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Q: Refactor vs Refactoring

retailcoderIn the end, there can be only one... We have refactor and refactoring as synonyms. There are like 17 questions involved, I think we only need to have one of the two... if we need one at all. When we post code here, we are obviously looking for a code review, hence no need for a code-review tag....

and... RELOADED!!
12:48 AM
Hey @retailcoder ... is there a query for questions that have answers but none are upvoted? You appear to be a guru at this sort of thing (or is there somewhere I missed the 'button'?)
P.S. Tomorrow I get a new badge on SO: visited 438 days, 99 consecutive
@rolfl nice!
1:06 AM
Q: CSS selector, performance improvement

Adonis K.So, I have this css selector: css .img + *{ } Which from my understanding will make the browser look for all the elements and then select only those which are being followed by an element with the class img. Is there a better way of writing this selection to improve performance?

Q: Implementing Array#uniq in Ruby

TenJackI've implemented a working version of Array#uniq in Ruby to answer the question here: http://www.rubeque.com/problems/like-a-snowflake, but I'd like to see if there's ways to clean up my code or some better practices I should follow? This is my version: class Array def uniq(&block) @objs ...

@rolfl for your query, what I do is I select a tag and browse the Votes tab, looking for targets... yeah the manual way :]
2:06 AM
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This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon. - what's that?
@Malachi: It looks like assembly and C, but I may possibly be wrong about it being C. I'd tag it as both for now.
@retailcoder you broke it
@Jamal, someone will fix it if it is wrong, right?
@Malachi well I clicked to upvote and got a pop-up saying voting was disabled in read-only mode; then went to the home page and saw that message. I thought am I on a temp ban from voting?
@retailcoder use your ammo to shoot zombies, not the whole stackexchange system:
P.S. about 10 minutes ago I got an under-maintenance message going to SO.
2:49 AM
@rolfl Must be it. Anyway is it suspicious to cast 40 votes/day for like 6 days in a row?
there are only 3 people that show up on one of the things, @retailcoder.. let me look again
there is only 3 of us on the voting for this week so far.
It was down for me, too.
@Malachi almost out of ammo? hehe
Q: Correct implementation of a one-wire temperature probe on a 328p arduino?

Mark BrownI'm not sure if I've got the correct implementation of pointers here, or if they're really even necessary. This is a condensed version of my code for a one-wire temperature probe on a 328p arduino acting as a slave device on an I2C bus. Any, ahem... pointers? #include <OneWire.h> #include <Wire.h>

@retailcoder, just about. i think the week started over yesterday....though so I ran out today and now I should still have about 20-30 votes or so?
let me check that question out
2:54 AM
@Malachi I'm not sure if I've got the correct implementation of pointers here [...] Any, ahem... pointers? classic
lol I know right
@retailcoder: I've also had to update the title (shown above) since the original was not too good.
I need to find my arduino book and start working on some projects. once I get some advertisements out for webpages and learn me some javascript better....maybe some english while I am at it
lol there's a stack for that: english.stackexchange.com
I hate that place. I hate english. too many rules, and too many exceptions for those rules, and too many exceptions for those exceptions..................
3:06 AM
@retailcoder ..... why do you type courier-new?
@rolfl > not sure blockquote works in chat (this is a test)
And there's an app for that stack of where there's an app for! Wait, what?

*goes to English SE*
Maybe <pre>code works</pre>
How about <tt>this is tt</tt>
@Malachi French is way worse in every single one of those: while(true){(tooManyRules)++; (tooManyExceptions)++; (tooManyExceptionsWithExceptions)++;}
I like the way french sounds when spoken, especially by a female.
is there ever going to be a chance that you would use the jQuery-UI tag and not the jQuery tag?
3:13 AM
Agreed. :-)
lol you mean a demoiselle :)
This question appears to be off-topic because French is not a programming language
@retailcoder sure
Because French is .... the language of Looovvveeee..... and C is the language of frustration and geeks.
@retailcoder going to get temp banned one way or another huh?
the language of love has no rules... you can't program in that
3:16 AM
@Jamal agreed, this is drifting.
what about my question about the two jQuery tags?
I was just joking. ;-) But yeah, that is a bit off-topic here.
@Malachi uh, I wouldn't want that to happen, ever! JQuery well, I couldn't tell JQuery code if I saw it.. I'll pass on that one!
where do I go to suggest a tag synonym
Meta.CR, I guess
3:19 AM
Q: Find two missing elements from a sorted array in given range

