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12:00 AM
Don't waste them!
Yeah, I'd like to spend them on your 20 10 8 7, but I think I should avoid that
Give us a 'C' .... Give us an 'O' .... give us a ......
(no, not 'D', but ...)
12:02 AM
Give us a B and an O and an L
Yeee Haaah
That's it, I'm adding (removed) to the list of memes!
And the rep flows in.
OK, dinner. That's all folks.
@rolfl See you! (Ding!)
I'm gonna add ding as a meme as well...
@retailcoder I added 2 things to the list of memes
add Star Power
when our stars are reloaded
12:17 AM
Is it me or something isn't right about our figures? Aren't we doing better than what the numbers are saying? I think I messed up the calculations...
I just think it's harder to make progress as the 'low fruit' get's plucked.
Shameless plug.... (Head Shot ... ? )
A: Help Debug Merge Sort and validate comparison counters

rolflHere's some suggestions on what you can do differently to get a better result (both performance counters and code style). The MergeSortRun class breaks many rules for naming conventions in Java.... well, actually the class name is OK (MergeSortRun), but the method (also called MergeSortRun) is v...

12:32 AM
@sim added the warning about baby unicorns :)
@retailcoder Good choice!
@rolfl Headshot!
ta ... thank you .... Dankeschön ... tusen takk
12:57 AM
@rolfl You speak Danish? Or was it Norwegian? Or was it a (quite good) attempt at Swedish?
With a name 'Rolf' ... what do you think ;-) (Norwegian)
@rolfl :O Snakker dere Norsk?
litt ...
Det er nydleg (can't spell).
@rolfl Then I expect you to understand quite good Swedish as well (but now we shouldn't be mean to the others and start to speak Swedish/Norwegian here). Or at least I understand Norwegian very well. How come? Are you from Norway?
Born in .za to norwegian mom and english father with 20 years in .za, 5 in .uk, and 13 in .ca .... hell of a mongrel, I am.
Funnily enough, with my Afrikaans-as-a-second-language, I actually understand flemmish much more than any nn-english european language.
1:02 AM
Nice. That explains your knowledge of Norwegian (even though you never lived there)
My aunt is the executive assisitant of the norwegian ambassador in .za .... That's about as Norwegian as I am allowed to be... though I know how to have a party on the 17th May....
@rolfl Flemmish as in the language spoken in parts of The Netherlands? How come you understand that? Is that connected to Afrikaans somehow?
Haha, yeah... 17th May is all you need to know how to celebrate in order to be Norwegian :)
Yes, also spoken in belgium. I spent a drunk weekend there once (brugge) and discovered I could read the menu in the restaurant... only after a bit did I realize the menu was not in English....
In all other parts of the world my mediocre Afrikaans is only good enough to get a laugh.
I regret not getting to Swedend when I was living in England (nor Finland and Poland, for what it's worth).
Made it to most of the rest of Europe.
I did spend some good time in Oslo, and Copenhagen
@rolfl Well if you ever come to Sweden, I have a place or two where you could stay :)
Yeah, I've read the girl with the dragon tattoo too.
(and watched the 'real' version in Swedish, with english subtitles).
1:09 AM
Good :)
Thanks for the offer, but you will find my kids are disruptive, and I like akvavit
@rolfl My brother has six kids... I think your kids will be nothing compared to that :P
guess what someone did on this Question
Q: Find missing numbers in a range, when a sorted array with two elements with range repeat once

JavaDeveloperSuggestions for cleanup and optimization request. This question is a follow-up question on this post. Lets assume the range of 1, 2, 3, 4. This function takes in an array of repeated elements, [1,1,4,4] and the output is [2, 3]. The question marked as duplicate takes an input of [1, 4] an...

@Malachi closed it?
I had this link in there instead of the right onw
A: Design choice of existing code; Programmers.SE or CodeReview.SE?

Malachiif you post the Code on Code Review (following the guidelines for CodeReview questions) we will be more than happy to help you optimize for performance, or readability, or other things like that. Program design sounds more like a question for Programmers than it does for code review. Code R...

1:15 AM
Sees that time is approaching bedtime Executing Operation: Say goodnight Goodnight! Operation Finished The system is going down for system halt NOW!
The system is halted
@SimonAndréForsberg sweet dreams
@Malachi I'm not on Programmers.SE much but I think most StackExchange Users really misunderstand what CodeReview is for.
@Malachi - did the question ever make it here? (P.S. I up-voted your answer there).
Nope, I checked.... though he has been a member for a while
@rolfl I just did a search on Ulf Åkerstedt profile and couldn't find any questions on CodeReview or programmers. But i did find: stackoverflow.com/questions/14563545/…
And i think the Accepted answer on that question is terrible.
.... last seen yesterday:
Ulf Åkerstedt, Stockholm, Sweden
Should get @SimonAndréForsberg to kick him....
1:28 AM
I'm getting "An error has occured when submitting your answer" while trying to edit an answer. Any suggestions?
Copy/paste your answer somewhere safe (notepad++) and restart your browser?
@rolfl Didn't seem to work.
Might be my work content filter. I'll try again later as its known to be flakey.
Put your iPhone in the microwave and re-charge it ... :-) ?
Q: First Java Program critique (Game of Life)

josephyounghAs a school project in my navigator 12 class I decided to try and learn Java. I thought that I'd try and make the Game of Life, because it would be a good way to start learning java(watched a bunch of java tutorials). Could I get your feedback on this program I wrote? I would like Input on If eve...

