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12:01 AM
gotta fix that
I'm back :D
@StackExchange Why does the Code Review site have 'database-design' and 'database-schema' tags, if this question was hurriedly migrated?
@ChrisW that's a very good question.
@Jamal? ^^
Apparently because @Malachi wanted to answer it on the dba.stackexchange.com site?
@ChrisW: There was no code to review.
12:06 AM
@Jamal yeah and that's fine, but why do we have and in the first place?
I have no idea.
there wasn't any code. if they had provided the Creation code then it could be reviewed
There was a database design. Do you only review database schemas if they include the DDL instead of the pictorial equivalent?
That's the part I'm not buying ^^
but there was no table creation SQL plus he didn't have the constraints or anything, it was conceptual and not actual.....does that make sense?
12:08 AM
There were FK's. That's a constraint to me.
He marked the foreign keys.
FK's :)
there wasn't any datatypes either. and nothing that we could test to see if it works
we couldn't produce any results from the picture really.
12:09 AM
I think there's enough meat for a meta post about these tags.
I have to leave now. I'll be back in about two hours.
@Jamal Bye
later @Jamal
12:09 AM
if you want you can still vote on it @ChrisW or @retailcoder
A: Design database for real estate property management?

Malachiyour diagram looks good, I assume that you are going to expand on the tables that you have as you develop this diagram more. I would pull out the Purchase information into their own table. also addresses should be their own table as well that way you don't duplicate data when a user moves int...

I'd need an account on DBA
@retailcoder I don't have a DBA account either
Ditto. It seems to be on-topic at DBA, per their FAQ. Will the OP get better answers there than here? Should all database design questions therefore be off-topic here?
@Timtech You should go through my answers again, but this time read through them and make sure they are worth up-voting. You don't want to up-vote too quickly, or too much.
@ChrisW start a meta post about it. some things are very much on topic here. like the posts about creation scripts, Sprocs functions, etc
12:14 AM
@syb0rg I
@syb0rg do the same with my answers. here and on stackOverflow @Timtech. what languages do you guys code in any way?
I'll do so over a couple of days
Timtech, the site administrator, is experienced with the following programming, scripting, and markup languages and techniques:

GML (Game Maker Language)
EXE modification
TI-Basic 84
Windows Batch
DLL injection
Plus Brainf**k and Deadfish Tilde (Deadfish~)
Where's C#?
@Malachi Does the up-voting I do reciprocate? ;)
12:15 AM
@retailcoder And Task Scheduler Script to you too.
@syb0rg I was checking out the Raspberri-pi questions and answer that you posted too
(Does that even exist?)
lol. CSS, HTML & XML are programming languages?
XML is a very powerful language.
12:17 AM
I missed that small part: the following programming, scripting, and markup languages and techniques
"programming, scripting, and markup languages and techniques"
@Malachi indeed. XAML came out of it :)
@Timtech exactly :)
@retailcoder XSLT
@Malachi Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Arduino, Bash, and probably some others I'm forgetting.
12:18 AM
Well I'll be leaving now.
I'll be on tomorrow. Bye!
Does LaTeX count?
I am going to see about some Python one of these days.
@syb0rg yes
Then add that to the list.
@Timtech where can I +1 on your "Stop spam. Do math.
9 × 1 = ? "
ah, well bye then!
I'm so limited.
But I'm happy with C#
@Malachi Apparently there's already a meta question about it with no answers:
Q: Can graphical notation count as code or should questions with exclusively graphical notation be considered off topic?

smartcavemanAs a community, are we willing to accept graphical notation as a form of code that is subject to Code Review? I recently answered a question that asked for review of a database model as presented in an entity-relationship diagram. With this question, the the OP's intention would be clear to any...

It's there because this question was closed:
Q: Is my ERD design for "Adding Friends Capability" is good enough?

Brained WashedI have a school project to create a simple networking site, And I want to know if my database design is good. I'm open for any suggestions to improve my design thanks!

I accept that the top-voted questions within these tags include DDL.
12:22 AM
@Malachi it's been 23 minutes already
@retailcoder i just noticed I have to get home...lol
you're central time?
(gone, I guess)
Q: A package for classes and ajax - v2

www.arcmarks.comI've made the code more DRY, and addressed some of the concerns here: A package for classes and Ajax /*************************************************************************************************** **FRAME - provides a class system with integrated ajax ** General Methods **...

