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4:01 PM
We are approximately at 91.5% answered, so we're nearing 92%.
Side-note: I've received an offensive flag from another room just seconds ago. As a moderator, I have to put up with content from any chat room on the network.
@Jamal Lol. Can you remove starred messages as well? Then maybe you can help @Malachi getting his stars back :P
@SimonAndréForsberg: Or just quite starring junk. :-P
4:21 PM
Q: Nested switches vs domain specific parser

FlintZAI'm working on an application which has a defined and immutable (for our purposes) communication protocol. One of the features is that users on the controlling terminal can enter text commands that in many ways mimic interacting with a commandline application. The structure of these commands (wr...

Q: Path Planning - Greedy Best First Search

TomI'm working on a path planning algorithm that will be converted to RobotC. I'm trying to optimize it so that it uses the least amount of memory, as the robot it will be implemented on has supposedly as little as 15k available memory. It may just be the nature of the algorithm used, but it is app...

Are these two unanswered questions duplicates?
@Jamal thanks for cleaning up
@retailcoder: It's mah job.
@SimonAndréForsberg: It's hard to tell, but they can always be bumped up for attention (by getting rid of the "thanks").
Q: Security and authentication methods I use

HaLaBiI am not a programmer, but for some reason I do program here at work to do some apps that makes out job easier, anyway this "some apps" grown bigger in years. I always had problems in understanding security or authentication related things so I do it my way (which is indeed way way way far from b...

4:28 PM
@Jamal the flag was on my all-caps post right? Sorry about that. (I guess it's not important anymore)
It appears to be the same code project/code slight differences in the code.
@retailcoder: No, it was an offensive flag from the Game Development room.
@retailcoder - face it, you're offensive .... I told you.
Those two titles could be improved, too. I'm starting to get annoyed that askers are giving such generic titles.
@Jamal take it as good news: they're brand new users!
@rolfl you did?
4:34 PM
I thought I did .... You're from QC
Let's not go there :p
(you're not seeing the funny side of things at the moment?
@rolfl sorry, ran into something at work - what?
4:44 PM
"(removed)" is officially the new stack chat meme
@retailcoder It seems to be that, I'm not sure why though :P
because @Jamal brought his vacuum cleaner into the chatroom
@retailcoder so then we are help him by posting (removed) messages or what?
no, but we confuse the Hell out of anyone coming here
4:47 PM
Every time you say "(removed)", a baby unicorn dies. I just want to make you all aware of that.
Q: jQuery if / else if and animate issue

MozzieI am still new to coding, especially jQuery, and I was trying some effects for a website I am trying to make. My code works perfectly for the first two buttons / pages, but when the third comes in, it starts to act weird. When I switch from the last page to one of the others, my last page isn't ...

Does it kill baby zombies too?
Used up all my stars for the day :(
I should get a shiny new silver badge soon
4:52 PM
@rolfl: I'd be scared if I were you:
@Jamal BoltClock's not a baby unicorn eh?
@retailcoder: No, but he may be a parent of a baby unicorn.
@rolfl you're in trouble if that's the case :p
you guys will have to catch me up on the (removed) stuff later
@Malachi it's been (removed), nevermind that!
@Malachi just star Jamal's note about the baby unicorns, ..oh, you're out of starts right?
4:57 PM
starred .... maybe that will repair my rep with Bolt.
@Malachi the conversation in this char room degenerated in to debauched deliberations of dirty deeds..... and @Jamal had his wrist slapped for introducing inappropriate content, and he lashed out at everyone around him, wielding his moderator sword, and decpitated the commentry (Call him Mrs.Bobbit)
I am not out of stars yet today @retailcoder
@rolfl nice recap
@rolfl: Um, no. It was first brought up on MSO and... I just wanted to make everyone aware that you shouldn't discuss such topics... unless they are alongside C++, apparently.
I am scared to mention the unmentionable content in case I get (removed)
Welp, there goes two more.
5:05 PM
You've earned the "Civic Duty" badge. See your profile.
@SimonAndréForsberg Congrats!!
@rolfl there's no [badge:unicorn-slasher]
@SimonAndréForsberg you're the 10th user to earn this badge in 2013!
Hey, there should be a zombietrooper badge
@rolfl I agree!! [badge:zombietrooper] (silver): Voted 40 times per day, 7 days in a row!
Sure, I'd back that one.
(perhaps a better name .... open to suggestions)
Would that be an incentive to misbehave in voting? (given badges are SE-wide)
How about [badge:Spare] (silver): Voted 40 times per day, 3 days in a row - and [badge:Strike] (gold): Voted 300 times in 8 consecutive days.
(ref.bowling, perfect game = 300pts)...
(boring eh)
5:18 PM
The idea won't fly ... too complicated... but a [badge:beta] like badge that is awarded to people who have XX number of votes on posts > 6 months old... say [badge:CoD]
Ohhh.... did I just create a tag? The link works to tag:CoD.
I meant to type badge....
lol careful with those square brackets!
The name should be related to [badge:revival] and [badge:necromancer]..
Vote for my yet?
It would be serendipitous to get necromancer on COBOL.
5:36 PM
Serendipitous is one of my favorite words!
I had to google-up that one!
@retailcoder that comment was just star-slapped
5:51 PM
Wouldn't that be 'star struck' ?
isn't that a coffee banner?
Naah, that's Stardoes
6:04 PM
Java Zombie:
Q: Feedback on college project