Who ses an iPhone these days?
1:38 AM
Heads-up: I've been told that we should stop tagging questions with .
(not that it should be a surprise, considering all the conflicts on SO)
Is it possible for someone to remove the "." in my script tags. some security setting is stopping it from working here.
A: CDN Fallback "library"

James KhouryI like the look of this in general. Its short, simple and I'd love to know how well its worked in the field. I'm not a big fan of document.write but I don't think the alternative is much better. If you look in the jQuery source code you'll see they eval the script. It comes from http://weblogs....

@rolfl I don't know
I will have to look later
Hello, I'm back! Wow you guys have been busy here!
2:07 AM
[...criquets chirping...]
@JamesKhoury Done. Hello all.
@Jamal NO!!! ...poor little thing...
i feel sad for
Q: PHP Cron wrapper

FoobarI attempt to create a reusable and scalable Cron Wrapper in PHP. I'm at the begining of the project and I wanted have some tips/ critics / improvments to make before going too far. The final objective is to have a complete cron wrapper which allows to lauch : 'one-shot' task (like huge DB exp...

Not only is the code horrible, the idea behind it is misguided if you ask me.
2:29 AM
@Paul Thanks!
@Jamal is there a way we can know how many new CR questions there were just last week? Or is that something we need the data explorer for?
Most likely the data explorer, but I think you can also view the relevant questions by clicking on Newest.
@retailcoder do you realise that with the Call Of Duty post that you've effectively double gamified this site.
@JamesKhoury totally! And I just realized it's being watched a lot more than I anticipated - see comments here: meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/a/6285/68834
@retailcoder Don't get paranoid or anything but I think everyone is watching you.
2:40 AM
NSA, if you're reading this...
Unrelated, but I think we should only call a Headshot when the answer is not one we've just posted. Perhaps call a KillCam when it is?
2:54 AM
@retailcoder I don't know what that means. I haven't actually played CoD.
@JamesKhoury you're missing out :) When you play an online team deathmatch, everybody on both teams gets to see the final killcam - i.e. the last kill. Everytime you get killed, you get to see the shooter's point of view - that's the killcam. Just shooting zombies ain't enough: you need a teammate to upvote your answer for you, otherwise the zombie remains without any upvoted answers and we need that figure to drop! It's not rep-whoring, it's strategy :) (just don't abuse it!)
I find the analogy works ~> hey guys, just shot a zombie - check it out!
I'm just gonna put this out there now: I'm more of a Team Fortress 2 fan. puts on flame shield
No zombies, but you can make your enemies explode.
@retailcoder I hear this!!! that is awesome
just got a badge for this answer
A: Design choice of existing code; Programmers.SE or CodeReview.SE?

Malachiif you post the Code on Code Review (following the guidelines for CodeReview questions) we will be more than happy to help you optimize for performance, or readability, or other things like that. Program design sounds more like a question for Programmers than it does for code review. Code R...

3:07 AM
@all I've just simplified stats in the mission status; I broke it down by week, formalized week/round structure and added some room for milestones - and I actually went on the front page and counted the number of incoming zombies for week 1, so we can better explain the lower recent figures (round 4 only went down by 27 zombies, but with 54 incoming we're actually doing pretty good!)
@Malachi nice! (you got my +1 there!)
@retailcoder I expected to see less on the weekend. So a week-by-week view would be good.
@Malachi: I was vote #10. ;-)
@JamesKhoury you mean just update it once /week?
I think we gotta keep hammering the iron while it's hot (not sure if that's the correct translation - worse case try google translate FR>EN with "battre le fer pendant qu'il est chaud")
@JamesKhoury I find with 3-2-2 we can compare [Sun-Tue | Wed-Thu | Fri-Sat] week over week - I've done retail sales analysis for too long maybe...
@retailcoder I meant that i like the "Debrief:" section.
@JamesKhoury I thought the cumulative thing was just becoming a pain in the neck
I'm stupid. codereview.stackexchange.com/search, and search for is:question created:2013-11-26 to get the count of questions created on that date /"incoming zombies". My manual count was off!
3:31 AM
@retailcoder Don't worry we are all stupid.
@Jamal is that moderator-ahem or just ahem?
Which do you want it to be?
what about? is:answer created:2013-11-24..2013-11-26
@Jamal depends, got your goggles on?
@JamesKhoury that works? You've just mootinated my calculator!
3:34 AM
he meant @retailcoder Don't worry we are all stupid. Except Jamal. 'cause he's got the pawa. :)
(now I got that song in my head.. "I've got the pa-wa!")
Oh, I was just gonna say that "stupid is as stupid does." :P
Yes it works. also is:answer isaccepted:yes created:2013-11-24..2013-11-26
But anyway, let's get back on-topic.
@JamesKhoury well well well... I'm going to give that search feature some lovin'!!
3:38 AM
A: Add date range to "Advanced Super Ninja Search Options"