Q: javascript newbie

makuteneThe for loop just return me 0 as cantidad value, I supposed it should have returned 2 due facturas has 2x pagado. Ty facturas=["Mario:pagado","Vane:pagado","Velez:deuda"]; function extractNames(string){ end=string.indexOf(":"); return string.slice(0,end); } function countPaids(texto){ count=...

What the heck is that ^^^ saying?
12:37 AM
Doesn't make much sense, loops don't return anything I know of. But blame the Spanish. Ironically a Spanish guy came up with the crap I've been struggling with for almost a week now.
@Jamal en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_Patterns is the book I read, after learning C++ (and reading Meyer's Effective C++ books about mistakes to avoid), that was the book that gave me insight into why I might want to use a language (like C++) that supports OOP.
@retailcoder We're just validating that you've at least passed Basic Math Fundamentals (and that you can read, of course).
oh gosh, wasn't sure what that was referring to, thought I had failed some test or something.
How the heck did Chrome 32 get pass QA.
12:42 AM
As long as you put something equivalent to >+<+++++++[>++++++++<] you're fine
Oh wait, >+<+++++++[>++++++++<].
I've just spent my morning trying to work out how it broke our intranet web app.
@Timtech that's a BF 10?
@retailcoder 9...
@retailcoder 9 x 1 = 9
So you actually get the stackoverflow 404 page?
right. from memory thought it was a +
Oh ok
12:44 AM
I know it returns 404, but BF is just way, WAY over my head
What? BF
Need a 404?
I'll have one for you
@retailcoder Lol
outputs 404
Be back in 10 mins or so
I trust you on that (could just as well output "your mom", I couldn't tell)
@retailcoder Central time had to work late
12:49 AM
that's 5:50PM right?
6:50 PM
so there's only a 1 hour offset
@Malachi how's the no-smoke going?
@syb0rg you're central too?
@retailcoder Yep.
12:51 AM
@retailcoder You need one of those?
I'll have one for you
I need a $10K raise, can you get that for me as well? :p
@retailcoder That'll be a bit longer
especially with the $
Outputs your mom
@retailcoder That's for you
That's right, star this pplz :]}
Q: F# rectangle packing algorithm

DarwinI would appreciate it if someone experienced in F# and/or functional programming to look over my code. This is practically the first thing I wrote in the language so I'm sure it's filled with non-idiomatic stuff and unoptimized code. I'm not interested in implementing a more efficient algorithm....

1:02 AM
Also, in Spoon, 11111111111100100010111111111110110011010100101000000000000000000000000000000000‌​101011111100101000000000001010011111100100010010111111110110110011010010001010011‌​00000000000000101011001010000000001010 outputs your mom
@retailcoder thanks for bringing it up!!!
@Timtech that's not spoon that's machine code
And I wrote it in 5 mins
By hand too
Console.WriteLine("your mom");
@Timtech is spooning his computer?
in C#
1:03 AM
No, it's not
written in 10 seconds
@retailcoder Meh
@Malachi I can write fast code
"The fastest code is code that runs fast." - Immigrant
While (true) {Console.WriteLine("your Mom");} there is some fast code for you
While 1:"YOUR MOM:End
That's TI-BASIC right there
try to keep up with the console after running that
1:04 AM
Hopfully you've got a fast calculator :]}
damn it I don't remember the correct syntax for BASIC. give me some time when the kids are trying to get my attention....lol
I can get a TI-BASIC stack overflow
{0->L1:0->I:While 1:I+1->I:I->dim(L1:End
Don't blame me for crashes
I like the fact that you can fix a TI-bug by smashing the damn thing on the wall.
1:07 AM
Not really
It just nulls the dev by popping out the batteries
The archives viruses can still be a pain though
@Timtech voilà, bug fixed!
More like, RAM cleared
but oh so satisfying
1:08 AM
Not really
As I said before, archived stuff can be a pain
Especially viruses that can't be un-archiged
Then you can't smash it out no matter what
lol. so everytime you power on your TI, it runs an infinite loop that outputs "YOUR MOM"?
@Malachi 2 more answers and you'll have contributed 100! :)
I never execute that
136 answers
52 consecutive days, joined 52 days ago
1:11 AM
I have too many of my Minecraft character on my screen...
@retailcoder Thanks :)
Did you know? If you star this message, it shows up in a sidebar. Where? You might ask. On the side, in a bar.
(Hopefully that's where you're reading this)
star-whore alert
I was hoping for header there
1:14 AM



what do you mean header?
Q: Project Euler Problem 12 - Highly Divisible Triangular Number - Python Solution Optimization

o0rebelious0oI have written the following solution to problem 12 on Project Euler. The code is correct in that it calculates the correct answer however, the run time is appauling (6m9s on a 2.4GHz i7!!!)... I know python is definitely not the fastest of languages, but I'm clearly missing a trick here... Co...

