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10:00 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Don't you use codereview.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=active ? It sorts recent/edited answers questions to the top of the list.
I still feel so ashamed for making a D in computer architecture. I really should retake that class if I have time.
I need to go back to school. a real school.
@Corbin Absolutely, since programming languages are our stock in trade, have some rudimentary understanding of their mathematical underpinnings it really important.
I have an associates degree, but I don't think I can do half of what Jamal can
Q: Suggestions needed for alternative methods of solving sudoku

PhoenixI am new to programming as well as this site. I am learning Java as my first programming language. I have written a bit of code (of course after struggling a lot). I would love to read expert reviews on this code and suggestions to improve right from naming conventions to logic. I am curious to k...

10:05 PM
@Donald.McLean Yeah. And even just from a computational perspective. It definitely gives a very valuable perspective on the limitations and abilities of computers, and a lot of the fundamental ideas of computer science. It's a bit mind blowing when you realize everything can be transformed into a language problem.
@Malachi: All I can really do is some basic to intermediate C++ and C, and some x86 assembly. I have taken intro classes in JS/HTML and VB.NET, but I don't remember anything from them. As I understand C++ the most (out of everything else here), that's all I can review, hence my rep amount. I hope to add Java to that by the time I graduate.
@Jamal but you know more about Programming concepts and design and etc than I do. our classes were all over the place. I wish I would have went for a 4 year programming degree, and I wish I would have done it straight out of Highschool or middle school. I was smart enough to
@Malachi A real school will teach surprisingly little software development skills. Algorithms, formal languages, database systems, etc all touch on programming a lot, but at the end of the day, CS degrees aren't meant to be software engr degrees. (I'm assuming you mean a CS degree and not SE)
Well, I'm also lacking with algorithms. For instance, I've never implemented a sorting algorithm by myself (except for bubble sort). It's not that I can't do it, but it's because I'd rather make "fun" programs, like I'm doing now. But I know I have to learn my craft better.
@Jamal if you manage to finish a CS degree without implementing a sorting algorithm, that's either impressive or frightening :)
10:11 PM
@Corbin what do you mean SE ( Stack Exchange? )?
@Malachi Whoops :). software engineering
@Corbin I would like to do both really.
@Corbin: My instructors give us that code anyway, same with binary tree functions. I still hate coding binary trees.
I'm off to a Scala users group meeting. See you-all tomorrow.
@Malachi Ah :)
@Jamal Interesting. What year are you in?
10:14 PM
@Corbin I just don't feel that I learned enough. I feel overwhelmed when I think about what I need to do to create a moderate program. not overwhelmed but ... defeated? what is the word that I am looking for.
@Corbin: Senior. Since I won't be taking any classes this summer (housing issues), I expect to finish May 2015.
hmmm, very interesting. did you have an algorithms class?
@Malachi Eh, I think in a lot of ways, the only real way to learn software development is to develop software and very frequently revisit old stuff for learning purposes.
No, not a specific one. Just data structures, which I believe is the last C++ class.
I'm a bit biased though since my uni doesn't even have a SE program
@Corbin Work on the same project/software for a while: evolve it.
10:17 PM
@Jamal Ah, I bet in data structs you'll implement a lot of stuff. I bet data structs will essentially be algorithms.
@Corbin that makes sense.
@ChrisW yeah, but refactoring is boring :)
Yes, we did have algorithms, but my instructor was surprisingly easy. Our first assignment... was to implement a Circle class.
Oh god x.x
that would have been nice in a way though... my algorithms class had 6 A's in it out of a class of 50 people
EASY 100. The only reason I got a B in that class was because of one test, primarily because of the binary trees.
10:19 PM
were they plain BSTs or a balanced one?
@Corbin Refactor it only the extent that it helps to add new functionality (so that refactoring is purposeful. link
Plain, I believe.
I did, however, successfully write down an algorithm on an exam for traversing a singly-linked list in reverse. I got full points on that.
@ChrisW ah yeah, that's what i essentially do. i think very few people refactor for the hell of it. by "evolve it" I thought you meant "slowly refactor all of it" :)
SFAIK that's the only way in which large programs come into being: they start small, and evolve. "Every large system that works evolved from a smaller system that worked." You can't write a large system that works, from scratch.
yeah, that's essentially why waterfall is extinct now. heaven help the programmers that inherit a giant glob of upfront large-scale development
10:23 PM
Crappy title alert:
Q: How to refactor the following method?

Andrei TanasescuIt's both long, repetitive, and hard to follow. private void Map(object x, JToken json) { var objType = x.GetType(); var props = objType.GetProperties().Where(p => p.CanWrite).ToList(); foreach (var prop in props) { var type = prop.PropertyTyp...