Philipp KoselI would appreciate some feedback regarding best practices on the following code for a college project. What should go in the controller and what in the views? How to attach and remove the views to the single main frame? Change the Controller after successful login? Studentenverwaltung.java pac...

I think it looks good, but it seems to be missing controller code... I started a short review and discarded it
And I couldn't think of a decent title for it.
And it's a duplicate.....
All this talk about stars makes me want to listen to Stardust
Clare Danes, Robert De Niro, etc.
(somewhat obscure though)
@rolfl I might do that too. It's just that I remember the "megahit" from 1998
6:11 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg for a minute I thought you were listening to some David Bowie
SQL people please revisit this, I don't want to be the only reviewer, I bet I have missed something.
Q: SQL query clustered with repeated function calls

kodkodI have the following SQL query that computes for every date the week it falls in (a week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday): SELECT EntryDate ,CAST(DATEADD(DAY, 1-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, EntryDate), EntryDate) AS DATE) AS 'SundayDate' ,CAST(DATEADD(DAY ,7-DATEPART(WEEKDAY, EntryDate), ...

@rolfl duplicate of what? flag it as such so we can close it! :)
@retailcoder Probably this one:
Q: Student administration application

Philipp KoselI have set up a basic MVC project which is a student administration application based upon a CSV file as datastore. Each user has a specific role (student, lecturer, professor, leader of degree program). After successful login, the main window should have different actions to be performed based ...

The questions seem to be a bit different, but a whole lot of the code is the same.
Possibly he wanted to bring more attention to his first question, but instead of using a bounty he posted an entirely new one.
What he said
Is it not 2 users? Same class?
6:19 PM
This question has been updated:
Q: Find missing numbers in a range, when a sorted array with two elements with range repeat once

JavaDeveloperSuggestions for cleanup and optimization request. This question is not a duplicate, there are intricate differences between one pointed as duplicate and this current question final class Variables { private final int x; private final int y; Variables(int x2, int y2) { this.x...

Oops phone screen too small...lol
when you find yourselves out of votes and looking for something to do, check out my answer on programmers.
A: Should Android development be done on Windows or OSX? Is there any difference?

MalachiLinux I think you would want to use a Linux based OS for Developing Android applications seeing as how Android is a Linux Based OS, it's open source, it's free, and can run on a partition next to windows, and I think Mac Os as well (don't quote me on that though). it's been a while since I ope...

@Jamal did you realize what the duplicate message says? This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.
@Jamal Since there is someone who posted an answer to the question, I think the question can be opened and let him post it as an answer (or can you convert it to an answer somehow?)
@SimonAndréForsberg: No, I cannot convert a comment to an answer. You all can open the question if that's best.
@Jamal I'm voting to reopen, but I will definitely add a comment refering to my meta question about the subject
6:27 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg, when the poster includes the changes that have been made and links to the old question then I will vote to reopen
@Malachi Good thinking. I've added an answer to my own meta question now so that it better fits the Q & A format. Feel free to upvote that answer if you agree with it (we don't get meta-rep anyways, so this is more "badge-whoring" than "rep-whoring")
@SimonAndréForsberg who cares? A good point is a good point!
@retailcoder About badge-whoring? Me. It feels better if I explain my behavior.
@SimonAndréForsberg got your badge yet?
6:43 PM
@retailcoder Ah, no. I just noticed I had a post with 0 score. (which is perfectly OK, it's not one of my best ones) So I need one more post.
6:57 PM
Rep Max :(
@rolfl woah you're on fire! 230 rep today!
200+ + 2accepts
Shooting for [badge:legendary] in ?
Necromancer first
Q: Is Winter Bash coming to CR?

tintinmjIs Winter Bash happening in CodeReview? Many beta sites are going to participate in Winter Bash. AV.SE, Movies.SE site's moderators are receiving mail from StackExchange. Does any moderator of CR received such mail? In my opinion participating such events may help us to graduate. Though I will...