Nick CraverThis is now implemented, here are some examples: created:2012 (created between 2012-01-01 and 2012-12-31) created:2012-04 (created between 2012-04-01 and 2012-04-30) created:2012-04-05 (created on 2012-04-05, 24 hr UTC range) The above date formats can be applied to a range as well with .., l...

Just found the FAQ for the Advanced Search ....
This meta-post has just earned its writer a [badge:nice-answer]!
very nice!!!!
Well the title alone is worth $100
(I actually clicked it)
3:44 AM
@retailcoder ... so did I! :O
@Jamal what's the wiki on that tag?
There isn't one. :/
I can't see the image in this one ... Should I vote to close it?
Q: Mysql design, Users with UserTypes

LinqanIn the picture is an design of a sort of bookingsystem with mainly three different users. The Employer (seen as a company), Beneficials (seen as employee) and Organizer (The ones that makes the events). The table "User" is infomation same by the differnt users. But if the user should be an Organi...

@JamesKhoury: I can knock this one out. It's an old question anyway.
Added "Killcam" to the list of memes - I know it hasn't been used yet but Headshot has been abused. Use "Headshot" when you're posting an answer that isn't yours and that you would have upvoted if you had ammo; use "Killcam" when you're posting your own answer and that leaving that answer un-upvoted would stall our figures (i.e. the zombie remains with no upvoted answers).
@Jamal @JamesKhoury I can see the pictures...
Besides it's not a zombie.. @Jamal can you not force-accept an answer? Or that's kinda bending the rules is it?
3:51 AM
@retailcoder: No, only the OP can do that, but that seems unlikely now. Closing would be best, and I've done just that.
@Jamal right, just realized there's no freakin' code in there!!
@retailcoder: It's an old one, so it's understandable. But I think they should be closed anyway. If there are any more, feel free to vote to close.
Is there a super-ninja-search feature for finding questions without code blocks?
@retailcoder: Not that I know of, but it appears you can search for images.
Q: jQuery Tinder-esque Location Pulse Animation Effect

JoeAs shameful as it is to say I wanted to see what all the fuss about was with Tinder, but after downloading it I found I was more interested with its animation effects and started wondering how they did them! (Typical programmer I guess) I decided I wanted to see if I could replicate some of them...

3:56 AM
@Jamal who wants to find lolcats and xkcd cartoons?
This one is interesting:
Q: Please review my database design for an online organization tool

Levi CampbellThe problem I'm trying to solve. I'm a big fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done, but the myriad software tools and sites I've tried haven't impressed me that much. That's why I've decided to write my own. The concept This app (I don't have a name for it yet.) pulls in your twitter stream, ...

Hey that's a zombie!!
There's one answer there with an undelete vote (you can see some questions answered on the main post).
@retailcoder yes there is a way of finind posts without code it is hascode:no
@JamesKhoury you have just opened pandora's box dude!
4:04 AM
Bingo! Let's see what we have here...
Its not accurate though. It picks up <pre> tags as not code.
try hascode:0 is:question
@JamesKhoury you realize it's much better than anything we've had before?! You're the new CR-rockstar!
@Jamal of course!
what about ones that have an accepted answer? still close them?
4:07 AM
Yes, close them. If there are no answers, leave them to me.
oooh this is going to be fun!
OP has edited it to remove all the code .... huh!?
Q: PHP Authentication Class

user16326I could use some review on this Auth class, as I'm sure it could use many improvements!