1:19 AM
Oops, so sorry
Oh wait, it timed out
Q: City Distances Program for Java

Alex ChavezHi guys I have been working on distances program in java (similar to a Travelling Salesman Problem) and it asks the user to enter the x and y coordinates of four city's. Assuming you always start at city1 and at the last city you travel to, you're gonna go back to city1, we know there are gonna b...

1:51 AM
Okay, I'm back. I had a feeling fencing class wasn't going to be cancelled.
hello @Jamal
@jamal is fencing class often cancelled?
@JamesKhoury: No, but coach can be quite unclear about it. He hardly sends out emails.
1:57 AM
I can't believe CR is on SEDE, it's so cool! Anyone came up with new queries?
and we're back online.
At the risk of sounding dumb. What's SEDE?
Whew. I thought it was just me.
@JamesKhoury Stack Exchange Data Explorer.
It's one of the pinned items.
We're at 24 questions per day, and 11K+ visits/day!
2:21 AM
SEDE will kill my free time. I'm staying away from it ... for now. Must resist ...
2:34 AM
oooo i didn't know that CR was on there
wow, down to 50 unanswered questions
@retailcoder: Do you want that Meta post CW'd and FAQ'd, or keep as-is?
Q: SEDE is up. What now, Wonderland?

retailcoderIf you didn't know already, the Stack Exchange Data Explorer now includes Code Review and all public StackExchange beta sites. Bookmark: http://data.stackexchange.com/code%20review%20stack%20exchange/queries This is our most powerful available tool to tap into our site's data and fetch ever...

Or better yet, featured.
@Jamal definitely CW, featured as you feel it :)
2:39 AM
Q: SEDE is up. What now, Wonderland?

retailcoderIf you didn't know already, the Stack Exchange Data Explorer now includes Code Review and all public StackExchange beta sites. Bookmark: http://data.stackexchange.com/code%20review%20stack%20exchange/queries This is our most powerful available tool to tap into our site's data and fetch ever...

^^ Just in time!
@Jamal These titles of the questions may need fixing: codereview.stackexchange.com/users/2516/…
More on the first page too.
@syb0rg: I don't want to flood the front page with all those edits. I'd love to have them fixed, though.
3:06 AM
Q: Travelling Sales man based Question

Alex ChavezI am writing a program that is based on the Travelling Salesman Problem. There are four city's in which the user determines its x and y coordinates. The salesman always starts at city1 and ends up at city1 so there are 6 possible routes, however each route has an equivalent route, i.e route1 has ...

@Jamal I'm not completely sure ^^^ is on-topic.
It's not.
@Jamal do you agree with this?
I guess it could be reviewed, but OP shouldn't expect a direct or indirect answer to the specific issue being encountered. Which doesn't keep an answerer from giving it away either, although reworking the code could make the source of the problem much more obvious. — retailcoder 46 secs ago
3:21 AM
More significantly, isn't it a duplicate?
I have always been on the fence about that. Although we can easily review any code we get, not everyone posting an off-topic question is wanting a review. Plus, that could make "unclear what you're asking" less of a close reason here, and I assume all default close reasons should fit well with all sites. But that last part may just be me being paranoid.
Nope, never mind, not a dup.
@rolfl: Not anymore, because it was deleted for some unknown reason.
@rolfl I thought the same thing at first.
Sounds to me like he's quite nervous around here. The previous question got an upvote, but was still deleted.
3:24 AM
Well, at least I got my vote back :P
@retailcoder what do you mean 2 more answers?
you got 98
98+2=100 = :D
I say once you migrate that question over to SO @Jamal , we go over there and up-vote it.
Yay, we've just made a new SO addict!
3:37 AM
Hopefully they don't ridicule him for not using loops; that's our job!
Unless the issue can be solved without fixing all that.
Someone favorited the question?!?
3:55 AM
There's an answer for that question now.
And it turns out that answer worked.
I pointed him back here now.
Isn't this back-and-forth somewhat awkward?
Unrelated, I upvoted all category leaders nominated questions/answers:
Q: Best of Code Review 2013 - Now accepting nominations!

retailcoderAs this 3rd beta-year comes to an end, we would like to host an event: The Best of Code Review 2013. All Code Review users will be invited to nominate (link to) the best questions and answers from this year, and showcase them as examples of what great CR questions and answers should look like. ...