7:09 PM
@rolfl Nicely done. Perhaps you will be the next one to reach 2k.
Not committing .....
I have such a backlog of work-work it's ridiculous....
A: Is Winter Bash coming to CR?

retailcoderMe wants. Sign us up NOW!

@retailcoder What on earth is Winter Bash?
Q: What do you think of Winter Bash?

AarthiAs Winter Bash winds down, I'm interested in hearing your feedback about the event. While I've been pretty responsible about monitoring (and responding to) questions in winterbash, I'm more interested in knowing what you all think of the event! What have you enjoyed? What would you like to se...

@SimonAndréForsberg no clue, but sounds like fun!
StackExchange continues to amaze me, one minute it's all about being serious, removing "fluff" from posts and stuff. The next minute it's all about hats, unicorns and waffles.
7:19 PM
lol that's the spirit!
(and C++)
The best euphamism ever ..... hey, do you know about teenagers and C++?
@rolfl dang it all out of stars.
0 unanswered; [tag: winforms] 1 unanswered; 0 unanswered; 0 unanswered - I just found a new tag to follow and I'll keep it to myself!!
@retailcoder - why is your rep so low? I figured you would be
... 'up there' with all the .net type answers
7:35 PM
I don't get teh votez
Sucks to be me!
If meta-votes could count I'd be rich! :)
@retailcoder, daily votes exhausted
and no more stars either
@retailcoder now you are way passed me
about 4 votes worth
Not too sure I like this kind of voting... although I appreciate the attention, hopefully they'll remain after SE runs their serial upvoting check.
7:54 PM
I have just asked my first question!
Q: My Event-handling system

Simon André ForsbergI have written about 180 lines of code that implements an Event system. I would like a general review about the code and I'd love comments about the usability of it. (Is the code useful? Would you like to use it or a similar system like it?) Summary of the parts involved IEvent is a marker in...

@StackExchange I said that I have just asked my first question. Doesn't this tell you something?
I skimmed the questions and the answers to make sure they were worth up voting. and I have some of them favorited so I can check them out later and see if I can come up with a better answer
Q: My Event-handling system

Simon André ForsbergI have written about 180 lines of code that implements an Event system. I would like a general review about the code and I'd love comments about the usability of it. (Is the code useful? Would you like to use it or a similar system like it?) Summary of the parts involved IEvent is a marker in...

@StackExchange That's better. Good bot.
@Malachi thanks, I'm sure you can!
i am going to try @retailcoder
8:00 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg that's my line!
@retailcoder Which one of the lines?
@SimonAndréForsberg actually no, mine is more like "slowpoke"
8:23 PM
[badge:revival] x 8 !!!
Q: Parsing a text file containing device information

AybeAfter trying a couple of parsers, such as Log Parser 2.2, I ended up writing a small utility that supposedly parses the following information onto an object: (from DirectX Caps Viewer, truncated) DirectX Graphics Adapters AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series Driver ati...

(a baby unicorn just died)
@retailcoder If our mission would be to kill unicorns instead of zombies, everything would be so much easier.
@SimonAndréForsberg hmm want to get meta-downvoted to oblivion? Start that thread!
8:43 PM
@retailcoder lol, no thanks :)
Answered more than 30 days later as first answer scoring 2 or more
228 awarded <---- !!!
Yeah, and about 30 since Nov.16!
All 6 of my revivals are in the last 6 days ... so I wait for questins to be more than 30 days old before I review ... (sorry @SimonAndréForsberg ... you'll have to wait on your event review)
Kidding, I am looking at your bit-dump now.
@rolfl Lol, well at least I don't have to wait for 60 days :)
9:01 PM
@Malachi is redundant on posts. Not rolling back, but I wouldn't have put that tag in.
.net is redundant full-stop
Actually would be relevant on posts if the question was about framework stuff
@rolfl they came up with you know?
@retailcoder ok ok ok
9:20 PM
@Malachi here's some interesting SQL for you:
Q: Splitting an address into fields in SQL

HanneleI have the following code to split an address string in T-SQL. Excepting the unit number, which is already in its own field, it would affect too much of the application to split the address into different database fields. It's a bit of a long story, but it's also not possible to make it a paramet...

