorial question even though it is, technically, off-topic.

if (jButton1.isVisible()) {
w += jButton1.getWidth() + ((FlowLayout)jPanel1).getVGap();
if (jButton2.isVisible()) {
w += jButton2.getWidth() + ((FlowLayout)jPanel1).getVGap();
if (jButton3.isVisible()) {
w += jButton3.getWidth() + ((FlowLayout)jPanel1).getVGap();

Repeated for 13 buttons!!!!
6:08 PM
looks like what I've stared at all morning.
6:33 PM
Q: How to efficiently parse the data coming from the URL

user2809564I need to parse the data coming from the URL which looks like below - haschanged=true version=1 timestamp=1389562122310 DATACENTER=/pr/hello/plc TotalNumberOfServers:4 primary:{0=1, 1=2, 2=1, 3=2, 4=1, 5=2, 6=1, 7=2, 8=1, 9=2, 10=1, 11=2, 12=1, 13=2} secondary:{0=0, 1=0, 2=0, 3=1, 4...

doesn't anyone know anyone who writes Brainfuck for fun?
I'd rather learn poledance than BF.
6 days to [badge:fanatic] :)
Doesn't anyone miss the hats?
user image
Q: Newton's method to solve cubic equations

Satwik PasaniI have deleted the previous question I had posted and am reposting the program with the new version of the code without the error present in the previous one. I have used the Newton-Raphson method to solve Cubic equations of the form ax^3+bx^2+cx+d=0, by first iteratively finding one solution, an...

6:49 PM
@retailcoder 28 days for me. it will be a late birthday present for me
@retailcoder check out my answer and see if it makes sense please......
A: Error Object reference not set when use UpdatePanel

MalachiI think what you need to do instead of check the length of the file is to use a method that is built into PostedFile to check if there is a file to begin with. if you look on the Microsoft page for PostedFile your code would look more like this Private void AddpostfromFront() //I don't like y...

BTW it is a SO answer
+1, it's written like a CR answer :)
well, there's a reason for that. two things are running together and breaking the process.
@Malachi - cross-posing SO questions/answers here for discion is not great ... but, if you solve a problem in SO and want your answer reviewed, you should post the solution here, and get your rep that way (and include the link to your SO in your CR question for a double-bonus) .
If I wanted to have to dig through broken code, I would spend more time on SO :p
(or at work).
should have made that one post so i only had to use one star @rolfl
if the OP gave me more code to work with I would be able to do that.
7:04 PM
Q: Generic java configuration class with type safety

cldfznIn the first code snippet I am creating a generic class to hold configuration details. I am currently using it as a way to pass run time configuration options to plugins in a generic manner. The second snippet is a helper class that utilizes the class to provide the public methods for use which...

Q: Tabulate text with javascript

tomdemuytPretty printer in ABAP does not take care of all my aligning need, so I wrote a small js script that tabulates/aligns with a custom string. It contains html, css and script in 1 file because this is a small tool. Link : https://github.com/konijn/aligner <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head>...

7:17 PM
Q: Critique of jQuery plugin which will print to a printer an element or a jQueryUI Dialog

user1032531I have a need to print to a printer the content of a jQueryUI Dialog, and I couldn't find anything to my liking. I developed the following simple jQuery plugin which prints one ore more provided HTML elements, and am using it to print the jQueryUI Dialog DIV element. The code is below, and a li...

7:30 PM
Q: R help debug error in a working function

crysis405What the function does is finds the primes in list1 and converts them to their equivalent a (i.e. 2 would be a2 which is 1,1). Then it takes the !NULL in list2 and searches if it is present in the converted list1 (converted to a list of two of 1,2,3, or 4). Finally it returns a logical list of tr...