JavaDeveloperLooking for reviewers to suggest optimization and improvements, and to evaluate coding practices. final class Variables { private final int x; private final int y; Variables(int x2, int y2) { this.x = x2; this.y = y2; } public int getX() { return x; ...

there is a way to do it so that it shows up in a review queue
that question looks like a duplicate
@Malachi: Yes, suggest it on Meta to raise consensus. If no one else can make the change, a mod will do it.
flag it as such. do you have a url for the duplicated post?
@retailcoder, no It just looks familiar
lol I don't have a 5 score in that tag.
otherwise I could suggest it
@Malachi Maybe you've seen it recently? The @StackExchange bot doesn't show them here quite instantaneously.
3:26 AM
I think what I saw was in a different language
Q: would you ever use the [jquery-ui] and not be able to use the [jquery] tag?

MalachiI think that if you would be able to use on and not the other then it would okay to not synonymize the jquery-ui to jquery but it just doesn't seem like we need both of these tags. I think that we should merge or synonymize them to each other. Pros and cons please?

BTW I'm just kidding, the @StackExchange bot does a wonderful job :)
Q: Would you ever use the [jquery-ui] tag without the [jquery] tag?

MalachiI think that if you were able to use one and not the other then it would okay to not synonymize the jquery-ui to jquery. But it just doesn't seem like we need both of these tags. I think that we should merge or synonymize them to each other. Pros and cons please?

3:47 AM
@retailcoder what do you mean by your comment? I didn't see a close vote, I am confused?
@Malachi it's in the close queue.
I know I voted to close it. but I didn't see a second close vote on it yet. @retailcoder. you silly canadians like to confuse us americans, (probably because it is so easy to do)
@Malachi now my vote is in, I was in the review queue, I put my comment before I put in my own custom reason :)
a vote is a vote to me...lol.
...vote again in 19 hours. The vote-fest continues...
4:03 AM
I have like 3 votes left I think
@rolfl did someone try to comment on an answer?
i rejected the edit and I was looking at the answer and the question and noticed that there was an edit in the queue but it wouldn't let me see it, and now it is gone
Ooh, I'm liking this. – Grace Note♦ 3 hours ago (about the Call of Duty meta-post)
Actually, probably about our progress, too :)
Q: I want to create a snake game WITHOUT using pygame.

Brittany SmithCan someone help me create snake in python without using pygame. I need a very easy and simple way.

@Malachi - I am not aware of anything fishy in editing (I have not edited anything recently except on the Random Number Java community-wiki answer ... I did reject an edit too.
@retailcoder what did she say, I need a link Eh!
@Malachi I quoted the entire comment :)
4:14 AM
@rolfl I mean someone was trying to comment into the answer because they only had like 16 rep and couldn't down vote. the answer is wrong I guess
Ooh, I'm liking this. — Grace Note 3 hours ago
I guess so too, so I marked the edit as being an attempt to comment on an answer.
codereview.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/14608 <-- if that link works for you ... we both rejected the edit.
The user has subsequenly commented ...
which is what he should have done first time.
I downvoted that answer has well. does it take 2 reviews to reject an edit?
I think so
2 "normal reviewers". or 1 @Jamal.
By the way, that question above has already been closed. It's just another help vampire asking for free code.
4:20 AM
@rolfl links to suggested edits always work. That's how they're argued upon on Meta :)
@Jamal, which one are you talking about now?
Q: I want to create a snake game WITHOUT using pygame.

Brittany SmithCan someone help me create snake in python without using pygame. I need a very easy and simple way.