Someone in chat said earlier today that they only trust programmers who have maintained someone else's code. I thought of saying ditto for maintaining your own code: contrast with contractors who write stuff that works today and then leave.
Q: Backbone.Collection - Ensure that at most one model has property set to true

Sean AndersonI have a Backbone.Collection which has some models in it. Each model has a boolean property called 'special.' Only one model should be special at any given time. I've got the following to enforce this, but I'm wondering if it could be clearer or if there is a more appropriate way to enforce such...

Haha I feel like inheriting someone else's code as your responsibility is a rite of passage for programmers
the contractor situation is weird to me. the company i work for does some work with contracts and it all goes to shit right after they get paid.... it makes no sense why they keep contracting
A: Count sum of all digits

TimtechTI-BASIC, 137 - (25 + 50 + 10 + 100) = -48 Input A:Disp cumSum(randIntNoRep(1,A))→L₁:"?:For(A,1,dim(L₁:Ans+sub("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ",L₁(A),1:End:Disp sub(Ans,2,length(Ans)-1 Input handles numbers up to 1E99 and automatically evaluates. Can handle expressions. Although it is an insanely...

well, bad management is why, but meh....
10:26 PM
Lowest score yet :)
and the only one written for a calculator :)
Most of my answers are ^_^
I've even made a Brainf**k interpreter with TI-BASIC
(Not posted, over 5,000 chars)
that's pretty crazy
Yeah, also Deadfish Tilde and HQ9+2D
@Corbin and I still can't award stars
best answer for this question I think. using a calculator language to write a code golf answer for adding numbers together. so cool! — Malachi 44 secs ago
10:29 PM
Q: How does a question get fewer votes than an answer?

MalachiThis is a review site, so the questions should be voted on whether or not they are on-topic and if they clearly portrayed their code so that it could be reviewed. If a question has 4 answers, yes, it may be badly written code, but it still works and shows signs it can be improved. All the answe...

@Malachi Thanks, I've responded
@Timtech I can up vote that
@Malachi I think you have a star addiction
@Corbin it's called Facebook Syndrome I think
I have to let the person know that I like their post
or that I read it and wasn't offended
But facebook doesn't conveniently pin liked things on a side bar. That's half the fun of stars, the ridiculous sidebar :D
10:31 PM
Malachi might need his own sidebar.
@Malachi Thanks :)
yeah i need to change the resolution on my linux box at home so that I can see more starred items
@Jamal theoretical star!
@Corbin You should implement a design/code review, by whichever permanent employee will have to maintain it.
@ChrisW they'd never go for that. unfortunately it's a rather backwards company with regards to understanding that code quality matters....
All they care is what brand name is smacked on it....
They have "oh it costs a shit ton of money?! it must be amazing!!!" syndrome. They hire contractors all the time to do stuff that makes no sense to contract out. Trying to convince them that they're making a mistake is very losing battle.
or do you mean of in house code?
Q: C Error: Access violation writing location 0x00000000

user34979Trying to compile a C program using Visual Studio 2013 and an attempt to run the example code given has yielded an error. I understand that the error message is related to pointers which are not accessible or legally allowed to be modified. The error crops up in strcpy. #include <stdio.h> #defi...