Q: PHP Config Class

user16326I'm working on a config class for PHP, where I can easily bring in config options. Any improvements/suggestions are appreciated.

same user
Wow a duplicate!~
Darn I thought we'd have like a couple dozens
Well that was some flash-cleanup :)
It doesn't look like a dupe. I'll just rollback the edits.
Its the same user with the same answers and the same mistakes .... different pieces of the same code I think.
4:13 AM
Well it's a mommified user by now
Also look at the closed questions. If there's only code behind the link and the link is dead, it will be deleted. Answers don't matter.
Wow I only just found out you can retract close votes... Mind. Blown.
@JamesKhoury .. damn it... I thought you were an uber-guru with your search tips, then you blow it on the close-retract....
@Jamal that's like 92 search results, was 4 with the closed:no filter
Start digging!
4:15 AM
start with the low quality? score:..-1
Heh, found a new Java joke:
Q: Fileinput stream / loading a simple txt file

wyguy321Does anyone know why this crashes? All I'm doing is reading in a file in a txt file from my raw folder and when I click the load button in the other activity window, the code breaks when I call the variable testing within the file reader object upon click. log.d(null, ReadFileObject.fileText) Tha...

(from stack overflow, look at the comments
WhitespaceOverflowException ....
That is awesome. I was looking for a hidden picture in the white space.
Da-Vinci code whitespace ?
Check it out!
Q: Budding JavaScript programmer

ChristianI'm a front-end web designer/developer currently working on expanding my skill-set in JavaScript. I'm working on coding a text-based RPG game from scratch and would love some suggestions on how to improve. The Game: www.aetherealdesigns.com/rpg/ Here's the script: www.aetherealdesigns.com/rpg/r...

@Jamal did you click the [The Game] link?
4:22 AM
A slime approaches (should say "background downloads" or it was just my browser?)
I -1'd. I don't get the +2 on that one.
And +1'd the first answer, 1) it's a good answer and 2) not sure if closed questions count in our zombie metrics
10 votes cast today - wow it's been a while. I got 30 votes left for tomorrow! (unless...)
@JamesKhoury there was a meta-discussion recently about doing that; the consensus was that it's the OP's responsibility to put the code in their question. The code might not be suitable for CR's cc-wiki license.
(obviously I can't find the freakin' meta-post in question...)
@retailcoder I never thought about that
@JamesKhoury me neither, but reading that [still can't find it] meta-post was enlightening :)
@JamesKhoury unrelated, but do you happen to know what WinterBash is?
I've deleted about ten questions with dead links.
You mean the Hat thing? I believe I was around for one in SO but didn't participate.
4:35 AM
I've spent all night chatting.. didn't run out of ammo, didn't answer anything... and working from home tomorrow (snow's coming!)
Winter is coming ...
@retailcoder there's always to shoot your ammo at.
Except here in Australia its 23 degrees celcius
@rolfl that was done :)
@JamesKhoury did you upvote?
A: Should we sign up for Winter Bash 2013?

retailcoderMe wants. Sign us up NOW! We need hatz. Winter is cold and boring.

Today was a good day for badges for me .... got some nice ones.
4:37 AM
@rolfl I've upvoted your SO answer as well :)
(today being my TZ, not CR's)
A: Nested switches vs domain specific parser

retailcoder Nested Switch Nasty smell, but not such a bad idea - if it gets it done, then it could easily be refactored into a much better-looking and less error-prone form. There are already tons of posts here and on StackOverflow about refactoring switch blocks, the common way would be to use a Dictio...

@retailcoder heck yes. Its like another gamification layer wrapped on our gamification CoD layer on a gamified site.
Recursive Gamification
@retailcoder C#, C#run, run#run
@rolfl what's that?
all right, it's a wrap - I'm out! See y'all tomorrow!
4:47 AM
@rolfl: Congrats on the tag badge!
@rolfl: Now get one for ! ;-)
have you voted?
Yes. But for that badge, you'll need 19 more questions and 96 more upvotes.
(say it again ...)
I know ... ;-)
Thing is, I tried so hard 20 years ago to not be labelled 'cobol'... how times change
4:52 AM
I'm so amazed to have come across that little gem.
5:04 AM
100 bounty and still no answers. Wish I knew Erlang
Q: Improving clarity and style of this "Document at a time" algorithm

Ward BekkerI've created a module that implements a basic "Document at a time" algorithm for inverted index querying (more background here). There are many algorithm improvements possible, but I'm now interested in feedback on the structure of the Erlang code, specifically: Unneeded verbosity / code Erlan...

5:42 AM
Q: trivia questions with 10 random questions from 24 but without repeating the questions

user3040075I have a big problem with my project 4-5, I'm trying to have random 10 questions of 25 and not repeating the same questions but I really don't know how to do it. Do you have any hints for me? this is my script: <script language="javascript"> var qnum, correct, score=0, questionsasked=0; var qnum...

2 hours later…
8:03 AM
Q: Printing a rectangle

RakanothI have an assignment as follows: Write a program which reads from the keyboard two integers n and m, and a character c from the keyboard. This program should define and call a function: print rectangle(n, m, c) which prints a rectangle of size n x m consisting of the character c My ...