Case closed for BestOf2013?
4:13 AM
@retailcoder: I think so (for the Best Of).
Q: Travelling Salesman based question

Alex ChavezHi guys here is my working code! import java.util.Scanner; import java.lang.Math; public class CityDistancesProgram { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in); //x and y coordinates of each city int x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4;...

Q: Travelling Salesman based question

Alex ChavezHi guys here is my working code! import java.util.Scanner; import java.lang.Math; public class CityDistancesProgram { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in); //x and y coordinates of each city int x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4;...

Yeah, ok.
Too late, Stack.
4:34 AM
@Jamal I have the original introduction text ready to be edited into the new question. Should I hit that Save Edits button or give the OP some more time to do it himself?
You may do it, that way it'll be a nicer edit (if you'll be taking mine).
yup, it's your edit. done.
Yes, I suppose the back-and-forth can get awkward, but it doesn't seem to happen very often. At the end of the day (literally), the OP got what he wanted, and the code was still answered on the appropriate sites.
Depends. if you're on the other side of the Atlantic it's more like very early in the morning.
Damn I'm tired.
Me, too.
4:55 AM
I'm out, good night!
Good night.
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
Q: Java Improving rendering performance of 2D Tile Game

BrianI want to see if I can make any improvements to the rendering methods that are currently written. I've noticed when profiling this project that the CPU was allocating a fair percentage of the time towards rendering and was wondering if there were any improvements that I can make towards it. Note...

6:47 AM
Q: loop over string and look for symbols in Javascript - SimpleSymbols - Coderb

jstoneI am working on a CoderByte problem in JavaScript. I have solved the problem below. Although I am trying to figure out if there is an easier way to do it? I am guessing Reg Ex will come up, although I don't have experience with that yet. From CoderByte: Using the JavaScript language, have the f...

7:27 AM
sorry guys, my chat wigged out and i didn't get any of these messages.
7:37 AM
Q: Comma delimited values do not display with "foreach". only one shows up. Why?

user3141201This code is not working. I am trying to get a list of feature names. Products in category 12 all have 5 features assigned, but it only shows 1 feature when it prints. Strangely enough, when I echo $FeatureName immediately after the second query (before closing bracket), it echos the 5 items. B...

Q: whether is good practice to use static modificator for private class methods which doesn't use non-static fields?

leonideveloperSorry for my English. If I have a class: public class Game { //... public void opponentSaysEvenNumber() { int number = generateRandomEvenNumber(); System.out.println("Opponent: " + number); } private int generateRandomEvenNumber() { Random random = new ...

Q: Type system for different representations of angle value

diimdeepA want to implement Type system for different representations of angle value. Angle can be represented using following types: - Degrees (45.5) - Degrees Minutes Seconds, DMS (45*30'00") - Radians (0.7941) It should support conversions between types (like Convert.ToInt32(someDouble)), ...

8:29 AM
Q: Inorder traversal of a tree without recursion or stack

JavaDeveloperPlease review the code for code cleanup, smart optimizations and best practices. Also verify my complexity: O(n2), where n is the number of nodes /** * This class traverses the tree and returns in-order representation. * This class does not recursion and does not use stack. * This code is thr...

9:07 AM
Q: l33t Speak translator

udbPlease review the code quality of this l33t Speak translator. Improvement suggestions are welcome. Here it is - http://jsbin.com/IHoFuQE/1 (function() { "use strict"; // http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet // http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/crackers.html var alphabets = { // common "...

9:44 AM
@retailcoder I think you should try adding that RSS Feed again, the one we tried that didn't seem to work. I think it might work if we keep it here for longer.
@ChrisW Yes, I look at that from time to time, but I think it would be better to have it in chat. That way I don't have to switch tab and update every now and then. Besides, I'm not interested in edits, only new answers
Hello and Welcome, @Ilya
10:11 AM
Q: replacing explicit recursion with a fold

Dobias an exercise I wanted to rewrite this toy python code in haskell. def f(x): return abs(42-x)**2 def improve(x): newX = x + 0.1 return newX, f(newX) def optimize(f, goal): x = 0 err = f(x) while not err < goal: x, err = improve(x) return x, err print(optim...

10:36 AM
Q: C++ Project Euler #12 optimization

vincentChenThe code takes far too long to complete (over 10 minutes). Is there any way to optimize the run-time? and make it more elegant? #include <iostream> #include <chrono> #include <ctime> inline void triangle(int &num, int &interval) { num = ((interval * interval) + interval ) / 2; } int main()...