@Malachi: I doubt even Jeeves gives out free code. ;-)
I don't think that Jeeves exists anymore
you remember Askjeeves.com?
Q: Make a git repository read-only over ssh depending on the key used

nafgI want a git repository, accessible over ssh, to be read-only when used with certain keys. With other keys access to the full system is okay. Here is my solution. git-readonlyshell: echo "$2" | egrep -q ^git-upload-pack && sh -c "$2" .ssh/authorized_keys: command="./git-readonlyshell -c \...

@Malachi: I somehow do.
4:26 AM
so, they went out of business when StackOverflow came around?
I think it became ask.com
or something like that
@Malachi: Indeed. I wonder what Jeeves is doing these days...
I thought that was going to be one of the big Search Engines. they had it where you could actually ask it a question, a full question, no keyword bologne
@jamal, check that answers.yahoo...link
Q: Python: Told to review code that computes cable bills using F(x)'s

Walt ClarkThis is a school project that I am turning in late. The prof suggested that i somehow prove myself by improving upon the basic code. This is really tough to do for someone who is just starting to learn to code. The codes below. So my question is, is there something I can do to either 1) add onto ...

@Malachi: I've cleaned up this question. Good find!
4:36 AM
@Jamal, Thanks
getting rid of some of those really helps bring up our accepted rate too.
And of course I cannot find them all on my own. :-)
Hibernate is C# isn't it?
I was going to finish a level on Army of two, but that was like 1.5 hours ago.. I got caught up on here....lol
@Malachi I've used NHibernate before, in a ASP.NET MVC project (C#). It's XML-configured, I don't see why it couldn't be VB.NET too.. although I never did... but I don't think most VB.NET programmers would take the NHibernate route anyway.
@Malachi Nope, it's what bears do in canada in winter.
I think NHibernate is the Hibernate implementation for .NET... if I remember right
4:40 AM
this is C# that is what Nhibernate is written in, and there are semi colons
Java persistance layer part of JBoss
@Malachi I beat you by 1pt again!
@retailcoder, I was downvoting a lot today
I need to start doing that more often.
@rolfl, check this out and make sure I didn't just tag a java question as C#, that would be embarrassing
Q: Is it Best way to use HibernateCompositeUser type for handling localized contents

Umesh AwasthiI am trying to use HibernateCompositeUser type to handle i18n specific data in my application. I am trying to use the below approach. I have a table named master table which contains all locale independent data while I have created another table master_translation which contains all locale sensi...