8:23 AM
Q: c code polishing and re-design to c++ oop principles

TomoyoseHello I would like to ask a question that many of you may find naive, so excuse me for that. I am coding a program that so far it has been built step by step while reading something like a manual, so it is not so well-coded in terms of OOP and design. I am a bit rusty in c++ coding as there has b...

2 hours later…
10:10 AM
Q: Thoughts on my byte array library

Umair AhmedI have always tried to write low level code where possible but its hurting me in some time critical projects now. So I decided to sacrifice a bit and started to use memory stream again but there were issues with it in XE3, there was a problem with strings, I even made a hack class to remedy that....

10:23 AM
Q: Is this a reasonable Scala monad?

Steve WaldmanI found myself writing code of the form... val foo : Foo = ??? val step1 : Foo = { if ( someCharacteristic( foo ) ) someTransformation( foo ) else foo } val step2 : Foo = { if ( otherCharacteristic( foo ) ) otherTransformation( foo ) else foo } val result = step2; Tha...

10:43 AM
Q: How to improve this algorithm for building a graphs closures

Paul D'AmbraWe have a large directed acyclic graph and a requirement to filter it by allowing a user to select certain nodes and then we remove all nodes that are not selected nodes, ancestors of those nodes, or descendants of those nodes. As you can see in the above image nodes 6 and 9 have been selected...

Q: Matrix arrangment in java

Vidhu DubeyI have matrix mention below i need this matrix input & i want to arrange this matrix in my order i will show below what i want the output in output section package com.vidhu; import java.util.Arrays; public class MatrixConvert { public static void main(String[] args) { int i,j,flag...

11:37 AM
Q: How to improove this code to search faster

Peter PenzovI have this code which will store user session credentials: import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.LinkedHashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; public class SessionCache { /** * Default Constructor */ public SessionCache() { } /** * Map ...

11:51 AM
Q: Remove NULL / empty fields using awk

robosouljust wanted to check with you could this be done better: awk -F"\t" '{ for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) { if ($i != "NULL") { printf("%s%s", $i, FS); } } printf("\n"); }' file1 The goal is to print only non-NULL fields. For example: echo "TestRecord001 NULL ...

12:27 PM
@rolfl Thanks to the openness of Swedish databases, finding Ulf's address is actually very easy.
12:52 PM
Q: Block a thread - spin-lock replacement

OldCurmudgeonI have implemented several lock-free algorithms to maximise throughput but have always baulked when performing a spin-lock. I can usually convince myself that this is the only way but it still nags at me that a spin-lock is a terribly bad idea. I recently came across a LIFOMutex code fragment an...

@rolfl That new Java question is all yours I believe
1:32 PM
Q: Changing wording of an off-topic reason

Simon André ForsbergCurrent wording: Questions asking for code to be written to solve a specific problem are off-topic here as there is no code to review. However, some of these questions actually have some code in them already, so the wording "there is no code to review" isn't totally correct. Sometimes they ...

2:20 PM
@rolfl Downvoted, only because you asked for it and because I was on an odd number
A: Matrix arrangment in java

rolflVote me down for posting an answer to non-working code.... There is a trick to this sort of problem.... get your data, sort it, and then re-arrange it in a structure. In this case, the structure is.... take the smallest value, put it in the middle, then you : add 1 minus 2 add 3 minus 4 ........

@Malachi OCD!!
Q: Peer Review of TCP Client Program Code

ViparI'd like to have this code looked over because I feel my approach might be very novice and there must have to be a more elegant or at least less "grunt-work" way of doing it. I have to write a small TCP client in my application which can send an object to a server for it to be stored in a Databa...

60th answer posted! :)
1 more [badge:revival] and I'll have 10 of those!
2:52 PM
Very Nice @retailcoder
16 question votes for me until I get that Goldy
it will be my first
You've earned the "Convention" badge. See your profile.
My second silver! Still have a long way to go for a gold one
Q: Given a target sum, populate all subsets, whose sum is equal to the targer sum, from an int array

MouseLearnJavaI am trying to implement a function below: Function ==> Given a target sum, populate all subsets, whose sum is equal to the targer sum, from an int array. i.e. Target sum is 15. An int array is { 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 }. Then all satisfied subsets whose sum is 15 are as follows: 15 = 1+3+5+6 15...

3:12 PM
@Max Welcome Max!!!
Q: Help me, how make this array?

Mateo SuarezI have this code on the page $(window).load(function() { var leng = 24; //Total de images var long = 0; var td = Math.floor(Math.random()*10); // create choices array var choices = []; for (var i = 0; i < leng; i++) { choices.push(i); } var tmr = setI...

new answers to this question everyone
Q: Database schema for a school

Sergio TapiaHere is the database query needed to create the database: create table Area ( AreaId int primary key identity(1,1), Name nvarchar(64) not null ) create table Level ( LevelId int primary key identity(1,1), Name nvarchar(32) not null, Principle nvarchar(512) not null ) create table Subject ( Sub...