1 hour later…
11:56 AM
Q: Parallelizing upload

John DoeI needed smth that could send (scp/rsync) many files in parallel but that would not overload machine, firewalls on the way by starting e.g. 600 simultaneous uploads, so upload should be done in batches. Most of the utilities like aria2c are download managers and I needed something to send many ...

1 hour later…
1:23 PM
Q: php: Using a singleton class to get and set program wide settings

user1028270The following code works and does what I want, but I'd like to confirm I'm using this OOP concept correctly. I'm using the following class to get and set some configuration parameters for my program. It used $GLOBALS for this before, but I'm trying to use a singleton pattern for this instead. Be...

good morning @Donald.McLean
1:54 PM
Q: Track a fix area with meanshift -OpenCV

lilouchI need your help in OpenCV. I'm a student and i actually work in a project which consist to have a little autonomous car. I use Python for the main language programming. I have some problem with my meanshift. I want when i run the program that the camera fix a area on the floor and stay on this ...

This code I'm working on at work needs a monkey like @rolfl to greatly improve the performance..
^^ taking a British accent
There is no other monkey like @rolfl !!!!
Nope, it did not ;-)
2:02 PM
Q: Is good practice to use static modificator for private class methods which doesn't use non-static fields?

leonideveloperSorry for my English. If I have a class: public class Game { //... public void opponentSaysEvenNumber() { int number = generateRandomEvenNumber(); System.out.println("Opponent: " + number); } private int generateRandomEvenNumber() { Random random = new ...

^^ truckload of very, very short answers
ok 2-3
2 actually. Including the accepted one.
@rolfl Yeah, this code could use you. I think another programmer attempted implementing an object pool... but I'm pretty sure that it only uses one object at a time. I'm gonna add an ExecutorService and see how that will work out.
@rolfl @SimonAndréForsberg really? it's good practice to use static just because now you're not using member variables?
isn't it a breaking change to turn public static void into public void afterwards?
@SimonAndréForsberg the RSS feed has been there all along. works in Outlook, but not in the chatroom.
@retailcoder If you can use static on a method, it's often a good idea. Just to show that it's not dependent on any instance variables (and hopefully not any static variables either, since only idiots use static mutable variables)
...idiots like the one who wrote this code I'm working with...
How about instance-level fields: private SqlConnection CN; - right-click, find usages... found 92. private string Qry; - right-click, find usages... found 162. private DataSet DS; - right-click, find usages... found 396. In one single freakin' window's code-behind.
@retailcoder I do like the idea of increasing testability/ability-to-override by making some methods non-static though, but for most utility methods I rarely need to override and therefore use static
right-click, find usages? Oh, you mean Ctrl+Alt+H...
2:10 PM
R# Alt+F7
Netbeans also Alt+F7 (I'm using NetBeans at work)
I like Eclipse's Ctrl+Alt+H better though :)
My colleague says I've described Indian coding standards.
A class of 4703 lines here :)
Indian coding standards?
Alt-F7 is a standard JetBrains thing.
@SimonAndréForsberg Yeah like there's such a thing
@SimonAndréForsberg a method of 3,300 lines here, class has > 6,400 - and being a WPF user control's code-behind, theoretically should be close to 0.
2:16 PM
@retailcoder You win. I think that makes the score @retailcoder 5 - @SimonAndréForsberg 2.
This answer here made me think.... nice. And made me improve an answer I had previously writter:
A: Finding pair of sum in sorted array

Mike ChamberlainI believe you can do this in O(n). The algorithm below loops through the list only once. It keeps track of the numbers it's seen using a HashSet. For each number, it works out its required complement. If it's seen the complement already then it's found a match. If not, it adds the number to t...

@retailcoder I saw a Pascal function that was 2,000 lines long once. 10 levels of nested structure too, including 3 levels of case statements.
@Donald.McLean now we're talking!
Needless to say, I rewrote that crap.
Lucky you
I can't rewrite it
I'm "making it work", and then I have to move on, leaving 396 undisposed DataSet instances in place.
And a memory leak isn't bad enough of a bug to justify action. Users can still work.
@rolfl hadn't upvoted that one yet. Just napalm-striked it.
2:24 PM
Q: Delete a node from a binary tree

LoveI create a binary tree, now I want to remove a node. I hope that you can provide me some input. The nodes are composed of characters instead of numbers. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace BinaryTree { ...

@rolfl Yes, nice indeed.
A: Improve HTML structure?