@tomdemuyt ? What is that in reference to?
@tomdemuyt Yes. In my opinion, if there is a performance requirement and (otherwise working) code does not meet this requirement, than this is a bug and should be addressed on SO.
@tomdemuyt I agree with closing. like @amon said.
"You've earned the "Outspoken" badge. See your profile."
8:04 PM
@syb0rg Gratulations! :D
@SimonAndréForsberg Thanks! I'm not sure why I didn't earn it a while ago, but better now then never!
@syb0rg "Outspoken" is one of the most spooky badges around here. You never know when it decides to appear.
Maybe we have "suspicious starring activity"?
@retailcoder You mean: Maybe we have "@Malachi"?
8:18 PM
Yay, one of my answers made it to the weekly newsletter!
@SimonAndréForsberg Link?
A: Word count program in Java

Simon André ForsbergThere are a couple of things you should think about or fix: Indentation. You're not really consistent in indenting your code. Please follow the Java conventions. No need to call super() inside your constructor, the default empty super constructor is automatically called. Use "constructor chaini...

Ironically, I barely remember having written that review, even though it was just a week ago...
@SimonAndréForsberg And the link to the newsletter?
Q: REST Response: Checking for Success and Error

dgigI thought this was pretty slick - maybe not, I just wanted to share and maybe get some feedback: As part of a REST client class: Accepts the JSON response from REST or REST-like service, searches through to find multiple errors, or return success indicator. You define success and failure in a ...

@syb0rg Oh... I'm not sure if there is one...
@syb0rg stackexchange.com/newsletters if you want to signup for the upcoming ones
8:37 PM
What's unfair is that I get the CR newsletter on Thursdays...
I wonder if there's a different newsletter each day, and different people get theirs on different days? I got mine today as well, and have Simon's answer, as well as one of my own. Simon, is the second 'top new question this week': Finding pair of sum in sorted array
Annnnd .... he's gone.
8:56 PM
@rolfl I saw a preview of it, and subscribed myself.
I love how the two pinned comments mention me.
Q: Optimizing with microdata and address tag

user3108669Can I improve this markup? Is it SEO friendly? <div class="bloc-contenu group" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Hotel" itemref="logo nom-hotel"> <p><iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m12!1m3!1d89225.49873817024!2d-74.4423141!3d45.664941!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i76...

@syb0rg I almost pinned this one too. Careful what you wish for :p
9:37 PM
someone said my name????
9:53 PM
Q: Refactoring multi if if possible

Gandalf StormCrowI have a fully working code, however I'd like it to make it nice. I've got these three models : 1. User(can have both or either one) user can have one trucker user can have one owner_trucker 2. Trucker belongs to user 3. OwnerTrucker belongs to user I'm not the only one working in the...

Hi @syb0rg
Hi everyone...
Lol, just like when I left it 7 hours ago
Hello @Timtech
@syb0rg I'll look over that BrainF**k program
I just learned BF this week
@Timtech Do you know how to write it?
I even made an interpreter for TI-84 calculators
10:00 PM
I was going to take a shot at it, if I found the time.
A TI-84 interpreter for BF?
Yes, complete and everything
Nice. Did you post it as an answer somewhere?
I'm going to play some OpenGL Ace of Spades now, but maybe in an hour or so I'll take a shot at it.
No, I didn't. I put it on my friend's calculators at school
It was way too long for the code-golf challenge
I'm definitely going to respond to this, after I play some OpenSpades.
Q: ASCII table in Brainfuck

TyiloI made my first Brainfuck program today, which prints the numbers 0-255 and the corresponding character. I was wondering if I could improve my program, as I'm repeating myself a lot (e.g. 3 x copy & paste "comparer" function): max == 255 LF == 10 space == 32 '0' == 48 '9' == 57 ':' =...

Bye :)
10:13 PM
@Timtech that sounds AWESOME
@Malachi What's awesome?
Back btw
the TI-84 Interpreter
It doesn't use ASCII
It usess TI-84 keycodes
10:30 PM
Q: JavaScript custom addEvent function to add event handlers

user2604702I'm learning JavaScript and I was trying to make a custom addEvent function that would care about compatibility (I don't want to use jQuery [nor any other library] yet, in order for me to "master" the bases of JavaScript). I came across this code on github (https://gist.github.com/eduardocereto/...

Ima take a break, but I'll post my solution to the BF ASCII table soon
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