@Max there are several of us in here most of the time. but we are all working too so have fun with the code reviews and watch out for @retailcoder
ok, same here... although I'm almost done for the day
oh and I will!
3:26 PM
Q: Taking the sum and average of the keyboard inputs

RakanothI have an assignment as follows: Write a program where you can enter from the keyboard up to 10 integers. If the number entered is equal to -99, stop reading numbers from the keyboard and compute the average and sum of all values (excluding -99). Print the average on the screen. Make su...

@Max Hello, my name is Rolf, and I am an addict....
@rolfl Hi Rolf
Whats your addiction?
Programming? :D
3:46 PM
Q: java swing GUI design

Sionnach733I am developing a GUI using swing, but before my project gets too complex i would like to have a good design structure. I have a few ideas and will use a simple example to illustrate, some feedback on whether or not this is a good approach would be great. this is what my GUI looks like: Ther...

@Max hello! @rolfl is, like all of us, addicted to CR :) @Malachi what does that mean, "watch out for @retailcoder"? :p
@retailcoder, you are like the super hyper person that gets everything done on time, or ahead of time, and can do like 40 things at once, usually appearing like a tornado only everything is where it should be when you are gone
4:07 PM
Q: Binary search for inserting in array

XbitI have written a method that uses binary search to insert a value into an array. It is working, but i would like to get a second opinion to see if i didn't write too much code for it. aka doing same thing twice for example. The code only looks for the right index and returns that value, which i...

4:26 PM
Ah, a swing question! That's mine, @rolfl ! ;)
Q: Is there a better, faster, more elegant way to create this dictionary?

user3042376I have a List of objects List<myObject> objectList and each object contains a List of strings like so: myObject: StringList( "A_1", "B_1", "C_1", "D_1", "E_1", "F_1" ) myObject: StringList( "A_2", "B_2", "C_1", "D_2", "E_2", "F_1" ) myObject: StringList( "A_2", "B_3", "C_1", "D_3", "E_2", "F...

4:43 PM
hey guys, the following question was posted and the OP wanted answers in several languages, I edited the code and told him to separate the language questions what do you all think?
Q: What's a better (functional or non functional) way to return the items which are different from their preceding items from a list?

colinfangI am new to python I have a list of tuples (key, value1, value2, ...) I simplify the tuple here so it is only of length 2. Keys contain duplicated figures. xs = zip([1,2,2,3,3,3,4,1,1,2,2], range(11)) # simple to input [(1, 0), (2, 1), (2, 2), (3, 3), (3, 4), (3, 5), (4, 6), (1, 7), (1...

@rolfl: This question was flagged for migration, and I've rejected it as I've been told that the OP's SO account was question-banned. Do you still want your answer there, or just delete it (thus have the last rep given back to you)?
Q: Matrix arrangment in java

Vidhu DubeyI have matrix mention below i need this matrix input & i want to arrange this matrix in my order i will show below what i want the output in output section package com.vidhu; import java.util.Arrays; public class MatrixConvert { public static void main(String[] args) { int i,j,flag...