10:36 PM
It's pretty convenient that I'm taking software engineering now. :-) Unfortunately, no code-writing this semester.
Your software engineering course doesn't involve any code writing? >.<
Don't you love how you can have a hidden weapon in chat?
The reputation, of course.
(You need like 999k though)
You just post four lines, and there it is.
Nope. It's mostly conceptual-type stuff. Could be an easy class. Surely not worse than architecture.
I'm helping new users along... http://codegolf.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/stats
(With upvotes of course)
@retailcoder what if the Stackexchange bot does remember everything we told it? i need some sleep but that is some funny shtuff
10:39 PM
Software Engineering without some kind of project(s) is a rather odd situation to me. Like a math class where you only listen to lectures and don't have any tests, quizzes or homework. Whatever works though, I suppose.
If he's not a mod, unlike his brother Community, I don't think you have anything to fear.
@Corbin: There will be projects, but no straight code-writing. I'll know more as the semester progresses. There is a software engineering CS project class, which I will take as well.
Ahhhh, you just mean that there won't be little code snippets required. Makes more sense. Just projects for code.
My next programming class will be intro to OO, which is in Java. And the only Java I know is from reading these posts.
I need to learn Calculus so I will be respected on Mathematics SE
Eh C++ to Java shouldn't be too bad. I've had to use Java for a few classes before. Once you learn it's quirks, it's relatively similar in syntax to C++.
10:44 PM
I know a lot of programming languages
OH NO! Too much CODE GOLF leaves my website's comment queue OVERFLOWING!!!
@Timtech: I'm taking calc III right now. :-)
@Jamal I wish I could be there with you :)
@Corbin: The syntax does look very similar, but that's a whole lot of classes and other stuff.
@Timtech: It's starting off pretty easy so far, but a grad student told me that III is easier than II. I barely got a C in II.
And calc I was a walk in the park for me.
@Jamal I'm still in Trig/Pre-Calc levels
OO theory is language agnostic. I guess it is a bit jarring though to get thrown into the world of basically only classes when the C++ standard lib is a mixture of a lot of stuff.
10:49 PM
@Corbin I've only recently seen contractor-written code, for the first time. No, I was thinking back to when I was the most senior developer at a company: we'd hire new employees, but if they ever left I might be asked/expected to maintain their code. So I'd do code reviews of code written by new employees, until they were writing code that I would consider maintainable.
@ChrisW Ah yeah. We've only had 1 new hire since I've been there, and we had to let them go after a few weeks. Definitely sounds like a good idea though. At the moment though, there's only 3 of us on the team, and luckily everything that comes through is at least semi maintainable.
@Corbin: I will miss using the STL, but learning another language will be worth it. I can't wait to post my first CR question about Java. No, it probably won't be Hello, World...
If your employer has "maintainable" as one of their requirements, a design/code review is IMO the right acceptance test for that requirement. I don't know what the contractors or contracting company would think of that.
Yay! Big update! Me and my friends are trying to bring back Lego Universe and we've decrypted some traffic packets :)
@ChrisW I'm moving to company with a few thousand software developers in a few months, so I'm curious to see how it's run there. I suspect it will be like night and day compared to our tiny team.
@Jamal Yeah, I always miss the standard library when using Java :(. The C++ stuff just seems so much more intuitive and natural. Java's stuff just feels clunky and awkward. It might just be because I'm way more comfortable with C++ than Java though. I'm sure a Java person would be saying the exact same thing about C++.
10:53 PM
@Corbin: I've never been taught the STL in school, not even in data structures. I'm so grateful for SE and the Internet.
Same. Thank god for CR, SO and cppreference.com
And yet I've still heard that cppreference isn't entirely reliable. But it's good enough for me.
@Corbin Perhaps you'll be working with a team of, at most, 30 developers; maybe fewer. I presumable they have"architects" who decompose their software into manageable/defined components/teams. You (as an individual) don't have time to communicate with thousands of other developers: therefore "Conway's law".
Of course. Teams are usually 5-15 people at the new place. I just think it'll be interesting to see a more formal process. With just 3 of us, there's a lot of formalities that we don't bother with that we should.
11:12 PM
Bye guys!
I got to go :)
@Jamal C++ didn't exist when I was at school. When I was about 10, I read a COBOL book from the public library, and thought that, maybe one day I'd work for a company big enough to own a computer. So yeah. I started learning C++ from people on an predecessor of SE, i.e. a Compuserve forum. We read/studied one chapter of Thinking in C++ per week, and the old hands chatted to answer whatever questions we students had about it. I used that time to evolve my programming from C.
("students" in the sense that I was already professional/working programmer, but learning something new)
@Corbin I hope you find it worthwhile. My first job, 2 years, was at the Canadian equivalent of Bell Labs: they knew what they were doing, how to manage software development; thousands of developers, "carrier grade" software. Later when I worked for a startup, they (i.e. he, the boss) didn't (know much about software development) so I had to (try to).
Hopefully. I think I'll like it more than where I am now, but who knows for sure. I've yet to hear many bad things about them, and they seem to have a good grasp of their techologies. If start ups are like I think they are, I'm fairly certain they would drive me insane ;)
I was hoping to find good management again at my last (most recent ex-) employer: a big company. IMO they had more money than sense though. They grew by buying small companies / existing teams, but didn't seem to add much value (management / process improvement / personnel development) to the teams they bought.
Some startups are OK. The one before last that I worked for was a spin-off from Bell and had experienced middle managers. Their failure was more on the sales/business side of things, I think.
11:32 PM
Q: Design database for real estate property management?

melnajjarI have design this database diagram to real estate property management just I want to see if I get it right especially the relation between properties and finances because I made it one(property) to many(finances"bank loans")?

@ChrisW interesting. I've always had a weird feeling towards start-ups. I feel like they often fall into a trap of a decent idea and a horrible execute. I have just about 0 real-world experience other than my current (part time, college) job though, so maybe just a weird bias I have.
So much seems to happen while I'm gone...
You posted one twice.
But I guess that kinda makes sense since there were two new answers to the question.
Whatever answers or questions are posted within the next 10 minutes are going to get an upvote from me.
Never mind, just exhausted all of my votes for the day.
11:53 PM
the RSS feed seems to update every 10 minutes or so anyway
(explains @StackExchange's slowness)
@rolfl I told you I was coming for you: codereview.stackexchange.com/users?tab=Voters&filter=year
I'm so behind!
(ironically ran out of votes just minutes ago)
@retailcoder Ehh, your in second this week: codereview.stackexchange.com/users?tab=Voters&filter=week

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