4:45 AM
@Malachi I think you just did :)
Indeed, you did.
throw new SQLException ... ;-)
Fixed it I hope.....lol
hopefully no one saw me with my pants down
There's nothing to see.... move along ;-)
@Malachi dude you just made it worse, you tagged it both and !!
no look again @retailcoder
my touch pad is in a really bad spot and I have huge thumbs....
4:48 AM
I have fat finger syndrome
that's why they came up with that 5-minutes won't-show-in-edit-history grace period...
anyway I think I have done enough damage for today, I think I need to go nuke a mcdouble and head to bed
Crap, the edit looks clean now to me .... no embarrassment there
I'm out, too. Out of ammo anyway.
4:51 AM
@Malachi: A burger before bed? :P
and I flagged something for you @Jamal
I have a C# question and a SQL Question and if that one doesn't get squashed by @Jamal I will have a PHP/javascript question to look at tomorrow after work
but I really should be learning Javascript
@Malachi ... hmmm ... based on your recent exploits, may I suggest you leanr Java next?
@Malachi: I'll let this one slide since it's an old question.
@Malachi look, you're not the only one with fat fingers! ^^
@Jamal, all sorts of people had there hand on that one too, hard to tell what was going on with it, and it must have been migrated.
@rolfl, I know a little bit of java, I did a really basic Android Application like 3-4 years ago, I still have it on my phone. I need a new one.
I need to also install eclipse on this laptop, and what is it that runs C# on Ubuntu? MONO?
5:16 AM
We're back at 90%? :/
6:04 AM
Hey folks! Want some stats?
I went to do 200_success's query over on Code Review locally, and I got 4th quintile has 1.83 posts per user, 5th has 8.7. Practically 50/50 for Q vs. A, average rep was 112 for the 4th and 294 for the 5th.
So those are somewhat low-volume numbers of a sort but for example you're not far behind Ask Ubuntu. That said, let's bring some reputation distribution into this analysis.
Categorizing an avid user as we usually do, being one with at least 150 reputation, we look at how many folks are at different tiers (namely those with 150-200, 200-500, 500-1000, 1000-2000, etc).
Hey, @GraceNote! Thanks for the info.
Across all of the other sites in a consistency I didn't actually expect so much, about 30-33% of avid users are in 150-200, with ~40% of them in the 200-500 range and another 15% or so in the 500-1000 range.
In general, this lends itself that 2/3 of the avid users make it past 200 reputation, and a quarter of the avid users make it past 500 reputation. So we have about a third that don't make it past 200.
(It'll be easier for me to just bookmark a conversation than you starring everything)
Comparatively, on Code Review, 51% of avid users never hit 200 reputation, and only 11% actually makes it past 500 reputation, as of today's measure.
That doesn't sound too good (I think).
6:13 AM
For separate percentages, you have 51% sitting in 150-200, 38% in 200-500, and 6% in 500-1000. That leaves 5% for everyone above 1000.
No, it's not too shiny, haha, that's why we're here now innit? ♪
In beta, you mean? ;-) I agree. We still need more voting, which just takes one click. However, in my hastiness to look over old questions that need closing, I didn't take the time to upvote those posts.
that was weird I was reading and then I went to star something and then I read the comment about bookmarking the conversation rather than starring everything....lol @GraceNote @
Star if you like, just don't need to star every single message in the block, heh.
I just came back....lol
I should be sleeping though....lol I have been upvoting while I look at old posts trying to see if I can answer anything that is super old
I still have much to learn about chat...
6:17 AM
MIA numbers, well the site is indeed almost 3 years old so it's not particularly young. That said I don't know how comparable the numbers are betwixt yours and graduated sites but in most cases you guys double the percentage missing or worse in every single time block (week, month, two months, three months, six months)
I am trying to get my Cousin to come in and work on some ruby questions, and I am sure that he will probably incorporate it into his lesson plans or something that will help bring more people in
English has somewhat comparable levels but there's a bit of a difference in that they can more readily afford to be missing that many people, so to speak, because their brackets aren't nearly as bottom-heavy.
later guys, someone book mark the rest of the convo for me so I can check it out while I am waiting for Queries to run at work tomorrow.
So with 90% of 150-200 reputation users missing, on English that's just about 29% or so but for you guys that's about 46% of avid users absent.
Eh, I guess not too many people like sitting down and reviewing. It's mostly about shotgunning answers, which doesn't work too well on CR.
6:22 AM
that is what we need to get going though. people are worried about getting all the review out of the question in one shot
and that doesn't work so well, it becomes facebook scroller long
we need to break up the answer, it helps with several things.
Indeed. You guys aren't terrible about retention - 200_success is right in that the vast majority of traffic is going to be drive-by and in many cases we don't even see those numbers in these analyses. A small portion of the community is responsible for a chunk of things while the multitude of one-shots contributes another chunk in its own right. The problems lie in the sizes of these portions.
I suppose the drive-bys would mostly be askers who don't have any interest in sticking around. Many answers, I suppose, are just there to answer (no questions posted). I think we need those users retained, as not having enough reviewers for certain languages will hurt us if such questions are asked.
Only one quarter is posting more than once, which may match other sites, but the problem is that that quarter of the community isn't appearing to have any growth to its number. That quarter on other sites is equal to all of your avid users, because enough people are sticking around.
don't tell us you are shutting us down
Of course not.
You guys aren't remotely on the chopping block.
6:28 AM
Perhaps he's wanted to know: what could warrant shut-down? We need to try to improve on those areas.
If your quality of content dropped down, if the front page was a wasteland of unanswered, if people stopped editing/reviewing, etc.
Nothing that you guys should worry about at your current momentum.
The thing we're looking at is the rather large distance we see betwixt you and hitting what we look for in graduating. That's not a bad thing, though. Graduating is a very high bar for a reason - there's not actually a harm in being an "Eternal Beta".
I am so addicted to this site, and I would not know what to do with out Code Review
Oh. Yeah, we do that pretty well. :-) If we have to stay in beta even longer, then so be it.
6:30 AM
In a sense because of the nature of the site sitting in Eternal Beta may be sufficient for needs. It's something we've considered is kinda making a more official sort of eternal beta deal kind of thing.
Unfortunately this also means that we may stay with the same moderators (not that that's a bad thing). Then again, I'm afraid the official election turnout could be quite low.
Well, part of "official sort of Eternal Beta" is upgrading to moderator elections, I imagine.
But we'd have to figure how to work things out.
Right. Even if that worked out, privilege level would have to stay the same. At this point, my highest grad-level privilege would be for creating tag synonyms.
Yeah. That's the problem with the current rep distribution. You guys would get smashed by the privilege level changes.
Smashed is unfortunately correct. :-P There'd be even fewer able to vote to close, which is really bad.
Or: moar diamond mods! /jk
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9:16 AM
Q: Rewrite apply function to use recursion instead