Malachiyour Table is not declared correctly in the markup. This: <div id="body-main-bottom"> <Table><tr /><td /></Table> </div> Should look like this <div id="body-main-bottom"> <table> <tr> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> </table> </div> your self ...

this answer is starting to shape up nicely, got the accept sometime last night
there are some other answers that I think should get at least one or two more votes as well
Hehe ... An answer from early december just got accepted.... finally, and I got a shiny new Enlightened badge.
how is everyone anyway?
@Malachi could be worse, you?
2:32 PM
@Malachi - that is a good answer. Confident, well structured, and scored +1 from me.
@retailcoder didn't get much sleep so I am tired, but other than that I am feeling good. got paid, the money isn't gone, yet. in other words the auto payments haven't come out yet
@rolfl thank you
@Malachi Same here
@ChrisW Quote of the day:
That awkward moment when one realizes that you and @ChrisWue are two different persons (conspiracy theories aside) :) — Nik 4 hours ago
going to listen to a little EMinem to get me motivated this morning... been a while since I listen to anything by Eminem. (I have changed my evil ways you know)
Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside
the one I am listening to currently
the video makes it even more of a tear jerker.
2:37 PM
Finally!! This should be CW (joke | I'm such a n00b):
Q: l33t Speak translator

udbPlease review the code quality of this l33t Speak translator. Improvement suggestions are welcome. Here it is - http://jsbin.com/IHoFuQE/1 (function() { "use strict"; // http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet // http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/crackers.html var alphabets = { // common "...

I'm pretty sure that's a sign of the apocalypse.
recent answer:
A: Coderbyte SimpleSymbols challenge in Javascript

tomdemuytFirst off, my solution was way more convoluted ;) Other than that, 2 minor points It is good practice to have a shortcut to [].length in general Since 'a' is larger than '+' and '=' you can drop a part of the logic So you could try something like var simpleSymbols = function (s) { for (...

am I the only subscriber of the RSS feed for new CR answers?
@retailcoder can I set it to the languages that I want to see? where is it?
It feeds every single new answer, regardless of the tags
I believe there's a per-tag RSS feed, but I think it's questions only.
@SimonAndréForsberg how's the MSO RSS request doing?
@retailcoder Yes, I'm new here.
2:48 PM
I thought that comment was quite funny :)
@retailcoder I noticed I had received a down-vote on it, but still no response from the dev team
malachi Whispers to @retailcoder hoping that no one will hear him, how do I use that? do I turn it into an html page that I open up in my browser???
That wasn't ever an awkward moment I was able to experience personally.
@Malachi oops starred
2:53 PM
@Malachi Use a RSS feed reader. I use this one back home, loving it: feedreader.com/feedreader/releases/3.14
@retailcoder at least you didn't pin it
@Malachi just grab the URL and paste it into your favorite RSS feed reader :)
@Malachi I could :p
@retailcoder I don't think I have ever had an RSS reader...... oooh something new to distract me from my real job... :)
Got Outlook?
latest update:
A: Finding pair of sum in sorted array

rolflEDIT: Please see update at end because there is an improved solution that is inspired by Mike Chamberlain's answer... There are two solutions which come to mind for your problem, but first, let's look through your code: you have the variables pointer1 and pointer2. These are very descriptive n...

A: one reader / one writer no-memory-allocation lock-free ring-buffer

PorkyBrainjust as an example of possible race conditions consider the function: void WriteThread(int id) { std::chrono::milliseconds dura(1000 * id); std::this_thread::sleep_for(dura); myStruct* storage = pool.Obtain(); storage->value = id; pool.Commit(); std::cout << "Commited va...

A: Is good practice to use static modificator for private class methods which doesn't use non-static fields?

user3067411Declaring an static and unique random number generator method is a good choice if you want to centralize the generation of those numbers. However, don't forget to also mark the method as synchronized if you're planning to run your code in a multithreaded environment. You should also declare the ...

A: How to refactor JQuery interaction with interface?

tomdemuytYou are asking a high level question, so I am going to give a high level answer. Your listeners should have at most 2 lines of code inside, 1 line that changes data in the model if required, one line that updates the screen, if required. This means that you need to extract from your listeners...

@retailcoder I can do it in outlook???
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A: Backbone.Collection - Ensure that at most one model has property set to true

tomdemuytThat seems wrong on a few levels. Slows down every update call This is pretty much 'magic happens here' I feel this should be enforced in the UI, is it not too late for this in Backbone? I would modify the setter to accomplish what you need : http://stackoverflow.com/a/9415926/7602

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