(I might post a competing answer if you answer there!)
9:38 PM
1 more answer and I'll have 60 :)
@rolfl Love your answer. Gave it an upvote and it is probably only a matter of time before I accept it (don't want to accept right now in case more answers come in)
@retailcoder I have that question up voted and marked as a favorite as well. maybe I will check it out later while I am at home.
@SimonAndréForsberg read&weep
DONT UPVOTE ..... WAIT TILL tomorrow (I need the rep.)
(MAXED OUT TODAY) .... ;-)
@rolfl In that case you have to edit your answer so I can remove my upvote :P
Naah, unlike others, I am not actually a rep-wh**e
9:49 PM
@rolfl No need to weep when it's constructive criticism. And although you haven't specifically said whether or not you like the system, at least you haven't said that you *dis*like it so :)
Why does italics and bold only work for seperate words and not as **pa**rt of a *long*er word?
@SimonAndréForsberg I seldom do GUI type work (I do a lot of backend work), so I am not a fan of event-style programming anyway. Still, the thread-safe thing is a big one.
@rolfl Yes indeed. I will have to think about how to make it more thread safe. And perhaps also make myself a couple of unit tests that can test for thread safety. (Although testing thread-safety is difficult, considering there's a randomness to it)
A while ago I built a thread-safe-testing-system for a concurrent library I did. It was really cool (like I can tell the system to generate weird timings for locking and event calling) but there were some things I simply could not hard-code to work properly.... manually 'breaking' some thread-safe rules is hard.
On the other hand, I have done a lot of jUnit testing, and I like junit as a harness.
I am quite proud of the JDOM unit tests: check out hunterhacker.github.io/jdom/jdom2/coverage/index.html
@rolfl My next question will be pure back-end, without any view related stuff whatsoever (although I will probably have to think a bit about thread-safety before posting it). It will be very interesting to hear your thoughts about that system later.
@rolfl Well that must be some nicely written unit tests!
10:13 PM
Q: Any way to upgrade this code?

James WilsonThe code works just fine, but recently performace has taken a hit and it has SQL Timeouts far too often. I have it set up so I can run 50 different version of the application two for each different m.qlevel. This allows it to run fairly fast, but the SQL timeouts are requiring to much babysitti...

10:26 PM
Q: Make PHP code block more elegant

marianstefi20Hy!I would like a simple advice on how to make my code more elegant.The code works great, but it lacks some elegancy. I have no idea how to make it more elegant, more straightforward, but some advices woud be simply great. Ok...so here's the code: <?php if(isset($_POST['retrieve_posts'])) { ...

any other C# guru's want to pick apart my answer? or pick apart the following question?
A: Any way to upgrade this code?

Malachiyou need to look at what you are doing here. your two if blocks of code are the only place where you can break out of the while loop. you set a boolean variable RunLoop to True and then tell a while loop to run while that boolean is True but never set it to False Inside your While loop you hav...

10:42 PM
@rolfl Nice, and I can't vote for another hour
11:13 PM
Q: IniReader template overrides become ambigious

RichardI was tasked with refactoring our existing IniReader class, which is Windows only compatible, to be cross-platform ( specifically unix compatible ). We decided that boost::property_tree was a good fit for this and a quick play with property_tree confirms this. The original class had many readVal...

I won't be able to update the mission status in 45 minutes, can anybody update it? - thanks!
11:30 PM
These are not the answers you are looking for.....
I can try.
11:41 PM
@retailcoder How do you calculate the incomming?
I just grab the questions/day on area51 - I know it's not an accurate measure, but it gives an idea :)
Thanks btw
Nevermind,.... found it
YW ...
11:56 PM
Yay, four minutes left until I can star again!
Already posted new status:
Q: Call of Duty - We're on a mission

retailcoderThis is a direct reply to Grace Note's recent CR review, more precisely the following part: (emphasis mine) Unanswered Tying in to all of the above is one of the most pressing concerns about the site I had in my own review, which is the gigantic pool of unanswered questions. There are, ...

(few minutes early can't hurt.... just got the CoD - Call of Dinner
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