OpenLearnerProbably the hardest part of learning lisp has been to think in the "lisp way" which is elegant and impressive, but not always easy. I know that recursion is used to solve a lot of problems, and I am working through a book that instead uses apply to solve a lot of problems, which I understand is ...

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10:44 AM
Q: Searching for a pattern in a list of tuples

emhI have written some code to search a for a pattern in a list of tuples. It works, but I am sure that it can be improved. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated. The list of tuples I am searching in looks like this: x = [('A', True), ('B', True), ('C', False), ('D', False), ...

1 hour later…
12:04 PM
Q: Need a design suggestion for my application

UnknownI'm trying to write an application that will start up and run a function (specified in a configuration file) every 60 seconds. The details are not very important, I'm concerned about the design mostly. This application has a BaseWorker class out of which specific workers are implemented (Type1W...

12:38 PM
Q: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

JimsanI have a series of text boxes in a table to gather input as below: The user will input a target and actual value for each measurement point they require. I would then like to validate the actual values against the target values based upon the tolerance inputted in the tolerance textbox. The to...

1:11 PM
retailcoder has been automatically appointed as owner of this room. (What does this mean?)
1:37 PM
@GraceNote for real? I missed you by like an hour and a half?! I'd like to see the retention numbers without accounting for 2011-2012 (or somehow broken down across time), I think there could be some black hole in the site's history. More specifically I'd like to see user retention figures for the last quarter vs the whole year, and this year vs last year and same quarter last year (retail merchandise planning analyst speaking :)
@retailcoder I can get those kinds of numbers.
That would be nice :)
off to work. time to do some real coding, lol JK
@Malachi yeah me too, somehow couldn't VPN over to work last weekend, got some catching-up to do!
1:58 PM
Q: RESTfulPHP / controller / structure

EvanFull Repo Here: https://github.com/Evan-R/RESTfulPHP please be brutally honest if something can be improved! couldn't add the "REST" tag as I don't have 150 rep yet :( Specific Code: <?php class RestApi { private $id, $owner ; public function __construct( $pa...

3 weeks ago. top 10 users gained 110-270 reputation (avg. 166.9)
2 weeks ago, top 10 users gained 175-525 reputation (avg. 274.1) - that was the week when we had this popular question migrated from SO.
1 week ago, top 10 users gained 130-315 reputation (avg. 201.7)
Last week, top 10 users gained 218-964 reputation (avg. 450.1) - that was the week we got kicked in the butt and the mission started.
Quite a spike eh?
2:55 PM
@retailcoder , you give me a link that would help me write a little snippet of code in VB.net for adding Text Boxes to a list object? I just don't know the syntax and am having a hard time finding some with google.
I found MSDN
Like Dim MyList As List(Of TextBox); MyList.Add(New TextBox()); (without the semicolons of course :)
You mean a List or a ListBox?
Q: How would I improve this class in terms of responsiveness and performance?