@Jamal, maybe you should question ban him here too if he is trying to get around the ban there???
@Malachi: I can't figure out how to do that, and even then, I probably shouldn't do it just let. But do flag me if he asks an off-topic question, specifically one asking for code.
will do
@Jamal Perhaps edit @rolfl's answer to remove his "begging for downvotes" so that we can remove our downvotes? :)
4:52 PM
he probably wants to remove the answer or something, or have a negative answer aaccepted for some badge
@Jamal You are a tough moderator, I have had two of my flags rejected by you :P
The peer-pressure badge? Well, he could still do that himself if he chooses.
@Jamal Is it really possible to remove an answer that has been accepted? I recall there were some restriction on this, can't remember if it's the question or the answer that can't be deleted though.
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'll just start by saying that migration is ugly business. Before you flag for such a thing, I'd recommend doing any needed research before notifying a mod.
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'm waiting for rolfl to tell me for sure if he'd like his answer removed.
@Jamal 1. "ugly business" how? 2. What research is needed? (I can't possibly know if a user is question-banned, can I?)
4:55 PM
I am not fussed.... ... thinking
it was a bad question, and I only ansered here because he was shot down on SO. I think the status on SO is harsh.
When I checked his User status, he was not a SO user until we suggested he post there.
So, it was t**this** activity that got hom question-banned.
@Malachi I agree with your edit of that python question. Good call.
@SimonAndréForsberg: Oh no, I didn't mean the question-banned stuff. I had to find that myself. I meant looking for a different SE account, if there is one (in this case, a different one is created). But I'm mainly saying this in general, and I apologize for not specifying that. You were still right to flag it, but the rejection is because that action cannot be taken.
As for the votes/rep/whatever, I am not fussed. As far as I am concerned, the poor guy had what would have been a good SO question, he now has an answer, so go ahead and remove, close, whatever you want. (and removing the question also gives back all the rep-downs that the answer-downvoters suffered
@Jamal I understand. Will do. (I also think I usually do some research as well)
@rolfl: Right. But, usually a user can be show down elsewhere for good reason. In this case, it seems justified.
4:59 PM
But, if I delete my answer, do I get a badge?
@rolfl I think you can get "Peer Pressure", yes.
Heh, perhaps I should ;-)
@SimonAndréForsberg: I understand, and thank you for doing so. Again, migrations are ugly business, especially in cases like this.
.... heh ... "You cannot delete this accepted answer".... ;-)
@rolfl: Want me to delete it, then?
5:00 PM
It has served it's purpose, ... yes
@Jamal Wasn't aware that migration was such ugly business. Personally I think migration is used way to little in StackExchange (but perhaps that is because it apparently is such ugly business)
(and I won't try to be nice again and 'buck' the system
(Removed) Killed a baby unicorn to prove "I'm a tough guy"
@rolfl: Done. The entire question was deleted as well, also as I've seen that the off-topic questions on SO have been removed.
@rolfl: It's good to be nice, but I also wouldn't spoon-feed a user. Now, if you couldn't tell since the OP used another CR account, then that is understood.
5:08 PM
someone just trying to make a new name for themselves and you guys have to look at what's on the inside (IP Address I assume)
@SimonAndréForsberg: It is a useful tool when issues such as these aren't a factor. But, they are mostly moderation issues unbeknownst to regular users. You may still recommend migration when you most see fit, and any rejection should hopefully state why it cannot happen in that situation.
@Malachi: That would be best left to a community manager as I cannot see this information on both accounts.
@Jamal that was a Joke. Trying to make a New Name for himself
I thought we were talking about a user creating a new account on CR that was not attached anywhere
5:29 PM
I believe I have just managed to explained MD5 and SHA1 hashing, and the difference between them, to a friend of mine (Who does not know anything about hashing previously)
Argh. Finally got my winter tires on, just spent a whole hour doing nothing 'cause stupid phone refused to connect despite the wifi connection. Just missed 68 chat messages and 20 incoming zombies.
875 unanswered questions. Wow, we're really making progress. We may be close to 92%.
@retailcoder And here in Sweden it's been 17 celcius (62.6 fahrenheit) today :) It felt more like spring than anything else.
@SimonAndréForsberg here it's winter wonder land all of a sudden.
5:44 PM
@retailcoder We had some snow a couple of days ago but it's gone now (I'm afraid it will come back though)
@retailcoder If you need a target, I have one for you here:
A: java swing GUI design

Simon André Forsberg Variable names. Imagine yourself a couple of months from now on, when you look back at the code. Will you remember without looking at the variable declaration what gnb is short for? I suggest you use longer variable names so that you even won't have to try to remember it. getNameBtn would be a b...

Bring it
I need to shoot 23 more
I'd also like to know what @rolfl thinks about it, since he has Java knowledge.
@retailcoder Perfect. Now I only have two zero-score answers, but they're not on Zombies so they're OK :)
@SimonAndréForsberg: Something else about that flag we've mentioned. Another user flagged that question for similar reasons, but also referred the SO questions and stated that the OP cannot post on SO. I believe mods cannot currently address multiple flags separately, so I had to put a reason for both.
@SimonAndréForsberg [badge:unsung-hero] and [badge:tenacious] are getting out of reach eh?
@Jamal Yeah, I've heard that's a limit on the system.
5:54 PM
Daily vote limit reached: vote again in 6 hours
It took @retailcoder 9 minutes to vote on 23 posts. That's 2.55 per minute. 0.0426 per second. If he could keep the same speed for 24 hours, he would have voted on 3680 posts.
@retailcoder I've never completely understood the "unsung-hero" badge. Is it for questions I ask where I should accept zero-score answers, or is it for answers I write that should be accepted with zero score?
I have unsung-hero on SE... ;-)
I especially lookout for whatever the Community bot is pinging: the two on the front page both had zero-score answers, voted 2 question + 2 answers = 4 votes in a blink.
6:00 PM
I have found the answer to my questions, it seems to be answers that I write.
I blame @retailcoder for making it impossible to get unsung hero! :)
@SimonAndréForsberg unsung hero and tenacious are hard to get when your posts get upvoted often. These badges reward users that post good answers in obscure tags that involve users that don't realize what this upward-triangle-shaped button is for.
There is however one person who have Unsung Hero here on CR. I do find a pattern here though. Is there anything suspicious about this, @Jamal?
@retailcoder On CR, it seems like there are many users who haven't understood the green tick-button.
(those users are zombies.... no brains...)
@SimonAndréForsberg: I'm not too sure about that, but even then, it may not be an issue now.
6:05 PM
@Jamal True, I just thought it was a bit strange.
@SimonAndréForsberg I can't think of anything to add to your Swing anser... and upvoted ... ;)
@rolfl Thanks :)
@SimonAndréForsberg @Jamal all these questions have tags in their title, who wants [badge:strunk-and-white]?
Q: Javascript object construction differences