Brian JI'm about to release this application as a hobby and I'm wondering how would I improve the speed of the calculations and overall responsiveness of the class.I have covered a module briefly in data structures and algorithms so I'm thinking a big factor would be reducing the amount of loops I'm usi...

@Malachi in or ?
I am trying to answer a question before you see it, so don't give me too much....lol
lol! I thought you were working :p
3:02 PM
WHAT IS THIS? I can't vote for 8 hours?
Out of ammo, bud!
I am working...I am making a flow chart
I have 3 monitors remember
if I add an existing text box it would just be MyList.Add(TextBoxNameOrID) @retailcoder
@Malachi do you mean existing as in "an existing instance" or existing as in "one that's already one of the form's controls"?
Me.Controls.AddRange(MyList) would add the textboxes to the form's controls collection.
(without any layout that is)
This one?
Q: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

JimsanI have a series of text boxes in a table to gather input as below: The user will input a target and actual value for each measurement point they require. I would then like to validate the actual values against the target values based upon the tolerance inputted in the tolerance textbox. The to...

Don't do it!!!
Ah, ! LOL!!
3:07 PM
I hadn't thought about the collection of the forms controls.
Change form for page then
but that might go through other controls on the page too wouldn't it?
The textboxes have to exist as children of something - perhaps a <UL>, whatever..
Page would be top-level
and that would be bad!
Ok just read a bit of that question and of your answer
If you're validating the textbox' content on postback you'll have to fetch them from the page first
@Malachi good edit, I might upvote... in 8 hours :)
so what I wrote makes sense? @retailcoder?
I think so - the OP didn't have lots of code, it's hard to tell where exactly in the page life cycle this code is running.
3:16 PM
I need to learn how to use Generics like that. it looks like a lot of fun. I need to work on my XNA game and get it made and selling before XNA dies. or port it to that other framework.
I can't stand generics in VB! They're a reason of their own to learn C#!!
I like C#
and from the sounds of it Microsoft wants to go all C#
at least the rumors I have heard
VB.NET was invented to appease a crowd of angry VB6 developers that only later realized that thinking in .NET required a whole different mindset. I think VB is ready for extinction burnination
C# has .... what is the appropriate word I am looking for.....the necessary tools for handling a lot more than VB. you thought I was going to say something inappropriate! @retailcoder I was
3:36 PM
Well they managed to make VB pretty much equivalent to C# actually... it's just... ugly syntax imho!
I agree @retailcoder, i added another answer to that question too BTW
@Malachi Good! Bring the answers/question up! ...I don't think that condition can be written like that though.
Hi people. Bye people. Will be back later people. Just read the recent conversation here. Nice that GraceNote stopped by. See you later people.
@SimonAndréForsberg hi/bye dude!
@SimonAndréForsberg, Later
@retailcoder, I will have to look it up later, I added another answer as well.
3:45 PM
@Malachi you little rep-whore! :p (too bad you're out of stars eh?!)
I know, I can't stand it!!!
I am always looking to click a 'like' type button. I am an addict!!! Like this, Up Vote that, Star that comment, Like that picture, agree with that!!!! UGH!!!
@retailcoder VB conditional statements don't work like that.
@all I've edited the tag wiki on meta for , does it show up in the regular suggested edits queue?
oops, sorry I was still in flowchart mode
@retailcoder, at least let me get some upvotes before you throw an answer up on that question..... please! lol
there is only one thing that I can see that I haven't mentioned. and it bugs me, but I am not sure how to handle it.
@Malachi you'll post a 4th answer when you figure it out? :p
maybe, if I have time. I already spent like an hour on it, when i should finish this flowchart and work on the next flowchart....lol
I don't like this, m1.IsInTolerence(Integer.Parse(txtT1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtA1.Text), Integer.Parse(txtTolerance.Text))
you should be able to pass it something that looks like an integer and the function should handle it or it should be converted to an integer prior to passing it into the function.
4:06 PM
@Malachi indeed. If there's a ParseException on that line of code, it could be in 3 different places.
And I believe the stack trace would be identical in all 3 cases.
at TextBox.get_Text
at Integer.Parse(String)
@retailcoder, that is a little higher level than I would like to go to especially at work...lol
Q: Performance/Optimization of Knapsack(ish) algorithm for move generation for a game

thermiteI'm writing an AI for an italian Card game scopa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopa And as part of it i need to generate all moves available to the user. A move consists of finding cards in the centerboard that sum to a card in the players hand. For example if I have a 5 in my hand and the cen...

4:40 PM
@Malachi you mean lower level right?
Ohh.... @Malachi .... 3 answers to 1 question within minutes of each other..... isn't that 'cheating' (Perhaps I can flag some of them .... ;-) )
Hmmm flag 'It is spam' .... well, it sort of is ... ;-) naahhh, leave it.
@rolfl I had a feeling you were also writing an answer to that Java question.
@rolfl they are all valid answers to that question. if three different people had one of those answers and posted them, they would be valid.
there is a little bit more that can be done as well @rolfl, @retailcoder and I were talking about that.
I just had a matrix flashback. when I get reloaded {into the matrix}
4:57 PM
Take the red pill next time.
Guys what would you think of a National Drag-a-Guru Day? Everyone forces a friend to become a CR member and forces them to be active for a month, until they get addicted?
@Malachi Ironically, when I starred your "NO MORE STARS!!!!!" message, that actually was my last star for the day.
@retailcoder Love the idea. Only one problem: forces? How?
Good idea BTW
No.... bad idea.... not sure if my colleagues should know how much time I have spent here recently .... ;-)
I have no stars and all these good comments
Well I was thinking of a chair with a laptop, strap the guy with some duct tape and use some toothpicks to keep their eyes open.. you get the picture... </sarcasm> (just in case somebody thinks I'm a psycho)
5:04 PM
no stars no stars no stars
@rolfl just change your avatar so they don't recognize you :)
@Malachi We need to force other people to come here and star messages for us.
Maybe I can get my buddies Dennis R and Brian K to look in to the tag, and James and would be good in .......
@retailcoder LOL, thanks for that.
@rolfl I kid, I kid...
@retailcoder - My avatar is very personal to me .... I took that picture ;-)
I started using the avatar when I started up on Github, and, I just checked, my pet project has had a record month in October, 12K downloads.... ;-)
90K if you count older versions.
5:11 PM
@rolfl nice! Nothing against your avatar btw :)
@rolfl link it and it will have 12K+1 !
Actually, huh, a million downloads a year .... that's just from maven-central.....
@Malachi If you really need to star something, you could always star @rolfl's project on github!
@SimonAndréForsberg - Malachi is not really a Java person, won't understand it... ;-)
@rolfl Doesn't matter, I know that he is a star person, that's what counts!
5:19 PM
Q: Reduce spaghetti code in ASP.NET MVC

brokeI just started working with asp.net mvc a few weeks ago, and I'm finding that it can be very easy to write spaghetti code in the controllers. For my first project, I created a very simple view with a few controls. At first, all of my code was in the Index() action result. That worked okay for ...