zero298Posted this on Stack Overflow and was told this was more of a style question and to come here. Nonetheless, whenever I create a Javascript "class" I do something like this: // Definition function MyObject() { this.id = 0; this.legs = 2; } MyObject.prototype = { walk: function() { ...

@SimonAndréForsberg I think it is a scheme
6:08 PM
@Malachi LOL
@Malachi clever
@Malachi Ha - ha - ha!
I think that we should go and upvote all those answers. JK
@retailcoder Lol, I thought you meant the question that @StackExchange just posted a couple of seconds after your message, so I quickly went and edited it to remove the "Javascript"-part from the question :)
10,522 questions, 981 with 0 answers; we're at 90.68% answered | super-ninja-search is:question (10,522 results) / is:question answers:0 (981 results)
@SimonAndréForsberg no I meant the scheme thing :)
6:16 PM
@retailcoder Yeah, I understood that later. Otherwise I would have thought that you had constructed a scheme with the @StackExchange bot.
@SimonAndréForsberg the bot has a mind of its own, I have nothing to do with what gets posted here... although I can disable the feed if it gets annoying, but for now I find it rather entertaining :)
@retailcoder "I have nothing to do with (...)", yeah that's what all scheme-makers say!
I've never seen that bot before, I swear!
@retailcoder I agree with you, I also like the @StackExchange bot. It's a lot better than a couple of other bots I have encountered
(Those conversations I linked are from chatterbots that added me on MSN)
@SimonAndréForsberg lol! My recent experience with bots was rather disappointing - my predecessors decided to name a bunch of Windows Services after some Star Wars droids & other characters. And of course there's no documentation - go figure what "R2D2", "Bobafett", "C3PO" and "Chewbacca" do! Actually I did figure it out, and rewrote 3/4 as Windows Applications running as scheduled tasks. Windows Services are such a pain!
6:31 PM
@retailcoder sounds like they should have spent some more time naming things
@SimonAndréForsberg you have NO IDEA!!
@retailcoder That naming is a horrible example of how to not name things. Perhaps I should use such names for variables in my next question so one of you can tell me to use better names?
@SimonAndréForsberg they should have spent some time learning how to write code that can be maintained, their focus was "get it to work" and reusing code meant "ctrl+c/ctrl+v". idiots.
@StackExchange Is going to give us a question to close very soon
@SimonAndréForsberg and then they complained about "well all I'm doing is debugging, I don't have a single minute for new projects!"...
6:34 PM
Q: Why dont add an array value?

Mateo SuarezI have this trouble, This is my code, I need each time add +1 to var=long, but dont do that, always are 1. I cant find the trouble, can help me to fix that? $(window).load(function() { var s1 = [ 24, "Imagen/Productos/1Espacios_comerciales/Locales_comerciales/", 0, "LC" ]; var s2 = [ 3...

@retailcoder I've worked a bit on a Java project for a company close by here, I know the feeling. It's a huuuuuuuge project and all the previous developers seems to be focused on getting things to work instead of writing clean code. Ugh.
There's the question, close it!
Too late...
@Jamal You're quick today! Well done :)
@Jamal I didn't even notice that it said "This question is already closed" for me
I do it every once in a while. I do let the community vote on most of the questions.
Heh, the asker is commenting ..... sad story it seems.
6:39 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg the best part is that the boss is totally non-technical and doesn't seem to get what the value is with refactoring and clean code, I have to convince him that it's best to rewrite a 1200-liner multiple-arrow-shaped procedure following OOP principles, than try to figure out what's wrong with it. When I got this job I thought I wasn't much of a good programmer - the last 10 months have boosted my self-confidence as a programmer.
@Jamal Now that poor guy doesn't know what to do since he can't ask his questions anywhere. I wish I had a good answer for that but at the moment I don't. Can you tell him what to do and what I should tell such users next time?
Q: MVC4 Routes, using Default

SabeShould I leave the Default Route in if it's not adding any benefit? I have a RouteConfig.cs file that looks like this: public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { routes.IgnoreRoute("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); routes.MapRoute( name: "Dashboard", url: ...

@SimonAndréForsberg: Done.
Sometimes I wish it would be on-topic to post my predecessors' code for review right here on CR... Not being the only one to bitch at this code base would be soooo soothing!
6:55 PM
@retailcoder lol
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