@rolfl @SimonAndréForsberg Java looks like C# the real difference is syntax, programming design is about the same acrosse the board really
@Malachi .... I take offense at that.... C# LOOKS LIKE JAVA and there's the rub
@rolfl lol true. but Java looks like C too right?
@Malachi yeah I've noticed that, didn't want to review java code but did a few lately and it's not really different from C#.
I mean I should stop shitting my pants over learning java!
Java released 1995, and C# in 2000 .... ;-)
@retailcoder - as always the language is only part of the problem. The bigger part is learning the 'standard libraries' that go with them.
In Java the 'standard library' is related to a virtual machine, but with C# and .net it's 'Windows'/
That is what i have no interest in learning (the Windows API's).... I see it as being a waste of time (for me and my career).
5:34 PM
I meant that the language Progression looks like this C -> Java -> C# or something similar @rolfl
OK, plugged CodeReview to two experts .... like 'people who are part of the ANSI C board'... not sure what will happen, but regardless.
does anyone have any votes left?
Uhuh... I do... why>
there are like 3 questions where I would up vote but I don't have any left
I would up vote the questions and some of the answers to these.
Q: CSS selector, performance improvement

Adonis K.So, I have this css selector: css .img + *{ } Which from my understanding will make the browser look for all the elements and then select only those which are being followed by an element with the class img. Is there a better way of writing this selection to improve performance? edit: added t...

Well, anyone here a 'C' Guru ... ?
5:41 PM
Q: Most efficient way to validate multiple textboxes against a tolerance value

JimsanI have a series of text boxes in a table to gather input as below: The user will input a target and actual value for each measurement point they require. I would then like to validate the actual values against the target values based upon the tolerance inputted in the tolerance textbox. The to...

I am not a C guru
@rolfl you mean the framework - in C# it's .NET; once you know .NET you understand VB and PowerShell at a glance :)
I had already up-voted the CSS Question....
@retailcoder ... no, I mean C (as in (C++)--).
@rolfl Give me a couple of years and perhaps I can become a "guru"...
I want to link to a 'brilliant' example of what CodeReview is about for the so I can send the link to the experts here.... I want them to be intrigued....
@rolfl [crickets chirping]
5:46 PM
Q: zlib inflate decompression operation

ronex dicapriyoIn this example, data buffer which contains multiple compressed members, it could be deflate or zlib compressed member. I found that zlib inflate call returns Z_STREAM_END after processing the first compressed block, Here multiple compressed member can be in any number(here in my example Its 3)....

@Malachi Nice question there, you have written 3 answers and Daniel has written 3 answers. Great example of "It's perfectly ok to write more than one answer to the same question"!
Hi @Nakilon, this post was flagged as low-quality, probably because it's a code-only answer. Feel free to add more meat, CR is more about the fishing rod than the fish itself :) – retailcoder 4 hours ago
Hi @retailcoder, this comment was marked as read. – Nakilon 17 mins ago
Zombie down. (Although it feels to easy, did I miss something @rolfl?)
This just made my day
Q: Reusing Code With Database Cursors

jiduvahI find myself using this bit of code very often when I am retrieving the results from a Cursor SearchItem searchItem = new SearchItem(); searchItem.setId(cursor.getInt(cursor.getColumnIndex(COLUMN_NAME_ID))); searchItem.setOrigin(cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex(COLUMN_NAME_ORIGIN))); sear...

5:49 PM
Q: Factory vs. Provider vs Other Naming Guidelines

Martin BlissI have created an abstraction over Active Directory for ease of use, but I'm having trouble tackling flexibility vs. convenience and the naming that goes along with this. I would like advice on whether or not I've struck an appropriate balance, and hear any possible alternatives. At the heart of...

Q: How best to implement a POCO editor which is split over a number of TabItems?

paulI am currently working on a project which uses the MVVM pattern. I have a POCO which I want to present in an editor and, because the object is composed from a number of smaller, reusable POCOs, I thought it would be appropriate to show it in a TabControl. The result looks like this: On the lef...

Zombie nation!
(shameless plugs)
@SimonAndréForsberg THANK YOU
@retailcoder @retailcoder, I wasn't sure what to do with that in the queue I think I marked it as safe to stay. can you link me to that answer?
A: Implementing Array#uniq in Ruby

Nakilonclass A < Array def uniq_ require "set" tracked = Set.new self.select do |obj| current = block_given? ? yield(obj) : obj (!tracked.include?(current)).tap{ tracked << current } end end end

I think I hit [skip] on that one, but left that comment.
@SimonAndréForsberg daniel left 4 answers
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